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  1. Picture Base * Morrissey Ring Name *Grayson Howlett Real Name * Also Known As Hometown/Billed * Toronto, Canada Height * 7’0 Weight *280 Blood Type: O Age * 29 Debut Year * 2017 Alignment * Babyface Cheating Tendency *None. He’ll beat the hell out of you outside the ring. Use the barricade, post, and sometimes steps to hurt you but he’ll never cheat Fighting Styles * Brawler-Powerhouse mix Similar To Wrestler *Sheamus Entrance Theme Song * “Oh Canada” (Team Canada version) Entrance Description * “Oh Canada” plays to a cheering crowd and Grayson comes to the stage. He looks down at the camera and mouths “seven feet tall” directly to the camera while showing the hand sign for “seven” for emphasis and then flexes one chiseled bicep on camera and then touches walks right down to the ring and steps over the top rope. Selling us his height. For babyface appeal, he does point to the crowd and hypes them up with his words before flexing his physique while he waits for his opponent. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * His wrestling boots are short but close around the ankle and arch of his foot which look almost like work boots and wrestling pants. Grayson’s wrestling pants are mostly red but have the Toronto skyline on the back in white with the initials “GH” on the front in a bold, blocky, font. Standard Moves (10-15) * Dropkick, Vertical Suplex (sometimes delayed) armdrag, back suplex, fireman’s carry, hiptoss, backbreaker. Scoop Slam. Hammerlock. Headlock. Signature Moves (5-10) * Major Pain (Atomic Drop.) Reverse Hangman (Stretch Muffler). High Knee. Stinger Splash. Spinning Side Slam. T-Dot (Jumping Elbow Drop after a “T-Pose.”) Primary Finishing Moves * Lake Ontario Plunge (Sitout Chokeslam) Order 17 (Brogue Kick) [Named after his shoe size] Secondary Finishing Moves * T-Slam (Samoan Drop) Gray Day (Clothesline) Title Histories & Accolades * Brief Biography * Unlike his real-life best friend Maverick Hart who grew up in the business and saw wrestling as a career path early on in life Grayson just watched it as a fan growing up with his family. Particularly his father and older brother. He first tuned into wrestling during the late attitude era, and early ruthless aggression era and saw guys like Triple H, The Undertaker, the Big Show, Chris Jericho, and Edge and Christian. With Big Show and Edge being his favorites, as well as having a crush on Trish Stratus. But instead of diving into the world of wrestling after graduating high school in Toronto, he followed his father and maternal uncle’s footsteps, joined the Canadian Armed Forces from 2012-2016, and reached the rank of Major. He met Maverick while wrestling for the same non-AWS promotion in Canada and they hit it off right away. They talked about sports, women, music, and of course, wrestling to build their bond. They were also signed over from the same promotion to AWS. He’s the first member of Maverick’s Maple Leaf Uprising stable. Maverick’s giant second in command.
  2. Troy Funk was a proud professional wrestler. The grandson of Terry Funk and great-nephew of Dory Funk Jr. was happy to follow in their footsteps and beat up people for a living with a hardcore mentality. A professional wrestler who’d do anything to win. Damn the rules, damn the regulations, winning the match, finishing the fight wasn’t just the most important thing that mattered. It was the ONLY thing that mattered. He wasn’t afraid to put some bruises and rugged war wounds from wrestling on that pretty face of his. No wonder Troy took to the Violent Generation perfectly. Earning the respect of Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley with ease. As well as being seen as a competent ally to his fellow men in the team Ben Reks and Zane Maritato. He represented the team, his family, and perhaps most importantly himself and made a lot of money in the Asylum Wrestling Society. And even got a championship title too. Troy Funk was the current, reigning, and defending AWS Underground Champion and he loved every second of it. It meant he got paid more than quite a few wrestlers and had more respect too. It was positive proof that he was a badass in the locker room and could be seen as a star in the eyes of the fans. This just meant that he had a target on his from wrestlers who believed that they were the toughest pound-for-pound wrestler in AWS. Including some that would be recurring pains in Troy’s ass. Like Konrad Raab. The Troy Funk vs. Konrad Raab rivalry was a must-see battle for wrestling fans who liked matches with grit and hardcore violence in their wrestling match. They had arguably the most barbaric match in Champions’ Carnival where Troy won the AWS Underground Championship off of Konrad Raab and now he had to defend it in AWS Ward. In a Fight Pit match! Another match with close confines too for this meeting. This was just right for Troy. He beat Konrad before and he believed he could do it again. Training was a breeze for the Texan. He was watching past matches, doing strength and staminina training at the AWS Performance Center and his private workout room in the Double Cross Ranch back at Texas. Getting his paces in with the weights and in the ring with one thing on his mind everyday leading up to the match. Troy Funk: I’m going to beat Konrad Raab’s ass. —- Troy Funk was sitting squarely in the ring. Wearing his street clothes as opposed to his pro wrestling gear. Red and black t-shirt, blue jeans, and black boots while looking squarely into the camera with stone cold focus. Ready to speak to the Asylum Wrestling Society fans and more importantly his opponent Konrad Raab. Troy Funk: I’m Troy Funk and honestly at this point I don’t even know.else I can say about Konrad Raab but dammit I’m going to try make it clear and say something now about this son of a bitch Konrad Raab. Troy sighed after a deep breath and returned his gaze to the production camera. Troy Funk: I’m fighting Konrad again for the Underground Championship. This time though I’m the champion, and this time these ropes right her are going be behind four sides of steel. A damn fight pit. A match from a company that’s the furthest thing from AWS but damn is it Fitting for two badass man-beasts like us? Troy made that statement and gave a little smirk at the end of his sentence while making note of the history that these two men had with each other. Troy Funk: See that’s the thing Konrad. I don’t hate you. Don’t get me wrong I don’t like you, I don’t like your ugly-ass facepaint, your tacky-ass ring gear, or your blood fetish, but I don’t HATE YOU. In fact I respect the hell out of you because you can wrestle and you can fight. You wouldn’t have held this fine championship belt if you couldn’t. But here’s the damn thing. I ain’t giving this back to anybody. This Underground Championship right here is MINE. I earned it after kicking your ass, taking it from you and I ain’t giving it back anytime soon. And then Troy gave a light chuckle. Troy Funk: Well damn. I guess I got more a lot to say after all. I guess it comes from somebody you’re used to fighting against, bleeding with, and doing battle with. But this time Konrad the result will be the same as it was before. I’m going to kick your ass and RETAIN my AWS Underground Championship. And yeah we’ll have a hell of a match. I expect that from you but this time old man, I’m gonna put you down for good. See you in the Fight Pit.
  3. The Asylum Wrestling Society didn’t just have some of the most interesting singles wrestlers or tag teams but also some of the most interesting FACTIONS in wrestling. It was also a good wrestling promotion for younger wrestlers looking to strike a name for themselves. If you didn’t want to compete in World Wrestling Entertainment or All Elite Wrestling and become a “Superstar” or “All Elite” you could become a Lunatic and do damn well for yourself. This was where Maple Leaf Uprising came in. Maple Leaf Uprising was a wrestling stable consisting of completely Canadian-born & raised wrestlers. Led by Maverick Hart, the son of Bret Hart and an experienced pro wrestler in the family, had one goal in mind and that’s to elevate Canadian wrestling with natural-born Canadian wrestlers. All to make Canada the place to be and the country to pay attention to when it comes to professional wrestling. So, in the AWS Crazy Eights Faction Championships-12-Person Faction Warfare Elimination Match Maverick spent every day working with his team. Training and getting ready for war. Which is exactly what this was to the Maple Leaf Uprising. War in the form of a wrestling match. And Maverick Hart, third generation wrestler wasn’t alone. He had teammates. There was Grayson Howlett who started wrestling shortly after leaving the Canadian Armed Forces, Jacques LaCroix who was a former mixed martial artist, Aurora Starr who was a former fitness model and stuntwoman, Grant Hammer who played in the Canadian Football league, and lastly Hilda Stark that was built like an absolute war maiden. Maverick Hart was an old-school stable leader in the body of a young man his physical and mental prime. This meant that he emphasized teamwork whenever possible. They traveled together, trained together, and in the case of ASW Ward in Albany, New York they prepared to promo together so they can win their titles together. And hey had a HELL of a statement in mind for the opposing factions at ASW Ward… — And in the Times Union Center. The night of AWS Ward with the “Crazy Eights Faction Championships” coming near Maverick gathered his team in the ring so they could speak to the crowd as a complete unit Maverick Hart: We are Maple Leaf Uprising and…damn how many teams can say that their very first match is going to be a championship match?! The seven of us, are brand new to AWS but not to the ring by any means. We’re young, hungry, Canadian wrestlers looking to win a lot of gold, make a lot of money, wrestle a lot of people, and please a lot of fans here in AWS! Maverick paused his sentence just for babyface appeal which he got a bit of from the fans Maverick Hart: Now make no mistake. Maple Leaf Uprising isn’t some stereotype. We’re not the big bad Canadians who hate our neighbor to the south. We chose to wrestle here in the United States, we got passports, work VISAs, and we want to be in the United States. Why? Because that’s not only where AWS and it has some damn good wrestling but this is where we can bring Canadian wrestling BACK. To show the world that some of the best wrestlers aren’t just from the United States, Japan, and England by getting titles and running ASYLUM SOCIETY WRESTLING. This put the fans at ease knowing they weren’t another group of evil Canadian wrestlers that the wrestling world has had before. Aurora Starr: All of us come from different walks of life. Maverick was born for this as his last name says he is. Hilda went to wrestling shows since she was five years old. And while Grant, Jacques, Grayson, and I didn’t have wrestling as our first choice we’re giving wrestling everything we have because nothing we do is half-assed. Grayson Howlett: Damn right. Maverick wouldn’t have brought us together if we didn’t have any drive, any passion for this business. It doesn’t matter what your walk of life is, where you came from, because if you’re a part of the Maple Leaf Uprising you’re going to have to give everything you got to make Maple Leaf Uprising strong. Grant Hammer: Wouldn’t expect anything less from a former Canadian soldier. You know something about war. And in this ring, we’re going to go through one for the Crazy Eights Faction Championships Hilda Stark: We’re going up against the MVPs, the Society of Destruction. I still like our odds because none of those teams have the talent and hunger that we do. I couldn’t think of a better way to debut! Jacques LaCroix: We’re not going to lose. Not for ourselves, not for our fans' sake either. We can’t lose Faction Warfare! Jacques’ voice may have had a French accent, a sign of his Quebec heritage but it was passionate all the same and it was shared among his teammates. None of them wanted to lose this match and Maverick like the leader he was. Maverick Hart: You see MVPs, Society Of Destruction we’re the wildcards that are ready to shake up AWS. You have no idea what we’re capable but you’re gonna find out here at Ward. Because we are the Maple Leaf Uprising, and you will feel us rise!
