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  2. Just reminding everyone that @AWSefed InS@NiTy deadline is Sunday, May 22, 2022 @ 11:59:59 PM EST
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  4. Discovered a CD burned with the original ASE website on it, dating back to January 1999. Which incidentally makes Asylum 23 years old, not 19 years old.

  5. AWS Officials have announced the re-purchase of the infamous Asylum headquarters "The Boneyard" in Las Vegas. The former casino and tv wrestling studios will serve as the official headquarters of Asylum Wrestling Society once again.
  6. *We find ourselves outside in the Bronx, New York. Right near the arena, where Ward will take place. Out here in this frigid, but sunny weather. We find an unlikely character* Bram: Ma, dritt. Kokode wa side IKU. Translator: Oh My Gawd. *Bram is for once, out in the world without his brother. He walks past a couple of elderly women, who are walking too slow for him* Bram: Sil ass Oido by, Ana jeavla cat-Gar Worui-fisk ingen Knee bue oksalsyre felle Natsu. Translator: GET THE F*CK OUT OF MY WAY!! *Bram bunny hops on top of one of the women. Unlike his pal Kaleb, the weight means something to the woman and it forces her face to the ground* Old Lady: Now what was that for, young man?!? Bram: Da jeg ble nostalgisk, fortalte han oss Anta av lommeur. Translator: SHUT THE F*CK … *Bram is unable to finish his sentence, as he hears a little boy screaming. He climbs onto his rice burner and drives off. He comes across a boy crying* Bram: Naze Anata wa anata ni sukoshi meinu o'naite Iru? Bray blå-bur Explorers vant suge skarven vann Shi Chi Chi amino familie Oh kutt på to ark uten - Sono Gerhard ass halsen Osh Nani, shit sjenert dag takk! Translator: WHAT THE F*CK, IS YOUR PROBLEM?? Boy: My kitty is stuck in a tree! Bram: Kusugawa, watashi o'anata oh karakatte imasu ka? Jeg har sans. Jeg er din krysantemum Anta for salat som ess!! Translator: THIS IS THE PERFECT CHANCE TO GET PREPARED, TO BEAT THE OTHERS!! *Bram turns around to find a scared kitty is up very high in the tree* Bram: Kusugawa, watashi anata o karakattam imasu ka? Jeguhasanzu. JEG ER DIN krysantemum Anta for ess of Innovasjon Siorah!! Translator: DON'T WORRY, PU$$Y. I'LL GET YOU DOWN. *Bram climbs into a Bucket Truck and gains elevation over the tree. He then gets out of it, where the Bucket falls onto the kid's house, breaking through the roof* Boy: Oh my god! I'm going to be into big trouble! Bram: Vel, Abba, din katt Océ FEIL over. Anata, en ring, da-problem-i-Desuho. Desuho?? Translator: NOT MY FAULT, RIGHT? *Bram lands on the branch, where the kitty is. He uses his Sheath to hit the kitty and force it to fall off the tree* Bram: Haha, Watashiwa, Sovjetunionen Aga øye choka Toshite Imasen de menneskelige blekksprut ned de møtes. Fikk Wat Kyodaina, fine, drømmer, ikke-Jane Otsukuru. Translator: THE CAT IS KIND OF BLUE. IT MIGHT BE DEAD. Boy: Pa-Patches isn't br-breathing! What d-did you do t-to h-her?!? Bram: Vel, Soreha-Oshiri-O-Pokkari og alders Nok-helix Kala, jeg Wah ANATA-butt-ord, altfor-mode Hadde Thor-O-rot-Desunun. Translator: SHE'S DOWN. DON'T THANK ME THOUGH. I'M JUST AWESOME LIKE THAT. *We return to find our friend, Bram. Once more, but this time in a bakery. He's with another guy who looks frightened. With Bram’s Bastard Sword out, we assume that it's a lesson with the threat of force* Bram: Jeg stekt, Ita, din dritt jævla Amerika Hitohira!! Translator: OKAY. SO HOW DO WE BAKE A PIE?? Baker: Uhhhh ...W-Well you ga-grab the crust. Bram: Atata av motvillig, episode. I 2 Xiaguan de Siri foran, nå-Shitte-Okuhitsuyuyo har gjeller. Vi er, for oss. Translator: NO SHYTE. OH MY GAWD. I HATE YOU. YOU'RE SO EFFIN’ USELESS. Baker: Can you please put the sword down? Bram: ANATA o'marumeru min Yoro '! Thor War Chodo, gamle Ken Okekeku-Shy impotens, Gatanada. Kusumi, vinduet hoved Noi, Musukoda. Translator: THAT DEPENDS. CAN YOU PLEASE SHUT, THE F*CK UP?? *The Baker begins to break down and cry from all the stress* Bram: Anata wa kuso watashi o’karakatte imasu ka? Amari ni nai seichō otoko wa, subete no anata no amerikahito ga okonau ni wa, neko no tabadesu ...Sakebidesu. Translator: UGH, WHATEVER. WELL, I'LL FIGURE THE PIE SHYTE OUT LATER. RIGHT NOW. *Bram tries to grab something from behind the Baker. The way he does that is to jump on his head, forcing him to the ground, then jumping behind him. He begins to pull something into view* Bram: Havet, er det din dildo stash Ohakuken. Kusumi, Oki av samurai i Oshishiri av her av den amerikanske Sukinshi. Kore har 5-ri blir ubrukelig, hva skjer? Translator: EVERYONE. I PRESENT, THE CINNAMON BREADSTICK. *Bram waves the breadstick around until it breaks, and falls on the floor* Bram: Aut, Ana Guy Gilles kneet no-penis-worker Nai Ochita. Atama er nichiyōbio'suru er nani av Kasugano er, sorg av okotte er ingen ni. Translator: IN THIS MATCH, IT’S A ANY POSSIBLE MATCH. THAT WILL TAKE PLACE AT WARD. IT WILL BE RANDOM, AND ITS POWER IS UNQUESTIONABLE. *Bram smiles. Of course, however, we don't know that because we can't see through his Viking helmet* Bram: Å, jeg ble borte på onsdag, Kansai Electric Power, Anta varm, Bakana Yoshimi av USA, sverger jeg til deg, ikke bekjenner vi på god morgen, er moteriktig. Translator: I PERSONALLY, AM MORE EXTREME AND RISKIER THAN MY OPPONENTS. SO I WOULD GO FOR THE SWIM IMMEDIATELY AFTER EATING, BUT I'M SURE THE IDIOTS WOULD WANT TO CHOOSE SOMETHING STUPID …LIKE A GAUNTLET MATCH. ANYWAYS, I NEED TO GET TO THE BLOOD CLUTCH GYM. I'M GOING TO TRAIN. I'M GETTING OUT OF HERE. *Bram runs over towards a red and white aircraft, called a Banshee. After pressing some buttons, the aircraft takes off and breaks through the roof of the bakery. Suddenly a rocket is shot and hits the Banshee, forcing it to crash* Bram: Kaleb, du Asakusa. Dou Yatte kita nei?? Translator: OH MY GAWD! WHAT THE F*CK!?! Bram: Ana Tower Katten o Strand Kush Rooney Wada masa, Anawatto følsomhet. Sverdet, Herotio Oh shiyōshite Kudasai!! Translator: OH ‘SHYTE!! Bram: Sate sate, natto o'fakku. Kosutada av Mamatsumori 2 Burugoyobu til 6 bat krok av Soawanata. Translator: I EFFIN’ HATE YOU. Bram: Jeg har ikke du også fetter. Translator: WELL, F*CK YOU TOO!! *The scene fades away as both men put up their fists, but then laugh at each other’s seriousness* Bram’s Voice: Jeg begynner å bli jobber, og det gjør meg forbanna!!
