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  1. short but to the point click the link below. good luck and click here.
  2. click the link below . Short but to the point. (click here)
  3. Click the link below the picture and enjoy. Necra vs Jada(click here)
  4. Picture Base Brandi Rhodes Ring Name Jada Phoenix Real Name Kimberly Jada Phoenix Also Known As Hometown/Billed Corpus Christi Texas Height 5'6" Weight 120 Blood Type: Birth Date January 1,1999 Debut Year 2022 Alignment * Tweener Cheating Tendency * Rarely Gimmick * Motivations * Passion; they love wrestling and don't care about winning or losing, just fighting. Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat. Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best. Fighting Styles All Arounder * Similar To Wrestler Michelle McCool What does he/she do when seeing blood? faints Entrance Description Fallen Angel by Poison plays as red white and blue lights circle the arena. Zara walks onto the stage and turns around showing off her long legs. She walks down the ramp swinging her hips. She jumps onto the apron of the ring and climbs the turn buckle on the outside. After blowing a kiss to the fans she jumps over the top rope and into the ring. She dances and then runs her hands over her body and then puts her hands on her knees. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Leather shorts that barely cover her backside and leather bra Standard Moves 1) Bulldog 2) Facebuster 3)Irish Whip followed up with a clothesline 4) Drop Kick 5) Bitch Slap 6) Spine Buster Signature Moves Double Arm DDT Spear Primary Finishing Move The Phoenix(powerbomd) Secondary Finishing Move STF Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color? (example: camo, green, cheetah, hemp...etc.) * All Championships & Accolades * Brief Biography * Additional information that commentators can mention? *
  5. The Baby Doll has arrived (click here)

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