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  2. The Men from the Boys [Cameras pan over a large Texas Forrest & zoom in on a campsite with a tent & campfire burning. Ricky Rhodes is saw relaxing by the campfire drinking a bottle of whiskey. In the background you can hear a radio playing The Bangles “Walk Like a Egyptian”] Ricky Rhodes-“WALK LIKE A EGYPTIAN…(looks into camera & laughs) Drake Ngyma on June 3rd you may walk into Buffalo,New York but you will getting carried out. You say you don’t know Ricky Rhodes well don’t worry I’ll introduce you him face to face & when I’m finished you’ll never forget that name. That is the difference in a real champion & an untalented bum like you. I know exactly who Drake Nygma is I’ve watched you, I’ve studied you & when we get in that ring I’ll educate you on the sport of real wrestling. I learn something new about you everyday like today I learned you’re just as boring on camera as you are in the ring. You think you hide your lack of talent behind your fancy suits & by staying in the darkness but I promise you June 3rd what’s hid in the darkness will be shown in the light. I will show you the real meaning of being a sheep because I will the be the wolf of Buffalo. We will truly separate the man from the boys for the world to see. (Raises whiskey bottle & laughs) CHEERS DRAKE….See you in Buffalo” [Camera pans out back across Forrest & goes black]
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  4. (Off camera) May 13, 2024, 5:35 AM PDT ‘Time: Something that many claim to be on their side. Some claim time is a rare commodity that shouldn’t be wasted. What is the real truth about time? Time is fleeting. Time is wasted. Time is ever flowing and never ceasing. Time is a wave that threatens to consume those that stand still and watch it pass by them.’ On the balcony of a penthouse suite in The Bellagio looking out across the strip stands a man with short blonde hair, a square jaw, and a well-toned muscular frame. As the sun begins to rise in Las Vegas, this man is already dressed to face the day. Clad in a pair of denim jeans, tan cowboy boots, and a blue buttoned dress shirt with sleeves rolled up past his elbows. He reaches over to the glass of orange juice on the table, bringing the glass up for a sip. ‘It’s never too early for a screwdriver. I think that is honestly the only way that I am going to get through today. It’s been…’ His mind wanders backwards in time, but quickly shakes his head, dispelling the wave of nostalgia and regret that threatens to drag him downward. ‘…too long. I can’t let memories of the past keep me from grabbing the future for all it’s worth. In the eight years that I have been away, I have eliminated every threat to myself and the empire that I have so meticulously created over the last eight years. After today, I will finally emerge from my father’s shadow to cement my place as a legitimate businessman. Today, I close one chapter and begin a new one. Today is the day both the business and wrestling world recognize Dorian Black.’ ***** 10:07 AM PDT As the sun continues its ascent skyward just outside of Rachel, Nevada, along the Extraterrestrial Highway sits a large complex in the shape of a fairly large trapezoid. Standing five stories high and covering an area of 200 acres of land. Granted, there isn’t ONLY this building. There are parking lots, various storage facilities, fields of Corn, Processing plants, one hundred and twenty-one hundred-thousand-gallon storage tanks, numerous large solar panels. Just outside of the trapezoid building, numerous members of the press have gathered. Murmurs amongst themselves as the mid-70s temperature didn’t deter their wait. Much of the buzz has to do with the opening of another facility belonging to Black Biofuels and Renewables. With the opening of the Nevada facility almost two and a half hours outside of Vegas, the company has positioned itself as the second leading producers of biofuels in the United States. Above the gathered press, gazing out of a fifth-floor window, A woman displays a pleased grin. “This looks to be a good turnout, Mr. Black” A woman of Hispanic descent announces with a smile. Her shoulder length chocolate hair kept up in a neat bun. Her slender, but fit frame enshrouded by a black business suit. One made by Giorgio Armani. Her matching black stilettos click against the marble tiles as she steps away from a window overlooking a sea of reporters. Her Hazel eyes begin to peruse her tablet before turning it towards Dorian. He rises from his chair to take the tablet from her, giving the woman a brief smile as he does so. After taking the tablet, Dorian begins to examine some charts and figures. “I certainly hope this good turnout helps increase some of these investor numbers, Ms. Cruz. From the look of some of these numbers, we should make third quarter projections within the next couple of weeks. A good sign to report to our current and future investors.” He hands the tablet back to the woman addressed as ‘Ms. Cruz.’ She takes the tablet from Dorian with a nod. “Indeed, Mr. Black. It has taken you almost four years to turn your father’s…” Ms. Cruz clears her throat as she looks away with momentary discomfort before she continues, using air quotes momentarily. “…’Businesses into a legitimate one. One that, in this fiscal market, could make or break a company, but you pulled this off magnificently, Mr. Black.” Dorian rises from seat and walks towards Ms. Cruz with a smile. He shakes his head as he places his right hand on her left shoulder. “No, Isabella, we did. I would not have been able to organize all of this by myself. You know, there are very few people that I actually trust in this world, Isabella. You? You are among the few.” Isabella brushes a stray strand of hair behind her ear as she averts her gaze momentarily out of embarrassment. “Thank you, Mr. Black…Dorian.” Dorian gives Isabella’s shoulder a light squeeze before moving past her towards a large mahogany desk. As Dorian moves past Isabella, there is a brief moment of disappointment on her face as she watches Dorian move past her. Despite that, Isabella follows Dorian, watching as he reaches for the ivory-colored cowboy hat on the desk. Dorian puts the hat on his head with a look of annoyance. “I have to say though; I don’t care much for this “Urban Cowboy” persona. Is it really necessary?” Isabella chuckles as she sighs with a wide grin. “Marketing feels that our CEO would be more relatable to the general public as well as investors if he comes across as ‘Down to earth.’ Besides…” She reaches up to fix Dorian’s hat as she playfully punches his arm afterwards. “…White hats are always the good guys, ‘Pardner.’ With everything that has come out about your past and how you have tried your best to distance yourself from your father, there will always be a minority that will still try to cast doubt on you. Anyway, we can show that you aren’t your father’s son, the better our stocks do. Bear with it, Dorian, at least until you decide to sell the company in the future.” With a sigh, Dorian nods in agreement. “I know, I know…it’s just not…ME though, Isabella. However, I’ll keep the charade going for as long as it takes.” Isabella nods in response to Dorian’s remark. “Good. Now then, there is the matter about the other venture in which you are diving back into.” Dorian smirks with a chuckle. “By venture, you mean my foray back into wrestling?” Isabella scrunches up her nose, not out of disgust, but bafflement. “Yes… Mr. Black, forgive me for asking, but why? Why do you want to get involved with wrestling again?” Dorian sighs as he walks over to the window looking out at the gathered press for his press conference starting shortly. “It’s something I miss, Isabella. In the years since I left, I regret not giving my all to wrestling. Granted, I needed to clean up my image first, but now that there is time… why not? It could be good PR for the company. I’m still physically fit, obviously.” Isabella quirks an interested eyebrow as she gives Dorian a once over as she speaks under her breath. “I’ll say…” Dorian looks back at Isabella momentarily. “Did you say something?” Isabella quickly shakes her head. “No, sir. Please, continue.” Dorian nods as he turns his attention back to the window. “Like I said, physically fit. I have continued to train all these years to stay in ring shape for the time that I make my return. Now, finally, that time is nye.” “Indeed, Mr. Black. Your contract with Asylum Wrestling Society has been finalized and you shall soon be back in the ring.” Dorian squints at the gathered press as if he sees something. “Yes… it’ll be good to have fun once more, Isabella. All work and no play make Dorian a…” Dorian pauses as his eyes grow wide. Said eyes fixate on a section of the gathered reporters. “No… it can’t be…” He rushes over to the desk and produces a pair of binoculars from a drawer, rushing back over towards the window. Isabella looks at him with confusion and concern. “Mr. Black? Is there something the matter?” Dorian gazes through the binoculars at the section in which he has taken an interest. He focuses the lenses on one individual. A woman. Crimson hair kept in a braid that rests on her shoulder. A brilliant smile as he observes her joking with those around her. Her curvaceous form…she never had that when last he saw her…covered in a maroon business dress. Fashionable, but then again, she always was. Her emerald eyes twinkling from behind her stylish glasses in the sunlight. Her ruby lips are full and tempting. “Son of a bitch…” Dorian laughs, a mixture of amusement and frustration. Dorian places the binoculars on the desk as he begins to make his way to the elevator. Isabella rushes over to the window to see if she can spy what her employer has seen. After a quick cursory glance, Isabella notices Dorian moving towards the elevator. Quickly, Isabella rushes over to join him. “What’s going on? What did you see, Mr. Black?” The doors of the elevator open. Both individuals enter the contraption as Dorian presses the first floor button. The doors close as the elevator descends. Dorian’s eyes narrow as he answers Isabella’s question. “Trouble, Isabella. I see trouble.” ***** 10:28 AM PDT Upon arriving on the ground floor, four gentlemen dressed in black suits gather around Dorian and Isabella. Dorian brushes a finger against his forehead, trying to hide his annoyance. Dorian still finds it embarrassing to have armed protection as he feels that he is able to handle anything that comes his way. Isabella looks to Dorian with an enthusiastic expression. “Are you ready to meet your press, Sir?” A pit begins to form in Dorian’s stomach. Initially, he felt confident about this press conference. He always looks forward to these new facility rollouts as it is signs that he is one step closer to becoming the single leading producer of Biofuels in the country. This time, however, he feels his confidence waiver slightly in light of seeing that woman among the gathered press. Dorian sighs with a nod. “Yeah…let’s get this over with.” Isabella nods in response as Dorian fixes a smile as authentic as possible on his face. Both individuals walking out the front door into the Nevada sunlight. ***** (On Camera) 10:30 AM PDT Isabella and Dorian step out the front door as all eyes turn them. Cameras of both varieties recording and snapping photos as Isabella approach a podium. Behind said podium sits three chairs. Dorian takes his seat on one of them and a man with close cropped dirty blonde hair sits next to Dorian. Behind those chairs sat Nine other chairs for members of the Board of Directors. Isabella smiles as she begins to speak into the microphone affixed to the podium. “Good morning! Welcome members of the press as well as our board members and investors watching wherever you may be. I am Isabella Cruz and I handle public relations for Black Biofuels and Renewables as well as Mr. Black’s personal assistant. We are so happy to be able to share this momentous occasion with all of you. At this time, our CEO, Dorian Black, will present some of the wonderful things our company is currently doing as well as the opening of this, our brand new Nevada facility. Following Mr. Black’s presentation, we will have our lead engineer from Thomas-Carter Laboratories, Mr. Matthew Thomas, give a presentation on some of the new innovations that Mr. Thomas and his think tank have developed to help lead BBR into THE cutting edge Biofuels and renewable resource companies in the United States and soon the world. If you will save any and all questions until the conclusion of Mr. Thomas’ presentation, at that time, you will be free to ask either Mr. Black or Mr. Thomas any questions.” Isabella glances back otwards Dorian with a slight nod, looking for confirmation that he is ready to proceed. Dorian returns Isabella’s nod. Isabella smiles as she looks back out to the crowd. “At this time, ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you, the CEO of BBR…Mr. Dorian Black!” Isabella steps back from the podium and proceeds to clap her hands as the crowd does so as well. Dorian rises from his seat, a smile on his face as he waves to the crowd. He approaches the podium and tells Isabella thank you as they pass each other. Isabella takes her seat as Dorian waves a few more times before he begins to speak. “Thank you, Ms. Cruz. Thank you to all of you gathered here for another BBR milestone this day. The opening of our Nevada facility will now allow us to produce a little more than one hundred and twenty million gallons of Biodiesel each year! This will help bring us one step closer to cleaner emissions domestically and the world over. Not only that, but we are beginning to do some real amazing things in harnessing solar energy for distribution. I’ll allow Mr. Thomas to fill you in with further details in regards to some of the more scientific innovations BBR is rolling out. On my part today, I want to share my vision for the future.” “Each time we open a new facility, I address how amazed I am with what my employees, our board, our partnership with Thomas-Carter Laboratories have been able to accomplish over the last four years. Four years! In year five, we are looking to expand into Canada and Mexico, which will put us on pace to averaging two new facilities a year! Certainly, this has not been without its drawbacks, but we have persevered! We move onward to the future! Our profits have only increased with each passing year. The pandemic of 2020 did not hold us back in achieving in our first year. Various character assassination attempts have not held us back. BBR IS the future! Dorian Black is the man that will lead clean energy into a new age! With some help from our partners and employees of course. It would be arrogant of me to say I have done this alone.” Dorian chuckles at his last comment about needing help, which draws some laughter from the crowd gathered. “I have successfully taken something that was once used for nefarious purposes and turned it into the juggernaut you see before you today! A juggernaut for the good of our planet and those that inhabit it. I told everyone four years ago that I am here to clean up this town…” Dorian looks around, holding his arms up as he indicates the facility around him. “…I think it’s safe to say: ‘This sheriff has successfully cleaned up this town!’” A round of applause echoes in response as Dorian laughs and lifts his arms up repeatedly to direct the crowd. “I’m not through yet though. There is more work to do. As I mentioned, we are looking to expand into Canada and Mexico next year. Mr. Thomas will share some of our wonderful innovatons as well. Like I keep saying: ‘We are just getting started!’ With your continued support and all the amazing men and women of BBR, our future is clean, safe, and bright!” Dorian begins to clap as the crowd proceeds to do the same. “At this time, I gladly introduce to you one of the pillars of BBR. This man has been a mentor to me in my darkest times in my life and has helped make this world a much better, brighter place for all of us. At this time, I give you Mr. Matthew Thomas of Thomas-Carter Laboratories!” Dorian motions for the other blonde haired man to join him at the podium. The indicated man known as Matt Thomas rises from his chair. He walks over to Dorian with the assistance of a cane. Make no mistake, Matt Thomas is a healthy man age thirty-nine. However, he has been living with the results of the matter which transpired ten years ago. Matt waves to the crowd and shakes Dorian’s hand with a smile. After shaking Matt’s hand, Dorian takes his seat next to Isabella, allowing his mentor to take the floor. Dorian watches as Matt pulls out his reading glasses and slips of paper for his presentation. Looking at Matt, Dorian is still in awe of his mentor. The man has been a pro wrestler, a NYPD Detective, and now…now, Matt is the CEO and lead researcher for the company in which Matt and his mother have founded. If it wasn’t for Matt ten years ago, Dorian would have perished at the hands of his old man. To the world, that is all Matt is. A wrestler, Detective, Scientist. What the world doesn’t realize is the intelligence and experiences Matt possesses. After Matt completes his ten minute presentation on some new methods in the processing and refinement of the biofuels, the fuel cells being developed to harness solar energy in a more efficient and long lasting manner; Isabella returns to the podium. “At this time we will begin taking questions for both Mr. Black and Mr. Thomas. Please, try to keep the questions relevant to BBR related matters or items presented today by Mr. Thomas. Be sure to raise your hand if you wish to ask a question and I will indicate that it is your turn. Now then, are we ready?” Isabella looks back to the two men behind her, who return a nod of affirmation to Isabella. Looking back out at the reporters gathered, Isabella points to a gentleman towards the front row. “Yes, you sir. The gentleman in the blue sports coat from USA Today.” The gentleman stands up from his seat and holds up a recording device. “Chuck Marshal, USA Today. My question is for Mr. Thomas.” Matt stands up and moves back to the podium as Isabella steps aside. “Go ahead with your question, Mr. Marshal.” “Mr. Thomas, some of the things you have presented today feels more science fiction than fact. There have been some who say what you are proposing won’t be possible for at least another five years. What proof do you have that your refining methods will prove fruitful to BBR?” “Well, Mr. Marshal, as indicated by the data presented earlier, we ran a battery of tests against the control of a typical refining method and it has proven to yield a twenty five percent increase in efficiency. Not only that, but the biofuel produced is much more pure and concentrated without any potential contaminants that could affect the product. If you or anyone else in this crowd has any doubts of what I have presented, I encourage you to reach out to my laboratories and I will gladly give a tour of our facilities to demonstrate the validity of my data.” “I might just hold you to that, Mr. Thomas.” The gentleman to his seat as Matt steps back. Isabella returns to the podium. As she scans the crowd, Dorian silently hopes and prays that Isabella does not select the woman he spied earlier. He isn’t ready to deal with THAT can of worms again…not yet anyways. However, much to Dorian’s chagrin, Isabella does in fact select the woman in question. “The lady in the maroon dress.” The woman rises from her seat, extending out a recording device as she speaks. “Lisbeth Chambers with Chambers Podcasting Network. My question is for Mr. Black.” Isabella steps away from the podium to allow Dorian access to the microphone. Dorian is momentarily frozen in his seat. Her voice, just as enchanting as he remembered it being. So much so, his breath temporarily escaping him. As his far off stare returns to notice Isabella indicating for him to come to the podium, Dorian rises and walks to the microphone. “Yes, Ms. Chambers. Please, go ahead with your question.” He examines her facial features, trying to read what could be going through her mind, but failing to do so. He takes note of the confidence she is exuding as he listens to her speak. “Mr. Black, it truly is impressive what you have built over the last four years, but are you not concerned that your past will come back to haunt you?” Before Dorian has a chance to answer, Isabella moves him over to speak. “Ms. Chambers, I believe I explicitly stated that any questions are to pertain to-“ Dorian places a hand on Isabella’s shoulder, cutting her off mid-sentence. He gives the confused woman a nod, indicating that it was all right. Dorian moves back to the microphone to speak. “To answer your question, Ms. Chambers, aren’t we all? I know people try not to look back on the past and let life pass them by, but I assure you, I have been above board on everything since my father was incarcerated ten years ago. I welcome people to challenge me on my past. I do not fear it, in fact, it is because of my past that I am the man you see before you today. I do not let my past define me, Ms. Chambers, to that point, I certainly hope that you haven’t allowed yours to define you.” He stared deeply into Lisbeth’s eyes as he utters his final sentence, hoping to strike a nerve, something, but did not see any sign of a reaction. Isabella returns to the podium as Dorian takes a step back. “I think that is all the time we have for questions at this time. Feel free to enjoy the refreshments being provided before you leave today. Any other questions or requests for interviews, please see me, and we will come to an arranged time for an interview. Again, thank you all for coming today.” (Off Camera) With that, Isabella and the armed guards begin to walk with Dorian and Matt back towards the building. As they do so, Lisbeth begins to push her way towards the direction they are walking towards. “So, that’s it? After all this time? That is the best respone you have for me?” Lisbeth calls to Dorian, loud enough for them to hear, but not loud enough for the other members of the press, who, have already moved towards the spread being provided. The group collectively stop in their movement. Isabella looks toward Lisbeth with annoyance, preparing to signal to the guards to stop Lisbeth. Dorian and Matt step forward, stopping the guards from advancing. Dorian sighs as he looks exasperated at Lisbeth. “What do you want me to Say, Lisbeth?” Matt whispers to Isabella and the guards to leave the pair alone to talk. The guards are apprehensive to leave the man they are hired to protect, but soon acqueous. Isabella, however, did not appreciate the familiarity in which Lisbeth is demonstrating. Matt manages to usher Isabella back inside the building, but her head turning back to Dorian and Lisbeth as she moves further away. Once Dorian sees that he and Lisbeth are alone, he starts to speak, only to be halted by Lisbeth’s hand connecting with a slap across his face. “An apology would be greatly appreciated!” Dorian reaches up to the stinging cheek as he looks back to Lisbeth. “For what?!” Lisbeth sighs as she chokes back her tears. “January twenty-eighth two thousand sixteen.” Dorian’s mind races back eight years ago. He had just lost a match to Lizzy Taylor. He remembers reflecting on a lot leading up to that match. His immaturity, the effects his actions had on Lisbeth, his girlfriend at the time, dissatisfaction with his life’s direction. Ultimately this resulted in breaking up with Lisbeth. “Are you serious? You’re still upset that I broke up with you eight years ago!?” Lisbeth points a finger in his face. “Upset because you broke up with me?! I don’t care that you broke up with me, you asshole! We were both still pretty young and immature! I was about to turn twenty-one and you hadn’t quite turned twenty-three yet! What I am upset about is after you broke up with me, you had security escort me out of the building! You couldn’t have the decency to do that yourself!? Was I truly that inconvenient for you, Mr. Future Sight!?” Her words. He feels them reverberating in his soul. She is right. He pretty much wrote her off. It wasn’t his intention, but it was what it was. He can’t go back to fix that. The only thing he can do now is… “I’m sorry, Lisbeth…” Dorian hangs his head slightly, removing his cowboy hat from his head as he does so. His words catch Lisbeth offguard. Never did she expect to hear Dorian actually give her an apology. She moves her jaw, trying to form words, but the thoughts and feelings swirling around…what does she even say? “I…you…Do you even know what you are apologizing for?” Dorian looks to Lisbeth with a sigh and a nod. “Despite the intentions I had in breaking up with you, I still wound up hurting you worse than I wanted. I should have been more considerate to you and your feelings that night, but having 20/20 hindsight, I was definitely too immature to be in a serious relationship like that. Not trying to make excuses, but simply stating where I was at. You deserved better than me.” Lisbeth sighs, reaching towards Dorian’s face again. He flinches momentarily, steeling himself for another slap only to feel her gentle touch stroking his cheek. His eyes met hers, the hardness in those evergreen eyes of hers has soften. “That should have been for me to decide, Dorian, not for you to decide for me. You took my autonomy away at that moment. That night, before you broke up with me, I knew you understood the error of your ways leading up to that match. You owned it. I could see the glimpses of the man I knew you could be. For better or worse, I was willing to brave the storm with you, but…I never got that chance. You disappeared from the public eye not long after that. Hell, no one heard anything of and from you until four years ago; touting a startup biofuel company.” Listening to Lisbeth speak, he knows she is right. Right about taking away her ability to have a say in how things played out. Right about her willing to stick by him. He knows she would have, but he was too embarrassed, not wanting to drag her down with him. Then…then she talks about the time he was away. A gloom descends on Dorian. He rubs his hands together as if to clean his hands, but they never seem to fully get clean. “Dorian?” Lisbeth’s voice draw Dorian from his thoughts. His eyes wide as he briefly looks around, meeting her concerned expression. “Are you all right?” Dorian shakes his head and begins to smile. “Yeah, I’m fine. I just had a thought though.” Lisbeth looks at Dorian curiously. “Do tell.” “As much as I would like for us to continue discussing our past, I would very much like to discuss you and how you got to where you are now. To incentivize you, Lisbeth, since you appear to be the consummate professional, I will offer you an exclusive interview for your…podcast?” Dorian looks to Lisbeth in question. “Not exactly, but that is a tempting offer, Mr. Black. My honor demands that I smack you in the face once more as I turn you down, but my professional side demands I take you up on this offer as it would be quite an exclusive. Decisions, decisions…” Lisbeth sighs as she looks to Dorian slightly annoyed. She is putting her job and employees before herself in this moment. She wouldn’t have slapped Dorian in the face, but she would have certainly left him regretting he ever hurt her like that all those years ago. “When and what did you have in mind?” Dorian strokes his chin playfully with a smirk. “Dinner tonight at Top of the World. Eight o’clock.” Lisbeth quirks an eyebrow at Dorian with a grin. “Just randomly pulled that one out of the blue, huh? Fine.” Dorian gives Lisbeth a once over as he sucks his teeth a bit. “I certainly hope you will come wearing something much more appropriate.” Lisbeth deadpans at Dorain as she replies. “This is a business dinner, Mr. Black. I know exactly how to dress for such an occasion. I certainly hope you keep that in mind.” Lisbeth turns to leave. As she walks away, Dorian calls to her. “Remember! Eight at Top of the World!” Lisbeth can detect a faint sense of urgency in Dorian’s voice, which draws a slight smile to her face. She holds an arm off as she waves an arm in confirmation to his reminder before joining members of the press in some of the free snacks. Dorian smirks as he enters the office building, much to Isabella’s annoyance. “Who was that, SIR?” Dorian detects the annoyance in Isabella’s voice and waves a dismissive hand. “Just someone I knew from my past.” The group proceeds to walk together towards the elevator. “Ms. Cruz, please make sure my customary table is reserved at Top of the World for this evening. Seating for two. I have an interview to attend.” Isabella stops in her footsteps momentarily. She feels her eyes narrow in response, speaking through gritted teeth. “Certainly, Mr. Black.” Dorian nods, not paying attention to her reply. Upon arriving at the elevator, Dorian looks to his guards and Isabella. “If you all will excuse Matt and myself, but we have business to discuss. I will call for you once our business has concluded, Ms. Cruz, but for now make those arrangements.” Isabella sighs, trying her best to hide her annoyance. “Certainly, Mr. Black.” With a nod, Dorian follows Matt into the elevator. Once the doors close, a few moments pass before Matt speaks. “Lisbeth looks like she’s doing well.” Dorian nods in reply. “Very well.” Matt chuckles as he leans against the back wall of the elevator. “Look, Dorian, I’m not entirely in the know in regards what went on between you two eight years ago, but as both of you are my former students, I would hope that with the passage of time, you both have matured from the people you were before.” Dorian begins to laugh as he leans against a side wall of the elevator. “Matt, nothing is going to happen. This is to simply catch up and conduct business. For her, an exclusive interview. For me, another opportunity to continue increasing this companies presence.” Matt nods his head with a mock understanding expression. “Oh, entirely. I completely understand.” Dorian looks at Matt with a sardonic expression. “Seriously, Matt. Business and nothing more.” The dinging of the elevator indicating their arrival to Dorian’s office. Both men exit and walk towards Dorian’s mahogany desk, each taking their respective seats. “If you say so, Dorian, but...uh...it doesn’t seem like Isabella shares that viewpoint.” Dorian let’s out a laugh. “Isabella can get over it. Look, she’s an amazing assistant. She has been invaluable the last four years, but I have no romantic interests with her. Friendship? Sure, but not romantic. If she continues to act thusly...well...I will hate to get rid of her, but I will.” Matt looks to Dorian with caution. “Be careful there, Dorian. There is truth in the saying about ‘Hell hath no fury like a woman scorn.’ It’s how I lost my first place in Manhattan.” Dorian nods a grim manner. “A further reminder that it has been nearly ten years since the incident that took place on these very grounds.” Matt mirrors Dorian’s expression. “Yeah...given what happened, I am thankful we mostly made it out in one piece.” Matt instinctly begins to rub his right leg. Dorian’s eyes narrowed with a nod. ‘Almost. Matt’s old man sacrificed himself to save us all. Matt lost partial function of his leg. Matt’s sister still bares the physical scars across her back. Fortunately, everyone else involved survived...well...if only my...no... our old man would have met his demise, I would not have been upset. Thought Matt and are considered half-brothers by his being adopted by my father, I consider him to be so even if that isn’t the case. Though in retrospect, if Matt hadn’t stopped me from killing our father, none of this would be possible today, so I should be thankful for that. At least Matt and his wife have moved on, even have a lovely daughter now. If anyone has deserved a happy ending, it’s Matt and his family. As for myself...slowly getting there.’ Matt notices Dorian seemingly far removed from their conversation. He leans forward in his seat, snapping his fingers towards Dorian’s face. Dorian snaps out of his thoughts as he looks bewildered momentarily. Matt sighs with a slight grin. “Still with me here, Dorian?” Dorian let’s out a chuckle with a nod. “Yeah, sorry, I drifted back to Halloween night ten years ago.” Matt nods as he leans back in his seat. “Understandable, but we’re here now. Like you say: ‘Don’t let the past keep you standing still, lest time passes you by.’ We have all moved on. I am keeping true to the promise I made Joey. Mom brought me into her company as a partner after I obtained my PhD. No more detective work, no more wrestling. Joey has been happy in her work and having her hands full with Eva. Hell, I think Eva is more than a handful for the both of us combined, but I digress, while mom handles the medical aspect of our company, I am handling the more scientific side of things. To my surprise, my little brother proposes a joint venture in his startup four years ago, and here we are now. Life is good, Dorian. When are you going to start allowing yourself to enjoy yours?” Dorian looks to his brother, listening intently to what he is being told. Dorian knows there is truth in what his brother is saying. He has been going non-stop these last four years. Maybe he can afford to begin slowing down. Do something for himself for a change. At that moment, Dorian’s mind flahses back to the world of professional wrestling. He sighs as he looks to his brother. “Do you miss it, Matt?” Matt looks at Dorian with confusion. “Miss what, Dorian?” “Wrestling.” Matt sighs as he reflects momentarily. He smiles as he responds. “Sometimes. I would definitely say my wrestling career was...unique. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the thrill of performing in front of the crowd. Testing my mettle against an opponent... I do look on those days with bittersweet recollection, but ultimately, I am fine doing what I’m doing in retirement. Why do you ask?” “After touring the world under a mask before returning to start this company, I think I want to get back into the ring. You know? Do something for myself and ‘enjoy’ life.” Matt laughs with a snort. “THAT’S your idea of enjoying life!? I mean, you do you, Bro. I meant settling down with someone, maybe make a family of your own.” Dorian rolls his eyes. “Someday. Stop sweating me about that. Let me enjoy the single life a little more. Besides, besides this compnay. Plans of making a return to the ring. When would I find time to entertain romance?” Matt laughs at his brother. “You would be surprised what you’re able to juggle while being a wrestler. However, if you’re serious about returning to the ring, you know I support your decision completely, Dorian.” Dorian claps his hands together, rising from his chair with a wide grin. “Excellent!” Dorian reaches for a file and hands it across to Matt. Matt takes the file and begins to peruse the papers within. “What’s this?” Dorian rises from his seat and looks out the window behind his desk. He watches as various members of the press begin to leave. “THAT, dear brother, is my signed contract to begin wrestling in Asylum Wrestling Society.” Matt quirks an eyebrow with intrigue. “Oh?” Matt continues to scan the paperwork, nodding as he speaks. “Not a bad deal. It makes sense for you starting out.” Dorian let’s out a laugh. “The money is inconsequential, Matt. The number of zeros in my bank account already can attest to that. This is doing something for myself. Something to feel a rush. To succeed beyond the confines of the financial sector. My ego is in desperate need of playtime, Matt. There is only so much smiling I can do to please investors and the public. I need to have more of an outlet to be me.” Matt nods in response, rising from his seat to take his place next to Dorian. “That’s all well and good, Dorian, just...be mindful of who you piss off out there.” Dorian throws his head back in laughter. “Yeah, okay, sure, Matt.” The brothers enjoy a laugh as they soon return to their seats to conduct business.
