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  1. The arena goes dark as the tron comes to life with what appears to be mist rolling around in the scene. A figure soon appears and we see a black veil covering their face. A slender hand pushes back the veil and we see that it is Necra. Necra: Hello my darlings, and my dearest Halloweenies! Happy Halloween! I know what you're thinking and wondering where I have been all night... Well, I'm afraid that I am not in the area. The Powers that Be have called me away from all of you. But... I have left a few wonderful, awful surprises for those in the Main Event here tonight. You know I couldn't leave you without something to make it a bit more difficult... She smirks as her eyes light up as they glow a golden color. Necra: And exciting. Enjoy what I have left for all of you. Oh good luck my dears, you're going to need it. She laughs as the tron erupts into flames as the scene fades to black.
  2. Act 1: In Search of... Voice Over: Family will always try to help family. Even when they can't, they know someone that can... The scene opens on the beautiful countryside of New York. The sun was high against the bright blue sky, with a cool breeze moving along the countryside. The tall trees that lined the road were now full of browns, bright reds, bright oranges, and and a golden yellow. The smell of wood stoves and fireplaces lingered in the air, but most of all fall was in the air. We soon see a sign that reads "WELCOME TO SLEEPY HOLLOW" and the once quiet long stretch of road soon gives way to the Historical district of Sleepy Hollow. We are soon taken to an older part of the town where the old Victorian homes stood. A black BMW wound itself through the streets until it stops on a massive home with silver shutters sat behind a wrought iron gate. The driver's side door opens and out steps Necra. She looks up at the house and opens the gate before walking up the stairs. She rings the bell and waits for an answer. The door swings open and standing before her a man with blazing green eyes and dark hair clad in comfortable black silk shirt and loose fitting black pants. Ambros: Greetings Necra, it is good to see you. Necra smiles as she removes her dark glasses over her eyes. Necra: It's good to see you again. Can I come in? Ambros steps aside to allow her entrance. Ambros: Of course, how have you been? Necra steps inside. Necra: I've been good. Is Denise in? Ambros: She should be, I was making breakfast. Want any? Necra: No thank you. I had something at the penthouse before I left. Footsteps are soon heard coming down the stairs. Voice: Ambros? Who's here? Ambros: Necra is here, she wishes to speak with you. Can I get either of you a drink? Necra: Coffee if you have it. Denise soon appears in the hallway and Necra smiles. Denise: What are you doing here? Necra: Like Ambros said I came to speak with you. To both of you actually... Ambros nods. Ambros: Denise anything to drink? Denise: I'll have the same. It's still early. Come on we'll go and sit in the kitchen while Ambros finishes up. Necra follows her into the kitchen. Necra and Denise sit on the stools at the island. Ambros pours Denise and Necra coffee. Ambros: Sugar or milk? Necra: Just sugar. Denise: I'll take both dear. Now you said you wanted to talk to both of us? What about? Necra: Well... I went back to AWS and well with everything going on I need some help... I have Rene and Malice but... I need more back up. Ambros fixes their coffees to their liking and hands the cups to them. Denise laughs. Denise: Are you crazy? Necra: No. I really need people that I can trust. Ambros: Last time I competed I was attacked by a dozen people and left hospitalized. Denise: And I've won everything that I want to get my hands on. Necra: Have you forgotten... Once Darkside always Darkside? Denise hangs her head before looking back up at Necra. Denise: Of course not... However... She takes a sip from the cup in her hands, and smirks over the rim. Ambros: Have you talked to any of the others? Leon or Katsa? Necra takes a sip and shakes her head. Necra: I'm not sure where Leon is... Katsa... I don't know... I'm not sure... Ambros: I can try to track her down. Necra: If you could I would take the help... As for anyone else... Ambros: I will try to reach out to her. I really don't talk to too many people.... I guess I can give my dad a call. Necra: Darkson? I haven't heard from him in a while. Denise: Funny... Neither have we. Ambros: He is mostly with Ice Queen and the twins. Necra: That's what I figured. I wish you two would reconsider... You two have some of the longest records in any company that you've been a part of. Ambros: Would just put a big bull's eye on us. Besides... I have nothing else to prove. Denise: Neither do I. Necra sighs and sips from the cup in her hands again. Necra: I understand... Ambros: I'll see what I can do about finding you some back up. Necra smiles. Necra: Thank you. I think this time around, I'll need all of the help I can get. Denise: Did you ask the old man? Necra: No. He's busy with Emily and the baby. Ambros: We'll stay in touch. Necra nods and gets to her feet. Necra: I'll be looking forward to hearing from you. I'll take my leave. Denise: I'll walk you out. Denise gets to her feet and leads Necra to the front door as the scene fades to black. Voice Over: Sometimes we have to wait to have something happen. But when it does happen and when we get what we want it's always for the better... The scene opens on the Sleepy Hollow Cemetery. The sun had already set for the night and the bright moon casts its light to the earth below. The sound of the river echos through the night, as the sound of an owl is heard faintly coming from one of the tall trees that lined the cemetery. The camera moves along the vast area and we soon see a shadow move among the stones, and statues as the light seems to fade each time it moves. Voice: Sleepy Hollow... The place where the Headless Horseman legend started. If you believe what Washington Irving wrote then you are foolish. There was a Hessan but not the one that you think... The real story is one for the ages and only a handful of people truly know... I'm one of those people and I'll never tell. The area alone is filled with dark energy and spirits that still walk among the living and no one even notices. As the camera pans around we see Necra stepping out from behind a rather large Angel statue. Her long black and silver gown seemed to glow in the dark and her golden eyes shimmer in what little light could be seen. Necra: Sarah I'm not sure how many times that we have faced off but this time will be the last time. You see I've beaten a lesson into you and yet you don't seem to understand the reason why I am the Goddess Champion. You see I've held onto the title, because no one is worthy enough to have it but me. She seems to move almost in a quick flicker as she was now standing in front of the camera with her hair hanging over one eye. Her eyes glow red before going back to their normal golden color and she smiles a strange smile. Necra: Sarah you have yet to impress me, but then again that is not an easy task. I will do everything in my power to make sure that the title stays in my hands, even if that means I have to destroy you. I'm not going to underestimate you. That would be stupid of me. I know what you can do in the middle of that ring, and I plan on doing whatever it takes to stop you. Now I know that you will do the same. You will fight me tooth and nail for what is rightfully mine, but I'm afraid... That you will lose. Just like so many others that have come before you. She starts walking toward the edge of the cemetery and soon moves along a long pathway with her heeled sandals clicking along the stones underfoot. Necra soon stops in front of what appears to be an old ledge that over looked the water that flowed between the banks. Necra: The bridge that once stood here was a connection between safety and the danger of the unknown from the forest that laid beyond. The sound of the hooves still echo through the night even with the bridge long since gone. This is where the spirits dwell, and watch the world of the living. I know he still swells here and the evil within the forest still lingers from the war long since forgotten by those in this world. Just like everyone will forget you even existed Sarah... I will go on and on and on... But you, you will only live one life time and then fade away into nothingness just like everyone else. She laughs as her eyes flash and the sound of hooves echo through the night. Necra: Sarah I don't really think I have anything left to say to you. The only thing that you need to know is that your time draws short and there is nothing that you can do to stop me. I just hope you know what you are getting into. I am the Goddess of the Dead, Queen of Death, The Lady in Black, The Angel of Death, The Reaper of Souls, The Alpha and the Omega, The Crawling Chaos, The Creeping Death, The Child of Heaven and Hell! Fear me; for when you look upon me you'll see your end. See you soon and good luck, you're going to need it. Necra laughs as the sound of horse hooves draw closer. A figure clad in black sitting on a rather large horse appeared. A flaming pumpkin sat in their hand. All that can be heard is laughter from both Necra and the figure as the pumpkin flies towards the camera as the scene fades to black. Voice 1: Did you see the look on his face? Voice 2: How could I not? Voice 1: Your aim is still good. Voice 2: Of course it is... I never miss. So what are you going to do with him? Voice 1: Just leave him here... He'll think it was all a dream... With that the scene cuts to nothing.
