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  1. [Scene fades in as we find Fetu and Manaia standing outside of "the Show" Chad Kurtis office talking to Matt Kurtis] Matt: Hey Fetu are you ready for you solo debut Fetu: Hell yeah unc Manaia: Hell yeah my bro is going to make a statement in his match Fetu: Exactly going to remind everyone that "the mafia" is the force to be reckoned with Matt: Damn strait "the Mafia" is the force! Fetu: I am the unknown element in this match which is one reason I have the advantage. Manaia: Preach it Bro Fetu: Truth is I look at you I will be facing Dimter, Stark, Silver Tongue , Jigsaw, and Sky and feel like I need to write a thank you note to the bookers Manaia: They don't have a chance. The victory is yours! Fetu: I am not trying to disrespect Mike Dimter or Stark or Tongue or Jigsaw or Sky but they ain't in my class. I am the best kept secret in AWS! Manaia: They can't touch you bro Fetu: What my opponents must realize is I was trained for hardcore! They must realize I am battle tested! And they will acknowledge I am better then they are! Manaia: Acknowledge the Mafia! Fetu: Anyway enough of the talk. I will let my action speak for here on out! [Scene fades out as Matt huddles up with Fetu and Manaia]
  2. - The Ward commentary team prepares the audience for the main event match of tonight's Ward in Munich. As they do, they take time to highlight an important member of the production team, DJ Sir Mix-A-Funky Beat, the unofficial head of the sound crew. Mia Russo: Ladies and gentlemen, we are getting set for tonight's main event coming up after the commercial break. But before we send you off to pay the bills, we here at Ward want to send an extra special happy birthday to the man who drops the funkiest of beats around here, Sir Mix-A-Funky Beat! - The camera shifts into a corner of the arena, where a spotlight comes down onto skybox. Mix and his equipment are set up inside. He begins to scratch a dope track. The mic picks up about 10 seconds of his DJ solo when from behind him, a quartet of familiar faces appear. Two hands get placed on his scratching records, while another hand grabs the microphone at the top of his system. That hand belongs to Chad Kurtis. Chad Kurtis: Hey there, Mix. We of the Bluegrass Mafia wish to extend the most heartfelt appreciation toward you and your kin for your bless-ed birth, and our gratitude to you continuously hitting the mark when we request our music be played each and every appearance. Manaia: Yeah! Fetu: That shit's tight, uce! Chad Kurtis: However, we have an unfortunate predicament at this current moment in time, that the powers that be in Asylum are choosing to not allow us our Freedom Of Speech rights. Even though this isn't exactly America, we do believe we should be entitled to the right to speak our mind, especially when it comes to such injustices as our match this Friday on Depravity. - From behind Mix, Matt and Dominic Kurtis grab onto Mix's shoulders and drag him backward, out of the skybox. Manaia and Fetu follow. They disappear for a moment as Chad grabs the mic and shifts it to a more comfortable position. Soon, Matt and Dominic return to stand on each side of Chad. Chad Kurtis: You see, with these lot runnin' Asylum, the more things change, the more they stay the same. We have offered the easy way time and time again to Asylum, but time and time again, our requests fall upon deaf ears. So once again, Bluegrass Mafia makes a formal request. My boys, Matt and Dominic, get a Tag Team Title match. No extra teams. Just them versus the champs. Matt and Dominic here are *The. Toughest. Strongest. And Best. Tag Team in Asylum. Nay, the entire world!* Yet at every opportunity, Asylum has put them in handicap matches to cut the legs out from underneath'em. Darkness Falls, you put us in a 3 teams on 1 match with the Tylers, The MVPs, and Violent Generation. And despite your best efforts, we nearly ruined your plans. Feigel Cup, Dominic takes that worthless Dean Tyler and puts him through glass. Instead of letting him finish the job, somebody calls for the bell and stops him from taking home the Elevated Title. Dominic Kurtis: You tell them, Unc! Chad Kurtis: Were we represented in Apocalypse Chamber? Matt Kurtis: Hell no we weren't! Chad Kurtis: Hell no. If either of these two boys were in that match, Bluegrass Mafia would be the new Pinnacle Heavyweight Number One Contenders. But no, Asylum doesn't want that. Dominic Kurtis: No they don't! Chad Kurtis: They want to cripple our power. They want us to stay below their chosen few. Well, Bluegrass Mafia don't acknowledge your plans anymore. Until we get what we want, Asylum won't be havin' what they want. Matt Kurtis: Let's go! - Matt gestures to Dominic, and Dominic opens the window to the skybox. When it's opened all the way for the live audience to see them and jeer, Matt and Dominic lift up the DJ Booth and set it on the edge of the skybox. With one final look over the crowd, the trio give a mighty push as Sir Mix-A-Funky Beat's whole setup gets pushed over and dropped 40 feet to concrete below, smashing and shattering vinyl records and the sensitive DJing equipment. As Bluegrass Mafia make obscene gestures to the audience, commentary chimes in making a stark realization. Gidget Stephenson: And there goes Mix's mixing stand! Come on! That was uncalled for! Benito Manfrin: Ladies, do you think that Mix can salvage any of that for the main event tonight? Gidget Stephenson: Our main event may be without entrance music tonight! Mia Russo: Hold on, I just received word. A match has been made for Friday Night. The Violent Generation will answer the call! Trios match, Bluegrass Mafia and a mystery partner against The Pinnacle Tag Team Champs! Gidget Stephenson: I wonder who it's gonna be!