  4. Promo focus: More than just a manager Julieta signed an Asylum Wrestling Society deal in early April. She honed her skills in Chicago, worked her way up after signing a decent contract for a new wrestler, and the Asylum Wrestling Society would be her first major wrestling company that gave her serious, long-term, pay. Julieta was going to be a LUNATIC. After busting her culo on the indies for years. And then NOTHING. Make no mistake she loved how AWS had its own training facility and she’d go to training classes to improve her wrestling and promo skills. She’d meet up with like-minded wrestlers and not only learn from them but hang out with them on occasion. Hell. She even met her boyfriend Mike Dimter there! But aside from house matches and dark matches, Julieta had nothing of note. Just training sessions, promo classes, dating the “Bad Ass”, and occasional matches that nobody who watched Ward, Insanity, or any of the AWS TV shows actually saw. Time for a change in the form of opportunity. Queens Of Combat had a Battle Royal coming up in September in Egypt and Julieta believed that she was ready for it. Ready for her first match. In fact, the Latina wrestler didn’t even care that it was in a battle royal and she was going to wrestle against at least five other women. The match was confirmed to at least be Rene Volkov vs Martha Venegas vs Lindsey Flare vs Diamond vs Roxanne vs Jensen Lane so this meant that she was going to at least compete against six other women. She couldn't wait to dust off her passport. But here’s the thing…Julieta wasn’t scared. In fact, she embraced the challenge and was ready to put in the work. In fact she had just changed into her wrestling gear for her first meaningful promo and her comment was simple but clear here in Cairo, Egypt. Julieta: Damn I look good! And now I get a reason to actually wear you. Julieta’s ring gear was a blend of her two all-time favorite wrestlers’ gear. AJ Lee and Melina Perez. It had the colors of the Chicago city flag added in; light blue, white, and red and with the letter “J” in cursive font.on her heart with matching cutoff shorts as the bottoms. The fans and more importantly her boyfriend would like how it showed a lot of skin. Particularly her big butt. Julieta: I’m going to wrestle as good as I look tonight. And I have my first promo too. Tengo esto. First Julieta took a couple of pictures of her in her ring gear for social media. Then she crossed herself. A sign that she was a pro wrestler with religious faith before leaving the women’s locker room. She wasn’t a big enough deal yet to have her own locker room YET. And now she had to promote herself and get her nerves prepared for a battle royal match. Time to see what Julieta had to say! —--- Julieta insisted on having an interview with someone who wasn’t afraid to ask some strong questions. Stuff that would make her think and put her in a bit of the hot seat. Luckily AWS interviewer Lauren Anderson was happy to volunteer. This blonde had experience, and credentials, and had no problems holding her own in the presence of the Lunatics. Especially ones like Julieta who were going to have their first match tonight at Queens Of Combat. In a segment that was known as “Therapy Sessions.” Where your favorite Lunatics get asked informative, hard-hitting questions in a setting that looked like it came out of a therapist's office. Complete with a comfy couch, chairs, books, and other things fitting of a real-world psych doctor’s setting to give the interview a special theme. Since the Asylum Wrestling Society wrestlers were branded as “lunatics” after all. Lauren Anderson: A new patient. Welcome to my office, Julieta. Julieta: Gracias. Thanks for having me, Lauren. Lauren Anderson adjusted her horn-rimmed glasses Lauren Anderson: It’s Doctor Anderson. And it was my understanding that you’d have a special guest with you. Where is your significant other mister “Bad Ass” Mike Dimter? Julieta: What does it matter? Lauren then decided to dig deeper while Julieta’s brow furrowed. Lauren Anderson: Well we’ve seen you by his side in interviews, at ringside, when he’s with other wrestlers in AWS. I had some questions in mind for you and him but I’ll focus them on you. What does Mike think of you having your very first match? Julieta: What does that have to do with anything? Lauren Anderson: Well, he must be worried that your first match is going to be in a battle royal. A large melee in the ring with women that have more experience than you. Which you volunteered for I might add Julieta: Look. Mikey is my boyfriend. Not my brother, not my father, my boyfriend. And he’s a wrestler too so if I should win this match then we’ll celebrate our victory médico. He has no problems wanting me to shine and wrestle on my own. I was just waiting for the right time Lauren Anderson: And the right time is now. Julieta cracked her first smile since stepping into the office. Julieta: Exactly. Lauren Anderson took notes on all of this in an old-school notebook that was loaded with pages for her to write in. Lauren Anderson: So how about your wrestling career? Being a manager doesn’t seem like your first choice anyway. How’d you get started?... Julieta began to relax a little bit in her chair. Finally, a question that wasn’t so personal. Julieta: I wrestled right out of high school. My family was surprised but they didn’t mind as long as I got paid and I wasn’t doing anything too dangerous in the ring. I wrestled all across Chicagoland, every side, even across Illinois too. I got noticed by AWS Staff after a tryout and I was offered a short term contract after a Great Lakes tryout. I’ve been here ever since. Lauren Anderson: And now you're finally having your first match tonight in a battle royale match. For the Temptress Championship no less. Any feelings of nervousness or anxiety leading up to the match? Julieta chuckled lightly from this question. Julieta: You’d think that but no. The way I see it I have nothing to lose and everything to gain so there is absolutely nothing stopping me from giving everything I got in that right and if I get eliminated yeah that sucks but that’s fine. I can bounce back in the next match but if I win. Ay mios dio if I win I’m going to have the whole world talking about me. Lauren took more notes down with a smile. Getting somewhere with the Latina wrestler Lauren Anderson: I’m reminded of the start of this meeting. How you were admittedly a little tense at the mention of your boyfriend Mike Dimter. So simply put, what is driving you to compete here tonight and step out of his corner? Julieta looked at Lauren, who was sitting across from her with full focus. Julieta: Well simply put médico. I just want to be more than just a manager, standing around in my boyfriend’s corner. I’m ready to wrestle, I’m ready to FIGHT. And at Queens of Combat, I’m going to do just that and do it just right. To become Temptress Champion. And that was the last thing Julieta said before the promo faded to black.
  5. Maverick Hart AWS app Picture Base * Ethan Page Ring Name * Maverick Hart Real Name * Maverick Noah Hart Also Known As * Hometown/Billed * Calgary, Alberta, Canada Height * 6’2 Weight * 232 lbs Blood Type: AB Age *29 Debut Year * 2011 Alignment * Babyface Cheating Tendency * Almost nonexistent. Maverick prefers to win matches cleanly whenever possible. Fighting Styles *Mostly Technical but with a hint of striker when it comes to his kicks and running moves Similar To Wrestler * Kurt Angle Entrance Theme Song * “Oh Canada” (Team Canada version) Entrance Description * “Oh Canada” plays to a cheering crowd with Maverick standing in the center of the stage in the middle of it and flexes his biceps for the crowd. Posing a bit before coming down stage. Touching the hands of the fans. He channels his father Bret by giving his red wraparound shades to a kid at ringside and then walks up the steps and then wipes his feet before entering the ring. Giving the fans one last muscle flex before awaiting his opponent. Wardrobe/Ring Gear *Maverick prides himself on being similar but at the same time different from his old man. Putting a spin on things. He still has the “Hitman” winged skull but to keep with the “Canada” theme the wings and heart design are red instead of pink and/or black. And it’s on his singlet that’s two-strapped but it’s designed to look like armor. He also has red elbow pads and white wrist tape with white boots that also have his variant of the Hart winged skull on the front. Standard Moves (10-15) * Back Suplex. Rebound Arm Drag. Dropkick. Enzuigiri. German Suplex. Fireman’s Carry Slam. Side Slam. Rebound Neckbreaker. Flatliner. Judo Throw. Tiger Suplex. High Knee. Release Belly To Belly. Hammerlock-Scoop Slam Signature Moves (5-10) * Sharpshooter. Saddledome Stretch (Stepover Armlock Camel Clutch). Maple-Plex (Capture suplex). Canadian Cutter (Reverse Crucifix Cutter). Maverick Landing (Middle Rope Moonsault). Crackdown (Elevated Twisting Butterfly Backbreaker). Pacemaker (Leaping Reverse STO) Primary Finishing Moves * Hart String (Heel Hook) Calgary Crossdriver (Cross-arm Piledriver) Secondary Finishing Moves * Cardiac Arrest (Ura-Nage into an Anaconda Vice) Hart Chamber (Impaler DDT). Title Histories & Accolades * Canadian Wrestling Alliance Television Champion (2 times). Canadian Wrestling Alliance World Champion (Once) Brief Biography * Bret may have had multiple children. In fact Maverick is the youngest of five. But he’s the only one to dive deep in the world of professional wrestling. “Mav” was quite the jock growing up; wrestling at age seven while also playing baseball and football growing up. Lettering in the former of the two along with wrestling once he got into high school. All while tuning into WWE on a weekly basis. He chose to go into wrestling straight away while becoming a handyman on the side after graduating high school while training with his uncles Ross and Bruce Hart in 2011. Maverick hasn’t looked back since, living up to his name’s meaning and going into wrestling his own way. Even turning away WWE to focus on pure, prominent independent promotions like the Asylum Wrestling Society. Immediately befriending and building connections with fellow Canadian wrestlers to form the Maple Leaf Uprising.
  6. Monday Night Ward needed to be on its A-game in the coming weeks. Sports, regular fall television, and of course other wrestling promotions all seemed to perk up around this time. This also meant that it was the right time to assert your dominance and get that last push for wrestling fame as the year was nearing its end. But that was something that the Violent Generation didn’t have to truly worry about. They had five members. Shannon Douglas, Dina Dudley, Troy Funk, Ben Reks, and Zane Maritato that represented them with pride and they all did their part to keep TVG relevant in the eyes of the fans and in the presence of the locker room. Even if they had to hang out among themselves since they had no outside allies. Which put Hollie Holt and Dakota Storm in a unique spot. They were two rising stars of the Asylum Wrestling Society that were teaming up to fight one of the more established teams in the company. Which of course Shannon and Dina took as a challenge. An established team losing to some thrown-together pair to fill up the show card. Shannon and Dina just couldn’t help but take this as an insult. Dina Dudley had just finished an auto repair. Working under the hood of a Ford F-150. All while pretending not to notice her male co-workers check her out while she was bending over in her tight jeans when she got a text immediately once her shift was older from Shannon Douglas. Antonio: I heard your phone go off sis, lemme guess. Shannon’s callin? Dina Dudley: Yeah it’s a text and I saw it. Mind if I take this bro?” Antonio: It’s boss when we’re at work but yeah go on. Your work is done so just let the client know his repairs are done before you go. Antonio was Dina’s older brother who ran “Auto Aid Car Care” in Brooklyn. They did complete auto care which ranged from changing oil and fixing flat tires to working under the hood and in the undercarriage of your vehicle. It was founded by their dad and his buddies right out of college but now Antonio was in charge of the place as lead supervisor with his younger sister Dina as a repairman. Basic work given her part time status. It gave her some decent money on the side of being a wrestler. Dina Dudley: Sure thing boss. After giving a brief call to her customer she began a text session with Shannon Douglas who just finished a training session with her Brazilian Jiu Jitsu master and mma coach Coach Palmer. Now that her repair job is done. Plus her shift was over too. Dina Dudley: I got your text. We're facing Hollie Holt and Dakota Storm at AWS Ward. Shannon Douglas: A random team thrown together to try and beat us. I hate that shit Shannon sent this text while still in her martial arts uniform so she was still amped up. Her annoyance of fighting a random tag team was shining through. Dina Dudley: I don’t like them either. All the more reason for them to get their asses kicked. Shannon Douglas: Gym session when we meet up? Dina Dudley: U know it. Hollie & Dakota are gonna lose. And with that statement the two of them had one mission in mind and that was to get ready to assert dominance over another hopeful tag team that was in way over their heads. —------- Shannon Douglas: I am Shannon Douglas. Dina Dudley: I am Dina Dudley Shannon Douglas: And we are the leading ladies of the Violent Generation. The gatekeepers of the Asylum Wrestling Society. They introduced themselves from their locker room in their “Violent Generation” shirts. The only difference was that Shannon was wearing tight black pants while Dina was wearing short shorts that hugged her round butt Shannon Douglas: We call ourselves gatekeepers because we’re the team that determines who is a legit threat, a true star in AWS and who are just pretenders. Where if you beat Dina and I you and your tag partner better get ready to pop the champagne and order the side plates because you’re going to be AWS Pinnacle Tag Team champions. Dina Dudley: When Shannon and I do lose which ain’t often but when we do lose it’s to teams that aren’t flukes. Real teams that we acknowledge are pretty damn good and worthy of holding the titles that we held three times. Teams like the House Of Wolves, the Pride, even Philly Air Raid. Shannon Douglas: So if you’re a pair of singles wrestlers who may be good one on one but you have tag team championship dreams or think you can make a name for yourselves in the tag team division because you suck in singles matches, like our two opponents for Ward Hollie Holt and Dakota Storm you’re not beating us. Dina and I WILL NOT lose to you. Dina Dudley: See we pay attention to shit. Hollie, Dakota, you two tore each other APART in the Brandenburg Briefcase Ladder Deathmatch about a month ago at the last Ward show. I’m surprised that you two can even compete so fast after all of that! So now it seems like you two have made a dumbass truce to come together and try to take me and Shannon down. You two have no idea what you’re in for tonight. Shannon Douglas: Dina and I LOVE seeing teams like you two in the ring against us especially in one on one competition because now we get a chance to cut loose and show why we are the gatekeepers of AWS’s tag team divisions who separate the real teams Dina Dudley: That’s us Shannon Douglas: From the fake teams Dina Dudley: That’s Hollie and Dakota. Shannon Dudley: Teams that deserve title shots and main events Dina Dudley: That’s us Shannon Douglas: From teams that are going to split up from each other even if they did beat us. Dina Dudley: That’s Hollie and Dakota. Shannon Douglas: So everyone who is watching this from the other wrestlers to the fans you will see the gatekeepers. The leading ladies of the Violent Generation. Kick ass tonight and put Hollie Holt and Dakota Storm in their place. Dina Dudley: And that’s on the canvas under us. Stay tuned.
