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  1. Friday Night Depravity was a great follow-up to AWS Monday Night Ward. As a wrestler, if you didn’t compete on Ward you wanted to compete on Depravity in some way, in any kind of match. And The Violent Generation was no exception to this rule. They loved to compete, FIGHT, and let the entire wrestling world know just how good they were. And this five-piece stable never met a match they weren’t down to fight. Even if it was against opponents they had experience against. Like the Bluegrass Mafia. God, they hated the Bluegrass Mafia…. Matt and Dom Kurtis were frequent enemies of The Violent Generation and between them and their occasional enemies, the Bluegrass Firing Squad The Violent Generation had frequent problems with the team. And now was no exception. They were booked to face them at Depravity which was no big deal…except the Bluegrass, Mafia had a mystery partner. And that was what TVG was worried about. The shit they couldn’t prepare for. Shannon, Dina, and Troy decided to take this matter directly since they were the frontline forces of the Violent Generation. The founding three. Also Ben and Zane had other matches to focus on. But this didn’t mean that they couldn’t discuss this as a team in the privacy of their locker room. Shannon Douglas: So let's get down to it. Any guesses on who this mystery opponent is? This earned shrugs and looks head-shakes Troy Funk: Hell if I know. I wish I had a clue for us shit. Troy said while chugging down a bottle of Samuel Adams Boston Lager. Dina Dudley: Dammit…this why I hate “mystery partners.” How are we supposed to train for this shit? Dina was rightfully angry. That was the issue with these types of matches. You couldn’t account for the surprise. They had no clue who BGM was going to bring to their match which meant they had no clue about how to prepare for the match. Ben Reks: Want us to hunt people down and beat em up? Zane Maritato: Yeah because we don’t seeing you two mad. Shannon Douglas: No. That won’t be necessary. Shannon waved off the worries of her companions Dina Dudley: What do you mean that won’t be necessary? You really think the BGM has nothing for us? Shannon Douglas: No I mean they are just as confused as we are. I know how these mystery partner matchups go around here Dee. Dom, Kurtis, they won’t know who they’re teaming up with until the last minute. By the time they come out of that damn curtain. They’re going through the same thing that we are. Dina smirked at what her blonde comrade said. Dina Dudley: Well when you put it that way that’s not so bad but it still sucks. But at least we know it ain’t just sucking for us. Zane Maritato: That’s the spirit. You two ladies kick ass out there Shannon Douglas: That’s our favorite thing to do. Shannon kept her team members cool and calm right now. Which they needed to be. Especially Dina’s case since she was going to do battle alongside of her against the Bluegrass Mafia at Depravity. —----------------------- The night of Depravity had Shannon and Dina and Troy mixing things up a bit. They were going to the AWS ring with microphones in their hands ready to speak with pissed-off looks on their face. This was going to be a nice, hot, promo. To match their hot looks of course. Shannon Douglas: Tonight, we decided to mix things up for all of you. Cut this promo in a way we don’t usually do. Troy Funk: We gotta do something new to spice things up since we’re facing the Bluegrass Mafia again, and we’re going to beat them again. Dina Dudley: But this time they have a mystery partner to help them out to try and change things up. Like that’s supposed to scare us at all. The Violent Generation took this time to make their opening statements of pure confidence to the crowd one by one. All three of them though had no faith that the Bluegrass Mafia and their tag partner would give them any sense of a challenge. And they were only getting started. Shannon Douglas: You can find the toughest man in your middle-of-nowhere hometown or the toughest guy here. It doesn’t matter. Because for one, we know how to deal with you two like it’s nothing. But the second thing is that everyone in that locker room is scared of us and what we can do. Dina smirked and Troy nodded at this statement Troy Funk: So we know you had your fill of wrestlers you had to pick and choose from to get their asses kicked by us. So you three come out here and get this Violent Generation ass-whuppin'. It won’t take long.
  2. Zane Maritato was really liking his schedule as of late. He had more matches lately, more times to put his training to good use, more chances to make money, and most importantly more chances to win championships. Or in this case, trophies. Like the Feigel Cup. Zane Maritato was a competitive stallion of a young man. He actually liked to not only work for what he wanted but was willing to fight for it as well. Any stereotypes about lazy youth didn’t apply to the son of Nunzio. Which made him a second-generation wrestler. His father taught him a strong work ethic in the ring and in life and the value of staying busy. That’s why he was being put through his paces with Dina Dudley. His fellow Violent Generation teammate was taking more of an active role in his training now that Zane had some semblance of road miles in AWS. If Troy Funk helped him get settled in the Asylum Wrestling Society it would be up to Dina to help him elevate his game. How so you might ask? By actually wrestling with him with a referee supervising the sparring session. Besides, they both knew that he had a match against Sarah Frost. What better way to prepare for battle against another woman than by preparing to battle with another woman to help you out? Especially if that woman was one-half of AWS’s most successful tag team. Dina Dudley: C’mon stud. If you can’t beat me what chance you got against Sarah Frost huh?! Dina taunted while beginning a move exchange with Zane Maritato. Headlocks, Irish Whips, armdrags, and finishing with a back suplex with Dina actually suplexing the larger Zane onto his back! Dina Dudley: You must not have heard me…if you can’t even bring me down how can you beat Sarah-fucking-Frost? And this made Zane smirk slightly before nodding his head. Then he took the lead. Wristlock, go-behind, full-nelson that Dina escaped but Zane scrambled back in to turn her around and moved in low and quick to scoop Dina up and to hit a high and tight powerslam which impressed the female Violent Generation member. It looked like Zane was ready after all. —- Zane felt like spicing things up for this particular promo. Instead of it taking place in the traditional Violent Generation way. Meaning that it didn’t take place in their locker room, with a chair he could sit on, and just one or two cameras at the most fixed and focused on him it took place outside, at night, on a calmer part of the Las Vegas city streets. Fewer lights and sounds in the background compared to the main strip. Zane Maritato himself also looked like a young badass. He had on a black and silver leather jacket over his Violent Generation T-Shirt which was customized for him. It was black and silver with the same gothic font he used for his ring gear with his name “ZANE MARITATO” written under it. A sign that if you bought this merch you chose to support him personally among his team. This also fits the mood and swagger he was going to have for this promo. Let's find out what Zane himself was going to say. Zane Maritato: Things are looking pretty good for me right now. I have a match at Ward Emergence, I get to beat the hell out of Sarah Frost to get one step closer to winning the Fiegel Cup, but really though? I’m just glad to get a match these days. Let people see how good I look in this shirt. Zane smirked and opened up his leather jacket to show off his personalized Violent Generation shirt. Zane Maritato: Now you can say that I’m treating this match like I’m cocky. I’m facing off against Sarah Frost after all. I mean yeah she hasn’t won anything in AWS in months, she thinks she’s hardcore but she’s got nothing on the women I work with in TVG. And besides this whole tournament is where I can shine so not only am I not going to lose to a woman who is a Violent Generation wannabe but spoiler alert, I’m WINNING the tournament! Zane pointed to himself for emphasis while he made that statement with the camera tracking his every step. Zane Maritato: I already love to win and seeing that big, shiny, trophy might as well have my name. “Zane Maritato” inscribed on it. I can’t wait until Emergence where I can run you over Sarah. We’re in Las Vegas for Ward Emergence and I see this as my chance to get lucky and hit the jackpot tonight by beating you and getting one step closer to the Fiegel Cup!
