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  • Ik0n Wrestling Entertainment is forming to develop and run AWS and EWE. This is NOT a merger, it is a governing authority for both promotions.



 We are an original character promotion; we DO NOT allow reals.
 Handlers are required to post a singles profile for every character before posting any tag team or faction profiles.
 Be Respectful of Others: There are NO tolerances for racist, sexist, and/or intolerant messages and/or images in AWS.
 NO Drama Policy: Please don't be an asshole and bring it here. This includes personal attacks in chat rooms, promos and fourth wall excursions.
 Three Strikes Rule: No-showing THREE (3) events without an explanation will have handler(s) informed of their release.
 If you have no applications or incomplete applications for your characters they will NOT be booked or be eligible to hold championships until they're added.
 All decisions are final! If for ANY reason that any private win/loss discussion with anyone actually does become a public affair (Chatroom, Forum, Facebook, Twitter, and/or any other form of social media).


 There is a rematch clause for all former champions, the former champion or champions will have one opportunity to regain the title or return to back of the line.
 There is a championship advantage, if a champion ties an opponent, then the champion will likely retain the championship; unless otherwise specified by the match writer or there is an agreement reached between the champion(s) and challenger(s).
 If a competitor wins both an upper tiered championship and lower tiered championship, they must give up the lowest tiered championship.


 Promos mustn't be used to attack another lunatic or attacking his/her personal property in promos without prior authorization and discussion.
 The best promo wins, but if there is a tie, then a majority staff vote may be used to determine the winner.
 Each handler is asked to cut at least 1 promo for tv or premium events, there are zero restrictions on how long promos can be.
 Promos must be original, not copied and pasted from someone or somewhere else.
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