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  1. *Faction Name* Bums R Us *Faction Members* Mystic Cletus The Bum *Combined Weight* 480lbs *Alignment* Netrual *Theme Music* "Trashcan Jam" by Stopped *Entrance Description* TBA *Signature Moves* 1} No Lotoring Allowed: Superkick, fallowed up by a Spinning Leg-Sweep 2} Free Meal: Flapjack into a DDT *Finishing Moves* 1} Street Sweeper: Spinebuster, Neckbreaker Combination 2} Trash Compactor: Belly-To-Back Suplex, Diving Leg Drop Combination
  2. *We open in a Funeral Parlor in Providence, NY. Crowds of people turned out. From the close family of Former AWS General Manager, friends from all over the World, as well as familiar faces of the AWS roster. From the huge, intimidating figure of Bram Connan, flanked by his Alliance pals Ragnar and Hrothgar. The less imposing figure of AWS newcomer Mystic, who for the reason of taste has left his Cheeseburger Eating Championship at home. Former Hollywood icon Bret Stetson, who seems to be playing the "face" of the affair, schmoozing with friends and family. That seems like his kind of gig. Even the current AWS Champion has attended, despite his numerous differences in recent times with Kaleb. This isn't a time to feud. This is a time to grieve* *We cut to outside of the parlor. Hundreds of fans. Perhaps more, line the streets, dressed in black. Sure, Kaleb A. Steele may not have been the most popular guy on TV each week, but what he was is the guy that took a risk. He took every dollar he had, and decided he was going to revolutionize the Wrestling Business. He gave us Assault, and he gave those fans something to tune into each week. He gave everyone in that room, a job. We were entertained! The scene jumps back inside to the far end of the room. Bram Connan cuts a very solitary presence. Gone is the ego, the bravado and the toughness that unified The Celtic Beast last week. This is a shell of a man. A man that had to watch the closest thing he had to an ally in this business, fly through a windshield and take his last breath. These two had their ups and downs, but they came through it. They were stronger as a unit, and no matter what acts a man commits. No one should have to suffer a fate like that* CC: Hey baby. How are you holding up? *CC approaches from the entrance. She had held back behind Bram to greet some of Kaleb's family. They still had a great relationship, despite how Bram and CC split* Bram: It's just not fair ...One minute we were kings of the road. We were united in our goals, our relationship had never felt stronger, and we felt alive. The next minute ... *Bram loses his composure. Taking a second to regain his calm. For a man who just lost his brother, he sure is holding it together* CC: It's ok, baby. Let it out, this is a safe place to grieve. Bram: You know, in all of the years I have been a part of this business …this is the first time, in a long time …I have been able to consider anyone ...a friend. Kaleb was my friend. Yeah, I said it. We fought like Cat and Dog, but at the end of the day. When the blood had been shed, the sweat had dried into the mat and the lights were down ...We realized, how alike we were. We realized, that our strive to do what it took …is what made us bitter enemies, and better friends. You saw that, right? CC: Of course. It took a while, but I saw it. You two would have been a Hades of a team, you know? *Soon after, people started taking their seats. Bram returned to his seat, Ragnar sat next to Hrothgar. Scotty, DKM and Jigsaw sat together, and for just a moment. It all felt like nothing had happened. Not one single, solitary drop of bad blood flowed through that room. Rather than being people who were constantly at war with one another, everyone was at that moment United. Tears flowed as the service progressed. Songs were sang, and prayers were read. The minister gave a detailed biography, as best as he could gather from Kaleb's family of his life. From his rise to stardom in Indy Scene, to his injury. His personal life in taking over the family business and using it as collateral to open XAW. People laughed, people cried, people hugged* Priest: At this point in the service, I would like to invite anyone who would like to share to please do so. *A middle aged woman rises. She wipes her eyes delicately, as to not ruin her makeup before taking a deep breath and approaching the stand. She proceeded to read out a poem she felt would describe how Kaleb would feel about this whole affair* ”Do not stand at my grave and weep I am not there. I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow. I am the diamond glints on snow. I am the sunlight on ripened grain. I am the gentle autumn rain. When you awaken in the morning's hush. I am the swift uplifting rush. Of quiet birds in circled flight. I am the soft stars that shine at night. Do not stand at my grave and cry. I am not there. I did not die.” - Mary Elizabeth Frye *This was Bram's chance. The chance to tell everyone what Kaleb meant to him. But not one person in this room, no matter how united, would want to hear what he had to say. He was despised by every person in that room except for the man at rest* CC: Go on, you know you have a lot to say. You always do! *CC was blatantly trying to cheer Bram up. He smiled politely through the pain, the anguish and the hurt that he was feeling. He didn't move, he couldn't. It was taking every bit of self-control he had not to break into a million pieces* Bram: He was the only man in that locker room …I could trust, you know? I have no idea, who to turn to now ... *The priest drew things to a close. People started filtering out past Bram and CC. He noticed someone approaching him. Through the tears, he was trying so desperately to hold in. All he could make out was a black suit. Quite well fitting, but other than that, it was standard funeral attire. Bram drops his head slightly as to avoid being noticed, if