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  1. After the commercial break, we cut to a camera peeking into a slightly ajar doorway. A momentary focus shift shows we're eavesdropping on the general manager's office. Inside, we see Kaleb Steele. He seems to be speaking to somebody out of camera shot as the door hides their identity at the time. Kaleb Steele: So you see the problem I have with just handing you the opportunity just because you say so. Because you've been given so many in recent history. However, I do see your perspective and you've raised a good point tonight. And quite frankly, I'd rather do all of this with more civility than has been shown. I'm all for chaotically crazy, not crazily chaotic. After all, we're Asylum Wrestling Society, not Anarchy. The phone on his desk bleeps twice. Soon, an intercom speaks. Sophie Masterson: Mr. Steele, The Network is on the line two. Kaleb Steele: Thank you, Sophie. Give me a moment, I need to take this. Kaleb clears his throat for a moment and picks up the phone. He gives himself a moment of hesitation before pushing the button to let the call through. Kaleb Steele: Yes, hello! This is Kaleb Steele speaking...Right, yes, no, of course I was expecting a call from...All right. There is pause as Kaleb smiles at the other person in the room. But the smile clearly conveys trepidation. After a few seconds, the smile fades to a frown. Kaleb Steele: Sir, I... The frown on Kaleb's face is quickly followed by a furrowed brow and a look of worry. Kaleb Steele: Yes. Yes. I know we were likely to receive a hit to the ratings after Scotty's last match...Yes...Sir, as I explained, my bump card over the ye...I fully believe we can bounce...Sir...Sir...I really don't think that's necess...All right. Yes, sir. Understood. Kaleb is slow to lower the phone back to the receiver. As he does, a low click can be caught from inside. His lips purse, now showing concern and almost externally showing racing thoughts in his head. Kaleb Steele: We're going to have to continue this conversation another time. I've just been informed that the network is sending an executive representative to come take a look at production first hand. I'll be needing to prepare for that. Chad Kurtis' Voice: Right. Meanwhile, you want me to call off the hounds, if you will. Kaleb Steele: Yes, I don't need any more injured wrestlers coming to me because of your crew's reckless behavior. So cut that shit out, and maybe we can revisit the Tag Title situation. Chad Kurtis opens the door to the office wider as we get a full view to confirm who Kaleb was speaking with. Chad Kurtis: I'll make sure the boys play nice for your little executive. But, I do expect something nice and gold in return. Otherwise, we'll make certain heads will roll. Kaleb Steele: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now, excuse me. Kaleb brushes his hand away trying to shoo Kurtis out of the office as he hits the intercom. Kaleb Steele: Sophie, my office. Pronto! Kaleb leans back in his office chair, swiveling in place back and forth. He stares up toward the ceiling, with a hand placed on the desk. The tapping of his fingertips on the wood sounds out, drumming them, a nervous habit. Clearly in thought, he doesn't react immediately when Sophie appears and rushes past the camera, shutting the door behind her.
  2. Name Dennis Davenport, From The Network Picture Base: Alignment Tweener Clients No clients yet. Maybe some soon. Unless you consider the entirety of Asylum his client, as he is the Network Executive's representative for the company. View full manager
  3. Michael Russo: Ladies and gentlemen, joining me at this time, one of the competitors for the Feigel Cup; Armando Quinto. The camera pans over, revealing Quinto in full gi. He pats Russo on the shoulder, allowing for the camera to zoom out and get both in frame. Armando Quinto: Hah! Yes! Hello, Michael Russo. How are you this evening? Michael Russo: I'm fine, thanks. Armando, tonight, you enter the first round of the Feigel Cup, taking on the challenger Zane Maritato of The Violent Generation. How have you been preparing for this match? Armando Quinto: Yes, well, Michael Russo, I've packed my belongings. I've sent half of them through FedEx back to San Isidro. There is a very real possibility that should I fail tonight that I will not get my visa and I will be forced to go home. But I've come to terms with this possible outcome, Michael. It is not the worst thing in the world. I can pack up and try again. Perhaps focus once again toward Japan. There is a new promotion I've heard being started. Tenki Jigoku. Should I falter against Mister Maritato, perhaps I work my way back up again. Either way, win or lose, I would like to thank you, Michael Russo, for your camaraderie and companionship during my stay in America. And should I be victorious tonight, I hope to continue it for as long as I'm here. Michael Russo: Armando, I don't know what to say. But, it's been a great honor to be able to call you my friend. Armando and Michael share a genuine hug on screen, then Armando walks away toward the entrance, preparing for his match. Michael Russo: Back to you guys. The closing shot of the interview shows Russo rubbing his eye momentarily.
