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     Asylum is currently looking to pull in free agents and new talent on the roster, currently we're ready to take in at least 25 new/old characters. Asylum has unveiled the new WXW Goddess Tag Team Championships, there will be a match on WXW Queens of Combat.
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The Age of Fall • versus • The House of Wolves • versus • Bluegrass Mafia • versus • World Elite • versus • The Samoan Dynasty • versus • The Violent Generation ©

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* Where the current champions, The Violent Generation must run the gauntlet to defend their tag team titles. *
The Age of Fall • versus • The House of Wolves • versus • Bluegrass Mafia • versus • World Elite • versus • The Samoan Dynasty • versus • The Violent Generation ©

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Scene fades in as we find "the Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis exiting Apsara Tarot Berlin- Empowering Tarot in Berlin

Matt: What the hell was you doing at a Tarot place

Dominic: I was allowing the mystic powers of the universe predict the out come of our title match 

Matt:  You don't even speak German. How the hell do you know what they was saying

Dominic: I know they said, "Sie werden siegreich sein"

Matt: And that means what exactly

Dominic: To be honestly I have no clue but hopefully Matteo can tell us

Matt: I think it means I took this American out of some money

Dominic: Always a critic. Just because you don't believe in the power of the Tarot and fortune telling doesn't mean we can't learn from it

Matt: [stares at their German translator Matteo] Let's have it, Matteo, what does Sie werden siegreich sein mean in English

Matteo: It means, "you will be victorious"

Dominic: See good news for "the Bluegrass Mafia"

Matt: [sarcastic laugh] Well damn now I can sleep better tonight knowing that powers of the Tarot are behind us. Matteo can you lead us to Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor. Missing with all this fortunate telling bull-shit is making me hungry

Matteo: Sure

Matt: Then after lunch we need to head to Einsteiger - Ringen Berlin e.V. to get a work out and some training in


scene picks back up as we find "The Bluegrass Mafia" seated and waiting for their order at Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor


Dominic: Let's get down to business and discuss our opponents in the reverse gauntlet match for a shot at tag team gold

Matt: Why don't we start by discussing the reverse gauntlet match itself. I mean we have an advantage because of where we are entering thanks to our most recent victory. This match for as far as the Violent Generation is concerned is like betting against the house. Not a good idea.

Dominic: Yeah the deck is definitely stacked against the Violent Generation but we know better than to count them out

Matt: You know I never over look anyone and we know how good the Violent Generation is. But I think I got a message from them while I was hanging out at Apsara Tarot waiting for you...



Dominic: Damn! Bad news for the champions!

Matt: Bad news indeed but the champs should have already been expecting a bad outcome once they heard that "the Bluegrass Mafia" was coming after their belts and their souls.

Dominic: Damn straight. I bet if they was honest with everyone they been seating in their rooms sucking their thumbs knowing they had to face us with their belts up for grab.

Matt: You know I try not to make any of our matches personal. I just look at it as business! But I would be lying if I didn't admit it going to be sweet to dethrone the Violent Generation. Time and time again they have disrespected us! So I am thrilled to admit I am going to enjoy being the pain to them. I am going to hearing their bones break. I am going to enjoy showing them why we are the best. And most importantly I am going to enjoy taking their belts and leaving them broken.

Dominic: I got nothing to add really. I mean I could steal one of your cliché and tell the Violent Generation to get right with God because their soul belongs to him but the rest belongs to us but really to me the Violent Generation is like Bruno and you know we don't talk about Bruno. So let's move on and see if you got anything  for "the Age of Fall" or "the House of Wolves"

Matt: Two very good teams that earned their opportunity at the tag team gold BUT unfortunately for them  right here right now and fot the foreseeable future this is "the Bluegrass Mafia" era of Asylum Wrestling. 

Dominic: So what you are saying is this is our world and everyone else is just a squirrel trying to get a nut

Matt: Something like that anyway. On a side note I think I got a card for "the Age of Fall" and "the House of Wolves" . Let's see what it is




Dominic: The Hanged Man! Oh snap! A bad omen for "the Age of the Fall" and "the House of the Wolves"! What do you have in store for "the World Elite" and "the Samoan Dynasty"

Matt: World Elite and Samoan Dynasty are two superb teams that one day may get to climb the mountain and climb tag team gold but now is not their time. This is our time! I know I keep saying it! But it ain't fake news it's the truth. We made a statement last Ward and the wrestling world has been put on notice.