  3. Scene fades in as we find Belinda Strouse outside of the Bluegrass Mafia's RV... Belinda Stokes knocks on the door and it is answered by Manaia Manaia: Hey it's the interviewer chic at the door Fetu: Damn bro let her in Belinda: I just wanted to see if I could get an interview with Matt and Dominic Manaia: Let me guess you want to ask our uncs how they are feeling about their championship match in Chi-town Belinda: It had crossed my mind Fetu: Before we got get Matt and Dom let us ask you a question Belinda; Me? Manaia: Yeah pretty lady you Belinda: Alright I guess. What's your question "The Show" Chad Kurtis walks into the scene followed closely by Matt and Dominic Mania: You mean you don't know the question Belinda: How would I know the quest... Fetu: There is really one one question that needs to be answered Belinda: What question! Just ask me the question! Manaia and Fetu smile as they step out of the way Chad: I believe the question that we want answered is how do you like DA MAFIA now they we ain't playing nice Manaia and Fetu [pointing at Chad] Hell yeah that's the question Belinda: It's seem to w... Dominic: Excuse the interruption but we don't damn what you are anyone thinks about our new attitude Mania and Fetu: Truth Dominic: See me and Matt are tired of being held back and cheated by the powers that be! Mania and Fetu: Preach Dominic: Truth is the we have more talent that anyone else on this roster yet we keep getting cheating of the gold. No more! DA MAFIA is none being nice we are done being push to the side! Mania and Fetu: Damn straight Dominic: This is our time right now! This is the era of the Bluegrass Mafia! In Chi-town we are going to walk in kick ass and capture the belts and there ain't a damn thing anyone can do about Mania and Fetu: Not a damn thing Matt: Let's take a little trip in the past to when we last did this little three way and you teamed you to beat us. Was that fun! Did you nipples get hard coming up with that plan. Tylers how did you sleep know you had to sink that low in order to beat us. Mania and Fetu: Preach Matt: Sad truth is you know as well as everyone here and everyone listening to this interview that DA MAFIA was the best team that night and every night. Truth is you two made some kind of pact to double team us just to cheat us once again from claiming the gold. Will I hope y'all realize that when you make a deal with the devil there is always a price to pay. Mania and Fetu: Tell em Matt: You accomplished two things at the big PPV you accomplished becoming the champions and you accomplished awakening a sleeping monster. Congratulations on becoming champions but don't get used to it because I promise in Chi-town it will all come to an end. You see the monster that I had buried inside me has been awakened and the only way to keep the monster at bay is to destroy our opponents and conquer the championships. Mania and Fetu: Big Mistake waking the monster Matt: Like Dom said this is our world and the rest of you are just squirrels trying to get a nut. At the last Ward you all seen just a small sample of what the future holds. Mania and Fetu: Our time Matt: When ever you see our names on the card know we are bring the pain and we will be victorious. Mania: 1 2 The Bluegrass Mafia is after you Fetu: 3 4 Better lock the doors Dominic: 5 6 Get your crucifix Scene fades out as Mania and Fetu led Belinda to the door
  4. befo'? That was us bein' friendly. Matt Kurtis: That was us bein' cordial. Dominic Kurtis: Yall 'befo'? That was us bein' friendly. Matt Kurtis: That was us bein' cordial. Dominic Kurtis: Yall 'bout to be introduced to us when we decide to get nasty. Chad Kurtis: Boys, I hate to interject. But I just got a text. The boys'll be in Vegas for Ward. Dominic Kurtis: For real? Chad Kurtis: Mm-hmm. Matt Kurtis: Things 'bout to get real nasty now. Dominic Kurtis: You wan' play games with the Bluegrass Mafia, yall 'boutta see what happens. Matt Kurtis: We don't take kind to swindlers. We sure as Hell ain't gon' take kindly to people trynna take our spots. Dominic Kurtis: BGM at full force. Ain't no stoppin us. Matt Kurtis: Tell'em! Dominic Kurtis: Ain't no holdin' us back! Matt Kurtis: Tell'em! Dominic Kurtis: Tyler boys...don't get too comfy with those titles. Matt Kurtis: Tell'em. We comin' for 'em soon. Dominic Kurtis: We comin' for yall. We takin' what's ours. - Chad stands between both Matt and Dominic in the final shot as he delivers the final word. Chad Kurtis: Ain't nobody standin' in our way.bout to be introduced to us when we decide to get nasty. Chad Kurtis: Boys, I hate to interject. But I just got a text. The boys'll be in Vegas for Ward. Dominic Kurtis: For real? Chad Kurtis: Mm-hmm. Matt Kurtis: Things 'bout to get real nasty now. Dominic Kurtis: You wan' play games with the Bluegrass Mafia, yall 'boutta see what happens. Matt Kurtis: We don't take kind to swindlers. We sure as Hell ain't gon' take kindly to people trynna take our spots. Dominic Kurtis: BGM at full force. Ain't no stoppin us. Matt Kurtis: Tell'em! Dominic Kurtis: Ain't no holdin' us back! Matt Kurtis: Tell'em! Dominic Kurtis: Tyler boys...don't get too comfy with those titles. Matt Kurtis: Tell'em. We comin' for 'em soon. Dominic Kurtis: We comin' for yall. We takin' what's ours. - Chad stands between both Matt and Dominic in the final shot as he delivers the final word. Chad Kurtis: Ain't nobody standin' in our way.