  5. Titus Manu and Mike Dimter Wolfpac By C-Murder Heel Tag Team Finisher 3D Wolfpac By C-Murder blasts throughout the arena...."The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter & Titus Manu make their way out through the crowd as they walk down the steps then they climb into the ring
  6. Flames danced along the wall, shadows yet danced in time as if commanded by an unseen figure lurking in the darkness. These flames were man made, constructed by living hands. The precision involved in creating a fire to illuminate and yet not burn the lavishly decorated building down was a fine line. As the flames roared, the sound akin to that of an ancient beast, the face of one Drake Nygma came into view, the harsh lines of his fine boned face, a stark contrast to the clean lines of the building in which he resided presently. “Honestly? I have never heard of either TJ Alexander or Ricky Rhodes, nor do I care to know anything about them. All I see are another two names to take down. Ricky Rhodes you ask Who's my daddy? Is that meant to sound tough? You can drink all the alcohol you like, say whatever makes you feel in control. At the end of the day, you are just another boy acting tough, speaking tough, to hide some inherent weakness. Take me to the woodshed? Ooh…. This is going to be fun. I wonder how long you’ll last before you realise you are out of your depth boy”. Tall and well built his form was clad in yet another classic bespoke suit. Drake’s entire demeanour spoke of class, of a brutally superior intellect, of a man who envisioned himself as something of a leader, a leader who didn’t simply claim he was one, instead Drake allowed his actions to speak volumes instead. “There are sheep who wander through life blind, never questioning anything. Always content with being held underfoot and commanded by someone stronger, someone smarter. If I’ve learned anything from human history it’s that strength is a dying art, it’s rare to find someone with a spine these days, someone who has conviction and believes wholly in an ideal. TJ Alexander, Ricky Rhodes, this match is your opportunity to show the world that you are strong, that you do indeed have conviction and character. Drake moved swiftly along the floor, his eyes narrowed and akin to those of a wolf clothed in human flesh. His lips twisted in a sneer, his expression mocking and intense in equal measure. “Black and White. Good and Evil. Chaos and Order. Right and Wrong. I see no shades of grey, operate only in extremes. To put it plainly I can be an ally, a friend in the dark or I can be a lethal foe, a hunter who never stops until his task is done. My task presently is to weed out weakness until only the strong survive”. With those words the flames died out, sending the building into ominous and eerie darkness, a silence accompanying it as Drake Nygma simply blended in with the darkness as if he had never been there at all.
  7. *Darkness shrouds the road, as only the lights bounce of the dirty bumpy road. Tall trees are on both sides, that cast a series of mystery of what lies beyond. It was almost time. Soon the blue moon would begin, and the time was close at hand. It would mark the final hour of destiny. A collaboration of both beauty, and pain. The destruction of the will of the fates* “Destiny chained, there’s no place safe.” “Destiny arrives, you can’t change your fate.” “Fate. What a joke” *Bram thought, as he rolled his eyes. Keeping his hands on the wheel. Driving helped his mind to focus on the task at hand. The music calmed him, as a twisted smiled formed on his lips* “No where to run, nowhere to crawl, nowhere to fly.” “No sanctuary to hide to keep you safe.” *These were fitting lyrics for what was coming. Tonight, will be a night of remembrance. One to mark, that today would be the start of the “End of Days”. The scene fades in, as a hand stretches out and turns the volume up* “In the Beginning, The Gods created the Heaven and the Earth. And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep”. ”The Gods said, let there be light and there was light.” ”The Gods saw there was light, that it was good. And The Gods divided the light from the darkness.” *Bram accidentally switched off the radio, and began to laugh to himself. That's his mistake, for hitting the search button. Another religious thumper preaching about the world going to end. Maybe they forgot they had a Cheeto for president, a robot running against him, and Hilary still hasn't told Bill. That Monica was her girl first. Politics, the root of all evil or so you thought. Let people make their own damn decisions. It wouldn’t be Madness, without a joke to start to it off right. Opening the truck of his 1970 Dodge Charger RT, he takes out a couple of bags. This car was his first gift to himself, when he got to the top. Now, just like this beast he was going to go into the ring tonight and set an example more souls. That were bound to Hades. He walked towards the entrance of the Rolling Hills Asylum, and upon opening them, a figure bumped into him* Woman: Oh, watch it!! *Bram was about to deck the lady on for disrespect, when he looked up and saw who it was in his way* Bram: Well, Rayne …maybe you should have moved out of my way. Stupid Bytch. *Rayne looked at Bram, and tried to keep her face straight. Without missing a beat, Rayne comes back with a smartass remark* Rayne: Maybe, you should get off the wrong end of the bar stool. *Both Rayne and Bram stood there for a moment, then laughed. Grabbing a bag from him, Rayne spoke* Rayne: You ready for tonight?? *Bram’s face turns serious, as he speaks* Bram: Oh, I’m more than ready. It’s more a question on, which way to make him suffer …the method I should choose. *Rayne looked at her friend, and knew exactly what he meant. It made her remember, her former wrestling days* Rayne: Tell me, what’s going on in that diabolical head of yours! Bram: Everyone has a weakness, you’ll see. *As they talk, a man walks by them with a camera. Bram grabs him, and turns him back around* Bram: You, turn the camera on, point it at me, and record. Do you get that? Or do I need to speak slower, for you? *The man goes pail, and quickly does what he is told to do. Bram clears his throat, as he looks into the camera* Bram: This goes out to, my next opponent. Yep, I’m talking about Dorian Black. It seems like you, got a something coming for me. Don’t worry, it’s 2024 …it’s okay to have a man crush on me. Shyte, if I were you …I would too. But Hades, if you have a death wish …and enjoy pain, as pleasure. You’ve come to the right place. I’m very good at it, and I must admit it will give me pleasure of all sorts …to watch myself, crush your soul. I’m also a man of few words, so remember …my actions speak, louder than words. *Bram stops for a moment, before speaking again towards the camera* Bram: For me, I really don’t give a rat’s ass about you. You’re just a body, being served up for slaughter. I don’t get into the ring just for games. I get into the ring, because it’s a war …your soul, is mine to take for the winning price. The Undead may have been around your time, but you’re forgetting as a new era began …and will stay that way. Wars are fought, some lose and some win. I won’t back down, as we fight for what belongs to me. Titles, belts, or shiny trophies don’t mean a damn thing to me. It’s about respect, dedication, and the sheer joy of kicking your ass all across that mat. *Bram flips off the camera, and blows a kiss as they walk away. The last thing you see, is the face of some unknown camera guy as he turns the camera around to turn it off* ~Part Two~ *The scene opens to Bram Connan and Kaleb Steele in what appears to be a dark room. Or perhaps, a room with a black background. Bram runs a hand through his hair, as he's about to speak. He pops his neck, with a sneer on his face* Bram: Well, Assault couldn’t have went any better for me. I now stand here, a top contender once again. Beating up another Champion to get be avoided again. Am I mad? Hades yes, I’m mad. Mad at myself for not having a good grip of the politics, and letting it go by me so easily. Mad at myself for letting take the biggest prize in Ikon Wrestling, and not saying something earlier. Mad at myself, for not being able to back up everything I’ve said up to this point. I'm sure Management, are having themselves a good ol' laugh. Mocking me, for being a pushover. Mocking me, for talking the talk but being unable to walk the walk ... *Bram's temper began to rise, evident by the expression on his face and his body movements. But he calmed himself, taking a deep breath before he continues speaking* Bram: However, while I may not be a Champion anymore, only two good things come out of me being removed as a Triple-Crow Championship. One, I am now every Champions’ problem. All of you, get can deal with The Celtic Beast and all of my brutal threats. You have to figured, that I will of make an impact …or created some chaos during the fallowing weeks. Maybe I will remain silent. Following my win over Dorian Black, lame name by the way …I just might disappear. Never to be seen for the rest of the night. Surely after all that talk about winning and what not …he would attack a Champion, to send a message. Even if it was just one Champion, like Summer. Of course, he didn't. All talk, and no bite. Especially for some guy, who proclaim himself as "The Greatest Freaking Wrestler in this industry" … You think, you have the most perfect way …to show that you mean business. By talking about attacking the newly crowned Champion, and ruining her homecoming slash big moment. You didn't capitalize on that. Such a missed opportunity. Perhaps, you fear her more than anything. A fear, that she would chew you up and spit you out …like the insects, you are. How ironic would it be, that she actually fears something like some Indy Wrestler ….brought in for a night. Nah, that can't be it. Surely, the man of Black doesn’t fear anything and you're just biding your time …just waiting to strike. Whatever the case may be, I’m looking forward to seeing if that this supposed "Greatest Freakin' Wrestler" from the Indies emerge from the shadows …to do battle with me, over the Top Contendership. Since you know, you're NOT "The Greatest Freakin' Wrestling in this industry" …and want to claim the Top Spot. Unless he’s scared of The Celtic Beast. *A smirk appears on Bram's face, hoping his little tactic worked. For all he knows, it could have failed miserably. After a brief pause, Bram continues to speak* Bram: The second point, when I eventually take another Championships …I will be the only team to have won, the Underground and 5150 Championships. I can take solace on thought of me, etching my name in the history books …by being the Championships. That's something, I can hang over everyone else’s heads, and brag about for years to come. Let everyone else worry about the "big, bad" Fear Factor. Let all these other supposed wrestlers in this Division, step up to the plate …and try their hand at becoming a more feared Champion. When the other Championships, are at the point …where they are almost meaningless once again …I will swoop in to slay everyone, while saving both the AWS, and the Top Championship Division. For now, I’m going to stand by and watch the 5150 Division slowly crumble under the reign of AJ Flare!! *While, Bram waves bye to the screen, with Steele mouthing "We'll be watching you fail." The scene slowly faded away, as the scene transitioning to a similar environment*
  8. *Both the Kore, and the AWS Tag Team Championships sat side-by-side on a desk, the cameras would soon zoom out to find the members of The House of Paine standing behind the desk, with a smile on their faces as they admired their set of set of Titles. DKM shifts his smile over towards the AWS Tag Team Championship, before turning his glance towards the camera* DKM: I told the entire world, that we would keep the tag Team Championships of the World, and we did just that! I told you all, that the Tag Titles belongs in our collection of Championships …and here they lie before all of you, next to the AWS Tag team Championships …and now we hear, come Maddess, we get a chance against two of AWS’s best in Centre of Attention in a Tag Title match. See boys and girls, in one night at Madness ...we’re going to move you both famous, by being in the same ring with us. We've done everything legendary thing in AWS …we’ve competed in the second ever Tag Team Chambers match, two of our Tag Team Championships came here in AWS, we unified the Assault and Kore Tag Team Championships, we become Ikons in AWS ... and now this year, we again make history in AWS by walking out of this match as the AWS Undisputed Tag Team Champions …and stay that way, for a long time! You see, these titles mean more right now, sitting right here ...than they have ever meant, in the past and we mean no disrespect to most of the Champions that came before us. We really don’t ...but look at what we’ve made, all the titles we’ve held around here. Anything from the Tag Team Championships, all the way to the Deathmatch Championship, and now a chance at the prestigious AWS Tag Team Championship We’ve turned them into the greatest, they have EVER been ...for example, this year at Snow Moon in the ONLY true Match of the Year ….there was a draw. Now, we’re going after BOTH of these championships in a boring, basic match. Now, we know some of you people without any brains in your heads …don’t know what that means. So, let me tell you what that means ...when that bell rings, first the AWS Tag Team Championship will be up for grabs and when we’re finished beating both your