  3. Act 1: An unexpected invitation "When an invitation is sent one should respond." The scene opens on the beautiful city of Cairo. The sun had set finally behind the vast desert as the stars shimmered over head. The moon cast its face to the world below as the buildings seem to be silent once again. The smells from the cafe's and restaurants had now faded away only to replaced with the sound of music coming from a few of the local night clubs that were now full of life. The camera moves over the city and soon comes to a stop on the Four Seasons Cairo Hotel. Most of the lights were now dark on the lower floors, but one suite on the corner of the hotel burned brightly. The camera moves to the interior of the vast suite and we hear a door opening from somewhere in the room. Heavy footsteps move across the floor followed by lighter footsteps, before the sound of luggage hits the marble floor. We see Rene looking around the suite, and sighs. Rene: I guess it will do. Ragnarok: We should have headed back to the island... Rene: I know but Necra wanted me near by for some reason. Ragnarok: Something isn't sitting right with me. Rene: We can trust her. Besides it was easier to do this then to fly back and then travel back. Ragnarok: What about the experiments? Rene: They'll be fine until we get back. I'm not worried about that. Ragnarok just nods and walks off to place one of the suitcases in the master bedroom. Rene removes the high heeled shoes and sits on the white leather couch in the massive living room. She leans back and runs a hand over hair as her phone goes off. She looks over at it and picks it up. Rene: Well it's about time. Ragnarok: For what? Rene: I have a shot for the Temptress Championship. Ragnarok: They finally realized that you are worth more than most of the rest of the rift raft within the walls of AWS. Rene: I've been waiting for this moment, and I don't plan on losing to anyone. Ragnarok: Who are you facing? She scrolls down in the message and a smile forms across her lips. Rene: Well, well, well... Former champions, and a few I've never heard of. Ragnarok: If there is nothing else. Rene: I'll be fine. Ragnarok: As you wish. He heads to the door of the suite and steps out into the hallway leaving Rene alone. Rene: I don't even know where to start. This is my first time to go after a title and I plan on doing whatever it takes to win. Lets see... Julieta you were the only one that actually spoke out in this match. I have to say that I'm impressed with the fact that you stepped out of your man's shadow to make a name for yourself. No woman needs a man like that. Someone that keeps you in the shadows and in a role that no one wants. But if you think that you are going to pull this match out from under me think again. You have little to no experience in the ring, while I do. I know that you're going to try to do everything that you can to stop all of us, but it's not going to be enough. You can try but you will fail just like everyone else that will face off against me. Rene gets to her feet and walks to the balcony that over looks the desert where the Sphinx and the Great Pyramids sit. Rene: Martha Venegas... A former Goddess Champion, and a few others if I'm not mistaken. I have to admit I'm not impressed. You have a track record of failure more than you do wins. I know that you think you're better than everyone else but you're not. You have passed your prime while others rise past you and outshine in every sense of the word. Same goes for Jensen. I know that you've held titles as well in almost every company that you are in, but you have yet to truly face someone that will always be superior. You are a wannabe and nothing more. You are how do I say... A geek. You see I am a genius in DNA, and genetics... What are you in a genius in? Games? Or sports maybe? Things I don't have time for. So if you want to win make sure you know what you are getting yourself into when you step in the ring against me. She laughs as she opens the doors to the balcony. Rene steps into the night air, as a gentle breeze moves around her. Rene: As for Diamond, Lindsey Flare, and Roxanne I'm not going to waste a lot of time on you. Diamond, Lindsey you two have to even prove yourself in something like this, while Roxanne you at least know what it's like to come close to winning. The three of you should stay out of this match and just watch how its done and how to win a title. I'm not even sure if there is really anything to say to any of you that hasn't already been said before. I know that I will take great joy in watching you all fall. I've heard of this type of match and it is not a pleasant experience from what Necra has told me. She said it is dangerous and very easy to lose. But I'm not going to lose. Not now, not ever. I've learned from my mistakes, but the real question is have any of you learned from your mistakes? I doubt it. So whatever you think about me, or what your chances are, think again. This is going to be my match, my win, my Championship! I don't care what I have to do to get it. If it means I have to draw blood, to make the rest of your suffer then I will. The Mother of Monsters will survive and prove once and for all that I am the rightful Temptress Champion in the end. Her eyes seem to shift into what appear to be black pools, but shift back as the sound of the door opening breaks the silence. She turns and sees Ragnarok carrying a small box tied with a black ribbon. Rene: What is that? Ragnarok: This came for you. Rene: Who's it from? Ragnarok: There's a card... He hands Rene the card and she opens it. Her eyes look over the small note within. Rene: Dear Rene, please accept this invitation. I will only ask once. If you agree please call me. If not, I understand. Signed, N. Rene pulls the black ribbon revealing a pure black long stem rose. She looks at Ragnarok and nods. Rene: Get my phone... I have a call to make. Ragnarok just nods and walks back to the table and gets her phone as the scene fades to black.