  3. It seemed like Asylum Wrestling Society management was doing something that they should do more often and that was giving more underused and underexposed wrestlers more attention in front of the fans. Competitors who didn’t get TV time that often would have to put in extra work in the performance center, in live events, or in backstage angles to make up for the lack of proper wrestling exposure. And this was the right moment for Ben Reks to shine. Ben was seen as the hardcore powerhouse of the Violent Generation. Willingness to destroy, and wrestle hardcore with the balls to use chairs, tables, and anything he could find to help him win a match but in a destructive superheavyweight package. Ben had a lot of the skills and aspects in his style that would make him fit for AWS Television…he was just rarely seen on AWS Television. It was the only possible way that you could ignore a 6’4, 310-pound behemoth of a man. To not have him in your presence in the first place. This isn’t to say that Ben hadn’t been paying attention to the wrestling scene around him. He had been watching his teammates in the Violent Generation. As well as their opponents. He had been training hard and staying ready in case that day would come when he’d have to compete. When he had to FIGHT. Whether it was a singles match or a tag team match. In fact, he had just finished hanging out with the fellas. His teammates Troy Funk and Zane Maritato in a sports bar when he got a match alert. Troy Funk: Hey big guy I thought you had your phone off. What’s up? Ben Reks: I’m glad I didn’t turn it off. I finally got a match alert and y’all are gonna love this. Zane Maritato: What is it? I gotta know. Zane asked with his eyes looking at Ben’s phone Ben Reks: Parental Advisory Championship match. I’m facing Night Rider. Troy Funk: Well yee-haw! Your first match in months and it’s for gold? Ben dude you gotta win this! Zane nodded with a smile while patting his heavy-set comrade on the back. Zane Maritato: Yeah man not just for the team either but for yourself. Dust off those cobwebs with a title strap know? Ben smiled back as if he was liking the sound of this. Ben Reks: Hell yes. I can’t wait until showtime now! And with that being said the three men returned to their beer and wings that were brought to them by shapely waitresses who were solid 10s on the hotness scale. But the moment they’d all go their separate ways Ben would get right to work on his promo. —-------------- Ben Reks: My name is Ben Reks. And I’m pissed. Ben stated this bluntly while standing in his Violent Generation locker room. 4XL Violent Generation shirt over his huge body. Ben Reks: I gotta let you know who I am because you haven’t seen me in a few months on your TV screen. I’ve been busting my ass in the weight room, in the performance center, watching my Violent Generation teammates kick the asses that I should be kicking for me and I’m sick and tired of just watching, doing damn near nothing. So when I found out I got a Parental Advisory match against Night Rider and all I got to do is say…hell yeah! Ben let a rare smile show, even if it was a half-one. But that smirk was sincere. He was happy as can be that he actually had a match and an undeniable reason to fight. Right down to having a championship title on the line. Ben Reks: Night Rider I don’t hate you but you got something that I want. That Parental Advisory Championship. This is my first match in months and it’s for championship gold? Your title is mine so PLEASE show up at Emergence. Don’t be scared even though I’m bigger and stronger than you. Don’t be scared because I can fight with or without a weapon. Because I want your championship title. The fans saw clips of Night Rider in action for a moment. Putting the hurt on other opponents in the ring. But Ben was going to make sure that none of those moves would happen to him. Ben Reks: And yeah I’m thinking about myself here. Because this match is about me. I’m doing this for me, I’m going to beat Night Rider for myself. And the only thing that my buddies in the Violent Generation will have to do with it is the celebration we’re going to have after I WRECK Night Rider and take his Parental Advisory Championship!