asses in the middle of that ring …and successfully taking the AWS Tag Team Championships. The bell will ring again, unlike all those other matches ...that bell won't signify the end of the match, instead when that bell rings a second time. The ass kicking will continue, only this time …it'll be until you’re lying in a pool of your own blood! Now, we’re sure …the two of you, believe you're going to walk out of Madness as Champions …that your dream, of becoming the Unified Tag Team Champions will come true. But, the truth is gentlemen ...we're coming to Madness, not only to take the AWS Championships …but, also to make sure that we walk out of that arena, with both sets of Tag Titles! *A devious smile formed on DKM’s face, as he picked up both of Tag Titles, placing both titles over each of his shoulders. He slowly rising out of his chair, as Jigsaw speaks* Jigsaw: We've also heard all the talk from the fans, and even some of the guys in the back. All asking us “Why didn’t we agree to put both sets of Titles on the line, in a two-falls triple match against one of the biggest AWS tag team?” …well, let me tell you why ladies and gentlemen. These two have been a driving force in AWS, off and on. They have been quite a history making team ...but, not in Kore. Then you've got Centre Of Attention, the men that survived the first encounter to get here, but not just that ...every time we’ve watched them compete in the middle of a wrestling ring, with that AWS logo on it …they have bleed and sweat for this company. Something we can respect, something the fans can respect! Those two have earned a right to compete for both of these Tag Team Championships ...see boys and girls, we want to make these Championships what they use to be. As great, as they once have been in the hands of myself, and DKM …and even our Father was a great Tag Team Champion, at one time. I remember when he was a World Champion, that was until he took his ball and went home …forcing ECWF to vacate the title, but we won’t do that. We will be at Madness to take both set of titles in what will go down in history …as one of the greatest matches in AWS history! Just like, we did before …when we walked out of Snow Moon, not only better team …but as rightful number on contenders, but the only To Contenders at that!! *DKM was closer to the camera now, glancing down at the collection of Championship gold over his shoulders before turning back to the camera* DKM: See gentlemen, we want this year's Mega Event to be one of the biggest one in the history of this great promotion. You know what, I take that back ...we want this year's Mega Event to be the GREATEST EEVVVVEEERRRRRR!! That's why we tossed the thought of having both Tag Titles, not just on the line ...but on the line in the same exact match. That way, not only will the AWS Championships be defended at whatever event may be, but we get to show the world …including the two of you, that we’re still the Alpha King of Professional Wrestling. We want the two of you, to be at your very f*cking best …because WHEN we beat you in a two falls match and leave the way we walked into that goddamn ring …to become the Undisputed Tag Team Champions, the team with both belts. Becoming the most dominating mother*ckers to be the true MAIN EVENT of this company!! *DKM shakes his head back and forth in disappointment. Then puts the AWS Championship over the shoulder of Jigsaw, and the Kore Championship over his shoulder. They both are standing behind the mask-shift desk, as Jigsaw speaks* Jigsaw: You two might have "Main Evented" at some other show ...but we all know, the real main event of any show is the two of us! But I want you both to ponder through those thick brains of yours, before you step into that ring with The House of Paine. You think about what we've done in The Wrestling World, from holding two sets of Tag Team Championships, simultaneously ...unifying the AHW Tag Team Championships with the XWA Tag Titles. We have done more in the wrestling world than either of you two combined! They call us Ikons, because we've earned that right ...They call us future Hall of Famers, because that is what we’ve earned! The question is, are you prepared to go against The House of Paine?? Can you say the same things, we can and mean it? Can you say, you really helped AWS rise to dominance, it's been for years! This match on Wednesday to us, is the most important match of our entire f*cking careers! Hades we'll admit, this is the most important match in our entire LIVES! More important than Revenge in 2017 ... and yeah, a whole lot more important than when we returned in 2021 at XWA …when we won an 8-Team Ladder match to win the Tag Team Championships ...this Wednesday is much bigger than BOTH of them combined. That night will solidify, not only our reign. Not just as 4-Time Tag Team Champions …but also as the new AWS Tag Team Champions! We get that you want to be like your other stablemate, Xander ...we get that you want to keep the Tag Titles, but Madness isn't your time. And as far as the rest of you goes, you can be the future of this business …at any point in time, but just like Xander? It won't be Wednesday night in Bethany, not when we’re trying to build our Legacy of Greatness!! *The two men towered over The Resident Psycho, as he paced back and forth. Scotty made his way into the frame, He locked eyes with the Kore Tag Team Champions, then nods at DKM with a devious smirk* DKM: See boys, and girls … something big is dawning in this company, but it just doesn't involve the two of you! It involves us leaving Madness with the Kore and AWS Tag Team Championships ...it involves the upcoming Mega Event and so much more. Consider Wednesday night, as the beginning of the phoenix rising …from the ashes, of a dead Ikon. The moment the AWS turns to the fire it once was. Let me ask you, can you really take these Championships to the levels they need to be? Can you really, become the Champions you dream of ...cause the truth is, neither one of you mother*ckers have what it takes to lead this company! I know we do, we’ve done it more times than anyone in this damn company ...we know, you want to keep the AWS Championships ...or capture the Kore Championships, but this is not the time to make that attempt gentlemen. You see, with guys like …you know who, running that shyte brand. The only thing saving that shyte show, is us becoming the New Tag Team Champions! *DKM pats the AWS Tag Team Title, that’s now on his shoulder* DKM: We’re the ones saving that brand from total destruction …so we understand, that you both want to hold one of these titles, but at Madness …it isn't your time. So, here is what is going to happen at Madness this Wednesday. Centre of Attention, you are no doubt the future of AWS …but you will meet the Insanity you've been dreaming of. And you want to live a dream, that your stablemate lived for a moment. And you will, some day. But at Madness, you get Unhinged in the middle of that ring, and in the end? Your time is not now ...you'll both be laying at our feet, as we hold BOTH the AWS Championships and the Kore Championships high above our heads as it is announced AND AWS Tag Team Champions ...and STILL Kore Tag Team Champions, The House of Paine!! *With a smile on Scotty's face, he turned to the camera. He cracked his neck to the side, as the other members of HoP made their way into the camera frame* Scotty: Madness is upon us, and due to these men here …AWS is on fire again! Now suddenly, the Centre of Attention wants a piece of that? They want a piece of the rightful Undisputed Tag Team Champions ...our Undisputed Tag Team Championships. They think, they can bring the fight to the House of Paine and leave with one or both Tag Titles? Gentlemen, let me ask you something …have you just recently, sold your souls to Hades? ‘Cause that is the ONLY way …you'll be taking any of these Titles, from these men …and I don't think you have the will power, to achieve that. So, attempt your dying fate to claim the Undisputed Championships …but be prepared, for complete and utter devastation and disappointment. ‘Cause gentlemen, that is what you will get at Madness inside Bethany's Most Famous Asylum! It's about time, that we bring AWS into levels …it's NEVER been on before. Centre of Attention, with all due respect to you ...we apologize, for what is about to happen to you on Wednesday. *Scotty seems visibly upset, about what he knows his boys will do to them. Since they are threatening their reign as Kore Tag Team Champions. He looks at both Tag Team Championships, over the shoulders of his sons. He nods, and looking into the camera as Jigsaw speaks* Jigsaw: When we came back, and won the 8-Team tournament to become number one contenders to the Tag Team Championship …I thought, we only had to cleanse those Championships. That's all, but when we won tournament to become Assault Champions …we knew, there was still more that we had to do. With this run in AWS possibly being our last …we have to go out with a BANG and what better road to that, than successfully defending both of the biggest Tag Titles in AWS on the biggest event! Unfortunately, that means …we have to shatter both of your dreams of being the Undisputed Tag Team Champions on Madness …and do you want to know why boys and girls? *Jigsaw smirked deviously, as he lets his words hang I the air* Jigsaw: We’re going to enjoy, shattering your dreams into pieces! You think walking out on television, and sending us a challenge for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships was something special …it wasn't, it made you into something …I didn't think your team, every was. And that is, some greedy mother*ckers. Instead of letting one of the other workhorse wrestlers, in a Main attraction at the next Mega Events …you wanted to do it yourselves, and then there's you two, you won the AWS Titles to earn this match. We can respect that ... we had to do the same, on the other brand upon our return. But, there's a difference between your win and our win last year ...we succeeded in our Championship match …you, well …just like you've done in the past, you are GOING TO FAIL! We will not stop fighting this war, until we’re handed our Championship's …and leave with both Titles intact! AWS is indeed, entering a brand-new era. The Era of The House of Paine is here, and it isn’t going NOWHERE! No matter if it is Centre of Attention’s greed, or The Daughters of Darkness’ ignorance ...The House of Paine will strike, and leave FOREVER UNDISPUTED!! *The rest of Hop walks into the room, including Thomas, Aiden and Jaycen. A smile crept across Scotty's face, as he speaks again* Scotty: I can understand, that the two of you believe in your warped little minds …that your time has come to be a Undisputed Tag Team Champions ...or even become an AWS Champion, but gentlemen that cannot be more wrong! But when that bell rings, and the first fall ...for the AWS Championships begins, my boys will not be held responsible for the Paine and suffering that the two of you go through …all to withhold your Tag Team Championships! I assure you gentlemen, second fall …Kore Championships, the Paine will begin to kick in, the suffering will only begin ..as the bones within your bodies, will begin to feel as if they're going to break ...your entire body is going to feel like it's going to shatter with every hit. There will only be one way to save yourself from the morgue, and that's by saying “I QUIT” ...or being buried in that ring, like it or not gentlemen …that night will go down in the history, as the greatest AWS Tag Team Championship match in the history of this entire industry! Center of Attention ...the Paine will be agonizing, until you do what you can only truly do …and that is, become the next victims of The House of Paine’s reign as Undisputed Tag Team Champions! We've heard all the talk from the two of you, how our time is coming to an end …that our time is over, and your time is now …but, what none of you seem to understand is. We’re just getting started, there are bigger things coming …and the boys are at the helm of that leadership. The AWS Championships, the Kore Championships, two fall match ...The House of Paine will claim their birth right, as the Greatest Family in AWS history …I promise you ALL that!! *With a smile on his face, Scotty leaned back in his seat. DKM took the Championship off of Jigsaw. He holds it up to the camera, as he speaks* DKM: But as it stands, the first fall is for the AWS Championships, which has been held by only a few ...however still more prestigious than any singles titles to come through AWS. We are the final XAW Champions …we were able to make those Titles, as great as they once were ...but we’re looking at making these Title great, that's why we’ve decided to make have this Two Fall Match. We want these Titles, to be made what they deserve to be. The prestigious, and fan-f*cking-glorious! We want them to be what they once were, and at the next Madness …we begin with the AWS Tag Team Championships. You threaten our reign, but it doesn't matter! ‘Cause you both, will leave the way you came in ...empty handed, and we'll leave the way, we came in. The Best Tag Team in The Wrestling World Today! And we'll be leaving, with something much more than just these Championship Titles, we'll be leaving …with your f*cking souls too!! *DKM looks at the Tag Championships, before putting it back to over the shoulder of Jigsaw. He turned his attention over towards the other Championship, a smile on his face. He makes his way over to Scotty, then reaching out to grab his mask as the scene faded* Scotty: We Dare You, Come Feel The Paine!!