  5. Scene fades in as we see Dominic seating at a desk pretending to read a newspaper when we see Matt walk in Matt: What the the hell man! I been looking for you! What the hell are you doing in your dad's office with your feet on his desk Dominic: Do you mean what's been crackalating Matt: No that aint what I mean at all. I said what I meant Dominic: So you want to know what I am doing Matt: I believe that was my question Dominic: I been catching up on some news Matt: That newspaper is from December talking about the tornado Dominic: It doesn't matter! Matt: It doesn't matter? Dominic: No just a prop! But have you heard the news! Matt: You know you try too hard! What news Dominic: That our match at Darkness Falls against the MVPs is now a four way ladder match for Pinnacle Tag Team Title Matt: Old news we are up against "the Violent Generation", "the Tylers" and "the MVPs" Dominic: Will did you hear the bull shit that "the Violent Generation" rattled over about being the daughter of Dean Douglas, and being a student of the Dudleys, then something about Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and yadda yadda yadda Matt: Yadda yadda yadda Dominic: Yeah sometimes I think they talk because they like the sound of their own voices Matt: Anyway I don't care about them being the daughter of Dean Douglas, and being a student of the Dudleys, and whatever else. And you know why "The Living Legend" Chad Kurtis walks in with Manaia and Fetu Matt: Because we are the FXXXing Bluegrass Mafia! We are the sons of hall of famers, we been doing brizilian Jiu Jitsu since we could crawl, we was trained at the legendary Bluegrass Mafia Training Academy by the legendary Chad Kurtis, Matt Kurtis, and Chris Casinio! Not to mentioned working with the legendary Andy Hankinson at the legendary Monester Academy Dominic: Preach it Matt: I heard them talk about how they beat us before but now of that matters now! You see this is a better and more violent version of "the Bluegrass Mafia" then what we were when you face us before. You see my cousin has found his fire. Dominic: That's right. I have my fire. My soul fire. I am now longer a weak link! I am no longer the one that everyone looks at and shakes their hand and says he has the talent and all the tools but he missing something! I am no longer the black sheep of the Kurtis' clan. You see I not only found my soul fire but I have found my killer instinct. So you can take whatever you thought you knew about "the Mafia" and shove it up your ass but it's irrelevant! Now when you face "the Mafia" you wouldn't know which one of us is going that is going take you soul. This is new era for "the Mafia" and nothing is getting in our way of winning the Pinnacle Tag Team Titles Matt: We wasted enough time and talk on the little girls and we already addressed "the MVP" earlier so let's talk about our other opponent in the four way brawl "the Tyler Family" Dominic: [evil laugh followed by evil grin] I heard they are sadistic Matt: That's good! That's real good! [Dominic's evil laugh is heard in the background]! You know I seen and hear alot of people clain to be sadistic in my career that spans from the commonwealth of Kentucky to right here in Mexico to Japan but what I have learned along the way is that most not all but most call themselves sadistic because that it's cool. They call themselves sadistic because it's a way for them to get a paycheck. Does "the Tylers" fall into that category. I don't know but I do know that "Kentucky Strong" Matt Kurtis is the definiton of sadistic. Dominic: Oh do tell Matt: "The Bluegrass Enforcer" Matt Kurtis heart beats faster when he hears that he going to be in a match with stipulations such as ladders, barbwire, weapons, etc. Matt Kurtis' nipples get hard and he get a stiff y just thinking about the pain he going to be able to inflicat on whoever is unlucky enough to have to face off against him. Matt Kurtis enjoys the taste of blood. Matt Kurtis gets off on causing pain to others. Matt Kurtis went to Japan just so he could do deathmatches. Matt Kurtis is just made different. Matt Kurtis seeks and destorys! Dominic: ... Matt: So what about it Dean and Sami are really Sadistic or are you just playing dress. Guess we will find out soon enough but one thing I promise you is I am Behemoth to your Bon Jovi. Dominic: Daaaamn Matt: I got something to say to all three of our opponents at Darkness Falls and what them all to listen very close. There is two things y'all have to understand about our match going into Darkeness Falls! First thing is it's a ladder match and second things is it is in Mexico. I know "the Tylers" , "the MVPs", and "the Violent Generation" are all smart enough to know that but do they understand why a ladder match in Mexico is different Dominic: Things that make you hmmm Matt: Ladder matches are different down here in Mexico just as halloween is different here. You see down here they celebrate Dia de Muertos or the day of the dead. Which is a celebration of dead instead of Halloween. Also down here ladder matches are more violent! More bleedy! And will change you FOREVER! Dean, Sami, Lauren, Alysin, Shannon, Dina are you prepared for that kind of carnage! Are you prepared to do what ever it takes to secure the Pinnacle Tag Team Championships! Are you prepared to go through hell just to be called champions! I ask you this because I promise you me and Dom are prepared!! Dominic: Damn straight! "the Mafia" is prepared for the carnage! Hell we will be causing most of it! "the Mafia" is prepared to do whatever it takes to secure the Pinnacle Tag Team Championships and "the Mafia" damn sure is prepared to go through hell to be called champions. Matt: We will find out the answer to those questions soon very soon. I just to break things down for yall a little and bring you a bit of truth. I hope you can handle. Dominic: Oh that can't handle the truth Matt: Allow me to lay just a little more truth on you! The truth is at Darkness Ends "the Bluegrass Mafia" will be the one walking as the NEW PINNACLE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS and the rest of yall are just going to be lucky if you can walk away. Dominic: Dean, Sami, Lauren, Alysin, Shannon, Dina have you all made peace with you savior. Are you all ready to go through hell. Are you all ready to dance with the Devil. I hope you are because the Devil just layed out the truth to yall! Listen to me now and believe me later the truth has been laid out to you. At Darkness Falls "the Bluegrass Mafia" will walk away Pinnacle Tag Team