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  1. *Darkness shrouds the road, as only the lights bounce of the dirty bumpy road. Tall trees are on both sides, that cast a series of mystery of what lies beyond. It was almost time. Soon the blue moon would begin, and the time was close at hand. It would mark the final hour of destiny. A collaboration of both beauty, and pain. The destruction of the will of the fates* “Destiny chained, there’s no place safe.” “Destiny arrives, you can’t change your fate.” “Fate. What a joke” *Bram thought, as he rolled his eyes. Keeping his hands on the wheel. Driving helped his mind to focus on the task at hand. The music calmed him, as a twisted smiled formed on his lips* “No where to run, nowhere to crawl, nowhere to fly.” “No sanctuary to hide to keep you safe.” *These were fitting lyrics for what was coming. Tonight, will be a night of remembrance. One to mark, that today would be the start of the “End of Days”. The scene fades in, as a hand stretches out and turns the volume up* “In the Beginning, The Gods created the Heaven and the Earth. And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep”. ”The Gods said, let there be light and there was light.” ”The Gods saw there was light, that it was good. And The Gods divided the light from the darkness.” *Bram accidentally switched off the radio, and began to laugh to himself. That's his mistake, for hitting the search button. Another religious thumper preaching about the world going to end. Maybe they forgot they had a Cheeto for president, a robot running against him, and Hilary still hasn't told Bill. That Monica was her girl first. Politics, the root of all evil or so you thought. Let people make their own damn decisions. It wouldn’t be Madness, without a joke to start to it off right. Opening the truck of his 1970 Dodge Charger RT, he takes out a couple of bags. This car was his first gift to himself, when he got to the top. Now, just like this beast he was going to go into the ring tonight and set an example more souls. That were bound to Hades. He walked towards the entrance of the Rolling Hills Asylum, and upon opening them, a figure bumped into him* Woman: Oh, watch it!! *Bram was about to deck the lady on for disrespect, when he looked up and saw who it was in his way* Bram: Well, Rayne …maybe you should have moved out of my way. Stupid Bytch. *Rayne looked at Bram, and tried to keep her face straight. Without missing a beat, Rayne comes back with a smartass remark* Rayne: Maybe, you should get off the wrong end of the bar stool. *Both Rayne and Bram stood there for a moment, then laughed. Grabbing a bag from him, Rayne spoke* Rayne: You ready for tonight?? *Bram’s face turns serious, as he speaks* Bram: Oh, I’m more than ready. It’s more a question on, which way to make him suffer …the method I should choose. *Rayne looked at her friend, and knew exactly what he meant. It made her remember, her former wrestling days* Rayne: Tell me, what’s going on in that diabolical head of yours! Bram: Everyone has a weakness, you’ll see. *As they talk, a man walks by them with a camera. Bram grabs him, and turns him back around* Bram: You, turn the camera on, point it at me, and record. Do you get that? Or do I need to speak slower, for you? *The man goes pail, and quickly does what he is told to do. Bram clears his throat, as he looks into the camera* Bram: This goes out to, my next opponent. Yep, I’m talking about Dorian Black. It seems like you, got a something coming for me. Don’t worry, it’s 2024 …it’s okay to have a man crush on me. Shyte, if I were you …I would too. But Hades, if you have a death wish …and enjoy pain, as pleasure. You’ve come to the right place. I’m very good at it, and I must admit it will give me pleasure of all sorts …to watch myself, crush your soul. I’m also a man of few words, so remember …my actions speak, louder than words. *Bram stops for a moment, before speaking again towards the camera* Bram: For me, I really don’t give a rat’s ass about you. You’re just a body, being served up for slaughter. I don’t get into the ring just for games. I get into the ring, because it’s a war …your soul, is mine to take for the winning price. The Undead may have been around your time, but you’re forgetting as a new era began …and will stay that way. Wars are fought, some lose and some win. I won’t back down, as we fight for what belongs to me. Titles, belts, or shiny trophies don’t mean a damn thing to me. It’s about respect, dedication, and the sheer joy of kicking your ass all across that mat. *Bram flips off the camera, and blows a kiss as they walk away. The last thing you see, is the face of some unknown camera guy as he turns the camera around to turn it off* ~Part Two~ *The scene opens to Bram Connan and Kaleb Steele in what appears to be a dark room. Or perhaps, a room with a black background. Bram runs a hand through his hair, as he's about to speak. He pops his neck, with a sneer on his face* Bram: Well, Assault couldn’t have went any better for me. I now stand here, a top contender once again. Beating up another Champion to get be avoided again. Am I mad? Hades yes, I’m mad. Mad at myself for not having a good grip of the politics, and letting it go by me so easily. Mad at myself for letting take the biggest prize in Ikon Wrestling, and not saying something earlier. Mad at myself, for not being able to back up everything I’ve said up to this point. I'm sure Management, are having themselves a good ol' laugh. Mocking me, for being a pushover. Mocking me, for talking the talk but being unable to walk the walk ... *Bram's temper began to rise, evident by the expression on his face and his body movements. But he calmed himself, taking a deep breath before he continues speaking* Bram: However, while I may not be a Champion anymore, only two good things come out of me being removed as a Triple-Crow Championship. One, I am now every Champions’ problem. All of you, get can deal with The Celtic Beast and all of my brutal threats. You have to figured, that I will of make an impact …or created some chaos during the fallowing weeks. Maybe I will remain silent. Following my win over Dorian Black, lame name by the way …I just might disappear. Never to be seen for the rest of the night. Surely after all that talk about winning and what not …he would attack a Champion, to send a message. Even if it was just one Champion, like Summer. Of course, he didn't. All talk, and no bite. Especially for some guy, who proclaim himself as "The Greatest Freaking Wrestler in this industry" … You think, you have the most perfect way …to show that you mean business. By talking about attacking the newly crowned Champion, and ruining her homecoming slash big moment. You didn't capitalize on that. Such a missed opportunity. Perhaps, you fear her more than anything. A fear, that she would chew you up and spit you out …like the insects, you are. How ironic would it be, that she actually fears something like some Indy Wrestler ….brought in for a night. Nah, that can't be it. Surely, the man of Black doesn’t fear anything and you're just biding your time …just waiting to strike. Whatever the case may be, I’m looking forward to seeing if that this supposed "Greatest Freakin' Wrestler" from the Indies emerge from the shadows …to do battle with me, over the Top Contendership. Since you know, you're NOT "The Greatest Freakin' Wrestling in this industry" …and want to claim the Top Spot. Unless he’s scared of The Celtic Beast. *A smirk appears on Bram's face, hoping his little tactic worked. For all he knows, it could have failed miserably. After a brief pause, Bram continues to speak* Bram: The second point, when I eventually take another Championships …I will be the only team to have won, the Underground and 5150 Championships. I can take solace on thought of me, etching my name in the history books …by being the Championships. That's something, I can hang over everyone else’s heads, and brag about for years to come. Let everyone else worry about the "big, bad" Fear Factor. Let all these other supposed wrestlers in this Division, step up to the plate …and try their hand at becoming a more feared Champion. When the other Championships, are at the point …where they are almost meaningless once again …I will swoop in to slay everyone, while saving both the AWS, and the Top Championship Division. For now, I’m going to stand by and watch the 5150 Division slowly crumble under the reign of AJ Flare!! *While, Bram waves bye to the screen, with Steele mouthing "We'll be watching you fail." The scene slowly faded away, as the scene transitioning to a similar environment*
  2. *Both the Kore, and the AWS Tag Team Championships sat side-by-side on a desk, the cameras would soon zoom out to find the members of The House of Paine standing behind the desk, with a smile on their faces as they admired their set of set of Titles. DKM shifts his smile over towards the AWS Tag Team Championship, before turning his glance towards the camera* DKM: I told the entire world, that we would keep the tag Team Championships of the World, and we did just that! I told you all, that the Tag Titles belongs in our collection of Championships …and here they lie before all of you, next to the AWS Tag team Championships …and now we hear, come Maddess, we get a chance against two of AWS’s best in Centre of Attention in a Tag Title match. See boys and girls, in one night at Madness ...we’re going to move you both famous, by being in the same ring with us. We've done everything legendary thing in AWS …we’ve competed in the second ever Tag Team Chambers match, two of our Tag Team Championships came here in AWS, we unified the Assault and Kore Tag Team Championships, we become Ikons in AWS ... and now this year, we again make history in AWS by walking out of this match as the AWS Undisputed Tag Team Champions …and stay that way, for a long time! You see, these titles mean more right now, sitting right here ...than they have ever meant, in the past and we mean no disrespect to most of the Champions that came before us. We really don’t ...but look at what we’ve made, all the titles we’ve held around here. Anything from the Tag Team Championships, all the way to the Deathmatch Championship, and now a chance at the prestigious AWS Tag Team Championship We’ve turned them into the greatest, they have EVER been ...for example, this year at Snow Moon in the ONLY true Match of the Year ….there was a draw. Now, we’re going after BOTH of these championships in a boring, basic match. Now, we know some of you people without any brains in your heads …don’t know what that means. So, let me tell you what that means ...when that bell rings, first the AWS Tag Team Championship will be up for grabs and when we’re finished beating both your asses in the middle of that ring …and successfully taking the AWS Tag Team Championships. The bell will ring again, unlike all those other matches ...that bell won't signify the end of the match, instead when that bell rings a second time. The ass kicking will continue, only this time …it'll be until you’re lying in a pool of your own blood! Now, we’re sure …the two of you, believe you're going to walk out of Madness as Champions …that your dream, of becoming the Unified Tag Team Champions will come true. But, the truth is gentlemen ...we're coming to Madness, not only to take the AWS Championships …but, also to make sure that we walk out of that arena, with both sets of Tag Titles! *A devious smile formed on DKM’s face, as he picked up both of Tag Titles, placing both titles over each of his shoulders. He slowly rising out of his chair, as Jigsaw speaks* Jigsaw: We've also heard all the talk from the fans, and even some of the guys in the back. All asking us “Why didn’t we agree to put both sets of Titles on the line, in a two-falls triple match against one of the biggest AWS tag team?” …well, let me tell you why ladies and gentlemen. These two have been a driving force in AWS, off and on. They have been quite a history making team ...but, not in Kore. Then you've got Centre Of Attention, the men that survived the first encounter to get here, but not just that ...every time we’ve watched them compete in the middle of a wrestling ring, with that AWS logo on it …they have bleed and sweat for this company. Something we can respect, something the fans can respect! Those two have earned a right to compete for both of these Tag Team Championships ...see boys and girls, we want to make these Championships what they use to be. As great, as they once have been in the hands of myself, and DKM …and even our Father was a great Tag Team Champion, at one time. I remember when he was a World Champion, that was until he took his ball and went home …forcing ECWF to vacate the title, but we won’t do that. We will be at Madness to take both set of titles in what will go down in history …as one of the greatest matches in AWS history! Just like, we did before …when we walked out of Snow Moon, not only better team …but as rightful number on contenders, but the only To Contenders at that!! *DKM was closer to the camera now, glancing down at the collection of Championship gold over his shoulders before turning back to the camera* DKM: See gentlemen, we want this year's Mega Event to be one of the biggest one in the history of this great promotion. You know what, I take that back ...we want this year's Mega Event to be the GREATEST EEVVVVEEERRRRRR!! That's why we tossed the thought of having both Tag Titles, not just on the line ...but on the line in the same exact match. That way, not only will the AWS Championships be defended at whatever event may be, but we get to show the world …including the two of you, that we’re still the Alpha King of Professional Wrestling. We want the two of you, to be at your very f*cking best …because WHEN we beat you in a two falls match and leave the way we walked into that goddamn ring …to become the Undisputed Tag Team Champions, the team with both belts. Becoming the most dominating mother*ckers to be the true MAIN EVENT of this company!! *DKM shakes his head back and forth in disappointment. Then puts the AWS Championship over the shoulder of Jigsaw, and the Kore Championship over his shoulder. They both are standing behind the mask-shift desk, as Jigsaw speaks* Jigsaw: You two might have "Main Evented" at some other show ...but we all know, the real main event of any show is the two of us! But I want you both to ponder through those thick brains of yours, before you step into that ring with The House of Paine. You think about what we've done in The Wrestling World, from holding two sets of Tag Team Championships, simultaneously ...unifying the AHW Tag Team Championships with the XWA Tag Titles. We have done more in the wrestling world than either of you two combined! They call us Ikons, because we've earned that right ...They call us future Hall of Famers, because that is what we’ve earned! The question is, are you prepared to go against The House of Paine?? Can you say the same things, we can and mean it? Can you say, you really helped AWS rise to dominance, it's been for years! This match on Wednesday to us, is the most important match of our entire f*cking careers! Hades we'll admit, this is the most important match in our entire LIVES! More important than Revenge in 2017 ... and yeah, a whole lot more important than when we returned in 2021 at XWA …when we won an 8-Team Ladder match to win the Tag Team Championships ...this Wednesday is much bigger than BOTH of them combined. That night will solidify, not only our reign. Not just as 4-Time Tag Team Champions …but also as the new AWS Tag Team Champions! We get that you want to be like your other stablemate, Xander ...we get that you want to keep the Tag Titles, but Madness isn't your time. And as far as the rest of you goes, you can be the future of this business …at any point in time, but just like Xander? It won't be Wednesday night in Bethany, not when we’re trying to build our Legacy of Greatness!! *The two men towered over The Resident Psycho, as he paced back and forth. Scotty made his way into the frame, He locked eyes with the Kore Tag Team Champions, then nods at DKM with a devious smirk* DKM: See boys, and girls … something big is dawning in this company, but it just doesn't involve the two of you! It involves us leaving Madness with the Kore and AWS Tag Team Championships ...it involves the upcoming Mega Event and so much more. Consider Wednesday night, as the beginning of the phoenix rising …from the ashes, of a dead Ikon. The moment the AWS turns to the fire it once was. Let me ask you, can you really take these Championships to the levels they need to be? Can you really, become the Champions you dream of ...cause the truth is, neither one of you mother*ckers have what it takes to lead this company! I know we do, we’ve done it more times than anyone in this damn company ...we know, you want to keep the AWS Championships ...or capture the Kore Championships, but this is not the time to make that attempt gentlemen. You see, with guys like …you know who, running that shyte brand. The only thing saving that shyte show, is us becoming the New Tag