  9. Tag Team Match World Elite vs. Vendetta
  10. Triple Threat Tag Team Match Queens Templar vs. Daughters of Darkness vs. Center of Attention
  11. MAIN EVENT Apocalypse Chamber Match The apocalypse chamber is a match inside the confines of a modified elimination chamber without the pods and filled with weapons. The only paths to elimination are by pin falls, submissions or knockouts. The women involved will receive titles shots at the QPW/KORE championships based on their order of elimination and the winner is the last woman left standing. • Winner receives a shot at the QPW Goddess Championship • • Runner-Up receives a shot at the KORE Vixens Championship • • Second Runner-Up earns the QPW Siren Championship •
  12. OFFICIAL TRIOS PROFILE Copy and paste text, post it below, we'll move it to the appropriate place later. Trio Name: EDIT HERE Trio Members: EDIT HERE Combined Weights: EDIT HERE Disposition/Alignment: BABYFACE, TWEENER, HEEL Favorite Match: EDIT HERE Least Favorite Match: EDIT HERE Favorite Weapon(s): EDIT HERE Fighting Styles: EDIT HERE Similar to Team: EDIT HERE Gimmick Description: EDIT HERE Entrance Theme Song YouTube Link: EDIT HERE Entrance Description: EDIT HERE Signature Moves: EDIT HERE Finishing Moves: EDIT HERE Brief Biography: EDIT HERE Extra information that you want the commentators to mention? EDIT HERE
  13. WARNING This live event contains strong coarse language (L), and intense violence (V) which may be unsuitable for younger viewers. Do NOT try to do reenact anything you see from this event at home. Providence Park in Portland 07/10/2024 07/10/2024 03:00 AM MAIN EVENT Apocalypse Chamber Match The apocalypse chamber is a match inside the confines of a modified elimination chamber without the pods and filled with weapons. The only paths to elimination are by pin falls, submissions or knockouts. The women involved will receive titles shots at the QPW/KORE championships based on their order of elimination and the winner is the last woman left standing. • Winner receives a shot at the QPW Goddess Championship • • Runner-Up receives a shot at the KORE Vixens Championship • • Second Runner-Up earns the QPW Siren Championship • Triple Threat Tag Team Match Queens Templar vs. Daughters of Darkness vs. Center of Attention Tag Team Match World Elite vs. Vendetta Card is subject to change. View full card
  14. Tag Team Name: Bayou Blaze Team members: Antoine & Gabriel LeClair Faceclaims: Ricochet & Wes Lee Alignment: Babyface. Gimmick: Imagine a young Hardy Boyz from 2000-2002 but with swagger and presentation that’s closer to rap than rock. Birthdates: Antoine LeClair (August 2, 1999). Gabriel LeClair (October 22, 2001) Combined weight 405lbs Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana Entrance theme: “What’s Up Danger?” by Blackway & Black Caviar. Finishers: Cajun Crossing: (Running Knee Smash by Antoine)/(Superkick by Gabriel). Wildfire (Rolling fireman's carry slam by Antoine followed by a 450 splash by Gabriel followed by a Moonsault by Antoine) Entrance description: The opening chords of “What’s Up Danger?” play through the venue PA but the twins don’t come out right away, until about around 10 seconds into the song and when they do, with black, gold, and white lights illuminating the arena, pryo goes off once they hit the stage while they swagger and dance to their own theme just for a couple of seconds before they go down to the ring. They touch the hands of the fans for babyface appeal before they pose for the ringside camera, side by side with the "LC" hand signs before sliding into the ring. Smiling for the hard camera and giving a quick, elaborate dap to themselves prior to facing their opponents for the night. Wrestling Style: High flyer/striker mix. Personal Information: They were wrestling fans ever since they were kids. But their big moment where they wanted to be wrestlers happened after they saw WrestleMania 30 live in person with their dad. Their mother is a master chef in one of the biggest Cajun restaurants in all of Louisiana and she taught her sons how to cook.
  15. Team Name: Schoner Twins Members: Claire & Chloe Schoner Real Names: Clair & Chloe Schafer Hometown: Minneapolis, Minnesota. Gimmick: Imagine the Bella Twins but blonde with some traces of Tiffany Stratton Alignment: Heels. Birthdate: November 2, 2001 Combined Weight: 286 lbs Entrance theme: “Show Stopper” by Danity Kane Entrance Description: The second Chloe and Claire hit the stage they strike a pose to flaunt their perfect 10 bodies for the camera with hard, focused, stares like supermodels on the runway. All while white and silver lights flash around them like paparazzi cameras flashing. Though for babyface appeal they smile for the camera on the way down the ramp and touch the hands of their fans before they make it to the ring. They even wipe their feet on the apron as a sign of respect for the art before posing on it for the hard camera. Chloe blows a kiss, Claire gives a friendly wave, and then they backflip over the ropes and into the ring. Finishing Moves: “Scho-Stopper” (Shooting Star Press-Neckbreaker Combo) “Twin-drome” (Handspring Cutter-Full Nelson Facebuster cumber) Wrestling Style: High flyer/Powerhouse mix Personal Information: By around the time they were four years old the Schoners have been doing some form of organized athletic activity. Whether it was soccer, karate, basketball, or gymnastics. With the last of the four sports being what they focused on the most in high school and college. With some low-level bodybuilding after graduating high school. Chloe and Claire easily could’ve taken a serious path into gymnastics after graduating. They even managed to compete in national meets albeit in low tiers. However they chose to become wrestlers due to them not only being fans of the art of pro wrestling from an athletic and entertainment standpoint, the money coming faster then it would if they would stay gymnasts, and they had a cousin who was an icon in the Great Lakes wrestling scene with his own wrestling school. Chloe and Claire were born 15 minutes apart. And they have Swedish & Norwegian ancestry. Claire is more level-headed than her sister Chloe who's more arrogant than her twin. Though both women have huge egos and senses of vanity.
  16. The first ever QPW Breaking Point event is a women's exclusive premium event (pay-per-view).
  17. *Part One* ~A Few Months Back~ *The scene opens in the undisclosed location, which is just a random spot in the backstage area they have chosen to do their talking from. Malosi, Everett, and Makilisi could be seen standing there, with grins on their faces. Malosi adjusts the camcorder slightly, before he begins speaking* Malosi: World War III could of went better for the Samoan Tao. Losing to the UnKnown Fear. Coming up short in the War-Time Rumble. While none of us won the War-Time Rumble, we still can make the winner of the War-Time Rumble's life a living Hades. So, Cross …congratulations on winning the War-Time Rumble! Good for you! Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! Surviving 29 other men including us, what a feat! Along with securing a World Heavyweight Championship match, at the biggest event of the year. You also won another prize! A long, drawn-out torture courtesy of the Samoan Tao! I hope it was worth it. It's going to be a long road to the next Event, and the Samoan Tao plans on making every waking second, a living nightmare. Will Cross withstand what we’ll be dishes out, and somehow make it to the next major event, even if he's not at a hundred percent? Or will he succumb to our will, tuck his tail in between his legs, and walk off into the sunset like a wounded dog …never to be seen again? Guess we'll have to find out, huh?? Aloni: Besides Cross, the Samoan Tao also has a few other things in their sights. Those wannabes, the UnKnown Fear. The Trios Championships, currently held by a team called DarkFireStarr. A team consisting of Marco Rossi, Dark Tiger, and Lynn Starr. I got to say, the name of your little team is quite ...interesting, to say the least. Unique, even. Not that it matters, because I have no doubt that these two and myself will end your reign as Trios Champions …before it gets off the ground, and in the process, fulfilling the prophecy for all of the Samoan Tao holding gold. They also have their eyes on the Gold Rush briefcase. You know, to prevent anyone else from winning the briefcase and cashing in on Danny Boy while he's the World Heavyweight Champion. We will do whatever it takes to get a chance at the World Heavyweight Champion. Including winning the Gold Rush briefcase. While the other two are preoccupied with the Tag Team Championships at the moment, there is one other member of Samoan Tao who would be more than happy to enter the match for Gold Rush briefcase. Makilisi: Me, Malosi, and the co-creator of the current incarnation of the Samoan Tao that stands before you. That's right, I helped the boys created this version of the Samoan Tao. Our goal is to give aspiring talent a platform to showcase their skills, and make a name for themselves. I have to say, they have done a damn good job of doing just that. While the Samoan Tao didn't win the War-Time Rumble, there's still the Gold Rush briefcase. That we can get our hands on. As Everett said, the mission is to keep the briefcase out of everyone else's hands …so they can't cash in on Danny Boy during his reign as World Heavyweight Champion. Once the Gold Rush briefcase is in our hands, we will use it to go after Danny Boy and the World Heavyweight Championship. We'll hand the briefcase to Danny, and take the Title from him. One way or another, the World Heavyweight Championship is going to come to the Samoan Tao for a long, long time!! Malosi: With the Gold Rush briefcase covered, we still have unfinished business with the UnKnown Fear. They may have won the battle at World War III, but they have not won the war. Not by a long shot! The war will not end, until we have purged the UnKnown Fear out of existence …regardless of if the Samoan Tao does it themselves, or with the help of everyone in that locker room. Your demise is inevitable, UnKnown Fear. It's only a matter of time ... Aloni: The Trios Championships was the first Championship that the Samoan Tao won, winning them in our Big Event debut. At *Bleep*, no less. I remember how myself, Malosi and Makilisi dominated the competition …taking down any challengers that was placed in front of us, whether it was established teams or thrown together teams. During our time as Trios Champions, we picked up another Championship, becoming dual Champions. Mysel and Malosi won the World Tag Team Championships …while Makilisi won the Women’s Championship. We were on quite the roll, until we had the Trios Championships taken away from us. From a Clan, who used a clutch to beat us because in the back on their minds, they knew they couldn't beat us fairly. Since then, we watched the Trios Championships slowly become irrelevant, meaningless. Now, it's time for us to reclaim the Trios Championships. This time, will be different. We are the ones, who can make the Trios Championships relevant again. We are the ones, who can make the Trios Championships mean something again. Unfortunately for DarkFireStarr, your reign must come to an end at the hands of the Samoan Tao. Think of it, as a sacrifice for the greater good. Enjoy your time as Trios Champions, while you can …because when the dust settles, we will be ones holding up the Trios Championships high above our heads. Believe that!! *All of them smirk, as Aloni lays the camcorder on the ground, the screen tilted at an angle. Boots and shoes could be seen leaving the place, silence filling the air. A few seconds later, static appears on the screen before fading to black* **Part Two** ~Modern Day~ *Malosi smirks, as him and the rest of the Samoan Tao watched what Vin had to say in response to what he had said earlier in the week. Malosi then starts laughing, shaking his head in disbelief* Malosi: Alright, get the camcorder ready and let's record my response to what this fool said. *The camera man nodded his head, grabbing the camcorder out of his bag. Then stands a few feet of Malosi. He sits up straight, adjusting his jacket slightly and nods at the camera, signaling for him to start recording* Malosi: Does me getting a chance in this tournament, bothers you that much? If so, then perhaps I should start throwing all matches and get handed even more chances, just to drive you mad. Drive you insane, to the point where you just give up the chance at a Championship …or lay down on the mat so I pin you …One-Two-Three! This is what being the Champion means. Dealing with challengers, even if it the same one over and over. If you can't handle it, or get mad about one person constantly challenging for a Championship …then I was right about you all along. You are not deserving of being a Championship. You are not worthy, of representing this company as a Champion. No matter how many times you shake me off, I will continue to come back and attempt to take a Championship from your grasp. You will never get rid of me. I will be your constant nightmare, to your Championship dreams. This will not end, until I become a Champion. As I said before, accept your fate. Accept your impending demise at the hands of The Samoan Wrecking Ball! There's no stopping destiny, no matter how hard you try. Defy fate all you want, but sooner or later …the prophecy will come to fruition. *The smirk on Malosi's face widens slightly, pausing for a few seconds before he starts speaking again* Malosi: Referencing my old tweet, you piece of shyte? Lei Gaspi. Someone acknowledges the past, instead of pretending it didn't happen. Like how Vin, tries to forget that he was beaten once already …when he tried to retain the Championship from the “boogie man”. Yes, I had doubts. Yes, I was questioning his next move. He’s human, not a machine. It's funny how he's getting mad at me, and trying to attack me for this and that. I had a momentary lapse of judgment, and tweeted that while feeling a lot of emotions in my mind. Should I have tweeted that? Probably not. Probably should have kept it to myself. What's more surprising, is that you actually saw that tweet …considering how inactive he has been on Twitter, since making his account. I'm in the same boat, as well …but I digress. I don't expect pity from anybody. Not you, not the masses, and not management. No one. It seemed like, what I said when over you two's faces. Not surprising, since you hardly have any brain cells in that hollow noggin of yours. I will repeat what I said, and you can try to comprehend what I say this time. If I want a Championship match, I want to do it the right way …not the easy way. I want to earn my Championship matches. I want to pick apart, whoever stands in my way of a potential Championship match. I want to embarrass, and humiliate my opponents in front of the whole world. I want my opponents to think, that they are lesser than me. I want them, to think that they aren't on my level. I want them, to think that they will never be good enough to challenge for a Championship. All those things, plus many more should be circulating through their minds …as they stare up at the lights, while I have my hand raised in victory. I think, that might be too much for your brains to handle …because I said a lot of big words there. *Everyone starts laughing at what Malosi said. He stops laughing, his expression turning serious as he resumes speaking* Malosi: Say whatever you want, it doesn't matter to me. I don’t give a shyte about your or anyone's perception of me. If they don't like me, then so be it. I'm not here to gain the approval of everyone. I'm here to be the best I can be. I'm here to accomplish, as many things as I can …before I decide to hang my boots up. Continue to doubt me. Continue to say, or think whatever you want about me. It's going to be, no laughing matter …when you meet your downfall at my hands. It's not to feel so good, when you lose to me. The time for talking is over. It's time for our actions to speak for them ourselves. It’s just, that I'm going to enjoy every second of kicking your ass …all while your piece of candy, helpless watches from the sidelines. I'm going to punch and kick your teeth down your throat. I'm going to gouge out your eyeballs. I'm going to break every bone in your body. I'm going to leave you laying in puddle of your own blood. Once I'm done with you, I’ll leave you for my crew to finish you off …and they will put you out of your misery, so the wrestling world will never have to see Vin Halsted again. One less cretin, to worry about. What happens to you during this encounter is on you, Vin. You brought this dark side, that I kept locked up inside of me for so long out …and you're going to regret ever doing so. Your judgment awaits you. Tick tock, Vin …Tick tock!! *Malosi begins to laugh manically, as if he has already slipped into his darker emotions. After a few seconds, the expression on his face changes into a more serious one and he mouths the word. "Run." He motions for Makilisi to stop recording, and she does so. Then sets the camcorder to the side* Malosi: Whew! Hopefully, he gets that through his thick skull of his. I'm going to relish every ounce of punishment, I inflict on him ... *Makilisi places her hand on top of Malosi's, and looks up at him* Makilisi: I think, we are all looking forward to that. *Everyone nods their heads in agreement, as Makilisi speaks again* Makilisi: Now, go out there and beat him within an inch of his life. Take the Asylum Championship opportunity from him, and make him wish he never opened his mouth a second time. Aloni: Just remember, that we all will be supporting you. Regardless of where we are, we're going to guarantee …that you will be the one walking out of this arena, as the winner and moving on towards the Asylum Championship. *Malosi is all fired up, anxiously waiting for his upcoming tournament match, where he's looking forward to shutting The Enforcer up and putting him in his place. All while, he inflicts as much pain as humanly possible. The scene slowly fades to black, as the group starts talking amongst themselves*
