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  1. @RaionKido @XWF1999 Woops sorry my bad. Lol
  2. @RaionKido I'm guessing you are his antagonist.
  3. @one_wrestle @IconicSprtsMdia Yay!
  4. @one_wrestle would you be interested in becoming affiliated with AWS?
  5. @AWSefed is currently looking for talented RPers and affiliates if you are interested in joining go to https://t.co/1XZPxHELnj
  6. @JusticeCross4 @JSamsonEsquire @Brie_Matthews2 @LilBitofAsti @RElRElPARK Good afternoon to you too. Sheesh!
  7. @JusticeCross4 @JSamsonEsquire @Brie_Matthews2 @LilBitofAsti @RElRElPARK Alright, don't get angry with me. I'll leave you be then.
  8. @JusticeCross4 @JSamsonEsquire @Brie_Matthews2 @LilBitofAsti @RElRElPARK lol, good one.
  9. FRIDAY NIGHT DEPRAVITY 2 - Friday Night Depravity - Asylum Wrestling Society https://t.co/MCkOaM9Zjt
  10. FRIDAY NIGHT DEPRAVITY 1 - Friday Night Depravity - Asylum Wrestling Society https://t.co/kRMKJmjCcn
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