  7. Picture Bases * Ethan Page, W. Morrissey, Kyle O’Reilly, Jacy Jayne, Wardlow, Rhea Ripley Faction Name * Maple Leaf Uprising Faction Members * Maverick Hart (Leader. Grandson of Stu Hart, Son of Bret Hart. He is 29 years old. Representing Calgary) Garrison Howlett (Member. Former Canadian Army Major. He is 29 years old. Representing Toronto) Jacques LaCroix (Member. Former Mixed Martial Artist from Canada. Protege of Georges “Rush” St-Pierre. He is 28 years old. Representing Quebec City) Aurora Starr (Member. Canadian Fitness Model & Stuntwoman turned wrestler. Representing Vancouver. She’s 25 years old) Grant Hammer. (Member. Former Winnipeg Blue Bomber. Representing Winnipeg. He’s 24 years old) Hilda Stark. (Member. Lifelong wrestling fan with a power & paint theme. Representing Saskatchewan She’s 27 years old) Combined Weight * 1, 224 lbs Alignments * Babyface Similar To * Entrance Description * The “Team Canada” version of “Oh Canada” plays and the team comes out on the stage and it’s clear that while they’re all Canadian their personalities are different. Maverick is in the middle, Garrison and Jack are on his left, and Hilda, Aurora, and Grant are on the right with red and white pyro going off behind them. They work the babyface appeal with smiles to the crowd, poses, and touching the hands of fans with Maverick leading the team down the ramp to the ring and then Maverick stands in the middle, posing with his teammates in the middle. Signature Moves * Double Superkick. Double Hiptoss. Double Elbow Drop Finishing Moves * Hart Attack (Maverick & a partner). First Canada Place [Elevated Jawbreaker] (Garrison & a partner). Pont Champlain [STO-German Suplex combination] (Jacques & a partner). Poetry In Motion (Aurora & a partner). Helping Hammer [Double Spinebuster] (Grant & a partner). Doomsday Device (Hilda & a partner) Motive * They're Canadian wrestling patriots. But instead of just opposing America and other countries they want to restore Canada's presence in the wrestling world. All of them are wrestling machines who wish to represent their country and themselves as young wrestlers
  8. Zoey Epsilon had been adding some unique characters to her episodes as of late. New opponents to test her skills against and even more interestingly new tag team partners to work with. She’s been teaming up with unique wrestlers who don’t have much in common with her aside from a drive to win. But Zoey was fine with that. While she was indeed friendly she never sought out friends or long-term alliances. Zoey was a solo protagonist of pro wrestling at heart which meant that while she may not have a lot of wrestlers over her house for film study (as in watching anime for about half a day) Zoey may have been a good, loyal, teammate when need be but she wasn’t looking to formally enter the tag team division. So she saw these tag matches as a mixed bag because of it and her fans knew it too. This is why her tag team match alongside Legion against Necra Octavian Kane and Rene Volkov had extra appeal to her fans. She had no true idea what Legion was about but she had a damn good idea about Necra and Rene Volkov. This required Zoey to do some old school research and check out Legion just to be sure what she was getting herself into. While wearing a "My Hero Academia" UA High School shirt. Zoey Epsilon: Legion…lets see here… Zoey was doing some match research on Legion and she liked what she saw from her. She had more in-ring experience than Zoey but Zoey had more experience than Legion in terms of the Asylum Wrestling Society. Perhaps she could make a symbiotic bond with the older woman at least for the match. Zoey also liked how Legion wrestled. She was technically skilled, mean, and carried herself like a confident queen like her nickname said she was. Zoey Epsilon: Whoa. I never saw anyone bend like that. Legion is MEAN. Okay let's see here…wow what a nice suplex. But what about her finishing moves..ITAI. That’s gonna hurt! Zoey just saw Legion hit her “Queendom Come” into “Storytime” combo finisher which put her opponent out with ease. The more she saw Legion wrestle the more she liked her. But now came for the fun part…the promo research! Zoey was going to need this if wanted to include Legion in her promo. And Zoey had some ideas pop into her head the second the “Queenslayer” on the mic. This is going to be FUN. ************ The core promo from Zoey was animated like a medieval anime. Swords clashing, dragons flying, and Zoey looking like she came directly out of "Sword Art Online", Legion herself looking like a beautiful and powerful queen with dramatic music playing in the background to add to the mood and scenery. Plus Rene and Necra looked like evil sorcerers with unholy armies and magic powers. Clearly depicting them as villains. That’s the mentality that Zoey had leading into their battle at Champion’s Carnival. Even if Legion didn’t see herself as a classic hero Zoey saw them both as more noble than their opponents. And soon enough they were clashing during the intro. Swords against swords until they stopped right when the song ended with the four wrestler’s names written in Japanese kanji. Then on screen we saw the words “Champions Carnival” written in English and in Japanese before fading to black. Then once it was done it showed Zoey Epsilon, looking like a mighty swordswoman with her two friends Elijah Edwards who was in barbarian attire and Taylor Matthews who was like a melee rogue alongside her on the way to Legion’s palace. Taylor Matthews: I get Legion summoned you to prepare for your battle against Necra Octavian Kane and Rene Volkov but why do you need us? Zoey Epsilon: Because I think Legion should see the people who were responsible for training me. Who made me so strong Elijah Edwards: I've never met another wrestler before but if she’s your tag partner she must be pretty cool. Taylor Matthews: And don’t worry, we’ll be on our best behavior. It’s not everyday we get to see royalty. Elijah Edwards: Especially a kick-ass warrior queen Legion was hyped up through images of her in the ring, throwing down against the likes of Hollie Holt, among other unlucky opponents. Hyping Legion as a tough, powerful combatant. Taylor Matthews: But wait, are you sure that you’re on the same page? You’re facing off against Necra Octavian Kane and Rene Volkov. Not saying you can’t beat them but are you sure you and Legion are on the same page? Zoey Epsilon: Sōda to ī. I really hope so. Necra and Rene are very creepy but also very talented. I don’t like them at all but Legion invited me here so we can get a game plan together. That’s what I hope this meeting will accomplish before we go to the Champion’s Carnival. It was another case of Zoey teaming up with a wrestler that she had nothing in common with. At least on a surface level. Legion looked different compared to her, wrestled differently as well. But surely they could come to a common ground and defeat their opponents in tag team combat. And Zoey’s optimism was drawn on screen with she and Legion shaking hands and performing moves on their opponents, Necra and Renee for Champion’s Carnival. Elijah Edwards: Is that the palace up there? Elijah pointed to this medieval palace just up the road. It looked like something directly from a fantasy movie. Mostly black and brown with hints of white among the main building and towers, overlooking a beautiful blue water lake with banners that had Legion’s logo hanging down from the windows with guards patrolling the area. Complete with two at the gate Zoey Epsilon: Hai…that’s a palace alright Taylor Matthews: Yeah right down to the guards waiting for you. Are you sure we can go in? Zoey nodded before responding. Zoey Epsilon: You and Elijah have been training me this whole time and you’re my companions. My friends. It’d be wrong if I didn’t take you with me and besides. You might have some input on our upcoming opponents. Elijah Edwards: Alright then. One way to find out though. That was the last thing he said before they crossed the drawbridge to greet the two guards at the front entrance. Guard One: Zoey Epsilon…and guests. Our queen was expecting just you. Zoey Epsilon: I may not have a royal escort but these two friends helped me along the way. Through training, through the forest on the way here. Pictures were seen of Zoey, Taylor, and Elijah making short work of wolves, a bear, and bandits in the forest. The guard on the left that finished talking to Zoey looked at his comrade on the right. As if wondering if they should let them in. Guard Two: Fine. You may all introduce yourselves to Queen Legion. But we will be watching you and your friends… Zoey Epsilon: Arigatou. Let's go… And Zoey led her friends into the palace where they would introduce themselves to the beautiful warrior queen Legion. Surely the meeting with Legion would go smoothly and they’d be on the same page before their battle against Necra Octavian Kane and Rene Volkoff...right?
  9. Even though Troy Funk, Ben Reks, and even Zane Maritato were getting more match time you’d be foolish to ignore the leading ladies of The Violent Generation Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley. They were just enjoying the fruits of their labor of being AWS Tag Team Champions while the men handled the light work, fought their own grudge matches, and kept TVG relevant in their own way. Shannon and Dina had photoshoots, both in their ring gear and in swimsuits. They had interviews and media activities to do. Not to mention how they still had to train and get their paces done in the AWS performance center to keep their skills sharp for when they did have to defend their tag team championships. This was also while keeping their personal lives in check since Shannon was a mixed martial artist and Dina worked in her brother’s auto repair shop in the free time they had. But don’t think for a second that Dina and Shannon weren’t paying attention to the tag team wrestling scene. They studied film, watched every show, and even talked to Troy and Ben on a regular basis to stay in tune with the tag team wrestling scene so they could scout out and prepare against any contenders. Which meant in cases like Champion’s Carnival where they had to defend their AWS Tag Team Championships at Champions Carnival against not one, not two, not three, not four, but FIVE other teams in a reverse gauntlet match where they had to come to the ring first preparation was absolutely vital. They had to have their heads in the game for this. It wasn’t hard to see why either. They had to try and run the gauntlet against The Age Of Fall, House Of Wolves, The Bluegrass Mafia, The World Elite, and The Samoan Brotherhood. They knew enough about how to fight against The Samoan Brotherhood from Troy and Bluegrass Mafia we're no strangers to them in tag team competition and neither were The Age Of Fall but the World Elite and House Of Wolves were new to them. No history with them in either singles or tag team wrestling. Brand new opponents. Not the kind you’d like to deal with in any gauntlet match much less the reverse kind. So before Shannon and Dina put their passports to use and took that flight to Cologne, Germany they put their affairs in order. Shannon (who was currently 4-0 as an independent mixed martial artist) had no fights scheduled until Champions Carnival was done and Dina simply utilized the fact that she was a part-time worker and let her brother know she wouldn’t be at his repair place because of a match in Germany she had to prepare for. Easy and simple…unlike the match the two ladies had to prepare for. Once they arrived in Germany the blonde and her raven-haired comrade focused on pure preparation for their reverse gauntlet match. No sightseeing or tours of the beautiful European city. That would come later. Especially if they won in the end. Though they knew they had to go through hell in this reverse gauntlet match… Shannon and Dina on the night of their match had a lot to say in the privacy of their locker room to the AWS crowd here in the Mercedes-Benz Arena and abroad. But let's find out just what they had specifically on their minds… Shannon Douglas: A reverse gauntlet match… We’re not one of those wrestlers who like to whine and complain about management having something against them and cry out “conspiracy!” when something doesn’t go their way or they’re in a match that they don’t like but what did we do to deserve this? Is it because you think you’re too dominant of a team? How Dina Dudley and I are the three time AWS Pinnacle Tag Team Champions? The longest reigning Pinnacle Tag Team Champions of all time? As well as the first? This isn’t how you treat your most dominant champions people… Dina Dudley: This doesn’t mean we’re backing down from this fight. If you want to book this stupid reverse gauntlet match here tonight at Champions Carnival fine. But we're taking this as not just a regular title match but as a sign of disrespect from the teams we beat before and the teams that have no business being in the ring in the first place. Seriously you either have old losers like The Age Of Fall, Samoan Brotherhood, and Bluegrass Mafia or soon-to-be losers like The World Elite and The House Of Wolves. And while Dina and Shannon made their opening statements the people watching this promo saw pictures of their five opponents appear on screen one by one. Shannon Dudley: I don’t want to waste much time talking about our opponents so let's keep this concise and swift. Especially since all five of them aren’t worth much breath. So let's start with the House Of Wolves. Danae and Kassandra. Welcome to the big time girls! This is your second match in AWS, maybe your third as a team and you’re competing for gold. But we’ll be damned if we’re going to let some new girls beat us. Dina Dudley: Just like I know I won’t let some soft-ass good guys beat us so that goes double for the World Elite. We don’t know who they’re going to send out between Kofi, AJ, Amanda, Lindsay, or that damn Agent Carter but it doesn’t matter. They’re going to lose to us all the same. Shannon Dudley: And speaking of losers here’s the Bluegrass Mafia. Matt and Dom Kurtis Dina and I have beaten you before, and you don’t have much luck against the men in our team either. Maybe if you were facing Zane you might do better but you're not. You’re facing the tag team champions. And you’re going to lose. Dina Dudley: Lets see…There’s The Samoan Brotherhood which Troy and Ben beat up on multiple times so they’re not a threat. Which leaves The Age Of Fall. One of our first opponents remember them? Shannon smirked and nodded before taking her turn to speak. Shannon Douglas: Yeah Dan Anderson, Jay Reynolds, Roxanne, Lucian, and Clint. This is taking me back to when we first formed this badass team. It's been a while since we beat them. But that's going to change when we see them in our match. Dina nodded with a focused look on her face after they finished talking trash about their five opposing teams. Dina Dudley: Damn right it will. So to keep this short and sweet we’re going to run that reverse gauntlet match and leave Champions Carnival the same way we’re going to enter that bitch. As AWS Pinnacle Champions.
  10. Every now and then a professional wrestler had a match that just seemed fit for them and their style. A wrestling match that was fit for them and what they loved to do in the ring. Sometimes it was something basic like a tag team match. Other times it was something higher risk and needed more technique like a ladder match or submission match. And then there were matches that were entirely different. Outside the means of regular pro wrestling or even the norm for it. Matches that had different settings and venues aside from four corners and a live, hyped crowd watching them. And that match in this case and context was a Fight Pit match at Champions Carnival and this match seemed just right for Troy Funk of The Violent Generation. Troy Funk was the grandson of Terry Funk, great-nephew of Dory Funk Jr. His parents had no interest in becoming wrestlers themselves but he got the wrestling bug hard. He loved the sport, and growing up he was a decent jock who was unafraid to fight. But much to his parents' chagrin he chose pro wrestling instead of college sports but made money quickly, and gained the reputation for being a tough young brawler who despite the handsome face would punch you in yours if you tried to mess it up. No wonder he was a shoo-in for the first male member of The Violent Generation. Shannon, Dina, and of course AWS management saw talent in him. No wonder he gave them a positive return on their investment as a wrestler with racking up wins, making money, and even helping Ben Reks and Zane Maritato settle into the promotion and TVG. And made him just right for the Fight Pit match This brought us Champion’s Carnival. A pay-per-view event in Berlin, Germany. A beautiful city with beautiful ring rats. Make no mistake though Troy had to be careful not to enjoy the city TOO MUCH. He had his girlfriend at home waiting for him after all. Vanessa was in his heart. Which also drove him to fight hard in every possible match that he could and hold nothing back. Vanessa, along with the desire to elevate The Violent Generation, and his own self drive motivated Troy for every match Which led us to the Fight Pit itself. Four sides, all steel, fully set up and just waiting for the lights to come on and the fans to watch. But Troy Funk was sitting right in the middle of it. Wearing his street clothes and looking clearly into the camera. Ready to speak and address the fans directly. Getting settled in before his upcoming war against "Ice Blood" Konrad Raab. A grizzled veteran from Germany who was no stranger to fights and was a personal rival of his. Though let's see what Troy Funk would have to say about him… Troy Funk: A fight pit for the Underground Championship Damn this just feels right for us doesn't it Konrad? We’re not too far from your hometown of Berlin too. So these fans, especially the German ones, are going to see us have a damn fight right here. In these four walls of steel, close quarters, a rowdy crowd ready for us to steal the show…and ready to see me win this sonuvabitch… The AWS cameras showed slow, steady shots of the steel sides of the pit as well as seeing Troy Speak. Showing the setting and adding to the mood for the fans at home. Troy Funk: This match right here. This is something that my grandfather and great-uncle would be proud of. An enclosed space for a match, can’t escape, climb at your own risk, and yeah pinfalls and submissions are needed but the real goal is to beat the hell out of your opponent until they lose their will to fight. Cripple them until they CAN’T fight back. That’s the point of this Fight Pit match. Winning it isn’t even the only thing that matters and it damn sure isn’t what people want to see. Not that I care. But that’s the goal though. To beat your opponent so bad that three counts might as well lead to the AWS doctors or WORSE for the loser. The Texan-born wrestler was now adding some hype-up to the match. Letting the fans know just what to expect when he and Konrad went to war in the steel-covered square-circle. It wasn’t just hype though. He really was prepared for a bloody, barbaric, battle against Konrad where even if he won. Which he was expecting to do. He’d be living with some visible, unignorable, pain. Troy was just going to make sure Konrad was in worse shape. Troy Funk: I remember when we had that triple threat match with Alleigh Marie. You talked shit about how being a part of a team is a sign that I can’t get things done on my own. That I’m weak because I have comrades, allies, friends, a team of people in the Violent Generation who want me to win every match. Now I won’t get sappy and say that “I’m fighting for them” and “my friends make me stronger.” But I will say this about us. Even if The Violent Generation wasn’t around or better yet if I wasn’t in it you can bet your ass I’d still be one of the best damn wrestlers in the Asylum Wrestling Society. We ain’t some team of misfits and losers that couldn’t do shit on their own and decided to band together to stop the losses. No, we’re young, hungry, men and women who believe the fastest way to run this business and run it early in our careers. Hell most of us got gold in this company. Singles or tag team, and nobody in The Violent Generation has been wrestling for more than a few years. We ain’t just hungry for success. We’re starving but we wanna hunt big game as a pack. Troy was making it clear while he was a part of a notable stable. A true team in wrestling. That didn’t mean he was any less of a wrestler and a weak man... Just that he wanted a lot of success in a short period of time with like-minded people who liked to bust heads and make a lot of money in this business in short order. Troy Funk: But like pack predators they can still be a damn problem one on one and you don’t wanna get in an enclosed space with one of them and you’re not ready for it. And Konrad, you’re not ready for me. Not now, not at Champions Carnival. You wanna talk about “Ice Blood?” I'm gonna paint this cage with it. Konrad it’s going to be you versus me. This hungry pack-hunting predator who you disrespected and he’s going to leave with your AWS Underground Title.
