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  1. Mark and Titus Manu of The Samoan DynastyW/Isa and Alex Manu are seen sitting in the backstage area of The RGO rena in Gdansk, Poland Mark Manu:Tonight we're in a six person match to determine the fate of the tag team championship match at the pay per view Titus Manu:To us...WE don't care what you throw at us Mark Manu:We don't care because we are the number one tag team in all of AWS and you bitches will be proven Titus Manu:We're not even swearing Zoey because she's not our problem Mark Manu:The only two problems we have are Ben Reks and Troy Funk Mark Manu:Summer you handle your business with Zoey Titus Manu:And we will handle our business with TVG The Samoan Dynasty walk away Scene Fades
  2. The Samoan Dynasty is seen sitting in the stands in the Pennhurst Asylum in Spring City, Pennsylvania as they are looking out in the ring Titus Manu:O le a matou faia se faʻailoga i lenei kamupani ma atonu e le o le mea na matou manaʻo e amata ai ae o le osofaʻiga o le a alu i lalo lenei teineitiiti e igoa ia Samantha Dalton o le a avea ma se tagata taʻavale ua liliu i le piiga o le a maua le asini o le a taimi o le olaga ma o le a le totogia e aʻu mo le sasaina o lana asini ma A maeʻa lenei taʻaloga na ma manaʻo ma Mark e avea ma taʻaloga a le au taʻavale matou te le popole i taʻaloga nofofua. (English Translation) Titus Manu:We are going to make a mark in this company and it might not be how we wanted it to start but on assault it's going down this little girl named Samantha Dalton who happens to be a stripper turned wrestler is going to get the ass whooping of a life time and she isn't going to get paid by me for whooping her ass and After this match Mark and I only want to be tag team wrestlers we don't care about singles matches Titus Manu:O le a ou aʻoaʻoina se lesona mai lenei tamaʻitaʻi ma o lona uiga e te le faʻalavelave i le Tupu o Samoa ma o le a tatou pulea le lalolagi ma o loʻo ia i tatou le malosi e fai ai e sili atu lo tatou toto nai lo soo se mea.'''' (English Translation) Titus Manu:I’m going to learn a lesson from this lady and that means you don't interfere with the Samoan Dynasty and we will rule the world and we have the power to do that our bloodline is bigger then anything Alex Manu:O le mea moni ou te le o i ai i lenei ta'aloga o se mea valea ma e tatau ona avea a'u ma le tasi i le ta'aloga ae o le a le mea o le a e kiki sina asini fa'atasi ai ma oe e te va'ai i lou tua. English translation Alex Manu:The Fact that i'm not in this match is bullshit and i should be the one in the match but it what it is you're going to kick some ass plus you got us to watch your back The Samoan Dynasty stand up and they leave Scene Fades
  3. Mike Dimter is seen walking out of a cab outside the home of his girlfriend Julieta Ochoa in Chicago,Illinois then he knocks on the door Mike was greeted with the sound of friendly Spanish and English language behind the door before Julieta opened it. Julieta: "Mike we've been expecting you baby," She greeted with a sweet yet wholesome tone to her boyfriend and fellow AWS wrestler. Mike wraps his arms around Julieta as he pulls her in then he kisses Julieta's lips Mike Dimter:I'm happy to be here Julieta: Come in, come in. Mom, dad Mike's here! The Ochoa house was clean, neat, and had a feeling of warmth with hints of Hispanic culture. A Mexican flag here, a picture from an Puerto Rican artist there, with a family portrait in the living room being the crown jewel which was a telling sign that family was dear to Julieta. Mike walks into Julieta's parents house as he looks around then he takes Julieta's hand Mike Dimter:Mr. & Mrs Ochoa...it's a pleasure to meet you both Julieta's parents may have had the lines and signs of maturity and age in their faces but it was clear where their daughter got her beauty from because they still looked beautiful despite being logically older than their daughter and her boyfriend. Mr. Ochoa: Nice to finally meet you too young man Mrs. Ochoa: Our daughter's told us about you but we couldn't wait to see you ourselves. Lets go to the living room. Mike walks into Julieta's living still holding Julieta's hand as they sit down Mike Dimter:Mr. & Mrs Ochoa...it's a nice place you got here Mr Ochoa: Nuestra Casa. We've had it