Champions! Mic Drop! Chad [golf clapping] That's what I love to see and hear! The Bluegrass Mafia focused and ready to destory their opponents body and soul on the way to fulifulling their destiny of becoming Pinnacle Tag Team Champions! Love it! But before you two ran off to grab some Chiles en Nogada or whatever I got some news. Dominc: And we all know news from "the Living Legend" is always important so do tell Chad: You two rememeber Manaia and Fetu [Matt and Dominic fist bump Manaia and Fetu]. As you know they have been doing their thing as part of "the Club" in Japan but they are back in AWS and of course part of "the Bluegrass Mafia" so Dominic: Sooooo Chad: So the band is the band is back together and we are do whatever it takes to meet our goals starting with "The Bluegrass Mafia" winning the Pinnacle Tag Team Championship! This is our world everyone else is a squirel trying to get a nut! Dominic: Mic Drop Scene fades out as we see "the Bluegrass Mafia" and "the Firing Squad" doing too sweet
  6. Scene fades in as we find Matt waiting for Dominic to arrive at the Casa Jacinta Guest House in Mexico City... Matt looks to at his fit bit to check the time when all of a sudden we hear loud "sports music" blasting Matt: What the hell bro about time you got here. Now let's get checked and find a place to grab some chilaquiles Dominic: Bet! Franciso said we need to check out Balcón del Zócalo Matt: Yeah Franciso is a bet loco but he knows Mexico. We may check out Belcon del Zocalo. Dominic: I know you wrestled in Mexico before you Japan stint. You should know a thing or two about where to eat. Matt: My go to was always El Turix but we can definetly go with Franciso recommendation of Belcom del Zocalo Dominic: Yeah my go to is Taco Bell so I am going with whatever Matt: Enough talk about where we are going to grab food, let's talk about this annoying music you are making even listen to to Dominic: What about it Matt: What the hell is it and why are we all having to listen to it Dominic: It's The Ultimate Jock Jams & Jock Rock Collection on Spotify. And I been listen to it to get ready for our oppoents at the Big Darkness Fall PPV Matt: [rolls eyes] REALLY and what else have you been doing to prepare for "the MVPs" Dominic: [Gets a sarcastic grin] Been binge watching the "Bring It On" collection Matt: [rolls eyes] You try to hard Dominic [sarcastic grin] Maybe but it was an entertaining segway to get us to talk about our match against "the MVPs" at the Big Darkness Fall PPV Matt: [Sarcastic chuckle] It was a segway. Not too sure about the entaining part Dominic: So it BGM vs MVPs at the Darkness Fall PPV Matt: Fact Dominic: And the BGM is ready to make to show what a force of nature they and come away with a statement win Matt: Fact Dominic: The BGM has been training long and hard to get ready for this match Matt: Fact Dominic: BGM is going to use this match against the MVPs as a springboard to capture the AWS tag team titles Matt: Fact Dominic: The BGM is in no way over looking or underestimating "the MVPs"! The BGM acknowledges "the MVPs" are a talented duo who just got unlucking in drawing the wrath of the BGM Matt: Facts Dominic: The BGM will be victorious over "the MVPs" because of you we are the bigger badder strongest team and The BGM will accpet nothing but victory Matt: Facts Dominic: Anything to add "big man" Matt: "Ladies" I want to look in my eyes. Yes look into the eyes of Matt Kurtis and you will understand that fact they will must not only win but win big at the PPV. We will not only beat you but destory you. Not because we hate you but because the monest inside us demands it! And the truth is there is no way for you to prepare for the beating we are going to deliver Dominic: Facts Matt: Eliana & Haliley its seems fitting that we are facing off at The Darkness Fall PPV because that it what is going to happen to you dream of being AWS tag team champions after we destory you. Darkness is going to fall on your dreams. Dominic: Facts
  7. Scene fades in as we find "the Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis exiting Apsara Tarot Berlin- Empowering Tarot in Berlin Matt: What the hell was you doing at a Tarot place Dominic: I was allowing the mystic powers of the universe predict the out come of our title match Matt: You don't even speak German. How the hell do you know what they was saying Dominic: I know they said, "Sie werden siegreich sein" Matt: And that means what exactly Dominic: To be honestly I have no clue but hopefully Matteo can tell us Matt: I think it means I took this American out of some money Dominic: Always a critic. Just because you don't believe in the power of the Tarot and fortune telling doesn't mean we can't learn from it Matt: [stares at their German translator Matteo] Let's have it, Matteo, what does Sie werden siegreich sein mean in English Matteo: It means, "you will be victorious" Dominic: See good news for "the Bluegrass Mafia" Matt: [sarcastic laugh] Well damn now I can sleep better tonight knowing that powers of the Tarot are behind us. Matteo can you lead us to Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor. Missing with all this fortunate telling bull-shit is making me hungry Matteo: Sure Matt: Then after lunch we need to head to Einsteiger - Ringen Berlin e.V. to get a work out and some training in scene picks back up as we find "The Bluegrass Mafia" seated and waiting for their order at Burgermeister Schlesisches Tor Dominic: Let's get down to business and discuss our opponents in the reverse gauntlet match for a shot at tag team gold Matt: Why don't we start by discussing the reverse gauntlet match itself. I mean we have an advantage because of where we are entering thanks to our most recent victory. This match for as far as the Violent Generation is concerned is like betting against the house. Not a good idea. Dominic: Yeah the deck is definitely stacked against the Violent Generation but we know better than to count them out Matt: You know I never over look anyone and we know how good the Violent Generation is. But I think I got a message from them while I was hanging out at Apsara Tarot waiting for you... Dominic: Damn! Bad news for the champions! Matt: Bad news indeed but the champs should have already been expecting a bad outcome once they heard that "the Bluegrass Mafia" was coming after their belts and their souls. Dominic: Damn straight. I bet if they was honest with everyone they been seating in their rooms sucking their thumbs knowing they had to face us with their belts up for grab. Matt: You know I try not to make any of our matches personal. I just look at it as business! But I would be lying if I didn't admit it going to be sweet to dethrone the Violent Generation. Time and time again they have disrespected us! So I am thrilled to admit I am going to enjoy being the pain to them. I am going to hearing their bones break. I am going to enjoy showing them why we are the best. And most importantly I am going to enjoy taking their belts and leaving them broken. Dominic: I got nothing to add really. I mean I could steal one of your cliché and tell the Violent Generation to get right with God because their soul belongs to him but the rest belongs to us but really to me the Violent Generation is like Bruno and you know we don't talk about Bruno. So let's move on and see if you got anything for "the Age of Fall" or "the House of Wolves" Matt: Two very good teams that earned their opportunity at the tag team gold BUT unfortunately for them right here right now and fot the foreseeable future this is "the Bluegrass Mafia" era of Asylum Wrestling. Dominic: So what you are saying is this is our world and everyone else is just a squirrel trying to get a nut Matt: Something like that anyway. On a side note I think I got a card for "the Age of Fall" and "the House of Wolves" . Let's see what it is Dominic: The Hanged Man! Oh snap! A bad omen for "the Age of the Fall" and "the House of the Wolves"! What do you have in store for "the World Elite" and "the Samoan Dynasty" Matt: World Elite and Samoan Dynasty are two superb teams that one day may get to climb the mountain and climb tag team gold but now is not their time. This is our time! I know I keep saying it! But it ain't fake news it's the truth. We made a statement last Ward and the wrestling world has been put on notice. Dominic: They say we're cocky but say I WHAAAT! It ain't bragging m##herf##ker if you can back it up!!! Matt: And backing it up is exactly what we are going to do!! What "the World Elite", "the Samoan Dynasty", "the Age of Fall", "the House of the Wolves", "the Violent Generation, and everyone anyone else that wants to step up to us needs to understand we are the alpha dawgs around here!!! We are the best of the best! We are the violent! The most talented! Like me slow down a bit and see what card I have for "the World Elite" and "the Samoan Dynasty" Dominic: Damn! The nine of swords! More bad omens for our opponents! Matt: Let the cards be a visual warning of what you already knew in your souls! That going against "the Bluegrass Mafia" means pain and sorrow to you. You have to understand that we are the best at what we do. We are the strongest! The toughest! The most violent! We are going to leave a trail of broken bones and broken dreams as we destroy "the Violent Generation" and take our rightful place as the Asylum Wrestling Pinnacle Tag Team champions and their ain't a DAMN thing anyone can do about it!!! Dominic: You know our opponents must be thinking to themselves be talk and you damn right it is. But you have to understand that we can talk the talk but we also damn sure walk the walk. Matt: I got one final card and this one is for us. Matteo: Trommelwirbel Dominic: What Matteo: Drumroll please Matt: And our card is Dominic: Hell yeah! That's what I am talking about! But I didn't think you believed in the tarot cards and such Matt: Not anymore that I believe in horoscopes or psychics or anything else but the cards helped me deliver my message tonight. Dominic: Do me a favor, big dawg, and repeat the message louder for the people in the back Matt: The message is a simple one but it's important for our opponents to know. Because I want to make sure they have been warned! I want to make sure they bring their best so there ain't no excuses! Matteo: Predigen Dominic: Translation Matteo: Preach it! Matt: Bottom-line is we will walk away as the Asylum Wrestling Pinnacle Tag Team Champions! Bottom-line is you better give you souls to the Lord, because the rest of you belongs to us! Bottom-line is bigger, badder, tougher than you! WE ARE THE ALPHA DAWGS and as Dominic put it you all are just squirrels trying to get a nut Dominic: We are not only going to beat you! We are not just going to embarrass you! We are are going to destroy you! Matt: You may be asking what we want. Well first of all we want the tag team belts but there is more. We want your blood and we want your souls and we are going to take them both. We are going to leave you defeated not only physically but mental and emotionally as well. Dominic: Hell truth be told you may suffer from PTSD after we get done with your candy asses Matt: I hope you are prepared for the violence and pain we are about to introduce you too. Trust me when I tell you all that you will never be the same after this match. Dominic: Of course they will need be the same! Because once you dance with the devil it changes you Matt: The kind of violence and pain I am going to bring to this match is going to change the way they think. it's going to make them rethink their choice of careers. And it's damn sure going to make them question their discussion to climb in the ring against "The Bluegrass Mafia" Dominic: I believe we talked enough and our message has been successfully delivered. The countdown to the title run of "the Bluegrass Mafia" is on!
  8. July 9 Scene fades in as we find the dynamic duo of Matt Kurtis and his cousin Dominic Kurtis hanging out with a few friends on their pontoon floating on Kentucky Lake. Taking in the delayed Independence Day festivities. Matt: Happy Belated Birthday to America, I guess! Dominic: Something like that I guess. What was the reason to postpone the fireworks. Chad: It was due to lack of rain. Matt: No worries! Just means we got one more night to take the pontoon out and hang with our posse before heading out to get ready for our over due return to AWS Ward Dominic: Damn Skippy it's way over due! Michelle: Who are you are two facing off against in your TRIMUPH return Dominic: [rapping] "We don't give a damn / We don't give a fuk" Matt: C'mon now! Not everyone understand that you are just doing your sports entertainer thing. Some people may actually think you take our opponents for granted Dominic: [rapping] "We don't give a damn / We don't give a fuk" Matt: Yeah he is locked in already I think but seriously we are facing off against "The Agents of Anarchy" Dominic: "The Agents of Anarchy" sounds like a bad 80s death metal cover band but I hear they are "Too Legit To Quit" Matt: I am glad your in ring skills make up for