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  1. JGB

    The Gold Medal Crew versus The Violent Generation ©

    Match Four; AWS Tag Team Championships
    Shannon and Dina are ready for war!
  2. Hilda Stark is ready to fight!
  3. JGB

    Main Event WXW Goddess Championship Match Scaffolding Match

    Veronica Rodriguez versus Zoey Epsilon(c)
    Zoey makes her statement!
  4. JGB

    Diamond Rose versus Kaito Ishikawa

    AWS Legacy Tournament Match
    Kaito Ishikawa is ready.
  5. JGB

    Main Event Tag Match

    Vero and Aly Kay versus Zoey Epsilon and April Dimter
    Zoey and April come together for combat!
  6. JGB

    Kamerin Cassidy -versus- Kaito Ishikawa

    AWS Legacy Championship Tournament Rounds Match
    Kaito Ishikawa is ready. Good luck Rich.
  7. JGB

    Maple Leaf Uprising -versus- The Age of Fall

    AWS Empire Championships Tournament Faction Elimination Match
    Of all of the stables in the Asylum Wrestling Society you can argue that none of them had more untapped potential than the Maple Leaf Uprising. They were young but they had some wrestling experience and undeniable wrestling passion, they each had different wrestling styles and backgrounds to help them succeed in the ring, and their purpose was noble enough to get the fans on their side. Especially Canadian ones since their goal to make Canadian wrestling respected worldwide again was patriotic but not necessarily villainous. Fans born in the United States could get behind them because of it. Or at least they would if they had more television time. Granted in more recent shows they’ve gotten more exposure but the five-person group was hungry to show what they could do as a proper unit. Luckily at AWS Ward they had their chance to show what they could do and leave it to Maverick Hart, the founder of the team, to play the role of coach and team captain to give them all the rundown. Maverick Hart: I got the Ward card match posting on my phone. Which means you four all got it too. We’re facing The Age Of Fall at Ward. This is a chance for us to make a statement of power and get back in control. Because people need a reminder of just how skilled and powerful we can be. Grant Hammer: Before you give us a pep talk, who's going out there to fight? Maverick Hart: Getting right down to business eh? Well it’s going to be me, you Grant, and Grayson. Maverick's selection got a split reaction from the locker room with Grant and Grayson being fine with this and Hilda, Aurora, and Jacques showing displeasure. Jacques LaCroix: Why am I not surprised you picked them. I’m getting tired of stretching out training opponents. Grayson smirked at his Quebec-born comrade. Grayson Howlett: Hey size matters Jackie. Nothing personal. Jacques LaCroix: I can kick you in your chin big guy and you know it. Maverick Hart: Easy fellas. Jacques you’ll get your chance. Jacques LaCroix: I better mon ami. Starting to get bored here. Hilda Stark: Hey doesn’t Age Of Fall have a girl we could beat up? Aurora Stark: Yeah when are we going to get back out there? Maverick Hart: Again, don’t worry. Knowing AWS’s women’s division you two will get chances to shine soon enough. There’s always room for talent here. Besides, They didn’t specify who was going to fight but since I founded this group and I refuse to sit out if I had to choose I just thought I’d pick who’s starting. Now if Grant, Grayson, and I win that’s going to lead to more opportunities for all of us, especially if we go further in this tournament. Maverick asserted himself in the name of peace which did quiet the rest of his team for a moment in understanding. This didn’t mean they liked it. But they understood where Maverick was coming from. Hilda Stark: Well then founder. You and the muscle men over there better win for all of us. Grant smiled a cool smile at the statuesque blonde woman. Grant Hammer: Don’t worry about it Hil. We got this. We’re gonna win this match and advance in that tournament. And that was the mission of the match. Win and advance… ***** The actual promo itself took place in the AWS Performance Center with Maverick Hart in his workout gear and being the first person that the cameras saw in the room to