  4. Act 1: Land of the Gods "Hermpolois is opened and my head is sealed. O Thoth the Eye Horus is unblemished, the Eye of Horus saves me, and splendid are my ornaments from the brow of Re, father of the gods; I am this Osiris here in the West. Osiris knows his day, and if he does not exist in it, then I will not exist in it. I am Re who is with the gods and I not perish; stand up Horus, that I number you among the gods." Spell 8 - Book of the Dead The scene opens on the beautiful city of Cairo Egypt. The sun was bright against the blue sky that casts its face to the world below. The camera moves over the city, passing over the tall buildings of glass towered over the stone buildings and the market place that was crowded with locals and tourists alike. The smell from the cafes that lined the market place drifted on the air, as it mixed with the smells from the marketplace itself. We soon see an all to familiar face; Necra moves along the marketplace with Sothren and Ex following behind. Ex: What are we looking for? Necra: I'll know when I find it. Ex: Ok... She soon stops in front a stall that held what could be artifacts from the tombs littered through the Valley of the Kings. She looks over the table and she picks up a statue of a woman wearing a headdress with a set of wings along the arms. She looks at the man behind the table. Necra: How much? Merchant: 50 pounds. Necra: Alright... Now tell me where did you get it? Merchant: I made it. Necra: Really? I've seen the same thing in one of my mother's collections. I know its real. So lets try this again... Where did it come from? He starts to sweat as Necra leans in, as her eyes flash red before going back to their normal golden color. Merchant: My brother... He brought it to me from the new dig in the Valley of the Kings! There's an American there and he asked locals for help. Necra smiles softly. Necra: I see... Does he look like me? The man just shakes his head, as she drops the money on the table. Merchant: Yes. He was the one that hired us. Necra: Where's the dig? Merchant: The newest tomb that they opened. He's been there for the last few weeks. Necra: Thank you... Come on... I have to go and see my brother. Ex nods as the two of them walk off. Sothren spots a box sitting on the table and he smiles as he picks it up. Soth: How much for the box? He smiles as he holds it as the scene fades to black. Voice Over: The Valley of the Kings is a place that has been forgotten, only to be found once again by those that were seeking nothing more than fortunes and glory. No one knew what they truly found, or even understood what it meant to the Egyptian people. The great Pharaoh's that have been found all reside in one of the biggest and newest museums in Cairo. But they should be in their tombs not under glass. They were put in those tombs to rest in eternity... Not be gawked at... The scene reopens on the Valley of the Kings. The desert and mountainsides stretched out as far as the eye could see. The sun cast its face to the ground below as a few tourists made their way into the tombs that were open to the public. Away from the wandering crowd was a place that sealed off away from it. There standing over what appears to be a table filled with what could only be pieces of pottery was a young man with short dark hair. His light blue eyes seemed to shimmer in the sun that hung over head. He sighs and leans back as three shadows seem to surround him. He looks over his shoulder and smiles. Man: Hello sister dear. Necra smiles. Necra: Hello Seti. Seti: How did you know I was here? Necra: The man that sold me the statue of Isis told me where to find you. Seti smirks as he looks at the little statue. Seti: It figures. One of the guys must have taken it. I have a few things go missing from here... Including a box... Sothren seems to slink away as Seti raises an eyebrow. Seti: He's hiding something. Necra: I think he bough the box. Seti: Maybe a peace offering for mother. Necra: True. I'm just not sure what he did this time... The two of them laugh as he nods to Ex. Seti: Hello Ex. Ex: Yo. Seti: He's a man of few words isn't he? Necra: That he is. Seti: What are you doing here, besides bringing back the statue? Necra: We're in town for a show. Seti: Well, lets head inside. I'm sure you'll enjoy what I found. Necra nods as she follows behind him as the scene fades to black. Voice Over: The tombs of the great Pharaoh's were protected by a curse or so it is said. Death will come on wings to any that disturb this tomb was the big one... But most times, people die because of natural causes or something tragic actually happens. Before I step into the ring I always give a warning... And it is never heard... The scene opens on the dark interior of what appears to be a massive tomb. A light soon appears along with a shadow extending along the far wall of the tomb. The colors of the hieroglyphics were still bright and vivid in color as if they had just been painted. The sound of heels clicking along the stone floor soon echo through the empty space, and soon we see Necra carrying what appears to be a lantern in hand. Her golden eyes shimmer in the bright light of the lantern as she walks along the long stretch of hallways. Necra: Legion... We are many... Ha! You are only one and you have some how managed to win against me. I'm still not sure how that even happened. But I will not have a repeat of that match. This time both of us are on our own and with no help so it will be fair... At least until a point. She smiles as she stops in front of what looks like an open door. She holds the lantern up, revealing a massive room with a pile of what could have been pottery now smashed and broken lying on the floor. Necra: Do you see these jars? These once contained the food and other things that the Pharaoh would need to