  18. Thantos: Next week, we are in East Bethany and the World is at our feet. Suddenly, I have more Instagram followers than Paris and Kim Hilton combined! Reality TV comes at ME, all the time! I got Married on Married at First Site, she became Mrs. Lilith Malai-Myssiah …Stunned the World, and went viral countless times. Now we have all the money in the world, promotion after promotion throwing bags of money at us, and every TV Network in the Universe wants us on their shows. Kaleb called, and we are coming!! *Lilith walks out beside him. Her silk satin purple shirt is unbuttoned, body oiled, and gleaming, what a specimen* Lilith: That’s right AWS! I could have been whatever, I wanted! Not like the rest of you wretches!! *The crowd boos loudly* Thantos: What-ever!! What a waste of time giving them our life story, Lilith! They can’t comprehend, what happens to them day to day, let alone understand the life of the likes of us. Lilith: They were great days, though the college days. Home runs! Strike Outs! Triple Doubles! Mad Orgies!! Thantos: We have world at our feet!! Lilith: Now, it’s in the palm of our hand! Just like this match!! Thantos: Ring the bell, and raise my hand now!! Lilith: First was the self-proclaimed “Ghost Rider” Darrick Kaine and his partner Byker Bytch …then the Apex Championship was the beginning of greater days. Now we have this Napalm Steele guy. Thantos: A self-proclaimed hardcore wrestler, at that!! Lilith: Once a junkie always a junkie. Once a loser … *Lilith ponders her thoughts, the crowd hanging on every word, soaking in Thantos’ and Lilith’s awesomeness* Lilith: Always a loser!! Thantos: Steele! It’s like this punk, in this game! There is a pecking order. There’s the back of the line, and then there is …the best of the best. Lilith: And That’s Us!! Thantos: Napalm Steele, The Pyromaniac! AWS Greats like Sammeal McBane, Summer Bliss, Scotty Paine, and Damion “Genocide” Steele!! *Crowd pops with deafening roar* Thantos: Even Eathan Murphy, for Giah’s Sake!! *The crowd goes wild, as each name is mentioned* Thantos: All of them are, standing just a rung below yours truly!! *The crowd boos loudly again, as he continues* Thantos: Then there is the next level, another rungs below, The Frostbites! The Harlow Micheals, and the Samoan Dynasty! Or The “Fired Right Away” Summer Boys, and yourself!! Lilith: And The Reapers! Yeah, his Fake WIFE, and her Former Partner ….that psycho!! Thantos: Even that Sara “Lil Girl” Frosts, is better than this guy!! Lilith: Oh, Wow!! *Thantos reflects for a few moments, before speaking* Thanatos: There is quite the line up, in front of you. I’m right up there too in front. I could even be up in the top group, if it were not for who they want me to team with. Lilith: Steele! You surround yourself with Mediocrity! You could say, you are Shrouded in it! Thantos: Maybe you could be in the top echelon. Maybe, I mean …you did win a match or two, elsewhere …but then, what did you do after that? *There is a long pause, as Thantos tries to remember* Lilith: He said, don’t bring the family into it …unless you want them to become a target. Thantos: Did he now? I guess, even a broken clock tells the right time …twice a day. *Thantos pauses for a second, before continuing again* Thantos: So you got past your first match …with the wife turning on her partner. A one trick pony, is what I think you are! So, unless your last name is an indication of who you’re related to …you got no chance!! Lilith: Zero! Zip! Nada! Want me to tell you what you really are Steele? You are the Best …of Nothingness!! *The crowd gasps, as he speaks again* Thanatos: Best Of The Rest! You are the top of the bottom, and the Bottom of the top!! *Thantos pauses for a few moments, and then continues again* Thantos: If you are playing a sport, a game, and you are the best player on the team …your team loses. Every, damn time. If you are the worst player on the team, you guys will win most of the contests. That’s where you lie in life, and in wrestling. You get on the box, and rip a great like Brickhouse for being a nutcase. Then the next minute, you’re here on our screens having trances …pfft. Lilith: We are The Book Of Shadows!! Thantos: We take out the Trash, and collect all the Cash! We make Stacks, and break Backs! I am the Ultimate Male Supreme! Every breathing Woman’s Wet Dream! A God Damn, Wrestling Machine!! *"I Don’t Speak Human” by Omina hits and the scene fades, as Thantos and Lilith pose on the ramp-way* **Part Two** ~A Few Days Later~ *Suddenly, the arena is plunged into total darkness and the crowd looks on intently with anticipation. At this point, an ominous "Black Pentacle" symbol appears across the Xtreme-Tron, and accompanied by it is the loud, roaring sound of guitar riffs beginning to kick in across the building's sound system. Mere seconds later, the Xtreme Tron screen abruptly shifts to pure static, and the tension builds as after a flurry of drums kick in, the following words begin to echo throughout the building* ”Deep within the shadows, I'm the hungry wolf you fear But I can see that you're the only evil creature here Before you came we lived in peace but you have brought us death I sing my pain up to the moon, but it's a waste of breath" … *At these very words, BOOM! An overwhelming explosion rocks the arena to its core and in turn, the entire crowd is on its feet with fists raised and deafening screams of approval, as the hell-raising chorus of "I Don’t Speak Human" by Omina cuts onto the PA in full force! At this, the curtain flips back and without any further ado, the sadistically smirking figure of Thantos Myssiah himself steps out and onto the top of the stage! Thereafter, Thantos struts fiercely down the ramp to a chorus of boos from this entire capacity crowd of AWS fans joining us here tonight. Moments later he finally reaches the ring area whereupon climbing inside, the self-proclaimed "Death Stalker" sets off to do his signature salute taunt from every corner of the ring, defiantly raising both his fists and a set of familiar middle fingers to the crowd. Once concluding with these routine taunts of his, he ventures over to the back corner of the ring, and at receiving a mic from the ring announcer below he goes to stand squarely in the middle of the ring, perfectly over the AWS logo imprinted there on the canvas. The "Death Stalker" continues awaiting all the crowd noise over his appearance to subside, and as it does, he steps forward somewhat further toward the nearest set of ropes. A brief instant later, with one arm resting comfortably on the ring ropes Thantos fully raises his microphone with the other then clears his throat in preparation to once again address the entire AWS world, an address in the most major of ways* Thantos: *AHEM* And so it begins ...the final stretch, the final few days' worth of hype and buildup heading into the Asylum Wrestling Society’s first return to Bethany, and hey …by all means, I think it's simple enough to understand now as to why the man you're all looking at right now …is on his way there!! *Thantos glances up to sadistically smirk at the entire crowd, and in response he's greeted with yet another round of decidedly negative boos* Thantos: Hahaha, well first off …I'll continue to be the bigger man here, and turn the other cheek to ignore those boos …to push aside my noticing of your other nonsense. In general, being displayed folks. You see, I'll be doing so since I know all you rotten, good-for-nothing @$$holes are victims of two blatantly unfortunate things as of late. In fact, they're the same two things apparently plaguing my opponent for this Wednesday …if I'm not mistaken. That'd be flat-out jealousy of The Pyromaniac, and foremost just plain ignorance all things considered … *Thantos again briefly stops short to shake his head in obvious disgust at those surrounding him here tonight* Thantos: Yeah every last one of you in the building tonight heard me correctly, a moment ago. I said you're all victims of your own f*cking STUPIDITY these days, as is the moron of a man known as Napalm Steele to be frank about it! And what makes things even worse is, that this baby boy …is an egomaniac, that continues to spread the vile disease known as stupidity. He goes right on verbally filling the AWS world full of crap …when in reality, what he needs to be doing is preparing not mentally or verbally, but physically for what's to come for him on Wednesday at the Madness Show. However, even in the midst of what otherwise was an absolutely dreadful backstage speech to have to sit through, I managed to overhear at least a few select things from Mr. Steele that I'd like to address in more detail at this time …if I may. So, if you aren’t already doing so Steele …then listen up, and listen good since unlike you and so many others sadly employed for this company …I won't repeat what I'm about to say for a billion times …in order to get my basic enough point made. *Just then, Thantos motions for the nearest cameraman to get completely in the ring, and after this request is fulfilled. “The Death Stalker" gets right up into the lens of the camera, for the full effect of what's he about to say* Thantos: Now Steele, I don't know where in Giah's name you get off thinking you're every bit as big and bad as you repeatedly make yourself out to be lately. Not a bit, in reality, Steele …all you're coming across as to me is a bitter, spiteful bastard …who's taken one too many chair shots to the ole' cranium, and doesn't know when to quit running the proverbial "yapper" while still the least bit ahead in any way. Really Steele, I thought last month's hideously one-sided beat-down of your @$$ would have been sufficient evidence …as to why everyone’s STILL smarter, STILL stronger …and STILL more capable all around for an AWS competitor, than you'll ever be. But alas, instead all it seems to have proven, is that you know how to run your mouth like a pompous prick. When in the safety of your little backstage locker room from yours truly, just not when you must face me head-on inside THIS AWS ring like a mature adult … *Thanots pauses, to let his words sink in. He smirks, as he looks dead into the camera, before speaking again* Thantos: I mean, come on Steele …you may be able to fool the idiots here tonight, into buying into your mindless drivel about me. But, on the day you fool me into doing so …is the same day, your future home come Wednesday freezes over …Hades, that is if you're still competent enough to be following my "drift" at this point. Honestly Steele, you can say whatever you'd like about how you think my past few years in wrestling have been a "failure" or a "fraud" …or whatever else may pop into your thick skull in the heat of the moment, but in truth …in Reality Steele, you know that even after you pulled out that disgraceful victory over whoever they gave you in your “contract” match …to advance to this point? I WILL go on to achieve many more things on my way to add to my collective legacy over the years. Steele, you say I only use the term "legend" for gimmick purposes but as far as I'm concerned …it's YOU the glorified stuntman, who may be using the term for such purposes …when it comes right down to it. Particularly, Steele …we differ, because while I went on to achieve my greatest dream and finally got a decent contract offer …you choked up your chance to that chump *Bleep* less than a month after you won a match, and from there after …you lost to THAT same person …in the first place. You went straight back downhill, you returned to your natural habitat of the lowly life. Until eventually, you managed to pull the same bullshyte over in the “other company” as you did to me, the first time around by using dirty tactics learned from that putrid hardcore division to get your grubby little paws back on top-notch gold …didn’t work, did it?? *Thantos pauses again, as he keeps his eyes locked on the camera* Thantos: And now, after making such a pitiful joke of yourself over the years …you expect to be taken seriously by me, you expect your words and accusations about ME to actually intimidate me the slightest bit …after all you've done to YOURSELF to show you're nothing, but a crazed daredevil from the worthless despicable Deathmatch ranks of AWS? Steele, day by day now you're doing nothing but making me sicker, and sicker to my stomach over the hypocritical bullshyte you're hellbent on spewing out. You're making me so sick in fact, that come this Wednesday …I've decided it's in the best interest of professional wrestling, to exterminate what's left of your dignity. Forevermore, and no matter what the cost of that is …I'm certainly willing to pay it. You see Steele, the reason I excepted your challenged last week …was to be clean, strictly one on one affair for Madness is that I felt ….dare I say it, a slight bit of sympathy for you after how badly you'd already been embarrassed and disfigured at my hands as it is on the 12th of June. But Hades, even after I try to show some f*cking remorse to you by giving you the easier challenge for the broken-down body you carry around …you do nothing, but toss it straight back in my face. Pfft, you actually think you're impressing these fans, and you with your over-sized ego seem pleased to be "showing off" with this latest “No Disqualification” stipulation that's been put on the table. Yet, in something called REALITY all you're doing is digging an even deeper grave to be buried in, soon enough …when I get my hands on that scrawny little neck of yours, a neck I'll soon have a firm grip on with nothing less in mind than strangling it non-stop until you cease to breathe any longer, until those gums of yours, are no longer able to flap the way they have thus far … *Just then, a maniacal grin crosses the face of Thantos in the midst of what he's saying. His expression shift from that of a serious nature, to one of sadistic satisfaction towards what he's saying here tonight* Thantos: But nonetheless, I said that no matter the cost …I'm willing to sacrifice it all, in order to rid this business of you for good. So, that's exactly the motto I intend to stick to all the way, when it comes to taking it to the "Xtreme" as you've so brashly chosen to call me out on. Steele, all these fans all around me may not cheer me much anymore for my actions …but you can bet your @$$, they'll be cheering even if only for a moment …when they hear the two words coming out of my mouth, in regards to making our match for Madness being under No DQ rules ...and those would be, “Any Time”!! *And sure enough, the entire audience temporarily goes nuts for Thantos' acceptance of the likely final stipulation to be added on to an already epic clash between himself and the new kid on the block for this Wednesday on the next Madness* Thantos: Just remember though, that after I show you up and make a fool of your @$$ for the second time in a year …after I've obliterated you in your own more Xtreme environment, that it was not me but YOU who brought this on yourself. I was always the one, who wanted to do things the more professional way by settling our differences in the squared circle. But you were the one, who's chosen to kick things up a notch …by bringing this "anything goes" set of conditions, into the overall equation for Madness. So, in closing for the time being …I leave you with this parting message, that even if nothing else will sink into your head to a certain degree ...Steele, the truth that I always have been and always will be the better man among us …no matter what the circumstances are. It's out there, and Wednesday at AWS's latest celebration of its new show …there indeed won't be much to celebrate, once I've introduced you to the truth up close, and personal for the final time. Furthermore, after I've extinguished what's left of your tragically useless career …even if it's the last thing I do, I'll make sure you learn firsthand JUST how much that same truth can hurt for an overconfident ass-wipe like you …who's in WAY over their head. *Thereafter Thantos tosses aside the mic, as "I Don’t Speak Human" by Omina starts back up on the PA. He rolls out of the ring with a determined, fiercely focused, and intense look like never before smeared directly across his face. As Thantos finishes exiting up the ramp, and finally disappears through the curtain. We experience a black out*
  19. “The ring has always been the place for Ace.” Ace Sky: That’s accurate to say of myself. Most of my life was constantly getting reprimanded by adults for being too loud, too energetic, drawing attention to myself. Apparently even if you finish your school work first, doing a backflip for your classmates was not acceptable. As I was reprimanded each time for an infraction my voice would get higher and higher with each apology, simple “ sorry” or in Los siento spanish class. Ride home on my skateboard doing all types of new tricks, still showing off. I would be able to unwind at home working on his model rockets than needing that social interaction soon and hanging out with his friends playing sports until dark. Despite being undersized in Texas where the love for everything big is not just a stereotype but truly ubiquitous I was able to mostly get along with my peers, had a good sense of humor and quick wit for the most part with it. If I was ever bullied about it I could deflect it with that, but if it was a big bully picking on someone else weaker or even wanting to get in my face too much, I was able to dish out some good ole Texan justice with a rana/headscissors takedown and mounted punches until I was pulled off or just evading attempts at grabbing and attacks able to hit and run. Ace Sky: I’ve always been overly fascinated with subjects. My father likened me to “ the energizer bunny with the brain of Newton”. I never liked the whole” gifted” spiel from adults. I was interested in these subjects- aviation, astrophysics and astronomy due to witnessing the Challenger space shuttle disaster around 2 years old, plus martial arts media and pro wrestling. The latter too influenced by my older brother Arlo( named after folk singer Arlo Guthrie, despite being a staunch pacifist and musical genius he is also a huge fan of Bruce Lee and pro wrestling so he pretty much indoctrinated me when I came home from the hospital after birth and he was 12 years old at the time. 2 years later my twin younger brothers Ivan and Davey were born and joined in loving that stuff too. I’ve always been the only athletic one, as my family are intellectuals and studious. My opponent Sky, she used to sweet and loveable now she’s embraced an obnoxious side which I think works, she’s a great grappler. I want the spotlight, I want to keep progressing. I don’t wanna stay in the lower of the card, lets keep moving and grooving man.