  7. *The scene starts in the late afternoon, within The McBane Compound. The camera shows some shady trees, some dark green grass. Then it pans around and shows a red and white blanket on the grass. On a second view, it looks very similar to the union-jack. On the blanket is Sammeal McBane. His white shirt is unbuttoned, and gives a good look onto his tattered chest and arms. At his side, on a small chair is sitting a very ugly, fat and bald guy in a disgusting white suit. He has sweat on his forehead, and from time to time wipes it off with a clothe* Sammeal: You know man, you are looking terrible. Guy: Don't piss me off, with that shit Sam. You know I've problems with my health, I'm working on it. Sammeal: Just kidding, Joe, just kidding. Fat Joe: Yeah, it's always just kidding or just joking around Sam. I'm sick of it, dude. I'm your agent, I'm not your f*cking best friend. When you talk to me, you do it with respect!! *Joe starts to get a red color in his face from the anger, and again sweat runs down his face. Which he can’t avoid even if he tried* Sammeal: Calm down dude, calm down. I'm sorry, ok? Fat Joe: Yes, OK. So tell me Sam, why am I here? Why can’t we meet for lunch tomorrow? What has happened, that you needed to see me right away? *Sammeal has a huge, and bright smile on his face* Sammeal: Yo man, I got in!! Fat Joe: Got into what, exactly?? Sammeal: Man, are you slow? I got a tag-team match against The Revolt. It's huge, I'm in!! Fat Joe: You are not joking now, aren't you? Sammeal: How could I make jokes about this? Coming out of retirement, was probably a great decision. Fat Joe: I can't ...I don’t know what to say. Sammeal: Well, dude …you could start off with saying congratulations, or good luck? Fat Joe: Congratulations Sam. Finally you got what you have dreamed of for ….for so long time. Now things finally will get better, and you will get what you have worked for. Sammeal: The workload has just begun. Fat Joe: What exactly, does that mean? Sammeal: Dude, I look around, and will compete on the next show. It’ll be Huge! It will be Damn Huge. I will not hold back, it's the biggest thing to think of. Big money, big match, damn it man …I'm so close, so close indeed!! Fat Joe: Who will be the casualty?? Sammeal: Well dude, I will go against two ladies. I will be facing The Revolt, in a Tag-Team match …and it’s a hardcore rules match. The winner will move on to the next stage. This is the biggest match, for the Houngan thus far. Fat Joe: Wow, I heard that. They give new faces a chance to get a foot in, but that is more than you could expect out of it. Sam, that is your chance to show what you are made of in front of the best wrestlers in the world. The best in what is on the market right now. *Fat Joe lays one hand on Sammeal’s shoulder, as he looks a bit sad. He begins to talk about his family. Sammeal nods, and make a more happy face now* ~Part Two~ *Sammeal is sitting inside a downtown gym. The walls are gray, and the floor seems to never get cleaned. In the back, it’s an old ring that seems more to be for boxing than for wrestling. The Shadow Walker is dressed in a pair of tattered black pants, but with no shirt. Some sweat can be seen on his chest, and he has a very serious look on his face* Shadow Walker: Revolt …well ladies, I think we go into this match with the same targets, and with no advantage. You know, I'm a new face here and you now have the hard job to face me in a tag-team match. I'm hot, and that word phrase can't even characterize my emotions right now. You know, when I look around AWS …I see such great talent. I see Roger Williams, Rachel Storm, Everett Aloni, and even that homeless guy Mystic. I mean, I'm even happy to get the chance to work in the same building as they do. I'm so overwhelmed with feelings, that I think I fly high above everything. But don’t get me wrong ladies, I'm focused because I don’t want to make the same mistakes that many others do. I will not come in, and claim to be the best. Or that, I will hunt for the big titles. No, as of right now …my target is to make a name for myself. My main target is, to get a foot in this business and make the best out of my talent. *Shadow Walker wipes off some sweat from his forehead, and gives a slight and very determined smile to the camera* ShadowWalker: A few months ago, I moved into a house. I moved from a dumpy shytehole, in a horrible neighborhood …into a nice little condo on the waterfront. I have a great look, over the Pearl River. I enjoy it a lot. It now feels, way much better than it did before. No bugs anymore, no guys constantly trying to fight me, because I’m a "wrestler". It gives you a good picture of what I'm all about. I'm all about moving up the ranks. *Shadow Walker pauses for a moment, as a sinister grin curls his face under the mask* Shadow Walker: You know, I'm not at the top in AWS …I'm again at the bottom. But you know what, the good thing in this is? It’s the possibility to raise up. It’s the chance to make a name for myself. And what can you expect from a man, who has nothing to lose? Can’t you expect, me to run away. Or be afraid of all the big names, and huge guys around? No, I've seen bigger in my life. I had knifes at my throat, I had a gun hold in my freaking mouth. Ladies, do you think I m scared? I have respect for each, and everyone of you …because of what you do, and what you did. I have respect for the work you put into this and have put into it. Am I afraid? No, not one moment …it just gives me the last kick of motivation, because I want to be at the top. Don't think that I don’t like the warm feeling of the spotlight, of the sun that is shining at the top of the mountain. But right now, I don’t think I have any right to make my claims. I've just arrived, the work has just begun. But, don’t feel too safe …because I'm here to stay, and I'm here to climb the ranks. Let it take a year, or even more. I don’t care, because I will stay. A wise man once said, you win some and you lose some. I'm here to win more, than I lose. Ladies this you should keep in mind, when you step into the ring with me. All over, in places you won’t go …they gave me the name The Shadow Walker. It has several reasons why, and let me just give you an idea of it. It’s because, when I step into the ring …it’s like I get in hunting mode. Nothing will ever keep me away of my target, my victim. A great wrestler