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      Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) Seeks New Match Writers to Join Their Creative Team
      Feigel · 04/11/2024
      Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS), a premier wrestling federation known for its innovative storytelling and exciting matches, is currently seeking passionate and creative individuals to join their match writing team.
      AWS is looking for writers who are enthusiastic about wrestling and are interested in contributing to the development of compelling storylines and engaging matches. Match writers will have the opportunity to work closely with the AWS creative team to craft exciting and entertaining content for AWS fans around the world.
      "We are excited to expand our team and welcome new writers who share our passion for wrestling," said [Name], President of AWS. "AWS is known for its unique approach to storytelling, and we are looking for talented individuals who can help us continue to deliver high-quality entertainment to our fans."
      Ideal candidates will have a strong understanding of wrestling and storytelling, as well as excellent communication skills. Previous experience in match writing or creative writing is preferred but not required. Candidates must be able to work collaboratively with the AWS team and meet deadlines consistently.
      To apply, interested individuals can visit the official AWS website at AWSEFED.com for more information and to submit their application.
      For media inquiries or further information, please contact Charlie Feigel, CEO & President at theawsefed@gmail.com.
      About Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS):
      Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) is a premier wrestling federation known for its unique storytelling and high-energy matches. Founded in 1998, AWS has quickly become a fan-favorite promotion, attracting viewers from around the world with its exciting content and engaging characters. For more information, visit AWSEFED.com.
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      AWS Welcomes KORE Wrestling
      Feigel · 04/05/2024
      Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) Welcomes KORE Wrestling!
      [London, 4/5/2024] - Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS), the premier destination for thrilling and innovative wrestling content, is proud to announce the addition of KORE Wrestling to its lineup of promotions. Known for its ultra-violent style and high-energy matches, KORE Wrestling will bring a new level of excitement to the AWS platform.
      "We are thrilled to welcome KORE Wrestling to AWS," said Charlie Feigel. "Their unique brand of wrestling aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing fans with the most exciting and diverse content possible. We look forward to showcasing KORE Wrestling's talent and delivering unforgettable matches to our dedicated fanbase."
      As part of the partnership, KORE Wrestling will be featured prominently on the AWS website at [https://awsefed.com/], where fans can access exclusive content, match highlights, and behind-the-scenes footage. This collaboration underscores AWS's long-standing commitment to providing awesome wrestling experiences to its fanatics.
      "We are excited to join forces with AWS and bring KORE Wrestling to a wider audience," said Kaleb Steele. "This partnership will allow us to reach more fans and continue to push the boundaries of professional wrestling. We can't wait to share our unique brand of entertainment with the AWS community."
      Fans can expect to see KORE Wrestling's debut on the AWS website in the coming weeks. Stay tuned to [https://awsefed.com/] for updates and announcements.
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      Oak Grove Lunatic Asylum Acquired
      Feigel · 04/02/2024
      **Asylum Wrestling Society Acquires Historic Oak Grove Lunatic Asylum in London, England**
      London, England - April 2, 2024 - Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS), a leading organization in the world of professional wrestling, is pleased to announce its acquisition of the historic Oak Grove Lunatic Asylum located in London, England. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for AWS as it continues to expand its presence and offerings to fans around the world.
      The Oak Grove Lunatic Asylum, with its rich history and unique architecture, provides AWS with a one-of-a-kind venue for hosting live wrestling events. Renovations are already underway to transform the asylum into a state-of-the-art wrestling arena that will offer fans an unforgettable experience.
      "We are thrilled to announce the acquisition of the Oak Grove Lunatic Asylum," said Charlie Feigel, Founder & CEO of Asylum Wrestling Society. "This iconic venue will serve as the new home for AWS and will allow us to create even more exciting and immersive wrestling experiences for our fans."
      AWS has quickly gained recognition for its innovative approach to professional wrestling, blending athleticism with storytelling to create compelling narratives. The acquisition of the Oak Grove Lunatic Asylum represents a significant investment in the future of AWS and underscores the organization's commitment to delivering world-class entertainment.
      Fans can expect to see the first live events at the Oak Grove Lunatic Asylum later this year, with a full schedule of programming to be announced soon. Stay tuned to AWS social media channels and website for more information on upcoming events and ticket availability.
      About Asylum Wrestling Society:
      Asylum Wrestling Society (AWS) is a premier professional wrestling organization known for its unique blend of athleticism and storytelling. Founded originally in 1998, AWS has quickly become a global leader in the world of professional wrestling, with a dedicated fan base and a reputation for delivering high-quality entertainment. For more information, visit www.awsefed.com.
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      Asylum Wrestling Society
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