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  1. Central Hub

    An official space for all the latest news & announcements from AWS.

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    Learn everything you need to know about Asylum Wrestling Society.


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    Learn everything you need to know about our stipulations.

    GFX Requests

    • 5 posts

    The place to show your artwork or request them.

    Here you'll get feedback on your roleplays and will be able to ask questions related to your roleplays.

    You can communicate directly with your AWS fanatics! Post in-character banter.
    Use this section to:
    • General promos.
    • Introduce your character.
    • Talk backstage.
    • Continue a story.
    • Further develop your character/tag team/manager. Etc....

    Where all general out-of-character discussions about everything can be made and questions can be asked.

    The AWS 24/7 InSANiTy Championship is open to anyone; typically matches take place following televised shows and on house shows; thus, storylines typically don't move forward. All you have to do is register for the Asylum Wrestling Society forums.

  2. Registration

    An official application for AWS' lunatics.

    An official application for AWS' tag teams.

    An official application for AWS' factions.

    An official application for AWS' manager.

  3. Lunatics

    Profiles for all male competitors involved.

    Profiles for all female competitors involved.

    Profiles for all tag teams involved.

    Faction Profiles

    • 13 posts

    Profiles for all factions involved.

    Profiles for all managers involved.

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    Asylum Wrestling Society presents the annual AWS Hall of Legends ceremony is where honorees are awarded for their performances throughout their careers in AWS.

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    Profiles for all retired or inactive competitors.

  4. Streaming

    Monday Night Ward is the streaming flagship show of AWS.

    RP Deadline  Sundays bi-weekly at 3 AM ET / 12 AM PT

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    Premium Streaming Events (aka PPVs) for Asylum Wrestling Society.

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  5. Archives

    The Vault

    • 822 posts

    A place to toss the archived stuff.

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