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Ultimate X Match


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AWS C4 Division Championship
Ultimate X Match
Xander Croft © • versus • Tetsuo Oni IV • versus • Drake Nygma • versus • Summer Bliss • versus • TJ Alexander  • versus • Ace Sky

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  The first 4/20 after Ace made his pro debut was 22 days, since he was already selling it at the university he was both a student and working as a professor's assistant in the  department of astronomy, his dealers were his parents fellow hippie friends, a couple named Marco and April,  they both had purple hair. Ace had been in that college since 1994 when he was 11, this was his way to endear himself to other students. Those students were already using study drugs like Adderall and Ritalin, so his supply of weed and some acid was great as downers. He would ride his skateboard to the university as he still lived at home due to his other job in his neighbordhood as the paperboy. He would do all the standard yet crazy tricks to the layman all whiling listening to his old backyard wrestling entrance theme from 1995 Kim Wilde's 1982 hit 

" Kids in America". he used the song again in 2002 when he was wrestling in the midwest, living in Chicago in a winnebago since 2001. This late 90's to early 2000's period was wild. Ace by his free-spirit nature does not look back on life much, he is fortunate in the past decade to have gained some hindsight, he's always had foresight which is arguably just that cocktail of ambition and delusion that makes a person like him successful. In other time periods Ace would probably be institutionalized like many brillaint minds were. As someone with Newtonian intellect who instead chose fighting for sport and entertainment of the masses that might make sense to society.

Ace hasn’t been with IK0N for very long. It’s been 4 months and 20 days as of March 20th 2024.

Ace has gone from the top of the ratings all the way down to second to last. Competitively that is catastrophic however Ace is focused on moving forward. He became the AWS C4 Division champion on January 1st 2024, the championship was established on January 1st 2024. He held the championship for 45 days and has been on a losing streak against current champ Xander Cross. It’s been tough for Ace though he always has to remember there is another day which he never takes for granted. Especially as he ages, at 41 now it is not as safe for him to participate in matches like the Ultimate X match, however he also been keeping his ears open about what the champ is saying.


            Ace Sky:

Xander you are the champion, I respect that. What I don’t respect is how you act like we are like Summer Bliss, no, we are all technical highfliers, that doesn’t negate our technical skills.

That may not matter in this match however I like to subvert expectations, I will find a way to stand out in this match, that is what I do I step up and stand out. Unfortunately as much foresight I tend to have I can’t predict the outcomes of matches, that’s what I love about what I do, it’s still a challenge which is what I strive for. I will do everything in my power to l become the champion again. I do believe I am one of the elite wrestlers regardless of size however I do take immense pride in representing the cruiserweight/ super junior division. It is wild to me how I grew up idolizing the innovators and followed in their footsteps.


                  Ace Sky:

  I am not a man of materialism, however that championship is pulling me towards it. Just like  when I started watching wrestling pulled me into it through the tv set. 

I  can’t help but romanticize wrestling, I am of the belief it is an art form just like martial arts, music, comedy. Even in the chaos of this match I will bring the art and true form of deathmatch wrestling, which I grew up loving.



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