Team Champions! *DKM pats the AWS Tag Team Title, that’s now on his shoulder* DKM: We’re the ones saving that brand from total destruction …so we understand, that you both want to hold one of these titles, but at Madness …it isn't your time. So, here is what is going to happen at Madness this Wednesday. Centre of Attention, you are no doubt the future of AWS …but you will meet the Insanity you've been dreaming of. And you want to live a dream, that your stablemate lived for a moment. And you will, some day. But at Madness, you get Unhinged in the middle of that ring, and in the end? Your time is not now ...you'll both be laying at our feet, as we hold BOTH the AWS Championships and the Kore Championships high above our heads as it is announced AND AWS Tag Team Champions ...and STILL Kore Tag Team Champions, The House of Paine!! *With a smile on Scotty's face, he turned to the camera. He cracked his neck to the side, as the other members of HoP made their way into the camera frame* Scotty: Madness is upon us, and due to these men here …AWS is on fire again! Now suddenly, the Centre of Attention wants a piece of that? They want a piece of the rightful Undisputed Tag Team Champions ...our Undisputed Tag Team Championships. They think, they can bring the fight to the House of Paine and leave with one or both Tag Titles? Gentlemen, let me ask you something …have you just recently, sold your souls to Hades? ‘Cause that is the ONLY way …you'll be taking any of these Titles, from these men …and I don't think you have the will power, to achieve that. So, attempt your dying fate to claim the Undisputed Championships …but be prepared, for complete and utter devastation and disappointment. ‘Cause gentlemen, that is what you will get at Madness inside Bethany's Most Famous Asylum! It's about time, that we bring AWS into levels …it's NEVER been on before. Centre of Attention, with all due respect to you ...we apologize, for what is about to happen to you on Wednesday. *Scotty seems visibly upset, about what he knows his boys will do to them. Since they are threatening their reign as Kore Tag Team Champions. He looks at both Tag Team Championships, over the shoulders of his sons. He nods, and looking into the camera as Jigsaw speaks* Jigsaw: When we came back, and won the 8-Team tournament to become number one contenders to the Tag Team Championship …I thought, we only had to cleanse those Championships. That's all, but when we won tournament to become Assault Champions …we knew, there was still more that we had to do. With this run in AWS possibly being our last …we have to go out with a BANG and what better road to that, than successfully defending both of the biggest Tag Titles in AWS on the biggest event! Unfortunately, that means …we have to shatter both of your dreams of being the Undisputed Tag Team Champions on Madness …and do you want to know why boys and girls? *Jigsaw smirked deviously, as he lets his words hang I the air* Jigsaw: We’re going to enjoy, shattering your dreams into pieces! You think walking out on television, and sending us a challenge for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships was something special …it wasn't, it made you into something …I didn't think your team, every was. And that is, some greedy mother*ckers. Instead of letting one of the other workhorse wrestlers, in a Main attraction at the next Mega Events …you wanted to do it yourselves, and then there's you two, you won the AWS Titles to earn this match. We can respect that ... we had to do the same, on the other brand upon our return. But, there's a difference between your win and our win last year ...we succeeded in our Championship match …you, well …just like you've done in the past, you are GOING TO FAIL! We will not stop fighting this war, until we’re handed our Championship's …and leave with both Titles intact! AWS is indeed, entering a brand-new era. The Era of The House of Paine is here, and it isn’t going NOWHERE! No matter if it is Centre of Attention’s greed, or The Daughters of Darkness’ ignorance ...The House of Paine will strike, and leave FOREVER UNDISPUTED!! *The rest of Hop walks into the room, including Thomas, Aiden and Jaycen. A smile crept across Scotty's face, as he speaks again* Scotty: I can understand, that the two of you believe in your warped little minds …that your time has come to be a Undisputed Tag Team Champions ...or even become an AWS Champion, but gentlemen that cannot be more wrong! But when that bell rings, and the first fall ...for the AWS Championships begins, my boys will not be held responsible for the Paine and suffering that the two of you go through …all to withhold your Tag Team Championships! I assure you gentlemen, second fall …Kore Championships, the Paine will begin to kick in, the suffering will only begin ..as the bones within your bodies, will begin to feel as if they're going to break ...your entire body is going to feel like it's going to shatter with every hit. There will only be one way to save yourself from the morgue, and that's by saying “I QUIT” ...or being buried in that ring, like it or not gentlemen …that night will go down in the history, as the greatest AWS Tag Team Championship match in the history of this entire industry! Center of Attention ...the Paine will be agonizing, until you do what you can only truly do …and that is, become the next victims of The House of Paine’s reign as Undisputed Tag Team Champions! We've heard all the talk from the two of you, how our time is coming to an end …that our time is over, and your time is now …but, what none of you seem to understand is. We’re just getting started, there are bigger things coming …and the boys are at the helm of that leadership. The AWS Championships, the Kore Championships, two fall match ...The House of Paine will claim their birth right, as the Greatest Family in AWS history …I promise you ALL that!! *With a smile on his face, Scotty leaned back in his seat. DKM took the Championship off of Jigsaw. He holds it up to the camera, as he speaks* DKM: But as it stands, the first fall is for the AWS Championships, which has been held by only a few ...however still more prestigious than any singles titles to come through AWS. We are the final XAW Champions …we were able to make those Titles, as great as they once were ...but we’re looking at making these Title great, that's why we’ve decided to make have this Two Fall Match. We want these Titles, to be made what they deserve to be. The prestigious, and fan-f*cking-glorious! We want them to be what they once were, and at the next Madness …we begin with the AWS Tag Team Championships. You threaten our reign, but it doesn't matter! ‘Cause you both, will leave the way you came in ...empty handed, and we'll leave the way, we came in. The Best Tag Team in The Wrestling World Today! And we'll be leaving, with something much more than just these Championship Titles, we'll be leaving …with your f*cking souls too!! *DKM looks at the Tag Championships, before putting it back to over the shoulder of Jigsaw. He turned his attention over towards the other Championship, a smile on his face. He makes his way over to Scotty, then reaching out to grab his mask as the scene faded* Scotty: We Dare You, Come Feel The Paine!!
  3. *Part One* ~A Few Months Back~ *The scene opens in the undisclosed location, which is just a random spot in the backstage area they have chosen to do their talking from. Malosi, Everett, and Makilisi could be seen standing there, with grins on their faces. Malosi adjusts the camcorder slightly, before he begins speaking* Malosi: World War III could of went better for the Samoan Tao. Losing to the UnKnown Fear. Coming up short in the War-Time Rumble. While none of us won the War-Time Rumble, we still can make the winner of the War-Time Rumble's life a living Hades. So, Cross …congratulations on winning the War-Time Rumble! Good for you! Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! Surviving 29 other men including us, what a feat! Along with securing a World Heavyweight Championship match, at the biggest event of the year. You also won another prize! A long, drawn-out torture courtesy of the Samoan Tao! I hope it was worth it. It's going to be a long road to the next Event, and the Samoan Tao plans on making every waking second, a living nightmare. Will Cross withstand what we’ll be dishes out, and somehow make it to the next major event, even if he's not at a hundred percent? Or will he succumb to our will, tuck his tail in between his legs, and walk off into the sunset like a wounded dog …never to be seen again? Guess we'll have to find out, huh?? Aloni: Besides Cross, the Samoan Tao also has a few other things in their sights. Those wannabes, the UnKnown Fear. The Trios Championships, currently held by a team called DarkFireStarr. A team consisting of Marco Rossi, Dark Tiger, and Lynn Starr. I got to say, the name of your little team is quite ...interesting, to say the least. Unique, even. Not that it matters, because I have no doubt that these two and myself will end your reign as Trios Champions …before it gets off the ground, and in the process, fulfilling the prophecy for all of the Samoan Tao holding gold. They also have their eyes on the Gold Rush briefcase. You know, to prevent anyone else from winning the briefcase and cashing in on Danny Boy while he's the World Heavyweight Champion. We will do whatever it takes to get a chance at the World Heavyweight Champion. Including winning the Gold Rush briefcase. While the other two are preoccupied with the Tag Team Championships at the moment, there is one other member of Samoan Tao who would be more than happy to enter the match for Gold Rush briefcase. Makilisi: Me, Malosi, and the co-creator of the current incarnation of the Samoan Tao that stands before you. That's right, I helped the boys created this version of the Samoan Tao. Our goal is to give aspiring talent a platform to showcase their skills, and make a name for themselves. I have to say, they have done a damn good job of doing just that. While the Samoan Tao didn't win the War-Time Rumble, there's still the Gold Rush briefcase. That we can get our hands on. As Everett said, the mission is to keep the briefcase out of everyone else's hands …so they can't cash in on Danny Boy during his reign as World Heavyweight Champion. Once the Gold Rush briefcase is in our hands, we will use it to go after Danny Boy and the World Heavyweight Championship. We'll hand the briefcase to Danny, and take the Title from him. One way or another, the World Heavyweight Championship is going to come to the Samoan Tao for a long, long time!! Malosi: With the Gold Rush briefcase covered, we still have unfinished business with the UnKnown Fear. They may have won the battle at World War III, but they have not won the war. Not by a long shot! The war will not end, until we have purged the UnKnown Fear out of existence …regardless of if the Samoan Tao does it themselves, or with the help of everyone in that locker room. Your demise is inevitable, UnKnown Fear. It's only a matter of time ... Aloni: The Trios Championships was the first Championship that the Samoan Tao won, winning them in our Big Event debut. At *Bleep*, no less. I remember how myself, Malosi and Makilisi dominated the competition …taking down any challengers that was placed in front of us, whether it was established teams or thrown together teams. During our time as Trios Champions, we picked up another Championship, becoming dual Champions. Mysel and Malosi won the World Tag Team Championships …while Makilisi won the Women’s Championship. We were on quite the roll, until we had the Trios Championships taken away from us. From a Clan, who used a clutch to beat us because in the back on their minds, they knew they couldn't beat us fairly. Since then, we watched the Trios Championships slowly become irrelevant, meaningless. Now, it's time for us to reclaim the Trios Championships. This time, will be different. We are the ones, who can make the Trios Championships relevant again. We are the ones, who can make the Trios Championships mean something again. Unfortunately for DarkFireStarr, your reign must come to an end at the hands of the Samoan Tao. Think of it, as a sacrifice for the greater good. Enjoy your time as Trios Champions, while you can …because when the dust settles, we will be ones holding up the Trios Championships high above our heads. Believe that!! *All of them smirk, as Aloni lays the camcorder on the ground, the screen tilted at an angle. Boots and shoes could be seen leaving the place, silence filling the air. A few seconds later, static appears on the screen before fading to black* **Part Two** ~Modern Day~ *Malosi smirks, as him and the rest of the Samoan Tao watched what Vin had to say in response to what he had said earlier in the week. Malosi then starts laughing, shaking his head in disbelief* Malosi: Alright, get the camcorder ready and let's record my response to what this fool said. *The camera man nodded his head, grabbing the camcorder out of his bag. Then stands a few feet of Malosi. He sits up straight, adjusting his jacket slightly and nods at the camera, signaling for him to start recording* Malosi: Does me getting a chance in this tournament, bothers you that much? If so, then perhaps I should start throwing all matches and get handed even more chances, just to drive you mad. Drive you insane, to the point where you just give up the chance at a Championship …or lay down on the mat so I pin you …One-Two-Three! This is what being the Champion means. Dealing with challengers, even if it the same one over and over. If you can't handle it, or get mad about one person constantly challenging for a Championship …then I was right about you all along. You are not deserving of being a Championship. You are not worthy, of representing this company as a Champion. No matter how many times you shake me off, I will continue to come back and attempt to take a Championship from your grasp. You will never get rid of me. I will be your constant nightmare, to your Championship dreams. This will not end, until I become a Champion. As I said before, accept your fate. Accept your impending demise at the hands of The Samoan Wrecking Ball! There's no stopping destiny, no matter how hard you try. Defy fate all you want, but sooner or later …the prophecy will come to fruition. *The smirk on Malosi's face widens slightly, pausing for a few seconds before he starts speaking again* Malosi: Referencing my old tweet, you piece of shyte? Lei Gaspi. Someone acknowledges the past, instead of pretending it didn't happen. Like how Vin, tries to forget that he was beaten once already …when he tried to retain the Championship from the “boogie man”. Yes, I had doubts. Yes, I was questioning his next move. He’s human, not a machine. It's funny how he's getting mad at me, and trying to attack me for this and that. I had a momentary lapse of judgment, and tweeted that while feeling a lot of emotions in my mind. Should I have tweeted that? Probably not. Probably should have kept it to myself. What's more surprising, is that you actually saw that tweet …considering how inactive he has been on Twitter, since making his account. I'm in the same boat, as well …but I digress. I don't expect pity from anybody. Not you, not the masses, and not management. No one. It seemed like, what I said when over you two's faces. Not surprising, since you hardly have any brain cells in that hollow noggin of yours. I will repeat what I said, and you can try to comprehend what I say this time. If I want a Championship match, I want to do it the right way …not the easy way. I want to earn my Championship matches. I want to pick apart, whoever stands in my way of a potential Championship match. I want to embarrass, and humiliate my opponents in front of the whole world. I want my opponents to think, that they are lesser than me. I want them, to think that they aren't on my level. I want them, to think that they will never be good enough to challenge for a Championship. All those things, plus many more should be circulating through their minds …as they stare up at the lights, while I have my hand raised in victory. I think, that might be too much for your brains to handle …because I said a lot of big words there. *Everyone starts laughing at what Malosi said. He stops laughing, his expression turning serious as he resumes speaking* Malosi: Say whatever you want, it doesn't matter to me. I don’t give a shyte about your or anyone's perception of me. If they don't like me, then so be it. I'm not here to gain the approval of everyone. I'm here to be the best I can be. I'm here to accomplish, as many things as I can …before I decide to hang my boots up. Continue to doubt me. Continue to say, or think whatever you want about me. It's going to be, no laughing matter …when you meet your downfall at my hands. It's not to feel so good, when you lose to me. The time for talking is over. It's time for our actions to speak for them ourselves. It’s just, that I'm going to enjoy every second of kicking your ass …all while your piece of candy, helpless watches from the sidelines. I'm going to punch and kick your teeth down your throat. I'm going to gouge out your eyeballs. I'm going to break every bone in your body. I'm going to leave you laying in puddle of your own blood. Once I'm done with you, I’ll leave you for my crew to finish you off …and they will put you out of your misery, so the wrestling world will never have to see Vin Halsted again. One less cretin, to worry about. What happens to you during this encounter is on you, Vin. You brought this dark side, that I kept locked up inside of me for so long out …and you're going to regret ever doing so. Your judgment awaits you. Tick tock, Vin …Tick tock!! *Malosi begins to laugh manically, as if he has already slipped into his darker emotions. After a few seconds, the expression on his face changes into a more serious one and he mouths the word. "Run." He motions for Makilisi to stop recording, and she does so. Then sets the camcorder to the side* Malosi: Whew! Hopefully, he gets that through his thick skull of his. I'm going to relish every ounce of punishment, I inflict on him ... *Makilisi places her hand on top of Malosi's, and looks up at him* Makilisi: I think, we are all looking forward to that. *Everyone nods their heads in agreement, as Makilisi speaks again* Makilisi: Now, go out there and beat him within an inch of his life. Take the Asylum Championship opportunity from him, and make him wish he never opened his mouth a second time. Aloni: Just remember, that we all will be supporting you. Regardless of where we are, we're going to guarantee …that you will be the one walking out of this arena, as the winner and moving on towards the Asylum Championship. *Malosi is all fired up, anxiously waiting for his upcoming tournament match, where he's looking forward to shutting The Enforcer up and putting him in his place. All while, he inflicts as much pain as humanly possible. The scene slowly fades to black, as the group starts talking amongst themselves*