possible. But it was too late, the man stops in front of him. Seconds seem to last forever, as if he is expecting Bram’s gaze to meet his. The man starts to speak, but the words are muffled. Bram is concentrating so hard. This whole day is going in such a blur, it all feels almost dream like* Spanky: Look man, I know (inaudible …) I know, I’m the last person (inaudible ...) but just know that, I’m thinking of you and CC. (inaudible...) honor. *Bram wants to speak. He wants to show this man, what taking this moment of his time means to him right now. He just can't. He stares at the other guy’s shoes, as he struggles with his emotions. After a few long seconds, the man walks awkwardly away* CC: That was awfully big of him, you know? After all you guys have been through ... Bram: Huh, what? Who was that guy? CC: Really? You didn't recognize “Spanky” Evens? Or were you too busy, staring a hole through the floor? Bram: I'm sorry. I'm just not in the right place, right now. My brother died last week, and rather than sit by his side and comfort him like I should have …I took off. I went to win a wrestling match. I don't care, what the prize is ...was that the right thing to do? Is that what a brother does? CC: Baby, look at me! You know Kaleb as well as I do. Assault was his baby, and you were his guy …his protege, if you will. Now this sounds like a cliché, but you took down many opponents …unifying the titles, and doing him proud. That's all he wanted from you! *The emotion overcomes Bram, as the last few guests filter out of the room. The priest escorts Kaleb's remaining family outside to start their grieving process. Bram and CC are alone now* Bram: Baby, I want you to wait outside for me. I have some things I want to say to my brother. *CC obliges. A quick peck on the cheek, and she is gone. Bram approaches the casket, which is still waiting. The casket is closed, as per family wishes. He rests one hand on the solid wooden top of the casket. It feels so heavy, so robust* Bram: Hey man, it's me. You know some of the last words you said to me were about how I was always the chosen one …and I never had to use you to "get in". The truth is, I didn't realize it until it was too late ...But I needed you, brother. Just not in the way, I first thought. When I went out to that ring, and brought home those titles...You were in my heart, You'll always be in my heart. Every match, every time that music echoes out over an arena, every time I get my hand raised in victory. That starts this week at Ward. I don't know whether you know it, but me and boys are working our way up to the straps. I promise you …I'm going to do all I can to bring those titles home, brother. I love you, man ...even if you will always be the uglier guy! *Bram takes a step back, pulling a black velvet bag out of his jacket. He opens it and pulls out the original AWS Underground Title, he had locked away. His tears splatter across the metallic plates, as he takes on more look before draping it across Kaleb's casket. Bram taps his hand on the top affectionately, before turning and walking away with the heaviest heart in the world, right now. He heads outside to the waiting CC. They embrace tightly, and Bram feels for at least one second, that the weight of the world is off him. CC's sweet embrace lessened his burden so much, he could cry. This lasted what felt like forever, until Bram saw Mystic out of the corner of his eye with a bottle of Premier Vodka in his hand, taking huge gulps from the bottle while talking to Kid Kaos. He notices Bram's laser glance, and tries to get Mystic to put it away* Bram: Really? Don't they teach f*cking boundaries in New York? He knows what happened to Kaleb, and what caused it! Have some f*cking respect, you prick! Mystic: What's up?! *CC surveys the scene. She knows Bram is about to unleash all his pent-up emotions on Mystic, even if it does result in a huge beatdown at the hands of the others* CC: Oh no, Mystic!! Come on, man! Put that away. This is not the time and a place! *Mystic laughs, turning his back to them. He really is a drunken bum. Kis Kaos looks uncomfortable* CC: You know what, baby? Forget it. All of that anger, that pain ...give it to them, come this weekend! You're beaten, bruised and right now, broken. You know, you don't win that fight. Let's go home, prepare for the weekend, and do it the right way. *Bram doesn't look convinced. He’s more annoyed, than anything* CC: Damion …do it for Kaleb, do it for your brother!! *The fire disappears from Bram's eyes. The waves of emotion come crashing down on him mentally again, and he almost collapses into CC. She steadies him, and guides him towards the black limo that was hired out for today. The door opens, they both hop in, and the driver moves away before this whole situation breaks down as the scene fades* ~Part Two~ *The scene reopens in the back of the limousine, where Bram is still trying to gather himself. Suddenly, he seems annoyed by the sight of the camera that climbed in behind CC and himself. His eyes become very focused, as he speaks* Bram: Kaito Ishikawa, you have the unlikely task of facing me. Now, accomplishments aside …I’m going to put this very simply, you’re in my way of what I want. Granted, you may have the skills to defeat many other wrestlers …but, don’t hold your breath on a victory over The Celtic Beast!! Your strong style just might help you in our match, but then again …you’ve never been hit by a guy my size. I mean, have you ever faced anyone that has as much or more training than yourself?? Have you ever been locked up in a submission so tight, that not even smelling salt could wake you up?? Or have you, ever grappled with a Black Belt before?? Nah, you can’t even match up to my Roman Greca skills!! This will be, more of a one-sided beating …then the last time AWS had the Underground Championship. Ishikawa, it’s simple really … “Tappu, Matawa Sunappu Bytchi”!!