once said, you will tap or you will snap …but I think, this is only the result in between. This lays the truth, the suffering, the pain. And don’t get me wrong, I got more heart, more ways to tear you apart, laying you down early or maybe in the end. It's no different to me, you tap out, cash out, or simply pass out ...and barely alive, ‘cause I'm an animal inside!! *The Shadow Walker looks very serious, very straight to the camera, as he spoke his last words. Then suddenly a smirk appears on his face, under the mask showing the fire in his eyes* Shadow Walker: Ladies, keep my words in mind …because I spoke, and they stand for something. I'm The Shadow Walker, and I'm not only hunting you but you are the beginning of a new era. It’s the kick off of something new, of something great, and I will play a part in your down fall. I could go on and on, making threats and all those pointless things …but I think for now, everything has been said. At Ward, I will make my tag-team debut, and I will beat you. I will make my way to the next stage of the tag-team ranks, and mark my name in history of Asylum Wrestling Society. *The Shadow Walker stares at the camera, with a focused look on his masked ace. The camera slowly moves back, as The Shadow Walker gives a kiss on his closed fist, still with his eyes locked on the camera, as the camera fades to black*
  8. {Another week, another week off due to everyone being too scared to step into the ring with me, “The Grim Reaper” Darrick Kaine. So good, you have to say all 3 names. The Revolt are too much of a coward to give us a straight up title shot. We've grown tired of beating up other teams, and honestly? Until this Tag-Team Championship match is settled, there's really no one else worthy of US calling out. Darrick walks around a dimly lit room, as he speaks again} Darrick: So I've taken this time to head out east, to our corporate office to check on a few things. Something, I have in the works. I got some 5FDP jamming in the background, as I go over some missed E-mails. Some funny meme's from my buddies Genocide and NaTaS, an invite to CC's birthday party. Now, that's going to be a gas, but mostly junk E-mails and spreadsheets that I couldn’t give two shits about. Not my department, “above my pay grade” as they say. But then I see one that catches my eye …"Project KIA: Complete". {Excellent. I press a button on my Apple I Phone, that calls to my secretary} Security Personal: Hello Mr. Kaine, how can I help you today? Darrick: Get a hold of The Shadow Walker, and tell them to bring me Project KIA. Security Personal: Yes sir, they've been waiting for you to come into the office. They'll be right over. Darrick: Thanks Jan, and you can take the rest of the day off. Jannett: Thank you sir. {Darrick hang up after that. Jan's a good worker, but she doesn’t have to work all that often these days. Because, well let’s face it. Now that Darrick’s back wrestling full-time. He’s not in the office very often. Hades who are we kidding, he hasn't been in the office since he went back to wrestling, and he’s only here to check on KIA. A few minutes later, Darrick hears a knocking on the door. He press a button, and the doors swing open. Two rough looking men enter the office, that overlooks Bakersfield. the city is clearly seen in the background. Both men are carrying a briefcase, and they walk into the room. They’re placing back and forth, then up to the conference table. Which is to the side of the office. Darrick makes his way over to the table, and they open both cases. Darrick’s eyes light up, and a sly grin comes creeping across my face} Darrick: Oh, this will work …this will work VERY well!! {Darrick motions for them to close the cases} Darrick: Pack them up, and have them shipped to my house in Vegas. I'll take care of the delivery, after that. Thank you gentleman. {Both men nod, and head out the room. Darrick makes his way to the window, and looks out to the city} Darrick: Sometimes, you just have to do things yourself to get results. {Early evening just before sunset, Angel’s Camp. Which is just northeast of Stockton, California. We open up with Darrick standing at the top of the local museum, leaning over on the rail looking out across the tiny town} Darrick: The only good thing about Stockton, California is how close it is to Market Tavern, and one of the greatest cities in the world …San Francisco! But that's about it, sadly. Like most other cities surrounding the Golden City. It lives in the cities shadow, trying to ride it's coat tails …but failing to live up to its own hype. {Darrick gives a small grin, before speaking again} Darrick: Not so much different than my tag partner this week, Sammeal McBane. A man, who will ride my coat tails as I take us to greatness. This will earn both of us a Tag Team Title shot this week, in our heir to the throne …of the tag team match against The Revolt at Stockton State Hospital. {Darrick pauses for a few moments, before continuing} Darrick: Now, some of you. I'm sure are positive that I'd be ...angry? Aggravated? Just plain pissed off about this pairing, and match ...but you'd be wrong. Sure, I'm not happy about it, but honestly? I have come to expect just as much for our inept management. I want Sammeal in that ring for a Barbed Wire Casket match, so what do they do? They make him my tag partner. {Darrick stands there, with a “If Looks Could Kill” expression on his face. He shakes his head, and speaks again} Darrick: Hardy ...har ...hardy, har-har. Jokes on you A$$holes. As much of a shock that this, this might come to all parties involved. I plan on going out there, and not only will I watch Sammeal's back …I will put my body on the line to protect him. {Darrick's look of disappointment, has no turned into one of confidence} Darrick: Why? Because I want him at 100%, for when I DO get him in that ring …to take MY SOUL away from him. I don’t want to hear any excuses from him, no whining, no complaining, he wasn’t aware of the stipulations. I want a fair fight, not because it’s the right thing to do …but because I KNOW I can beat him, even on his BEST day. {Darrick's eyes become focused, as he speaks in a deeper voice} Darrick: So Sammeal, as much as we don't like each other …And much as, I can't stand your f*cking face? Don’t worry, because the only person …that's going to kick your skull, clean off your neck will be ME ...not