  4. A camera follows interviewer Michael Russo down a long, well-lit hotel corridor. On the screen, it reads, "Thursday, December 29th, 2022 La Quinta Inn, Downtown Chicago" Michael moves past a couple more doors, until stopping in front of one. The camera shifts to the right to view the room number, "Room 336". There is a moment of pause. During the brief moment, the screen text disappears, being replaced by a new message. "10:04pm, night before Ultraviolent Underground: Depravity" The door opens, revealing a disheveled-looking Armando Quinto, in a sweaty white tank top and basketball shorts. Armando Quinto: Hello, Michael Russo! Come in, come in! Armando waves Russo and the camera man inside a noticeably humid room. It contains two double beds, of which one holds a pair of opened suitcases with the top of one having ring gear and workout clothes, with a jump rope tossed atop. The other seems to be more professional attire. Stale sweat hangs in the air. On a table is a laptop connected to the room's large screen television, depicting a Youtube video, "Malice & Mayhem vs Venom - HCW Turmoil 7". Looking closer on the screen, there are no less than a dozen tabs opened, depicting the titles of "Samm" or "Ven" at its front. Michael Russo: Hey there, Armando. You called me saying you wanted to talk to me before tomorrow. Everything all right? Armando takes a moment to straighten up the room, placing one of two chairs in the hotel room between the beds, then moves quickly to the laptop. Armando Quinto: Hah, yes! Please, have a seat anywhere you'd like. Both of you. Drink? Michael Russo: No thanks, I make it a rule not to drink before a show. Alcohol doesn't help the voice. Armando begins closing all of the videos of McBane matches he had tabbed. In total, 13. He is left with two tabs remaining. One appears to be an email. The other, a nature documentary. Armando Quinto: Yes, understandable. I hope you do not mind if I prepare one for myself. How about you, camera man. you have a name? The camera nods, before a disembodied voice speaks from behind it. Camera Man: Steve. But no, I'm on duty. Armando Quinto: Very well, just one for me. Armando slides past Steve, the camera man and kneels down to a mini-fridge. He pulls out a bowl of ice, a bottle of grape juice, and a tall, clear glass bottle that the camera doesn't quite catch the label right. He grabs a glass from beside the sink, takes three cubes with each clanking the glass, then pours an equal amount of juice and alcohol into the glass. After putting everything back into the fridge, he takes a seat in the unoccupied chair with the glass in one hand, then clicks the laptop to full screen the video on display. It appears to be a nature documentary about cheetahs and gazelles. Michael Russo: Uh...Armando, what's this all about? Armando looks up at Michael and Steve, flashes a subtle smile, then takes a sip of his drink. Armando Quinto: I've been in Chicago for three days, focusing on this match. this Sammael McBane, Shadow Walker opponent. Learning his techniques, trying to find gaps, and how to counter him. I've only left the room to eat and to run. I've done all I can to prepare. Now I need calm. Peace. Return to human contact. And, Michael Russo, You are only person I know on this side of the world. So, I invite you to join me. Watch favorite documentary. Russo is hesitant to react for a moment being put on the spot. However, with a grumbling sigh, he grips the arm rests of the chair and settles in for the show. Michael Russo: All right, Armando, I'll stay for this. But you owe me. Armando Quinto: Hah, yes, very well, Michael. I will owe you. Armando turns toward the laptop and presses the space bar, beginning the documentary as it's shown on the large screen. Documentary Voiceover: "Back at the end of the line, resting in the grasslands, are five healthy cheetahs. Older cubs of a large family." Armando Quinto: Michael, fun fact about me and my brothers. This is how we learn English. Michael Russo shifts in the seat to get settled in more comfortably, crossing his legs as he leans against the arm rest. Michael Russo: No kidding? Armando Quinto: I kid not. We didn't get television in our house until I was seven. Then, got mostly local networks. But we did get nature shows. Always have a British speaker. Sometimes they show new Steve Irwin show. Michael Russo: Huh. How about that. Armando Quinto: Watchwatchwatchwatchwatch, this where it get good. The visual following this point cuts between the chase of a gazelle by a family of cheetahs, cut between snippets of Armando's training, and past Sammael McBane match highlights. Documentary Voiceover: "The mother of the older cubs have targeted both Tommy and his mother. Tommy, in confusion, runs away from his mother. As she escapes, Tommy runs straight into the path of the waiting cubs." Armando Quinto: See how the baby is outnumbered. But he acts on instinct. It's survive or perish. Simple. Documentary Voiceover: "Tommy's mother is powerless to aide. The cheetas hope to chase down their prize." Armando Quinto speaks alongside the Documentary Voiceover: "This is Tommy's survival instinct at work, and against such foes and such odds, it's a wonder he's still on his feet." Documentary Voiceover: "In what are about to be his last moments, an odd shape passes overhead. The sound startles the cheetahs enough to save the young foal's life." Armando Quinto: You see that, Michael? Steve? Four points of life. Sometimes we are cheetah, hunting, chasing something we do not have. Sometimes we are wildebeast, with a place in our pack, but sometimes too comfortable, not understanding when others try to take position from us. Sometimes we are gazelle, just doing everything we can to survive predators around us. Documentary Voiceover: "Mankind, in the form of tourism, is well established on the Great Migration routes." The snippets of video editing end and we're left with a camera shot of Michael and Armando talking together again in the hotel room. Armando Quinto: Every now and then, we are the human to another. Unwitting intervener. The, uh, what is it. Shit. It's like, uh, god-touched. Or superhero save. Dust? Michael Russo: Oh, you mean like a Deus Ex Machina. Armando Quinto: Yes! That! We become that for another. Documentary Voiceover: "Fearful of the unknown, the cheetah mother moves off with her family following some well worn manmade tracks." Michael Russo: So which do you think you'll be tomorrow? Armando Quinto: Whichever one brings me victory. Two matches, Michael. Must win one to stay. Michael Russo: Yeah. You need one. After a brief pause, Michael turns toward his camera man. Michael Russo: Steve, turn the camera off. There's no interview tonight. Steve: Sure. The camera fades out.