silliness on the mic because sometimes you make my head hurt Dominic: See what I did there Matt: Yes we all got it Dominic: Okay allow me to serious for a moment Matt: Please Dominic: Lucian and Clint we know all about you. Hell we probably know more about you then you do. Because we make it our business to know everything about our opponents. And to be honest you are a good tag team but the thing is when you are going against "The Bluegrass Mafia" good well it just ain't good enough. Matt: What my cousin is trying to say is that any tag team that steps in the ring against the "BGM" should have to sign a waiver. Not only that but they better have all their affairs in order and given their soul to their maker. Dominic; That's right because "The Bluegrass Mafia" is coming and HELL is coming with us Matt: No disrespect to you Lucian and Clint. I know you are a hell of a tag team but you are about to climb into the ring against the most destructive tag team in wrestling today! The Bluegrass Mafia! A team that consist of myself the 6'8 275 pound wrecking machine! The most athletic | most destructive monster in wrestling today! As well as the my cousin the best pure wrestler and high flyer in the business today! Together we have no equal! Together we are unstoppable! Dominic: Which equals bad news for "The Agents of Anarchy" Matt: Lucian and Clint, I do have a tiny favor to ask of you two . Dominic: Hell, big guy, they probably thinking you got some big balls asking for a favor after putting them on notice that we are going to break them Matt; Lucian and Clint, my favor is simple I want you to bring your best! Bring your A game! It wouldn't be enough but at the end of our match when the officials and paramedics are helping you two out of ring I don't want no excuses! No crying ! Nothing! Dominic: There is no crying in wrestling Matt: Lucian and Clint I am going to sign off with the following statement so I get back to fun on Kentucky Lake. You two better be prepared to go through pain like you have never experienced before. Remember this ain't personal it's just business! And you are just in our way! Dominic: Lucian and Clint, if I was you two I would just no show but since you will probably show up prepare to bleed, prepare to hear your bones break, prepare to beg us for mercy but mercy wouldn't come. Matt: One last thing! AWS prepare to be put on notice that "The Bluegrass Mafia" is BAAAACK and THIS IS OUR TIME!!! Scene fades out as the Mafia returns to their festivities
  9. [Scene fades in as we see "Kentucky Strong" Matt Kurtis and "the Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis (AKA "the Bluegrass Mafia") standing with bags packed in front of their Asylum | Bluegrass Mafia back drop set up in the corner of their gym inside of the Bluegrass Wrestling Academy] Dominic: 'Cause I'm leavin' on a jet plane Don't know when I'll be back again Matt: Is that your creative way of letting me know we are heading to Stockholm to be on Ward. Tell me who are we booked against Dominic: Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Let the bodies hit the floor Matt: Seriously Dom what is this some hybrid verson of "Blue Clues" and "Name that Tune" Dominic: We are gonna play Blue's Clues, 'Cause it's a really great game. / Cause it’s really fun (Yeah) Matt: I think you may have been hanging out with Cousin Willie too much, but I got just checked my texts and see we are up "the Violent Generation" Dominic: And I've tried it my friend I'll never smoke weed with Willie again Now we learned a hard lesson in a small Kentucky town He fired up a fat boy and he passed it around The last words I spoke before they tucked me in I may discount bungee jump but I'll never smoke weed with Willie again [Matt sucks his head and glares at Dominic] Dominic: Okay my bad. I may have got a little carried away. But I was just "funning". Time to get serious. Matt: We got to get focused on the Violent Generation. Catchy enough team name I reckon but the first thing that need to realize is the VIOLENT GENERATION is MY GENERATION! I thrive in violence! I thrive in Madness! I thrive in chaos! And all this in BAD NEWS for Shannon and Dina Dominic: More BAD NEWS for the ladies is that you almost outweigh them combined so there is no way in hell that they are going to be able to execute the 4D on you . I mean let's be honest no matter what the easy girl at band camp told cousin Billy, "Size does matter"! Matt: I mean I am a big believer in the saying that it's not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the fight in the dog that counts. It also needs to be noted that the Violent Generation is a hell of team and they have accomplished a lot but you are right it does seem like they are bringing a knife to a gun fight. I think that they to come to the realization that despite their best efforts they are going to run up against a brick wall at WARD. Dominic: Two facts | Two Facts about our match against Shannon and Dina coming up at Ward. The first FACT is that "the Bluegrass Mafia" is greater the "the Violent Generation" and the second FACT is we are going to get the chance to see what it would look like if RuPaul and Jackie Beat got together and decided to dress as Team 3D for Halloween. [Awkward Silence] Okay once again I may have got carried away. But the FACT remains we ARE the better team and we WILL be the ones collecting the winner's paycheck at Ward. Matt: I like to leave "the sports entertainment" part of this sport to Dominic! So I am going to end my part of this promo by simply letting Shannon and Dina know that I respect them as a team I know what they are comparable of. But the BAD NEWS for them is they are going against a juggernaut know as "the Bluegrass Mafia" I understand you like to bring the violence but you have to understand we thrive in violent situations. Anyway BOTTOMLINE is that at Stockholm "the Bluegrass Mafia" is going to be the superior team. Dominic: And that's the bottom-line because "Kentucky Strong" said so [Mic Drop]