  4. Thantos: Next week, we are in East Bethany and the World is at our feet. Suddenly, I have more Instagram followers than Paris and Kim Hilton combined! Reality TV comes at ME, all the time! I got Married on Married at First Site, she became Mrs. Lilith Malai-Myssiah …Stunned the World, and went viral countless times. Now we have all the money in the world, promotion after promotion throwing bags of money at us, and every TV Network in the Universe wants us on their shows. Kaleb called, and we are coming!! *Lilith walks out beside him. Her silk satin purple shirt is unbuttoned, body oiled, and gleaming, what a specimen* Lilith: That’s right AWS! I could have been whatever, I wanted! Not like the rest of you wretches!! *The crowd boos loudly* Thantos: What-ever!! What a waste of time giving them our life story, Lilith! They can’t comprehend, what happens to them day to day, let alone understand the life of the likes of us. Lilith: They were great days, though the college days. Home runs! Strike Outs! Triple Doubles! Mad Orgies!! Thantos: We have world at our feet!! Lilith: Now, it’s in the palm of our hand! Just like this match!! Thantos: Ring the bell, and raise my hand now!! Lilith: First was the self-proclaimed “Ghost Rider” Darrick Kaine and his partner Byker Bytch …then the Apex Championship was the beginning of greater days. Now we have this Napalm Steele guy. Thantos: A self-proclaimed hardcore wrestler, at that!! Lilith: Once a junkie always a junkie. Once a loser … *Lilith ponders her thoughts, the crowd hanging on every word, soaking in Thantos’ and Lilith’s awesomeness* Lilith: Always a loser!! Thantos: Steele! It’s like this punk, in this game! There is a pecking order. There’s the back of the line, and then there is …the best of the best. Lilith: And That’s Us!! Thantos: Napalm Steele, The Pyromaniac! AWS Greats like Sammeal McBane, Summer Bliss, Scotty Paine, and Damion “Genocide” Steele!! *Crowd pops with deafening roar* Thantos: Even Eathan Murphy, for Giah’s Sake!! *The crowd goes wild, as each name is mentioned* Thantos: All of them are, standing just a rung below yours truly!! *The crowd boos loudly again, as he continues* Thantos: Then there is the next level, another rungs below, The Frostbites! The Harlow Micheals, and the Samoan Dynasty! Or The “Fired Right Away” Summer Boys, and yourself!! Lilith: And The Reapers! Yeah, his Fake WIFE, and her Former Partner ….that psycho!! Thantos: Even that Sara “Lil Girl” Frosts, is better than this guy!! Lilith: Oh, Wow!! *Thantos reflects for a few moments, before speaking* Thanatos: There is quite the line up, in front of you. I’m right up there too in front. I could even be up in the top group, if it were not for who they want me to team with. Lilith: Steele! You surround yourself with Mediocrity! You could say, you are Shrouded in it! Thantos: Maybe you could be in the top echelon. Maybe, I mean …you did win a match or two, elsewhere …but then, what did you do after that? *There is a long pause, as Thantos tries to remember* Lilith: He said, don’t bring the family into it …unless you want them to become a target. Thantos: Did he now? I guess, even a broken clock tells the right time …twice a day. *Thantos pauses for a second, before continuing again* Thantos: So you got past your first match …with the wife turning on her partner. A one trick pony, is what I think you are! So, unless your last name is an indication of who you’re related to …you got no chance!! Lilith: Zero! Zip! Nada! Want me to tell you what you really are Steele? You are the Best …of Nothingness!! *The crowd gasps, as he speaks again* Thanatos: Best Of The Rest! You are the top of the bottom, and the Bottom of the top!! *Thantos pauses for a few moments, and then continues again* Thantos: If you are playing a sport, a game, and you are the best player on the team …your team loses. Every, damn time. If you are the worst player on the team, you guys will win most of the contests. That’s where you lie in life, and in wrestling. You get on the box, and rip a great like Brickhouse for being a nutcase. Then the next minute, you’re here on our screens having trances …pfft. Lilith: We are The Book Of Shadows!! Thantos: We take out the Trash, and collect all the Cash! We make Stacks, and break Backs! I am the Ultimate Male Supreme! Every breathing Woman’s Wet Dream! A God Damn, Wrestling Machine!! *"I Don’t Speak Human” by Omina hits and the scene fades, as Thantos and Lilith pose on the ramp-way* **Part Two** ~A Few Days Later~ *Suddenly, the arena is plunged into total darkness and the crowd looks on intently with anticipation. At this point, an ominous "Black Pentacle" symbol appears across the Xtreme-Tron, and accompanied by it is the loud, roaring sound of guitar riffs beginning to kick in across the building's sound system. Mere seconds later, the Xtreme Tron screen abruptly shifts to pure static, and the tension builds as after a flurry of drums kick in, the following words begin to echo throughout the building* ”Deep within the shadows, I'm the hungry wolf you fear But I can see that you're the only evil creature here Before you came we lived in peace but you have brought us death I sing my pain up to the moon, but it's a waste of breath" … *At these very words, BOOM! An overwhelming explosion rocks the arena to its core and in turn, the entire crowd is on its feet with fists raised and deafening screams of approval, as the hell-raising chorus of "I Don’t Speak Human" by Omina cuts onto the PA in full force! At this, the curtain flips back and without any further ado, the sadistically smirking figure of Thantos Myssiah himself steps out and onto the top of the stage! Thereafter, Thantos struts fiercely down the ramp to a chorus of boos from this entire capacity crowd of AWS fans joining us here tonight. Moments later he finally reaches the ring area whereupon climbing inside, the self-proclaimed "Death Stalker" sets off to do his signature salute taunt from every corner of the ring, defiantly raising both his fists and a set of familiar middle fingers to the crowd. Once concluding with these routine taunts of his, he ventures over to the back corner of the ring, and at receiving a mic from the ring announcer below he goes to stand squarely in the middle of the ring, perfectly over the AWS logo imprinted there on the canvas. The "Death Stalker" continues awaiting all the crowd noise over his appearance to subside, and as it does, he steps forward somewhat further toward the nearest set of ropes. A brief instant later, with one arm resting comfortably on the ring ropes Thantos fully raises his microphone with the other then clears his throat in preparation to once again address the entire AWS world, an address in the most major of ways* Thantos: *AHEM* And so it begins ...the final stretch, the final few days' worth of hype and buildup heading into the Asylum Wrestling Society’s first return to Bethany, and hey …by all means, I think it's simple enough to understand now as to why the man you're all looking at right now …is on his way there!! *Thantos glances up to sadistically smirk at the entire crowd, and in response he's greeted with yet another round of decidedly negative boos* Thantos: Hahaha, well first off …I'll continue to be the bigger man here, and turn the other cheek to ignore those boos …to push aside my noticing of your other nonsense. In general, being displayed folks. You see, I'll be doing so since I know all you rotten, good-for-nothing @$$holes are victims of two blatantly unfortunate things as of late. In fact, they're the same two things apparently plaguing my opponent for this Wednesday …if I'm not mistaken. That'd be flat-out jealousy of The Pyromaniac, and foremost just plain ignorance all things considered … *Thantos again briefly stops short to shake his head in obvious disgust at those surrounding him here tonight* Thantos: Yeah every last one of you in the building tonight heard me correctly, a moment ago. I said you're all victims of your own f*cking STUPIDITY these days, as is the moron of a man known as Napalm Steele to be frank about it! And what makes things even worse is, that this baby boy …is an egomaniac, that continues to spread the vile disease known as stupidity. He goes right on verbally filling the AWS world full of crap …when in reality, what he needs to be doing is preparing not mentally or verbally, but physically for what's to come for him on Wednesday at the Madness Show. However, even in the midst of what otherwise was an absolutely dreadful backstage speech to have to sit through, I managed to overhear at least a few select things from Mr. Steele that I'd like to address in more detail at this time …if I may. So, if you aren’t already doing so Steele …then listen up, and listen good since unlike you and so many others sadly employed for this company …I won't repeat what I'm about to say for a billion times …in order to get my basic enough point made. *Just then, Thantos motions for the nearest cameraman to get completely in the ring, and after this request is fulfilled. “The Death Stalker" gets right up into the lens of the camera, for the full effect of what's he about to say* Thantos: Now Steele, I don't know where in Giah's name you get off thinking you're every bit as big and bad as you repeatedly make yourself out to be lately. Not a bit, in reality, Steele …all you're coming across as to me is a bitter, spiteful bastard …who's taken one too many chair shots to the ole' cranium, and doesn't know when to quit running the proverbial "yapper" while still the least bit ahead in any way. Really Steele, I thought last month's hideously one-sided beat-down of your @$$ would have been sufficient evidence …as to why everyone’s STILL smarter, STILL stronger …and STILL more capable all around for an AWS competitor, than you'll ever be. But alas, instead all it seems to have proven, is that you know how to run your mouth like a pompous prick. When in the safety of your little backstage locker room from yours truly, just not when you must face me head-on inside THIS AWS ring like a mature adult … *Thanots pauses, to let his words sink in. He smirks, as he looks dead into the camera, before speaking again* Thantos: I mean, come on Steele …you may be able to fool the idiots here tonight, into buying into your mindless drivel about me. But, on the day you fool me into doing so …is the same day, your future home come Wednesday freezes over …Hades, that is if you're still competent enough to be following my "drift" at this point. Honestly Steele, you can say whatever you'd like about how you think my past few years in wrestling have been a "failure" or a "fraud" …or whatever else may pop into your thick skull in the heat of the moment, but in truth …in Reality Steele, you know that even after you pulled out that disgraceful victory over whoever they gave you in your “contract” match …to advance to this point? I WILL go on to achieve many more things on my way to add to my collective legacy over the years. Steele, you say I only use the term "legend" for gimmick purposes but as far as I'm concerned …it's YOU the glorified stuntman, who may be using the term for such purposes …when it comes right down to it. Particularly, Steele …we differ, because while I went on to achieve my greatest dream and finally got a decent contract offer …you choked up your chance to that chump *Bleep* less than a month after you won a match, and from there after …you lost to THAT same person …in the first place. You went straight back downhill, you returned to your natural habitat of the lowly life. Until eventually, you managed to pull the same bullshyte over in the “other company” as you did to me, the first time around by using dirty tactics learned from that putrid hardcore division to get your grubby little paws back on top-notch gold …didn’t work, did it?? *Thantos pauses again, as he keeps his eyes locked on the camera* Thantos: And now, after making such a pitiful joke of yourself over the years …you expect to be taken seriously by me, you expect your words and accusations about ME to actually intimidate me the slightest bit …after all you've done to YOURSELF to show you're nothing, but a crazed daredevil from the worthless despicable Deathmatch ranks of AWS? Steele, day by day now you're doing nothing but making me sicker, and sicker to my stomach over the hypocritical bullshyte you're hellbent on spewing out. You're making me so sick in fact, that come this Wednesday …I've decided it's in the best interest of professional wrestling, to exterminate what's left of your dignity. Forevermore, and no matter what the cost of that is …I'm certainly willing to pay it. You see Steele, the reason I excepted your challenged last week …was to be clean, strictly one on one affair for Madness is that I felt ….dare I say it, a slight bit of sympathy for you after how badly you'd already been embarrassed and disfigured at my hands as it is on the 12th of June. But Hades, even after I try to show some f*cking remorse to you by giving you the easier challenge for the broken-down body you carry around …you do nothing, but toss it straight back in my face. Pfft, you actually think you're impressing these fans, and you with your over-sized ego seem pleased to be "showing off" with this latest “No Disqualification” stipulation that's been put on the table. Yet, in something called REALITY all you're doing is digging an even deeper grave to be buried in, soon enough …when I get my hands on that scrawny little neck of yours, a neck I'll soon have a firm grip on with nothing less in mind than strangling it non-stop until you cease to breathe any longer, until those gums of yours, are no longer able to flap the way they have thus far … *Just then, a maniacal grin crosses the face of Thantos in the midst of what he's saying. His expression shift from that of a serious nature, to one of sadistic satisfaction towards what he's saying here tonight* Thantos: But nonetheless, I said that no matter the cost …I'm willing to sacrifice it all, in order to rid this business of you for good. So, that's exactly the motto I intend to stick to all the way, when it comes to taking it to the "Xtreme" as you've so brashly chosen to call me out on. Steele, all these fans all around me may not cheer me much anymore for my actions …but you can bet your @$$, they'll be cheering even if only for a moment …when they hear the two words coming out of my mouth, in regards to making our match for Madness being under No DQ rules ...and those would be, “Any Time”!! *And sure enough, the entire audience temporarily goes nuts for Thantos' acceptance of the likely final stipulation to be added on to an already epic clash between himself and the new kid on the block for this Wednesday on the next Madness* Thantos: Just remember though, that after I show you up and make a fool of your @$$ for the second time in a year …after I've obliterated you in your own more Xtreme environment, that it was not me but YOU who brought this on yourself. I was always the one, who wanted to do things the more professional way by settling our differences in the squared circle. But you were the one, who's chosen to kick things up a notch …by bringing this "anything goes" set of conditions, into the overall equation for Madness. So, in closing for the time being …I leave you with this parting message, that even if nothing else will sink into your head to a certain degree ...Steele, the truth that I always have been and always will be the better man among us …no matter what the circumstances are. It's out there, and Wednesday at AWS's latest celebration of its new show …there indeed won't be much to celebrate, once I've introduced you to the truth up close, and personal for the final time. Furthermore, after I've extinguished what's left of your tragically useless career …even if it's the last thing I do, I'll make sure you learn firsthand JUST how much that same truth can hurt for an overconfident ass-wipe like you …who's in WAY over their head. *Thereafter Thantos tosses aside the mic, as "I Don’t Speak Human" by Omina starts back up on the PA. He rolls out of the ring with a determined, fiercely focused, and intense look like never before smeared directly across his face. As Thantos finishes exiting up the ramp, and finally disappears through the curtain. We experience a black out*
