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Found 3 results

  1. Preferred Schedule: BI-WEEKLY Picture Base Description (please be very descriptive with what you want your character to look like): Chris Ross isn't the largest wrestler but he is strong for his size. He has a short blond mohawk and a 717 number tattoo on his left arm, a leopard claw mark on the side of his neck, and a large dog's paw print over his heart. Ross wears a pair of camouflage cargo shorts, a black sleeveless shirt with the words "I am 717" on it with bullet hole patterns, black combat boots, a pair of black fingerless gloves, a bandanna over his mouth with a skull print on it, and a pair of dark sunglasses. He also keeps a screwdriver hidden in one of the pockets of his shorts he can whip out when people least expect it. Ring Name: Chris Ross Real Name: Christopher J. Ross Also Known As: The Keystone State Killa Disposition/Alignment: TWEENER Hometown: Harrisburg PA Gender: Male Height: 6'2 Weight: 255 lbs Age: 37 Birthdate: 10/23/86 Favorite Match: Street Fight Least Favorite Match: Technical Wrestling Matches Favorite Weapon(s): His Screwdriver, Sheets of glass, tables, staple guns, and Chains Fighting Styles: Brawler, Suplex Machine, Hardcore Similar to Wrestler: Eddie Kingston with the suplex knowledge of Tazz Gimmick Description: Chris Ross basically is a man from the mean streets of Harrisburg. Constantly talking about the streets and representing 717 he takes great pride in his area. He's shown to bring the violence from the streets to the ring. Ross has shown to be a man who practically has no care for the rules and isn't afraid to pull out a screwdriver and stab people with it when the time is right. In Ross' mind on the streets a 3 count means nothing.... What matters in the end is who is walking out and who has to be carried out... Entrance Theme Song YouTube Link: Entrance Description: Black Flame by Bury Tomorrow hit the loud speakers as The Keystone State Killa Chris Ross walks out onto the stage. Without much of a reaction he lumbers down to the ring with his screwdriver in hand resting it under one of the bottom turnbuckles. After taking off his sunglasses he sits in the corner waiting for the bell to ring. Basic Moves: 1. Any suplex imaginable you can think of. 2. Grounded forearm shots. 3. Spinebuster 4. Powerslam 5. Death Valley Driver 6. Running Muscle Buster 7. Reverse Suplex onto the ropes 8. Biting his opponent 9. low blow 10. Headbutt Signature Moves: The 10-71: 360 rotating Discus Elbow Strike 25 to Life: Cyclone Kick 12 Gauge: Running Thrust Kick to the opponent's chest 9MM: Spinning Back Elbow that usually results in busting the opponent open The Street Sweeper: Ross hits his opponent with a German Suplex, then follows it up with dragon suplex, then ends it with a Tiger Suplex Finishing Moves: Welcome To Harrisburg: Curbstomp that can either be done Paul Burchill style or can be hit from out of nowhere. The Crime Scene: Asiatic Spike Submission with Body Scissors. Brief Biography: Chris Ross is a man who grew up on the streets of Harrisburg. Not much can be said about his history. He graduated from the Lancaster Championship Wrestling school. He came to the UTA with a bold arrogance that immediately made him one of the most hated people in the entire company as well as one of the most controversial constantly going into swear laced tirades. Even going as far as telling his own boss Mikey Unlikely to go fuck himself on Twitter which resulted in a massive fine and required anger management classes which in the end some how had the opposite effect on Ross. But yet nothing has gotten Ross more hatred than the day he injured Impulse's girlfriend Calico Rose. No one thought Chris Ross would stoop so low but he curb stomped her face first into the seat of a chair. It was then that the man who calls himself The Boss discovered more success by utilizing his street smarts and thug tactics. That success in the end of the UTA lead to him winning the UTA Legacy Championship defeating Jack Harmen in one of the most violent street fights the UTA has ever seen. After the UTA shut down he came to DEFIANCE as Mikey Unlikely's hired gun. While he made a brief impact choking out "The God Beast" Mushigahara and attacking people with his screwdriver, it was cut short by the hands of Gage Blackwood. In a match Ross' entire shoulder blade was shattered after a pile of pipes was dropped on him. He was released after the injury and other than a brief return to DEFIANCE where he violently attacked Blackwood in the parking lot. No one has heard from Chris Ross since. With so many bridges burned and no other company wanting anything to do with his unhinged behavior he came to The Asylum. This time he's a much darker and unpredictable man who has lost everything in his life. He is now the one wrestler with nothing left to lose. Extra information that you want the commentators to mention?: Feel free to talk about how Ross is the one guy no other company wanted anything to do with just how unhinged and unpredictable he is.