  4. Zane Maritato was a young stallion of pro wrestling to say the very least. He put in 110 percent in every training session, had a strict diet, and carried himself like a professional in and out of the ring. He may have been a part of The Violent Generation, but he had wanted to show he was just as dangerous with a weapon as he was with his own body. That way when he did have a match, he wouldn’t need to get ready to prepare. Zane would already be ready to fight. Unfortunately, Zane didn’t have much in the way of fights lately. Compared to Shannon Douglas, Dina Dudley, and even his mentor Troy Funk he didn’t have that much ring work. Hell Ben Reks got more matches than him overall. So, once he found out that he was in line for the Fiegel Legacy Cup and had a tournament match against Armando Quinto at AWS Ward his reaction was short but appropriate. Zane Maritato: HOLY SHIT! Zane had just parked his car in the parking lot of the AWS Performance Center. This was his biggest break so far! He not only had a visible reason to take pride in his training but something tangible to get from it all and while a trophy was different than a championship title it was still something he could call his own. He channeled his preparation to focus on Armando. The workouts and match-studying to get ready for his opening round match with him. The Italian-American second-generation wrestler was going to do everything he can to prevent a first-round exit. —-------- For Zane’s promo, he kept it simple in the classic Violent Generation style. In the locker room, the camera focused on him, a Violent Generation flag in the background and a chair for him to sit on in the room so he can channel his intent for a straightforward, direct, promo. Not including any creative camera work or footage they decided to add. And that was something that Zane could handle with no problem. Especially since he had a lot to say about Armando, the Fiegel Legacy Cup, and how this was his first televised match in so long. Time to find out what he’d say! Zane Maritato: What do Shannon Douglas, Dina Dudley, Troy Funk, and Ben Reks all have in common? They’re not only in the Violent Generation with me Zane Maritato but they also at one point or another held a title in AWS or competed for one. Where’s mine?! Zane said this while pictures of his Violent Generation teammates were shown holding Pinnacle Tag Team titles up high or competing in championship matches. Zane Maritato: Look. I get that I’m the youngest guy in The Violent Generation, I’m one of the youngest wrestlers in AWS, and God knows I haven’t had that much ring action lately but I’m starving to prove myself and show the world what I can do, show my teammates what I can. That’s why I want to win the Fiegel Legacy Cup. And that’s why I want so badly. It’s my moment to shine! To stand out above the rest of the Violent Generation, to make my first mark, my OWN MARK in this damn good wrestling company! And all I have to do is run over Armando Quinto. I can do that no problem. And then people got to see a picture of Armando on TV. In the ring with his hands up victoriously after a match. Followed by some footage of him performing martial arts strikes and training techniques. Zane Maritato: You see Armando you are just the right guy for me to fight because I know that if I hold back against you and your wrestling skills, I’ll get my head kicked off, I’ll leave the ring with a loss and a limp, and I don’t want that. Not for my first match in God knows how long! I don’t want to have make that walk of shame to this locker room and see Shannon, Dina, Troy, and Reks disappointed in me! Then people saw Zane posing with his Violent Generation teammates. Smiling with confidence and pride. Standing in the middle of the busty Dina Dudley and his mentor Troy Funk. He couldn’t imagine those smiles turning into frowns and looks of disappointment in him. Zane Maritato: So, at AWS Ward I can’t afford to lose to you Armando. First round loss? I ain’t feeling that. But I am feeling good about my chances against you, and any other opponent in this tournament because it’s time for Zane Maritato to make-his-mark! And with that impactful statement the promo faded to black to put a proper end to things.
  5. Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley were now firmly in a position in the Asylum Wrestling Society scene that they weren’t used to being in…that of the title contender. Chasing the gold, in the hunt for the title belts, out of championship status for the moment. It was a rare thing for Shannon and Dina to experience…and they didn’t like it at all. Especially with the circumstances around the AWS Title. And what were those circumstances? Well given their lack of activity in the company House Of Wolves. The team that beat Shannon and Dina in September, was stripped of their titles. Not defeated for them in a match by the powerful ladies of the Violent Generation, stripped… For TVG it was like hunting an animal only to have that same animal kill itself by falling off of a cliff or some other death aside from your own actions. And it irritated the hell out of Shannon and Dina as they prepared for their match in the AWS performance center. Pounding some protein shakes with Shannon drinking a strawberry one and Dina chugging down a chocolate one. Dina Dudley: I still can’t believe this shit…and it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t a triple-threat match. Dina said this while licking a wayward drop of chocolate drink from her lips. She pointed out. They were facing off against the Tyler Family and the Bluegrass Mafia. Both teams did wonders in pissing them off and the fact that the math wasn’t on their side made it worse Shannon Douglas: Yeah, two teams, and we made the mistake of underestimating both of them. Let’s not do it again. Dina Dudley: Yeah, the damn Wolves got lucky against us and they had to get stripped of the titles before we could beat em’ for it. Let’s not let the Tylers or the damn Mafia stop us. You heading out soon? Shannon Douglas: Nah I got enough time for another half hour. I don’t have a fight coming up so I can spend more time here. Shannon said to remind Dina that she also had a young mixed martial arts career. She was a small-time champion. Not signed to UFC or Bellator or any of the major leagues in mixed martial arts but she was still a champion and a damn good Brazilian Jiujutsu practitioner. Working in the cage as well as the ring. Dina Dudley: Well that’s what I like to hear. Lets get back to work and burn off these tasty shakes. Shannon Douglas: Lets take it easy and hit some weights first. I’m trying to burn it off not throw it up. And with that little joke Shannon and Dina would return to the weights section and get to work for the physical preparation for their triple threat tag team championship match. —------- In the core promo before their championship match, there wasn’t much planned for Shannon and Dina to say. There wasn’t much of a need for it and they knew it. They knew what their goal was. It was obvious. And that was to regain their titles at any cost. They just needed to make their presence known vocally to their fans and more importantly the Tyler Family and The Bluegrass Mafia So they decided to take things back to basics. In their locker room, one primary camera, and a banner behind them that had the letters “TVG” in ECW “barbed wire” font and a boom mic ready to catch their every word. It was going to be a back-to-basics promo for Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley and they knew just what to say about it. Time to go to work! Shannon Douglas: In case you don’t know who the hell these two perfect tens are by now allow us to introduce ourselves. I’m Shannon Douglas. Dina Dudley: And I’m Dina Dudley and we are the Violent Generation. Shannon Douglas: And just as importantly we are the most successful tag team in all of the Asylum Wrestling Society and no cap. The facts are on our side. Dina Dudley: Lemme list em’ First AWS Pinnacle Tag Team Champions. Shannon Douglas: The Violent Generation. Dina Dudley: Only team in AWS history to win multiple Pinnacle Championships. No renames or new members or new gimmicks. Shannon Douglas: The Violent Generation. Dina Dudley: And to double on that, who’s the only one-two-THREE-time winner of the AWS Pinnacle Tag Team Championships, Shan? Shannon Douglas: The Violent Generation that’s who. Dina Dudley: And guess what? We’re not done winning titles yet. But you want to know what really sucks. The team that beat us for our Tag Team Titles had to drop them because they were lazy and that…pisses me off… Shannon Douglas: You see. Dina doesn’t just like to be a champion she likes a good fight. That’s how she was trained, and that’s her way as a member of the Violent Generation and frankly I can’t blame her. Especially given the damn circumstances. At HCW Turmoil we have to face the same two teams we had to deal with in the fatal four way that we lost the titles in but in a triple threat match. A woman’s work is never easy… Shannon and Dina were going fast and furious with this promo. Hot blooded like their tempers were given how they had to reclaim their championships in another multi-team bout. Shannon Douglas: Now our goal is simple and that is to win those titles at any cost. Which should be obvious but that’s the state of mind we’re in right now. The Tyler Family proved that they can hang in the ring with us. They aren’t some flash in the pan new face in the title scene. Meanwhile we know how good the Bluegrass Mafia is and we’d be stupid to take you guys lightly even though you all are pains in our asses. Dina Dudley: But you’re still going to lose though. Tylers, Kurtises, you’re going to lose to us at HCW Turmoil. And it won’t be because me and Shannon are faster, smarter, and better in that ring but because we aren’t done adding to our bigass resumes yet. Shannon Douglas: Being four-time AWS Pinnacle Tag Team Champions does sound pretty damn good. Shannon smirked and nodded while saying that. In fact, she was already visualizing winning the tag team titles with Dina. Like this match was a formality. Dina Dudley: I thought so. Now all we have to do is fight, win, and pick while unlucky S.O.B. to pin and we get our titles back. Shannon Douglas: Exactly. And all you people at home have to do is come to the arena if you can or sit down in front of your TV for Turmoil and watch us reclaim the AWS Pinnacle Tag Tea Titles for the fourth time. Byyyye!
