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All backstage discussions.


  1. In-Character Banter

    You can communicate directly with your AWS fanatics! Post in-character banter.
    Use this section to:
    • General promos.
    • Introduce your character.
    • Talk backstage.
    • Continue a story.
    • Further develop your character/tag team/manager. Etc....
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  2. Roleplay Feedback & Scoring

    Here you'll get feedback and scores on your roleplays and will be able to ask questions related to your roleplays.

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  3. Segments Posting

    The segments posting area.
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  4. Storyline Planning

    The storyline planning area.
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  5. Strategies Posting

    The strategies posting area.
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  6. Awards Polling Station

    A place for voting for awards.

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  7. Out-of-Character Lounge

    Where all general out-of-character discussions about everything can be made and questions can be asked.

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