for about as long as Julie's been alive. Mrs. Ochoa: Yup. And if you give me a couple of minutes I can show you pictures of our little Julie. Julieta: Nope. Nobody wants to see pictures of me as a kid thank you. Mike Dimter looks at Julieta with a smirk on his face then he looks over to Mrs.Ochoa Mike Dimter: Sure Mrs.Ochoa… I’d love to see picture of Julieta as a child Julieta shook her head and laughed Julieta: Increíble... Mrs. Ochoa: I'll be riiiight back~ Mr. Ochoa: And while mi amor is doing that you're doing that you can tell me about yourself. What are you interested in outside of the ring, aside from my daughter. Mike Dimter:Watching sports like basketball football baseball & hockey… I also train wrestlers who want to become pro wrestlers …. I also love going to sporting events Mr. Ochoa: You're my kind of guy. So is my daughter one of your students? Because I know she wrestles for AWS. How did you two meet? Mike Dimter:She’s actually one of my friends students & we met when I went to visit my friend at his training facility and I saw Julieta & I also wrestle for AWS Julieta: Yeah I'm in Mike's corner as a manager while I'm training for my first match. Mr. Ochoa: I've seen some AWS matches and I like what I see. I also like you got yourself a business in the wrestling business teaching wrestlers. Just don't let my girl steal your thunder eh? And while Julieta's father warmed up to Mike her mother and her grandmother came into view with her a large book that had the word "JULIETA" on the front Mrs. Ochoa: I'm back with the pictures~ With Julie's grandma who wants to see you too. Mike Dimter stands up Mike Dimter:Very cool and nice to meet you ma'am While Mr and Mrs. Ochoa were more vocal and welcome even at first glance Julieta's grandmother was more observant. Sizing Mike a bit before replying. Grandma Ochoa: So you're the man my granddaughter's dating hm? Mike Dimter looks at the grandma Mike Dimter:Yes i am Grandma Ochoa kept her gaze while looking up at the AWS wrestler. Grandma Ochoa: With how mi nieta kept talking about about you before today I thought you'd be latino but you're handsome. But if you break her heart you'll have a whole family hunting you down. Got it? Julieta: Well I do have older siblings Mike Dimter smiles at the grandma Mike Dimter:I won't hurt her...She's too amazing Grandma Ochoa: That's all I need to hear. Now lets sit down so my daughter in law can share these pictures. I was about to watch CMLL when you came in. Mike Dimter takes the pics from the grandma as he sat down and started turning the pages looking at childhood pics of Julieta Mike Dimter:Babe you're so cute Julieta grinned and kissed Mike on the cheek, Julieta: I know~ Oooh and that's me with my siblings, all seven of them. Mrs. Ochoa: We had to take multiple family pictures that day because we all couldn't fit in the shot. Mike Dimter takes Julieta by the hand as he continues to look over the family photos then he looks up at her parents and grandparents Mike Dimter:You have raised an incredible woman who I’m happy to call my girlfriend Julieta looked at Mike with pure love in her eyes with her hand in Mike's Mr. Ochoa: She's our girl. Una princesa. Treat her right and you won't have a problem with her and us. Mike Dimter pulls Julieta closer Mike Dimter:You have nothing to worry about Mike Dimter looks at his watch and realizes they have to go Mike Dimter:I don't mean to be rude but Julieta and I have to get on a plane because i have a match for the pinnacle championship Mr. Ochoa: Well ok...Good luck Mike Dimter and Julieta stand up then they leave The Ochoa home then they walk to his car and he opens the door then Julieta enters the car then he shuts the door and walks over to the driver's side then he gets into the car and starts the car then he drives off Scene Fades ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Gidget Stephenson is seen standing in backstage area of the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, CA Gidget Stephenson:Ladies and gentlemen. In just a few moments i will be interviewing "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter about his upcoming Pinnacle Championship Match "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter and Julieta walk into the Pechanga Arena in San Diego, CA