Dominic: They say we're cocky but say I  WHAAAT! It ain't bragging m##herf##ker if you can back it up!!!

Matt: And backing it up is exactly what we are going to do!! What "the World Elite", "the Samoan Dynasty", "the Age of Fall",  "the House of the Wolves",  "the Violent Generation, and everyone anyone else that wants to step up to us needs to understand we are the alpha dawgs around here!!! We are the best of the best! We are the violent! The most talented! Like me slow down a bit and see what card I have for "the World Elite" and "the Samoan Dynasty" 




Dominic: Damn! The nine of swords! More bad omens for our opponents!

Matt: Let the cards be a visual warning of what you already knew in your souls! That going against "the Bluegrass Mafia" means pain and sorrow to you. You have to understand that we are the best at what we do. We are the strongest! The toughest! The most violent!  We are going to leave a trail of broken bones and broken dreams as we destroy "the Violent Generation" and take our rightful place as the Asylum Wrestling Pinnacle Tag Team champions and their ain't a DAMN thing anyone can do about it!!! 

Dominic: You know our opponents must be thinking to themselves be talk and you damn right it is. But you have to understand that we can talk the talk but we also damn sure walk the walk. 

Matt: I got one final card and this one is for us. 

Matteo: Trommelwirbel

Dominic: What

Matteo: Drumroll please

Matt: And our card is 




Dominic: Hell yeah! That's what I am talking about! But I didn't think you believed in the tarot cards and such

Matt: Not anymore that I believe in horoscopes or psychics or anything else but the cards helped me deliver my message tonight.

Dominic: Do me a favor, big dawg, and repeat the message louder for the people in the back

Matt: The message is a simple one but it's important for our opponents to know. Because I want to make sure they have been warned! I want to make sure they bring their best so there ain't no excuses! 

Matteo: Predigen

Dominic: Translation

Matteo: Preach it!

Matt: Bottom-line is we will walk away as the Asylum Wrestling Pinnacle Tag Team Champions! Bottom-line is you better give you souls to the Lord, because the rest of you belongs to us! Bottom-line is bigger, badder, tougher than you! WE ARE THE ALPHA DAWGS and as Dominic put it you all are just squirrels trying to get a nut

Dominic: We are not only going to beat you! We are not just going to embarrass you! We are are going to destroy you!

Matt: You may be asking what we want. Well first of all we want the tag team belts but there is more. We want your blood and we want your souls and we are going to take them both.  We are going to leave you defeated not only physically but mental and emotionally  as well.

Dominic: Hell truth be told you may suffer from PTSD after we get done with your candy asses

Matt: I hope you are prepared for the violence and pain we are about to introduce you too. Trust me when I tell you all that you will never be the same after this match.

Dominic: Of course they will need be the same! Because once you dance with the devil it changes you

Matt: The kind of violence and pain I am going to bring to  this match is going to change the way they think. it's going to make them rethink their choice of careers. And it's damn sure going to make them question their discussion to climb in the ring against "The Bluegrass Mafia"

Dominic: I believe we talked enough and our message has been successfully delivered. The countdown to the title run of "the Bluegrass Mafia" is on!



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Even though Troy Funk, Ben Reks, and even Zane Maritato were getting more match time you’d be foolish to ignore the leading ladies of The Violent Generation Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley. They were just enjoying the fruits of their labor of being AWS Tag Team Champions while the men handled the light work, fought their own grudge matches, and kept TVG relevant in their own way.


Shannon and Dina had photoshoots, both in their ring gear and in swimsuits. They had interviews and media activities to do. Not to mention how they still had to train and get their paces done in the AWS performance center to keep their skills sharp for when they did have to defend their tag team championships. This was also while keeping their personal lives in check since Shannon was a mixed martial artist and Dina worked in her brother’s auto repair shop in the free time they had.