  5. Ring Name: Armando Quinto (but soon to be Red Five) Real Name: Armando Ramon B. Quinto Also Known As: A.R.V.; Picture Base: Alignment: Babyface Hometown: San Isidro, Davao Oriental, Philippines Height: 180 cm (6'1) Weight: 85 kgs (187 lbs) Age: 26 Birthdate: 02/09/1996 Fighting Styles: Very strong grappling base, moderate striking, below average wrestling Similar to Wrestler: Taz, Steve Blackman, Tomohiro Ishii Entrance Theme: Entrance Description: Music choice: Madwax remixed version of "Baba O'Riley" by The Who A sweeping camera angles focuses on the entrance. Upon the first major piano notes, Armando appears wearing a white gi with a black belt tied around him. All along his sleeves, and the sides of his pants are patches showing sponsorships, with the front having a Philippine flag along the heart, and blue lettering along the front lapel spelling out "PHILIPPINES". The camera sweeps left to right, staying focused on Armando as he poses, fist in hand across his chin looking squarely at the ring. When the camera reaches the right side, it slowly sweeps back around toward the middle. As it sweeps, Armando kneels down, fist to forehead. After a moment, he taps his forehead three times, rises, and marches toward the ring gesturing to the crowd for the first time to hype them up. By the time the chimes hit, Armando is in the middle of the ring, giving stiff bows to the audience before the match toward each side of the ropes. He concludes by bowing before his opponent, walking to his corner, and undoing his gi to reveal his attire for the night. For this first match, he will go shirtless. The pants are revealed to be tear-away, and when he pulls them off his body, he reveals white tights, with a pair of stripes that merge on the sides, triangulate at the hip, and wrap around the other side similarly to the Philippine flag. The front stripe is blue, the back stripe is red. On the hip, 3 gold stars at the points where the stripes bend. In the middle, a golden sun. Basic Moves: Signature Moves: Hip Throws High Impact Beals Combination Hip Throws with Wrist Control Top-Rope Counter Vertical Suplexes Standard Delayed Hand-Off (Multi-Man matches) Japanese Arm Drag Currently considered the best modern user of the move Half Nelson Suplex Pin What most people refer to now as the Half And Half Suplex Belly To Belly Scott Steiner style, complete with a 360 spin. Usually used as a major counter. Tiger Suplex Pin Used as an alternative to the Crossface Chicken Wing, whenever an opponent is fighting having the hold put on Force Awakened Combination A Steam Roller, with momentum pushing Armando to the ropes. He grabs the ropes, looks across the audience with a crazed look in his eyes and gritted teeth. Then pushes off the ropes, rolling back onto the opponent Catches opponent and rolls through, lifting opponent back onto his shoulders Finishes with a Samoan Drop This is Armando's most significant Signature Technique Gin Bulag Sandman's White Russian Leg Sweep, with Escrima Sticks instead of the cane Finishing Moves: Crossface Chicken Wing Marty Scurll style, big finish is locking the fingers together and grapevining around opponent Death Star Brian Cage's Drill Claw The One-Two Bashing combination with Escrima Sticks. Usually finishing in a double swipe across the neck and chest to knock the opponent out Biography: Armando Ramon Bayong Quinto was born in Davao City, Davao Del Sur, Philippines on 9 February 1996, After a few weeks staying in the hospital and with family in the metropolis, he would return to the family home in San Isidro, Davao Oriental, to begin his life. At an early age, he, like his brothers, was taught traditional FMA defense by family members who had military training. At age 8, he began training in Judo, where he would excel to become a national champion. After some international success, an injury would halt his Judo career, and eventually transition toward professional wrestling. A graduate of the Fale Dojo, Quinto is in year 3 of his professional career, having cut his teeth in the Australian markets. Now at age 26, he is about to enter Asylum, seeking his first taste of recognition in a Western region. View full lunatic
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