Gidget Stephenson:"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter ....May i get an interview with you?? "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Sure Gidget Stephenson:"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter ....How do you feel going into the pinnacle championship match? "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:I feel confident that I am going to walk out the new pinnacle heavyweight champion Gidget Stephenson:"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter ....Who's this?? Julieta:I'm Julieta...I'm a wrestler here "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:She's also my girlfriend/Valet Gidget Stephenson:Welcome to AWS Julieta:Thanks Gidget Stephenson:"The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter ....Do you think you are going to win the pinnacle championship match? "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:I feel confident that I am going to walk out the new pinnacle heavyweight champion Julieta:You tell them babe "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter W/Julieta walk away Scene Fades
  4. "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi W/Aimee Rossi are seen walking the streets of Syracuse as she hands her cell phone over to her sister Aimee as she is recording her promo "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi:Now i have decided to participate "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi:It don't really matter to me which title shot i get "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi:The Wrescking Crew is here to wreck havoc and take what's ours "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi tells her sister to cut the feed then she walks away The video feed ends
  5. "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter is seen walking into the Carrier Dome in Syracuse,New York then he starts walking down the hallway towards the locker room then he sees his new girlfriend Julieta standing in front of his locker room and she's pacing back and forth as she seems upset about something then "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter walks up behind Julieta then he spins her around then he playfully pushes her up against the wall then he passionately kisses Julieta Julieta's eyes widened in surprised but she gave into the kiss, breaking it after a moment just to voice her reaction from the sudden yet passionate lip lock, Julieta:Wow...what's that about baby? "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:I just wanted to calm you down because you looked like something was on your mind...Are you okay baby?? you know you can tell me anything Julieta: I'm just worried about you. Since you told me that you might be in the Apocalypse Chamber match. Are you sure about this? "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:I am going to enter the chamber match because i could possible get a championship match in my back pocket even after i win the pinnacle championship on ward in a couple of weeks Julieta: I know but I just don't want to see you get hurt too much. "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter takes her hand as he looks into her eyes "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:At least i would have a hot nurse Julieta's parents warned her about men like Mike. Handsome, dangerous, can charm almost anyone into doing what he wanted. But Julieta didn't care. Mike made her feel good, made her feel loved. Julieta: You sure would handsome. "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter guides her into his locker room and he sits down and pulls Julieta on to his lap "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:How are your parents?? do they know about us?? Julieta's smile faded upon hearing this question but not by much. Julieta: Not yet but I thought about it. Are you sure you want to meet them? "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter leans to Julieta then he kisses her lips as he looks into her eyes then he pulls away smiling "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Yes i would love to meet them and i have no problem meeting them..parents love me Julieta: I'll tell you what. After your match at AC I'll have you meet mi familia. Julieta answered this with warmth