The Revolt, not Mayhem, and sure as shit …not that walking STD, Summer Bliss. {Darrick cracks a wicked smile, for a few moments before continuing} Darrick: I may be a devil’s incarnate Sammeal, but rest assured …I am a man of HONOR. And because of that honor, and the fact that …I am contractually obligated to do so, I will be a willing tag partner of your’s this week. Sammel, I will make sure we WIN this match, and that we both walk out with those Tag Titles …Well, I'll be walking out with mine, but you'll walk out with your’s. This isn’t really a team thing, Sammeal. {Darrick pauses for a second, looking out to the city for a few moments} Darrick: The Revolt, also known as the Champs …better known as, two over hyped Bytches! A team of conviction, honor, and honesty. I guess 1 out of 3, ain’t too bad? You've got the conviction down, but the rest? Not so much. I honestly, wish I could time travel …so I could go back to the past. So I could kick your parents in the head, before naming you after such an iconic sin. ‘Cause you in yourself, are a fucking joke!! {Darrick chuckles to himself, and then speaks again} Darrick: Ever notice that the people who are so sure of themselves, and spout out "truths" the loudest …are usually the ones, who are so wrong. Oh, so very very ...wrong!! {Darrick’s face wrinkles into a snarl, as he continues} Darrick: Bingo halls, boy? Bingo Halls? REALLY?? Learn your history bytch. XWA paved the way for companies like AHW and the PWI to flourish. We traveled the world, laying down the ground work for future promotions …for future workers such as yourself, to show that a small company from the west coast can grow …to become a global juggernaut. {Darrick stares dead into the camera, his eyes are dark and eerily glazed over} Darrick: PWI never did a world tour, we were about to embark on one before the doors closed. Hades, Platinum Act was even going to sponsor it. Hades, they were going to pay for the whole damn thing, but like I said before …PA, Inc were never the best business people in the world. That's why PWI's doors are now closed, and Platinum Act, Inc is no longer a top 5 company in the world. {Darrick shakes his head, and huffs to himself} Darrick: But enough of the past, let get back to the sewage that came out of The Revolt’s cock holder … {Darrick leans against the top of the building, folding his arms and places the on the wall} Darrick: I don't draw? I don't put asses in the seat? Children, please! Staples Center, over there across the bay? Sold it out. Cover of Pro Wrestling Illustrated? One of the bestselling issues ever. Darrick Kaine “The Grim Reaper” @$$kicking T-Shirts? Um, Sold out every arena we go to. AWS advertising revenue, since I've signed? Doubles every quarter … {Darick leans back, and lets his words settle in for a few moments. He shakes his head, and almost laughs. His dark eyes glimmer for a second, before he speaks again} Darrick: I produce money. I produce money so well, that I'm shocked I don't shyte gold! But this week, isn’t about who makes the most money. This week is about, who kicks the most @$$. And I'll give you this much Revolt, you're a Hades of a talent. You’re still raw, still a bit green, lil' wet behind the ears …if you will, but you have the skill set. You're one Hades of a team. {Darrick seems to be getting hyped up for this match, and you can see it in his mannerisms} Darrick: But you are getting into the ring, with THE BEST striker in the business today. me. My punches are lethal, and I never pull a punch. I'm as stiff as they come, and you will be walking funny …after I leave a few welts on your face. And then, you have my tag partner …who as much as I hate to admit it, is pound for pound one of the, if not THE best brawler in wrestling today. You're going to bend me up like a pretzel, are you? That’s going to be hard to do, after Sammeal twists you like …some silly string, and then I drop you on your head. Then puts the final nail into your title aspirations. {Darrick finally starts to walk towards the roof access door, as he continues speaking} Darrick: So keep on thinking, that beating everyone else … {Darrick has to stop, and laugh. He wasn’t interested in other teams right now. He was pretty focused on The Revolt} Darrick: I'm sorry, let's try that again, So keep on thinking that beating teams like The Samoan Dynasty, and Dem Rednex is going to get you anywhere … {Once more, laughter breaks out. It takes Darrick a few moments to gather himself, before speaking again} Darrick: Really? I mean, shyte …the Manu Brothers? This is who you are bragging, that you've beaten? Mark and Titus f*cking Manu? Get real. I think your brother did more damage to your brain, than you realized. Hit up Scotty, I'm sure he knows a good head doctor that can take a look at you. {Darrick stares blankly into the camera, as he chuckles to himself} Darrick: Honestly though, I doubt it’s brain damage. I just think, you are THAT stupid!! {Darrick chuckles once more, as he mutters The Pride’s team members under his breath} Darrick: Speaking of stupid, don't think I forgot about The Revolt …because I haven’t. I've had my eye on you, since I’ve come into the AWS. I see a lot of you in me, you've got the fire …to go a long ways, in this business. Someday you could be great, but this is not the week …that, that'll happen. {Darrick smirks, as he continues to speak. His darkened eyes sparkle for a few seconds, and then return to a coal like look} Darrick: See, you and I are not all that different. Revolt, I know you are probably thinking to yourself …"Self, what in the Hades’ Damnation is this spooky Mother F*cker talking about?" And yeah, sure when you look at me now, undead, creepy, and slightly demonic. I am everything you are not, but it wasn’t always like that way …I had to fight tooth, and nail to get where I am. And to get what I have. You see, I grew up in ...what's the political correct term, here? "Urban Neighborhood." But let’s be honest, it was the hood, I grew up in the ghetto. And I've had my fair share of racism thrown at me. But I never became a victim of it. {Darrick pauses for a few moments, as his gaze is now back to over looking the city. He almost has a smile upon his face, as he speaks again} Darrick: Unlike you, who plays the victim every damn day. That's where we differ Revolt …you play the idiot victim, where I use my intelligence and wit