  11. Things were looking up for the Violent Generation as of late for just about all parties involved. Zane Maritato was wrestling now, in fact he was training with Ben Reks. The Violent Generation’s superheavyweight for even bigger training since Troy was getting more match time. And speaking of match time the men were getting more action lately. Shannon and Dina entrusted Troy, Ben, and even Zane to represent the stable more often. This includes the Asylum Wrestling Society Tag Team Titles. Troy Funk and Ben Reks were a pair of fight-hungry wrestlers that defined the toughness of AWS and helped put the violence on The Violent Generation. Troy was a brawler that liked to throw fists, feet, and use a lot of fundamental-focused wrestling moves, Ben was a super heavyweight powerhouse that wasn't afraid to go to the air on occasion. And they were chosen to represent their stable in their title match at AWS Insanity against the Samoan Brotherhood. Mark and Titus Manu. The Samoan Brotherhood had been on a classic rising star tear in AWS. Winning matches and building a rep for being tough as hell with great tag team chemistry. They were a great matchup for Troy Funk and Ben Reks for a battle that might steal the show. But right now the men of The Violent Generation were having one friendly beer at Vanessa’s bar, the Smiling Cat. Getting discounted beers considering how Troy was dating the lead bartender Troy Funk: So you got your passport ready? Ben Reks took a sip of his Heineken beer while Troy sipped his Sam Adams Boston Lager and waited on his larger teammate’s answer. Ben Reks: I forgot I even had one. Shannon told me to get one the moment I signed with AWS. I’ve never been east of Boston and now I gotta go to Italy? Holy shit. Troy Funk: I know. And management recommends you leave early in case of a layover or if you wanna do some sightseeing. Ben Reks smiled and shook his head. Ben Reks: Damn. Hey, does Vanessa know you're gonna be gone to Italy? Troy Funk: Yeah and she hates it. We're dating and she doesn't even like it when I'm out of Texas. Ben Reks: I think that just means she loves you. Besides she's a civilian, you ain't one so of course she's gonna miss you. Troy was taken back by the wisdom of his huge tag team partner. He looked at him and then at Vanessa at the bar. Troy Funk: Damn dude that's smart holy shit. And you're right too. Ben smiled from Troy's praise while taking a swig of his beer. Ben Funk: Thought so. Just try not to fall in love with any Italian chicks. Troy Funk: If I do then I better not come home. They laughed at this joke before going right up to the bar to order another one. The other patrons gave them a berth since they were wrestlers. Vanessa: Pro wrestlers coming through. Ready for round two boys? Troy Funk: You know it. He confirmed with Ben standing sitting right next to him. Vanessa: Thought so. Coming right up. Vanessa poured up two beers for them. It would be their last beers for tonight since they had to leave for their flight. Luckily both men could hold their booze. And once they got to Bologna, Italy they would be looking to hold onto the AWS Tag Team Titles. Complete with their proper promo ****** Troy Funk: There’s a lot of things I love about being an Asylum Wrestling Society inmate. You wrestle some of the best wrestlers in the world, you make a lot of money, hell you may even make a friend or two. But one of the things that stand out to me the most is the travel. Holy hell I’m going to Italy with my badass tag team partner Ben. Getting ready to fight The Samoan Brotherhood. Troy’s voice came in a voiceover in the background while the plane he and Ben were flying right to Italy. Ben Reks: This is my first match in another country. There’s no way Troy and I can blow this. Troy Funk: Mark and Titus are gonna be in for hell against us and I mean that. We didn’t come to this damn country for a vacation. We came here to fight and retain these AWS Tag Team Titles. Then the video feed showed them heading backstage of the Bologna, Italy arena. Suitcases and travel bags in hand that held their ring gear and their championship titles. Ben Reks: I could use the exercise. I never pass up a chance to bust heads and put down a tag team that thinks they’re doing good because they won a few matches. Troy Funk. The big man’s right. There’s levels to this and The Violent Generation is on a higher level than the Samoan Brotherhood and we love putting contenders in their place. Troy and Ben were now speaking from their backstage locker room in full TVG gear. Troy Funk: Plus we wanna do right by Shannon, Dina, and Zane. We gotta impress them too by leaving Italy like we came in. With the AWS Tag Team titles. But it’s okay Mark, Titus. You can drown your tears in some overpriced, overrated coffee after we beat your asses
  12. Troy Funk liked singles matches more than tag matches. Not to say that he had a problem with tag team work. It came with being in a faction after all. But Troy believed he could let his wrestling skills shine in pure singles action. Especially if he was facing big time, big name, opponents. Guys with experience and clout. Like Dan Anderson who’s been wrestling for 10 years with enough championships to fill up a whole awards case. He was the perfect opponent for Troy to test his skills against. Stepping away from his Violent Generation comrades this was the type of battle he’d be looking forward to. He had to be at his best and had to train hard for this match. And luckily since having his first match Zane Maritato, Troy's fellow Violent Generation teammate was upgraded from student to sparring partner. Troy saw him more as a tag team partner now. Especially after he won his tag team match with Necra Octavian Kane. So in their next ring drill Zane and Troy practiced together with a trainer watching over them. They did a basic move sequence. Drop downs, leapfrogs, tie ups, arm drags, hip tosses, drop toe holds, all after Irish Whips. Perfect mobile wrestling sequence. Troy Funk: You're keeping up damn good. I saw your match with Necra, I taught you well. Zane Maritato: I wrestled before I got this team but yeah I guess you did show me well. Necra’s a badass woman and a good tag partner too. Troy Funk smiled at this with a bit of smugness. Troy Funk: I knew you’d like her. Now lets cool off a bit. Hit the treadmill then we'll circle back to the ring for one more drill to finish. Zane Maritato: I see you want to get in good shape for your match against Dan Anderson eh? This led to an honest nod by the native Texan. Troy Funk: Yeah I figure I have the help of one of the new kids here to whip me into shape. Now this made Zane laugh. Knowing that Troy was referring to him. Zane Maritato: I’m not that younger than you old man. Troy Funk: And I’m not much older than you kid. Now let's hit this cardio. Troy was still the more experienced of the two in terms of Violent Generation loyalty, age, and wrestling experience but he viewed Zane with more respect now because he won a match. Plus having Zane to train with kept him on his toes and kept his already active body going. Which spelled bad news for Dan Anderson at Ward Troy could brawl, wrestle, do the fundamentals and go hardcore. He wouldn’t be a part of the Violent Generation if he couldn’t. Dan was going to have his hands full dealing with the second generation wrestler for damn sure. XXXXX The core promo before Troy’s match with Dan Anderson started off uniquely at home. In the Double Cross Ranch. Home of his late maternal grandfather Terry Funk. Inherited by Troy. Wearing his TVG short and blue jeans with a camera focused squarely on him with a microphone ready to catch him addressing the AWS fans and more importantly Dan Anderson. Troy Funk: The Double Cross Ranch. My family home. Where my grandpa would rest his head after kicking ass on the road as a wrestler. It’s mine now. Got my name on the paperwork and everything. And after every day on the road kicking ass in the Asylum Wrestling Society. I rest, I relax, and I recover before the next show. Troy’s smooth yet masculine southern twang spoke every word clearly with confidence with footage of it all. Action clips in the ring, teaming up with his TVG comrades, doing workouts at home and relaxing in the same place. Troy Funk: I live a good life. I got a farm where I grow vegetables, fruit, and even eggs. And I come home to a beautiful woman ready to take care of me every time I come home. Video footage of Troy working on his farm. Shirtless in the Texas sun. Picking fruit, baling hay, planting vegetables as well. There were also pictures of Troy with his girlfriend Vanessa who at this point was living with him as boyfriend and girlfriend. The dark-haired woman went from sassy, sexy bartender to loving girlfriend between the years they’ve been dating each other. She stayed sexy, still stayed active at work, and took care of Troy when he came home. She even kept the farm running with help from Troy’s family on occasion. Tending to Troy’s needs. Troy Funk: And I take care of the woman I love and the farm I love through wrestling. From paying bills, to buying what I need for my farm, to paying for my lady’s expensive tastes. And if I lose matches that’s money taken out of my pockets and that’s a damn problem. That’s why I can’t lose to Dan Anderson. Troy was on camera now sitting in a chair on the porch of his ranch while he said every word with intent. Putting focus on Dan Anderson. Troy Funk: That’s why I go into every match like it’s a grudge match. Because I’m fighting for more than just myself out here. I fight for the Violent Generation, I fight to pay bills for what I need for this farm, I fight so my lady can get what she wants. And I don’t want to leave with the loser’s side of the money. Troy cracked his knuckles. Keeping that composed fire in his eyes. Troy Funk: Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t dumb. I know how good you are Dan Anderson. A decade in this wrestling game. Won titles everywhere. I know you made a lot of money too. And you better believe I won’t hold anything back when we fight at Ward. I got my passport ready for Romania and everything. But the fight I’m bringing to you is more than your ass can handle. Now if you wanna take that flight I’ll see you at Ward. But you’re dealing with someone who’s got a lot of reasons to kick your ass. He then flashed a smirk. Troy Funk: Just a warning.
  13. Zoey Epsilon had been seeing a lot of Jensen Lane in her wrestling world. Tag matches, singles matches, normal matches, and matches with stakes. They have been frequent match partners in the past few months and Zoey was getting familiar with her opponent and her fighting style. Knowing just how to train against her, how to prepare against her. But this match had something to make it spicier than a Japanese Sansho pepper. She had to defend her spot at Champions Carnival against Jensen Lane on the AWS Ward show with the winner facing off against Pinnacle Champion Summer Bliss, who was another opponent Zoey knew very well. Talk about making a rivalry fresh! Champions Carnival was a major event. Tickets were sold out, the wrestling media would be there. It was going to be an exciting event in Berlin, Germany. But first Zoey had to do battle against Jensen Lane in Bucharest, Romania. The wrestling otaku didn’t think much of it at first. She knew she could handle Jensen Lane well enough. But the fact that her spot in Champions Carnival was on the line gave her a fire that grew stronger and stronger by the day. To the point where her workouts became more serious, her anime study sessions were longer, and anticipation began to grow in her body. Luckily she had friends that were ready to help her turn that anticipation into preparation. With a unique anime promo. The setting was outside. Right on some soft and green grass on a hot day. This was the kind of summer day that Zoey, despite being born and raised in California and having a bikini-friendly body, didn’t like to be out in unless she had to be. Normally she’d like to stay inside, crank the AC up, and do some indoor training but both Taylor and Elijah had a way to spice things up for her to make outdoor training fun… and wet. Zoey Epsilon: So what did you guys cook up this time? Taylor and Elijah: THIS! It was a long agility ladder. Like something you’d see in the AWS performance center. But on the sides of it held two bulky water guns that looked like huge Super Soakers. Elijah Edwards: You’re going to do an agility ladder drill while we shoot water at you and throw you off your rhythm Taylor Matthews: Well try to. We know you can beat Jensen physically. With your moves. But we want to see if you’re faster than her. Elijah Edwards: The way we see it. Jensen couldn’t handle this drill if she tried. Neither could Summer Bliss for that matter but we’re sure you can. Zoey Epsilon: Shinjirarenai…Alright so all I have to do is run, do this ladder drill while you two shoot water at me and try to stop my rhythm. Taylor Matthews: Yup. Pretty much. These are just super soaker guns too. But they're fully loaded. Elijah Edwards: These are strong, almost as strong as a fire hose. And we're not afraid to aim at your face. Fair warning. Zoey shook her head and smiled while getting in her stance to get ready to start the drill. Zoey Epsilon: I love and hate you guys for this stuff. Alright I'm ready. Taylor and Elijah: Three, two, one, GO! And Zoey took off step by step on the agility ladder. But as soon as she got to that second step. SPLASH. Blasted in the face by water to the jaw by Elijah's gun but she trucked through it. Only to get hit in the legs by Taylor's shot. Almost tripping her up. But the third one she almost fell off the ladder the water pressure was so high Elijah Edwards: Pick up the pace Z! C'mon! Taylor Matthews: Imagine going after Jensen! Charging after her! That was when Zoey had a surge of urgency. The purpose of this drill was to test her speed, her reflexes, and of course her agility. Defensive wrestling and speed. That was the purpose of her training. Could she beat Jensen in a match? Yes. She's done it before. But she knew Jensen was going to do some unique training of her own so she had to prepare in a unique way herself. And her voice over covered it all. Zoey Epsilon: If I can’t even do this drill. Running through water on one of my favorite athletic drills, what hope do I have against Jensen? I know I’m a better wrestler than her but when we fight at Ward it won’t just be about who’s a better wrestler but who’s a better athlete. Who’s got better stamina, endurance…and that’s me She imagined running down Jensen with her gains from this drill. Smoothly evading her strikes and dodging her offense. To the point where the next step in the agility ladder she stepped through cleanly. And then one more step, she was hit by the stream of her friends on the next step but she endured it. And when her friends had to reload it was OVER. Zoey got her rhythm going and exploded with athletic agility step by step to the final rung. She was wet, she was hot, but she was SUCCESSFUL! Elijah and Taylor: YES! YOU DID IT! Zoey was doubled over a bit. Her body was wet with both water and sweat. Both of her friends came rushing to her with towels to help dry her off. Elijah Edwards: It wasn't smooth but you passed. You did it Z. Taylor Matthews: And more importantly you're ready to face Jensen. Again. Elijah Edwards: And beat Jensen. Again. Zoey Epsilon: They’re right. I am ready for my match against Jensen Lane. Junbi kanryou! Why? Because this training, combined with what I know, what I can do. Makes me certain that I can defeat Jensen Lane at Ward. Zoey said this while Jensen's face appeared in the background in the blue sky. Looking determined and focused. Zoey Epsilon: I'm fighting against one of the few women in wrestling I actually like. She's not my enemy even though we're different. She's my rival and every single match is fun. I LIKE competing against Jensen Lane…I just hate having to beat her. Because I WANT my Pinnacle Championship Title back. Even if it means I have to blast my friend with a Kamehameha Wave to do it. Zoey said in reference to her finishing move. Then the scene began to morph from a grassy field with trees…to the AWS Ward arena in Romania where she had to compete in. Zoey Epsilon: I’ve never been the type to look past opponents but I know why I have to fight, why I have to BEAT Jensen Lane. And yes the familiarity makes it easy to prepare for and we have great chemistry in the ring and I damn sure respect her. But…Kono shiai ni makeru koto wa arimasen. I can’t lose this match! This is my title shot that I earned on the way to Champions Carnival. What hero, what wrestler would I be if I just let someone beat me even if that person is my friend? And while the Bucharest fans cheered Zoey took a visible breath. To settle herself in before continuing her statement. Zoey Epsilon: So Jensen Lane. I respectfully, humbly, honestly say that tonight at AWS Ward you’re going to lose to me. And I WILL go on to face Summer Bliss at Champions Carnival for the AWS Pinnacle Championship. You’ll get a clean fight from me, the best version of me which you deserve. But you will lose to me. I’ll see you soon Jensen-san. Ja ne.