But don’t think for a second that Dina and Shannon weren’t paying attention to the tag team wrestling scene. They studied film, watched every show, and even talked to Troy and Ben on a regular basis to stay in tune with the tag team wrestling scene so they could scout out and prepare against any contenders. 


Which meant in cases like Champion’s Carnival where they had to defend their AWS Tag Team Championships at Champions Carnival against not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE other teams in a reverse gauntlet match where they had to come to the ring first preparation was absolutely vital. They had to have their heads in the game for this.


It wasn’t hard to see why either. They had to try and run the gauntlet against The Age Of Fall, House Of Wolves, The Bluegrass Mafia, The World Elite, and The Samoan Brotherhood. They knew enough about how to fight against The Samoan Brotherhood from Troy and Bluegrass Mafia we're no strangers to them in tag team competition and neither were The Age Of Fall but the World Elite and House Of Wolves were new to them. No history with them in either singles or tag team wrestling. Brand new opponents. Not the kind you’d like to deal with in  any gauntlet match much less the reverse kind.


So before Shannon and Dina put their passports to use and took that flight to Cologne, Germany they put their affairs in order. Shannon (who was currently 4-0 as an independent mixed martial artist) had no fights scheduled until Champions Carnival was done and Dina simply utilized the fact that she was a part-time worker and let her brother know she wouldn’t be at his repair place because of a match in Germany she had to prepare for. Easy and simple…unlike the match the two ladies had to prepare for.


Once they arrived in Germany the blonde and her raven-haired comrade focused on pure preparation for their reverse gauntlet match. No sightseeing or tours of the beautiful European city. That would come later. Especially if they won in the end. 


Though they knew they had to go through hell in this reverse gauntlet match…


Shannon and Dina on the night of their match had a lot to say in the privacy of their locker room to the AWS crowd here in the Mercedes-Benz Arena and abroad. But let's find out just what they had specifically on their minds…


Shannon Douglas: A reverse gauntlet match… We’re not one of those wrestlers who like to whine and complain about management having something against them and cry out “conspiracy!” when something doesn’t go their way or they’re in a match that they don’t like but what did we do to deserve this? Is it because you think you’re too dominant of a team? How Dina Dudley and I are the three time AWS Pinnacle Tag Team Champions? The longest reigning Pinnacle Tag Team Champions of all time? As well as the first? This isn’t how you treat your most dominant champions people…


Dina Dudley: This doesn’t mean we’re backing down from this fight. If you want to book this stupid reverse gauntlet match here tonight at Champions Carnival fine. But we're taking this as not just a regular title match but as a sign of disrespect from the teams we beat before and the teams that have no business being in the ring in the first place. Seriously you either have old losers like The Age Of Fall, Samoan Brotherhood, and Bluegrass Mafia or soon-to-be losers like The World Elite and The House Of Wolves.


And while Dina and Shannon made their opening statements the people watching this promo saw pictures of their five opponents appear on screen one by one.


Shannon Dudley: I don’t want to waste much time talking about our opponents so let's keep this concise and swift. Especially since all five of them aren’t worth much breath. So let's start with the House Of Wolves. Danae and Kassandra. Welcome to the big time girls! This is your second match in AWS, maybe your third as a team and you’re competing for gold. But we’ll be damned if we’re going to let some new girls beat us.


Dina Dudley: Just like I know I won’t let some soft-ass good guys beat us so that goes double for the World Elite. We don’t know who they’re going to send out between Kofi, AJ, Amanda, Lindsay, or that damn Agent Carter but it doesn’t matter. They’re going to lose to us all the same.


Shannon Dudley: And speaking of losers here’s the Bluegrass Mafia. Matt and Dom Kurtis Dina and I have beaten you before, and you don’t have much luck against the men in our team either. Maybe if you were facing Zane you might do better but you're not. You’re facing the tag team champions. And you’re going to lose.


Dina Dudley: Lets see…There’s The Samoan Brotherhood which Troy and Ben beat up on multiple times so they’re not a threat. Which leaves The Age Of Fall. One of our first opponents remember them?


Shannon smirked and nodded before taking her turn to speak.