in her tone and Mike convinced her. She'd introduce him to her folks after his big event match. "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter kisses her once again "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:I'd love that..how about we go to this interview then go home? Julieta nodded after the kiss. Julieta: That's a good idea. "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter wraps his arms around her as he looks down at her "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter:Okay...Why don't we get back home? Julieta:Okay babe..let's go "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter & Julieta leave the Carrier Dome in Syracuse,New York
  6. The Samoan Dynasty Members:Isa Manu,Titus Manu,Alex Manu & Mark Manu
  7. Members pic Bases Jimmy Uso (Mark Manu) & Jey Uso (Titus Manu) Type of Group * Tag Team Name: The Samoan Dynasty Members * Mark Manu & Titus Manu Combined Weight * 500 Alignments * Heel Hometown American Samoa Similar To * The Uso's Entrance Description * "So Close Now" by David Dallas blasts throughout the arena...Mark Manu & Titus Manu walk out on to the stage as the crowd boos then they walk down the ramp....Mark Manu & Titus Manu climb into the ring then they wait for their opponents Signature Moves * X Marks The Spot (Double Superkick) Finishing Moves * Samoan Flight (Double Splash off opposite corners of the ring) Samoan Destroyer (3D)
  8. Members pic Bases Sasha Banks (Jasmine Rodriguez),Bianca Belair (Aliyah Ford) Rhea Ripley (Sabrina Rossi),Thunder Rosa (Carmen Sagrita) ,Liv Morgan Yim (Aimee Rossi) & Naomi (Raven Ford) Type of Group * Tag Team/Trio/Faction Name:The Wrecking Crew Members * Jasmine Rodriguez "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi Aliyah Ford Carmen Sagrita Aimee Rossi Raven Ford Combined Weight * 760 Alignments * Heel Similar To * Tamina & Natalya Entrance Description * "Bleed it Out" by Linkin Park blasts throughout the arena....The Wrecking Crew (Sabrina Rossi,Jasmine Rodriguez,Aliyah Ford,Carmen Sagrita,Raven Ford and Aimee Rossi ) walk out on to the stage as the crowd boos then they walk down the ramp....The Wrecking Crew jump on to the apron then they they all climb into the ring as they wait for their opponents Signature Moves * Flapjack/Cutter Finishing Moves * Straight From Heaven (Suplex)/Frog Splash -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. Real Name:Raven Ford Ring Name:Raven Ford Date of Birth: March 13,1986 Hometown/Billed From:Phiadelphia,PA Height: 5'5" Weight: 125 lbs. Alignment: Heel Pic Base:Naomi Favorite Weapons:Ladder Entrance Music: "Unity" feat. J-Frost Entrance Description:"Amazing" By CFO$ F/Trinity Fatu blasts throughout the arena....Raven Ford W/Aliyah Ford walks out on to the stage as the crowd boos then Raven Ford W/Aliyah Ford walk down the ramp then she climbs up on the apron then she climbs into the ring then she motions for the fans to kiss her ass Fighting Style:High Flyer Year Debuted: 2022 20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves) See Ya Bitch (Jumping hip attack to an oncoming opponent) Signature moves Bootylicious (Inverted headscissors stinkface, to an early oncoming opponent with theatrics) Diving crossbody Enzuigiri Modified falling inverted DDT Sit out jawbreaker Snap suplex Spinning heel kick sometimes to a cornered opponent Springboard sunset flip Splits Leg drop Finishers Ford Excursion (Headscissors crucifix choke hold) — 2014–present 1-95 (Split-Legged Moonsault)
  10. Real Name:Gabriella Rivera Ring Name:Gabby Rivera Date of Birth:October 21,2002 Hometown/Billed From:New York City Height:5'1" Weight: 115 lbs. Alignment: Heel Pic Base:Diamante Favorite Weapons: Police Baton Entrance Music: I Am Proud, I Am Powerful" by Mikey Rukus Feat. Blass 89 Entrance Description:I Am Proud, I Am Powerful" by Mikey Rukus Feat. Blass 89blasts throughout the arena....Gabby Rivera W/Angel & Mateo Rivera walk out on to the ramp as the crowd boos then they walk down the ramp then she climbs into the ring as he brothers walk around the ring Fighting Style: Lucha Libre Year Debuted: 2022 20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves) Arm drag, as a wheelbarrow bodyscissors counter Big boot to the head of a bent over opponent Diving crossbody Dropkick to a seated opponent Hurricanrana, sometimes from the top rope Multiple pinning variations Bridging floatover pin, as an arm drag counter La magistral Schoolgirl Sunset flip Springboard corkscrew arm drag Stunner Suicide dive Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown Signature Move(s): Boricua Plex (Bridging German suplex) Finisher(s): Pride of Puerto Rico (Sunset flip powerbomb)