to rise above it. You have money now, you have some success, and fame to your name. You could move out of your situation any time you want, but you choose not to. "But this is my home, why should I leave it?" Darrick: You should leave, because home is where you make it. I was born, and lived a portion of my life in Cincinnati, Ohio …but you don't see me calling that shyte hole home …do you? No, Death Valley is my home, because that's what I've made it to. Home is a sanctuary, not a place where you become a victim. You see, I think you LIKE being a victim. I think you LOVE being able to pull the gender card, and say "Look see, they hate me because I'm a woman!" {Darrick laughs, as he knew this was a ridiculous idea. But sadly, this happens way too much in today’s professional wrestling} Darrick: Hades No! That shyte isn’t going to fly with me …My best friend is a female, and personally? I think, she could kick both your @$$es in a street fight. The world hates you, because you're a pack of punk ass bytches. So this week, should feel very familiar to you …because seeing as you like to play the victim so much, I'll oblige and MAKE you one. {Darrick opens the access door, and looks back over his shoulder. He huffs a bit, and then speaks one last time} Darrick: I'm going to kick you so hard, that they are going to have to wire your jaw shut and then I'm going to drop you on your head in the middle of the ring with The Final Destination …Sucks to be you. Requiesce En Pace
  9. The Asylum Wrestling Society was changing a little bit. New wrestlers, fresh matchups, and The Violent Generation had to adapt to the changing times. They even sought out a new member and found just one that stood out to them. Zane Maritato with Troy being in charge of the young man’s training with a local wrestler and instructing the young man on moves Troy Funk: Leapfrog, drop down, armdrag, dropkick, headlock, now freestyle! “Freestyle” meant that the wrestler could do whatever move they wanted. It was often used to start or end the wrestling move exchange but they had to do it fast. Luckily Zane was a fast learner and managed to transition into his “Italian Ice” submission finisher. His Koji Clutch made the opponent tap out almost instantly. Troy Funk: Good work kid. Me and Ben did the right choice scouting you out. Zane Maritato: Damn right you did. And don’t call me kid. Born in 1998 Zane wasn’t just the youngest person in the Violent Generation but one of the youngest wrestlers in all of Asylum Wrestling Entertainment and while he didn’t have a match on any of the upcoming cards Troy took it upon himself to train the young man and get him ready for when that day would come. Troy Funk: I will until you actually have a match. And you just signed that contract so you got waiting and work to do before you throw down for real. Zane shook the hand of his local opponent whom he was training with once he got his bearings before replying to the older man. Zane Maritato: You got a match or something? Troy Funk: Yeah I’m battlin’ at Ins@nity in a triple threat match but I still have enough time to teach you a thing or three. Now get your breath and you’ll do some roll drills with ring rope runs. Zane Maritato: Got it Troy instructed Zane on how to run the ropes and roll from every corner. Wanting the young man to get his fundamentals set up before he had a match. Also Troy was telling the truth. For the Ins@nity event, he was going to do battle against Alleigh Marie and Konrad Raab. He was probably going to get some ring drills in himself but right now he had to focus on getting this young gun ready to fire He had faith that he was going to beat Alleigh and Konrad. All the Texan had to do was put in the work just like Zane was. If not more. —- The locker room style of promo never appealed to Troy Funk. It wasn’t for him. He’d rather do his promos in his favorite bar if he had to choose. The Smiling Cat. Where his steady girlfriend Vanessa worked at. It was a honky tonk tavern-type of a bar with a jukebox, pool table, and a loaded bar with just about every liquor and beer a man could ask for. Plus he was friends with the owner of the bar... And all he needed was a live camera to record and capture his every word. And those words were going to come out now! Troy Funk: Some things in life I love in twos. I love double shots of straight whiskey, hanging out with a couple of friends, and double-header baseball games. But the only thing I don't like in twos are opponents when I wrestle and I don't have any partner backing me up. So I don't like this here triple threat match I got going on at Ins@nity against Alleigh Marie and Konrad Raab. Troy ordered a double shot of Jim Beam before continuing his promo. Troy Funk: That’s the thing with The Violent Generation. We ain’t one of those stables that run in, bail the other out like a bunch of cowards that got no damn spines. If we’re in a match you better believe we see it through to the end. Win or loss. So you’d think that this means that I should be worried about Alleigh and Konrad but you’re dead wrong. That just means that they need to be worried about me. Because I got a lot to prove just for that reason alone. Hell, we recruited a young man from New York, Zane Maritato who’s hungry as hell and it’s my job to show him the Violent Generation way of doing things. And that’s winning. He downed his first shot of whiskey after letting it bubble in his mouth like a seasoned pro. Troy Funk: You’re a grizzled sonuvabitch who loves to make his opponents bleed. That’s scary shit but I ain’t afraid. Because I ain’t afraid to spill my blood and I’m damn sure, not afraid to spill my opponent’s if it means I win the match. Lemme make that crystal clear. I’m gonna beat you into the retirement home old man. Then Troy drank his second shot. Troy Funk: And Alleigh. You’ve only been here for a cup of damn coffee and now you’re in the middle of two men who are going to tear each other apart. Damn your luck is all kinds of bad right now. And yeah I know you’re athletic, you’re fast as hell, but all that speed in the world ain’t gonna help you from getting your ass kicked unless you wanna run away. Troy said this with cold intensity in his voice. Troy Funk: Now I don’t like triple threat matches but I got no problem finishing and after I win my match at Ins@nity I can get back to doing doubles of the things I like.