make it as they traveled through the Western Gate to the other side. But someone came in here once it was sealed and took everything, or at least almost everything. A few things were still hidden within until now that is. Legion I don't even really know what to say to you considering you have yet to even say anything to me about our up coming match. That tells me a couple of things and none of it is good. Are you scared of what is to come? The fact that you are going to be placed in a sarcophagus or rather a casket? You see the last match that we had Rene and I ended up in one each... But not this time. Your fate is sealed, and I will be the one to close the lid on you, and let you see what it is to be closed in and just another loser just like so many others. Necra continues along the hallway and soon enters what looks like an entrance to a temple. The tall pillars stretched to the ceiling and the paint on each of them still colorful, all telling the story of the Pharaoh that laid within the walls. Necra: Legion the last time that we met you managed to get the upper hand but not this time. I plan on doing everything that I can to stop you. I can't let someone like you get another win over me, let alone show me up again. When we meet again there will be no mercy, no forgiveness, no regrets on my end. I will destroy you in the end. Those that sit in the stands and at home will see you fall, just like so many others. This is where your career ends and I will be the end of not only you, but anyone else that stands in my way. She smiles as her eyes flash a blue color before shifting back to their golden color. She passes through the massive entrance of the temple and soon comes to a room with an altar. It was covered in dust, and sand. She cleans it off and looks up seeing the massive statue of the god of Osiris. Necra: Legion, I don't think I really have anything left to say to you. I mean how many ways can I say that I am going to destroy you in the ring without starting to repeat myself? I think I've made my point and I plan on following through with everything that I said. I will destroy you but I'm not going to underestimate you. That would be just stupid. You think you know the power I wield, but being here I am in my purest form. My god hood echos through the land here along with my family's blood that runs through my veins. This is the land of my ancestors, my mother's home, and my heritage in more ways than one. I am the Alpha and the Omega, I am the Goddess of the Dead, The Queen of Death, The Lady in Black, The Angel of Death, The Reaper of Souls, The Crawling Chaos, The Creeping Death, The Child of Heaven and Hell! Fear me; for when you look upon me you will see your end. See you soon and good luck... She raises the lantern to her face and smirks. Necra: You're going to need it. She blows the flame out as the temple plunges into darkness.
  5. Act 1: Through the Looking Glass “If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?” Lewis Carroll The scene opens on the beautiful city of Tokyo. The night had come on and the lights of the city glistened brightly against the night sky. The camera moves over the tall buildings as smells from the local restaurants seemed to mingle together drifting over the city. The sound of music drifted from the numerous karaoke bars when doors opened, only to be drowned out by the sound of the traffic that moved through the busy streets. The camera moves toward the outskirts where we find some small apartment buildings. The camera moves up the side of one where the balcony doors were open to the night air. Inside was a small, but yet spacious apartment. The sound of voices drift from the front room where we see a young Japanese woman sitting at a desk in front of a computer. She sighs as she tosses the controller she held to the side as there is a knock at the door. She gets to her feet, and moves to the door fixing her hair all the while. She opens the door and there stands Necra. The young woman's eyes go wide as she sees her. Young Woman: Necra? I thought... Necra: I would be a few more days? Hardly. I had business to handle here so I thought I would drop in and see if you're still willing to do as I asked of you Mia. Mia hangs her head and shrugs. Mia: It's been a long time... I don't know... Necra: I need your help Mia. If it wasn't important I wouldn't ask. Mia: I can help you without her. Necra: If the two of you are combined, you're stronger. Mia sighs but knows that she's right. Necra: You've been seeing the rabbit again haven't you? Mia nods. Mia: Yeah... Every few days or so... And I've been on the meds and everything... I'm not sure why... Necra: It's time to come home, that's why. Mia looks back at the bedroom and nods. Mia: I better leave a note for Sakura. If not she'll be worried. Necra: I understand. Meet me in Cairo when you're ready. You have a few days to head that way. Mia: Right. I'll see you soon... Or rather she'll see you soon. Wait... Necra: Yes? Mia: Who am I... I mean she facing? Necra: Some girl named Charleigh Rhodes...She's had a few matches but no titles. So you'll have something in common at least for now. I'll see you soon. With that Necra walks out of the apartment leaving Mia alone once again. She sighs as she looks around the apartment, before sitting back at the desk and starts to type out a letter to her sister. She soon finishes and walks into her bedroom. There against a wall sat a full length mirror. She walks to it and knocks on it. Her image fades as mist starts to float around in the mirror. Soon a young woman dressed in what could only be described as an Alice in Wonderland outfit. It was black with the white apron and long black and white socks. Her long black hair fell down her back and her blue eyes seemed to shimmer in the low light of the room. A