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    Jonny Trip Vs. Ace Sky

    Trap Fight
    Jonny Trip’s match is upcoming, and the hospital is in the far distance. You see a line of ambulances, that span the street row, lighting up more than a championship soccer match. You can’t understand what’s going on, over the chaos, as that’s what it is, chaos. Although, that’s what chaos is, and that’s what Ace Sky is in line for, a Chaotic Kore Assault. Trip is usually in a state of mind, that one is predictable, and he relies on his instincts to train with instincts. That’s all that AWS has thrown at him thus far, and it’s not the competition level, it’s the activity level. Trip is active, in life, his head, which is usually the same at the same time, but with the AWS competition activity, they seem separated. He is walking up to the, what appears to be a mass murder. A shooting, where seemingly the victims and the terrorists, are all slain. There seems to be what appears to be 100 bodies. It’s absolutely mad inside of his head, and you see frustration, that is usually altered by his opponent's choice words, look to signs of desperation, and an attempt at breathing patters, as he looks to the sky. Prayers are heard over screams. Trip wipes his face and runs straight down the block as fast he can, where he runs directly over to a group of religions activists. Crouched over the slain terrorist, or what Jonny would easily describe, as wrongfully disturbed. There deep in prayer, and a young child, female around 15, is crouched over her brother. Shot through the head, and a shirt covered in blood, that reads, “ALL LIVES MATTER” … This is a foundation Michael Dame began in order to lead people in their heads, on a path, their heads can understand. The 15-year-old girl is pulled from the arms over her slain brother, from a group people. They look easily tempted to end this girl, and Jonny realizes all. He quickly acts, and flashes a series of kicks and punches, diverting the aggressive group, and falls into a panic grab, grabbing the girl as hard as he can by the hair, and pulls desperately... You hear a screech from the girl, and Jonny falls into more panic, as the group grabs her. It’s hard to understand the situation, but he pries the girl, who is franticly Frailing into lifelessness from shock, and he pulls violently, distracting the group are the lights, and the girl is freed. Jonny stumbles, the girl is apparently in a seizure from shock, and he runs rapidly towards the hospital. He doesn’t stop until he stumbles, almost dropping the girl, who appears close to death, but makes his way into the hospital. A side sliding glass door, which is crowded, but the people move aside as victims are being led first. It looks like Jonny Trip prevails, one moment more victorious, or does he.... “I have a girl, here... She is is a state of shoock...” --- Jonny looks down and the girl is pale, and completely limp. He realizes what has happened. She has broken her neck in the struggle. He felt the adrenaline of the mob, pass through her body, and the adrenaline of his own, but the lifelessness, is still maintained by her soul, and he knows he has to move her to a bed. A stretcher, is close, and he desperately tries to not move her anymore. Jonny thinks the worst. “Doctors, I need help immediately.” Jonny screams “What’s the issue, has she been shot....Where” --- A nurse asks. “No, she is the troubled teens sister, or relative, or so it seems. She was attacked in her first moments of mourning. During the fight, I jarred her free, and I believe she’s suffered neck trauma. Please...” He puts his emotions aside, and glares through desperation of moisture, a glare of hope shines, as they wheel her away. Jonny falls to his knees. “This is what it’s all about, life must go on. I don’t reserve any room for anything other than challenge, or life would be eternal pleasure. Who needs that is her, but there’s no hope without the hope of defeat...” He pauses. This week Jonny fights a match, just across the street, against Ace Sky. A serious player in AWS. Although, not accomplished to the standards of current champions in AWS, he is a threat to anyone, anywhere, anyone in AWS, and that includes Jonny. There’s so much going through his head, but we all know, that it’s one intermission before defeat that will hesitate your win, that hesitation, is a threat, but accomplishments are always threatened. He mutters to himself, his final thoughts on his opponent, Ace Sky. “A girl in the line of no fire, is not burned, but will not be able to defend the fire forever. I am a man of prestige, to take on all challenges, all at once, or one at a time, or the middle of either. It doesn’t matter if he’s my third opponent, to remain calm, as I am, but I am a calm stated person. My mind always acts the way it should, but this weekend, I fight for this soul first... This soul is the world.” Camera fades through the glare of moisture to nothing.
