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  • Ik0n Wrestling Entertainment is forming to develop and run AWS and EWE. This is NOT a merger, it is a governing authority for both promotions.

Out-of-Character Lounge

Where all general out-of-character discussions about everything can be made and questions can be asked.

24/7 InSANiTy Championship
  1. Anyone with an AWS forums account can play the game.
  2. ALWAYS! Complete your reply with a PIN FALL or SUBMISSION at the end.
  3. You cannot under any circumstances injure another character during this game.
  4. BE CREATIVE and as long or short as you prefer with your replies.
  5. BE REALISTIC and continue the story being told.
  6. ABSOLUTELY NO out of character posts are allowed in this game.
  7. DON'T BE A SORE LOSER! This game doesn't go against the official records no matter how long between replies.
  8. Additionally, add *TO BE CONTINUED* or some variation of that, at the very end of your reply.

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