Shannon Douglas: Yeah Dan Anderson, Jay Reynolds, Roxanne, Lucian, and Clint. This is taking me back to when we first formed this badass team. It's been a while since we beat them. But that's going to change when we see them in our match.


Dina nodded with a focused look on her face after they finished talking trash about their five opposing teams.


Dina Dudley: Damn right it will. So to keep this short and sweet we’re going to run that reverse gauntlet match and leave Champions Carnival the same way we’re going to enter that bitch. As AWS Pinnacle Champions. 

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the cameraman stumbled through the area, finding a lit hallway where two torches stood, one of a blue flame and one of a silver flame.  The cameraman more intrigued went for the Silver one which then the blue torch flared up first.  The cameraman, then sighed reaching for the blue torch.  The cameraman then pulled the door open, where he stepped through smelling the crisp night air.  A city lay below dormant, as the cameraman saw a wolf with silver eyes appear next to him.  The cameraman tried to wave it off, but it would not have any of it.  The cameraman began his trek down to the city, as the Gatekeeper awaited him there.  The cameraman looked around a storm was brewing in the distance, then he turned back looking at the gatekeeper.  The Gatekeeper saw the wolf at the side of the cameraman.

 The Gatekeeper: Danae as I have told you many times, the Queen does not want the two of you together right now.  See I get it, Kassandra is your friend, but this is her environment, and the Queen always forbids it.  Cameraman, you may pass, heed any warning that she gives you. 

 The Gate begins to open where Kassandra is seen standing there waiting for him.  Kassandra waves at the gate keeper who is currently holding the silver wolf.  The cameraman steps through, then the doors closed behind him.  Kassandra put her hand out, the cameraman took it and shook her hand.  He then turned to her, as they stopped just inside the secondary gate.

 “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra:  the gatekeeper gave you a very specific instruction, which is to heed any warning I give you.  In this city, I am the Queen, and hence you stay off any side street.  I avoid those like the plague because I know what is down those streets.  Now, you stay on the main streets you survive. Got it?

 The cameraman nods, looking around still holding the torch.  Kassandra takes it away from him, she then marches into the city.  The cameraman followed her in tow, he looked around, the walls reaching high, and the city, dark.  Kassandra turned around and looked at him, then bowed.

 “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra:  the last time we competed as a team, we obviously won the #5 spot in the Gauntlet.  So, the other teams are just jealous, because that gives us a distinct advantage going into this contest. The gauntlet is always a tough challenge, and in our first match, Danae and I earned the #5 spot.  I remember back when we first debuted as a team, we were placed in an Elimination Chamber match for the WWH World Tag Team championship.  We learned there that nothing can really stop us when it comes to a match, sure we lost as a team, but it showed the world, that the House is prepared for any scenario. 

 Kassandra then vanished the city, goes to darkness.  The cameraman looks around, as two lanterns light up on either side of the lamp post, the cameraman nods, as he sees Kassandra sitting on top of one of the lower buildings looking down at him.  He moved close for a moment, then hands pressed up against the glass, which made the cameraman jump back.  She laughed as she dropped down in front of him, she then looks at the souls waving the flames in front of them getting them to back off.

 “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra:   Where do I want to begin?  Oh yeah let’s start with the Samoan Dynasty.  You know the boys put up a good fight, I am not going to lie.  They could have easily gotten the #5 spot in the gauntlet to be close.  Boys, you see when Danae and I want something, there isn’t a damn person who is going to be able to come to us and be like step back.  Danae and I have been a tag team for a long time, and a reverse gauntlet match, means that we will take anyone down in our way.  If you happen to be the one to get in our way, then we will go through you simple enough.  Samoan Dynasty you two will feel our wrath and be subject to the Wolf’s End if needed.

 Kassandra then tosses the torch she was carrying through the window, as the cameraman looked on.  He listened to the scream, then he began walking again, as Kassandra was just down the road a bit, watching him.  She then had another torch, as she watched the cameraman approach her.