  3. *Wrestling Name* ”The Homeless Hero” Mystic *Real Name* Matty Wilhelm *Weight* 6,3” *Height* 235lbs *Alignment* Neutral *Hometown* The Streets of Portland, Oregon *Picture Base* ”Homeless” Jimmy *Finishers* 1} Mystic’s Dream: GTS 2} Ya’ve Been Punk’d: Surfboard Dropkick, with Chair {Hardcore Matches Only} *Signature Moves* 1} The Stink Face: Puts His Dirty Armpit Into Their Face 2}Trash Compactor: Modified Version Of The Rolling Thunder, With Steel Chair On Their Chest {Hardcore Matches Only} *20 Basic Moves* 1) Samoan Drop 2) Snap Drop Kick 3) Running Bulldog 4) European Uppercut 5) Jumping Clothesline 6) Axe Kick 7) Chickenwing Lift Rings Of Saturn 9) Code Red Armbar 10) Step-Over Texas Cloverleaf 11) Left-Right Combo 12) Head Lock 13) Scoop Slam 14) Flatliner 15) Clothesline From Hell 16) Tilt-A-While Back Breaker 17) Snake Eyes Drop 18) Jack Hammer 19) Side Walk Slam 20) Military Press Slam *Theme Music* ”Duality” by Slipknot *Written Entrance* *The sounds of SlipKnot’s “Duality” hits the PA System, as Mystic makes his way out onto the stage. He pushes his shopping cart full of hardcore weapons down the ramp, and up along side the ring. He then walks up the steel steps, mumbling to himself the whole way. He stands in the middle of the ring, blank faced waiting for the bell* *Favorite Weapon* Barbed Wire Wrapped Trashcan *Favorite Quote* ”I put da X, in Xtreme!!” *Bio/Background* Homeless Guy Turned Pro Wrestler, not much else to say. *Achievements/Titles/Awards* - Former SEE Florida State Champion - Former WUW Champion - Former XHW U.S. Champion - Former XiF World Champion - Former 2x GWA Hardcore Champion - Former 4x GDW Revolution Champion - Former GDW Tag-Team Champion {W/”Insane” Zane} - ’99 King Of The Street Fight Winner
  4. *We open in a holding cell. The location unknown. Sitting in there, is a disheveled looking Marria Santtini. No wrestling gear to be seen, as her possessions are currently in a locker somewhere in the station. Hades, she doesn't even have a phone. There are three or four burly looking chicks sitting around. Some of them look like they just must sleep off a hard night and others? Maybe a little more violent. One of the gurls, a mid-forties lady with a bald head. Who’s maybe 6'0" and around 250lbs at a guess is looking around the cell. She notices Marria, looks away and all of a sudden, her eyes dart back. She ponders whether she saw, who she thinks she saw before making her way over to sit near Marria. Now on one of the cold, hard wooden benches that are all that line the walls of this open fronted cell apart from a stainless steel toilet. Marria side-eyes her a little cautiously. Who is this gurl, and what's she after* Stranger: It's cool. No harm intended, hon. I noticed, that you look an awful lot like a wrestler my kid was watching the other night. Marria: Yeah it's me. The Black Rose, The Up, and Coming Vixen, at least for the immediate future. Right now, a fuckin’ jailbird ...sorry, my name is Marria Santtini. So, your kid likes wrestling, huh? Stranger: I’ll tell you, it's his life. He's always watching wrestling. Whether it's the big place in Greenwich, the other place in Nashville, or even some Japanese stuff. As well as, the small independent companies. They all have this alphabet soup style of naming themselves, and some don't even speak English, you dig? Marria: Yeah, I get it. It's everywhere nowadays. With them having access to internet, and what not. In my youth, if you wanted to study the arts, you had to VHS video-tape trades. I doubt, he even knows what a VHS tape is, right? *They share a laugh. The woman moves closer to Marria, so they're about two feet apart and relaxes. Marria seems to relax a little, when she realizes this chick indeed intends no harm* Stranger: By the way, the name’s Barb. Good to meet you, even in this kind of setting. Marria: So, it seems to be the question they ask on TV. What're you in for? Barb: Well, some guy owed my boss money and guess who's the muscle. Marria: Well, you're definitely the muscle Barb, I'll give you that! Barb: Damn right! So come on. What's a big-time celebrity like you, in here?? *The scene fades away to a wash out, and reopens on the streets* ~Two Hours Prior~ *We switch to a suburban street at night. It appears to be deserted, as these areas tend to be late on. No one around, the perfect little families are home from work, they've all eaten their TV meals and said "Goodnight John-Boy" as they retire to their nights. Another day of the rat race down and they are back up at ungodly hours to do it all over again tomorrow until they die. A dark van rolls up at the edge of the street as the shot switches from the setting to in the back of the van. Shown in the van are Marria and her Brother - Francco. They're dressed in black, and Marria seems to be pulling a hood over her head. It's unclear at this point, who is driving, or if Francco is pulling double duty* Francco: So that's the place, over there? You're sure, right? Marria: When have I ever done you wrong? Plus, with someone's blessing on this operation, I had access to the XWX’s personnel files. He "just happened" to leave around. This is the address, we have. Francco: Well, that's good enough for me. I said it last week, tonight Vera Eames will get what's coming to her and her fuckin’ family too. Christ, that name sucks. Did they get it off a trading card? *Marria slides the van door open, hops out and slides the door closed. It seems Francco was driving the van after all. As he goes to pull away, he taps on the window* Marria: Half an hour. That's