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  • Staff Members


    Charlie (Founder/Owner)
     Carlos aka Enforcer (Co-Owner/Creative Director/Booker of Ward)
    Brian (Co-Owner)
     Rich (Co-Owner/Creative Director/Booker of Stardom)
     Eric (Co-Owner/Creative Director of Depravity)
     Donny (Co-Owner/Creative Director/Booker of Eikō no michi)
     Sandra & Joe (Executive Vice Presidents)
     Sophie Masterson (Receptionist)

    Ward Commentary:

    Salmia "Mia" Russo (Play-by-Play Commentary)
    Benito Manfrin (Colour Commentary)
     Michael Russo (Interviewer)
    Song Teng (Ring Announcer)
    Stardom Commentary:
    Mateo Capone (Play-by-Play Commentary)
    Gidget Stephenson (Colour Commentary)
    Laura Andersen (Interviewer & Ring Announcer)
    Eikō No Michi Commentary:
    Sho "The Blade" Akira (Play-by-Play Commentary)
    Ryu "The Dragon" Akira (Colour Commentary)
    Kasumi Akira (Interviewer)
    Namira (Ring Announcer)
    Depravity Commentary:
    George Kramer (Play-by-Play Commentary)
    James Walters (Colour Commentary)
     Belinda Strouse (Interviewer)
    Julieann Reed (Ring Announcer)
    Officiating/Security Staff:
    Einar Furre (Head Referee, Ward)
    Sassy CeCe (Head Referee, Stardom)
    Sharice McGrath (Head Referee, Depravity)
    Kenada "The Tiger" Akira (Head Referee, Fujin Division, TJP)
    Don "the dungeon" Master (Head Referee, Pancrase Division, TJP)
    Bradley Barber (Head of Security, AWS & U2)
    Sophia Koertig (Head of Security, WXW)
    Area 51 (Head of Security, TJP)
    Production Staff:
    Tamara Paredes (Timekeeper/Props/Wardrobe)
    Patrick Orr (Cameraman/Producer)
    Shelley Purdy (Camerawoman/Producer)
    Tetsuo "The Lion" Akira (TJP Commissioner)
    Blind Sal (A blind dude that hangs around with Fat Bob, in a chair wherever he wants, especially in the audience. If a wrestler bumps him, he'll proceed to jump on his/her back and beat the hell out of them with a riding whip.)
    Sign Guy Bob/Fat Bob (Sits in the front row or at a large table in catering smoking and handing wrestlers weapons or becomes a weapon himself)
    Sir Mix-A-Funky Beat (Events DJ)
    Groucho (A ventriloquist doll that is controlled by an unseen person)

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