  20. {Byker Bytch is dressed in a black leather jacket, over her black long-sleeve “Reapers” t-shirt, with the a hoodie over her face. A pair of blue jeans, ads she stands in the middle of The Slaughterhouse Gym’s ring. To the side of Byker Bytch is a tanned man with long black hair, wearing black pants that was rechristened as The Ghost Rider. Byker Bytch is wearing the newly renamed Goddess Championship over the right shoulder of her open jacket revealing a “reaper’s Skull” t-shirt. Darrick’s wearing a matching shirt. He stares into the camera from behind Byker Bytch, with his arms folded over his massive chest} Darrick: Summer Bliss, she was in my dream last night …cutting a promo after winning her Championship match. Man, it f*cking hit me when I woke up. CC: Really? Even when you first wake up?? Darrick: Yes. Even, when I first wake up. {Cage Eames walks into the seen, from the right side. He looks at Byker Bytch, and then over to Darrick before speaking} Cage: Am I in the Matrix, or something? Could someone slap me, and wake me back up? Am I beefing with anyone, right now? And they’re so obsessed with Byker, that they won't EVER let the beef go. Summer, you're not a wrestler …you're a street worker. You're a pussycat, suffering-succotash!! {Darrick winks at the camera, before Byker Bytch speaks again} CC: You couldn’t hack it! You had to get someone else to do your dirty work. Pathetic, really. I’m so f*cking sick of trying to do the right thing …and getting called selfish for it. Unbelievable, it doesn't f*cking work. What did, I do? I'm going to try it one more time, one last time. If I spent my entire career waiting for things to happen, nothing would ever be accomplished. It’s high time, I take what I want. F*ck your feelings, I will do what I want!! Darrick: On the hunt ...We’re going to separate the weak from the strong, The Wolf from the prey. We will, and Byker will win …because she need to work her way back up the ladder. She’ll do whatever it takes, and I’m sorry …that means, this time you lose, Summer. CC: You poor dumb animal ...you’re so blind to what’s in front of you. When you outlast your usefulness, The Bytch is going to throw you away ...don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because, I am The Most Dominate Bytch in professional wrestling. What?? I’m beyond anything else is a Warrior! A warrior, is putting it lightly ...A blood hungry pit bull, and when the leash gets loose? I’m coming for your throat. You don't have the guts to be vicious. So, move along puppy ‘cause this is the big dog's yard …and no one is taking it, from me!! Darrick: We get cheated out of our Tag Team Championship opportunity, and now we have to face lesser talent …to earn the right, to compete for the Same Tag Team Championships? HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY KIND OF SENSE?? Nothing makes sense anymore, not even close!! CC: Throw me a bone. Give me ...something. Byker & Darrick: Wrestlers want to battle us, NO F*CKING WAY!! Darrick: You have the jaw dropping skill of Byker, the hulk-ish brawn of myself, and the feral unpredictability of The Hooligans all packaged. Before long, we were putting on stellar matches, winning Championships, and being effectively pushed going toe to toe with the likes of The House of Paine, and The Daughters Of Darkness. And we did it all, without a designated leader… or established star in their ranks. The lasting impact of The Reapers, MC is still felt to this day …mainly, because of the way it launched the main event careers of this group. CC: I mean, I sort of already was. Your leader has a mean grip. Here’s the thing about me, I don’t back down. So, take me out in numbers …because it’s the only way, you MAY succeed. Full of the toughest, and greatest bastards …that'll ever walk the Earth, but just know …that I'm in this, and there's a good f*cking reason, I'm here. Doesn't matter if you're tip top, results end the same. Darrick: There isn’t ever been a question, about that …isn’t a damn one of them, better than MY Champion. I don't have any family, but I'm more of a Brother to you. I have “family” that aren’t blood related with one of them being a former Tag Team Champion in another company. {Darrick looks over to Byker, and then speaks again} Darrick: You have one? I didn't know your son was a demon?? Byker: My son is a perfect angel …who never does anything wrong. Except, hang around his Father too much. Darrick: I know. Being a better person, and making up for past shyte is hard as f*ck …there are definitely going to be times, like tonight …when you f*ck up. The important thing is, that you recognize that you f*cked up, and you work to make sure you don't do it again. CC: Summer, and the rest of these bimbos are going to get theirs. We're going to find out, just who ...the best woman is!! Cage: We're not perfect, far from it. But what we are doing is trying to do the right thing. Darrick: Groups that must cheat, to make themselves be relevant and try to be Champions. Tonight, Byker will show the world …that we are the best group in this company. {Darrick looks over to Byker, and speaks again} Darrick: Not to be the that guy …but you have been pretty miserable, and depressed lately. Doesn't attract much positivity. However, it's understandable. {Byker looks over to Darrick, as she speaks} CC: Understandable …I thought, I had a nemesis. I thought, I had somebody who understood me. I thought, I'd finally found somebody who cared about what they did. I believed in you, Summer, and here you are just like all the scum …that I've ever worked with. You’re just another bitch, who thinks they’re better than me. No, seriously. What? What is everyone's problem with me recently?? Cage: Hey, as long as you are reasonable ….and don't make a public spectacle of yourself, then there shouldn't be a problem!! Darrick: It's just business, right? Another day in the office, we deserve the best. The only reason, we aren't on top …is because they cheated us!! Cage: I don't really think, that's anyone's business. CC: What Summer does, is her business. And until it affects us …no one ever stops, and simply asks why I'm so miserable. Funny, how that works. I'm hurting myself, aren't I ...?? Darrick: Watching, and waiting. Hades, I'm even tempted to be at ringside to see you beat Summer …after they cheated us, probably because they know we can beat the other team. {Darrick looks over at Cage, as he speaks} Cage: Instead of excuses, why don’t you see where you fell short. Examine where you went wrong, and improve on it? CC: What excuse?? It's what happened …I take it. Good to know I have fair, objective teammates and representation. Much less, cold. We may not be on the best of terms, but only say the word …and it'll be time to gear up. {Darrick gestures to Byker with his thumb} Darrick: Obviously yes! I would take a bullet for that woman. And she’s my best friend. I have like four of them, none of them ever say they’re my best friend back …but that’s ok, not that it kills me softly inside. CC: Summer, you got two challengers lined up, and possibly a third …depending on what managment does. And Kaleb will confuse them, and give someone other than me a headache for once. We got cheated out of the Tag Team Championship shot, it was a bullshyte decision, we’ll take it. Summer ...you’ve been waiting for a chance to kick my ass again, since they allowed you to go over with a HUGE Bullshyte Win. I’ll get some payback for that, but the chance of you beating me a second time …is lower than the chance of The Frenzy family coming back. Now, they are bullying and bossing The Truth to stay silent …so he can do all the work. Darrick: Yeah, you aren't going to be loud and obnoxious like a certain someone to get shyte done. You just got to keep the pace. CC: For all the dumbasses in the back, and under Summer’s desk …that wanted to put the "mouthy" label on me, because I'm confident. Me mouthing off with little to no discrimination. {Byker gestures to Cage, and Darrick as she speaks again} CC: There is a reason, they don't get their hands dirty. I'm that very reason …they don't need to. Let's do this, Payback is a Bytch!! Darrick: Well, good luck to this three dollar hooker. She has her own strengths, and weaknesses …and a few crotch diseases. I personally, can’t wait to see how this plays out. There would be no excuses!! ~Part Two~ CC: Let’s start off, by saying …F*CK SUMMER BLISS!! Everyone else does …big whoop-dee-doo, some are talentless, but you’re worse than that. Honestly to Gods, I think I’m in the best shape of my life right. May the best woman win at Ward, I'm still the Champion that the wrestling world barely noticed. How did you get a match without having no type of talent? You're getting your mic impounded, because I live in a dump of a trailer …while you live in a palace? Kaleb is going to get blamed for this too, isn't he? Never been more disappointed. There’s depth to everything, I say. You spoke less than fifty words in your last interview …so me losing to you, is like you dropping a good porno scene. But of course not, ‘cause I don’t like your bimbo type. You must be too busy spending time with “royalty” to cut a actual promo. You’re a f*cking hussy, and a complete loser. If you have a problem with me, the equation is The Reapers equals great …you do not compute, and your promos are better on mute. The next generation of wrestlers, who level up don't need to be better …in order to last in this space, you're the reason part timers like Bram have it so hard. I'm not superstitious, I'm spiritual …I'm not religious, I pray to The Gods every time I murder a chick like you. I get on my knees, and I pray for forgiveness. This is my time, I'm the Goddess Champion …because I can think of many better ways to rip off your head, and shyte down your skinny neck!! Stop it, all you do is cut short, and pointless promos. That nobody wants to hear, while looking tall in a group of women. Oh my Gods …Shut The F*ck Up!! Cage: Yes! Please, shut him up for me!! CC: I'll do me, and you do you …but tell the world how you've been using the "System" just to get you through. If you want to use your actual lack of talent, and fight me. You fucker, can bow down. Not another young blowhard, who still thinks she has all the answers. You really suck …for $9, I hear. Everyone around you, sucks, but I'm not being weighed down by management …because I do, what I want to. I’m free of the dead weight, free of the egotism, and ambiguity that were clouding our way. I’m free of senseless stable wars, we never asked for …nor cared about. I can now focus on my goals. The change we promised. is about to come. Justice, Integrity, Respect. It’s a new dawn for AWS. We are more alike, than you want to admit. Our main difference is, that I am honest about who and what I am. You can belittle, and mock me all you want. I'll just nod and agree. Because, why should I deny facts. Facts are Facts. Cage: You want to be us so much, it’s pathetic. Darrick: If you believe, you can beat Byker …you must be some kind of strung out …if you really believe that. You couldn’t get a move on her, if sh was standing still. You can't deny it, promise me …that you'll admit, she's the better woman, I’m going to hold you to that. I’ve been promised, that before. But, your pimp hasn’t paid you yet. We’ll see if you can measure up. F*ck Summer Bliss, and everyone that supports her!! {The Reapers, MC members; Byker Bytch, Darrick Kaine, and Cage Eames leave the ring apron of The Slaughterhouse Gym as the opening lyrics of "This Life” by Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers plays over The Slaughterhouse Gym PA system, as the scene fades to black}
  21. [In the vast expanse of the barren wasteland of the Arizona desert, beneath a sky ablaze with stars, a coyote howls at the full moon as a fire blazes fiercely inside of a rustic metal barrel amidst the rugged landscape, its sides red-hot from the intense flames within.] [The crackling flames leap and dance, casting a warm glow upon the sand and rocks that surround it. As the fire roars with intensity, a figure emerges from the darkness, his silhouette illuminated by the fiery light.] Napalm Steele: "I was once hailed as a hero, a protector of the innocent. But one mistake... one moment of weakness... and it all went up in smoke." [He flips through the pages of the scrap book that shows newspaper clippings with a younger Nathan Palmer in his firefighter uniform, battling towering flames as he courageously saves lives.] Napalm Steele: “I was a fifth generation hotshot ladder laddie smoke eater. This was before my once-promising career as a firefighter began to unravel. I had been accused of reckless behavior and disregard for protocol which led to a series of disastrous incidents, culminating in a tragic blaze that claimed the lives of several innocent civilians. Blamed for the catastrophe, I was unceremoniously stripped of my badge and cast out of the firefighting community in disgrace. Disowned by my own family. Publicly shunned by people that I considered to be close friends. The community itself turned into a pitchfork mob, wanting my head on a pike.’” [He approaches the bonfire, a bundle of memories clutched tightly in his hand. Among the flickering flames, he unfurls a photo album and scrapbook, containing snapshots of his past life – moments of joy, pain, and everything in between.] Napalm Steele: “With my life in ruins and reputation tarnished, I found myself adrift in a world that seemingly no longer had a place for me. I lost everything, yet I found something else. Something that ignites my passion like nothing else ever could. I found professional wrestling. A place where I can find a new purpose and seize an opportunity for Redemption." [As he stares into the flames, Napalm Steele's eyes reflect a tumultuous mix of emotions. Longing, regret, and a burning desire for redemption. With a steady hand, he tosses the photo album and scrapbook into the heart of the fire, watching as the memories are consumed by the flames.] Napalm Steele: "You see, in this world, we're all born with a spark. Some use it to light the way, while others... well, others let it consume them.” [The pages melt away turning to ash as the embers glow brightly in the night, Napalm Steele stands before the fire, his heart heavy yet liberated. In the flickering light, he sees the promise of a new beginning, a chance to forge his own path and rise from the ashes of his past.] Napalm Steele: One fatal mistake ended the lives of a devoted husband and Father. A caring Mother and wife. An honor roll student Teenage Daughter. A College starting quarterback son. Hell, even their Chihuahua dog was burnt to a crisp as a result of my actions.” [The flames surrounding him grow more intense as Napalm Steele speaks, reflecting the turmoil in his soul.] Napalm Steele: “I was called a national disgrace, a firefighting failure. Worse yet, a murderer. Everything was taken from me. My career, my reputation, my purpose. It brought out a lot of inner demons within me but no amount of betrayal could extinguish the fire that burns within me.” [With a final glance at the now dwindling flames, Napalm Steele turns away from the fire, his resolve strengthened by the cleansing power of fire.] Napalm Steele: “This is where one chapter ends and a new one begins under the AWS umbrella. I am ready to trailblaze my path to the mountain top of pro wrestling and once that dopamine hits? When the endorphins kick in? Once that adrenaline Rush begins pumping and coursing through my veins from performing in the ring in front of a live crowd of rabid, blood thirsty wrestling fanatics? There's no other feeling like it. Because in that ring, I am reborn into the man standing before you today. Napalm Steele, the Hardcore Wrestling Pyromaniac. I have burnt every bridge in my life and will set this place ablaze, not to get what I want but to EARN what I desperately crave and NEED in my life… It's one word, seven little letters that Aretha Franklin sang oh so beautifully back in the day. R.e.s. P-E-C-T. You all are going to find out what it means to me. Even if I have to beat the respect out of everyone and take it by force.” [A large water bucket splashes on top of the fire, a thick plume of black smoke rising from the once smoldering embers before the shot slowly fades out to black.]