all I need. Meet me at the place, we discussed earlier. Keep the engine running. Francco: Ok Sis, I love you. *With that, the window goes up and the van pulls away. Marria is left standing at the side of the road, with nothing but a black duffle bag. She quietly jogs across the street, to the door of the property they singled out. We are to assume this is Vera Eames home, yet it appears to be unoccupied with no lights on or signs of movement* Marria: Well Vera, you think getting involved in The Santtini Family business, is Ok? Well, see how you feel when I get involved in yours!! *Marria digs into her bag, and pulls out a small paper bag. Setting it down on the doorstep, and lighting it with a lighter. Are the contents of that bag, really what we think they are? The bag catches light quickly, and the air is filled with the familiar stench of flaming dog shyte* Marria: HAHAHA! Vera Eames, Feel The Burn!! *Marria heads around to the side of the house, being careful not to trip any proximity lights the security system may have. On reaching a window, she pulls out a marker. Doesn't seem long since, Marria was pulling this crap on her former, Lilith Maloi. On the window, she scrawls in big, black letters* "SEMTIRE IL BRUCIORE” *Then proceeding to write on the back door of the house* "SE NON PUOI VINCERE, PERCHE SEI QUI" Marria: Let's see if that sends her the message, huh? *Marria heads around to the front of the house, before spotting a dark gray Chrysler Crossfire parked in front of the garage. In a moment of pure inspiration, she sets to work on slicing the tires of the car and breaking off the windshield wipers before picking up her duffle bag and making off down the street. A pair of houselights seem to come on across the street* ~Moments Later~ *We cut to what is presumably the meeting spot. An abandoned car park around the back of the local 7-11 store. Marria is waiting anxiously, as rain is starting to fall. She has her hood off now. Marria’s hair is showing the marks often left from wearing a hat for the day. She hastily throws her clothes as well as any other items into the dumpster of the store. As she finishes dumping everything, she decides that now is the time to answer the call of nature. Mid-stream, she hears the approaching sound of tires on asphalt. Finishing up, and walking around the corner expecting to see her Brother, she is confronted with two flashing red and blue lights on top of a car belonging to the local law enforcement* ~Current Day~ Marria: Turns out, the local 7-11 don't take too kindly to people using the back of their store as a urinal. To the point, they had surveillance installed and caught me truly red handed. Barb: You mean, yellow handed? *Bard gives a big, hearty laugh, slapping an unsuspecting Marria on the back and almost knocking her off the bench. Though Marria is taken back, she appreciates the humor in the situation and how lucky she was that Public Urination is all she was caught for tonight* Barb: So do you think, you'll be out and good for your show-thing this week? My kid, says you got a match with a big named opponent. Marria: I'm fucking born ready! You heard "Big Named Opponent" speak? *Marria goes into an impression of Vera Eames with an almost comically stereotypical Irish accent* Marria: ”Back in old country, all man have time to do is make bed with wife and maybe goat. Then slaughter goat and drink Whiskey. If night not yet complete, drink more Whiskey and find another goat. Man get bored here in America. American dream not so fulfilling, so I make Hollywood on fire and yell "BRING ANOTHER GOAT!!" *Barb has seen Vera Eames in action with her strange antics, so she knows the reference. This seems hilarious to her. Full hunched over laughing, slapping her knee kind of funny* Marria: Is that to your liking, Barb? Been working on that for a while. Things you do when you're inside, eh? Barb: What about the Youtube comments? Got anything for that? Marria: Hmmm, I’m actually surprised she figured out how to do that. *Marria ponders for a moment, before putting on her best Vera Eames voice* Marria: Hey everyone, Vera Eames here an’ tonight I'm gonna show ya how us internet fans like to overreact. We cry about it on Twitter, an’ threaten to not watch companies products anymore …if they don't book what we want. Tonight, we review the nut case I took on last week, as well as the follow up …to why my brother ran like a bitch. *Barb doesn't look too impressed at this one* Barb: Yeah, I don't know him. Marria: Here's the secret, no one does. *Quickly after that, the cell door opens and an officer calls out for Marria. Francco had cleared the whole thing up, posted the bail. He wasn't carrying his wallet, and is here to take Marria home. He hands over her bag, with a smile* Marria: Hey Barb. How about we get a snap for your kid? You seem to be a decent, lady. Barb: For sure? Wow, thanks! *Barb hops over to the edge of the cell. The door is still open, and Marria pulls her WXW T-shirt out of her bag, as well as her phone. Snapping a quick selfie with Barb and the t-shirt, being careful not to include any bars from the cell. She gives Barb a pat on the back, before she goes to sit back down. Marria takes Barb's number and sends the picture to her* Marria: Before I go Barb, I might have a bit of work for you. You mind if I keep this number? Barb: Go ahead! My kid will love the fact I'm working with La Nera Rosa! *Marria sighs to herself and Francco chuckles, as they walk away from the cell and get out of the precinct. As they hop into a car, Marria throws her bag onto the back seat and hops in the front. This isn't the van that we saw earlier, rather another car that Francco must have gone back to pick up* Francco: All done? Marria: Yeah, Eames should receive the message pretty soon. What happened to the van? Francco: I got a guy to "dispose" of it. Let's say Mr. Eames, should also be receiving a message pretty soon! Marria: That’s Perfect!! Francco: Hey, have you decided on a stipulation for the match yet? Marria: I got a couple in mind, but maybe I'll leave the big reveal until Anarchy Is Asylum ... *The shot shows Marria and Francco driving away in a beat up car*