  2. has motivated drive, which means he is always pointing and pointed in the right direction. I enjoy your work.
  3. Camera fades in to the gym that Jonny Trip has been renovating. It looks completed, as far as all the glass has been exchanged for tinted, stained glass. It's normal, tinted glass with darker colors of glass with shadows being casted on the wall of some of Trip's favorite maneuvers. There's a delivery work crew heading into from a side door with an already assembled bench press bench. They place it down, in what appears to be a good spot. It obviously isn't. "Hey guys, we're going to need to put that bench on the other end of the gym." Trip exclaims as he points in the opposite end of the gym. The camera pans the gym, and you see a long red brick wall, with black paint that says "Michael Dame's Training Facility : You're Only Dammed If You Don't." - The crew begins to move the bench to the new position, and they stop to read what the camera panned orginally. The motto of what Micahel lived by, the motto of the gym, and the motto that should be cerished through thought, practice, and preperation. As that's what all begins with. The crew speaks. "Whoa, that is deep. That is some of the most beautiful words that I've ever read, laid next to each other in such a way, is remarkable." The crew continues to move the bench down the hall, as Jon Dame, Michael Dame's son enters the Gym, from a different door. He has a set of T-Shirts, and a can of spray paint. He walks over to the brick wall, as Jonny Trip walks beside him. They greet each other and speak. "Hey Jonny, the gym's looking like it's turning out great. Although, we're changing the name of the facility, and this motto.. It's time to live how my father always instituted. You're Only Dammed If You Don't, is something we're not, because we didn't." He pulls out the white spray paint, and under the black lettering he sprays one letter at a time." -- " N - E - V - E - R - D - A - M - N - E - D " - And he hands Jonny Trip a T-Shirt that says the same. As the moment can not get any better, or vision can not get any better, what usually happens happens. A rock is thrown through of the tinted windows. A small rock, that passes right through where Jonny Trip's "heart is" - It cracks the glass, and it makes a half heart. Jonny and Jon walk over to see a mob of kids, seemingly childish in demeanor. The really never cared about childish mistakes, they realize it's improbable to step in front of one's ways, but they know righteousness always prevails. With that, they smirk as all but one kid runs away, and they look down on ground, where the piece of glass that broke with the rock passing through left a heart shape crack, and what obviously broke on the fall to the ground, the one piece of glass has broken in 2 pieces, both resembling a heart. The picture is remarkable, and finally what has been damned from the start, to who would interpret that as, now seemingly reads in good thought, I LOVE YOU. "Well, isn't that something. When you feel you wouldn't say I LOVE YOU for thousands of centuries, you are able to look at a picture and have it say it right back to you. Man, I love this Jon." - Jonny sheds another tear, as he continues. "There's one thing though, that I don't love, and I've been through this. It's when my opponents don't show up to the match at 100% or in their interviews, at 100%. I live at nothing less, and although my job becomes more difficult, that's all it is. I have no control over their actions, only to react with strategy. This week, on Assault I'm matched up against, Grant Hammer. A former Canadian Football player, that shockingly enough, has a wrestling style similar to Goldberg. He seems intimidating, but we all do, but is he keeping his thoughts to himself in order to keep me in order, or is there problems that rise through his life, like the actual Goldberg. The WCW Legend, might have been overpowering, over dominant, and over far to quick, but that could have been the most storied career in all of professional wrestling. He didn't know what he had, when it came to potential, and it was only diverted through success. You can only be as good as your opponent, allows you to be, and that's how I feel when I think of Grant. I've studied some of his Canadian tapes, and he's an animal, ruthless by nature, and his wrestling tapes prove that as well. Although, I'm secluded by seduction when it comes to the nature of the beast. To work in opposites only has so many possibilities, as only so much has to happen, in order to keep the beginning of time...straight." Jonny walks up to the camera, knowing he won't be damned in the next Trip. "Grant.. I'm ready for a fight, which will be through recovery from our War, See you soon." Camera Fades.
