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  1. *Adrian turns on his cellphone, he takes a look at the next event and then stirs sugar and cream into his coffee and then takes a swig of his coffee. Soon he switches to a video application and presses the record button.* Sure the world is saying that last night was a gutsy performance facing an old man after my championship and just like that *snaps fingers* he was vanquished. That was then, this is now. A new morning and I had barely any coffee in hand before the next show came out. *Takes a swig of his coffee* Sure enough my next chance to shine up the belt and deliver a new performance, then it started I'm working against Sarah Frost. Another would-be challenger if she can defeat me that is. Sarah, my friend. I just wanted to make it clear that I have the utmost respect for you and what you've been doing for this company. A woman who is entitled to challenge for any championship, has in fact challenged for the Pinnacle Championship before this future encounter with me. *Takes a swig of his coffee* Surely I don't have a qualm of facing women, this is the professional wrestling business not real life. Hell I practice my craft with my wife, she is as vicious as hell with men as she is with women. Permission to be blunt, my opponent has brought me to realize that she is bearing down my throat to get an opportunity to face me for the Zero Fear Championship. This gold is my first singles title on record and I've barely held it long enough before I put out an open challenge for any championship chaser to try taking it away from me. *Takes a swig of his coffee* I'm not sure what you are going to do against me Sarah, whether you have a game plan or you wing it. Don't think I am going to back down or throw this match to you or anything. I guess we need to be inside the 20x20 squared circle to really know what either of us will bring. You're unproven and have only a few matches under your name and then you got me, a second generation professional wrestler with a lot of people waiting for me to fail to live up to the name I was born with. I changed my name and left second guessing myself to see what if I can do this one on my own. You're the next door to open up for me and I am going to ram you down and run circles around you. The old man would be proud hearing me saying that I however don't want or need his damn approval for anything. *Takes a swig of his coffee* What else can I say, but get ready and I will see you in the ring. Good luck, Miss Frost. *Takes a swig of his coffee and hits stop, sends it to production and turns off his phone.*
  2. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1anlBpWIUiCmYrN35DvUi1JTDzG3cT0SENv1l07E3YQE/edit?usp=drivesdk
  3. Kid Kaos turns on his phone's camera, changes it to video and begins recording. Kid Kaos: This week sometime I face off against the bombastic Everette Aloni, so Everette you finally decided to grace us with your presence. I don't believe half the bullshit that comes out of your mouth, but I don't have to believe you nor do I care what the names you call me. You're just another guy in a long list of guys who've tried to insult my family, beat my family at their own game, or to intimidate us into submission. I've found success doesn't always come from whomever you know, I don't get mad everyone says my father is better than me and he is better at reading people. Well truth be told, my father lived and bled buckets for this business and to honestly be called one of the best of all time. I am far behind the eight-ball and I admit it's going to take years to get where he's been and still is. Pauses for a few seconds. Kid Kaos: We are not on the same wavelength but I know as well as any person on this planet that I will one day get there, the ass kickings along the way will make me stronger, more so because I am in control of my own destiny. Speaking of that word, destiny is a goal for which one only dreams of making it to, your destiny and mine comes together for one evening in that ring, I respect what you've accomplished and what you may or may not accomplish in the future but don't down me for being optimistic about my destiny. My destiny is to one day hold the AWS Pinnacle Championship, the very title my father created to declare someone the best of the best in that ring at any given time. Do you think I'm entitled to that said silver title belt? Do I think I'm entitled, the answer is NO, I was born to be a future champion. If that happens I may never let it go, I may not be the biggest guy or the most muscular guy, hell I'm not even the most handsome guy out there and does that bother me, absolutely not! What I will tell you is this, this guy is hungry and this guy is watching every tape of your ass wrestling because I'm like my father, those tapes show me your weaknesses and your strengths really. I'm eating, drinking, sleeping with the thoughts of how to really torment you until the three count and my hands raised in victory. Pauses again to take a sip of water. Kid Kaos: I'm going to make one thing clear to you, I'm not here to be in anyone's shadow and I'm not here to be my father's son who just happens to wrestle like his old man. I'm here to fulfill my goals, through trials and tribulations I'm going to learn this business better than anyone, sure I'll take a few years to learn all the tricks of the trade. Also, I'm willing to try anything to get where I want to go, if I have to bleed buckets on 5 continents like my father did; then so be it. Nothing will be taken for granted in my career, I will not waver, I will not be less prepared for anyone in the ring because one mistake, one bad bump, one false move can end it in a heartbeat. You've said it, I am your priority and your focused on beating my ass but brother I'm going to go above and beyond to give you a match of a lifetime, I'm going to give you a beating you'll never ever ever get over and I'm going to embarrass you marine and I'm going to have a good time burying your career deep into the muck of hell. Now it's time to come out of wherever you've been hiding, come to the ring and get the beating you so richly deserve at my hands. See you soon, Marine! Pauses again, this time shuts off the camera to end the promo.