  10. [Scene fades in as we see "Kentucky Strong" Matt Kurtis and "the Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis (AKA "the Bluegrass Mafia") standing in front of their new back drop (that boldly displays both the logo of Asylum Wrestling Society and the logo of "the Bluegrass Mafia") that they have set up in the corner of their gym inside of the Bluegrass Wrestling Academy to use to shoot promos] Dominic: It's time to cut our promo for our comeback match at Asylum Matt: That's basically like saying, "Time to make the doughnuts" to me. You know cutting promos is not my favorite. Side note it's not our comeback match! Dominic: It's my comeback match. I had surgery remember Matt: Yeah I remember. Let's settle with return match. But either way I don't like cutting promos. I would much rather just get in the ring and kick some ass! Dominic: But you are so good at cutting them and now we got our style down pact. I mean I throw out all the catchphrases and do all the talking out of both sides of my mouth and you just are the intimidating straight man Matt: [chuckles] That's about right. So who are we going against in our return match on Ward. Dominic: Before we get to that, don't we have message for the locker room and fans of Asylum Matt: [staring over at Dominic] Do we? Dominic: Sure we do it goes something like this. "Guess who's back... Back again! [BGM is] Back ... Tell a friend! Guess who's back, guess who's back! Matt: Thank you for taking us to taking us back to the 8 Mile but let get serious. Who are our opponents at Ward Dominic: The Hooligans Matt: The Hooligans? Hell wasn't we all hooligans at some time in our life. I know we was when we were terrorizing our neighborhood. So why is this bunch THE Hooligans and the rest of just run of the mill hooligans Dominic: According to their reputation they are a formidable opponent to say the least Matt: No disrespect to THE Hooligans. But I couldn't give a damn about how formidable they are! I don't give a damn how big and bad they are supposed to be! Hell I don't give a damn if they are supposed to be unbeatable. Dominic: Hell not that I want to piss you off but maybe you should care especially if they are supposed to be unbeatable Matt: I don't I really don't. If they are supposed to be unbeatable, we will just find their kryptonite! You see all that matters is that we are "the Bluegrass Mafia"! We are returning to Asylum Wretling to create havoc and collect championships. THE Hooligans are just the first team in our way. Dominic: Damn straight! Matt: I do have a warning for THE Hooligans, the Boxcar Children, the Brady Bunch, and everyone and anyone who is listening and dares to climb in the ring against us we are bringing the pain Dominic: " We came to bring the pain hardcore from the brain. Let's go inside my astral plane."" Matt: And the pain that we are bringing is going to cause them to suffer so severely that their suffering will be legendary even in HELL Dominic: "That's the way, aha, aha. That's the way aha, aha. I like it, aha, aha" Matt: Make sure that THE Hooligans, the Boxcar Children, the Brady Bunch, and everyone else knows that we are coming for them and we are coming for the championships Dominic: You tell 'em We're comin' and Hell is comin' with us, you hear? Hell comin' with us Matt: Just a couple of tidbits for THE Hooligans. I want to apologize ahead of time for the pain and suffering that we are about to cause you. Truth of the matter is you are either for us or against and if you are against us you must feel the pain! Don't worry you maybe the first along our trail of wreckage but you wouldn't be the last. Dominic: Mic drop
  11. [Scene fades in as we find "the Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis and "Kentucky Strong" Matt Kurtis standing behind an autograph table at a local wrestling show. Suddenly they are approached by the Manitoba Maniac...] Maniac: So your hometown fans here in Paducah K - Y want to know if the rumors are true that "the Mafia" has resigned with the revamped "Asylum Wresting Society" Matt: There has been a lot of rumors floating around of lately about where BGM was going to end up after our successful tour in Japan. Hell there was even rumors that me and Dominic were going to go our separate ways. Dominic: I call bull-shit on that! Matt: I guess there is no better place than right here in Atomic City in front of several hundred members of "the Big Blue Nation" to announce where we will reaping havoc and collecting championships at next. Dominic: AWS... "Guess who's back... Back again! [BGM is] Back ... Tell a friend! Guess who's back, guess who's back! Maniac: You said that you are returning to Asylum to reap havoc and collect championships. With that being said Asylum is the one place where you haven't been able to win championships. What do you think has kept you from reaching that level. Dominic: Politics Matt: [chuckles] Maniac: I mean we go back a long way back before training to middle school. Is there something the other teams have Dominic: Titty-Titty, strutty-strutty Matt: [chuckles] Damn Maniac: C'mon guys! Inquiring minds want to know Matt: You know I am not a man who makes excuses and I ain't going to start now. All I am going to say is that every time we got things rolling during our last ran in Asylum something seemed to happen. Dominic: My theory is we had a curse put on us by that Dannhäusen guy or maybe Papa Shango Matt: [chuckles] But my point is we ain't looking to the past we are looking to the present and the future! Maniac: Ok so with you making the statement that you are focusing on the here and now and creating havoc and winning championships. Do you have anything else you would like to say to roster of Asylum Matt: I want to warn the roster that we are bringing the pain Dominic: Fifty Shades of Pain Matt: I want them to understand that their suffering will be legendary even in hell Dominic: You tell 'em We're comin' and Hell is comin' with us, you hear? Hell comin' with us
  12. Picture Base * Urijah Faber Ring Name * "The Show" Chad Kurtis Real Name * Chad Kurtis Alignment * Tweener Manager Title * Advocate List of Manager's Clients * The Bluegrass Mafia|Dominic Kurtis|Matt Kurtis
  13. Picture Bases Guerillas of Destiny Type of Group Tag Team Booking Preference Mostly Tag but will occasionally do singles Name BGM Firing Squad Members Manaia | Fetu Combined Weight 493 lbs Alignments Tweeners Similar To Guerillas of Destiny | Usos Background: The brothers started training under their Godfather, Matthew Kurtis, in a ring at the Team 3D Academy of Professional Wrestling and Sports Entertainment training school in Kissimmee, Florida. Eventually the brothers signed up with the Team 3D Academy, where they would continue their training for a year before rejoining their Godfather at the Bluegrass Mafia Training Academy. Entrance Description Venue goes dark then out of the darkness “Survival of the Fittest” by Mobb Deep hits the speakers followed by pyros blasting as a highlight reel of "the Firing Squad" hits the monitors and the lights come back up. Manaia and Fetu then make their way to the ring led by advocate "the Show" Chad Kurtis. Signature Moves Double-team signature moves Aided Tongan Twist Powerbomb (Manaia / Neckbreaker (Fetu) combination Powerbomb (Manaia) / Reverse DDT (Fetu) combination Finishing Moves Double-team finishing moves Mafia Hit (Aided double arm DDT) Nightfall (Belly-to-back suplex (Manaia) / Neckbreaker (Fetu) combination)