  4. The camera slowly fades in and you see Jonny Trip outside a Taco Bell. Access from the street, is visible, as you see a line of about 10, with what appears to be a flock of “fans”. Possibly a flock “Haters”. This is what Jonny Trip is all about, and lives life for, though, and around. The sound of his deceased trainer’s son is heard behind the group. “Jonny….” He pauses as before the camera pans around from the street and divides towards the straight on angle of Trip’s face, you see the heat of Jon Dame’s demeanor look shock..ingly, confident. As Jonny hears the J, and realizes his realization of life is all about attack on human demeanor and what you initially feel, he is ready like he always is. Jonny Trip was always told, that if someone is being lied to, they must not know why or believe that they’re being lied to for reason. Although Michael Dame wisely always said there is always someone listening, and there’s always someone telling the truth. That indeed, if you cannot believe what is being said, and feel it sincerely for more than a moment, then you do not know who has told ALL the LIES and why. Jonny was also once told by his 8th grade Science teacher, that the world consists of more than 8 billion people by trillions, of worlds, or souls, or something. This made him wonder his whole life about who has control over such. His teacher explained that nothing turned to something, somewhere, and someone lives by that. If not, someone must act appropriately. With that said, Jonny never had the chance to explain to Michael about his understandings he recollected AND collected through his on goings, but it goes like this. If you talk to people that know why people lie, and what they look at when they lie, but explain you about truth and the truth that everyone knows, YOU look at THEM as the controllers. It’s remarkable. Jonny Fists up as this thought always goes through an explanation, that if someone has to feel for you, like you, and understand what you may believe the word “Not” is always said with an answer. If they like you, believe you’re about to TRY and believe something, the NOT will come after the word you're expecting to be true. It would be DICK to not think it through from there. Trip with this in mind, acts aggressive as the pack closes in and stands smiling. He realizes, they are believers of him and what he’s been through. They embrace. “Jonny, tell us about your training for TJ Alexander, and the training center where your fallen trainer, Michael Dame was slain…. It appears to be reopening in…a week??!!?!”… They all look back as the children of the mob run up to Jonny. Remember, a parent’s love can never shed lies when you like eternally their and ours future. They all embrace, jump together, and the pack stops as Jonny Smiles, sips his Sprite, and speaks. “TJ Alexander has apparently taken his time to formulate his words, for better or for worse. For worse for me. Wrestling is all about tone, and all starts with the tone of words. I’m preparing as hard as I can… although, the facility I’m using is mother nature, and overtime in the renovation of the new gym. Although, what I can say is this. TJ, is gearing up for a battle…Then he’s mistaken. I only bring war. I do not trip, on anything, unless they’re prepared for. If you read through the details of my biography, it clearly states, I do not punish those not needed to be punished, and that’s why I’ve been punished in life. As those, only punish those because they cannot tell them who they are. As of days now, I know exactly who I am, and what I’ve been put through, is true, to who I am. To lie to the world, would destroy the world, if the lies were lies. If you lie to the world, to survive, the lies survive through the world. TJ Alexander, you will survive, but you may be in a different world. I await our match. Good Luck. The camera fades as you hear random chatter from the crowd around the circle of people. You overhear a conversation. “It has to be true… I can’t help but think differently. Eventually, different, but only for moments. I’m astounded that today we embark on forever… And we understand forever, one breathes at time. Camera Fades
  5. JonnyTRIP

    Creating AWS Updated Image Art

    I've been offered the opportunity to create updated AWS Image Art upon request..
    I've been offered the opportunity to create updated AWS Image Art upon request.. I'm going to begin today, but I can only imagine there's specific art details you'd like that the wrestler images do not display perfectly. Please link me to your profile, and put who your character is here. I'm using the WWE2K22 engine, which is deep but the outfits are not the best selection. There's enough to make the art aspect of AWS that much better. I will also upload through onedrive or straight to twitter. Thanks.