introduce the viewing public. Maverick Hart: This is our home away from home. We in the Maple Leaf Uprising believe in staying ready so we don’t have to get ready. That way when we have a match all we have to do is get our gear on, head to the ring, and fight. It’s just that simple. And win or lose, you know where to find us. Maverick said this while pictures of his heavyweight teammates Grant and Grayson were seen pumping iron. Lifting big weights. The two of them combined were in the 500lb range alone. Mountains among men. Maverick Hart: Now it’s not in my genes to get comfortable as a pro wrestler and lose that fire. I am the son of Bret “Hitman” Hart after all but that’s extra important since I am the team captain of the Maple Leaf Uprising and the two bulls you just saw are hungry as hell for action which makes them just right for the AWS Empire Championships and it spells bad news for the Age Of Fall at Ward… First Grayson was shown in the manner of a hype-up vignette. Where the camera did a slow rising shot from his feet to his head. Maverick Hart: Grayson Howlett. Believe it or not this giant used to be in the Canadian military. All seven feet, 280 pounds of him. As if he even needed a weapon to kill a man. He reached the rank of Major after serving his country for four years before finding a new passion. And that’s kicking ass in a wrestling ring. The fans got to see Grayson in pictures and videos of him as not only a Canadian soldier but as a rising professional wrestler throwing around unlucky opponents. Between sights of him doing squats which combined weighed more than a couple of Age Of Fall members. Maverick Hart: And then there’s Grant Hammer. Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber from the Canadian Football League. He made a career of knocking grown men down on their asses on the football field, winning the Grey Cup for his team as a standout defensive lineman who is choosing to conquer the ring after conquering the gridiron. And more dual action clips were shown of muscle bound Grant Hammer. Working the bench press with heavy weights, throwing around opposing wrestlers like ragdolls, and running over grown men on gameday. It seemed as if they grew them BIG in Canada. Maverick Hart: But I know you didn’t just come here to hear me talk. Grant, Gray, come over here and tell the fine AWS fans how badly you’re going to beat up Age Of Fall at Ward with me guys. And the camera showed flattering angles of Grant and Grayson. Focusing on their physiques and height. Looking like pure powerhouses with just the right amount of sweat highlighting their bodies. These were the meatheads the Age Of Fall had to look forward to. Grant Hammer: It’s game time at Ward. We don’t know who from the Age Of Fall will be fighting us but honestly I don’t give a damn. It doesn’t matter who’s in the ring with me because I put them down and get the win for us on any night. But the night at hand just happens to be Ward. And this made Grayson scoff and then smirk. Grayson Howlett: You guys are taking this a little too seriously. This match is going to be fun for me. I’m going to love being in front of the fans, cheering me on, ready to beat the hell out of anyone the Age Of Fall puts our way at Ward. In other words, we’re going to make the Age Of Fall. Fall. Maverick Hart: And I can see it now men. We are the first ever AWS Empire Champions and we get one step closer to victory when we win at Ward. Especially since you don’t get a chance for a lot of firsts in this business. Grant Hammer: The only thing better than being a champion is being the first champion so hell yeah I want us to go further in the Empire tournament. Grayson Howlett: Win and advance that’s what it’s all about. We win this match, we go on to beat the next team in the next round, then the next team in the round after that until we win the whole damn thing. Maverick Hart: And when we defeat you at AWS Ward Age Of Fall it will be just that simple And Maverick stood right in the middle of his taller, beefier teammates with Grayson waving at the camera and giving smirk while Grant made his pecs bounce on camera to close the promo after Maverick made his closing statement.
  8. JGB