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  11. This Championship Title is dedicated to one of my best friends, and can only be won via a once a year tournament. So, for the next couple of months I will be placing people into brackets. At this time, I'm not sure if it will be a 8 or 16 Person. As for those who knew Jon West{AKA: Eric Draven}, he loved hardcore more then the World Title. So yes, this tournament will not be for the faint at heart. Many of us call ourselves Hardcore or Extreme, this will prove it without a doubt. What makes this Championship so different?? The winner is crowned Champion for one full year, until the next tournament!! Xtremly Your's, K. Steele
  12. Darrick: I live in a world between reality and death. Some people believe there is an afterlife, but those people are mistaken. I don’t believe in meditation, but there is a haunting serenity …that captures you when you can’t sleep. I can’t sleep. No, I cannot …but I find myself, like an ethereal puzzle solver with snapshots and flashes of the world around me …like pieces blurred and blended. They don’t mix well, but they all flow together …and hold the answers, that I would know. If I just stopped, and thought about it. I can’t do this, however …Not just yet. {Darrick sits in a dimly lighted room, trying to figure out what was wrong with him. Things seemed to be changing within himself, and it was weighing heavily on his mind} Darrick: Since I’ve come into this organization, it’s been an uphill battle. There is a force bringing me upward, so that my bared flesh scrapes every pebble …jagged little pill and, coarse grain of sand. My coma is my feet, they move …but yet not all at the same time. The progression is mapped by someone else in a hospital room, but my body isn’t truly going anywhere. How can it be, when everyone and everything in this place is against me …simply because I’ve spoken my mind, against the corruption that afflicts this sorry little establishment like the e-bola virus. {Darrick shakes his head in disbelief, as he sits there facing the wall. He sits back in a small chair, but still hasn’t looked towards the camera} Darrick: I have ingested the fluids, that pump through the jagged veins of Asylum Wrestling Society …and now my eyes bleed. Since I’ve taken that step into the sickly waters, my guts now churn like butter. How could I sleep, when my fingers pulse like a hangnail has caught the corner of my fingertips? They shake, like I stand vertical over the countryside …with nothing, but oxygen between me and the Earth’s surface. What is a man to do, when he is left with nothing and is given nothing? I came here, as a representative of my past, not as a victim. {Darrick shakes his head again, and even mutters to himself a bit. His anger seems to be growing, without a proper reason for it} Darrick: Treat me as you will …because I know, my vitriolic tongue has sparked debate among you all. I’ve targeted individuals, like The Pride …who cannot cut a promo to save their lives, yet the Owner of this organization …saw them fit to face me. An actual superstar in our industry. I’ve done things these two will never, ever think about ten years from now. I’ve beaten people, that the owner couldn’t even give head to. I understand …none of you really care about my past, with places like Pro Wrestling Institute. But to annihilate an individual, and their memories is cruel. To ask us to assimilate, and be treated like garbage is disgusting. I won’t do it! I’ve defeated eight people, or more in a single night …within a single match. That is not a feat easily done, and it is not a feat anyone from Asylum Wrestling Society will ever beagle to do. The day my opponents, The ladies of Pride ever do anything resembling holding a Championship Title …for one-hundred and fifty-five days straight, then we’ll talk. I highly doubt, that either of these two know what it’s like to even work to earn something like that. I bet, The Pride and the owner of this company …can’t even imagine the lengths it takes to do that, in their wildest wet dreams. {Darrick finally gets up, and walks around the darkened room. He still hasn’t faced the camera yet. His shoulders are hunched forward, keeping his head lowered} Darrick: My past is who I am, and it has to be when I’m not even allowed to be anything in Asylum Wrestling Society. My promotional work in this company, isn’t even the best material …that I’m capable of providing, and I will never produce anything as good as I have done in the past here. You all simply, don’t deserve to see true art and talent at work. None of you! None of you, have shown any respect to me, and none of you have even acknowledged that I am even existent …I’m just a shadow in your minds, an effigy of some troll …come to claim they’re better than everyone, without actually showing why. You don’t see Darrick Kaine at his best, because you don’t let me. You welcomed me, with closed fists and I’m only here …until the door is finally slammed in my face. That is the only reason, I’m going to be in the same corner, as Sammeal McBane against The Pride. Show me, why I should team with anyone other than The Reapers. {You can see the anger in Darrick’s body was growing. He huffs, and he paces the room. A snarl was in his voice, as he speaks again} Darrick: I can’t sleep at night. There’s a knife in my back, for every day that I’ve come here. I sleep with my head up, the knives pushing themselves deeper inside of me …and the only reason I don’t take them out, is because ‘screw you!’ That’s why! I would rather suffer the intense adversity, and show you …I am still capable of standing, and giving all of you the middle finger …thus telling you, how much better I am than any of you combined. Then to just walk out of this wretched organization defeated. I’ve done that once in Colorado, and I’ve never forgiven myself for it. I let the owner of that wrestling organization, treat me like shtye …even after I went up to him, and explained exactly what was wrong with how he handled the matches …then I left. I quit! I walked out, defeated because I didn’t stick my middle finger up his scrawny, frozen ass …and show him not to screw with the greatest wrestler, this universe has ever seen. You are lucky, I’m here to give you even a glimpse into art personified. I was here to show you, just that …but not anymore. Not now, not ever!! {Darrick stops pacing, but still isn’t looking toward the camera. He hunches down in the corner of the room, making himself more unseeable} Darrick: Come Capital Destruction, I’ll do what I do best …but it’ll all be moot. Whatever the writers pin me in on the show, won’t be me at all. It’ll just be some jaded, and faded excuse to throw me under the bus. Don’t worry, I don’t actually pay attention to the results anyway. My only concern, is that my voice is heard …whether it inspires, or enrages you. As long as, what I have to say reaches you and makes you feel something. Or anything, inside. {Darrick shifts from one side to the other, as he speaks one last time} Darrick: My opponents will feel something, when I’m done with them …and I hope, all of you do too. ~Part Two~ Darrick: We are carbon-based lifeforms. As black, as the empty void …we call the soul. Under pressure, we are like perfect reflections and sharp. A cold edges, that pierce life with precision. Sometimes, however …we will never be like diamonds in the sky. Giah cannot see us all. Sometimes, just sometimes …we are just blunt creatures, in a dark world, and burn like oil …until the fuel runs out, and we become nothing but fossils in a box. {Darrick just sits there, with his eyes closed. His face is paler than usual. He’s not wearing his Reapers cut, or trademark bandana. Instead, he’s wearing a long black duster. His eyes finally pop open, as he looks into the camera for the first time} Darrick: We are cattle, in a biosphere. The Pride is a demise, as are the administrator of