  11. Real Name:Isa Manu Ring Name:Isa Manu Date of Birth: March 4,1991 Hometown/Billed From:American Samoa Height:5'10" Weight: 150 lbs. Alignment: Heel Pic Base:Tamina Snuka Favorite Weapons:Barbed Wire table Entrance Music: "What You Think " by CFO$ Entrance Description:"What You Think " by CFO$ blasts throughout the arena....Isa Manu walks out on to the ramp as the crowd boos then she walks down the ramp then she climbs into the ring Fighting Style: Powerhouse Year Debuted: 2022 20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves) Bodyslam Chokeslam Dropkick Superkick Knife-edged chop Leg drop Spear Running Lariat into a cornered opponent Running Big Boot Swinging Neckbreaker Vertical Suplex Signature Move(s): Isle of Samoa (Rock Bottom) Finisher(s): Samoan Sunset (Splash off the top)
  12. Superstar's Picture Base/CAW Description: Rhea Ripley Enter the superstar's picture base or a very detailed description. Superstar's Ring Name:Sabrina Rossi Superstar's Nicknames (If Applicable):"The Forgotten One" Superstar's Real Name:Sabrina Rossi Superstar's Birthday:October 31, 1996 Superstar's Debut Date: 2018 Superstar's Height: 5'8" Superstar's Weight: 150 Superstar's Hometown/Billed From:Brooklyn,NY Superstar's Alignment/Disposition (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): - [x] Ruthless Heel Superstar's Tendency to Cheat (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): - [x] Often Superstar's Motivation to Compete (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): Superstar's Personality:She is the brute force of The Bloodline Superstar's Fighting Style: (ie. Technical, Brawler, High Flying, Sumo, Martial Artist...etc.): Technical/Powerhouse Superstar Is Similar To:Rhea Ripley Superstar's Signature Match:Hardcore Superstar's Favorite Weapons:Anything Superstar's Entrance Music: "Brutality " by Ash Costello Superstar's Entrance Description:"Brutality" by Ash Costello blasts throughout the arena...."The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi W/ The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter & Aimee Rossi of Hard Knox walk out on to the stage then they walk down the ramp and she climbs into the ring and jumps on to the middle rope and does a back flip off of the middle turnbuckle then she gets on one knee and she Superstar's Ring Attire: 20 Moves: Missile Dropkick Blue Thunder Bomb Big Boot Hesitation Dropkick Missile Dropkick Delayed Vertical Suplex Northern Lights Suplex Pop Up Toss Headbutt Shinbreaker Signature Move(s): Brooklyn Net (Regal Stretch) Finisher(s): Greetings From Brooklyn (Pumphandle Powerbomb) Brooklyn Bridge (Standing Inverted Texas Cloverleaf)
  13. Real Name:Aliyah Ford Ring Name:Aliyah Ford Date of Birth: June 1,1996 Hometown/Billed From:Phiadelphia,PA Height: 5'7" Weight: 150 lbs. Alignment: Heel Pic Base:Bianca Belair Favorite Weapons:Anthing and everything Entrance Music: "Bodak Yellow" by Card B Entrance Description:"Bodak Yellow" by Card B blasts throughout the arena....Aliyah Ford walks out on to the stage as the crowd boos then Aliyah Ford walkd down the ramp then she climbs up on the apron then she climbs into the ring then she motions for the fans to kiss her ass Fighting Style: Technical/Striker/Powerhouse Year Debuted: 2017 20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves) K.O.D. (Kiss of Death) Spear 450 splash Fallaway Powerbomb Delayed Suplex Gorilla Press Slam Powerslam Olympic Slam Muscle Buster Signature Move(s): Whirlwind (Blue Thunder Bomb) Finisher(s): Elevator Drop (Glam Slam)