    Stone Enterprises © -versus- The Violent Generation

    AWS Tag Team Championships Tag Team Match
    The Violent Generation are out for vengeance
  9. Zoey Epsilon gives her statement
  10. Grant Hammer makes his statement with help from Maverick Hart
  11. Troy Funk just needs three seconds...
  12. JGB

    Mayhem -versus- Troy Funk

    AWS Underground Championship Tournament (RD1) First Blood Match
    Troy Funk was a second generation wrestler but not in the typical sense. Neither his mother or his father were but his grandfather was. And his grandfather was none other than Terry Funk and he was Dory Funk Jr’s nephew. They were founding fathers of the “brawler” fighting style and performed hardcore feats of wrestling violence for decades. Perhaps that’s why in a comical twist of fate one of the most violent, toughest, men alive had two daughters. Stacy (who was Troy’s mother) and Brandee. Neither of them have any interest in the wrestling business themselves. Same with their husbands. So how in the hell did Troy Funk get wrapped into this business? Well he was a wrestler and football player in college for the University Of Texas but didn’t go olympic or pro. But after getting his degree he had no intent on taking a 9 to 5 job or working in an office. Professional wrestling was his focus with a degree as his backup plan that he hoped never have to use. And his success as a pro wrestler was proof of that. Look at what he’s done in Asylum Wrestling Society. He joined a badass wrestling stable in the Violent Generation, made a hell of a lot of money, and won some championship titles out of it. Replicas of which were hanging in a cabinet in his living room. And by the looks of things he wasn’t done yet. Troy Funk: Underground championship first blood match against Mayhem huh? Damn…well I miss the UC and I ain’t afraid to bleed. A’ight. Time to train. Troy said this before entering his home gym that was full of equipment to keep his body in shape. Big weights with a little bit of cardio in the form of a treadmill and Stairmaster with thoughts of fighting Mayhem filled his mind. Mayhem had been kicking ass in the wrestling world for as long as Troy was alive. He had a fair share of glory before even signing his AWS deal and unlike Troy he never held the Underground Championship before. But Troy did and he missed that beautiful championship title that he hadn’t held since last year. Troy Funk: Gotta get it back…Gotta get it back… Troy said that with every bicep curl he was doing at the moment. His mind was set on regaining the Underground Championship. And that was the only thing on his mind. At least until his girlfriend appeared. Vanessa: I thought I heard you over here babe. I heard something clanging and knew it was you hard at work. I got you something so you can take a break with. Vanessa was Troy's girlfriend. They've been living together for a while and even though marriage was starting to form into their loving minds they were content to live with each other for now even without rings. What started with romantic flirting at a Texas bar led to dates, which led to love. And now Vanessa was perfectly content with taking care of Troy as a man and as a wrestler Vanessa had a bottle of a sports drink and a vanilla protein bar so he could relax with but seeing Vanessa in that white blouse and denim booty shorts risked making him get excited in other ways. Troy Funk: Thanks babe. I got a match at Assault for the Underground Championship Vanessa: No you're going to win the Underground Championship. Get it right baby. Troy grinned before taking a happy sip of his sports drink. Troy Funk: Damn right baby. Assault can't come fast enough. I'm facing off against this guy named Mayhem. Vanessa: I've seen him. He's as tough as he is smart. But I know you can beat him. Troy Funk: Damn right on all counts hun. You gonna cheer me on during the show? Vanessa impishly smiled before giving her reply. Vanessa: I'll be wearing your shirt... and not much else~ Vanessa turned around to leave the room but not before slapping Vanessa on her bubbly butt. Making her squeal from the contact. Troy had a hell of a life. The young Funker had money, a hot and sweet girlfriend, all he needed was the Underground Championship. —------------------------------- The promo started with the letters “TVG” but in the same font that the Dallas Cowboys NFL football team had. An individual cue that Troy Funk was going to speak but instead of seeing Troy’s face they saw the Underground Championship Tournament bracket fading into view. Then Troy’s voice spoke. Troy Funk: The Underground Championship tournament. This title represents the toughest, most ruthless wrestler in the Asylum Wrestling Society. Someone who ain’t afraid to fight dirty, bend or even break the rules if they got to in order to win a match because nobody wants to go back to the locker room as a loser. You win this title, you’re tougher than hell. Period. That’s why I gotta win this match. Troy then appeared on screen in another smooth transition. Full body with the camera on him with his name in the AWS Assault name bar by his feet. Troy Funk: I held that Underground Championship title. I made it a part of my life, a part of my team the Violent Generation, and most of all I made it a part of ME. And my only problem with this damn tournament is that the man that beat me for it Konrad Raab ain’t in it so I can get my real revenge since he beat me for it but that’s cool. I’m fine with taking down Mayhem in the first round. Troy took time to mention the history that he had with the championship, the man who beat him for it, and his upcoming opponent all in his last statement. The latter of whom would be the focus of his promo now. Troy Funk: Mayhem when it comes to testing my skills and showing the whole damn world what I can do in this ring It's tough to find a better opponent than you to face. If I want to show the world that I'm mean enough, that I'm badass enough to deserve the Underground Championship. You got the experience and the skill that makes me want to fight you. So when I beat you at Assault please believe you'll get the best out of me. Troy kept things respectful with his trash talk but he was honest. He believed that this match against Mayhem would give him the best form of test. A real chance for him to cut loose and show off what he can do in the ring in the first round of the tournament with pictures of Mayhem appearing on screen while he made his statement Troy Funk: But make no mistake Mayhem I'm going to beat you. I ain't getting beat especially in the first damn round! Troy kept it short and sweet while the fans saw him speak and then the tournament graphic. Just to further remind them that he was facing Mayhem at Assault. Troy Funk: I can't stress this enough. Losing ain't an option Mayhem. No matter how good you think you are I know I'm better. You think you're tough but I know I'm the baddest man in this whole tournament so at Assault I know you're going to fight hard, give me a damn good match. Give me some battle scars. But I'll be going to the next round and you'll just take your old ass home and watch me get one step closer to the AWS Underground Championship. The "TVG" letters that were shown earlier faded into view to signify the end of the promo. The next time the Asylum Wrestling Society fans saw him he'd be ready for the bell to ring. Staring across from Mayhem
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