  22. Singles Match Thantos Myssiah vs. Napalm Steele View full promo
  23. May the best man Win Camera comes up on a large cattle field of longhorns & we see Ricky Rhodes on a horse working the cattle sweating as the camera pans in closer on him RICKY RHODES-“ TJ Alexander I have to say I’m surprised to see your a “belt mark” like another guy here in AWS. On June 3rd when you step into the Buffalo State Asylum all the gold in the world won’t be able to save you. You wanna talk about my legacy, well my LEGACY will be obvious when they put that title around my waist. My LEGACY in the AWS started when I got the 1-2-3 over Xavier Pendragon & will just grow bigger by eliminating you & Drake Nygma from the tournament in a match that will be show stopper in Buffalo. You think your road has been bumpy well son when you climb in the ring with you it’s gonna be a ROADBLOCK. You wanna cry about not having C4 Division title & it belonging to the most beautiful woman in wrestling that “Texas Rose” Summer Bliss. All I can say is you’re gonna hate Texas when this cowboy takes the LEGACY championship from you. You’ll find out quick why im 280 pounds of TWISTED STEEL & SEX APPEAL on June 3rd. You wanna talk about how I’m old, how I’m the runt of the litter & how you I should just step aside. I have a proposal for you. Let’s both work together to get the joke of wrestling Drake Nygma eliminated before he can put the crowd asleep then it’ll just be me & you. One on One in a fight to see who’s the better man. If speed can beat power & experience. We will know once & fall if your the “Game Changer” or just another player chasing worthless belts. If I’m a old dog needing put out of my misery, if I’m old & wobbly needing to retire or if AWS is just looking for a reason to let me go or if your just a loud mouthed QUEEN from across the pond. June 3rd Buffalo New York MAY THE BEST MAN WIN!!!” Rhodes goes back to working his cattle before riding off in the sunset
  24. Picture Base Description (please be very descriptive with what you want your character to look like): Nathan Jones Ring Name: Napalm Steele Real Name: Nathan Palmer Also Known As: The Flame Thrower, The Pyromaniac Disposition/Alignment: Tweener BABYFACE, TWEENER, HEEL Hometown: Phoenix, Arizona Gender: Alpha Male Height: 6’8” Weight: 270 lbs Age: 29 Birthdate: 04/20/1999 Favorite Match: Inferno Fire Fight Least Favorite Match: Normal Matches Favorite Weapon(s): Firrball Flaming Tables Fighting Styles: Hardcore Brawler Similar to Wrestler: A mix of Dijak and Pitbull 2 Gimmick Description: Sadistic, masochistic, Pyromaniac! Napalm Steele's story begins with a noble aspiration: to serve and protect as a firefighter, following in the footsteps of his family's proud tradition. Born into a lineage of firefighters, Napalm felt a deep sense of duty to uphold the values of heroism and bravery that had been instilled in him from a young age. But beneath his outward facade of valor lurked a dark and dangerous obsession – an insatiable fascination with fire that consumed him from within. Despite his best efforts to quell his destructive urges, Napalm found himself drawn to the flames like a moth to a flame, unable to resist their hypnotic allure. As his obsession with fire grew, Napalm's once-promising career as a firefighter began to unravel. His reckless behavior and disregard for protocol led to a series of disastrous incidents, culminating in a tragic blaze that claimed the lives of several innocent civilians. Blamed for the catastrophe, Napalm was stripped of his badge and cast out of the firefighting community in disgrace. With his life in ruins and his reputation tarnished, Napalm found himself adrift in a world that no longer had a place for him. Desperate to find purpose and redemption, he turned to the only thing that had ever truly ignited his passion – professional wrestling. Embracing his pyromaniacal nature with a newfound fervor, Napalm Steele emerged as a force to be reckoned with in the world of sports entertainment. With his explosive entrance, fiery persona, and penchant for chaos, he captivated audiences and struck fear into the hearts of his opponents. HThough he may have been cast out of the firefighting brotherhood, Napalm found a new sense of belonging in the world of professional wrestling, where his fiery spirit and volatile nature were not only accepted but celebrated. As Napalm Steele, he continues to blaze a trail of destruction through the ring, channeling his inner fire into a spectacle of raw power and intensity that leaves fans in awe and opponents in ashes Entrance Theme Song YouTube Link:https://youtu.be/etAIpkdhU9Q?si=fjEaaT-Pi5bAKrka Entrance Description: The arena plunges into darkness, the sound of crackling flames echoes as the video Tron sparks to life with A Napalm Bomb burning everything in its path of Destruction, with dancing flames spelling out the name Napalm Steele. A giant wall of fire ignites on both sides of the stage as “Hell's Bells” by AC/DC begins to blare through the speakers. The entrance ramp erupts in a burst of fiery pyrotechnics, casting an intense glow that illuminates the figure of Napalm Steele. Armed with a fire extinguisher, a stark reminder of his pyromaniacal tendencies and his willingness to unleash chaos at a moment's notice. The audience watches in awe as he brandishes the extinguisher like a weapon, a menacing grin spreading across his face. With each step, he exudes an aura of danger and unpredictability, his eyes ablaze with a fiery intensity that matches the inferno surrounding him. As he scales over the top rope stepping into the ring, Napalm Steele unleashes a burst of extinguishing foam into the air, sending a spray of mist cascading down around him like a veil of smoke. Flames ignite from the four ring posts and the crowd erupts into cheers, energized by the spectacle unfolding before them. Basic Moves: Military Press Slam Military Press Drop Military Press Throw Two Handed Choke Toss Snake Eyes Tiltawhirl Backbreaker Springboard Elbow Drop Running Shoulder Tackle Torture Rack Argentine Backbreaker Signature Moves: Suplex Toss https://youtu.be/KyYL2usuaHY?si=Q43BRpEhDRlMWpjG Running Buckle Bomb https://youtu.be/sA1IGa16ZX8?si=ToGh--60pWJnr6_ Polish Hammer https://youtu.be/qoNJyNL1Eds?si=t_P0D4ILRh6ys3MT Burning Hammer https://youtu.be/jZe8shIrT58?si=vDCYfqcFuPLdiPGP Drone Strike-Discus Big Boot Kick https://youtu.be/baeFEcKPndg?si=wDzkYccdXyBcsVlf Finishing Moves: Total Annihilation Top Rope Diving Powerbomb https://youtu.be/LUYHRn05c40?si=VsEiVa1OKLDPTqZV (Preferably through a flaming table) Scorched Earth Running Release Powerbomb [Preferably through a flaming table Napalm Bomb Springboard Sit Out Powerbomb Attribute Stats: 50 Total Available Points Strength: 10 Speed: 5 Agility: 5 High Flying: 5 Brawling:10 Technical: 0 Intelligence: 5 Stamina: 10 Brief Biography: EDIT HERE Extra information that you want the commentators to mention? This Psycho has never met a bridge he didn't want to burn.
  25. Singles Match Bram Connan vs. Dorian Black View full promo
  26. Picture Base Description (please be very descriptive with what you want your character to look like): Adam Page Ring Name: Dorian Black Real Name: Dorian Black Also Known As: The Enigma Disposition/Alignment: TWEENER Hometown: Manhattan, New York Gender: Male Height: 6 feet Weight: 210 pounds Age: 31 Birthdate: 6/6/1992 Favorite Match: Submission Match Least Favorite Match: Battle Royale Favorite Weapon(s): Kendo Stick Fighting Styles: Submission/Technical Mat Wrestler Similar to Wrestler: Bryan Danielson Gimmick Description: Second Generation wrestler trying to step out from father's shadow while at odds with himself and his mentor. Entrance Theme Song YouTube Link: https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=x-xTttimcNk&si=2l0DPqXakHc4dt-7 Entrance Description: The lights dim as "Comfortably Numb" begins to play. The man known as Dorian Black steps out from the backstage area to greet the mixed reception of the crowd. He looks out into the darkness of the arena, into the sea of nameless faces gathered to view this event. A smirk forms on Dorian's face as he spreads his arms wide to raise his hands towards the air, while hearing his name be announced for the crowd. After being announced, Dorian lowers his arms as he walks towards the ring. He slaps a few hands in the positive and slaps a few away in the negative before he reaches the ring. Once Dorian reaches the ring, he climbs up to the apron. Dorian pauses for a moment as he raises his arms and spreading them wide once more, closing his eyes as he does so. As Dorian does this, pyro of azure rain down from the ceiling. After a few moments, the pyro subsides and Dorian enters the ring. Basic Moves: Snap Suplex German Suplex Russian Leg sweep Fisherman Suplex Side Headlock Drop toe hold Northern Lights Suplex Swinging Neck breaker Diving Reverse DDT Cobra Clutch Signature Moves: Lion Lock (Standing Texas Cloverleaf) Dark Tidings (Reverse Death Valley Driver) Finishing Moves: Curse of the Black Dragon (Dragon Sleeper) Enigma Driver (Reverse Michinoku Driver) Attribute Stats: 50 Total Available Points Strength: 5 Speed: 5 Agility: 5 High Flying: 6 Brawling: 4 Technical: 10 Intelligence: 7 Stamina: 8 Brief Biography: Dorian comes from a wrestling family. His father turned out to be more than just a professional wrestler and tried to drag Dorian into his criminal empire. Ten years ago, his father was arrested for his crimes, but ever since then, Dorian has struggled to find his place not just in wrestling, but the world. To rise up from his father's wicked shadow and the shadow of his mentor, who, Dorian strives to emulate...no...surpass. To be a superior version of the man his mentor is or was. Extra information that you want the commentators to mention? Dorian Black was trained by "Lionheart" Matt Thomas, who is Dorian's okder half brother.
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  28. Picture Base Nickname(s) Ring Alias(es) Sky Scott Given Name Sky Anne Scott Height 5 feet 6 inches (?? cm) Weight 130lb (?? kg) Billed From Philadelphia,PA Alignment Face Disciplines/Styles Diva/Knockout Similar To Bayley Gimmick Description Entrance Theme "This Is How We Roll" By Florida Georgia Line Entrance Theme Video Entrance Description "This Is How We Roll" By Florida Georgia Line blasts through the arena..."Sexy" Sky Scott walks out onto the stage as the fans erupt....then she makes her way down the ramp as she hugs fans then she walks up the steps and climbs into the ring Moves Set Diving back elbow Exploder suplex Running back elbow, to a cornered opponent Spinning on top of a face-down opponent Springboard corkscrew arm drag Dropkick Leg Drop Signature Moves Stunner Finishing Moves 1st Finisher Finisher's Name:1-95 Finisher's Description:Arm Trap Headlock Driver 2nd Finisher Finisher's Name:Scott-Plex Finisher's Description:Belly to Belly Suplex
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