  14. Superstar's Picture Base/CAW Description: Sasha Banks Enter the superstar's picture base or a very detailed description. Superstar's Ring Name:Jasmine Rodriguez Superstar's Nicknames (If Applicable): Superstar's Real Name:Jasmine Rodriguez Superstar's Birthday:April 1, 1996 Superstar's Debut Date: Superstar's Height:5'5 Superstar's Weight: 115 Superstar's Hometown/Billed From:San Diego,CA Superstar's Alignment/Disposition (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): - [x] Ruthless Heel Superstar's Tendency to Cheat (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): - [x] Often Superstar's Motivation to Compete (Delete ALL that do NOT apply): Superstar's Personality:She is the brute force of The Wrecking Crew Superstar's Fighting Style: (ie. Technical, Brawler, High Flying, Sumo, Martial Artist...etc.): Technical/Powerhouse Superstar Is Similar To:Sasha Banks Superstar's Signature Match:Texas Bull Rope Superstar's Favorite Weapons:Brass Knucks Superstar's Entrance Music: "The Phoenix" By Fall Out Boy Superstar's Entrance Description: "The Phoenix" By Fall Out Boy blasts throughout the arena....Jasmine Rodriguez W/ Aliyah Ford & "The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi walk out on to the stage then they walk down the ramp then Jasmine Rodriguez climbs up on to the apron then she enters the ring over the ropes Fighting Style: High Flyer Year Debuted:2013 20 Moves: (At least 10 Moves) Bow and arrow stretch Frog Splash Camel clutch Diving crossbody Diving double knee drop to a trapped opponent across the turnbuckles Hurricanrana Japanese arm drag Monkey flip Meteora Multiple forehand chops Multiple pinning variations Roll-up, sometimes while bridging Crucifix Small package Wheelbarrow victory roll Reverse chin lock with bodyscissors Running high knees, to an opponent in the corner Springboard arm drag Straight jacket hold Suicide dive Super frankensteiner Tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown Finisher(s): The Golden Gate Bomb ((Double knee backbreaker transitioned into a crossface) Death Sentence (Straight jacket neckbreaker slam)
  15. Ring Name: Aimee Rossi Nickname:The Mistress of Chaos Birth Name:Aimee Gail Rossi Billed From:Brooklyn,NY Height:5'3" Weight:100 lbs. Blood Type:AB- Alignment: Heel Fighting Styles: High Flyer Similar To Wrestler:Liv Morgan Tendency To Cheat: Yes Motivations: Passion; they love wrestling and don't care about winning or losing, just fighting., Going for Gold; all they care about are title belts and winning them. They want to be the best., Honor; they want to feel like they earned honor for themselves and for their family. Signature Weaponry: Table Signature Match:Death Match Gimmick Description: A wild child but can mix it up with employing slow and technically methodical styles too. Her arms and legs are very dangerous, she has major knockout power with every part. Ring Gear: A black sports bra, black AC/DC t-shirt, black wrestling boots with red/black soles & laces, long horizontal striped socks (usually black and white or red), black knee pads and a numerous amount of colored hair extensions to fill a rainbow. Theme Video: Description: "Venom" by Eminem begins to play on the public address system, the sounds of the music engulf the arena and intermittent flames burst out from the ring posts. Fog rolls in and slow strobe lights flash as "The Mistress of Chaos" Aimee Rossi W/"The Forgotten One" Sabrina Rossi, make their way out backstage then they pause as "The Mistress of Chaos" Aimee Rossi lifts up her fists in the air, then continue towards the ringside area. Aimee Rossi leaps onto the apron and flips over the top rope into the ring. The music to fades out. Standard Move: Back handspring tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown, sometimes as a counter out of the corner Belly-to-back suplex Drop toe-hold to an oncoming opponent Handspring back tilt-a-whirl headscissors takedown Jackknife hold Leg-feed enzuigiri Matrix evasion Monkey flip Running one-handed bulldog, sometimes followed by a kip-up Running two-handed bulldog to a kneeling opponent Single leg dropkick, sometimes done repeatedly in succession Sitout hip toss STO double stomp while opponent in on all fours Primary Finisher: Promise You'll Feel It -or- PYFI (Springboard Complete Shot) Paradoxical Shift (Modified double knee facebreaker) Secondary Finisher: Chaos Screw (Phoenix Splash) ChaosBuster(Blockbuster) Debut Date: 12 May 2016 Titles Won: N/A Accolades: N/A Picture Base: Liv Morgan Biography: Aimee Rossi is the sister to "The Forgotton One" Sabrina Rossi and student to "The Bad Ass" Mike Dimter
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