  14. Part one: A fresh face to fight Zoey Epsilon loved being an inmate of the Asylum Wrestling Society. It was an internationally recognized wrestling promotion with a unique set of challenges for her to compete against, opponents to beat, in front of millions of fans. That’s why she was proud to be in the Asylum Wrestling Society and had no interest in leaving to a brighter, flashier company. And opponents like “The Mother of Monsters” Rene Volkov made it even more fun. "The Good Doctor" herself. She was sincerely talented in the ring, a rising heel in the ranks of AWS, and most importantly she was new. A fresh face to fight, a new adversary, somebody new to face at Ins@nity. And she was one hundred percent ready for it. She was getting more excited by the second. Especially since this was a singles battle. No-tag team partners either so she could show her skills and prepare for battle her way. So if she wanted to zone out and watch anime and read some manga to prepare for her match she could do just that! Zoey Epsilon: Alright, I got Crunchyroll on, got some healthy snacks, I think I’m going to watch some fantasy anime… Taylor Matthews: Don't let Elijah know you're going back to your regular training. He'll have you jump through flaming hoops for cardio or have you arm wrestle an ape or something. Zoey couldn't help but laugh at her friend’s statement. Elijah was known for his over-the-top training methods as a means to prepare Zoey for her matches. Plus only according to Zoey would be watching cartoons be considered a form of training. Zoey Epsilon: I know right? I’m going to watch Some of The Rising of Shield Hero, read some Black Clover, and get up and do a small weight routine. Tanjun. Taylor Matthews: That simple hm? So I guess you’re not too worried about Rene Volkov. Zoey Epsilon: Tay. You know I’m not taking Rene lightly. She’s fast as hell in that ring, maybe even faster than me. But she’s not tougher and she doesn’t have as much heart as I do. Besides I’ve wrestled her type before. Taylor Matthews: Creepy as hell with a mean streak? Zoey Epsilon: Hai. I hate losing to wrestlers like those. I’m supposed to be a protagonist, I shouldn’t be losing to people who are so cruel and creepy. What would my fans think? Zoey did really see herself as a hero. Not unlike the ones she watched in her favorite anime and read about in her favorite manga as a popular babyface wrestler. Which fit since she was one of Asylum Wrestling Society’s most popular stars. Taylor Matthews: Good point. Well in that case mind if I partake in your training? Zoey Epsilon: Nope. Not at all. How could Zoey train by watching anime you might ask? Simple. She studied character personalities and battle tactics. Admiring their grit, gumption, and courage, and of course, looked for any moves of theirs that she could adapt into wrestling moves or lines that she could use for her promo. And speaking of her promo she was going to start working on hers the moment her training session ended… =================== Core Promo The animated promo Zoey had in mind for Ins@nity had a fantasy theme. With the tone and style of “The Rising Of The Shield Hero” Zoey carries a magical shield. Flanked with Taylor casting magic and Elijah wielding a sword by her side. Slashing and carving through opponents, reflecting damage with the shield and blowing them away with magic spells before Zoey faced off against Rene Volkov, dressed like a dark sorceress, greeting her atop a hill. Ready for them to fight her with Zoey leading the charge. And to add to the mood rock music played in the background with dynamic images of Zoey and her friends in battle. Adding to the fantasy anime mood. As if the Japanese rock music didn’t do it. It was certain to get the viewing fans in the mood for action and ready to see and hear how Zoey was going to address Rene on the way to Ins@nity. Once the intro was over it showed Zoey Epsilon in a state of meditation in what looked like a zen temple. With her voice being heard like a voice-over. Ready to talk to us all! Zoey Epsilon: I’ve been wrestling for four years now. I started in 2018 in indy promotions in California, following one of my passions and seeing how far I could go and how seriously I can take this. I dropped out of graphic design school for this and it was the best decision of my life. Cartoon Zoey was then shown in pictures leaving her graphic design school and going straight into a local wrestling arena. About the size of a high school gym. Zoey Epsilon: I joined the Asylum Wrestling Society in 2021, over a yeah ago in fact. And this was when I felt like I made it. My first time wrestling for a reputable, major wrestling company that was known around the country, around the world even. Yumekanau. It was a total dream come true. Zoey remembered the day she signed that contract and her cartoon self was shown doing it, as well as herself outside of AWS headquarters Zoey Epsilon: And that’s when the real work began. I started wrestling, training, finding ways to win and whenever I did lose I worked hard to bounce back. Never making the same mistake twice and more importantly getting better. That’s how I became a champion in the Asylum Wrestling Society. Zoey held gold before and her animated selves showed it all. Showing her raise the Goddess Championship and the Pinnacle Championship high in the middle of the ring. Zoey Epsilon: And all of that is because of my drive to be the very best wrestler possible and a shining example of the talent that’s in the Asylum Wrestling Society and just how fun it is to wrestle here. So now I’m wondering just one little thing Rene Volkov. What drives you to compete? Animated Zoey woke up from her meditation with her eyes aflame. Zoey Epsilon: I ask you this because you seem like nothing more than the same creepy, mysterious, supernatural opponents I’ve fought and beaten before. Except with less experience. Make nai! I won’t lose! Especially to someone who doesn’t have a clue to what they’re fighting for! Zoey said this while action clips of her in the ring fighting other opponents that had otherworldly appearances and weird gimmicks just to prove her point. Zoey Epsilon: At Ins@nity I can’t stress this enough. You can’t beat me because you don’t even know what drives you and why you’re wrestling. I know why I’m doing this Rene and that’s why I can’t lose to you. Sayonara. Zoey’s animated self said this in the flesh before she walked out of the temple. The next time she’d be seen it would be her real life self in the Ins@nity ring.
  15. The time had finally come for Zane Maritato. He FINALLY had a wrestling match for the Asylum Wrestling Society! But this was not what he had in mind. Not in the slightest. He and his mentor Troy Funk were looking this over in the AWS performance center the moment that matches were announced Zane Maritato: This don’t feel right. Troy Funk: Why? You’ve been waiting for this since you got signed to AWS. Zane Maritato: Yeah to fight for The Violent Generation. Not with this other girl. The young gun of TVG and one of Asylum Wrestling Society’s youngest inmates the situation did not amuse Zane Maritato. He spent weeks training under the team that recruited him, learning directly under Troy Funk just to have his very first match be with this strange girl he knew nothing about. But Troy was going to assure him that he was in good hands. Troy Funk: Zane. aside from teaming up with Shannon or Dina there ain’t a tougher woman in this company and a better woman you have as a partner than Necra. If you got her in your corner, watching your back you ain’t gonna lose. Zane Maritato: She’s that good? Troy Funk: She’s damn good in the ring. Though she thinks she’s some creepy-ass cult leader and the daughter of a demon and a goddess or some shit but when that bell rings good luck beating her. This made Zane just shake his head while grabbing a pair of 25lb weights to do some basic bicep curls Zane Maritato: Damn…my first match is with some supernatural chick… Troy Funk: You can trust her. Now what you need to do is pull your weight out there against Talia Oreano and Jada Phoenix. Zane was on his sixth curl when Troy said that. Zane Maritato: And I’m facing two other girls? Damn I wish Shannon and Dina could take this… Troy frowned at his comment. Troy Funk: Zane I’m not your daddy but sometimes you’re gonna have to do things you don’t wanna do. Like I don’t wanna hear you complain about a match you might win just because your partner ain’t one of us but you’re doing it. Now finish those weights so we can do some ring drills. Troy wasn’t that much older than Zane but he was put in charge of his training for a reason. His toughness and passion were what Zane needed and he could help him get his mind right in the Violent Generation way. The New York-born wrestler shouldn’t care about who his tag team partner was and Troy was going to help him get his head in the game. By the time their match started at Ward Necra Octavian Kane would have a damn good partner and Talia Oreano & Jada Phoenix would have an absolute PROBLEM on their hands. —-------------------- Core Promo: Showing what I got. Zane wanted to spice this promo up just a bit by giving it an “ESPN” feel to it. So while he sat in front of the camera in classic TVG fashion it was between clips of him working out and being trained by Troy Funk with rock music played under the action. That way he could put over his team, his opponent, and himself. Time to get it started. Zane Maritato: My name is Zane Maritato. I’m the newest member of The Violent Generation, I’m one of the youngest wrestlers in the Asylum Wrestling Society, and I’ve been waiting to step in the ring since I signed my contract to show what I got. Pictures of Zane doing ring drills, bumping and selling to Troy’s direction were seen while throwing around other opponents with rock music playing in the background. Zane Maritato: I’m a second generation wrestler. My father was Nunzio, Little Guido, Damien Stone, and just a damn good wrestler who was even a referee too and I’m happy to follow in his footsteps in this business. Then pictures of a little Zane standing with his father, posing alongside his dad and his Full Blooded Italian comrades. From “Big” Sal Graziano to Johnny “The Bull” Stamboli. Including an interesting pic of him meeting Randy Orton. Zane Maritato: I was trained by Troy Funk directly for my very first match. So I’m ready to go for my first match at Ward. Zane was then showed being stretched by Troy and performing moves on other opponents with his supervision Zane Maritato: I’m just fighting with an opponent I never thought I’d team up with. Necra Octavian Kane. I’ve seen a lot of ladies in my wrestling career, hell in my LIFE but I’ve never seen one like her. Yeah she’s weird but she’s a badass. A bigger badass than our opponents Talia Oreano and Jada Phoenix that’s for sure. A picture of the other participants in the match. All women appeared on screen. Necra, Jada, and Talia in that order before the promotional bumper for their tag match appeared. Zane Maritato: The opponents Necra and I got may be easy on the eyes but I don’t take them seriously worth damn in the ring. Not compared to the skills me and Necra got. She’s one of AWS’s best and I’m ready to rise to the top. And yeah I woulda liked to team up with the Violent Generation partners but yo. I was trained, I was RAISED, to give everything I got. No matter what the task is so Necra Octavian Kane. You’re weird as hell but I’ll be proud to win this match with you. Just stay on the same page with me capische?