 “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra:  I think it’s pressure, that will be the thing that ends the champions run as Champions.  See the Violent Generation, you must run the gauntlet in order to say you are the best, and you are the AWS Pinnacle Champions.  The problem is that there is a house standing in your way.  Two women who for 5 years have been hungry, waiting for a chance to call ourselves champion, and that drought ends Tuesday when we take those Pinnacle Championships from you, and hoist them up calling ourselves Champion.  5 teams, need to fall, 5 teams fall, and the Wolves will be on the hunt.

 Kassandra takes her torch and tosses it through the window, again the building front lights up, as the cameraman watches in horror.  Kassandra vanishes in a puff of smoke, as the cameraman is about to cross the main street.  He turns and looks down it, seeing two wolves scurry across the alleyway.  A hand comes over his shoulder, he gets spun around, then looks into Kassandra’s eyes as she stands there with another torch.

 “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra:    I told you at the start, do not deviate off the course, if you want to find out about those two wolves, you can go after them, but I will not give penance for it.  Shall we continue to the superheroes?  I mean World Elite.  Sometimes the remedy for a win is to add a woman’s touch.  See this is a big group, they really could send anyone out.  And that is a problem, because then you never know what combination to study until such time you are wrestling.  But if I have learned anything from the Queen, its that you can prepare for all eventualities, and those who cannot, do not understand what they need to do.  Danae and I have been given one simple mission, bring back the AWS Pinnacle Championships by any means necessary.  World Elite you can send anyone you want, or all come, Danae and I will fight anyone, anywhere, anytime.  The House is always prepared with solutions, maybe you will learn that.

 Kassandra moves past the store front this time, where the souls do not seem to fear her, and press against the glass.  Kassandra snarls, and her wolf eyes appear.  The souls then slowly back up, and she throws the torch through the window.  The fire spreading through the city moving from building to building.  The cameraman watched, in wonder as they moved a bit closer to city centre and the spire that stood there.

 “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra:  then we got the big boys in the match, the Bluegrass Mafia.  We used to travel with a big boy, our beast, our shield Mister J.  But the Queen had decided to move to a different shield, and our bond is stronger than ever.  See Boys, when we travel, yeah we may seem small compared to you, but we tower over everything else.  We were trained to be the powerhouses, so that when the Queen demanded it, we would be the ones she required.  Now Bluegrass Mafia, sure you look intimidating, I have no doubts about that, but intimidation can get you so far, running a gauntlet, by intimidation is not the way to win.

 Kassandra then disappeared from beside the cameraman, the cameraman watched as the fire dragged through, then the cameraman stepped to the spire, where Kassandra was waiting with one final torch.    She laughed as she dropped the torch, watching the spire go up, as she turned to it.

 “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra:  Age of the Fall, and anyone else who dare step up to this gauntlet match.  Tuesday night, is all about those tag team titles, and the chance is too great for us.  Anyone who wants to step to us, will have to go through 4 teams first, we will be waiting, near the finish line for those who can make it.  Now, I don’t have to remind you of what the Queen desires to pass?

 The cameraman patted his pockets, he pulled out two gold coins, he looked at them, then slowly pulled them close to himself.  Kassandra laughed, as she reached out then took the coins when he started to protest, Kassandra slapped him.

 “the Blue-Eyed Wolf” Kassandra:  draakki is a very serious thing, and the Queen has been trying to contain it.  So boys in the Gauntlet match we’ll see you Tuesday night, and remember Memento Mori!

 Kassandra then summoned the door, as she vanished, her world burning the cameraman quickly moved through the door, re-arriving at the hallway.  As the door slammed shut behind him, the blue torch sitting there vanished and the door sealed off behind him.  The cameraman stepped through and went over to the door with the silver torch sitting upon it.  He took the torch out, and the door opened.  The smell of falling rain had occurred, as he came in the field, and the workers there, someone met him right at the door offering them their hand, as the door closed behind him. 

 “You must be the one Miss Danae has been going on about.  She’s just over here, she’ll be pleased to see you.”

 The lead walked him over to where a tall woman was standing observing the people working as the cameraman walked up.  Danae turned to her lead hand, letting them go, as she looked at the cameraman.  Danae laughed as she turned to him.