  6. The camera pans in at the front of a gym. A bit rundown, scaffolding outside, not fully set up yet. There's a work crew actually leaving the scene, but there's a couple standing around looking a bit dismal, depressed almost. The camera pans the sidewalk and you see some sort of mob of suits, business' executive type charisma, and you can almost hear the snaps and bites of gum over their shiny new shoes. You don't know what to think, as the scene is not revealing to much, but the camera snaps away, and you're inside a car, modern, clean, and leather interior. You hear some sort of Metallica song quickly be lowered by a hand wrapped in tape, that appears to have a heavy bandage. It is Jonny Trip, in the passenger side of the car, and you see the view from his perspective. "Hey, Jon.. I really appreciate you taking me to Best Buy to pick up these new Google Glasses, it's so cool how I can actually stream everything I see, and actually I think I can request a stream token with this remote"... Trip reaches down and grabs a remote that falls between his feet and as he goes to grab, snap, crackle, and ... oops... Trip hits his head on the dash, and his glasses bend and the left lens is shattered. The right still works actually. He sighs... "Fuck Man, we have to go back to Best Buy... I hope they underst..." ... Trip realizes he didn't take the warranty, for accidental damage. He returns to his hands, with his cheeks becoming warmer as his disgust builds... "Oh well, I Guess... hmmm.." He Presses the request live feed stream token key on the remote. The glasses still work, one side clear, the other side cracked to oblivion. The scene cuts to a triple monitor setup, and you see through the eye and a crack of Trip, the stream site feed which shows a couple viewers connecting, and one of the most disturbing, ridiculous pictures. A scene of men in orange jump suits, surrounding what appears to be a man in a back ally... The camera cuts to just Trips perspective, with panoramic angles now of a ally. Trip sees what's going on and hesitates, as anyone should, but as everyone should not, he act on pure adrenaline instinct opening the door and surprisingly waits for the car to stop to around 3mph. He hops out, skips his way into full run attack mode, and gives no regrets to what is about to happen. He piles his way, step by step, like he's floating through Heaven about to enter Hell, and what is described as an assault robbery remains the same, with an ending of insanity. He belongs, to what should be, annihilation and devours the victims recollection to only be remembered as "Thanks." The scene ends with the man being helped up, his wallet and bracelet being returned from the ground, and a picture of his daughters picture with the inscription in pink pen, "Big Dad Much". He looks at it, and the first signs of sadness that always come after you're in the hospital and your hands are being casted, when adrenaline only turns against you, then for you, and results in stress on pain. They conversate. "Thank you so much sir, you're by far the most whole man I ever knew. Are you Holy affiliated?" The men embrace... Trip takes a second, as only those who do not believe in one religion, but believe in A religion, would only speak such. "Yes, I am a man of different driven truths, but it is all from one direction.." Trip declares as he also acknowledges that he .. " I believe in multiple endings are possible, but we all had to come from the same universe. How nothing turns to something, is something that will NEVER be completely understood, but I've understood so much knowledge from my old trainer, Michael Dam.. .. ee. ... ee.. " He gets the entire name out, but he mutters into more tears. "I'm Sorry, Michael Dame was my trainer, he was my teacher, a father, a most honorable man only honored by the prestige of men and women alike." He wipes his face and crunches the glasses that were already broken. "I'm sorry I can't go into much deeper then this, I have to go back to Best Buy.. It is now a relived thought, that you need to have a warranty on everything, including life." Trip embraces the man, as he goes into his pocket and reveals a flyer for this upcoming match on AWS, against young and upcoming star, a current champion among other promotions, looking to add more gold to his collection. He hands it to the man, along with a VIP PASS and Tickets for the ringside opening introductions/weigh ins and gestures to the man as he speaks for one more time. "TJ Anderson, I mean, Alexander.." He stops and remains calm as clearly Michael Dame, enters thought... "Mike always told me, that no matter what happens in life, life always moves at the same speed. It's up to you, to declare the ability to stop those moments, and rewrite your thoughts, knowingly you can not write the future or rewrite the past, and prepare before all mistakes overtake you." ... he continues.. "TJ Anderson, is what appears to be a young, upcoming talent who MIGHT be overproducing. What I mean by that is, he might be taking on too much to handle, too quick... Orr...., " And he pauses, obviously practicing his thought training process, knowing that the last remarks you make are your highlight that don't set the tone, but highlight who you actually are as a man...or woman." He continues.. "TJ Alexander, there are men in life that you need not cross, and I am one of them. Although, there's only ego that comes from energy that creates my ego to be negative, or positive... It's you're choice what ego you want me to Trip on. " - The Camera fades as Jonny Trip shakes the hand of the saved soul, and he quickly jogs to the gym to see what he has forgotten, in all the quick action of things, has serious changes happening. Black Fades in.