  6. Maverick, Aurora, and Hilda of MLU give their reply!
  7. Picture Base * Rhea Ripley Ring Name * Hilda Stark Real Name * Hilda Marie Stevens Also Known As Hometown/Billed * Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Height * 5’7 Weight * 152 Blood Type: B Age * 27 Debut Year * 2017 Alignment * Babyface Cheating Tendency * Rarely. She’ll beat on an opponent in the corner and test the ref’s patience with some brawling outside of the ring too but that’s it. Fighting Styles * Powerhouse and brawler. Similar To Wrestler * Jordynne Grace Entrance Theme Song * “Oh Canada” (Team Canada version) Entrance Description * From the moment that you see this tall, strong, woman step on stage you know she means business. Her face has war paint on her face. Flexing on camera and yells out “I’M HERE” while pointing at herself and marching down to the ring. She gets to the apron facing the hard camera with a pose and smirk at the camera before getting into the ring. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * It’s sexy and has a bit of a superhero flair. Hilda wears a detachable cape to the ring, a wrestling top that has a cleavage window in the middle, and old-school wrestling trunks that are cut small enough to show off her butt. As well as the tattoos on her legs that match her arms. And of course, she wears red and white as her ring colors from her cape to her boots. Also, the back of her cape does have the Canadian Maple Leaf on the back. Standard Moves (10-15) * Clothesline. Scoop Slam. Back Suplex. Hip attack in the corner. Headlock takeover. Signature Moves (5-10) * S-Plex (Wheelbarrow Suplex). Belly to belly suplex. Rebound spinebuster. Double Axe Handle from the top rope. High Hilda (Death Valley Driver) Primary Finishing Moves * Roughrider (Camel Clutch) Sas-Katch (Pop-Up Gutwrench Suplex) Secondary Finishing Moves * Stark Downfall (Cobra Clutch Slam) H-Bomb (Sitout Crucifix Powerbomb) Title Histories & Accolades * Canadian Charisma Championship Combat Women’s Champion (2 times) Brief Biography * Hilda is the youngest of four kids, the only daughter, and is the only one to really get into wrestling. By her own interest too. She was fascinated by how female wrestlers could be strong, athletic, and beautiful and it set the foundation for her wrestling interest. Which only grew stronger as she got older and watched male wrestlers. Mainly from the classic periods of wrestling like the 80s which she was especially fond of. She loved it when wrestlers looked like superheroes and modeled herself with a similar image once she got into the business. It also didn't hurt that Hilda had been lifting weights regularly since she was 13 after being a relatively scrawny girl. Following in the footsteps of her macho brothers. After graduating high school, she went straight to the wrestling business while working for a handyman company her father owns to pay her way through and at that time, she began to build connections with other wrestlers through social media DMs. Like Maverick Hart. It set the foundation for her wrestling career and her membership into Maple Leaf Uprising.
  8. Picture Base * Jacy Jayne Ring Name * Aurora Starr Real Name * Aurora Jane Wagner Also Known As Hometown/Billed * Vancouver, Canada Height * 5’6 Weight * 118 Blood Type: B Age * 25 Debut Year * 2022 Alignment * Babyface Cheating Tendency * Aurora is mischievous but she’ll only occasionally cheat. She’ll do simple heel stuff like dirty pins and test the ref’s five or ten counts but only to other heels Fighting Styles * High Flyer with a little bit of striker Similar To Wrestler * Alexa Bliss Entrance Theme Song * “Oh Canada” (Team Canada version) Entrance Description * “Oh Canada” plays and Aurora comes out and stands for it proudly on the stage with both of her index fingers pointed high and her legs shoulder-length apart before walking down the ramp. Touching the hands of the fans for babyface appeal. She does the same entrance she did on the stage in the ring before turning to the stage to face her oncoming opponent. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * She cites Trish Stratus as an influence on her ring gear and it shows. Low-cut metallic wrestling top to show off her just a bit of cleavage and her toned arms, butt-hugging short-shorts with a maple leaf on the back. The shirt also has the words “MLU” on the back. Plus both are in a red and white color pattern with matching boots. Standard Moves (10-15) *Snapmare, Running Clothesline to an opponent in the corner. Dropkick Signature Moves (5-10) *Raindrop Suplex (Falcon Arrow) V-Town Shot(V-Trigger)[Running Bicycle Knee Strike] Three Act Performance (Bottom rope moonsault followed by a middle rope moonsault followed by a top rope moonsault). Hurricanrana, Tilt-A-Whirl headscissors, Primary Finishing Moves * Northern Lights Bomb. “Director’s Cut” (RKO) Secondary Finishing Moves * North Star Frog Splash (Top Rope Frog Splash) Unprettier (Killswitch) Title Histories & Accolades * None. Brief Biography * Before becoming a wrestler Aurora was an actress, and a notable one at that! She started with small roles on the small screen. Starting with commercials and small parts on teen sitcoms before securing a lead role on a major teen sitcom that drew millions to the TV. Then she branched out to movies at 18, doing action and drama roles that like her TV career may have been successful but didn't get her much respect overall and this put a chip on Aurora's shoulder. So, when she decided to become a wrestler, she focused on the fame and respect that she could get from it. Aurora did well in training and impressed AWS staff. Including some wrestlers like Maverick Hart, who watched a few of her movies. They talked about business and talked about Hollywood as well. Then he mentioned how he intended on starting a pro wrestling team consisting of other Canadian wrestlers like themselves and it intrigued her. Aurora said yes and she's been a part of that team. The Maple Leaf Uprising ever since.