 “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: Time goes in a linear fashion.  A few weeks ago, we earned our position within the gauntlet match.  The others will have to learn that we are just as strong as we have always been.  Kassandra and I have been tagging for so long, that 5 years seems like nothing compared to cosmos.  Here’s what I know Tuesday Night, the girls are going to have a rough run, and their run might be good till they hit a brick wall on the side of the House, and then we can walk away from the gauntlet as Tag Team Champions.  That will be a significant win for us because that will be our first.

 Danae draws an arrow, and takes some of the fire, launching it off into the field.  She watches her crew go to watch as the fields start to burn.  Danae clapped as she laughed, picking up her quiver, and her bow, walking along as a black wolf with Blue eyes comes walking beside her.  She reaches down and scratches her head, then she turned around to the cameraman.

 “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae:  the Samoan Dynasty, the first team we ever faced within the AWS.  See that was a tough one for us because we had been just resting and getting back into where we would be comfortable in the ring.  Within a minute of figuring that rust out, we knocked it off, and we claimed the spot we needed.  See Samoan Boys, I told you the last time, that if you want to step to the House, it’s fine, but then you got burned, Tuesday night, we hope you make it through the battle, because the house will be waiting, and then we will put you down for good at that point. 

 Danae then drew another arrow from her quiver, learning the fire.  She took some more fire and fired the arrow off into the oblivion.  The workers try to put out the one fire, as the next fire began.  Danae then turned to the cameraman, as a white wolf with red eyes appeared next to Danae.

 “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae:  You know, I figured the Bluegrass Mafia would be the ones to be the threat.  Their big, hulking, brutes, but Kassandra and I both laughed when we saw the photo.  It kind of reminded us, of us, but men.  So, where’s the fun in that?  I enjoy a challenge, and they look like they would be one to us.  Maybe it’s just that, I find threats, and I like to extinguish them before they begin to make their point.  Bluegrass boys, depending on where you enter, good luck we will be waiting.

 Danae leaves the arrow in the quiver, as she stopped to admire her handy work.  She then turned to the cameraman who was still in tow, watching as the chaos in the field was more entertaining for the moment.

 “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae:  You know I feel sorry for the violent generation.  Those two ladies are about to have a rough night, especially if they go through each team.  Then they get so close to the finish line and then are stopped by the house.  See Violent Generation, you two might be the AWS Tag Team Champions, but this is not your show anymore, this is the beginning where the House always wins.  You two want to step up its fine, we can take you two, but to get to us, you have to go from #1… We sit 4 teams back at #5 and the other teams are not slouches.  So you have a chance, but slim that those tag team titles are not going elsewhere.

 In the chaos the workers start getting water, and other things to try to help combat the fire, Danae had a good laugh, as she snaps her fingers and the water buckets disappear.  Danae then keeps watching, her silver eyes focused, while thinking.

 “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae:  What’s going to take superheroes to do might be the impossible.  See world elite you can keep heroes, and people who might be intimidating , but we once had our shield.  Now we hide from no one because that is the Queen’s orders, World Elite, send out whoever you want, in fact come as a team, because then you might have a slim chance.  See every team in this Gauntlet match want one thing, and that is the AWS Pinnacle Championships.  Two big groups in this match, includes the age of the Fall, again the two teams could send anyone, and they could send everyone if they think it is enough to take down the House. 

 Danae laughs then disappears from beside the cameraman.  The cameraman watches as more equipment is brought out.  Danae appears farther down the path, just by the castle, watching.  With a snap of her fingers the snow begins to fall, Danae then laughs as the fires slowly begin to disappear. 

 “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae: Everything we do, everything we are comes to ahead Tuesday night, and the Gauntlet match.  Everyone who dares come in, can step to us, but when the finish line is blocked by the two intimidating prescences of the house, then you know what we want.  Your passage awaits.

 Danae lifts her hand, and a door appears, the cameraman reached into his pocket pulling out two gold coins, handing them to her quickly.  He walked over to the door and Danae put her arm out.

 “the Silver-Eyed Wolf” Danae:  Remember death, despair, and Memento Mori

 She laughed as she then let him pass, he quickly pulled the door open and exited.

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