  7. JonnyTRIP

    Jonny Trip

    Jonny Trip's profile for AWS
    LUNATIC INFORMATION Ring Name: Jonny Trip Real Name: Jon Trip Also Known As: Jonny Trip Picture Base: Alignment: Heel by initial reaction, leading to SuperFACE Hometown: Los Angeles , CA Gender: Male Height: 6'3" Weight: 249 pounds Age: 29 Birthdate: 8-11-1994 Fighting Styles: MMA with Strong Wrestling History Similar to Wrestler: HBK and Matt Riddle Entrance Description: "Killshot" by Eminem blasts ... " YOU SOUND LIKE A BITCH.... BITCH....... " and before the song continues the entire crowd chimes in, "Shut the Fuck Up, When Your Fans Become Your Haters" .. as Jonny Trip , who shockingly resembles Clint Eastwood sober and pre-showered, who will never age as well, clearly isn't sober and stumbles his way 20 feet, double the 10, but misses the cut off of the end of the song, as he sewers his intelligence to actually act his role. Removes his glasses, and "Till I Collapse" by Eminem blasts through the arena, pounding through the hearts of the fans who are were resembling a crowd that was about to throw an asshole to the cross, to now listening to the man, who will explain why not to double cross Jesus. He slides in the ring, and begins to taunt each corner with a shocking smile from the announcers, as they know exactly what Jonny Trip is all about. A man who paid his debts and now uses those around him to either gleam and predict they will soon sit in his kingdom, or a persona he has to snap back to reality, as he leaves that as his own reality. The music stops. Basic Moves: A whole array of kicks and punch combinations not even giving an ounce of time to taunt back, but has made it his trademark to strike in sequence to get a rise out of the crowd about what his opponent deserves. A perfected amount of snap moves, that use the ring ropes as leverage, never executing the same move twice in a row. As basic as it gets, but snapping back harder then a strap match lariat. SnapSuplex , Snap DDT Attempted Sleeper hold from any ground style brawl attempt which he attempts to end the match as quickly as possible before he stands up right and releases before the 3rd count of the ref, before applying the FinalCut Boston Crab, Belly-To-Belly Suplex, Any MMA Grapple and move technicality movement move, Irish Whip to Clothsline, Standing Missle Drop Kick, An array of swift side kicks to make his opponent stumble - Anything to gain the deserved advantage. Signature Moves: TripTwist - Snap Suplex version of the Jackhammer , SideTrip - Irish Whip where he runs with the opponent into a knee to gut, FinalCut - Roman Reigns style Guillotine , RewindSpear - Spear in their Back, he is relentless about doing this move opposite of the traditional spear Finishing Moves: LightsON - HBK SuperKICK, LIGHTSOUT - HBK Superkick only called lights out when executed with the Viking Raiders Eric's Knee to the back of the head when the opponent falls forward after the initial kick and hits the ropes falling into the knee, FinalRelease - Eddie Guerrero Frogsplash SuperMove - To Someone that he believes always played a fair fight, if he executes any of his moves, away from the above description, he rolls out of the ring and is counted out purposely. (If they actually win the match, this can be applied) Biography: Jonny Trip, was born Jon Trip, 29 years ago, August 11, 1994. He was born to an average family who paid their dues, and always wanted the best for those around them, but could never find the path they knew was right, until they saw a gleam of hope, light before shadow, when Jon Trip was a thought in their minds just 9 months before he was born. He was a thorn through the eye, in their eyes, cause ever since about 10 months old, he was incredibly intimidating, witty, and his personality even outshined his Fathers, but not his Mothers. That's all about being a Mother. You couldn't believe the anticipation of his relatives, as they couldn't even believe the friends of their relatives, anticipated finally the path that wouldn't have a One Way Only sign pointing the right way. Instead, no sign at all. The sign when they finally knew it was time to tell him , no matter how hard life is, you could have the life you picture your life to be. He was shockingly inhumane for 6 weeks, of his life, but that was the first six weeks he would feel before what may have been misery leading to nothing. Simply said, he blamed himself, until he finally stood up for himself. He was a young boy, about 16, and he dealt with life as it came, as you don't know something until you know. He found what could have been the girl of his dreams, where he envisioned having to call his baby, who was her, a different name to keep it random. Whatever that means. Simply said, he was done being in his own head, and was