strange looking cat sits by her side that looks like the Cheshire Cat if it had been more skeleton than cat. Image: Mia... Mia: Hello Malice. Malice: It has been a long time. Mia: I know it has. I need your help. Malice: Where do you need to go? Mia: It's not that... Necra came to see me. She needs us to... Malice: To become one? Mia nods. Mia: Yeah. A slender pale hand extends through the mirror. Malice: Take my hand and we two shall become one once more. Mia nods and takes Malice's hand. As she does the world around Mia starts to fade and fades to black. Voice Over: Things are not always what they seem. The things that seem scary are fun and not scary, and the things that seem safe are not always safe. Wonderland is just like that... No one is always safe or kind... Including me... The scene reopens in what appears to be a strange looking world. It is Wonderland, except that it looked twisted and darker than the normal world of Wonderland. The once tall and beautiful forest was now gnarled and twisted, and the once bright and beautiful talking flowers were now dead and plucked of their petals. The palace of the Queen of Hearts looked like something out of a horror movie with heads on pikes, and a moat filled with bloated bodies. The camera moves over the forest and soon stops on a long table filled with tea pots. Sitting at the table was Malice. Her blue eyes stare across the table at the empty chairs, except for one... There in the chair sat a young woman with a sign in front of her that Miss Charleigh Rhodes. Malice: Miss Charleigh Rhodes... I do not know where to begin. It has been a very long time since I have been free. I know Mia has given up a lot for me to be free and I will not disappoint the Dutchess either. You see when I was released the last time I did not do as well. But this time, this time I will do what needs to be done. Charleigh I plan on doing whatever it takes to win my first match back and when I do it will be the start of something great and something that no one can stop. Malice takes a sip of tea from the cup that sits in her hands, and smiles over the rim. Malice: Charleigh do you even realize the trouble that you are truly in? I do not believe you do. You more than likely think that I am a fool with little to no experience. You are wrong. I have experience but have yet to win a title that is worthy of someone such as myself. I am a Queen in my own right, but not like the Dutchess or her mother in the real world. What you see here is what you get from me. I will stand and fight until there is nothing left of you or anyone else that stands in my way. I am known as the Slayer of the Jabberwock for a reason, and no matter what there is nothing that you can do to stop me. Malice laughs as a white rabbit hops past the table. She looks at it, and seems to nod as she gets to her feet. Malice: I'm afraid it is time to go Miss Charleigh. I have so much work to do before we actually meet face to face. I will take great joy in destroying you, and proving that I am meant to be here. There is no escape from me. You can beg and you can plead but your cries will fall on deaf ears. I will put an end to you just as quickly, and not think twice about what I have done. You are never alone. I am always watching from behind the glass on the mirror no matter where you are. When we meet it will be "Off with her head" and the 1, 2, 3 count will be sounded in my victory. See you soon my dear. With that Malice starts to walk off along the pathway that stretched out as far as the eye could see as the scene fades to black.
  6. Picture Base Alice from American McGee's Alice in Wonderland Ring Name Malice Real Name Mia Lang Also Known As Little Miss Malice, The Slayer of the Jabberwock Hometown/Billed Wonderland Height 5'6 Weight 120lbs Blood Type Unknown Age 21 Debut Year 2005 Alignment Tweener Cheating Tendency None Fighting Styles High Flyer/Technical Similar To Wrestler Lita Entrance Theme Song Imaginary (Extended verison) by Evanscence Entrance Description * The house lights go down, as pink, and purple lights go over the crowd. "Imaginary" by Evanscence begins to play over the loud speaker as the tron comes to life with a story book cover. It slowly opens to what appears to be a dark and twisted Wonderland. The scene changes to different stories before stopping on a field of what appear to be paper flowers. The scenes keep changing as paper flowers begin to fall over the crowd as what appears to be a Victorian chair rises from the floor. There sits Malice. As the vocals of the song begin she lifts her head, and rises to her feet. In her hand she carries a flamingo shaped croquet mallet as she makes her way toward the ring. She reaches the ring and walks up the stairs and sets the croquet mallet against the ring post and waits for the match to begin. Wardrobe/Ring Gear A black Alice dress with white knee socks, black Mary Jane's, and a black headband. Standard Moves (10-15) Moonsault Senton German Suplex Hair pull Slap Snap suplex Standing Moonsault DDT Bulldog Clothesline Roundhouse Kick Hurricanrana Handspring Backflip Elbow drop Corkscrew Plancha Frog Splash Swanton Bomb Signature Moves (5-10) * Swanton Frog Splash Senton Moonsault Primary Finishing Moves Down The Rabbit Hole: Swanton Bomb Off With Their Head: Moondsault into a leg drop Secondary Finishing Moves * Title Histories & Accolades * Brief Biography Not much is known of Malice. Some believe that she is the spirit of children that have lost their innocence at the hands of those willing to harm them, while others believe that she is the spirit of a young girl that died centuries ago. But in order to survive in this world she has to inhabit a host. She has been without a host for a very long time and now that she has one once again, Malice is free to roam the world once more.