  5. {Byker Bytch is dressed in a black leather jacket, over her black long-sleeve “Reapers” t-shirt, with the a hoodie over her face. A pair of blue jeans, ads she stands in the middle of The Slaughterhouse Gym’s ring. To the side of Byker Bytch is a tanned man with long black hair, wearing black pants that was rechristened as The Ghost Rider. Byker Bytch is wearing the newly renamed Goddess Championship over the right shoulder of her open jacket revealing a “reaper’s Skull” t-shirt. Darrick’s wearing a matching shirt. He stares into the camera from behind Byker Bytch, with his arms folded over his massive chest} Darrick: Summer Bliss, she was in my dream last night …cutting a promo after winning her Championship match. Man, it f*cking hit me when I woke up. CC: Really? Even when you first wake up?? Darrick: Yes. Even, when I first wake up. {Cage Eames walks into the seen, from the right side. He looks at Byker Bytch, and then over to Darrick before speaking} Cage: Am I in the Matrix, or something? Could someone slap me, and wake me back up? Am I beefing with anyone, right now? And they’re so obsessed with Byker, that they won't EVER let the beef go. Summer, you're not a wrestler …you're a street worker. You're a pussycat, suffering-succotash!! {Darrick winks at the camera, before Byker Bytch speaks again} CC: You couldn’t hack it! You had to get someone else to do your dirty work. Pathetic, really. I’m so f*cking sick of trying to do the right thing …and getting called selfish for it. Unbelievable, it doesn't f*cking work. What did, I do? I'm going to try it one more time, one last time. If I spent my entire career waiting for things to happen, nothing would ever be accomplished. It’s high time, I take what I want. F*ck your feelings, I will do what I want!! Darrick: On the hunt ...We’re going to separate the weak from the strong, The Wolf from the prey. We will, and Byker will win …because she need to work her way back up the ladder. She’ll do whatever it takes, and I’m sorry …that means, this time you lose, Summer. CC: You poor dumb animal ...you’re so blind to what’s in front of you. When you outlast your usefulness, The Bytch is going to throw you away ...don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because, I am The Most Dominate Bytch in professional wrestling. What?? I’m beyond anything else is a Warrior! A warrior, is putting it lightly ...A blood hungry pit bull, and when the leash gets loose? I’m coming for your throat. You don't have the guts to be vicious. So, move along puppy ‘cause this is the big dog's yard …and no one is taking it, from me!! Darrick: We get cheated out of our Tag Team Championship opportunity, and now we have to face lesser talent …to earn the right, to compete for the Same Tag Team Championships? HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY KIND OF SENSE?? Nothing makes sense anymore, not even close!! CC: Throw me a bone. Give me ...something. Byker & Darrick: Wrestlers want to battle us, NO F*CKING WAY!! Darrick: You have the jaw dropping skill of Byker, the hulk-ish brawn of myself, and the feral unpredictability of The Hooligans all packaged. Before long, we were putting on stellar matches, winning Championships, and being effectively pushed going toe to toe with the likes of The House of Paine, and The Daughters Of Darkness. And we did it all, without a designated leader… or established star in their ranks. The lasting impact of The Reapers, MC is still felt to this day …mainly, because of the way it launched the main event careers of this group. CC: I mean, I sort of already was. Your leader has a mean grip. Here’s the thing about me, I don’t back down. So, take me out in numbers …because it’s the only way, you MAY succeed. Full of the toughest, and greatest bastards …that'll ever walk the Earth, but just know …that I'm in this, and there's a good f*cking reason, I'm here. Doesn't matter if you're tip top, results end the same. Darrick: There isn’t ever been a question, about that …isn’t a damn one of them, better than MY Champion. I don't have any family, but I'm more of a Brother to you. I have “family” that aren’t blood related with one of them being a former Tag Team Champion in another company. {Darrick looks over to Byker, and then speaks again} Darrick: You have one? I didn't know your son was a demon?? Byker: My son is a perfect angel …who never does anything wrong. Except, hang around his Father too much. Darrick: I know. Being a better person, and making up for past shyte is hard as f*ck …there are definitely going to be times, like tonight …when you f*ck up. The important thing is, that you recognize that you f*cked up, and you work to make sure you don't do it again. CC: Summer, and the rest of these bimbos are going to get theirs. We're going to find out, just who ...the best woman is!! Cage: We're not perfect, far from it. But what we are doing is trying to do the right thing. Darrick: Groups that must cheat, to make themselves be relevant and try to be Champions. Tonight, Byker will show the world …that we are the best group in this company. {Darrick looks over to Byker, and speaks again} Darrick: Not to be the that guy …but you have been pretty miserable, and depressed lately. Doesn't attract much positivity. However, it's understandable. {Byker looks over to Darrick, as she speaks} CC: Understandable …I thought, I had a nemesis. I thought, I had somebody who understood me. I thought, I'd finally found somebody who cared about what they did. I believed in you, Summer, and here you are just like all the scum …that I've ever worked with. You’re just another bitch, who thinks they’re better than me. No, seriously. What? What is everyone's problem with me recently?? Cage: Hey, as long as you are reasonable ….and don't make a public spectacle of yourself, then there shouldn't be a problem!! Darrick: It's just business, right? Another day in the office, we deserve the best. The only reason, we aren't on top …is because they cheated us!! Cage: I don't really think, that's anyone's business. CC: What Summer does, is her business. And until it affects us …no one ever stops, and simply asks why I'm so miserable. Funny, how that works. I'm hurting myself, aren't I ...?? Darrick: Watching, and waiting. Hades, I'm even tempted to be at ringside to see you beat Summer …after they cheated us, probably because they know we can beat the other team. {Darrick looks over at Cage, as he speaks} Cage: Instead of excuses, why don’t you see where you fell short. Examine where you went wrong, and improve on it? CC: What excuse?? It's what happened …I take it. Good to know I have fair, objective teammates and representation. Much less, cold. We may not be on the best of terms, but only say the word …and it'll be time to gear up. {Darrick gestures to Byker with his thumb} Darrick: Obviously yes! I would take a bullet for that woman. And she’s my best friend. I have like four of them, none of them ever say they’re my best friend back …but that’s ok, not that it kills me softly inside. CC: Summer, you got two challengers lined up, and possibly a third …depending on what managment does. And Kaleb will confuse them, and give someone other than me a headache for once. We got cheated out of the Tag Team Championship shot, it was a bullshyte decision, we’ll take it. Summer ...you’ve been waiting for a chance to kick my ass again, since they allowed you to go over with a HUGE Bullshyte Win. I’ll get some payback for that, but the chance of you beating me a second time …is lower than the chance of The Frenzy family coming back. Now, they are bullying and bossing The Truth to stay silent …so he can do all the work. Darrick: Yeah, you aren't going to be loud and obnoxious like a certain someone to get shyte done. You just got to keep the pace. CC: For all the dumbasses in the back, and under Summer’s desk …that wanted to put the "mouthy" label on me, because I'm confident. Me mouthing off with little to no discrimination. {Byker gestures to Cage, and Darrick as she speaks again} CC: There is a reason, they don't get their hands dirty. I'm that very reason …they don't need to. Let's do this, Payback is a Bytch!! Darrick: Well, good luck to this three dollar hooker. She has her own strengths, and weaknesses …and a few crotch diseases. I personally, can’t wait to see how this plays out. There would be no excuses!! ~Part Two~ CC: Let’s start off, by saying …F*CK SUMMER BLISS!! Everyone else does …big whoop-dee-doo, some are talentless, but you’re worse than that. Honestly to Gods, I think I’m in the best shape of my life right. May the best woman win at Ward, I'm still the Champion that the wrestling world barely noticed. How did you get a match without having no type of talent? You're getting your mic impounded, because I live in a dump of a trailer …while you live in a palace? Kaleb is going to get blamed for this too, isn't he? Never been more disappointed. There’s depth to everything, I say. You spoke less than fifty words in your last interview …so me losing to you, is like you dropping a good porno scene. But of course not, ‘cause I don’t like your bimbo type. You must be too busy spending time with “royalty” to cut a actual promo. You’re a f*cking hussy, and a complete loser. If you have a problem with me, the equation is The Reapers equals great …you do not compute, and your promos are better on mute. The next generation of wrestlers, who level up don't need to be better …in order to last in this space, you're the reason part timers like Bram have it so hard. I'm not superstitious, I'm spiritual …I'm not religious, I pray to The Gods every time I murder a chick like you. I get on my knees, and I pray for forgiveness. This is my time, I'm the Goddess Champion …because I can think of many better ways to rip off your head, and shyte down your skinny neck!! Stop it, all you do is cut short, and pointless promos. That nobody wants to hear, while looking tall in a group of women. Oh my Gods …Shut The F*ck Up!! Cage: Yes! Please, shut him up for me!! CC: I'll do me, and you do you …but tell the world how you've been using the "System" just to get you through. If you want to use your actual lack of talent, and fight me. You fucker, can bow down. Not another young blowhard, who still thinks she has all the answers. You really suck …for $9, I hear. Everyone around you, sucks, but I'm not being weighed down by management …because I do, what I want to. I’m free of the dead weight, free of the egotism, and ambiguity that were clouding our way. I’m free of senseless stable wars, we never asked for …nor cared about. I can now focus on my goals. The change we promised. is about to come. Justice, Integrity, Respect. It’s a new dawn for AWS. We are more alike, than you want to admit. Our main difference is, that I am honest about who and what I am. You can belittle, and mock me all you want. I'll just nod and agree. Because, why should I deny facts. Facts are Facts. Cage: You want to be us so much, it’s pathetic. Darrick: If you believe, you can beat Byker …you must be some kind of strung out …if you really believe that. You couldn’t get a move on her, if sh was standing still. You can't deny it, promise me …that you'll admit, she's the better woman, I’m going to hold you to that. I’ve been promised, that before. But, your pimp hasn’t paid you yet. We’ll see if you can measure up. F*ck Summer Bliss, and everyone that supports her!! {The Reapers, MC members; Byker Bytch, Darrick Kaine, and Cage Eames leave the ring apron of The Slaughterhouse Gym as the opening lyrics of "This Life” by Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers plays over The Slaughterhouse Gym PA system, as the scene fades to black}
  6. *Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. The home of “The Rock Hard Samoan” Everett Aloni and Makalisi Loto. The scene opens inside the living room of their house, the couple sitting on their velvet red fabric couch. Makalisi is more casual in her attire, wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt, grey sweats, fuzzy slippers, and her black hair with purple highlights up in a messy ponytail. Aloni is a bit more formal in his attire, a red collared shirt, black formal jacket, Nike's white and black shoes, and his black hair up in a ponytail with the sweatshirt draped over his shoulder. The two waved at the camera. They smile, and then Aloni begins to speak* ~:~Aloni~:~ That was quite the thrilling main event, huh? The fearless leader of The Unknown, and or The Purge, or whatever the Hades, they call themselves now …taking on former World Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Vegas with his trusty piece of Candy at ringside. I was on the edge of my seat, throughout the whole match! I sat there in bated breath, wondering if my match against the Leader would remain a one-on-one encounter …or will Johnny boy be thrown into the mix, making it a Triple Threat. In the end, the Leader prevailed, defeating Johnny boy and denying him entry into our match. Good for you, guy. Keeping Johnny out of the match. This is between me and you. We don't need Johnny boy mucking things up with his presence. I can settle things with Johnny another time. Since Johnny isn't going to be involved in this clash, you can't make any excuses when I beat you and finally kill this rivalry. No blaming Johnny. The only person you can blame is yourself. Maybe even your group, if they mess things up for you. I'm sure you all were wondering where I was during the main event. I was advertised to be this Special Guest: Enforcer …yet I was nowhere to be seen. Guess you could say that I ...no showed. Hehe. I figured why waste the time, and energy to come all the way here …I can stay home with my girlfriend, the most beautiful woman in the world …and spend the day watching Disney Plus, I didn't want Johnny boy or the fearless Leader complaining about how I played a factor in their match. So, think of it as me invoking a rare day off. I'm The Rock Hard Samoan. I'll do what I want!! *Aloni shrugs his shoulders, a slight grin on his face. Since he is a Three-Time World Heavyweight Champion. He thinks, he can do whatever he wants. Though this mindset, might rub people the wrong way, including the bossman. To him, he's living the Champion's life, and wants to enjoy every second of it while he can* ~:~Aloni~:~ I bet it sucks to be you right now, Cage . On top of the world, friends hanging on your arm, and all that Championship draped over your shoulder. It must have felt nice, to feel important. To feel ...relevant. You were living quite the dream ...until the walls came crashing down around you, and your dreams turned into a nightmare. You got too comfortable. You let the Combat Championship get to your head. Someone had to knock you off your pedestal, and bring you back to reality. The light that was shining down on you dimmed out …and you're left in a sea of darkness. The spotlight gone. Your fifteen minutes of fame is over. Your dreams have been crushed. Now, you’re left with a feeling of nothingness. A void in your chest. I want you to feel, what I felt when I was chasing the World Heavyweight Championship for so long. Despair, Anger, and Frustration. Seeing all these people becoming World Heavyweight Champion before you …thinking that, it should be you in that position. When you, and your piece of candy started throwing tantrums following the loss …and lashed out at everyone. I knew that, you needed a reality check. That's exactly what the Leader did, when he beat you in another promotion. You are not owed anything. You are not entitled to a "rematch clause". You and practically everyone else use this supposed "rematch clause" as a tool to jump in front of the line. When I lost the what was named the Assault Championship, back then. I didn't use the rematch clause …cause it was trash! When Matthews and I lost the World Tag Team Championships, we didn't use the rematch clause. When Scotty lost the Horror-Core Championship, he didn't use the rematch clause. When Matthews, Nikita, and I lost the Trios Championships …we didn't the rematch clause. We