  4. The arena is eerily quiet as the place is empty, a single white spotlight suddenly illuminates the entrance area and there stands the son of AWS Founder Charlie Feigel, Kid Kaos raises a microphone up to mid chest. "There comes a time when a son must step out of the shadows of his pops, my father is of course the biggest name in this company to date. His shadow shades just about the entire roster except maybe Scotty Paine, alas I come out here tonight with my father's blessing to live my dream of one day holding one of the many championships of this company. A company that one day will be mine, a company that has history dating back almost 20 years to Asylum Sports Entertainment and beyond even that to be quite frank." Kid Kaos takes a quick pause before continuing. "The concept of the match of which I'm about to enter, it was created to severely shorten careers; whether my father admits it or not. The Apocalypse Chamber has been created, the response to it has been phenomenal and my god I want to be a part of that, of the history in the making if you will. Fuck I don't just want to be a part of that, I want to be a the winner of the match and to do that I must kick some ass and take names like the man I look up to, my father. I seen what everyone else has been spouting, I heard them all loud and clear and I looked closely at the screen into the eyes of the wicked beasts themselves and for the first time I sensed fear in those eyes. Fearing the unknown, fearing the what ifs, fear the what and the why, how come? It's only two miles in chains and weapons for days all over the damn place. Then I thought about that question, I thought why the hell not? Fear is the most used emotion in the world, we're afraid of our own shadows, we have doubts in our minds about our safety daily with the Corona Virus looming over our heads for years now. We down ourselves as weak and insignificant when our job security is in constant peril, we navigate the deepest end of the swimming pool that is life and damn it looks fucking terrifying." Kid Kaos takes a quick pause before continuing. "Terror in the cage, terror in the world that is the ultimate cage for all of us animals, what to do, what to do. Now look, I came to the realization that my opponents fear each other and they fear what one might do to them to get what they want, with me in this match you don't have to wonder what I will do, I will actually show what I am going to do to all of you in that cage of chains and the violence that will be displayed by everyone and of course myself will be so intense it won't be deems suitable for children or for those weakened by their sensibilities. OH BOY! Blood will flow, hell you might see someone's guts splayed open like an autopsy is being performed on them. I am not going to say what I might do, I won't even say what I will do, like certain family members I have I will show up and I will give you a show that will leave no doubt about who the hell I am." Kid Kaos takes a quick pause before continuing. "Let me highlight some of the names in this bitch, Scotty Paine the hardcore icon, the true elder statesman of this company and the patriarch of the House of Paine. Mr. Paine or Scotty, whatever the hell you wish to the be called is neither here or their but you've earned my respect. I respect you because you are the man you say you are, the man who does the most hardcore moves I've seen in my damn life and even sometimes you surprise the world with ones we haven't seen. Scotty your time should've end years and years ago, shortened by age and ultra violence, you depress me old man because you should be enjoying your twilight years and not facing youngsters such as me in matches anymore." Kid Kaos takes a quick pause before continuing. "Lucky, ducky we have women of extreme violence in this company, I am well aware that it's 2022 and women's rights to do whatever the hell they please gives them license to come into this damn match. Summer Bliss is a two time AWS Pinnacle Champion, two times you've lost that title. A reminder that the best of the best can be beat by anyone, the gold comes to those who work hard, to those who have skills and to be truthfully honest with you honey that you may have both traits, but you've hit a slump that isn't going to end in this match." Kid Kaos laughs a little then his face turns serious again. "Anyways, I do not have anything else to say, my talking will be inside that chamber of horrors. Oh betcha ass it's going to be a horror show. Welcome to HELL!" Kid Kaos laughs a little, then walks backstage. FADE TO BLACK
  5. Create-A-Manager Picture Base * Father James Mitchell aka Sinister Minister Ring Name * "The Master Manipulator" Colonel Gideon Rhodes Real Name * Gideon M. Rhodes Alignment * Monster Heel Manager Title * Special Councilor List of Manager's Clients * The Hooligans Kassidy Dax Charleigh Rhodes Declan & Eames
