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Scotty Paine © • versus • Jamal Payne


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*Fade in on a busy terminal. A plane just landed, and now all the passengers are filing out of the aircraft into the airport it landed in. Nobody important walks out at first, but then you see him. Dressed in black jeans, a ratty hoodie, and headphones over his ears. It’s none other than, Scotty Paine. He doesn’t notice the camera right away, but when he does. He gives it a welcoming nod, and takes his headphones off from under his skull bandana. So he could speak to the masses*


Woah, hey. Sorry guys, the schedule’s been tight the last few days. So, I had “Spanky” Evens set up this camera here, in this massive airport …

*Suddenly, you see “Spanky’s” head lower itself into the shot, from the upper right-hand corner of your screen*


Hey, “Spanky” Evens here.

*Spanky waves, and then goes back behind the camera*


Um …so I could say a few things that I wanted, well needed to say this week. First thing …and I’ve been thinking about this all week. Mr. Jamal, and I use the term Mister lightly …You know, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for a while now …about this little “Match” thing you’ve been going on about for the past few days. But it seems like, we just keep missing each other. So, I decided why not have our meeting in a place, where we’re both going to end up being. A place, where we just might end up, bumping into each other. I’m talking about the Asylum, I’m talking about Anarchy!!

*Scotty nods his head, and looks deep into the camera from under his Chicano-style bandana*


This Saturday, as soon as our match starts …I’m going to walk down to that ring, and I’m going to ask you to come down to that ring as well …and we’re going to settle this like men. My only question is, are you even going to show up? Or are you just going to hide behind some goons, like One Groove Nation did?!?

*Scotty brings his hand up, and puts two fingers up*


Speaking of goons, that’s the second thing. You weren’t so lucky last time out …but hey, maybe it’s the singles division where you’re supposed to flourish? Maybe as a tag-team wrestler, you have a better chance to win …because you’re better by yourselves? Who knows, but the fact remains …that you’re heading into a match against a real Champion, and one of the Baddest Son-Of-A Bytches …I’ve ever seen in my life. So, you better bring all that cool stuff, that helped you to “revolutionize” the Champion’s Division. Because if things go my way boy, I’m going to be knocking your “High, And Mighty” @$$es out …Just like!!

*Scotty pulls his hand up once again. This time though, three fingers are present on his hand*


And the third thing, of course would have to be my goal. The AWS Owner, Charlie Feigel. Now, it’s been a busy couple of weeks …I can’t seem to remember, but Mr. Hardkore Ikon ...did I happen to send you a friend request on Myspace, or something? Did I “poke” you on Facebook? Not that I recall, so why would you think ...that I wanted to be your friend? Hades, not even a full month ago …you basically picked me up off the ground, so Everett Aloni could Spare me! I don’t want to be your friend either, Chucky. So, spare me the snide comments, and let’s just focus on putting out a better product …sooner, than later, please. Okay??

*Scotty holds the moment for a few seconds, and then speaks*


…and that’s a wrap!!

*Spanky says, still behind the camera. Scotty’s eyes light up at the sound of a home-cooked meal*


Good. Because Ki made spaghetti for us, when we got back to the house.


Ooh, did she put in those meatballs ...that I like, with that delicious sauce?


Well yeah, Duh!!

*Scotty smiles, from under hooded sweatshirt*


Man, I love her!!

*The scene fades out, with static scrambling the screen*

**Part Two**

*The arena goes dark, and the Mini-Tron lights up, with images of Destruction. Scotty, DKM, and Jigsaw. A To Hades’ Damnation is shown being delivered, as a deep booming voice startles the capacity crowd*

</>Voice Over<\>

Just a very few months ago ...AWS, was supposed to be “Reopened” and the effects of Steele Industries aren’t just going to die off ...and go away.

*Scotty sits up on top of the top turnbuckle, with the Ikon Wrestling Deathmatch Championship in his grasp*

</>Voice Over<\>

With a Champion, the likes of which it had never seen before …

*The Mini-Tron show's images of past stars, including Brian

Blades, Scotty Paine, Red Dragon, Eric Cobretti, and The Iron Fist*

</>Voice Over<\>

Countless would stand before them, only to be left in the very mess they created for themselves …

*The images change from glory shots of those past superstars: to ones of a battered, beaten, bloodied, and unconscious variety*

</>Voice Over<\>

They threatened, the very possession they prized most ...one that they went to any, and all lengths to protect …

*The Mini-Tron shows some old-school clips, of Scotty tossing another wrestler through a car window. Then he sets Krylon on fire, running down Blade “2-Syko” Bullard with a vehicle, and Feel The Paine to his ex-girlfriend in the middle of the ring, and even one of him standing over a fallen One Groove Nation member*

</>Voice Over<\>

It was his life, it was his legacy, and it was his last World Heavyweight Title. The “maniac”, or “enforcer” of Steele Industries ...has returned with, one thing in mind. To return to the ranks of the Herdcore Division. To reign supreme over, anyone that disrespects the traditions of Old School Wrestling!!

