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Dante Stark

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  1. Dante has finally made his way to the arena driving his 1967 Chevrolet Impala. Dante take a step outside his car and looks at the arena "Ok, this is the moment, you finally made it to a wrestling company... time to go through the competition and become #1 here" Dante finishes talking to himself with his hair in his face, not phased at all by the people he runs into in the arena. Dante finds his changing area and parks himself there until his big match later on. (Dante puts in his ear buds and begins to listen to Dance with the Devil by Breaking Benjamin to get him in the right headspace)
  2. I just checked it to be on the safe side, I didnt want to step on any toes as this is my first time ever doing this lol, but thank you for the good luck
  3. Ring Name: Dante Stark Real Name: Daniel Aldridge Also Known As: The Devil Himself Picture Base: Alignment: Tweener Hometown: Brunswick Georgia Height: 5ft 5inch Weight: 210 Ibs Age: 20 Birthdate: 11/21/2002 Fighting Styles: Powerhouse,Technical Similar to Wrestler: Darby Allin,Jon Moxley Entrance Theme: Entrance Description: Will begin by walking out and pausing on the entrance stage, taking in the scenery then start walking towards the ring not entering it yet, he circles the ring then finally gets in the ring as he sits down in the corner Basic Moves: Signature Moves: Superkick DDT Spear Finishing Moves: Punt Kick Stark Cutter (RKO) D.O.A (End of Days) Biography: Dante Stark never had a good childhood, He was always bullied by the kids at school and even more so by his father. It took until he was 19 years old to stand up for himself, Since then he has had to deal with heartbreak after heartbreak. Now he feels nothing, no emotion, no pain, he is just numb to everything. Wanting to feel something again, he has decided to get inside the ring just to feel something again. Graduated from Brantley County High School View full lunatic
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