  6. Create-A-Lunatic Picture Base * Ivy Nile Ring Name * "Suplex Princess" Katelynn Cole Real Name * Kassidy Dax Also Known As Hometown/Billed * Newark, New Jersey Height * 5'4" Weight * 139 lbs. Blood Type: O+ Birth Date * 9/11/2001 Debut Year * 2021 Alignment * Babyface Cheating Tendency * Sometimes Rarely Never Gimmick * A larger than life fan favorite who shows there isn't a obstacle that can't be leaped over. The kayfabe wife of "Big Money" Adrian Cole (her real-life fiance). Motivations * Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat. Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best. Fighting Styles * Technical Similar To Wrestler * Dani Lua, Naomi, Cassie Lee What does he/she do when seeing blood? * Tries to open up the wound. Entrance Description * Moneytalks” by AC/DC hits the PA system and the very muscular blonde young woman emerges from behind the curtain as her husband Adrian Cole struts out too. He pauses and stares around, for getting a reaction from the fans he spits out his gum and bats it towards the fans which gets mixed as he smirks and walks down to the ring. Cole charges up the steps and climbs from the apron into the ring, multicolored pyrotechnics goes off around the venue as fake $1000 bills rain down on the fanatics as both Katelynn raises both fists in the air along with her husband raising his. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Black half short and sports with pink colored mess covering spots of skin, enters with a lime green waist-length leather coat, multicolored hair usually lime green and blue. Standard Moves * Various Suplexes Belly To Belly Suplex Spear Missile Dropkick Tilt-A-Whirl Headscissors Bitch Kick Huracanrana Legsweep DDT German Suplex Signature Moves * Shining Wizard Shiranui Running Double Knee Primary Finishing Move * Lime Squeezer (Cattle Mutilation) Green Crush Suplex (Bridging German Suplex) Secondary Finishing Move * Blue Crush Stretch (Octopus Stretch) The Peak (Gory Neckbreaker) Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color? (example: camo, green, cheetah, hemp...etc.) * Neon Green and Blue Camo All Championships & Accolades * Brief Biography * Additional information that commentators can mention? *
  7. Picture Base * Ted DiBiase Jr. Ring Name * "Big Money" Adrian Cole Real Name * K.D. Feigel Also Known As Kid Kaos, Big Money, KDF Hometown/Billed * Syracuse, New York Height * 6 ft 3 in Weight * 214 lbs Blood Type: A+ Birth Date * 10/12/2000 Debut Year * 2015 Alignment * Babyface Cheating Tendency * Rarely Gimmick * A second generation superstar, known to be a straight shooter and tells it like it is. Motivations * Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat. Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best. Fighting Styles * Technical, Brawler, Power with some high risk moves. Similar To Wrestler * Ted DiBiase Sr., Ted DiBiase Jr., CM Punk, Austin Aries What does he/she do when seeing blood? * He attempts to make more blood flow. Entrance Description * Moneytalks” by AC/DC hits the PA system and the very confident young man emerges from behind the curtain as his wife Katelynn Cole saunters out too. He pauses and stares around, for getting a reaction from the fans he spits out his gum and bats it towards the fans which gets mixed as he smirks and walks down to the ring. Cole charges up the steps and climbs from the apron into the ring, green pyrotechnics goes off around the venue as fake $1000 bills rain down on the fanatics as he raises both fists in the air along with his wife raising hers. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * spiked hair, trunks with Big Money in big gold lettering on the back, black boots and pads. Standard Moves * cross body, big boot, spear, various suplexes, dropkicks, lariats, superkicks Signature Moves * Flying Lariat, Rolling Thunder, top or middle rope ddt, fall away slam. Primary Finishing Moves * Ca$h Out (GTS), Big Money Clutch (Cobra Clutch), The Withdrawl (Bridging Arm Triangle Choke aka Last Chancery) Secondary Finishing Moves * Lie Detector (Black Mass), Freak Show (Sitout backbreaker rack drop), Ca$h Out II (Michinoku Driver II) Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color? (example: camo, green, cheetah, hemp...etc.) * money green All Championships & Accolades * AWS Zero Fear Championship (1x - Current); Various Tag Team Championships Brief Biography * Coming Soon! Additional information that commentators can mention? * The real life son of AWS' CEO & President Charlie Feigel which is no longer acknowledged on the air, just that he is a second generation superstar. Manager & Partner: Katelynn Cole
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