this organization. To put me down, was a shame on their end. The Pride will not transcend higher, than the lower card …because they are not worth, their weight in lard. They are garbage wrestlers, and piss poor performers. I shall consider them a nemesis, henceforth. {Something is totally different about Darrick. Usually, he’s a laid back - cocky type. This is a meaner, darker persona than we’ve seen before} Darrick: However, I’ve had a little bit of a retrospective on things these past few weeks. Although …I plan to take all of my frustrations out on the owner, and The Pride. I understand that this organization, is as relaxed as a heavily meditated pot smoker. I’m not against the use itself, for it has wondrous properties for the ill. But, not the young at mind. This place, is like a child …that’s found his father’s plant, and intends to use it at school …like his Savior told him to. Light them up, bring it down, and the world is just fine. {Darrick finally looks straight into the camera, and you can see his eyes are darker than normal. The happy, go lucky look is gone and replaced by a cold stare} Darrick: That is how it is, here at Asylum Wrestling Society …which is ironic, because this place is incredibly laid back. I could gaze up into the stars and see Gandalf, smoking a pipe of the long leaf …and just wonder about what’s going to happen, when the ring reaches Mordor. But none of that will matter, because at the moment …we will be wholly there. {Darrick seems to just be standing there. His mind blanks out, and he starts to ramble on about anything possible} Darrick: If Anakin Skywalker raced toward the finish line, with perfect results? He crafted the world, he needed to be in to become someone. Whilst everyone else stood back, and let it happen. The Jedi Council, became the epicenter of ignorance in their lust for war and power. A single Sith, rival took down the entire galaxy …all with thunderous applause. Emperor Palpatine was a field-head. Always in the game, and always changing things to fit his needs …and even his wants. That is what, I must be …if I’m ever to become something here, with you guys. {Darrick’s lips curl into a deep snarl, as he ponders his own words} Darrick: I must, become like the Chancellor …the dark lord of the Sith, and the wise old wizard. Neither individual, sat back and let things happen. Ironically, in Lord of the Rings …Sauron allowed things to go with the flow. It may not have even started a war, until well after the departure of the cowardly elves. It took an ancient wizard, and a band of hobbits …to take down a lazy empire. Only when, Palpatine sought fit to sit back and relax …did the rebels, who got things up and running …were they able to take him out. Most unwise. {Darrick’s snarl has now become a full-blown sinister smile, his eyes are still glazed over as he continues} Darrick: This brings me to my match, against the Barbie and Skipper wannabes …known as The Pride. Either that, or they watch too much Bay Watch …in which case. Let us hope, they are more like the complacent Starks. Of whom will never win, and less like the Lannisters …the family, that crafts a world they need to be in. Simply become something powerful. Winter is not coming, Ladies …not for you, or for the Asylum Wrestling Society. I will douse you, within the land of perpetual sun …and you shall feel, the full force of destruction within the harsh light of day. Oh Yes! Welcome to the end, of the end. When one world ends, and another one begins …but without a scream. Do you love your guns, your gods, and your government? Let me hear you, scream. I want to hear your Mothers, to hear their baby wants a gun!! {Darrick moves closer to the camera, as his eyes dance with madness. He lets out another snarl, as he speaks} Darrick: Listen to me on the toy box, children. All that hate me, will soon take its toll …for soon, I will be taking control. All the rest of their lives, in their hate …you cannot fascinate. I’ll build a Deity, and I will be it …when children lie, we’ll blame the media. This is what you all deserve. When I have accepted complacency, may my brain lay all over thee …for I am the angel of death, and deceit …you will all fall to my feet. I am the angel, within the lobby. Waiting to put you all in line. Don’t ask forgiveness, my faith has gone dry. {The crazed look in Darrick’s eyes, has become more focused. His leather wrench-coat flails in the wind, yet there’s no wind} Darrick: When you hear the songs, that you shouldn’t hear …you get in line. One. Two. Three. Now, you will lay down. For you like to do it. You like to move it now. Some do it faster, better, or in small amounts. The affliction spreads, within you all …but I will incite, dissent in your descent into eternal damnation. I don’t care how this match goes. I know, I’m better than all of you. So if you spin around, and tell me to go now …then I’ll walk away, a winner to this day, because I wear Death’s Crown. {Darrick’s eyes shimmer a deep red, as he lifts his grave digger’s hat} Requiesce En Pace!!
  13. A camera crew starts running around backstage minutes after Ward ends and finds Kid Kaos going bezerk on a call from Assault's Director of Authority Kaleb Steele that Kid Kaos would be facing off against Dominic Kurtis in his first singles match on Assault. Kaos stops to agree to take the match. Kaos slams the door shut blocking the camera crew from the rest of the call. Moments later… Kid Kaos opens up the door, the look of amusement on his face and he walks past the camera crew and walks down to a car, gets into the passenger seat and the car peels off. Three days later… Kaos turns on his cellphone and it's like 3 am. A message from someone in production sent him the Dominic Kurtis video. Kid Kaos turns on the video and leans on the corner of the counter in his kitchen listening to whatever was said. "Listen to this jabroni, he talked about losing his brother; who the hell says that shit? Look for the past several months you were going through title matches from the get go, you're ahead of the game for the most part." Kaos smirks as his girlfriend Kassidy Dax walks into the kitchen. "Kassidy my love, I need some more time to get this video done." "Okay, I'll be at the store." "Well, have fun." Kassidy walks out the back door and Kaos continues with the video. "Not that it matters, but you see me as this guy who is entitled. Truth be told I was not brought up with a silver spoon or whatever you think about me. My father is a world renowned professional wrestler and my sister and I barely saw him when he was working. I don't think I can be called entitled with a straight face, think you know me and who I am? Look in that mirror and say hello to the guy standing there who got title matches from the beginning of his career here." Kaos walks over to the fridge, opens the door and pulls out a pitcher of orange juice, he reaches into the corner cupboard and pulls out a glass. "I don't care about the bullshit of hating on Imagine Dragons music, it isn't a problem for me to walk out to it, it's just a theme song. But, whatever fucking floats your boat, be gone with that bullshit." "Let's talk about more of your bad character assassination, you see my father as this guy who gave me everything. This might be hard to believe but I've been doing this wrestling thing on my own, sure my father had some influence on my decision to be a professional wrestler and maybe he got my first job interview for me but, I'm confident that I won the first job myself. I trained long and hard to get where I am and I'm not going to be put down by anyone off the street who knows nothing about me or my family. Take your medicine and say your prayers, shut the fuck and fight because come Assault with everything in my being I will kick your ass from pillar to post until there is nothing leftover to identify you with." Kaos hits the stop button and sends the video off to production.