ready for whatever took his life to the next turn. His apparent demeanor took the dark turn where he finally began to sing his misery away, when his girlfriend denied what could have been better then forever, and walked from hostility on both ends. Things were stable, but the nature of the beast only works in opposite directions, as when things are going wrong or right, they always have to change, for better or for worse, but in this case, they would work out for the best. He vowed to oblige by this. To never speak in front of anyone, that he murdered both his Ex-Girlfriend, and who was his best friend at the time, in his mind. Dreaming of only them burning together, with fire not even escaping. Only hell would have to widen to house such a pile of shit, but he later formulated and realized if he edges into conversation with those who hurt him, he can see if they actually knew about his pain, and how much it actually hurt. It turned out that misunderstandings during miserable immature times can lead to those around "numbness" to feel not the way feelings should be felt. Although, with that said, he immediately got back to his roots that he only found after he lost all motivation for everything, when his "baby" left his "Ex-Befriends" life, as twisted as that seems, as he lost all hope for humanity as shitheads were back on the market. He began to practice and train MMA. Karate, Jui-Juitsu, which he later claimed was Jew-STFU, which he later became more knowledgeable through as he developed only prayer through the practice, and applied to common strategy. So, he trained relentlessly, but unfortunately never competed, due to the degree of shitheads in the sport. All muscled out on fake wanna-bee Jesús drugs. He knew he could relentlessly attack, but knew the attacks would be relentless on his morals. You do not do wrong to those who boo, unless their shitheads. He found his way through his deceased trainer, Michael Dame. A man that practiced prestige every day of his life to get to finally what made him happy, 6:30pm when his daughter and wife would hug him "BigMuch" as his daughter found accustomed to saying after him and his wife explained that was the first and most memorable sign of endearment they shared, through "baby talk". Although, as Trip would never hear the end of the story, as Dame who was training him was shot, with a sniper, in the back of the head, when finally breaking his silence which he vowed to never, even to Jonny. The glass cracked as Dame was shuttering, through tears, the words "They are WR-AA" , which sounds like Right, but Trip obviously knew thinking anything different, is WRONG. He was framed, and Jonny deploys for missions, moment by moment, without fear that even if he breaks his silence, it's because you deserve it. He found himself, laying on the mat, in more tears then sweat, even after his 120+ minute battle fighting off the eternal tear, that he knew he'd shed. He was just off his conversation with his, new friend/old hated girlfriend, and he began training right away. He pulled out his old wrestling mat, a piece from his, best friends basement, as they were very active and consistent wrestlers. They were given the school's old mat, and they placed it in their basement, where Trip found some of his youngest, HIGHEST moments. When there was a flood, they disposed of it, and it was after the attack on his life he walked by their house's trash , and their was a mat piece soaking wet, muddy, and disgusting.... Like what he believed they were together, but he took a piece home to remember, not the bad Trip in life, but the Good Trip, and how you even can fool yourself, that no matter how hard you trip, sometimes they will even be there to say, "Dude, You Didn't even Trip." He trained countless hours, and days upon days, straight before he finally turned his television back on. He decided to not ploy into TV anymore, like he did against the wishes of his fallen trainer, Michael Dame. Dame always explained you could never be sure what you're watching, and he later hinted, with a shaded face of depression, that he turned it on one day, and began to follow AWS. Which at the time, was only a fighting league. Plagued with harshness, and some disregard, but prestige and wit through only the eyes of tribulation himself, Charlie Fiegal. Dame was dammed for sure, but only to himself, but to be taken from the world with no regard for completing even the simplest of missions, is wrong to not turn back to. So, Jon Trip, needed to remember the knee he gave to the face of Nick, the once called prestigious leaders of all the shitheads himself, and rename in his and his returned best friend's sake, Jonny (Jon-Knee Trip), and apply to the AWS. Today is that day.
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