  16. Part One: Uncommon Allies. In the art of professional wrestling sometimes you could see wrestlers team up with each other even if they had nothing in common from the viewpoint of a wrestling fan. Even just for one match. Strange partnerships and one-time alliances with reasons ranging anywhere from common enemies, reasons to please the fans, or in some cases both. And Zoey Epsilon and The Violent Generation were in the latter of three cases and it wasn’t hard to see why if you know about them. The Violent Generation wanted gold plain and simple. They had no allies in the tag team division or with other stables and every team in AWS wanted to bring them down. They hung out among themselves, bonded with only each other, and had enemies across the tag team division like the ruthless Samoan Brotherhood who didn’t care whether they’d be facing Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley or Troy Funk, Ben Reks, or Zane Maritato. TVG knew they had enemies and embraced every challenge. In other words, they had the mentality of “TVG versus everybody.” Zoey Epsilon however was totally different. Zoey behaved like an anime protagonist. She was a beacon of positivity and friendliness and was social out of the ring. Even hanging out with some of the friendly women after the show. Of course, she had rivals too and women who wanted to defeat her but very few women were her outright enemy. She believed that nobody was beyond friendship…but if any woman tested that believe it was Summer Bliss. That woman was every bit as mean as Zoey was nice. The opposite of her in every way. This is why Zoey was optimistic enough to believe that unifying with TVG over enemies they had would bring them together. And it all started with one meeting backstage of a live event with Troy and Ben immediately seeking Zoey out. Troy Funk: Howdy Zoey. Zoey Epsilon: Kon’nichiwa Troy, you too Ben The differences were evident between the two. From Zoey giving a proper, social greeting with “otaku” flair and Shannon just getting down to business with a vaguely friendly tone in her voice. Complete with Zoey in “Sailor Moon” ring gear and Troy and Ben. Dressed in the black and red colors of The Violent Generation, in “ECW” font Troy Funk: Just thought I’d get an understanding with you before we get ready for our match. See if everything is on the up and up. Especially since I know you and Summer had problems in the past Zoey Epsilon: That’s putting it mildly. But don’t worry, I’ll be sure to help you in our match. I don’t want Shannon and Dina mad at me. Zoey joked but she knew that Shannon was the vocal leader of The Violent Generation. The team captain so to speak. So if Zoey did wrong by her team Shannon would likely try to kick her ass with Dina adding to the punishment. Troy Funk: Smart girl. Also, don’t let this get to your head but Shannon respects you. You’re good but you stay out of her way. Help us kick Samoan Brotherhood ass and we’ll watch your back against Summer. Zoey Epsilon: Ryōkaishimashita…you got it. Zoey had to remember that The Violent Generation cared little for anime or Japanese culture as she did. Ben Reks: Good. You look nice too. Zoey couldn’t help but smile from the praise of the superheavyweight wrestler next to Troy. Zoey Epsilon: Thanks! I’ll give us some matching gear for our match. Troy Funk: What? You ain’t got to do that. Zoey Epsilon: Awwwwww but I got some great gear ideas too. Troy Funk: No our TVG gear is good as it is. Let's go, Ben. Zoey decided to get goofy since and Troy and Ben cleared some air with her. This even made Ben chuckle softly from Zoey’s banter with Troy. All while Troy was wondering just what he got himself into in this match… ********** Core Promo: Bōryoku Zoey wanted to be in charge of the promo’s direction. Thinking it’d be more fun than a stripped-down, basic Violent Generation promo of themselves in a locker room or a bar. Especially since Zoey herself didn’t drink. But she would make this promo fun and have Troy and Ben written like badasses. Especially since they were willing to allow Zoey to use their likenesses and appearances for her promo! Zoey, Troy, and Ben were animated like fantasy warriors. Zoey with two daggers, Troy with a sword, Ben with daggers slaying and cutting through monsters and other warriors to the sound of pulse-pounding rock music that would get the viewers excited. And after carving and crushing basic enemies they stopped at Summer Bliss who was dressed like an evil warrior princess and Mark and Titus Manu who looked like two marauders ready to kill with their blades. They charged at Zoey, Ben, and Troy before the anime opening stopped right before the big clash with the words “ZOEY EPSILON” in a font similar to that of “Akame Ga Kill” appeared in the middle. Then the anime scene took place with them chatting it up in a tavern. Zoey Epsilon: I see you two have been busy waiting on me. No wonder you waited for me at a tavern. Zoey introduced herself opposite the larger men. Looking at their tall steins of ale. Troy Funk: This is how me and the big guy kill time. Ain't that right big Ben Ben Reks: Yup Zoey Epsilon: That's fine. So now they were here… Let's talk about strategy Zoey laid out pictures of their three opponents. Summer Bliss and The Samoan Brotherhood Troy Funk: Strategy? We run in smash our targets, and get gone. There you go. Zoey Epsilon: Seriously? Aren't you guys supposed to be some tag team specialists? What's your big strategy? Ben Reks: It works for us. We're damn good at that. Zoey Epsilon: Wow. Okay, how about any finer points like double team move ideas? How long do you want to be in the ring? You know the Samoan Brotherhood,,, Troy Funk: I’ll stop you right there Zoey. Now I appreciate you takin’ this serious. Ben does too but once that bell rings we’re gonna start smashing heads and making Alex and Titus Manu our bitches out there. That’s what Shannon told us to do, you just carry your weight out there against Summer. Zoey had an incredulous look on her face Zoey Epsilon: So that’s it? That’s your strategy? Just beat up the people you hate? Ben Reks: It’s simple enough to work. Besides what about you and Summer. You don’t need a strategy to put her down right? Troy Funk: We know you got history. We’ll keep those tribal assholes away while you beat the hell out of your target Zoey Epsilon: Well when you put it that way…I see we got our strategy! And as they left the watering hole Zoey’s actual voice was talking in the background while the three competitors went in direction of their mission with the open road with trees slowly but surely transforming into the AWS Ward arena backstage. Zoey Epsilon: They made it sound so simple. Find their targets, defeat their targets, and leave victorious. Nothing complex or over the top. Just be willing to cause some mayhem if you have to. No surprise that this is from The Violent Generation’s guys. They love to get to the point while hurting their enemies and I’m just trying to be a good teammate. But they do have a point. Zoey Epsilon: Futatabi. It begins again for us Summer Bliss. Like the big bad boss villain that the hero thought was defeated only to be brought back by two villains who have nothing in common with you other than some evil plot to defeat two enemies of yours. Now I’m not saying that Troy and Ben are heroes. They’re mercenaries who answer to their own but they’re more trustworthy than you. I like them more than you Summer and they have my back against you and I’ll have their back against the Samoan Brotherhood! Zoey Epsilon: The Violent Generation and I don’t have anything seriously in common. We won’t be hanging out after our battle, and I won’t join their team, but for our match at Ward, the one thing I notice is that we don’t like to lose and that is our common goal facing against Summer Bliss and The Samoan Brotherhood. And yeah Troy and Ben are…yaban. They’re damn good in the ring no matter how barbaric they are and Titus and Alex Manu are in for a world of hurt. Though as for Summer Bliss…she knows exactly how good I am and that means that things don’t look good for her. But at AWS Ward. She and the Samoan Brotherhood are free to try.
  17. The Asylum Wrestling Society Pinnacle Championship was the biggest prize in all of the Asylum Wrestling Society and one of the biggest, if not THE biggest prize in professional wrestling. If you won it then you were the biggest deal in the company and you were treated like it in terms of promotion, hype, and main event matches so it made sense that the number one contenders match for it was IN the main event of AWS’s flagship show Ward. And as for the AWS Pinnacle Championship itself, it was something that Zoey Epsilon knew very well. She held it before. Had one of the longest reigns with the title too before losing it in one of the best matches in her career. But that was then, this is now, and a lot of things have changed. In fact, Zoey’s own work ethic changed for the better. She was going to work harder, work smarter, and be better than before in her quest for championship gold. The same gold that Summer Bliss of all people But the first thing that she had to do was get through three opponents. All of them worthy of being in the same ring with her, all of them worthy of being AWS Pinnacle Champion. She had to beat them that way she’d set herself apart from them and get that title shot. So the question is just how was “the Z-fighter” going to prepare for this battle. Luckily her friends were here to help her prepare for this contender match with some unique training to get her ready for her four opponents. And they knew just how to do it for their best friend for this animated promo. —-- The intro to the promo had a simple theme that made Zoey, Necra Octavian Kane, Sarah Frost, and Bram Connan looking moving around like characters from the “Dragon Ball Z” anime and manga series. Complete with Zoey throwing punches and kicks and firing energy blasts at her opponents with fast-paced music playing loud and clear in the background Besides in the eyes of the AWS fans Zoey was the most noble wrestler of the four it made sense that the California native was portrayed as a hero. Fighting off her three opponents portrayed as evil villains from the show like Bram as a Broly-like Saiyan, Necra looking like a female Perfect Cell, and Sarah Frost looking like a full-power Frieza. And it finished with Zoey Epsilon standing in the middle with golden hair as if she was a Super Saiyan with the words “Zoey Epsilon” in font that came right from the Dragon Ball Z show. Elijah Edwards: You call yourself the Z-Fighter? Well, we’re going to help you train like one. With this! Taylor Matthews and Elijah opened up a duffel bag for Zoey and it had orange and blue athletic gear for her. Zoey Epsilon: So you brought me new workout gear? Taylor Matthews: Yup. Put it on. Zoey Epsilon grabbed the blue top and was nearly pulled down to the floor with it. Zoey Epsilon: Nanite kotoda these clothes are HEAVY… Elijah Edwards: Yup. Weighted clothes! Elijah smirked while replying before being followed up by Taylor. Taylor Matthws: Yup. The top and pants are made with a material tense enough and strong enough to make it look like you’ve got 45 pounds on your chest and legs. Nothing too strong, it’s essentially the same weight first class firefighters have to carry. Elijah Edwards: But you are going to train, spar, and run with this weighted gear. If you can pull that off then it’ll be nothing for you lift Bram Connan. Taylor Matthews: Or run circles around Necra and Sarah Frost too. Zoey beamed in excitement. All of this was to help her train better and get one step closer to becoming AWS Pinnacle Champion Zoey Epsilon: Awwwwww you guyyyyys thank you! How about we walk together while I break in my new gear? Elijah Edwards: Sounds fine with us. We’ll be waiting for you downstairs. It was as if somebody strapped barbell plates to her torso and legs on Zoey’s upper and lower body. As fashionable as the gear was (blue and orange was one of her favorite color combos) she was going to have to get used to this. And walking with these weighted clothes was tough as you’d expect. Even if Zoey was very much fit for a wrestler just keeping up with her friends who were walking at a stroll pace once they. But this was training for her to do. Nobody said becoming a champion was easy and this was the work she was going to have to put in to defeat Necra, Sarah, and Bram. And Zoey was going to let the fans know it in her voice over. Her true promo leading up to her four-person match. Zoey Epsilon: And there you have it. Everytime I worked out it was in those weighted clothes. They were even washable if you could believe that! And everytime I trained to any serious amount. Maikai. I wore those clothes. From my speed walks, to my gym routines, even to my ring drills and sparring matches in the AWS training facilities I put that gear to good use to get something out of it. Zoey said all of this while her animated self was doing the things she said. Lifting the weights and doing the moves. Getting in shape for her fatal four way match. Zoey Epsilon: All because I need to be the AWS Pinnacle Champion. I want it more than Necra Octavian Kane, Sarah Frost, or Bram Connan. Hitsuyōna mono wa zenbu motte imasu! I have everything I need to win my match at Ward because I put in the work every single day. Then Zoey’s animated self began to give way to her real life self backstage at the Stockton State Hospital with a full body shot of her new abs and muscles. Looking like she gained 10 pounds of athletic sinew AT LEAST. Zoey Epsilon: And did I mention that our match is in the main event. Hai Mein ibento. Which fits all of our talents, all of our abilities as wrestlers that do make us worthy of being Pinnacle champion but what sets me apart from Necra, Sarah, and Bram is that not only have I been there before but I know it takes a special blend of strength, smarts, and heart to be Pinnacle Champion but most importantly you have to be willing to fight for our fans and put on the show they deserve to see EVERY NIGHT. Karera wa sore ni ataisuru! I know I can do that, I’ve done it before, and once I win this fatal four way in the main event I’ll do it again!