  9. Good luck Summer Bliss. You'll need it to change history.
  10. Picture Base * Kyle O'Reilly Ring Name * Jacques LaCroix Real Name * Also Known As: Le Guerrier Hometown/Billed * Montreal, Quebec, Canada Height * 6’0 Weight * 210 Blood Type: B- Age * 32 Debut Year * 2021 Alignment * Babyface Cheating Tendency * None at all. He’ll break his opponent’s bones with his submissions and strikes. Not with weapons Fighting Styles *Striker, with a little bit of high-flying Similar To Wrestler * Matt Riddle Entrance Theme Song * “Oh Canada” (Team Canada version) Entrance Description * “Oh Canada” plays and Jacques walks to the stage. But instead of simply posing or just walking down the ramp he plays air guitar to his theme music and throws some martial arts strikes as signs of his training and background. Sure he’ll pose with the fans and touch their hands at ringside for babyface appeal but after he scrambles up those steps and backflips over the ropes into a perfect back roll in the ring he immediately gets back to playing “Oh Canada” on air guitar before heading towards the corner and finally calming down with some stretches. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * He wears red and white MMA-style trunks that go above his knees and show off his muscular, athletically toned legs. As well as red and white wrist tape or an armband. But that’s all. No boots, no outfit, that’s all. Standard Moves (10-15) * Dropkick. European Uppercut. Gut Kick. Chop. Snap Suplex. Russian Leg Sweep. Arm Trapped Elbow Strikes. German Suplex. Signature Moves (5-10) * Diving Crossbody. Superkick. “Cerveau” (Brainbuster.) Half Nelson-Backbreaker. “Papillon” (Double Underhook Backbreaker). Triangle Choke. Slingshot Apron DDT. “Moonshock” (Standing Uranage to a standing moonsault.) Ushigoroshi. Sleeper hold suplex. Kimura Primary Finishing Moves * War-Cross (axe kick and forearm smash combo) Secondary Finishing Moves * Cross Armbar. Critical Hit (Axe kick to a kneeling opponent while using their knee for leverage) Title Histories & Accolades * A light heavyweight Championship in Canadian Fighting Company but that’s it. Brief Biography * Despite entering the world of martial arts at age six by way of Enshin Kaikan karate he was a fan of wrestling at about the same age. He would rarely miss a show when it came to Montreal and would watch it regularly as a fan but being a pro wrestler never appealed to him as a career path. He was too busy honing his martial arts skills and then diving deeper into the sport as a protege of legendary mixed martial artist Georges “Rush” St. Pierre. Jacques would still watch it as a casual fan though. Jacques even fought for Northern Combat League. Canada’s largest mixed martial arts company shortly after high school, black belt and all as a representative of “Rush Combat Club.” Belonging to his sensei. And he did damn well at it, winning their Lightheavyweight title and holding it for about a year. Until he got knocked out in the first round to lose the title and once again in his rematch. Jacques left the MMA scene soon after and dove right into professional wrestling. That’s when he met Maverick Hart and they became fast friends. And made him an easy fit for the Maple Leaf Uprising. While he’s the oldest member he’s got a low amount of wrestling experience. But his legit combat background makes him a good fit for the group.
  11. Zoey Epsilon is in the Halloween spirit for her match at Darkness Falls!
  12. Ladder matches…When a ladder match was on the card pro wrestling fans had expectations. And one of those expectations, if not the most important, was for there to be VIOLENCE. You can have good wrestling and good character development and of course, the fans may have their favorite wrestler or in this particular case their favorite team. Still, they wanted a ladder match to have hardcore action and violent fun. Which was right up the alley for Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley of The Violent Generation. Dina Dudley was a student of Bubba Ray and D’von Dudley and chose to have the Dudley name that she earned by graduating top of her training class in Team 3D Academy. Since then she brought honor to that name by being ruthless in the ring, a skilled wrestler with and without a weapon in her hand, and can be a damn good hardcore competitor when the bell rang. Shannon Douglas was the daughter of “The Franchise” Shane Douglas and while wrestling was her first choice of career path it was a damn good decision for her. She was a natural in the ring, charismatic on the microphone, and on top of that, in recent months decided to try her hand at mixed martial arts. She learned Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu and balanced occasional professional mma fights with professional wrestling. In other words things didn’t look good for any opponent of theirs. Whether it was one tag team, or two, or three… Shannon Douglas: Well I know what I’m doing after my next fight. I’m sure Dina knows too… Shannon said this with a smile while reading the latest card posting for the Darkness Falls PPV event for the Asylum Wrestling Society in the comfort of her Pittsburgh home. The Tyler Family vs. The Violent Generation vs. The Bluegrass Mafia vs. The MVPs Most of those teams The Violent Generation had experience with. In fact, the only new challengers were the Tyler Family just to freshen things up. And the match caught Shannon’s attention so much that she decided to call Dina just to be sure she knew. Shannon Douglas: Hey Dee-Dee. You’ve seen the card yet? At this point, Dina had finished her part-time shift at the mechanic’s place she worked at which was owned and supervised by her brother. Dina Dudley: Of course I did. We’re in a damn fatal four-way match…I’m thinking of doing a little night workout after I eat dinner to get ready how about you? Shannon Douglas: I just left the gym so I’ll train tomorrow. I can’t wait to beat up The Bluegrass Mafia as usual. Dina Dudley chuckled from her side of the call Dina Dudley: Don’t forget the MVPs and the Tyler Family. We got to put them through ladders too before we climb up and take those titles down. Shannon Douglas: You know it. I’ll be in the performance center in a couple of days. I got a fight coming up against some girl from Philly. Dina Dudley: I’d say good luck but I know you’re gonna win it. Shannon Douglas: You know it. Luck is for losers anyway. The rest of the call was pretty mundane with the women talking about how their day was and their plans before their match. It was a sign that they had a true bond outside of the ring. It’d be easy for them to put in the ring work and prep for the four-way. Especially since they had some experience with the teams in the match. So they were already going in with some confidence which didn’t bode well for the Tyler