  2. Preferred Schedule: BI-WEEKLY Picture Base Description (please be very descriptive with what you want your character to look like): Trelisa has long blonde hair and peach skin. She has high cheekbones, a pointed nose, fully lips, and a slim chin. Icy blue eyes that look grey in certain light. She's fit with a dancer's body. Petite, with long legs and a lean frame. (A face claim could be Marina Laswick) Ring Name: Trelisa Perrault Real Name: Trelisa Perrault Also Known As: Phenomilisa Disposition/Alignment: TWEENER (whatever is more useful) Hometown: Paris, France Gender: Female Height: 5'8" Weight: 135 lbs Age: 25 Birthdate: June 13th, 1998 Favorite Match: Traditional Singles Least Favorite Match: Triple Threat/Fatal Four way, any match where she can lose without being defeated herself. Favorite Weapon(s): Kendo Stick Fighting Styles: Technician/ Flashy Strike (Relies on Holds and strikes, only occasionally going to the top rope in desperation) Similar to Wrestler: Finn Balor Gimmick Description: Portrays herself as a larger than life socialite. Always wearing flashy designer outfits, Entrance Theme Song YouTube Link: Entrance Description: Trelisa poses on stage as the music starts playing. Always coming out in some flashy over the top designer coat as if she's just leaving a hollywood party, and designer sunglasses. Around her party lights flash all around the arena in all different colors. "Turn it up" With that Trelisa casts aside her sunglasses and begins her walk down to the ring. Moving as if on a catwalk while keeping her right arm raised, and her chin up as if she's above the moment she'll occasionally stoping to interact with fans. Jeering or high fiving depending if she's playing the heel or face role in the moment. Then moving to the northside of the ring she climbs onto the apron. Swaying her hips in a small dancelike motion as she rises to her full height. She pauses and brings her index and middle finger to her lips before blowing a kiss to the audience and winking. Then slipping under the bottom rope she moves to the opposite side of the ring and poses one final time. Taking off her jacket and preparing for the match as the music stops. Basic Moves: 1.) Slap 2.) Knife Edged Chop 3.) Various Knee Strikes 4.) Various dropkicks 5.) Spinning heel kick 6.) butterfly suplex 7.) Float over DDT 8.) German suplex 9.) Spinning back drop 10.) Arm wrench hell kick 11.) Fujiawara Armbar 12.) Single Leg boston crab 13.) Ankle lock 14.) Octopus Stretch 15.) Abdominal stretch Signature Moves: 1.) Heart Breaker (spinning neckbreaker) 2.) Triple Rolling Butterfly Suplex 3.) Rings of Saturn Finishing Moves: 1.) Curtain Call (Running Knee strike similar to Kinshasa. Usually will move to a corner and pose to signal to the crowd she is going for it. But can hit from out of nowhere as well.) 2.) Unlucky 13 (Modified Figure 4) 3.) The Stake *Only in desperation when all else has failed to put her opponent away. (Goes to the top rope and dives off driving both of her heels straight into the chest of her opponent like she's driving a stake through a vampire's chest) Brief Biography: Born in Paris, France Trelisa is the child of a american actress and a french professional wrestler. She's spent most of her life on the road bouncing between both of her parents careers. initially forbidden from training to be a wrestler, because of the type of men her father had known. Trelisa instead focused her developing years in basketball, acting, and dancing. Even joining her mother in a recurring role as a background student from a sitcom in the mid 00s. After getting out of highschool she dabbled in modeling and trying to go professional in basketball but neither stuck, and her interests turned back to wrestling. This created a massive falling out with her father who refused to train her, and tried to use his contacts from keeping her out of other wrestling schools. Undeterred Trelisa walked out, and moved across the country to join a small wrestling school in the midwestern united states. Where she'd pay her dues breaking down rings, and getting lessons from others within the promotion. But little by little she earned ground, and proved not only that she was up to the task but tough. Even though most would say she looked like she belonged as a manager as opposed to a in ring talent. Eventually she'd take on the moniker Phenomilsa and get booked into dark matches as grew and learned. After four years, Trelisa has finally has enough experience under her belt to try and leave the nest and make a name for herself. Her former promoter had a contact with someone in AWS to get a contract. Trelisa is still very green, but is looking to make a impact and prove she belongs in the ring. Extra information that you want the commentators to mention? She is a second generation wrestler, the daughter of a little known wrestler who went by the moniker Remy Laurent
  3. Name Sandra Age Guess Efed Experience in years More than enough Email and IM's - optional Same as everything else. Wrestlers Name Denise De'vil Nicknames The Death Bringer, The Angel of Death Home Town Sleepy Hollow New York Gender Female Age Unknown Height 6'0 Weight 138lbs Pic Base (With picture) Rhona Mitra as Sonja from Underworld Entrance Music "Ain't No Grave (Hold my Body Down)" By Johnny Cash Entrance Entrance Description: The house lights go down, as a red lights go over the crowd. The sounds of bells tolling echo's over the arena. Two balls of white light streak through the sky, and hit the stage, as fog starts to rise from the back of the stage."Ain't No Grave (Hold my Body Down)" By Johnny Cash begins to play over the loudspeaker as the sound of a whinning horse is heard from within the fog. The tron comes to life with the scene of an open desert. It soon changes to scenes from Denise's previous matches and fights outside the ring. As the fog begins to clear we see Denise dressed in black and silver, on top of her horse. She taps the horse lightly and it goes into a light canter, and starts to make her way down the ramp way with the wide brimmed hat down over her face as she does. When she reaches the ring she pulls back in the reigns, and dismounts, handing the reigns off to a stage hand to take the horse backstage. She climbs the stairs and enters the ring, and removes the long black cloak that is over her shoulders, along with the wide brimmed hat and tosses it in the corner and awaits her opponent. Alignment Tweener Wrestling Style Power House/Technical General Moves 1. Powerbomb 2. German Suplex 3. Boston Crab 4. Tiger Bomb 5. Sidewalk slam 6. Tiger Suplex 7. Clothesline 8. Irish Whip into running clothesline 9. Triple Powerbomb into pin 10. Torture Rack 11. Spear 12. Full Nelson 13. Sleeper Hold 14. Backhand Slap 15. Roundhouse Kick Signature Moves Dismount - A simple Drop Kick to the opponent Covered Bridge - A simple Russian Leg Sweep Finishers There Can Be Only One (Booker T's Book End) The Quickening (Guillotine Leg Drop)
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