  14. We've been busy, the Feigel Hardcore Cup has expanded to 12 lunatics. Our tournament will give one lucky lunatic to… https://t.co/wN7pE1zHDl
  15. STANDARD MATCH Talia Areano • versus • Charleigh Rhodes
  16. We're at it again, @AWSefed continues to look for talent and staff help. We're going strong and healthy, we just ne… https://t.co/xPbgNvtUuG
  17. @JusticeCross4 hey, you're welcome to join @AWSefed and try your luck at our gold. Your last Asylum run was cut sho… https://t.co/gYo3zZFNsm
  18. We replaced Lia Rose with @TaliaAreano in the Feigel Hardcore Cup, also here are the brackets https://t.co/fAMxq2dD9i
  19. Announcement: If you haven't gotten your RPs done for the Feigel Hardcore Cup please do soon.
  20. [Scene fades in as we see "Kentucky Strong" Matt Kurtis and "the Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis (AKA "the Bluegrass Mafia") standing with bags packed in front of their Asylum | Bluegrass Mafia back drop set up in the corner of their gym inside of the Bluegrass Wrestling Academy] Dominic: 'Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane Don't know when I'll be back again Matt: Is that your creative way of letting me know we are heading to Stockholm to be on Ward. Tell me who are we booked against Dominic: Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Matt: Seriously Dom what is this some hybrid verson of "Blue Clues" and "Name that Tune" Dominic: We are gonna play Blue's Clues, 'Cause it's a really great game. / Cause it’s really fun (Yeah) Matt: I think you may have been hanging out with Cousin Willie too much, but I got just checked my texts and see we are up "the Violent Generation" Dominic: And I've tried it my friend I'll never smoke weed with Willie again Now we learned a hard lesson in a small Kentucky town He fired up a fat boy and he passed it around The last words I spoke before they tucked me in I may discount bungee jump but I'll never smoke weed with Willie again [Matt sucks his head and glares at Dominic] Dominic: Okay my bad. I may have got a little carried away. But I was just "funning". Time to get serious. Matt: We got to get focused on the Violent Generation. Catchy enough team name I reckon but the first thing that need to realize is the VIOLENT GENERATION is MY GENERATION! I thrive in violence! I thrive in Madness! I thrive in chaos! And all this in BAD NEWS for Shannon and Dina Dominic: More BAD NEWS for the ladies is that you almost outweigh them combined so there is no way in hell that they are going to be able to execute the 4D on you . I mean let's be honest no matter what the easy girl at band camp told cousin Billy, "Size does matter"! Matt: I mean I am a big believer in the saying that it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that counts. It also needs to be noted that the Violent Generation is a hell of team and they have accomplished a lot but you are right it does seem like they are bringing a knife to a gun fight. I think that they to come to the realization that despite their best efforts they are going to run up against a brick wall at WARD. Dominic: Two facts | Two Facts about our match against Shannon and Dina coming up at Ward. The first FACT is that "the Bluegrass Mafia" is greater the "the Violent Generation" and the second FACT is we are going to get the chance to see what it would look like if RuPaul and Jackie Beat got together and decided to dress as Team 3D for Halloween. [Awkward Silence] Okay once again I may have got carried away. But the FACT remains we ARE the better team and we WILL be the ones collecting the winner's paycheck at Ward. Matt: I like to leave "the sports entertainment" part of this sport to Dominic! So I am going to end my part of this promo by simply letting Shannon and Dina know that I respect them as a team I know what they are comparable of. But the BAD NEWS for them is they are going against a juggernaut know as "the Bluegrass Mafia" I understand you like to bring the violence but you have to understand we thrive in violent situations. Anyway BOTTOMLINE is that at Stockholm "the Bluegrass Mafia" is going to be the superior team. Dominic: And that's the bottom-line because "Kentucky Strong" said so [Mic Drop]
  21. UK, European and Japanese Tour https://t.co/caN70NrAI2
  22. After the July 4th pay-per-view Champions Carnival: Capitol Destruction; Asylum Wrestling Society will be going on an adventure overseas with stopping spots in the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Italy and Japan. For the UK leg we'll be heading to wrestling hotspots in Blackpool, Manchester and London. For the EUROPEAN leg we'll be heading to wrestling hotspots in Barcelona, Paris and Rome. With possible stops in Amsterdam, Berlin and/or Warsaw. For the JAPANESE leg we'll be heading to wrestling hotspots in Osaka and Tokyo.
  23. [Scene fades in as we see "the Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis standing in front of their Asylum Wrestling Society | Bluegrass Mafia back drop inside of the Bluegrass Wrestling Academy that they use to shoot promos] Dominic: Hello fellow lunatics! If you look around, you will notice something a little different here in this promo. Something seems to be missing [uses hands and arm to mime big guy outline] Yeah it seems we have lost about 270 lbs or so. And that's all because your boy here has finally been set free to be in a solo match here in Asylum [mimics the "Home Alone" shocked face] so who exactly is your boy facing off against in his solo debut. None other than the entitled Kid Kaos. And that is bad news for him and for me. It's bad news for him because he is going to be exposed and defeated by a far superior athlete and wrestler! Bad news for me because I am going to have to listen to his entitled cock sucker and gawd forbid I am going to have to endure hearing the Imagine Dragons blasting thru the sound system. [chuckles] I mean seriously the combination of hearing Kaos running his cock sucker and being exposed to the Imagine Dragons has to fall into the category of cruel and unusual punishment. [winks at the camera] Seriously I guess I should watch what I say when it comes to Kid Kaos, rumor has it he has got family in high places around here. And I would hate to piss off the powers that be [chuckles] Kaos don't get the wrong idea and think I am taking you lightly. Dom don't play! I never under estimate an opponent! I understand that on any given day an Maven-Undertaker can happen. I am also fully aware of all your success as a tag team specialist. I am also aware of how impressive your "Ca$h Out" finisher is. [Looks straight into the camera like he is looking in Kaos' eyes] Kid Kaos note that there is three things I have against you before we even climb into the ring against each other: 1. You are forcing me to endure the music "talent' of the Imagine Dragons, 2. You are an entitled little bitch, and 3. You are standing between me and the winner's share. [gets an evil grin] You see thing is Kaos we are both second generation "superstars" but while you are entitled I never had the opportunity to enjoy being the son of "the Show" Chad Kurtis because my dad wouldn't allow it. He made me earn my place in this sport. When he was training me he pushed me harder then the other trainees and treated me worst. He did that to make sure that I truly wanted to be a professional wrestler and to make sure I earned everything I achieved! [continues staring into the camera] Kaos I know you are a talented wrestler but you ain't in my class. When we face off on "Assault" I am making you pay for forcing me to listen to Imagine Dragons! I will expose you for being the entitled bitch that you are and lastly I will get the victory over because I am better than you! So my advice to you "pal" is to say your prayers and take you vitamins because "Kurtismania" is about to run wild on you. [mic drop]
  24. ~ASSAULT TITLE HISTORY~ Assault Champion 1st} ??? North American Champion 1st} ??? Combat Champion 1st} ??? Vixens Champion 1st} ??? Tag-Team Champions 1st} ??? Draven Legacy Champion 1st} ???
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