  5. *We open in some random gym, in New York. At this moment, we have no idea what city we are in. We can see Jesse James Jackson, also known as 3J with a camera waiting outside the gym* 3J: I was told, he came in about an hour ago. He should be heading ...oh here he is! *We see Bram Connan exiting the gym, wearing a “Celtic Beast” tank-top and a pair of black “Mjolnir” Hammer shorts. He has a gym bag hanging over his shoulder by the strap, and he spots 3J and just shakes his head in disbelief* Bram: Jesse James Jackson ….here's a face, I was hoping to never ever see again. 3J: Good to see you again too, Damion. Bram: Bram, please. Only friends call me, Damion …and you are not, my friend. *3J and Bram go way back, and it's never been friendly. You can see that, on their faces* Bram: Honestly, if AWS wants an interview, that bad …tell them to send, “Spanky” Evans or Laura Andersen next time. I'd much rather look at them, while answering stupid generic questions. Like ..."How do you feel, about your last match?" Right, James …was that your first question?? 3J: Well, N ...yes. Bram: Well, to answer that …since you can't even get the question out. Odin, how do you still have a job? To answer that, I don't feel anything James. I barely won; it happens. Time to move on and go to the next match. Speaking of, I hope you can be good for SOMETHING …who am I facing this week? 3J: Well, that was my next question … Bram: Of course it was, because you don't have an original bone in your body ...Anyways, go on. I'll let you pretend, you know how to do your job and ask aways. 3J: I wanted to get your thoughts, on your upcoming match this coming week on Ward? *Bram gives a mocking golf clap, and snickers to himself* Bram: Wow, that wasn’t half bad James. You even promoted the show name right …good job. Wait, who was it again? Fuckin’ A, who's in the match this time?? 3J: Cage Eames … *Bram laughs out loud, and slaps his leg* Bram: Eames, Really?? Someone was able to pry the needle out of his ass, and his face away from a mirror …long enough, to be in a match? Holy shyte!! Riddle me this James, how can a man call himself "The Greatest" …when he only shows up for work, once a month? 3J: I ...don't know, to be honest. Bram: Of course you don't, you don't know anything …unless it's written down on your que cards for you. I’ll tell you the answer, it’s a delusion. I mean sure, Eames is one hell of a guy. The dude, can get it done in the ring no doubt about that. When he shows up, that is. I mean, the guy works less than our congress men. Greatness, my ass! Whose next James, come on …snap to it, who's next?? 3J: Cage … Bram: Who, the F*ck Is That? 3J: Cage, he was just signed to the AWS. Bram: Never heard of him. So, he couldn’t have been that big of a free agent …not like when I signed. You know, the advertising revenue doubled …when I signed with the AWS, right James? I'm the reason, you are going to get a bonus this year …you do know that right? 3J: Uh ...thanks? Bram: You’re welcome. But let me stop, I'm aware of Cage, somewhat. I've seen him running his mouth on twitter, calling out us established vets …like, he's actually someone in this business. Quite honestly, I'd have figured Scotty Paine would have killed him backstage by now. But, seeing as he hasn’t …I guess, I'll have to do it this week in the ring. A swift Clawed To Death to the chin, should shut him up real quick. And if that doesn’t work, then I'll just have to put the child to sleep ...Next Question! Come on James, keep up!! 3J: Next, the other man in the match …Cage Eames. *Bram grins at this one, with a sly devilish grin. He thinks a few moments, before speaking* Bram: Cage Eames, you say? Oh Really? "The Wrestling Failure", "The Master Of Ten Holds" … Bram makes the air quotes, as he says the nicknames he’s given to his opponent* Bram: The chump, who thinks he can just step over me to get a title shot? Oh, this is going to be real fun. I'm going to have a blast, bashing this boy's face in. He really thinks, he deserves a title shot over me?? 3J: Well, I haven’t talked to him personally …but, yeah I guess that's what he's been saying. *Bram gives 3J a pissed off look, as he grumbles under his breath* Bram: Do you, think he deserves a title shot? 3J: I think ... Bram: That’s the problem James, we don't pay you to think …just to ask questions, that a toddler could handle. Shut your mouth, before I shut it for you! I'll answer the question, NO …no he does NOT, deserve a title shot. He may think, he's entitled to one …but, he'd be wrong. I get my match first! Cage better go look at the contract again, because I made sure there was a title match clause in there. I pay my lawyers a lot of money, to protect my best interests. But hey, if he thinks he is deserving of a shot …he can try to EARN it this week. IF ...and this is a huge if, James …almost as huge as, that ass you call a head. IF Cage can somehow beat ME ... in this match, then I'll tell you