family, Bluegrass Mafia, or the MVPs. They believe they had this four-way Halloween Tag Team Ladder Match all under control… ****** Shannon Douglas: So…how did you spend your time off from work? I spent time kicking ass in an MMA cage. I’m 5-0 now, in line for a women’s featherweight title. Just like Dina and I are in line for the AWS Pinnacle Tag Team Championship. While we kick ass in the performance center of course. And while Shannon was saying this there were action clips and rock music to support it to show that she and Dina were working hard to get ready for this match in which the blonde soundly defeated an opponent in MMA with a submission hold. A cross-armbreaker. Just a reminder that she had was a mixed martial arts crossover and then Dina spoke for her turn. Dina Dudley: We thrive in hardcore matches. This may be the season of Halloween but we have no fear. We'll do whatever it takes to beat the hell out of our three soon-to-be losers The MVPs, Bluegrass Mafia, and the damn Tyler Family. And then clips of the three tag teams were shown in action. Doing battle and performing moves to hype up their imminent match in Darkness Falls. The same one that Dina and Shannon had every intent of winning. Shannon Douglas: And as for our opponents just where do we even start… Matt and Dominic we can't seem to get rid of you. You're like yellow jackets in the summertime. Always there to ruin our fun. We can't kick too much ass in this tag team division without kicking yours. And we’re gonna kick it again at Darkness Falls. Dina Dudley: And there's the Tyler Family. Welcome to the big time Dean and Sami! After being the most mid team in AWS you get a big time match at a big Asylum Wrestling Society event. Hell if me and Shannon weren’t in it you’d have a chance at climbing those ladders before us. Shannon Douglas: And the MVPs. Eliana and Hailey I see your whole team is the flavor of the month in AWS. Dina and I remember what it was like to be the flavor of the month. A rising star team in the Society. Shame that The Violent Generation became more than just the flavor of the month. We’re the longest reigning Pinnacle Champions of all time and we want those titles BACK. The people at home would get the necessary images and clips to go along with the arrogant, confident statements of Dina and Shannon. From footage of The Violent Generation beating up on Dominic and Matt Curtis, Dean and Sami standing victoriously in the ring in front of AWS fans, and the same goes for Eliana and Hailey. Even if the Tylers were booed and the MVPs were cheered. Then seconds later Shannon and Dina began to fade into the screen. Shannon wearing a sexy witch costume while Dina was dressed like a revealing witch. Their tight, hourglass, measurements filled out their costumes while they appeared on the screen. Shannon Douglas: Dina and I are grown women who haven’t been out trick-or-treating in years but we love getting our treats. And there wouldn’t be a better treat in the world than getting those Pinnacle Championships again. Dina Dudley: How about the feel and the sound of putting all six of our opponents in that four-way through ladders? Shannon smiled at her friend and tag team partner Shannon Douglas: Okay that is close. MVPs, Tylers, Bluegrass Mafia. It’s Halloween season and while ghosts and ghouls aren’t real champions are and you’re looking at the next AWS Pinnacle Tag Team Champions!
  13. How many pro wrestlers can say that their first official singles match was for championship gold? How many wrestlers can say that their championship match was a second chance for a match that they lost? And the biggest question was how many wrestlers had that second chance in their wrestling promotions event. Julieta can answer those questions with an easy, honest, “Me!” She lost the battle royal for the Temptress Championship at Queens Of Combat but she put on such a good showing she was the number one contender to face the winner of the battle royal Aly Kay. Who also represented the MVPs Julieta wasn’t going to waste this one-on-one shot she had at Stardom. Not if she had any sense in her head The Boricua-Mexicana wrestler did all the right things to prepare for her first event. The training, the ring work, practicing her moves, and staying fit for this work. But something didn’t fit right in her heart. Her spirit wasn’t in her preparation. And it had nothing to do it with Aly either because she believed that she could give Aly a short Temptress title reign. She wasn’t worried about the champ. It was her home life. Mike Dimter was recently fired from the Asylum Wrestling Society shortly after her Queens Of Combat match. About a couple of days after the battle royal. In fact, they haven’t spoken since then; not in person, not over the phone. Nothing. And it worried her. She needed to contact him immediately just to put her mind at ease. Thankfully she still had his phone number saved as “Amor.” Julieta: I wonder if he picks up this time… "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter is walking out of a store in Chicago when he hears his phone ring then he sees his girlfriend Julieta down the street waiting for him to pick up then he slowly walks up behind Julieta then he put the call straight to voicemail so he can hear what she is going to say on the voicemail Julieta: It's me, Julieta. Your girlfriend. We haven't talked since you got released from AWS so I just thought I'd call you, check on you, see how you're doing and call me back as soon as you get this Mike. Okay? Bye. Julieta was an unpleasant blend of annoyed and worried right now. Was he okay? Had he found a new girlfriend? These were the thoughts that were running in the Latina's mind now that he didn't pick up the phone. "The Bad Ass" Mike spins his gorgeous Latina girlfriend Julieta around then he passionately kisses Julieta's lips then he pulls away smiling "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter: Hello Gorgeous Julieta let out a squeal in surprise. She had just come back to Chicago to clear her head before her match and wasn't expecting to see Mike. Especially after she just called him moments ago. "I missed you baby!" She said gratefully before slapping Mike across the face, "don't you EVER make me worry like that again okay?" Julieta was happy to see Mike again and kiss him again, but making her nervous like that was not a wise idea. "The Bad Ass" Mike looked into Julieta's eyes "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter: Again I’m sorry…I won’t ever disappear again “The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter pulls a t-shirt that reads “The Kingdom” out of his bag and hands it to Julieta “The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter smirked at Julieta “The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter: Yes… I’m back & I didn’t come alone Julieta was stunned. Mike was working on a whole team after being gone from AWS and out of contact with her for days while she was wrestling. She had one question on her mind that must be answered above all else. Julieta: And you want me to be a part of this? “The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter: Of course… you’re my queen And this was all Julieta needed to hear. This time she was the one who kissed Mike. A public showing of love and desire since she not only saw him again but that he was coming back to AWS, with a new team that she was going to be a part of. She didn't know who but right now she didn't care. Just as long as Mike was back in her life. ***** Julieta: When I was learning how to wrestle my trainer told us on the first day and the last day. Find a reason to wrestle and keep it until you accomplish it. And my reason to wrestle…is to simply be the best. Julieta’s voice over was given while she entered the Buffalo Riverworks Arena and was supported by slow, peaceful music. Suitcases in her grip and a T-Shirt that showed “The Kingdom” on the front with a little crown over the “h” and “i”. Perhaps sign of an upcoming stable or team Julieta wanted to support. Julieta: I know it’s nothing deep or spiritual but that’s what drives me. I mean I’m living my childhood dream. I’ve been a wrestling fan since I was a kid. From buying the merch to going to many, MANY, shows when there was wrestling in Chicago. Pictures of a young Julieta were shown. Wearing Rey Mysterio masks and other WWE merch, as well as meeting other famous wrestlers when she was a nina. A sign that her passion for wrestling was evident. Julieta: And on top of all that I found the man of my dreams to go with my dream job. Now Julieta was in the locker room, looking at romantic pictures of her and “The Bad Ass” Mike Dimter on her phone that were expanded in the promo voice over. Kissing, hugging, bonding together as a couple. It was no secret that she was taken but it didn’t effect her popularity with the fans or lessen her babyface appeal. Julieta: But in oder to show that I’m the best I need a championship. I need the Temptress Championship. Which means I need to beat Aly Kay tonight here at Stardom. Then she looked in the mirror and saw a reflection of Aly Kay’s face which made her take a noticiable breath. A sign of where her mind was at and what she was focused on. Julieta: This isn’t a battle royal. It’s just me and you in this Temptress Title match Aly Kay. Which means I have nobody to blame but myself if I win or lose, and the same goes to you. This is what I’ve been working towards since the very first second this match was announced. The sleep, the studying, the training, my first one on one match is for a title here at Stardom! Then the camera showed the Stardom ring, stage, and seats. Things were ready for the show to start and the matches to begin like Julieta & Aly Kay’s. Julieta: And I wouldn’t have it any other way. Because I believe that I can beat you Aly. In this ris ring tonight. Because everytime I have a little bit of doubt in myself. I think about those weeks where I wasn’t even on the card. Where I was backstage in catering. Watching the action. Seeing women like you, Zoey Epsilon, Summer Bliss, Martha Venegas all compete and have matches. Tonight is my shot and my first real chance to do something with my AWS career! While Julieta was talking she was getting her gear out of her bag the heads of the wrestlers she mentioned appearing over her in images like bubbles. It was true that Julieta had some of the lowest amount of ring experience of any Lunatic in AWS. And in contrast Aly Kay and the rest of the MVPs have been around for months with multiple matches to their names. But this didn’t scare Julieta because she had her eyes on the prize and that was the Temptress Championship. Julieta: So when that bell rings Aly you’re going to get the very best of Julieta. Everything I got. Because you may want to be champion but I NEED to be champion to show that all of this time was worth the wait. See you tonight at Stardom Aly. Adios. Then four clips were shown in success while Julieta’s voice was heard. Her putting on her top from the front, pulling up her wrestling shorts from the back, zipping up her wrestling boots, and lastly crossing herself in Christian faith before leaving the locker room. Now she was waiting for her cue to go out to wrestle. The next time the fans would see the Chicago native it would be time for her match. Julieta versus Aly Kay for the AWS Temptress Championship!
  14. The Violent Generation was very observant. They moved in silence and studied the opponents they wrestled before the match. They knew who was trending up and trending down, who was getting more ring time, and who was off the show. And their opponents for the upcoming Stardom event were the heroic MVPs. Their old rivals were indeed trending upward and getting plenty of match time. They crossed paths before in the ring but this was different. The MVPs were getting fast popularity in the eyes of the Asylum Wrestling Society fans as likable, athletic, babyfaces. This made them prime challengers for Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley who just wanted to see how good they’d gotten after all this time. Eliana Gomez and Hailey Scott were going to get the very best version of Shannon and Dina. They’ve been preparing for this match from the very moment that the show card was made public so fans could get their tickets. Doing tandem workouts to prepare for their match which is where their passion and chemistry were extra-evident. Not just by spotting each other on the bench press but by doing sit-ups, pull-ups, and even doing squats and battle rope drills on each other’s shoulders. In other words, their goal was simple and evident and that shows that they were still relevant in the Asylum Wrestling Society tag team scene. And in Dina’s case, it was similar to how her mentor Bully Ray was showing that he was still relevant in the professional wrestling scene. She was watching Bully Ray’s return at Impact Wrestling’s “Bound For Glory” event. Shannon Douglas: Are you still watching that match, Dee? Dina Dudley: Yeah. I can’t get it out of my mind for some damn reason. And I don’t even care for the match it’s the moment itself. And he won too. Shannon stood next to her in the locker room of the AWS Training Center after a tough, fulfilling, tandem workout Shannon Douglas: I don’t care about Impact but I heard of that moment and I know it hit you hard. In a good way though. I mean… Dina Dudley got a bit reminiscent of the situation and began to get lost in thought while talking with her tag team partner. Bully Ray: All of you are going to be damn good wrestlers in this business but only one of you has the honor and