were willing to scratch, and claw our way up the mountain again. That's what makes us stand out from the rest. While everyone else takes the easy way out, we will fight our way back into the title picture …taking down anyone, who stands in our way. The way you've been acting after losing a match to someone you dubbed a "Choke Artist" …only cemented, what I've been saying. You were not worthy of being the Kore Heavyweight Championship. You were not deserving of representing this company as the top Champion. You call yourself "The Last Real Man" but you're not acting like a man. You're acting like a damn child! All because, you're not getting what you think is owed to you almost immediately. I'm more of a man than you are, boys. Unlike you, I can handle a loss. I don't whine or complain about losing to someone or losing a Championship. I get back up, dust myself over, and keep moving forward …motivated to do better. Maybe I should start calling myself "The Man Without Fear." *He chuckles* Like I said Cage, I'm going to make you play a long, drawn out waiting game. Until you either crack, and walk off into the sunset or you straightened up your act and show me why you should receive a shot at THE Kore Heavyweight Championship. While the image of me holding the Championship eats away at you, and drives you mad …I'll be taking down all challengers, who step up to me and proving why I'll be a better Champion than you. Have fun waiting in the back of the line, former Champion. Cage, I'll see you at Assault. Goodbye, and Good Riddance!! * ”Warrior‘s Song" {Hardcore} by Warrior Project begins playing in the background, then Aloni and Loto start pointing finger guns at the camera. The two pretend to shoot their finger guns. Aloni mouthing the word, "Bang". The two have sly smiles on their faces, as they start waving bye at the camera. The scene slowly fading to black* **Part Two** ~The End is Near~ *It was evening time, the sun not quite setting yet. The scene opens in a random forest in Hawaii. The rest of The Iron Fist met up with Aloni and Makilisi here, so they can shoot Aloni's promo for his upcoming match against Cage Eames. An opened wooden casket, that's on a stand could be seen behind Aloni. Inside the casket, were pictures of his opponent. The pictures being in a frame, with a stand. The camera quickly zooms in on the pictures, showing each member briefly then pans back with The Iron Fist. Aloni is within a few feet in front of the casket. Makilisi standing beside him. The other members of The Iron Fist standing on both sides of the casket. Aloni runs a hand over the casket, before he begins speaking* ~:~Aloni~:~ The Kore Heavyweight Championship …the prize, I've been chasing after for so long …is finally within my grasp. Even though it took a while, for this reality to come to fruition. But I will accomplish, what I said I was going to do. Becoming the Kore Heavyweight Champion. My destiny will be achieved. The prophecy will be fulfilled. I stand before you, as the next reigning and defending Champion, and it will feel so damn good. With the Kore Heavyweight Championship in my hands, it will be saved from becoming meaningless. You're welcome …Next. As your Champion, I shall defend you to the best of my abilities, and against all challengers. As your Champion, I promise to make you the most prestigious Championship in The Wrestling Industry! Which it should of been along. The icing on the cake of this momentous occasion, is when at the next Assault …Nakita, Chris, and “Ironhead” Jackson will accompany me, and watch me beat this guy down. Thus, heading towards the very Championship that started my rise in AXW. The very Championship, that put me on the map as a force to be reckoned with. The very Championships, I made meaningful …and relevant during my reign. All that's left is for Ghost, who just recently signed a contract to become a full-time member of the roster …to win a Championship, and every member will be holding Championship gold. When that happens, the prophecy will be fulfilled once again, and The Iron Fist will rule over AWS, as the most dominant faction of all time. Once that reality comes to fruition, there will be no denying that WE are the best stable of all time. Reapers, MC, and Book Of Shadows. Cherish your time, while you can …because after Assault. You will go after us, and that’s just not smart. Or maybe, we can keep teaming up and chase after the World Tag Team Championships? The choice is up to him. In the meantime, I have people I need to address ….so, let's get started. Cage, you're up first. *Aloni pauses for a few seconds, adjusting his black BDUs, before he resumes speaking* ~:~Aloni~:~ How unfortunate, that you lost the Championship. I was really looking forward to taking, that Title from you and adding it to my collection …making one step closer to winning every Championship possible in the Wrestling World. Congratulations are for the future Champion, whatever his name is. Bravo, Stranger, Bravo. You deserve a round of applause. *The Iron Fist clap for a few seconds* Good for you. Knocking Abrom off his pedestal, and taking the one thing he values most. Just like Bram, and his Triple Crown Championship …you got too comfortable with the Championship, Dode. You let the Championship get to your head. Something that seems to happen to everyone that holds a Championship. The Championship made you have delusions of grandeur. It made you believe, that you could become a dual Champion. It's laughable, to think you could beat anyone for Any Championship. You may not be the Champion now, but I still want a match against you. There only can be one "Best in the World" around these parts, and it's going to be me. I view you as a phony. An impostor. A pretender. A wannabe. You can go ahead, and keep calling yourself the "Champion" …while you can. When the time comes for us to meet in the middle of the ring, and I will beat you …I want you to recognize me as the one, and only "Rock Hard Samoan". Until then, continue your desperate attempts at staying relevant, and trying to reclaim the Championship. Your downfall at my hands is inevitable, the Champ. It's only a matter of time. Cage, enjoy your time as whatever do, and you can scrape up. Cherish every moment of it. Make the most of your reign. You will never know, when The Rock Hard Samoan will come for that Championship, and bring it back to our side. *A slight smirk appears on Aloni's face, who couldn't wait to get his hands on Cage. For now, he must focus on what lies ahead of him and that's getting pass the member of The Hooligans. So, he can make it towards the Kore Heavyweight Champion* ~:~Aloni~:~ Next is, well Cage. The winner of the 2021 Jobber Of The Year Award. I haven't forgotten about you. If I capture the Kore Heavyweight Championship against …whoever they throw in the match? Then, I'll be looking forward to addressing, you once again. And one of the people, who trained you used to be quite the big deal around here. A certain someone, that was here as recently as ...last year. Towards the end of 2023 to be more specific. The Iron Fist may not do anything to you ...yet. But there's still plenty of time between now, and the next big event. It would be a shame, if something happened to you and you were less than one hundred percent heading into that event. The Rock Hard Samoan doesn't make idle threats. I deliver on everything, I say. You better have eyes in the back of your head, Cage. You will never know, when we will strike!! *The smirk on Aloni's face widens, wondering if the mind games are even working. If so, then he hopes that Cage would be on his toes leading up to Assault, constantly looking over their shoulders* ~:~Aloni~:~ Lastly, we have …Cage, slash The Beast of The Bayou …whatever you calling yourselves for the week. He has been the one constant thorn in everyone's side since his arrival. He goes around, spouting the same nonsense week in and week out. Talking about how he's going to save the Championships in this company. Talking about curing this place of a disease, that you made up in your head. We were doing just fine, without you here. There's no disease here, that you speak of. Well, there was no disease until the “saviors” slash whatever got here. So ...you're the disease, a wrestling wannabe. The Rock Hard Samoan along with whoever else wants to help, will cure AWS of you. We are the vaccine. We are the cure for this disease. We will rid this place of the unwanted slash the puke bucket, by exterminating you. You will then fade away, until you're nothing but a faint memory. I see right through you. You have no intention of saving this place. You want to plunge, this place into the darkness …and turn it into a Hades Damnation of a landscape. You want to inject your poison, into the veins of AWS to the point …where nobody can stop you, then pick us off one by one. It seems your plan isn't working so far, is it? Sure, your little group allowed you to become the Tag Team Champions …somewhere else, by defeating a very disappointing unknown team. I expected better from a “legendary team”. All bullshyte hype, and no real substance. However, your team's reign as Champions got cut short by …um, who knows? Bravo, Team Unknown. For taking those Tag Team Championships from those two. Which means, the current Champions …currently have no skills in their possession. The last Champion couldn't keep the Championship. I commend them for holding onto the Championship, for a while. Though, I hear …they're looking for competition. If that's the case, then I got someone right here. *He points to Himself* I'll be more than happy to step up, and challenge anyone for the Championship ...after I win this next match. *He smirks* This Twisted Liberty had numerous opportunities at becoming the Kore Champion, but failed each time. Kudos to former Champions for keeping the old Assault Championship out of others grubby hands. It seems to me, that they’re the weak link of the group, much like how Cage was the weak link of The Hooligans. How does it feel, to let your group down …time and time again? Not so good, huh? I bet it drives the leader mad, knowing how much of a failure you are. You couldn't get the job done, when it counted. Perhaps you're a …"Choke Artist", cracking underneath the pressure. Cracking underneath the monumental task of becoming a Champion, again. Don't worry, you’ll be feeling the same thing after our encounter. Just like how you denied me the chance of taking part in a Championship match. I will deny you the chance of becoming the Kore Heavyweight Champion. Just like your subordinates, you will fail at your task of becoming a Champion. This is a clash between the light, and the dark. Me being the light, and you being the dark. I shall purge the darkness, and usher in the light. I shall be the Guiding Light, that will lead this place to a brighter future. A future without The Hooligans. Nobody will take your group seriously, after I beat you. Nobody will see your group, as a threat after seeing the mainstream failing at becoming the Kore Heavyweight Champion. The tides are slowly turning in our favor, ol' friend. Try all you want to stop the inevitable, but your fate has already been foreseen. Your demise begins at Assault. I will be the catalyst of your downfall. When it's all said and done, everyone will hail me as the New Coming, who saved this place from the likes of you. You're welcome, by the way. Now watch as your dreams of becoming the Kore Heavyweight Champion again, goes up in flames!! *Aloni and Matthew close the lid of the casket. Sgt. Jackson grabs the gas can, pouring gasoline over the top of the casket. Nekita lights up a match and tosses it onto the casket, the casket going up in flames. The Iron Fist circle around the casket, while keeping their distance, smirks on their faces as they watch the flames. The sounds of crackling could be heard, the camera mostly focusing on Aloni* ~:~Aloni~:~ The end is near, ol' friend. Believe that!! *The smirk on Aloni's face widens, as The Iron Fist turn away from the burning casket, and take their leave. Aloni and Makilisi holding hands, their fingers intertwined. Once they are out of sight, the scene slowly fades to black, the only thing that could be heard is the crackling of the fire*
  7. *The lights go black and red strobes circle the arena. The Xtreme Tron flashes “Feel The Paine”. The speakers blast Scotty yelling, “Quoth The Crow, Forevermore!” The opening guitar solo of "Feel The Pain” by Slayer blares through the speakers. The tron shows segments of Scotty hitting his various finishers on opponents. As the first verse starts, Scotty steps out onto the ramp in his usual grunge ring attire. He has on his favorite black leather jacket, and he’s carrying Moppy, his barbed wire wrapped mop. He has on his black and red striped t-shirt. He has on black boots, and grappling gloves. He gives the Feel The Paine sign, that triggers a huge pyrotechnic chain reaction as the chorus hits* “I am the new hell on earth The lord of agony divine Domination, intimidation Lives within these eyes Reign of power Remorseless anarchy I am arrogance in the flesh Unleashed intensity” … *The tron shows in big bold crimson letters "Final Judgment will be passed!". The lights brighten. Scotty walks to the ring, and takes off the jacket, shirt, and shades, and drops the mop. He steps to the center of the ring, and his arms are in a cross-like pose. He then gives the Feel The Paine sign again, which sets off one final pyrotechnic eruption* ~Scotty~ Well I'm sure you all heard the news. That's right, there will be a Horror-Core Rules Match, for my warm-up against the next contender at Synergistic!! *The crowd boos loudly* ~Scotty~ Wait, wait! There's good news, and better news. I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico …now I know if my Hummer is damaged, I'll be able to get something out of it. *The crowd laughs, and snickers at The Hardcore Legend* ~Scotty~ Even better news …you all get to see your one and only Hardcore Legend, lead his Asylum Inmates into a match for the Championship . . . at Synergistic! That's right, live on Network TV…you get to see The Master of Mind Games, go into another Horror-Core Match for my Championship …against the guy, that doesn’t know when he’s been beaten!! *The crowd cheers, and some shake their heads in disbelief* ~Scotty~ It gets better, not only is this a House Show match …but it is also a Deathmatch Championship Match! It has been so long, but I FINALLY get my well-earned and deserved match for my Title …the Title to own all Titles. I'm sure you remember November 2003, PWI. Myself versus Chris Mathews. First, the ref counts me out with a fast count. The match hadn't even been on that long, no finishers, no entertainment. Then the real Paine came. We battled back and forth, and when I was starting to take control . . . the lights go out. Robbing me of my greatest present. The day was ruined. *The crowd boos loudly, once again* ~Scotty~ That is where this Title comes in. You see, I knew I would never get a shot until I proved myself again. Well, both happened. I came into the promotion, lasted the second longest, and had the most wins. I may not have won, but for my first show coming in so early on …and being in such good shape on my exit …it was a true fighter's performance. So, I used that to springboard myself into a Title hunt. I got the invincible answer, that I wanted. I did so well against …Um yeah whoever it was. He was tough and did beat me up a bit, but I was the first person to TRULY push him to his limits …and come so close to losing. Then part two . . . Chris Matthews shows up, and wants to rekindle our feud. He comes out here and just like me, he beats …Um, no one. He survives my moves, but goes on to sign his death warrant. And now it comes down to Management, seeing I have the potential and the talent. Thus, giving me this match with the guy who won't stay down. Which is the reason I am here. To bring up KD Feigel. *The crowd cheers for the name Feigel* ~Scotty~ I will assure you KD. I will defeat you, just like your Daddy …I will come out on top, I will be a Psychopath AND will Still be the Horror-Core Legend. I will walk out with that name’s sake. I have one big advantage. I have fought you before. That makes my style, that much harder to pinpoint. It is one thing to be me, and have fought me 5 times and figured me out. You are coming in blind to this. And you are making one fatal error. No, it isn't the fact that you weren't here. No, it isn't the fact that you are stuck fighting me in a brutal match. It is the fact, that you look past me …like I am not even here, like I am dust in the wind, a blow away win for you. If you have that attitude going into it The Playground …I will beat, you. You won't be ready, and even you won't be able to take me down. You can't underestimate me, and hope to survive. I am beyond that. You need to stop focusing on things after this match …and worry about the here and now! You must get … *Scotty grabs his stuff, and dresses up again. He raises his arms in a cross-like pose, as the chorus of “Feel The Pain” by Slayer hits. The tron flashes clips of