  18. Tag team rivalries were an interesting thing in modern pro wrestling. Usually, tag teams had one match against each other, maybe two, and then months between another meeting IF they ever face off against each other after whatever damn good match or matches they had The Violent Generation and The Bluegrass Mafia were NOT one of those rivalries. Between the singles, matches and tag team matches TVG & TBM were one of the oldest tag-team rivalries in all of The Asylum Wrestling Society and if you include singles matches (which Troy Funk knew very well) one of the longest running. But this was different. Especially because the Asylum Wrestling Society was different. New inmates, new shows, hell The Violent Generation got a new member! Things were changing! But The Violent Generation was going to get ready for that change. With Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley representing the team for this matchup. And speaking of Shannon and Dina, Dina was in the crowd for Shannon’s second mixed martial arts match. It wasn’t a big crowd. About three hundred people for this small mma fight. It wasn’t like Shannon was in the UFC (yet) but these county competitions could draw crowds. Plus Shannon was out to prove she could rock the MMA cage and a wrestling ring. The Bluegrass Mafia better take note. Dina Dudley: Shannon! You got this girl! Dina cheered from the front row. Making the trip from her home in the Bronx to Pittsburgh was no easy feat but she wasn’t going to miss this. She didn’t see Shannon’s first fight in the crowd but she’d be damned if she was going to miss the second. Plus Shannon saw Dina and gave her a knowing smirk. Cracking her game face just to acknowledge her pro wrestling teammate before stepping into the cage with her Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu instructor Master Carl Palmer in her corner representing Steelworx combat training. She was facing off against another blonde woman named Jeannette Reynolds. She was built similarly to Shannon too but hailed from Allegheny City, Pennsylvania while Shannon was born and raised in Pittsburgh. And with Dina cheering for her at cageside Shannon was ready to do battle. Three rounds, Five minutes apiece. Time to fight! Round one was competitive, simply put, with a fast pace too with both women looking to get the early win. They traded punches, kicks, and even takedowns in the span of the five minute first round. Going at it like action heroes. Luckily Coach Palmer had some advice to bring Shannon down to earth. Coach Palmer: Okay the fast-paced fighting was good in the first round but enough of that shit. Ease the pace down and control the situation. Go into immediate defense and look for a counter because you know Jeannette’s going to try rushing in again. Shannon Douglas swished around the ice cold water while she was patted down with a cold compress. Cooling her off and restoring her stamina while looking in her coach understandingly. Shannon Douglas: Got it…I can’t wait for that bell to ring. Dina Dudley: Round two Shan you’re gonna win this! Even Dina gave her cageside support to help her friend close things out and put the fight in her hands and that’s exactly what Shannon did! Round two Shannon took advantage of Jeannette’s overconfidence and played smart defense. Bobbing, weaving, and using quick jabs and low kicks before stepping back. Letting Jeannette tire herself out before…SMASH! Swift uppercut to the face that dropped the Allegheny City native with a quickness and Shannon swarmed in to keep the beatdown going! Swift punches to put Jeannette out cold with one minute left in the second round! Shannon Douglas defeated Jeannette Reynolds by way of knockout and Coach Palmer and Dina Dudley were ecstatic for her! But there were no post-match interviews or media scrums, just a nice bit of money for the successful victory. And now Shannon had to transition from a mixed martial arts opponent to tag team competition. Time to focus on the Bluegrass Mafia. —---- The promo itself took place in Steelworx. The gym where Shannon honed her craft. But this time she was in full Violent Generation gear with her teammate Dina Dudley. Midriff-flaunting tops that showed a bit of cleavage for confidence and sex appeal before they verbally tore into The Bluegrass Mafia. One of their first wrestling rivals. They had all the time in the world and a lot to say before their match at AWS Ward. And it was time to let the world know! Shannon Douglas: I’m Shannon Douglas. That beautiful, talented woman to the right of me is Dina Dudley, and we hate our situation right now as a part of The Violent Generation. And no it’s not because of a tough stipulation or because we’re scared of our opponents for AWS Ward, trust me we’re not afraid of anyone but it’s because we’ve faced this team so many times before and we’ve got to beat them AGAIN. Dina Dudley: And for those who don’t know we’re talking about the damn Bluegrass Mafia. I guess we have to renew this rivalry. Matt and Dom Kurtis you never beat us when it mattered most. Hell you had trouble with Troy Funk in singles action and now the alpha females of the team are hunting you down and are going to beat the hell out of you at AWS Ward. This is going to be fun. The dark-haired woman said with a smirk and a look that was shared with Shannon Douglas in pure confidence. Shannon Douglas: We’re ready for you boys. Especially me. I’ve been working on my mixed martial arts training, I’ve competed in professional fights. I know Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu know. With a black belt. I’m even more dangerous than before. Shannon said this with short videos of her throwing punches and kicks at a combo dummy and locking up another Steelworx trainee in a Kimura Lock. Dina Dudley: Now hold on girl I haven’t been sitting on my ass while you’ve been kicking some ass. I’ve been putting more time in the gym, more time training, waiting on a chance to team up with you again and I know I not only keep up with you but when it comes to beating the hell out of Matt and Dom Kurtis I might just steel your thunder! Dina grinned with video footage of her lifting weights and throwing down against other AWS opponents. A sign that she was getting ready too and wasn’t going to be carried by her blonde tag team partner. Shannon Douglas: See that’s what I like to hear and that means that things don’t look good for you. We’re stronger than ever, tougher than ever, and more dangerous than ever and we have what it takes to give you the worst Violent Generation ass-kicking you’ve ever experienced! Dina Dudley: They say the more things change the more they stay the same and one thing that will stay the same despite all of our changes is that The Bluegrass Mafia will lose to The Violent Generation. See your asses at Ward.
  19. The Asylum Wrestling Society was changing a little bit. New wrestlers, fresh matchups, and The Violent Generation had to adapt to the changing times. They even sought out a new member and found just one that stood out to them. Zane Maritato with Troy being in charge of the young man’s training with a local wrestler and instructing the young man on moves Troy Funk: Leapfrog, drop down, armdrag, dropkick, headlock, now freestyle! “Freestyle” meant that the wrestler could do whatever move they wanted. It was often used to start or end the wrestling move exchange but they had to do it fast. Luckily Zane was a fast learner and managed to transition into his “Italian Ice” submission finisher. His Koji Clutch made the opponent tap out almost instantly. Troy Funk: Good work kid. Me and Ben did the right choice scouting you out. Zane Maritato: Damn right you did. And don’t call me kid. Born in 1998 Zane wasn’t just the youngest person in the Violent Generation but one of the youngest wrestlers in all of Asylum Wrestling Entertainment and while he didn’t have a match on any of the upcoming cards Troy took it upon himself to train the young man and get him ready for when that day would come. Troy Funk: I will until you actually have a match. And you just signed that contract so you got waiting and work to do before you throw down for real. Zane shook the hand of his local opponent whom he was training with once he got his bearings before replying to the older man. Zane Maritato: You got a match or something? Troy Funk: Yeah I’m battlin’ at Ins@nity in a triple threat match but I still have enough time to teach you a thing or three. Now get your breath and you’ll do some roll drills with ring rope runs. Zane Maritato: Got it Troy instructed Zane on how to run the ropes and roll from every corner. Wanting the young man to get his fundamentals set up before he had a match. Also Troy was telling the truth. For the Ins@nity event, he was going to do battle against Alleigh Marie and Konrad Raab. He was probably going to get some ring drills in himself but right now he had to focus on getting this young gun ready to fire He had faith that he was going to beat Alleigh and Konrad. All the Texan had to do was put in the work just like Zane was. If not more. —- The locker room style of promo never appealed to Troy Funk. It wasn’t for him. He’d rather do his promos in his favorite bar if he had to choose. The Smiling Cat. Where his steady girlfriend Vanessa worked at. It was a honky tonk tavern-type of a bar with a jukebox, pool table, and a loaded bar with just about every liquor and beer a man could ask for. Plus he was friends with the owner of the bar... And all he needed was a live camera to record and capture his every word. And those words were going to come out now! Troy Funk: Some things in life I love in twos. I love double shots of straight whiskey, hanging out with a couple of friends, and double-header baseball games. But the only thing I don't like in twos are opponents when I wrestle and I don't have any partner backing me up. So I don't like this here triple threat match I got going on at Ins@nity against Alleigh Marie and Konrad Raab. Troy ordered a double shot of Jim Beam before continuing his promo. Troy Funk: That’s the thing with The Violent Generation. We ain’t one of those stables that run in, bail the other out like a bunch of cowards that got no damn spines. If we’re in a match you better believe we see it through to the end. Win or loss. So you’d think that this means that I should be worried about Alleigh and Konrad but you’re dead wrong. That just means that they need to be worried about me. Because I got a lot to prove just for that reason alone. Hell, we recruited a young man from New York, Zane Maritato who’s hungry as hell and it’s my job to show him the Violent Generation way of doing things. And that’s winning. He downed his first shot of whiskey after letting it bubble in his mouth like a seasoned pro. Troy Funk: You’re a grizzled sonuvabitch who loves to make his opponents bleed. That’s scary shit but I ain’t afraid. Because I ain’t afraid to spill my blood and I’m damn sure, not afraid to spill my opponent’s if it means I win the match. Lemme make that crystal clear. I’m gonna beat you into the retirement home old man. Then Troy drank his second shot. Troy Funk: And Alleigh. You’ve only been here for a cup of damn coffee and now you’re in the middle of two men who are going to tear each other apart. Damn your luck is all kinds of bad right now. And yeah I know you’re athletic, you’re fast as hell, but all that speed in the world ain’t gonna help you from getting your ass kicked unless you wanna run away. Troy said this with cold intensity in his voice. Troy Funk: Now I don’t like triple threat matches but I got no problem finishing and after I win my match at Ins@nity I can get back to doing doubles of the things I like.
  20. Picture Base * Austin Theory Ring Name * Zane Maritato Real Name * Alex Maritato Also Known As: Italian Stallion Hometown/Billed *Little Italy, New York Height * 6’2 Weight * 242 Blood Type: A Birth Date: January 9, 1998 Debut Year *2019 Alignment * Heel Cheating Tendency *Often Fighting Styles *Entertainer & Technical Similar To Wrestler * Austin Theory Entrance Description * He represents the Violent Generation proudly with his entrance alone. Spelling out the “TVG” once he hits the stage before walking down it. Flexing his biceps with a shit-eating grin. Then he enters the ring by sliding under the bottom of the ring and standing in the middle which his hands over his head and legs parted to look like an “A” before once again flexing directly for the camera Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Wrist tape, wrestling tights, and wrestling boots. The tights have a horse head logo on the legs, a horse head on the front, and the word “MARITATO” on the back in gothic font with “TVG” on the boots to show he belongs with the stable Standard Moves (10-15) * Dropkick. Russian Leg Sweep. Sleeper Hold. Middle rope ax handle, standing leg drop. Powerslam. Arm trapped crossface. German Suplex. Bulldog. Back Suplex. Diving Coss Body. Signature Moves (5-10) * Swinging Neckbreaker. Queensbridge (Heel Hook). Bronco Buster. Hatchback (Capture Suplex). STO. Primary Finishing Moves * Trinità (Chimera-Plex) [German suplex followed into a dragon suplex and finished with a straight jacket suplex] Unisphere (Panama Sunrise) [Sunset Flip Piledriver] Secondary Finishing Moves * Italian Ice (Koji Clutch) Mariato-Plex (Crossface Chickenwing Suplex) One Man Stampede (Leaping Double Foot Stomp). Title Histories & Accolades * Brief Biography *He’s the oldest child of James “Little Guido”/”Nunzio” Maritato and the only one to get the wrestling bug. He got into wrestling at age 21 after his parents insisted that he become a “wrestler with a college degree.” Luckily for Alex he fulfilled their wish to the maximum and went to college on a wrestling scholarship to Cornell University with business management and leadership degree. His grand plan is to become a pro wrestling promoter when he retires. He’s Italian American with Italian heritage on his mother and father’s side.
  21. The Violent Generation took a tactical approach it seemed with their last battle on Ward and sent the men out to fight Shazza Scott and Sadie Hawkins. Two female opponents, the women to defend their tag team titles. Men that could be hardcore and put brutality into wrestling against physically smaller women so you’d think that it would be an easy win for TVG right? Sadly, that was not the case. They lost to Shazza Scott and Sadie Hawkins, who fought smarter not HARDER against the two men. Striking when they needed to and taking advantage of Troy and Ben’s blunder. They had a chance to get them back at Apocalypse Chamber but it was in a match that didn’t favor them. A four corners elimination match against The Revolt, The Pride, and The House Of Paine. Three other teams…the odds weren’t on their side…The men failed to bring home the win so Dina Dudley and Shannon Douglas decided to step up and step in! Shannon and Dina were just finishing some sparring cycles in the AWS performance center with a trainer advising them. Instructing them on move sequences and counter holds. And once they were done and after a refreshing shower, they decided to go over the Violent Generation game plan for the Apocalypse Chamber event, and after it. Dina Dudley: Have I told you that I hate the fact that we’re going to be in a Four Corners match? Shannon Douglas sighed after putting her street shirt back on. A sign that she was getting ready to leave with her tag team partner and close friend Shannon Douglas: No but I can't blame you. I hate it too. There are so many people to eliminate though so at least there's that. Dina nodded while putting her short-sleeved shirt over her buxom figure. Dina Dudley: Hell yes and thank God for that. I wonder what the guys are up to since I know they’ll be here tomorrow. Shannon Douglas: They should be scouting out new members for our team. I think it’s time we shake things up after we win the tag team titles at Apocalypse Chamber. I STILL can’t believe how they lost to The Revolt… Dina Dudley: And did you see how mad Ben was that we insisted on wrestling this match? He was ready to prove himself again. Shannon Douglas: I know but I don’t care. We’re trying to avoid losing streaks here. When we win the titles in that stupid four corners match THEN we’ll give them another chance. Also, Troy’s got a singles match planned anyway to get ready for after this. Shannon said. Commenting on how Troy was already booked for Insanity show too ahead of time and would likely start training after this scout mission was done. Dina Dudley: That’s right. Hey, same time tomorrow? We got time for one more training session before the event starts. Shannon Douglas: Of course. You know it. Shannon Douglas was intent on getting the AWS Tag Team Championships back. No matter what the match was and her passion and desire for the gold belts was shared by Dina Dudley. They were going to succeed where the men in their stable failed. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX The core promo took place not in the AWS locker room but in the auto repair place where Dina's brother worked and where she also worked part-time. They were still facing the camera wearing the latest Violent Generation shirt and looking damn good while doing it. While looking directly at the camera like a typical TVG promo. But let's see just what their statement would be before their battle at Apocalypse Chamber. Shannon Douglas: Leave it to a woman to clean up a man's mess. No disrespect to Troy and Ben but they dropped the ball on this one. But that's alright we got this. Dina Dudley: Yeah Revolt, House Of Paine, Pride. You screwed up now since the sexiest, baddest, most dangerous girls in AWS are back in action. Shannon Douglas: So you're probably wondering why we're here in an auto body shop. Where mechanics work instead of a locker room like we usually do. Well, it’s simple. In order to be the last team standing in a four corners elimination match, you have to have a lot of tools in order to succeed. You have to be aggressive in the ring, be able to brawl and technically wrestle, be fast, strong, and have the stamina to spare. Dina Dudley: Oh we got plenty of stamina and we’re gonna need it since the odds aren’t in our favor of winning but this just means we have to eliminate everybody to make our chances better and show the whole damn world who’s the best team in AWS. Especially you Revolt. We got a bone to pick with you Sadie and Shazza. You got DAMN LUCKY against our men last week. You didn’t beat them in this ring, you outsmarted them. You got lucky and you know it and you won’t get this lucky again. Shannon Douglas: And The Pride. There’s nothing scary about you, nothing intimidating about you, and the only thing that worries Dina and me about you is that are you going to get in the way of eliminating the other teams. Dina Dudley: And House of Paine DAMN it’s been a while since we kicked your asses in the ring but don’t worry. We’ll make up for lost time by making sure you don’t win the titles and we beat your asses like we did back in the day, which we always do. Shannon Douglas: Simply put we’ll be the team that stands tall at Apocalypse Chamber! Because Dina and I are back and better than ever. So you’re looking at your next AWS Tag Team Champions.
