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  1. So everyone wants me to return to the wrestling world after I have been retired for more than a year now but why do you all want me to return I guess they like seeing me hurt people, you see my divorce from Lexi Havoc has rocked me to my core she basically just left and didn’t say a word it left me empty inside for a long time that is why i took a hiatus and retired so if you want me to come back again you got it I am coming back to cause violence I am coming back to take my anger out on anyone who gets in my way hell even Isabella has been getting a little thirsty for blood so AWS its time that i return I will be there you will not know when but I will be there lurking in the shadows and waiting to pick my spot you and then you will feel my wrath your choice has been made violence awaits.
  2. Picture Base * Jeff Hardy Ring Name * Rockin’ Lunatic Real Name * Rush Downing Also Known As Hometown/Billed * New Port Richey, Florida Height * 5’9” Weight * 195lbs Blood Type: average Birth Date * 12/19/1985 Debut Year * 2004 Alignment * Pure Babyface Ruthless Heel Cheating Tendency * Often Gimmick * Violent Motivations* Punishment; they fight as a way to unleash their frustrations. They just want to hurt people. Fighting Styles * Hardcore Similar To Wrestler * Jeff Hardy What does he/she do when seeing blood? * keep beating opponent Entrance Description * Reminisce by Clenchfist blasts over the PA System as Rockin’ Lunatic makes his way out onto the stage he looks around at the crowd watching them boo and cheer at the same time he pulls out Isabella his steel Barbwire Baseball Bat he then smacks the stage as pyro blasts all around him, he then makes his way down the ramp swinging his bat everywhere and almost hitting the fans on the way he climbs into the ring smacks and turn buckle pad and rips it off while waiting for an opponent. Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Zip up jacket, Tank top Cargo Jeans and Red and Black boots Standard Moves * Super Kick Russian Leg Sweep Figure 4 Leg Lock Running face wash in the corner buckle bomb Spike DDT Double running Shoulder block in the corner Signature Moves * Spear Basement Superkick Primary Finishing Move * Lunatic Twist ( Twist of Fate ) Secondary Finishing Move * Up Side Down STF Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color? (example: camo, green, cheetah, hemp...etc.) * All Championships & Accolades * 30x Champion Brief Biography * Will add later Additional information that commentators can mention? *
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