  14. Picture Bases * Matt Kurtis - Lance Archer | Dom Kurtis - Sage Northcutt Type of Group * Tag Team Booking Preference * Matt and Dom both compete in singles and as a tag team Name * Bluegrass Mafia [BGM] Members * Matt Kurtis | Dom Kurtis Combined Weight * 497 Alignments * Tweeners Similar To * Good Brothers | America's Most Wanted | Outsiders Entrance Description * "My Old Kentucky Home" by Villebillies and Nappy Roots is heard as highlight footage of the Bluegrass Mafia shows on the monitors and Matt and Dom make their way down the entrance ramp exchanging high fives and fist bumps with their fans. Dom then does a rope flip into the ring as Matt steps over the ropes. Dom and Matt then meet in the center and flip off their opponents. Signature Moves * Backbreaker hold/Driving elbow drop | Double back elbow followed by double elbow drop | Double Super Kick| Irish whip/Uppercut combination | Double suplex |Bear-hug/Running lariat combination Finishing Moves * Bluegrass Reality Check [BRC] | Magic Killer
  15. Picture Base * Lance Archer Ring Name * "The Bluegrass Enforcer" Matt Kurtis Real Name * Matt Kurtis Also Known As "The Bluegrass Powerhouse"|"The Bluegrass Undertaker" Hometown/Billed * Raccoon City, Kentucky Height * 6'8 Weight * 272 Blood Type: 0 - Birth Date * October 31 1996 Debut Year * 2016 Alignment * Monster Tweener Cheating Tendency * Whatever it takes Motivations * Passion; they love wrestling and don't care about winning or losing, just fighting. Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat. Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best. Punishment; they fight as a way to unleash their frustrations. They just want to hurt people. Fighting Styles * Puroresu Similar To Wrestler * Lance Archer | Damien Priest What does he/she do when seeing blood? * Rather it is his or his opponents he gets an evil grin on his face and it seems to make him step up a notch Entrance Description * We see the words "Beat me IF you can, Survive IF I let you" on monitors as "Bring the Pain" Method Man starts to play and Matt Kurtis [with Dom Kurtis] makes his way to the apron. Stepping over the rope. Matt then stands in the middle ring and makes the slicing your throat hand gesture then flips off his opponent Ring attire * Matt Kurtis simply wears DSQUARED2 Paint Job Cool Guy Bleached Jeans with a Woodstock Retro belt and custom wrestling hi-tops featuring an Indian Chief and Wolf from RAAD. He has full sleeve tattoos on both arms (an Native American head dress on his right and an wolf on his left) Signature Moves * Big Boot | Choke-slam |Derailer | Fall-away Slam | F'n Slam | Moonsault | Multiple power-slam variations | Over head belly to belly suplex | pump handle slam | sit out power-bomb/spine-buster Primary Finishing Move * Big Blue Bomb | Black-out Secondary Finishing Move * Bluegrass Cutter | Power-bomb cutter All Championships & Accolades * 2 x Chaos Pro Tag Team Champion (with Ty Blade) 2 x Chaos Pro Superman Invitational Champion 2 x Chaos Pro Heavyweight Champion 2 x FCW Tag Team Champion (with Sami Johnston) 3 x FCW Heavyweight Champion 1 x Pinnacle Young Lion Cup Winner Brief Biography * Matt Kurtis is a second generation superstar. He always knew he wanted to follow in his dad's foot steps and become a pro wrestler but his dad was completely against it. Matt started sneaking across the bridge to Brookport (IL) at 16 to train with Brandon Walker and Dustin Howard at the now defunct Chaos Pro Wrestling Academy. Having achieved as much as he felt he could at Chaos Pro the day after his high school graduation Matt set off for the famous FCW/Monster Factory to train under Andy Hankinson where he used his size and athletic ability to raise up the ranks to FCW champion. By this point he was beginning to gather a considerable amount of buzz and when he became a free agent he then took his talents to Pinnacle Pro in Japan where his size and violent nature made him a perfect fit for the Japanese style. He now returns home because nothing is more important then family to Matt and it seems to him that his cousin may need some back up. His warning to the AWS locker room " Beat me if you can, Survive If I let you!
  16. s Picture Base * Sage Northcutt Ring Name * "the Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis Real Name * Dom Kurtis Also Known As "the Prodigy" | "the Game-Changer" Hometown/Billed * Paducah Kentucky Height * 6'3 Weight * 225 Blood Type: O+ Birth Date * July 4 2001 Debut Year * 2021 Alignment * Tweener Cheating Tendency * Sometimes Motivations * Passion and belts Fighting Styles * Technical |High Risk Similar To Wrestler * Adam Cole | AJ Styles | Matt Taven | Shawn Michaels What does he/she do when seeing blood? * Seeing his own pisses him off. Seeing his opponent's alerts him to close in on the finish. Entrance Description * the sound byte "Everywhere I go statues crumble for me" is heard as we see a highlight reel of "the Prodigy" hitting "the CK Finale G2" on different opponents on the monitors before the lights fade then an explosion of blue and white lasers hit as Cocky by Kid Rock blast through the speakers and "The Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis {with Matt Kurtis} makes his way to the ring exchanges fist bumps along the way before doing a rope flip into the ring and flipping off his opponent Wardrobe/Ring Gear * His new ring gear represents a more focused hardcore "Prodigy" and consist of BKE Fulton Boot Cut jeans and a black and blue zip up sleeveless hoodie that he remove before the match. Standard Moves * arm trap neck breaker | avalanche swinging neck breaker | bridging dead-lift pump handle half nelson suplex | cradle tombstone piledriver | corner dropkick | discuss forearm smash |German suplex |moonsault |shooting star press |swinging neckbrecker |fall away slam moonsault fallaway slam Signature Moves * DDT |Inverted DDT |Ushigoroshi |knee chop brain buster |middle-rope-hung-out-piledriver |Kurtis-ateral/scoop brain buster |leaping enzuiqiri |Kurtis Kick/super kick Primary Finishing Move * CK Finale G2|Omega Driver Secondary Finishing move: Calf Killer
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