  22. The promo started with an animated prologue of sorts with Zoey in a healing chamber. It looked like a cryogenic healing chamber like traditional athletes use but she was hooked up with wires and a breathing mask like she was in one of the medical machines on Planet Namek in Dragon Ball Z. All while she was being watched over by some of her closest friends. Checking out her vital levels and status on a connected screen that looked similar to that of an iPad. Taylor Matthews: Wrestling against Jensen took a LOT out of her. That was one of her hardest matches ever. Elijah Edwards: But she still lost, I spent all that money on that damn bear… Taylor looked at Elijah with clear annoyance in her eyes from his comment Taylor Matthews: Forget about the bear my best friend went through hell. I hope she’s going to be alright. Elijah Edwards: She better be. She should be. Zoey’s got another title that she can fight for soon and this is a state-of-the-art recovery chamber. Taylor Matthews: Yeah she’s fighting for the Goddess Championship. In a ladder match against Veronica Rodriguez no less. That’s not an opponent you want to wrestle against when you aren’t ready. Taylor remembered Zoey squaring off against Veronica in multi-person battles in Zoey’s earliest days in the Asylum Wrestling Society but they never fought one on one. A couple of still pictures of Zoey and Veronica hitting each other with strikes appeared on screen while they were drawn in their ring gear. Elijah Edwards: I know enough about her to know she’s not a joke. And I know enough about Zoey to know that she’s going to want to bounce back after losing her Pinnacle title to Jensen. Taylor Matthews: WE know enough about Zoey but you’re right. She doesn’t want losing to become a trend and the moment she gets cleared to leave this chamber she’s going to want to train again immediately. Elijah nodded agreeably at this Elijah Edwards: Let's help her get ready when she wakes up. What’s up with her status? Taylor Matthews: 90 percent. She should be out soon yeah? Elijah Edwards: Yup. She should be back to one hundred percent and ready to be let out in a few minutes. And that statement was the truth. In a matter of moments, Zoey would recover to full strength. Ready to talk to her friends and more importantly ready to do battle against Veronica Rodriguez. A lunatic in the Asylum with a background in psychology and much more experience overall than her. But Zoey was nothing short of hungry to get back on the winning track and more importantly get new championship gold. And all she had to do was climb the ladder to success. —------- This anime opening of Zoey’s choice had a darker theme than usual. Reds, blacks, and blue colors were the core focus while wrestlers were turned into warriors in an apocalyptic hellscape. Flames and destroyed buildings with rock music in the background to hype up the crowd for her Zoey Epsilon’s proper promo. Punches and kicks were thrown, swords were swung, and bullets were fired from guns among the carnage. Turning wrestlers into dystopian warriors with a focus on Zoey Epsilon and Veronica Rodgriguez among the action. And when it ended the two of them were standing right across from her among the fallen debris and fallen bodies, standing in front of a building that had the words “AWS” written on it while the music stopped. Just to formally close the opening. And after the brief fade to black Zoey was animated and drawn in what looked like a Japanese Shinto temple. Complete with buddha statues, cherry blossom trees, and lighting and architecture that looked like it came straight from Japan, Zoey was standing right outside of it in the process of looking at the fans' viewing while they waited to hear her speak. Zoey Epsilon: I’m not a religious girl but I do believe in gods and goddesses. Higher powers and blessings. So it makes sense that I am competing for the AWS Goddess Championship at Apocalypse Chamber. I’m also doing battle against an opponent who I’ve never fought one on one against Veronica Rodriguez. I'm excited! Sugoi! The ONLY issue I have with it is that it’s a ladder match…Not that I’m afraid of heights or anything but I know how dangerous a match like this can be. I just wrestled one of the toughest matches of my life against Jensen Lane and that match had WAY more weapons than just a ladder and it took me a long time to recover from that. Now I’m heaving back into another hardcore match for a title? Makes me shudder just thinking about it. Everything Zoey said was coming straight from the heart. She went through HELL against Jensen and lost her Pinnacle Championship. She was excited that she carried her momentum to another championship match but there was genuine danger involved in a match like this in the form of, at the very least, metal ladders. Which were drawn on the screen along with drawings of her battle against Jensen Lane. Zoey Epsilon: But don't mistake my nervousness for fear. I'm ready to compete and want that Goddess Championship to be MINE, Veronica. Why? Because I hate losing. Maketakunai. I lost a title and I'm done with losing matches. I don't want a losing streak, my fans don't want me to have a losing streak and the only thing I dislike more than losing is letting my fans down and looking weak in their eyes. They drive me to compete. Sore ga ore no jiman. I am PROUD of it. Zoey despite her fire and drive was loyal to her fans and even in hardcore, violent matches she wrestled with honor and wouldn’t do anything to get on their bad side. Their cheers fueled her and compelled her to be the best wrestler. Complete with chants of “ZOEY!” were heard while the drawn anime crowd cheered for her while she was then shown in the ring as a still photo. Zoey Epsilon: So to help get my mind in the proper spot I am going to meditate in the temple of Hachiman. The Japanese war god because Veronica we ARE going to go to battle together and I will climb that ladder and win the Goddess Championship and win that battle. Aaaand become the first woman to hold the Pinnacle Championship and the Goddess Championship. Kōun o! That was the Japanese saying for “good luck” which Veronica would need in order to defeat her at Apocalypse Chamber. People would see her enter the temple before the screen faded to black.
  23. Picture Bases * Shannon Douglas (Torrie Wilson) Dina Dudley (Traci Brooks) Type of Group * Tag Team Name: The Violent Generation Members *Shannon Douglas & Dina Dudley Combined Weight * 282 lbs Alignments * Heel Similar To * Dudley Boyz Entrance Description * Shannon Douglas and Dina Dudley walk out on stage with their "Down with The Sickness" theme music playing with the swagger of a pair of runway models. Cool and composed faces while walking down the ramp as if it was a catwalk with Shannon flipping her hair. But once they get into the ring that’s where the differences between the two ladies shine. Shannon stands on the turnbuckle facing the camera with her arms spread wide and talks a little trash to the crowd while Dina strikes the classic “3D” hand sign that one of her mentors D’von Dudley did. Then they stepped right to the center of the ring. Signature Moves * Flapjack Hart Attack Finishing Moves * 4D (Douglas Dudley Death Drop): (Powerbomb (Dina) / Neckbreaker (Shannon) combination)
  24. JGB


    Picture Base * Demi Lovato Ring Name * Julieta Real Name * Julieta May Ochoa Also Known As: Hometown/Billed * Chicago, Illinois Height * 5’4 Weight * 130 Blood Type: A+ Birth Date * May 31, 1996 Debut Year *2017 Alignment * Babyface Cheating Tendency * Sometimes Gimmick * Fan’s own old school fun babyface with some devilish added in. Motivations * Passion; they love wrestling and don't care about winning or losing, just fighting. Fighting Styles * Luchador, Technician Similar To Wrestler * Melina What does he/she do when seeing blood? * She gets angry and focuses on speed to try to finish the match quickly. Running moves, jumping moves, and counter moves if you charge at her. Entrance Description * Her theme music “Waiting for Tonight” plays and she comes out to the stage and immediately puts on a presence of fun and confidence. She does a brief booty shake for the camera in her ring gear, touches the hands of her fans, and drops down into a split on the apron’s main TV camera to slide in under the bottom rope. Julieta smiles for the camera and poses in pure confidence to show she’s ready for action Wardrobe/Ring Gear *It’s three-toned allowing for three color combos. The top is cut enough to flaunt her big breasts and flat stomach with long wrestling tights that allow her hips to be shown and they match her wrestling boots. She also wears sleeves that aren’t connected to her wrestling top but also match and coordinate in color. Standard Moves *Russian Leg Sweep. Dropkick. Back Suplex. Cross Body to a standing opponent. Bow & arrow stretch. Handspring back elbow. Bridging Vertical Suplex. Signature Moves * Viuda Negra (Black Widow) Northside to Southside (Electric Chair lift into a Full Nelson into a Rollup pin). Head Games (Snap Swinging Neckbreaker) Primary Finishing Move * Four Star Press (Shooting Star Press) Secondary Finishing Move * I-90 (Heel Hook) Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color? (example: camo, green, cheetah, hemp...etc.) * None All Championships & Accolades * Brief Biography * Julieta is Mexican on her father’s side, Puerto-Rican on her mother’s and is the youngest of three kids. Her parents peacefully separated when she was in her early adolescence and she moved in with her extended family on her mother’s side that had five kids with the oldest two being high school upperclasswomen so she lived with eight siblings. Luckily money was never an issue and all of the children were productive around the house and outside of it with their own personalities and interests. Julieta’s just happened to involve sports and wrestling. Julieta had a passion for wrestlings since she was in elementary school with her friends and maternal uncle fueling it. She never missed a WWE show when they came to Chicago and was even in the crowd for WrestleMania 22! This would expand to ROH shows and some pure indy wrestling shows when she got older if the money and time was right. No wonder why when she graduated high school, she put herself through wrestling training at a Chicago wrestling promotion. Additional information that commentators can mention? * She’s the youngest of 8 kids. Before she could wrestle for the Chicago indy promotion that trained her Julieta worked their part time when she was a junior and senior in high school. Handing out flyers, running the concession stand, and setting up the ring. Julieta cites her major wrestling influences being Melina, AJ Lee, Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, and Rey Mysterio.
  25. Picture Base * Mickie James Ring Name * Savannah Marsh Real Name * Savannah Marsh Also Known As: Hometown/Billed * Nashville, Tennessee Height * 5’4 Weight * 130 Blood Type: A Birth Date * July 1, 1979 Debut Year *1999 Alignment * Babyface Cheating Tendency * Rarely Gimmick *Grizzled veteran with a down south country girl flair with some MILF appeal with how she takes care of her body Motivations * Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat. Fighting Styles * Similar To Wrestler * Mickie James What does he/she do when seeing blood? * She panics first but gets ANGRY soon after. She starts throwing punches, throwing elbows, awakening her inner brawler. Entrance Description * Her theme song, “Man! I Feel Like a Woman!” by Shania Twain plays and Savannah immediately has classic babyface appeal. She smiles on camera the moment she steps on stage, high-fiving her fans while walking down to the ring with pep and energy. A sign that she’s fighting not only for herself but for the AWS fans that support her. In fact, she stands on the middle rope and faces the hard TV feed camera and points to it, mouthing “I’m doing this for us!” Then she stands on the middle rope facing the crowd behind her, arms spread and with a wide smile. Then Savannah gets off of the turnbuckle and awaits her opponent. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * It’s similar to Mickie James in both her WWE and Impact Wrestling runs. She wears a wrestling top that shows off her flat, well-developed stomach and has a music note on the chest for a small cleavage window, she wears a hip-hugging wrestling trunks that have her initials “SM” in Tennessee Titans font, and cowboy style wrestling boots. All of her gear is three-toned but they always coordinate in colors. Standard Moves * Bulldog, Float-over DDT, Tennessee Twister (Arm-trap neckbreaker), Flapjack. Lou Thesz press with mounted punches, Fireman’s Carry slam, Spinebuster, Monkey flip Signature Moves * Tennessee-DT (Implant DDT), Bronco Buster, Cowgirl Plunge (Seated Senton to a standing opponent), Savannah-rana (Rope-aided hurricanrana from out of the corner) Music City Cross (Cross STF) Primary Finishing Move * Savannah Slash (Spinning Roundhouse Kick) Secondary Finishing Move * Smashville Stomp (Coup De Grace) Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color? (example: camo, green, cheetah, hemp...etc.) * Brown leather All Championships & Accolades * Brief Biography * “First show after my 40th birthday, time to kick some ass,” Savannah said to herself after properly putting on her wrestling boots. But before she left the ring she took time to check out her private wrestling pictures on her phone just to remind herself of how far she came in her 20 year career. “Twenty years old. I was so small back then.” Savannah giggled at seeing her younger self. Skinny, looking like a Tennessee Titans cheerleader but as a wrestler in her gear. After college she balanced two jobs to fund wrestling training and kept them until she had to seriously travel outside of the east Texas circuit. Only going to her parents for help when it was absolutely necessary since she wanted to make a wrestling career on her own “Thirty years old. Yeah this was when I actually started to have fans.” Savannah was modest about the photo she had of herself in floral-patterned gear but this was the time where she was building a positive reputation for herself as a star. She truly did have a fanbase. She had her own merch, was in prominent storylines, and of course won championship titles. By the time she was 30 the Dallasite beauty was a wrestling star. And it would only get better for her. “This picture was taken just a few months ago after what I thought was going to be my last match. My hubby didn’t believe I was done and my son had just started watching wrestling and knew about my career.. I wasn’t in street clothes for too long.” This was the truth. This was about a couple of years ago. Savannah was 38 and was sure that she was going to retire at this point. She made her money, got her titles, and any setbacks she had from injury and being released were offset by championship wins, main event spots, and making friends along the way. Her retirement lasted about six months. The average length of some of her favorite TV shows before she got back into shape, beat the ring rust off of body in terms of fundamentals and training and was now doing live events to ease her way back to actual match work for her new home. Asylum Wrestling Society. But she spent enough time being nostalgic. Savannah knew it was time to get to the gorilla position since her match would be soon so she put her phone down and the nostalgic pictures aside, “Time to go,” She said to herself after taking one last, final, look in the mirror. Imagining herself as 20 years young again before going out of her locker room. Savannah was a wife, she is a mother, but she is a professional wrestler and at forty years of age she isn't done yet! Additional information that commentators can mention? *She was a Tennessee Titans cheerleader. She owns a horse ranch outside of Nashville as well as her own bar called “High Notes.
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