  7. Picture Base Becky Lynch Ring Name The Daredevil Avery McCullen Real Name Avery McCullen Also Known As Hometown/Billed Dublin Ireland Height 5'8 Weight 131lbs Blood Type: O+ Birth Date 04/02/1991 Debut Year 2010 Alignment Babyface Cheating Tendency * Sometimes Gimmick A once well known adventurer now a divorced woman and single mother. Motivations Passion; they love wrestling and don't care about winning or losing, just fighting. Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat. Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best. Fighting Styles Technician/Submissionist, Brawler Similar To Wrestler * What does he/she do when seeing blood? Just continues on with the match Entrance Description The house lights go down, as pink, and blue spotlights go over the crowd. "Shipping Up to Boston/Enter Sandman" by The Snake Charme x Goddesses of Bagpipes begins to play over the speakers. The tron comes to life with an aerial view of Ireland, and then changes to different scenes of the places that Avery had been in her adventuring days. It soon changes to some of her old matches and the chaos and destruction that she had caused. A spotlight comes to rest at the back of the stage where Avery is standing with her head lowered. As the vocals start she raises her head, and she starts down the rampway. She poses with a few of the fans letting them get pictures before she heads to the ring. As she reaches the end of the rampway she sprints to the ring, and leaps up onto the edge of the ring, and slips through the ropes. She hops up onto the nearest ring post and plays to the crowd before hopping down, and removes the leather jacket she wears and waits for her opponent. Wardrobe/Ring Gear Kilted skirt, different t-shirts, black leather jacket, and a pair of boots. Standard Moves 1. Hay Maker 2. Drop Kick 3. Punch to the Gut 4. Low Blow 5. Tiger Suplex 6. German Suplex 7. Fireman's carry 8. Unprettier 9. Eye Gouge 10. Russian Leg sweep Facebuster 11. Backk Rake 12. Sleeper Take down 13. Ankle Lock 14. Figure 4 15. Texas Cloverleaf 16. Hard Kick to Knee 17. Shining Triangle 18. Corner Punches 19. Foot Choke 20. Mudhole Stomping in corner 21. Mounted Punches 22. Diving Spear 23. Moonsault 24. Corkscrew 25. Running Dropkick 26. Spear 27. Bulldog Signature Moves 1. Bite the Blarney Stone - Brings opponents over left foot, then puts them into a surfboard, then stomps down with right foot. 2. Irish Eyes - Go To sleep 3. Fall from Grace - Diving Somersault Leg Drop Primary Finishing Move Finisher's Name: Four Leaf Clover Finisher's Description: Figure 4 Secondary Finishing Move * Finisher's Name: Over the Moor Finisher's Description: Full Body Grapevine Ankle lock Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color? black straps, with the Irish flag in the middle of the plates. All Championships & Accolades NCW Tag Team Champion (Mike and Avery) NCW BloodyHardcore Champion SWAT Amazons Championship NCW Siren's Champion Brief Biography Avery grew up in Ireland with her mother and father and the rest of her family. At the age of 5 her mother had passed away leaving her father to raise her. They moved to New York when he opened an auto shop. Avery learned her trade and knew how to take apart an engine within an hour instead of hours or days. At the age of 19 she had started a life of adventure with an old friend of her father's. She became part of something bigger then she would even realize. Once that was done she tried to settle in for a relaxing life in her father's shop but grew bored once more and went back to live with her family in Ireland. She was part of the HCW USA, and HCW UK, but she is looking for something new and exciting. After leaving Mike Maddox and divorcing him, she ended up going to rehab to become a better mother to her daughter Grace. Now she is with Johnny Reb and now stands at his side and is looking to make a name for herself once again. Additional information that commentators can mention? *
  8. Tag Team Match Aly Kay & Lauren Harris vs. Martha Venegas & Rachel Storm
  9. Main Event Egyptian Hell Battle Royale for the WXW Temptress Championship Anyone that is not a Champion or in a match already is more than welcome to enter.
