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  1. InS@NiTy 2 • AMSTERDAM • 7.2.2022 - InS@NiTy - Asylum Wrestling Society https://t.co/TjIBFCM6hP
  2. WARD 16 • BUCHAREST • 7.11.2022 https://t.co/2xoxhvWd8G
  3. WARD 15 • GDANSK • 6.27.2022 https://t.co/i0XN6mBdL6
  4. We cut backstage where the cameras pick up a squad of security rush into the scene of a scuffle. Cameras caught footage before the scuffle happened, the truck plays that footage. Katelynn Cole is walking alone in the hallway outside of Charlie Feigel's office when Rene Volkov seemingly with purpose walks into Cole. "Hey watch where you're going lady!" "No, you watch where you're going lady!" Cole throws up her hands "this is pointless if all you're going to do is parrot me, just get out of my way please" and attempts to walk away. "Make me bitch!" and pushes Cole into the door of the office. "Did I just hear you right? Did you just call me a bitch?" "Yep! Whatcha gonna do about that huh?" while pushing Cole into the door again. Cole has had enough and with all the strength that she can muster she grabs onto Volkov and German suplexes her against the door, breaking it in the process while Charlie Feigel is on the phone. "How do you like me now! I fought back you bully!" and Cole walks away.
  5. Charlie Feigel

    INS@NITY 3

    AWS INS@NITY is our "B" show that currently streams live on Tuesday nights on a bi-weekly basis.
  6. Commentary Staff: • Salmia "Mia" Russo (Play-by-Play Commentary) • Mateo Capone (Play-by-Play Commentary) • Benito Manfrin (Colour Commentary) • Gidget Stephenson (Interviewer) • Laura Andersen (Interviewer) • Song Teng (Ring Announcer) Officiating Staff: • Einar Furre (Head Referee) • Sassy CeCe (Referee) • Bongo the Clown (Referee) Production Staff: • Tamara Paredes (Timekeeper/Props/Wardrobe) • Patrick Orr (Cameraman/Producer) • Shelley Purdy (Camerawoman/Producer) Personalities: • Blind Sal (A blind dude that hangs around with Fat Bob, in a chair wherever he wants, especially in the audience. If a wrestlers bumps him he'll proceed to jump on his/her back and beat the hell out of them with a riding whip.) • Sign Guy Bob/Fat Bob (Sits in the front row or at a large table in catering smoking and handing wrestlers weapons or becomes a weapon himself) • Sir Mix-A-Funky Beat (Events DJ) • Groucho (A ventriloquist doll that is controlled by an unseen person)
  7. This is only scratching the surface, stay tuned.
  8. The titles that remain will be the AWS Pinnacle Heavyweight Championship (Pinnacle & Goddess), the AWS Catchweight… https://t.co/CR4dnHwYoi
  9. Ladies & gentlemen, Asylum Wrestling Society will soon enter a new era. The era we are about to start will start si… https://t.co/s19Mcts1Or
  10. If you're here to affiliate our button code is below: <a href="http://awsefed.com/" target="_blank" title="AWS"><img src="https://awsefed.com/88x31.png"></a> Our Twitter: @awsefed
  11. You never know who might show up at #AWSWard; @AWSefed human resources reporting the preliminary negotiations for a… https://t.co/CLnhReGxxz
  12. Sources inside the HR department have confirmed preliminary talks with a major legendary star to join AWS on a legends contract.
  13. @EWrestlingGuys @AWSefed would like some love
  14. @JohnnyStylez419 Pm me
  15. @AWSefed is looking for more of everything for our angle brand Depravity. Adding Singles, Tag Teams and Factions wo… https://t.co/24FE1tnGrb
  16. @FACEDevlin Damn that is ridiculous
  17. @AWSefed is in need of tag teams and factions at the moment. DM if interested in joining us.
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