Scotty winning matches in all his promotions and raising the Title for each match high. Pyros go off. He walks to the crowd, and totally ignores the fans. He gives the Feel The Paine sign once again, setting more pyros off. He leaps into the crowd. At the exit at the top row, he raises his arms into a cross-like pose again as he exits* ~Scotty’s Voice~ “True, nervous, very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am, but why will say that I am mad?! The disease had sharpened my senses, not destroyed, not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute.” So It Has Been Said, So Shall It Come To Pass -Quoth The Crow, Forevermore!! ~Part Two~ *The scene opens inside a dimly lit hallway. Everything is seen, initially from the viewpoint of the floor. The floor is a grayish white. Tiles are half hanging from the ceiling. The walls appear like they used to be green and white. Several doorways can be seen on either side of the hall, with two steel doors at the end of the hall. A red fog begins to rise. The already dim lights begin to flicker. In between the lights flickering the silhouette of a man in a hooded sweatshirt can barely be seen. With each flicker the man gets closer, and just as it seems he will be upon the camera. The lights turn red, and the silhouette disappears. A voice emerges from behind the camera* ~Man~ In today's society bedlam means anarchy. It signifies all out chaos. But, the term bedlam came into popular use in the thirteenth century. Bethlem Royal Hospital of London, acquired the alias of Bedlam as a play on Bethlem. *Darkness envelops the screen. Light breaks through into a new scene, another hallway. Doors are half open throughout. An exit sign can be seen halfway down. Two foldable hospital wire frame beds can be seen across from each other on the sides of the hallway. Moaning can be heard faintly mixed with crying. The source of both seems ubiquitous. The overhead lights are nowhere to be found but a red luminescence floods the hall. A man in a hooded sweatshirt appears, again. This time he is no silhouette. His figure is clear and his stride purposeful* ~Man~ Apparently I am to face KD Feigel at Assault in the Mennen Sports Arena …in my home state of New Jersey, on May Twenty-Fifth in a Hardcore Rulez match. *The man chuckles, and deeply snickers to himself* ~Man~ I know KD has obtained some accolades, through similar matches. His heart touching reunion with his dear old Dad …and the history of his beloved Dad in hardcore wrestling. *The crying and moaning increase intensity momentarily. Encompassing the hallway, the sound drowns out all else. They die down as he speaks again* ~Man~ You have faced many men. KD, you have beaten and bloodied some of them. Many men have told you, they were not just a man. I will not. I am a man, biologically. I am no monster. I am a vile, despicable excuse of a human being. *The man throws back his hood, revealing who he is* ~Scotty~ The Hardcore Legend is Here … *Scotty motions to those around him* ~Scotty~ ...because this is to me, as your mother's cooking is to you. I spent my preteen into adulthood, knowing only pain and suffering …real Paine. Paine is to me, what pleasure is to most. I learned it and experienced it daily, usually several times a day. *Faces appear in the green luminescence. Reaching behind his head Scotty unclasps his Title belt, and sets it down before lifting his head up to face the camera* ~Scotty~ My wrestling career has itself, been extensive. There have been the titles, the accolades, the Hall of Fame ceremonies …but that is not what I seek now. I'm not going to win because, I need to or because I have to prove I am better. I am going to win, because my blood lust is unquenchable and animalistic. I WANT TO SEE YOU BLEED!! *Pulling back momentarily, the camera refocuses first on the face of Scotty. Then his eyes, and then pulls back to a slightly wider view once more* ~Scotty~ I don't care, if you cry out for mercy, tap out, or get knocked out. All of that is irrelevant to me. I want to behold the Paine and agony in your face. Seeing that … *A smile slithers across Scotty’s face, as he continues* ~Scotty~ ...is to me, what the taste of Paine must be to others. I want your blood, KD. *Scotty’s eyes seem to darken to leave no white in them. His voice deepens. The red luminescence becomes a darker shade, as he speaks again* ~Scotty~ So many in AWS seem to claim wickedness, darkness or some supernatural. None that I have seen yet, truly know the darkness. I will bring that darkness, and you will be the first to experience a darkness beyond anything you have ever known. The darkness, that gave birth to the light. The darkness, that existed before existence, again. You will know Paine, KD. Embrace the darkness or be engulfed by it, for while some nightmares have no faces some are All …Too …REAL!! *The face of Scotty are suddenly nose to lens with the camera, before he vanishes from sight*
  8. *The scene opens to an all-white room, with a wooden floor sprawled. All over the floor, were dozens of broken dolls and doll parts, from single arm pieces to limbless torsos to twisted-off heads, each caved in from a squeezing pinch courtesy of some black nail polished fingers. Among the sea of plastic severed limbs, we hear the incoherent ramblings of a woman, and the camera leads us up to The Jesteress, the returning Dini Sorkin. She lays sideways on a throne-like chair, grinning and clutching a blonde Wolfie in a black dress in her hand. She brings its face to eye-level, while marveling at the Plastic AWS Women's Championship around her waist* Sori: Ho-Hum, I suppose I see the pros to carrying around daddy's credit card in the wrestling world ...Reminds me of someone, I know actually, he-he … *Dini stares at the doll for a few seconds, before suddenly sticking the doll’s head in her mouth without warning, pulls the head off and spits it out like a sunflower seed shell. With an oddly calm smile on her face* Sori: *Sigh* ...Do you know, I absolutely Love about your kind? No matter, how much I get through Playing with you ... * Dini then snaps the doll's left arm off, as she says this. She then produces a plastic bag filled with a bunch more dolls, all still in their packaging, and dumps them on the floor* Sori: They just keep churning you out a dime a dozen, he-he-he-he! Oh, I literally cannot begin to tell you …just how boring, and mundane life would be …without you lovelies around, to remind me that a life full of pain can be a good thing. * Dini then harshly bends the doll backwards, so much that the plastic AWS Women's Championship snaps right off its waist* Sori: When you're the one administering it of course He-he-he ladies! What better way for us to get acquainted, than the greatest stage of them all …Assault! Have you been practicing your Synergistic - sign point, my lovelies? Well, I hope your imagination matches your enthusiasm …because this Assault episode, is as far as the lot of you will be going!! *Dini begins to giggle, a look of confusion slowly grows on her face, as if someone had objected to her* Sori: Hmmm? Does this surprise you? Well, it shouldn’t! You see, while you all were busy marveling at the events at the “cool kids clubs '' Monday Night Ward …Lil' Ol' Dini was in The Asylum, administering the first bite in this division's neck and letting the toxin spread out in seclusion ...I'm afraid this division is now infected, he-he-he ... *Dini leans back in her throne-like chair with a satisfied smile, and grabs handfuls of dolls from her bag. These specific dolls all resembled some of the contestants scheduled to compete* Sori: My, my …we've got ourselves quite the line-up, eh? I see a couple of familiar faces lurking around but I'm more interested in the future of our industry, of course! Vera Eames for example ...Hey, girl I've slugged it out with your big bro a few times in the past. How's the MC treating him, by the way? Oooh, then you have the likes of Summer Bliss and Addison Hepburn …oh my gosh, look at them. So youthful, so nubile. So, I hear the first one plays with her own dick?? *Dini puts on a fake shocked look, and flips off the camera* *It's here, that Dini starts getting lost in the beauty of the brand-new doll in her hands before suddenly twisting its head clean off with a manic grin* Sori: Ripe for the picking! And then ...you have somebody like Vera Eames …oh …oh my, this is embarrassing ... my biggest fear, I'm afraid they don't make dolls like you, my dear!! *Dini cackles maniacally, as she takes all the broken doll parts she had accumulated around her lap and throws them all up in the air. Thus, making it rain plastic severed limbs around her* Sori: Fear not, my robust tart let. This is something to be celebrated, to break free from that mold and be the spore …and bacteria you know you are deep down inside. I really hope, you look all those years of ridicule in your adolescence as a sign …that you were destined to be different for the greater good, as I have. Vera, dear …you and I? We’re born, very different. *Dini picks up some of the doll parts, and flings them into the air once again* Sori: Whereas the majority of these tantalizing, trollops rely on their superficiality for acceptance. We simply thrive on just how much Agony we can spill inside the ring. Don't cower in fear, when you see me decapitate these hollow husks of mascara …and expensive weaves in my grip, oh no …I want you to study and take notes. Understand just what we are capable of when we decide to take what we want ...Then use that knowledge, and Pray it's enough to stop me from making you my final victim!! *Dini had been speaking with a serious tone, but her final message ends with yet another crazed cackle as she grabs the remnants of the mess she made and tosses them all up in the air one last time*
  9. *Wrestling Name* Malosi Aloni *Real Name* Same As Above *Height* 6,0" *Weight* 250lbs *Hometown* Island of Samoa *Picture Base* Solo Sikoa *Alignment* Poppy Heel *Theme Song* “Maori Haka Chanting” by Tāwhirimātea *Entrance* As “Maori Haka Chanting” starts playing, the light shifts to a greenish color, and drums shake the arena. Malosi makes his way out onto the stage, performing a traditional dance. As the music becomes very low, he lets out a primeval grunt and then rushes towards the ring. Once at ringside, he slides into the ring on his stomach and then leaps to his feet. He stands in the middle of the ring, and lets out a vicious war cry* *20 Basic Moves* 1} Jumping Samoan Drop 2} Snap Drop Kick 3} Running Bulldog 4} European Uppercut 5) Leaping Clothesline 6) Axe Kick To The Head 7) Double Arm Chickenwing Lift Rings Of Saturn 9) Code Red Armbar 10) Step-Over Texas Cloverleaf 11) Left-Right Combo 12) Head Lock into Back Breaker 13) Scoop Slam 14) Flatliner 15) Clothesline From Hell 16) Tilt-A-While Back Breaker 17) Snake Eyes Drop 18) Jack Hammer 19) Sidewalk Slam 20) Military Press Slam *Signature Moves* 1} Faa'oao Foliga: Wheelbarrow Bulldog 2} Ua Soli Le-Ua: Swinging Neck Breaker *Finisher(s)* 1} Spikah Samoa: Samoan Spike 2} Feosofi Ie Le-Itu: Jumping Side Kick *Favorite Weapon* Kendo Stick *Favorite Quote* ”Can’t Breath?? Can’t Fight!!” *Bio/Background* Malosi is the younger Brother of Everett
  10. *Main Event* ~Tag Team Match~ Queens Templar Vs. Khaos Twins
  11. *Match Five* ~Mixed Match~ Ace Sky Vs. Sky Scott
  12. *Match Four* ~Mixed Match~ Jamal Payne Vs. Necra Octavian Kane
  13. *Match Three* ~Non-Title Match~ KD Feigel Vs. Scotty Paine
  14. *Match Two* ~Vixens Match~ Dini Sorkin Vs. Vera Eames
  15. *Match One* ~Xtremist Match~ Everett Aloni Vs. Cage Eames
  16. Show Date: May 25th, 2024 @ 5pm PST Location: Mennen Sports Arena -Morris Township, New Jersey RP Limit 1 per Person/2 per Team RP Deadline: 12pm PST, 3pm EST, 8pm UK going into the 25th *Match One* ~Xtremist Match~ Everett Aloni Vs. Cage Eames *Match Two* ~Vixens Match~ Dini Sorkin Vs. Vera Eames *Match Three* ~Non-Title Match~ KD Feigel Vs. Scotty Paine *Match Four* ~Mixed Match~ Jamal Payne Vs. Necra Kane *Match Five* ~Mixed Match~ Ace Sky Vs. Sky Scott *Main Event* ~Tag Team Match~ Queens Templar Vs. Khoas Twins
  17. Show Date: May 3rd, 2024 @ 5pm PST Location: Barclays Center: Brooklyn, New York *Match One* ~None-Title Vixens Match~ Denise De'vil Vs. Mallory Hale Summary: This was sadly as one-sided match. As hard as Denise tried, she just couldn’t keep up with Mallory. She ended it with a big move, and the pin* Winner: Mallory Hale *Match Two* ~Xtremist Match~ KD Feigel Vs. Mike Dimter Summary: After being released several months back, Mike Dimiter stil hadn’t learned his lesson. KD pretty much destroyed him from bell to bell, and ended it quickly* Winner: KD Feigel *Match Three* ~None-Title Match~ Jamal Payne Vs. Bram Connan Summary: This was easily the match of the night. Both men gave a hundred and ten present. They traded moves back and for a while, until Bram caught Jamal in a submission for the win* Winner: Bram Connan *Match Four* ~Xtremist Match~ Cage Eames Vs. Drake Nygma Summary: This was another back-and-forth match. Both showed they really wanted to win, but in the end. Drake go the win* Winner: Drake Nygma *Match Five* ~Vixens Title Match~ Addison Hepburn Vs. Jayne Doe Summary: This was a bad joke by management, as Addison ripped Jayne a new backside and ended it quickly* Winner: And New Vixens Champion …Addison Hepburn!! *Main Event* ~North American Championship~ Silent Assassin Vs. Kordell Graves Summary: This match was decent at first, but quickly turned ugly. Assassin used everything possible to slow down, and eventually beat Kordell* Winner: And Still North American Champion …Silent Assassin!! *Closing Segment* *The scene opens backstage, as we see The Book of Shadows leaving the arena. The camera zooms in on them, as we see KD Feigel, both members of The Daughters of Darkness, the mysterious clocked figure, and …wait, who is that? “Spanky” Evens rushes up out of nowhere, and starts firing off questions* Spanky: ”Spanky” Evens here, from Kore Wrestling …I’m trying to catch up with the members of The Book of Shadows. It appears they might have a new member. Excuse me, can I get a few questions answered?? *The Book of Shadows turns around to look at Spanky, and a few just shrug their shoulders. The clocked figure cuts him off, so he can’t get close to the unknown man. Denise, and Necra stand side by side, as they speak to Spanky* Denise: What do you want, you lil’ twerp?? Spanky: I see you have a new member, I’d like to get a few words with him …if I may?? Necra: No, you may not!! We got things to do, and they have nothing to do with answering your questions. *Spanky tries to see around them, but the clocked figure moves with him. It’s useless, as Spanky now shouts over them* Spanky: Excuse me sir? Can I possibly get a few qords from you?? *There’s no response, until Spanky goes over the line with a unexpected question* Spanky: Whatever happened to James Walker?? *The man turns around, and walks over to the group. It’s The Mystery Man, nothing new right? Yet, suddenly he pulls back his hood to reveal himself ...as Thantos Myssiah* Thantos: Oh, you finally noticed we dropped that coat tail riding bytch!! The guy fallows Sammeal here, cause he thought he could get a free ride to the top …yet, he couldn’t pull his own weight. Then he decides he wants to be our friend …Um, our group is based on respect for one another. Not, what can we get out of this. So, Johnny Come Lately – Tag Along, got sent back to the minor leagues. He was easily replaced, by our enforcer …and soon enough, He will be coming back. *Spanky wasn’t sure how to react, so he stands there for several seconds. Then his brain kicked in, and asked the question that’s on everyone’s mind* Spanky: Ok, well that’s all on you guys …and gals. But, who are you, exactly?? *The members of The Book of Shadows snickers a bit, as Thantos rolls his eyes* Thantos: Who am I?? Where have you been for the last several years?? I am the messenger of Him …I am the one that has brought the reality of your nightmares. I do what he asks, and when he wants it done. I lead my Brothers and Sisters into a better way of life. *Again, Spanky looks confused as he asks his next question* Spanky: So, you’re the leader of The Book of Shadows?? Thantos: No, you fool! I’m the messenger of him …Just another warrior, doing what’s right for our people. Spanky: Him, who is Him?? Thantos: You, and the rest of The Wrestling World will find out …soon enough!! *As soon as Thantos is done speaking, he nods his head. KD and the clocked figure pick Spanky up, and carry him off scene. Thantos turns towards the camera, and speaks one last time* Thantos: For centuries, you’ve tried to overshadow us. You tried over look us, and label us with your slander …it’s time you learned the truth about yourselves, and what we’re really about. Time to carve ruins into your foreheads, and see just how powerful The Book of Shadows really is, or be cast aside like everyone else …see you soon!! *Thantos joins the others, as they climb into their stretch Hummer. The engine starts up, and the vehicle drives out of sight as one last voice rings out*[/i Voice: Do You See, What I See??