what. He can have the Title match before me. But if he loses, then he get goes to the back of the line. 3J: Well, I can't speak for him ... Bram: Of course you can’t James, no one would be dumb enough to let you speak for them …no one! I'm surprised AWS even gave you a job. Seriously. Send Spanky next time, at least he'd do this over drinks or dinner. You, on the other hand ... *Bram looks around, and scuffs before speaking again* Bram: I mean really? In the middle of the street, like you’re some TMZ paparazzi? You're a hack, James. If I ever see you in front of me with a mic, again …I'll shove it so far up your ass, your kids will have the Shure logo imprinted on their forehead!! *Bram storms off, as 3J sighs a breath of relief* 3J: That went better than expected ... *Before 3J can finish, Bram turned back around and slaps the mic out of 3J's hand. Bram shakes his head, as he speaks one last time* Bram: No one cares, about your extra commentary. And who uses Shure anyways? Sennheiser only, you fucking hack …it’s as simple as, Tap Or Snap Bytch!!
  6. Simple game, someone asks a question about their character(s) and whoever gets the right answer gets to go next. I'll start ... Who of all my characters has the most World Titles??
  7. ~:~Part One~:~ *We fade in on a small room that appears to be a viewing room of some sort. It’s quite dark and all that fits in the room is a table along the wall, a chair, and a monitor. It appears as if the cameraman is either standing in the doorway or the camera is placed on the wall. Sitting in front of the monitor in the chair is the AWS Veteran Bram Connan. He does not speak, but we do hear his voice over the image. There are times in our lives that we cannot get back. The last two years of my life are something that I cannot get back and I wouldn’t want them back if I could. Fans run up to me all the time and they ask me if I miss it. If I could go back, would I have not given it all up to work for ASW and leave the biz? They seem to think that my leaving was a bad thing for my life. The truth is the two-month break gave me something I could never have gotten had I still been touring the world, two years to watch my children grow* Bram: Now that I’m back, there are some things I wish I did, like train a little more, but I never got out of shape. Some of those people at home, that think because when they had kids …they gained all this weight that there is no way to stay in shape without working out 24/7. The truth is though, parenting …real parenting, is a hardcore workout. My boys are now eight and six years old, and chasing them around and playing ball with them …has been almost as good a workout, as I would have had on the road. *Bram pauses a moment, as he thinks. He then continues on* Bram: Am I saying, I am ready for the ring? Gods no, yet I am stepping back in it. Why? There’s only one reason why, I love it. I love it so much, that I can’t hold back and I’m a little nervous. Nervous, that if I don’t jump in feet first …I’ll never make it back. So here I am, just days away from my first match in over two months, and I’m watching a tape in a cold dark room. *Bram slowly turns his head away from the monitor, as whatever tape he was studying comes to an end and static overtakes the screen* Bram: When I put together my first promo in over two months, I may have been too open with you people. I may have let you all in on who I really am, and I have no problem with that. The problem I do have with it, is that you took what I said and didn’t see it for what it really was. I told you that I hadn’t yet had much time to research, and you took it as though I was too high and mighty to research you all …but that’s not what I meant at all. I got as big as I am, pardon me, as I used to be by knowing my competition. Those people you all have heard saying my name these past few weeks, before I showed up here …talk about me for a reason, and that’s because I am always prepared. *Bram pauses again, as he shakes his head in disbelief. He thought most didn’t understand him, but that wasn’t his worry at this time* Bram: For instance, I took a look at last week's shows, and one thing my past opponent did is, he lost. What that means to me is, that you want a taste of victory. So, I’ve been preparing all week to face you at your best, because that’s what I expect. I have also been critiquing you on your performances from last week and the past, and of course from your recent promos. *Bram smirks, as he thinks about the footage he just watched. Just like any other time, he wasn’t impressed* Bram: Cage, the one I was originally most worried about originally …has not shown me much recently. His in-ring performance last week was lackluster, but his will to win …failed. The problem is, you cannot always gamble on your will to win and your opponent to leave an opening for you like everyone got last week, and I just like this guy know that. So, I should expect him to be more focused going into our match, but I am not. He has yet to utter a word, and the way he looked last week …shows me that I was wrong. This guy may have once been someone, I should have been worried about. But now, he’s just appear to be an above-average wrestlers in a slump and his slump won’t end on the seventh. *Bram cracks a wide smile, as he sits there pondering this match-up* Bram: Then we have …well, Cage Eames. I’m not sure what you hoped to accomplish, standing in the middle of nowhere speaking to the air, and making predictions of our match …that are so vague, they could have been told to me on a psychic