  10. Casket Match Non Title Match Necra Octavian Kane (c) vs Legion Deadline: 09/18/2022 @ 6:00am eastern time
  11. Handicap Match Hollie Holt and Averi vs Dakota Storm Deadline: 09/18/2022 @ 6:00am eastern time
  12. Singles Match Malice vs Charleigh Rhodes Deadline: 09/18/2022 @ 6:00am eastern time
  13. WXW PRESENTS QUEENS OF COMBAT THE COVERED HALL, CAIRO EGYPT Sept 25, 2022 Main Event Temptress Championship Egyptian Hell Battle Royale Rene Volkov vs Martha Venegas vs Lindsey Flare vs Diamond vs Roxanne vs Jensen Lane Also this is open to anyone that is not a current champion or already in a match Non Title Casket Match Necra Octavian Kane (c) vs Legion Handicap Match Hollie Holt and Averi vs Dakota Storm Singles Match Malice vs Charleigh Rhodes Tag Team Match Aly Kay & Lauren Harris vs. Martha Venegas & Rachel Storm Deadline: 09/15/2022 at 6 am est
  14. Act 1: Test Subjects "Experiments are the way to learn what makes others tick. If you watch the outcome and learn from your mistakes. That is what I plan on doing this time around." The scene opens on the beautiful Pacific ocean just off of the island of Japan. The camera moves over the water and soon we see an island that sits in the middle of the water that seems to be out of place. The island itself was beautiful and covered in tall palm trees and paths that wound itself around the island. A city seemed to come out of nowhere and it has long been abandoned and the grass has started to take the streets over along with the buildings that lined the streets. The camera moves over the city and comes to a stop on a tall glistening building that seemed very out of place. The camera moves to the interior of the building where we see a glistening hallway with the smell of fresh scent from the sparkling floors. Overhead the lights buzzed with life as the the sound of the elevator is heard. The doors open and there stands Rene with Ragnarok walking out in front of her. They walk down the hallway and toward a set of double doors. Ragnarok opens the doors for her and steps inside as Rene steps in behind him. Rene: Has been any more issues on the island? Ragnarok: Since the last time? No. Those three didn't see me coming. Rene: Good. Has there been anything from Necra? Ragnarok: I think she sent you a message this morning. Rene: I was wondering when I would hear from her. Ragnarok: Is there anything you need from me? Rene: Make your rounds, while I handle things in here. Ragnarok: As you wish. He turns and walks out of the room leaving Rene alone once again. She moves to the computer and opens a message. Rene starts to watch the links that Necra had sent and soon turns it off and laughs. Rene: Well, well, well... Zoey you still look at me like I am a fantasy creature in your little story of the hero. I am more than that, and once again I will prove it to be so. You seem to think that you already have this match won, but you don't. Things can happen and the outcome will not be in your favor. Necra won her match over Roxanne and you and I tied which shouldn't have happened. I had you where I wanted you, but then... Well we both know what happened in the end don't we? But I will not repeat my mistakes... And this time the hero will fall. Rene smiles as she turns and soon stands in front of three tubes covered in white sheets. Rene: Under here I have something that is very special. I've been working on them for a while now and I have to admit it was enjoyable... You see Zoey you think I am a woman of magic, but I am a woman of science and so much more. I have done this for a while now and I understand what I am and why I am doing what I do. I thought it was to figure out what I am but in the end I have come to learn so much more. Zoey I don't think you realize what you are truly facing off against. You've faced me once before and you have an idea of how I move, what my skills are but it's not going to be enough to stop me and Necra in the end. She runs her hand along one of the tubes and smirks as she pulls one of the sheets off revealing a young man in the tube floating in some sort of green liquid. Rene: Do you remember the three fools that came to my island... Well this is one of them. He pleaded with my dear Ragnarok to spare him... So... Ragnarok brought him to me. And now he's my experiment... I would get into the details but it's something that you wouldn't understand. Speaking of which... Legion... you are so far off about the relation between my partner and I... I am NOT her mother. I am younger than her and there is a reason that I am called the Mother of Monsters...But that's not it. She smiles a wide smile once again and pulls the other two sheets down revealing the other two young men in the same colored liquid. She laughs as her eyes shift into what could be considered black pools before shifting back to their violet color. Rene: You claim that you are the Queen Killer, The Queen and the Ring Mistress but yet you have to beat ones like us. You may have won titles and such but you have yet to win titles here. I am not afraid of past accomplishments let alone one that thinks they have more than one person dwelling within. I believe the story behind Legion is they are an army of demons within one form. I've seen demons... And you are not one. I deal with at least two and you are not Legion. You are a wannabe, a pretender... And that is all you will ever be. She hits buttons on the machines that in front of each tube. The liquid inside seems to almost bubble as she watches them inside trying to get out. They pound against the glass as she just smiles. Rene: Humans are such a delight to watch when they are under stress and distress. They have to pay for their crimes and trespassing on my island. Legion I'm not sure what else I can say to you that my partner hasn't already. You addressed her more than you did me so I'm starting to wonder if you even realize what is to come when you face off against us. You think your career is just beginning but it will end as soon as you step into the ring with us. The Mother of Monsters and the Goddess of the Dead will walk away with the win and leave you in the wake of what she calls the Darkside. At least I can say one thing... I can trust my partner... But can either one of you trust the other? You've been thrown together in this match and it will show. Team work is what is going to be key in this match. I think that is everything that I have to say to both of you... And now if you excuse me I have work to do... Rene smiles as she stares up at the three tubes that sit in front of her. She takes notes and walks away as the scene fades to black.

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