  18. Show Date: May 3rd, 2024 @ 5pm PST Location: Barclays Center: Brooklyn, New York *Match One* ~None-Title Vixens Match~ Denise De'vil Vs. Mallory Hale Summary: This was sadly as one-sided match. As hard as Denise tried, she just couldn’t keep up with Mallory. She ended it with a big move, and the pin* Winner: Mallory Hale *Match Two* ~Xtremist Match~ KD Feigel Vs. Mike Dimter Summary: After being released several months back, Mike Dimiter stil hadn’t learned his lesson. KD pretty much destroyed him from bell to bell, and ended it quickly* Winner: KD Feigel *Match Three* ~None-Title Match~ Jamal Payne Vs. Bram Connan Summary: This was easily the match of the night. Both men gave a hundred and ten present. They traded moves back and for a while, until Bram caught Jamal in a submission for the win* Winner: Bram Connan *Match Four* ~Xtremist Match~ Cage Eames Vs. Drake Nygma Summary: This was another back-and-forth match. Both showed they really wanted to win, but in the end. Drake go the win* Winner: Drake Nygma *Match Five* ~Vixens Title Match~ Addison Hepburn Vs. Jayne Doe Summary: This was a bad joke by management, as Addison ripped Jayne a new backside and ended it quickly* Winner: And New Vixens Champion …Addison Hepburn!! *Main Event* ~North American Championship~ Silent Assassin Vs. Kordell Graves Summary: This match was decent at first, but quickly turned ugly. Assassin used everything possible to slow down, and eventually beat Kordell* Winner: And Still North American Champion …Silent Assassin!! *Closing Segment* *The scene opens backstage, as we see The Book of Shadows leaving the arena. The camera zooms in on them, as we see KD Feigel, both members of The Daughters of Darkness, the mysterious clocked figure, and …wait, who is that? “Spanky” Evens rushes up out of nowhere, and starts firing off questions* Spanky: ”Spanky” Evens here, from Kore Wrestling …I’m trying to catch up with the members of The Book of Shadows. It appears they might have a new member. Excuse me, can I get a few questions answered?? *The Book of Shadows turns around to look at Spanky, and a few just shrug their shoulders. The clocked figure cuts him off, so he can’t get close to the unknown man. Denise, and Necra stand side by side, as they speak to Spanky* Denise: What do you want, you lil’ twerp?? Spanky: I see you have a new member, I’d like to get a few words with him …if I may?? Necra: No, you may not!! We got things to do, and they have nothing to do with answering your questions. *Spanky tries to see around them, but the clocked figure moves with him. It’s useless, as Spanky now shouts over them* Spanky: Excuse me sir? Can I possibly get a few qords from you?? *There’s no response, until Spanky goes over the line with a unexpected question* Spanky: Whatever happened to James Walker?? *The man turns around, and walks over to the group. It’s The Mystery Man, nothing new right? Yet, suddenly he pulls back his hood to reveal himself ...as Thantos Myssiah* Thantos: Oh, you finally noticed we dropped that coat tail riding bytch!! The guy fallows Sammeal here, cause he thought he could get a free ride to the top …yet, he couldn’t pull his own weight. Then he decides he wants to be our friend …Um, our group is based on respect for one another. Not, what can we get out of this. So, Johnny Come Lately – Tag Along, got sent back to the minor leagues. He was easily replaced, by our enforcer …and soon enough, He will be coming back. *Spanky wasn’t sure how to react, so he stands there for several seconds. Then his brain kicked in, and asked the question that’s on everyone’s mind* Spanky: Ok, well that’s all on you guys …and gals. But, who are you, exactly?? *The members of The Book of Shadows snickers a bit, as Thantos rolls his eyes* Thantos: Who am I?? Where have you been for the last several years?? I am the messenger of Him …I am the one that has brought the reality of your nightmares. I do what he asks, and when he wants it done. I lead my Brothers and Sisters into a better way of life. *Again, Spanky looks confused as he asks his next question* Spanky: So, you’re the leader of The Book of Shadows?? Thantos: No, you fool! I’m the messenger of him …Just another warrior, doing what’s right for our people. Spanky: Him, who is Him?? Thantos: You, and the rest of The Wrestling World will find out …soon enough!! *As soon as Thantos is done speaking, he nods his head. KD and the clocked figure pick Spanky up, and carry him off scene. Thantos turns towards the camera, and speaks one last time* Thantos: For centuries, you’ve tried to overshadow us. You tried over look us, and label us with your slander …it’s time you learned the truth about yourselves, and what we’re really about. Time to carve ruins into your foreheads, and see just how powerful The Book of Shadows really is, or be cast aside like everyone else …see you soon!! *Thantos joins the others, as they climb into their stretch Hummer. The engine starts up, and the vehicle drives out of sight as one last voice rings out*[/i Voice: Do You See, What I See??
  19. Ring Name: Thantos Myssiah Real Name: Thantos Myssiah Also Known As: The Death Stalker/Harbinger Of Doom Picture Base: Malikai Black Alignment: Heel Hometown: Athens, Greece Height: 6,0" Weight: 225lbs Age: 30 Birthdate: 10/31/1992 Fighting Styles: Technical/High Flyer Similar to Wrestler: Malikai Black Entrance Theme: "I Don't Speak Human" by Omina Entrance Description: *"I Don't Speak Human" by Omina plays over the PA system, as the arena goes dark. Soon after, smog fills the stage and silver pyros go off. Thantos, who is covered by a black smock slowly makes his way out from behind the curtain. He stands in the entranceway for a few moments, and stalks his way toward the ring. The fans erupt in a massive booing, yet he ignores them and continues his way to the side of the ring. He jumps up onto the apron, and then over the top rope. He makes it to the center of the squared circle, and throws his arms in the air. He slowly removes his hooded smock, to reveal his pale tattooed face* Basic Moves: Signature Moves: 1) Beheaded: Spinning Heel Kick 2) Uprising: Springboard Moonsault Finishing Moves: 1) Clutch Of Death: Modified Dragon Sleeper 2) Hades Driver: Diving Cutter Biography: TBA
  20. Assassin: Jōdandesu ka?? Kono marui me wa dono yō ni shite taitoru shotto oh kakutoku shita nodeshou ka? Tsumari, kare wa 90-pāsento no kakuritsu de arawaremasen. Kore mo mata orokana amerikanjōku ni chigainai. Kurikaeshi ni narimasuga, Hokubei chanpion to shite nihonjindansei ga imasu ne. Meiko: Damn it, I forget that was on. Oh well, that is only a distraction from what really matters right now. That is, that AWS is back. That they are holding a North American Title Challenge match. I have been in two of them. In the first one I was in; I didn’t make much of an impact …because I had no idea what I was in for. Then I was eliminated by my then-rival. A man that refuses to die, I guess. Who in Hades knows what he has been up to since AHW closed last time. Who knows what half those assholes in that shit pike, have been up to, I am getting off track though. Then in the second Challenge match, it was a variation of War Games. I won the match to get to the North American World Title match for MYSELF, but do I get any goddamn praise for me being able to go on …Nope. I didn’t get anything from that. I only got cheated out of a win by a jackass named Aloni. Another man that, is on my shyte list. But once more, I am getting sidetracked here. Then I had to feud with a person named Maddox. He is nothing without me. Without me, he would have never made a name for himself. Maddox owes me for making him a Superstar. Just like The Marine, owes me for making his career as well. ~Assassin looks into the camera, with a very disdained look in his eyes. He shifts while sitting on his porch, and he speaks again~ Assassin: Kuso yarō-domo wa itsumo kōtotēru ni noritakatta ndarou? Shōjiki ni iu to, hontōni kanashīdesu. Anata wa kono idaina kuni no hazunanoni, anata wa subete oh nusumimasu. Kono marui me o’shita kuso yarō, hatsumei shita en janai yo gomen'nasa i...Watashitachi ga hatsumei shita nodesu! Rasutosamurai, shiroi samurai wa inakatta!! Meiko: I could have been the best in the wrestling world, but the fans turned their back on me …when I came back from my stay in the mental hospital over the summer. They only sided with me, when they felt bad for me. Otherwise, they hated me, and they still do. They boo me because, they know that I am the best that AWS has to offer. They boo me because, I have beaten your favorites. I have beaten The Hobo King in his own match. I dominated others, until someone won by a fluke for crying out loud. So, what do they do …they still boo me. Do you want my thoughts on the Challenge match, you want my damn opinion on this match? I will tell you what I think of this match. ~Assassin smirks, and shakes his head in disbelief. As much as he wants to hold back, he can’t as he speaks again~ Assassin: Tonikaku, kore made to onaji koto oh suru tsumoridesu. Panchi, kikku, choppu, soshite kono kuso yarō no atama o’kiriotoshite kudasai. Sorenara aitsu no medama oh orībuoiru de agete, hoka no bakana amerikahito ni tabe sasete yarou. AWS oh gozonjidesuka, minasan wa sono jijitsu ni kidzuite imasen ...Watashi wa minasan no koto o’hazukashi garimasen, Mā, osoraku Dragon to Kaitu ... Meiko: You see, there are a few unknowns in this match as I like to call them. There is this man, that I have never heard of in my life. Kordell is one of them. But the bigger they are, the harder they fall you know. Besides, I have beaten my share of tall guys in my time. I have beaten men bigger than you. Ask Darrick Kaine, another newcomer to AWS. Ask him how I gave him his only loss at “The School”. Ask him how his broken leg felt in that match. So don’t play that big men are a lot better than the little guys. We are smarter, and faster than you dumpy idiots. So yeah, shut the Hades up before you even say anything. Your feelings don’t mean anything compared to mine!! ~Assassin gives a fake smile, as he looks into the camera. He chuckles a bit, as he continues~ Assassin: Naze kono baka ni tsuite hanashi tsudzukenakereba naranai no ka wakarimasen. Shikashi, hoka no 2-ri no amerikahito wa wazawaza arawarenakatta yōna ki ga shimasu ...Matte, karera wa arawaremasendeshita! Totemo kanashī kotodesuga, minasan wa dare ga ichiban ka o’shōmei suru tame ni tatakatte imasu ...Soredemo, doryoku shitakunai nodesu. Nante namakemonona nda, buta!! Meiko: Then we have this other men, I know well. Kordell is a man who is like the plague. He doesn’t know the meaning of the word quit, just like me. Otherwise, Kordell is just another name anymore. Sure, he won same oddball man last year award, but that doesn’t mean anything nowadays. So, you know …just crawl to a slow, painful Death will you?? ~Assassin just rolls his eyes, and adjusts upon his porch again. He thinks for a few moments, before speaking again~ Assassin: Zutto …kono kudaranai koto wa kesshite owarimasen. Kare no awarena yakko ga kuso mitaina koto oh iu tsumori wa nai yo! Aruiwa, sonotame ni arawareru koto mo arimasu. Tsumari, meibo no hanbun wa saru no Tama o sui, nokori no hanbun wa hitori no kanemochi no rīdāshippu no shita ni imasu!! Meiko: Then we have Kordell Graves. I somewhat remember him from Ikon Wrestling a year back, but you know? That is all I can seem to remember about him. He was a decent wrestler though. So, I guess he is like a wild card to me. Then we have another man new to AWS. I hate you with all my heart. You stabbed me in the back, you son of a bytch! You took what should have been mine, and hogged it for yourself …you selfish asshole. Then you follow me around like a puppy dog, all over the place. I swear you are really trying to hump my leg. I mean, you know …Graves is a piece of crap, that doesn’t know how to wrestle his way out of a paper bag. He has no shot at winning this match. ~Assassin pauses, as he let his words sink into his opponents’ heads. Hee gowns, as he speaks again~ Assassin: Kakka, dōshite kono orokamono oh zanshu shite owara seru koto ga dekinai nodeshou ka? Wakarimasu, watashi wa hokanohito yori chīsaidesu ...Shikashi, watashi no torēningu wa meibo-jō no darenimo makemasen. Kuso, en Doragon to kaito~unara taihan no Amerika yarō yori mo ī shigotogadekiru ni chigainai!! Meiko: Then we have Kordell Graves. The Face of Nothingness, the former leader of the Void. The man, who thinks he is going to beat all the bodies in the locker room. He thinks he’s the best in AWS, but I think he is wrong about that one. Kordell thinks he’s the person, that is on my level in AWS, but then again …I would kick his ass, in a one on one match. ~Assassin smiles, as he finally steps off his porch. He walks around to the side nearest the camera, and speaks again~ Assassin: Uwa, hanashi tsudzukenakereba narimasen ka? Kuso yarō tte hontōni kon'nani bakanano? Tsumari, kono yarō o’koroshite, sukotti ni yūshitessen de so noroku demonai yatsura oh reipu sa seru tsumoridattatte, mō itta yo. Hoka ni nani o iu hitsuyō ga arimasu ka? Yoshi, watashi mo kare no karada oh funsai shite inu ni tabe sasete yaru!! Meiko: All the rest of the bastards, don’t matter in this company. Like Kordell, isn’t relevant to anything these days. He’s burned out, and his gangly crew doesn’t mean anything either. They are all horrible, and have no shot at beating me. Kind of like, you know …Mr. Graves. That guy doesn’t matter. It’s only a matter of time, before they he loses to me. Losing to The Silent Assassin is like dying. It is a natural part of life. A part that can’t be helped. So, I guess …I will walk into the Challenge Match, and walk out …Still North American Champion. End of story!!