hotline. Nor, do I know what you were hoping to prove with your match last week, other than the fact that you aren’t very lucky. It seems to me, so far …that you’re hoping to gets by on pure luck, and says screw Giah-given talent. *Bram shakes his head, and lets out a deep sigh before continuing on to the last subject in this match* Bram: Then there is the definition of “I Suck” …the other person that is involved. You were a very busy boy last week. You not only showed how well trained you are in simple technique, when you couldn’t beat that clown. But you also showed your heart, as you stepped up to one of the most powerful men in America. For that, you have drawn my attention. No, not for your silly little Spiderman joke, but for your style and charisma. For someone who has all the makings of a B-List wrestler, you have something that the other men in this promotion don’t seem to have …at least not anymore. That is the heart to succeed. You’re dangerous, because of that. You are one small package away from shocking the world, and becoming a star in this federation ...but I will not be your gateway to fame. *Bram stands up, and starts moving around the small room. His once happy face has become stern, and focused* Bram: You may think there is nothing I can do to stop you, but I have been in this business for almost twenty years …and I have seen it all. I’ve seen guys like you rise to the top, and fall to the bottom. I have figured out a million different ways, to avoid ending up as the butt of someone’s joke. So, come the third …it might come down to blind move, interrupted three counts, and grievous bodily damage as you predicted, but the one thing I’m sure Cage …it’s going to come down to you and me, and who wants it more. *Bram turns away, and hits eject on the DVD player. Then pops in a new disc, as the camera fades to black* ~:~Part Two~:~ *We open up on the cocky grin of AWS’s returning star, Bram Connan. He is dressed in a crispy new “Celtic Beast” logo T-Shirt and a pair of jeans, with his gym bag draped over his shoulder. He tosses the gym bag aside, and stands with his arms crossed in front of the camera* Bram: Look at me, soon to be back to my winning ways again. Hard to believe, that after twenty years of a career and a two-month break ….that I can start again, as a winning veteran. It’s kind of crazy, and weird …but most importantly, it’s going to be great. It’s a great thing, to feel like I’m on top of the world with a win, even if it doesn’t last forever …it’s a feeling, that you could become a billionaire with if you could bottle it, and I don’t want it to end. *Bram pauses for a moment, before confidently speaking again* Bram: That will be tough though, because even though I am technically a veteran here in this great federation, my name still carries some weight and that weight apparently carried me straight to our first next episode of Ward. It is my understanding, that it’s not an everyday occurrence that “old guys” in this federation make the big show. Let alone. in a match with such implications as possibly a number-one contender match. So, I am honored to be included …Yes, I’m honored, and a little bit nervous. *Bram’s smile fades just a little, as he steps to the side and takes a seat on the bench next to him revealing a row of lockers behind him* Bram: I know those of you out there watching this, who know me …don’t believe it, but I am nervous. A couple months ago, was my first match in over two years. And now in my second return match …I am expected to put my body on the line in a match, versus Cage Eames. This isn’t quite what I expected, but I’ve never been one to back down from anything. I’ve always rolled with the punches, and this time …rolling with the punches, will be a little bit easier for me. *Bram‘s face curls with a devious smirk, due to dealing with The Eames Family several times before. He chuckles a bit, before speaking again* Bram: A few months ago, I was up against people …who were virtually unknown to me. People I had to spend hours researching …just so I would feel comfortable in the ring with. This time, research will be the least of my worries, as I have extensive background on this guy. This guy has been around me for most of the end of my career, and I have seen his career begin. Plus, I’ve seen him reach some of his highest points. Which isn’t much to brag about, to be honest. *Bram takes a short pause before digging in. He seems to think long, and hard before uttering his next words* Bram: Since I have been here, I haven’t seen and heard much about this guy. I probably know enough, that I could deal with him. But you never really know what someone like him is thinking. Just like Sammeal last week, it’s so hard to tell what is going on in someone’s mind. You come off like a man of good ethics, but there is really only one reason to cover your face in my opinion. And that is, to cover up what you truly are. I believe there is something dark about you, and you try to hide it with makeup and by pretending to be something you are not. A match like this, usually brings out the demon in people. I know it will bring out the cheating and backstabbing bastard in me …what will it bring out in you, Cage?? *Bram smirks, letting his words sink in. He knew this guy all too well. He finally stands up from the bench, and walks towards the weight-lifting area* Bram: This guy is kind of perplexing to me. He’s listed at forty-one years of age, a time in your life …when most people are hanging up their boots, yet here is a man just like myself in this federation. It makes it