the opportunity of holding the name of Dudley. Because you graduated top of your class. You are “Magna Cum Dudley!” Danica Marelli come up here! A younger, smaller, Danica Marelli walked onto the small stage on the one floor “Team 3D Wrestling Academy” with calm composure on the outside but inside she was beaming with glee. D’von Dudley: Danica you hauled ass from New York down to Florida just to learn how to wrestle and you gave it everything you got. Of all the men and women here you earned the right to wrestle with the last name “Dudley.” Do you choose to accept this name? Danica Marelli: Yes! Yes I do. Danica relaxed after giving her answer. Drawing chuckles from her classmates. D’von Dudley: Then OH MY SISTER TESTIFYYYYYYYY! YOU ARE NOW DANICA DUDLEY! She looked out at her classmates. Some of them would have careers in wrestling themselves like her in due time. Shannon Douglas: Dee… Dee?... DEE! Dina’s eyes widened with a start. Her best friend and fellow Violent Generation member were talking Shannon Douglas: You were spacing out… Dina Dudley: Yeah, I was. I was just reminiscing about my last day in wrestling school. How I earned the name “Dudley.” Shannon smiled following an understanding nod. Shannon Dudley: Well we have our match against the MVPs tomorrow. Make your teacher proud okay? Dina Dudley: You know it. They bumped fists to end their conversation and left the building soon after. Dina was going to do her absolute best to not only win the match for her team but make Bully Ray proud of her. —-- The Buffalo Riverworks arena was packed to capacity. Just like how the Violent Generation liked it. Things were just right for Shannon and Dina to make their statement clear to the WXW fans at home and abroad. Time to get it started! Shannon and Dina were backstage in full “Violent Generation” gear which consisted of their latest T-Shirt you can buy at the AWS shop with Dina in black pants and Shannon in black booty shorts. Shannon Douglas: Stardom. It’s an appropriate event since Dina and I are two of the biggest stars in Women’s Extreme Wrestling. Every match we’re in is the one match you as a fan must see. Even if it's against opponents that we faced before. Like The MVPs. Dina Dudley: Eliana, Hailey it’s nice to see that you’re relevant again. Meanwhile me and Shan never stopped being relevant in AWS. Because we fight hard, we work hard and find ways to keep people talking about us as contenders. Because we’re that damn good and we haven’t fallen off the map like you two clowns have. Shannon Douglas: Whether it’s AWS, WXW, or any promotion Dina and I come in and take it over. We win matches, we run the division, and we put the world on notice. What do you two do Elina & Hailey? Hell, what does the whole MVP team do? Aside from choking in big matches, getting close to victory but not close enough? Sure, you all are great athletes. Some of you won medals and college trophies, but we’re better at wrestling and we damn sure fight hard. Dina Dudley: And we’re going to prove it here tonight. You see. My mentor Bubba Ray Dudley returned to the ring recently and wouldn’t it be great…if we put one of the MVPs through a table Shan? This made Shannon grin while Dina pulled in a wooden folding table off screen. Shannon Douglas: That would be a great idea, Dee! In fact,… Shannon stepped off screen to grab a table of her own. Shannon Douglas: How about two? Dina Dudley: Hailey James-Scott, Eliana Gomez you’re going to lose tonight in Stardom and you’re going through tables and those Goddess Tag Team Championships are OURS. Shannon Douglas: Enjoy picking splinters out of your body. We’ll think of you while we’re polishing our titles. And with that confident smirk the promo ended, and the camera transitioned to commentary. The next match was underway.
  15. Picture Base * Morrissey Ring Name *Grayson Howlett Real Name * Also Known As Hometown/Billed * Toronto, Canada Height * 7’0 Weight *280 Blood Type: O Age * 29 Debut Year * 2017 Alignment * Babyface Cheating Tendency *None. He’ll beat the hell out of you outside the ring. Use the barricade, post, and sometimes steps to hurt you but he’ll never cheat Fighting Styles * Brawler-Powerhouse mix Similar To Wrestler *Sheamus Entrance Theme Song * “Oh Canada” (Team Canada version) Entrance Description * “Oh Canada” plays to a cheering crowd and Grayson comes to the stage. He looks down at the camera and mouths “seven feet tall” directly to the camera while showing the hand sign for “seven” for emphasis and then flexes one chiseled bicep on camera and then touches walks right down to the ring and steps over the top rope. Selling us his height. For babyface appeal, he does point to the crowd and hypes them up with his words before flexing his physique while he waits for his opponent. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * His wrestling boots are short but close around the ankle and arch of his foot which look almost like work boots and wrestling pants. Grayson’s wrestling pants are mostly red but have the Toronto skyline on the back in white with the initials “GH” on the front in a bold, blocky, font. Standard Moves (10-15) * Dropkick, Vertical Suplex (sometimes delayed) armdrag, back suplex, fireman’s carry, hiptoss, backbreaker. Scoop Slam. Hammerlock. Headlock. Signature Moves (5-10) * Major Pain (Atomic Drop.) Reverse Hangman (Stretch Muffler). High Knee. Stinger Splash. Spinning Side Slam. T-Dot (Jumping Elbow Drop after a “T-Pose.”) Primary Finishing Moves * Lake Ontario Plunge (Sitout Chokeslam) Order 17 (Brogue Kick) [Named after his shoe size] Secondary Finishing Moves * T-Slam (Samoan Drop) Gray Day (Clothesline) Title Histories & Accolades * Brief Biography * Unlike his real-life best friend Maverick Hart who grew up in the business and saw wrestling as a career path early on in life Grayson just watched it as a fan growing up with his family. Particularly his father and older brother. He first tuned into wrestling during the late attitude era, and early ruthless aggression era and saw guys like Triple H, The Undertaker, the Big Show, Chris Jericho, and Edge and Christian. With Big Show and Edge being his favorites, as well as having a crush on Trish Stratus. But instead of diving into the world of wrestling after graduating high school in Toronto, he followed his father and maternal uncle’s footsteps, joined the Canadian Armed Forces from 2012-2016, and reached the rank of Major. He met Maverick while wrestling for the same non-AWS promotion in Canada and they hit it off right away. They talked about sports, women, music, and of course, wrestling to build their bond. They were also signed over from the same promotion to AWS. He’s the first member of Maverick’s Maple Leaf Uprising stable. Maverick’s giant second in command.
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