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Cap'n Silver Tongue


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Picture Base * Chris Hemsworth

Ring Name * Captain Silver Tongue

Real Name * Mike Gentry

Also Known As:

Hometown/Billed * St. Croix

Height * 6'1

Weight * 220

Blood Type: Muscular

Age * 25

Debut Year * 2022

Alignment * FAce

Cheating Tendency * medium

Fighting Styles * brawler
Similar To Wrestler * Rob Van DAm
Entrance Theme Song * Hoist the Colors- Colm Mcguiness
Entrance Description * The lights go out. The opening lyrics to Hoist the Colors comes on. Captain Silver tongue slowly walks out with a large smile on his face.
Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Black leather pants with white wrist tape
Standard Moves (10-15) *

Signature Moves (5-10) *


Primary Finishing Moves * Sea Shanty- Flying knee to the head


Secondary Finishing Moves * The Gallows- quick right hook to the jaw
Title Histories & Accolades * none
Brief Biography * Mike is a guy who grew up loving pirate life. He worshiped the pirates of old and wanted to be one. He was on his way due to the Navy, but drinking is frowned upon in the Navy, so he was discharged. But now he's doing the next best thing...wrestling
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