hard for me, to quite gauge what he is as a wrestler. And seeing as his list of accomplishments here is slimmer than a piece of paper …all I can assume is, that he must have some tricks up his sleeve if he is still performing at this level at that age. *Bram takes a seat on the bench-press, as he continues to speak* Bram: Almost the complete opposite of this guy, is myself. I have seen a huge amount of Cage’s work. I have seen him come up through the ranks in the past, and I have a list of his accomplishments here …and yet just like most of the wrestlers, I have no clue who he really are. That’s the question of the day, who is this guy? Is he, the men that fought through Loss after Loss …until he finally got an opportunity in the past? Is he the men, that worked until he couldn’t work anymore and won the very title I’m working towards …or trying to become the number one contender for? Or, is he the men that dropped the ball …every time, he was given the chance to escape the cellar of wrestling? Is he the man, that was rising to new heights in another company …only to crash back to the bottom? No one, not even he …seem to know, for sure. All I can say, is this …if history repeats itself, he will fall. *Bram leans back, and does a couple of reps. He pauses for a few seconds, and does another quick set of reps* Bram: Cage Eames? Not sure what to call you anymore, but I sure know where you and I stand …on bad terms. In the past, it was always you chasing after my shadow. You and your little friends, always trying to start fights with the big dogs in the company. Just hoping, some of what little talent you had would shine through in the fight. But it never seemed to work, did it. You stayed in my shadow and couldn’t fight your way out …until I was gone. Now here we meet again, and you’re the “known” wrestler this time. You’re the one, that has all the recognition here. I’d bet, you’re even thinking the tables have turned …and now, I’ll be the one chasing after you. But unlike you, when we’re in the same ring at Ward …I will shine and you will realize, you never even got out of my shadow. You couldn’t take over the top spot, when I was around and you won’t be able to slow me down from rising past you here either!! *The smile returns back to his face, as he stands up and looks deep into the camera as if he is now talking to someone specific* Bram: The real challenge of this match though, is the lackluster rules. There might as well not even be anyone else in this match. Just the two best wrestlers. It seems like, it was meant to be …that the two of us, meet quickly here in AWS. It might be the bookers, or maybe fate made it so. We’ve fought all over the globe, although you just got here the week before my last return …you hold an advantage, you’ve been here before. You know the layout of this ring, and that’s an advantage …that I really, can’t afford to give up to you. We’ve been through hell against each other, and know each other inside and out. We both started together and learned to be what we’ve become today, together. Not as friends, but as rivals and here we are again. The setting doesn’t seem to matter much, as it matters that it is me and you once again. Ladder, chairs, or whatever else gets thrown around in this match, it will not matter …because in the end, I can guarantee it will come down to only two of us fighting for the win. I can’t guarantee, that I will come out on top …but I can guarantee you this, you want to know who really wants to win this match …I do!! *Again, Bram pauses to let his words settle in. Now he’s really focused, his voice becomes more forceful* Bram: I don’t want this for the same reason you do, to build a foundation …but I want this. I want this, because it’s been far too long …since I have mattered in professional wrestling. It’s been far too long, since people have looked at me, and said there is a champion. It’s been far too long since, I have felt like I am the best, and even though it is supposed to be like being the best of the worst …I still want this. One more thing you can count on as well, if I do get this and I do move on to win that championship. No one, and I mean no one …will look at that belt, as the best of the worst again. They’ll just look at it, as the best of the best. That’s what I want from Cage, the only question left …is who is going to want it enough to win it!! *Bram turns, and begins to work out once more* Bram: Before this match though, I’m going to need to learn the layout. There’s no way, I’m giving you an advantage at all. It’s as simple as, Tap Or Snap Bytch!! *Bram’s last words trail off, as he exits the room and flags someone down presumably to give him a tour of sorts* Bram’s Voice: So, let me get this right? James E. NightWolf comes out of retirement, after managing one of the greatest factions in wrestling history …just to manage lonely mid-carder? My, my …what would Francco think? I mean, he was always your favorite after all …wasn’t he? Well, I guess after I’m done beating your client up …I’m going to have to give him a call, and let him know you bitched out and took Way less money to manage someone like Cage!!
  8. *Match One* Hunter Riot versus Dean Tyler
  9. *Match Two* ~Special Guest Referee: Mystic~ Cross Dresser Michelle versus Cletus the Bum
  10. *Match One* Xavier Pendragon versus Kaito Ishikawa
  11. Match Two Jenny Kay versus White Rabbit Demon
  12. *Match Three* Diamond Rose versus Hector Venegas
  13. *Match Four* ~Tag Team Match~ Gold Medal Crew versus The Pariah
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