  21. *A loud CLICK is heard, as the camera slowly fades in. We can see the skyline of a small town at dusk, with cars trawling by like ants near the bottom of the screen. Sounds continue in the background, a whirring noise with low static underneath* Voice: This recording is dated is August 25th, 2018. Doctor Samir Choudhury is here with patient number two-seven-two-three-nine, Bram Connan. To note, there are also records of Connan's full name being Damion Steele. Thank you for agreeing to be interviewed, Bram. *More static is heard, as the camera shows a view of children playing with their parents in a park, then moving to people eating at a restaurant with outdoor seating* Bram: Anything I can do to contribute to science, doctor. Doctor: Well again, thank you for cooperating today. Can you maybe start by confirming your real middle name, Damion? *The scene shifts to cars slowly moving through traffic on a two-lane road. There is a checkpoint with a couple of guards who are visibly armed. A sign across the top of the checkpoint welcomes people to New Tork* Bram: What's in a name? That which we call a rose, by any other name would smell just as sweet. Doctor: Shakespeare, Romeo and Juliet. Are you a fan of the Bard, Damion? Bram: …and he replied, saying my name is legion …for we are many. Doctor: That's the Bible. It feels like you're showing off. Bram: Why do you say my name at the end of every sentence or question, Doctor? *The border town on the other side mirrors it’s American cousin. There's still businesses and fast-food places, such as a Jack in the Box. The only differentiator is half the building names are French, and all the road names. In the distance, a large building looms, bright lights shining down like a beacon, a king lording over his manor* Doctor: Because that's your name, and it's a way of showing you respect. Bram: Respect? You respect me then, Doctor? For all my accomplishments no doubt. Doctor: I respect you as a person, Damion. But while we're talking about accomplishments, do you want to talk about why you're here? Bram: You see, when two people have a mutual attraction or are depressed enough … Doctor: Not why you're here on Earth. Why are you here at Riverview?? *Upon a closer look, the building's ground lights show off-white coloring with gray symbols that appear to be the head of a lion. A giant parking lot surrounds the building, and in the front, a brown outcropped part of the building has the word 'CASINO'. People are going in, most likely happier than they'll be when they leave* Bram: You have a file on me, you know why I'm here. It's all there in black ink, and typed letters. Black ink makes it true. I learned that years ago. Doctor: I'm more interested in your side of the story. If you wouldn't mind? *Views inside the casino, past a front desk with the words 'Golden Lion Casino' blazed in bold orange lettering, arcing over that lion head which was now also highlighted with flames. It's loud inside, audibly and visually. The sounds of excitement at winning an inconsequential hand or prize here and there. Machines with blinking lights tell tales of the outrageous fortune that could befall those with a slim chance of luck. But we move past all these distractions, as the screen grows dim and darker and into eventual blackness. We're only in darkness for a fleeting moment, until the camera fades back in. We find ourselves inside of a darkened hotel room, the only lights visible from the street below and the TV, which plays some kind of infomercial. Those flashes from the TV illuminate parts of the room, showing a robe laid out across the king-size bed with the Golden Lion logo. It also flickers on the figure that sits on the floor, in the far corner of the room. His head is down, but slivers of light show enough of his features to recognize that it's Bram Connan. He's dressed in a black T-shirt with a Misfits band logo, and black jeans. Contrasting with the rest of his attire, his feet are in a pair of white slippers, which he no doubt got from the hotel. Still, the voice that rang out was Bram's, but sounded far away, like a whisper* Bram: They wanted to tear me apart. They wanted to take pieces of me home with them. To rip the flesh from my arms, from my shoulders, and from my neck. It's what they do though, isn't it? I should expect that behavior from Vampyres. Doctor: You thought that they were Vampyres? *Bram raises his head to the camera, and now the voice is his own, in the present* Bram: Vampyres exist in the world, albeit different from the books and the movies. Most of the time, you can identify them, but people just keep letting them walk free amongst us. There's probably one or two in your life, at least. You must invite them in, that is something that the lore got right. So, you do so …you invite them into your lives, into your home, with something as simple as a hello. Then comes the taking …they take, and they take, and they take so much more. Vampyres of time, Vampyres of peace of mind. *Suddenly, Bram gets to his feet and kicks his slippers off hard at the wall. It makes a soft thud, an abrupt sound that lived and died in a split second* Bram: World War in Los Angeles. The city of angels became the city of demons, of hellions, as it does most nights. But much more controlled violence took place than the city has seen in the past. The War Time Rumble had nothing on the L.A. Riots of 1992. What a sight that would've been to see. Flames, rising, dancing on the wind. Chaos … *Bram turns to look into the camera, with a focused look upon his face* Bram: When I was younger, someone once told me that I was a classic example of chaotic neutral. I didn't know what they meant at the time, so I stole their backpack and defecated inside. But I think that, I am finally beginning to understand…and I think the War Time Rumble helped me get there. The world learned exactly who Bram Connan was that night. Glory, Caine Marik, Ace Sky, Roxanne, Dan Anderson, Sam Steele and Mark Frenzy …they specifically learned who I was. Age of the Fall, the Frenzy brothers, whatever they call themselves. They all had a shot, they all had the numbers. So why did I emerge the winner?? *Bram wandered off camera for a moment. The camera panned to turn, but seemingly lost sight of him. Until he came from the right, his face a mere inch from the lens* Bram: Because they looked at me, and saw what the rest of the world has seen for twenty-seven years. They saw a little weirdo, a little freak, an unknown *#@*. I know that the last word will get edited out, but it's what the school kids would say to that unknown in which they feared. It was the same thing though in the Rumble Match, wasn't it? I wasn't taken as a serious threat to the big players in that promotion, and they didn't realize who they were dealing with …until it was too late. I got battered, I got bloodied, and yet I smiled, and I laughed. I scratched, and I WON! I WON THE WARTIME RUMBLE! BECAUSE, I AM …THE CELTIC BEAST!! *Bram stares intensely into the camera for just a moment, before backing up and looking off to the side* Bram: And with my victory, The Vampyres come out again. One put me up in this fancy room at border casino, gave me a pile of money and told me to enjoy my winnings. It's only a matter of time, before they want something else. They really think, I belong down there on the floor with the rest of that hopeful society? Like people won't stare? Doesn't matter, I leave this place tomorrow anyway. *All of the sudden, Bram started to chuckle and looked back up towards the camera* Bram: Oh, but if my win didn't ruffle some feathers, hmm? It must have. For on the next Assault, I find myself against Jamal Payne. While the man I beat in our first match, could finds himself as the Number One Contender in a later main event. I am placed in the middle of the card, tucked away nicely, securely, against a guy who is a fourth-generation wrestler. I expect him to bring forth four generations of violence in our match …but I have no doubt, that I will be disappointed. Jamal lasted about thirty seconds in the same match, where I practically lasted the entire contest. You all want me to say something about Jamal, but what is there to say? Want me to say I'll beat him? Want me to say, that I'll take him out with the In For The Kill within seven minutes? I have no trepidation going into this match, but he should. I'll leave you with this, Jamal …if you're watching? *Bram slowly inching closer to the camera* Bram: The hungry sheep look up, and are not fed. But swollen with wind and the rank mist they draw. Rot inwardly and foul contagion spread …besides what the grim wolf with privy paw!! *Bram smiles, as he backs away from the camera. It turns into a wild smirk, as he continues* Bram: On May 3rd, I also get to make a choice. I get to choose my prize, which person I want to compete against at Synergistic. It's my choice. It's my CHOICE. And whenever it's my choice, I choose to annihilate. I'm not asking you other title holders, you golden children of Olympus …to fear me. I'm just a man. But I expect something else, something much darker than fear. I expect dread. Because when I announce my dance partner on May 6th …it's going to be a long, slow, month for all of you!! *The camera abruptly cuts, and the screen is covered in static* ~Part Two~ *The scene opens up outside the Celtic Beast’ locker room, where Bram Connan is seen standing in front of the door. After a few seconds of silence, he begins to speak* Bram: For the longest time, I wanted to come over to AWS. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying my time here. In my second match with the company, I came so close to becoming the Champion. Plus, me and the other members of Steele Industries that's also signed with AWS, have been causing chaos as of late. Attacking fools left and right, letting them know that we're a force to be reckoned with. A group not to take lightly. With that said, I would occasionally bring the possibility of signing with AWS. Hades, I even appeared in the War Time Rumble, for another promotion. Just hoping it would help me get my foot in the door, and get signed to AWS. I know my imminent arrival was constantly teased by the other members of Steele Industries. I think, even the bossman was getting in on the teases. So, I finally got offered a contract, and I immediately signed …without hesitation. At first, I figured I would come here by myself. However, I thought about it, and I came to the decision that I should bring my brother, Kaleb, along as well. I know, he's been wanting to take a crack at this and has grown a little frustrated with having his debut getting pushed back. Especially with what happened with Ikon. I don't blame him. I would be upset too, if I was in his shoes. Now, he gets the chance to show the wrestling world …what he can and who knows, I might even take my first Championships here very soon. *Bram is joined by his brother, Kaleb. Who stands next to him* Steele: I have to thank you, Bram. You and the rest of Steele Industries for giving me the chance to do this thing. I have been itching to show how great Kore Wrestling can be. I wanted to kick some fool's teeth down their throats. I wanted to soar through the air, and come crashing down on any of them chumps. Watching you do your thing in AWS only intensified my desire to step inside the ring. Now that the two of us are here, it didn't take long for the ball to start rolling for us. At Assault, I finally get to make my long-awaited debut, when you take on some dude …who thinks he’s a contender, but we all know that he's nothing more than a joke. Looking past that, you got yourself a Championship match at Synergistic. It doesn't get any bigger than that!! *Bram nods his head, in agreement to what Kaleb said at the end* Bram: That's right, Kaleb! At Synergistic, I have the chance to make history. I could retain the Triple-Crown Championships on the grandest stage of them all. Like I was saying, when I was addressing, Eddie Williams ... Steele: Wait ...Eddie? I thought it was Jamal Payne, with a Y. Bram: That's right ...my bad. Payne with a Y. I don't want the dude to keep getting worked up, all because his name is getting misspelled. Steele: It happens, but I don't see why this guy is getting his underwear all twisted in a knot over that. Shouldn't he be focused on more important things, and not small insignificant things like the spelling of his name? Bram: You figured he would, but he's too worried about getting his name right. This whole name situation might bother him so much, that it costs him the match at Assault. Steele: Then he'll have no one to blame, but himself after he loses probably the biggest opportunity of his short career. All because, he's being worried over trivial things like a name. Bram: His name being spelt with a I, would make it look cooler as the I could stand for something like ...Intelligent and Intensity!! Steele: But it's not. Since his name is spelled with a Y, the Y could stand for something like ...Young and Dumb!! *The two brothers briefly laugh, then speak again* Bram: Enough about that chump, back to what we were saying. The Reapers got lucky, that my partner wasn’t signed with AWS when the Open Challenge was going down on Assault. If he was an official member of the roster, when that came around? We would of answer the Open Challenge! We would give them a run for their money, and took the Number One Contendership for ourselves!! Steele: At Assault, there's no running or hiding, Jamal. Your contendership is in huge jeopardy, as not only you have those fools in the locker room going after you but you have us as well. At Assault, Bram will show you why we're not the biggest threat. At Assault, he will show he’s going to be the premiere Champion in AWS. At Assault, he’s going to take those hopes and dream from your hands. Bram: Before I do that, I want to send you a message and we're going to do it ...at your expense. On the last Assault before Synergistic, I want another top contender in a match. I want you to watch that match, very closely. I’m going to show you, what you're up against and give you a preview of what's to come. So, enjoy your time as the top contender while you can …and shine that grill really good. Cause at Assault, it all comes to an end at the hands of The Celtic Beast!! Steele: After Bram does that, I'm focused on Silent Assassin’s match with Kordell Graves, and making him look like a fool. Then again, when he isn't he looking like a fool?? Bram: You got that right, Kaleb. Kordell is nothing but a punching bag. At this point, he should just call himself "Kore's resident punching bag". Because he's damn sure no "Celtic Beast". Steele: If he's a punching bag then maybe, you should channel your inner boxer and give Kordell a good pounding ...with your fists. Beat him, until he's black and blue. Mess his face up to the point, where his own momma doesn’t want him …because he'll be too disfigured. He'll look like a puddle of blood, once you’re done with him. Bram: Kordell wouldn't know what hit him. Give him a few good punches, before kicking his teeth down his throat. Once he's down for the count, finish him with a Beast Dropping and pick up an easy win. As the saying goes, "Float like a Butterfly. Sting like a Bee"!! Steele: Rumble, Young Man, Rumble!! Oh, this bee is going to sting him. Sting him really good. Once he’s done with that fool, the only thing he'll be feeling is the stinging sensation of defeat! Though, I'm sure he's used to it by now. Jamal, Bram’s going to chop you down to size and yell …"Timber!" As he watches you fall down to the mat. After you're laid out on the mat, he'll come up to you and hit you with the Clawed To Death. Three seconds later, and you'll see him standing over you …with his arm raised in victory. So, I want to thank you ahead of time, for starting off on the right foot. Jamal, you're next on our hit list, then the newcomer. Be advised, Bram is coming for your head. Bram: Yeah …Tap Or Snap, Bytch!! *A slight smirk appears on Bram’s face, as they turn and start walking down the hallway. They’re heading to the ring, for Bram's upcoming match*
  22. *Main Event* ~North American Championship~ Silent Assassin Vs. Kordell Graves
  23. *Match Four* ~Vixens Title Match~ Addison Hepburn Vs. Jayne Doe
  24. *Match Three* ~Xtremist Match~ Cage Eames Vs. Drake Nygma
  25. *Match Three* ~None-Title Match~ Jamal Payne Vs. Bram Connan
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