*The Mini-Tron shows a number of clips, of Scotty raising titles, from different promotions. After numerous successful wins, and defenses of said titles*

</>Voice Over<\>

AWS, is reborn ...and so is the legacy of a man, so sick and sadistic. Not even The Mad King would mettle with, until the closure of his Tenure ...with the Asylum Wrestling, and its Money-Grubbing Clutches. Saturday night, The Crow ...Will Be There!!

*The arena becomes dark, as guitar riffs echo throughout the arena. Smoke begins to fill the entranceway, as the drum begins to join the guitar in the song. Flashes of light decorate the stage, as Tomás Enrique Araya Díaz voice lets out a soft note*

”I am the new hell on earth

The lord of agony divine

Domination, intimidation

Lives within these eyes

Reign of power

Remorseless anarchy

I am arrogance in the flesh

Unleashed intensity” …

*The crowd rushes to their feet, looking to get their snapshot of Scotty Paine about to walk through the curtain. Three large pyros go off at the top of the stage, to the beat of Slayer’s lyrics*

”Step aside for the nightmare

Pure destruction stands before you

No escape as the psycho

Brings you misery

The line starts here …

*The song immediately jumps to its chorus*

”I am brutality the face of everlasting pain

Annihilation, Obliteration

Pulses in these veins

Sheer defiance drives my hostility

I am merciless to the core

Chaotic fury breeds”

*As, “Feel The Pain” by Slayer deafens. Scotty steps through the smoke, and pyro to a loud chorus and a mixed reaction. He stands atop the entranceway, soaking in the feedback from the wrestling faithful. Then walks slowly, yet with a purpose toward the ring. He walks around the ring, eyeing each corner. He claims it as his own. Before he uses the top rope at the front of the entrance, to leap up onto the apron. He enters the ring, and removes his leather jacket. And then walks towards the middle of the ring, and raises his fist in the air. The boos and chants grow louder once again, sparking a snarling look upon his tattered face*


Well, well, well ...I bet you all, thought you had gotten rid of me. I bet you all thought, you would have been saved from my presence. And yet, as disappointed as all of you are to see the most ...vengeful, sadistic, methodical, successful man in Steele Industries' History! ...you still stand to take your pictures, and I’m willing to bet you would ...also line up through, outside, and around every city block...Just, to get a picture with me or an autograph from me!!

*The boos that Scotty had become so accustomed to over the years, ring gleefully through his ears*


Because, what you fail to realize on the surface ...is that you need me. Subconsciously you realize ...that I am the very man, you have been looking for. Not to be saved from, but to save you. Because, the rebuilt AWS has returned to the airwaves. AWS, as they call it now ...has returned to a city near you. This is the third house show in a long, long while. But what you’re going to see, is the same old recycled garbage you saw before. You’re going to see the Ethan Murphy’s…the Bram Connan’s and the Mystery Guy’s, and maybe The Hookers In The Darkness ...And you’ll probably see the disgusting “Freight Train” himself, and maybe Aloni will show his ugly face again. It’s the same old garbage, you people recycled repeatedly. It’s the same garbage, that caused AWS to fail the first time ...let alone, a second or third time!!

*There were few cheers over some of the names mentioned, but the fans soon resort to their usual chants*

”F*CK YOU, SCOTY!!” *Clap-Clap-Clap* ”F*CK YOU, SCOTTY!!”


There had to be a reason AWS quit putting out shows. There had to be a reason, Steele Industries quit entertaining. There had to be a reason for the Wrestling Industry’s Best Company, to just simply...Quit! And that reason was, that the talent level just wasn’t good enough. They weren’t of the quality, of Legends of the past. They weren’t of the entertaining variety, of the past Legends. They weren’t, as committed, or as ruthless, nor were they as bloodthirsty as those ...that served in this very ring, before now!!

*A mixed reaction erupts from the crowd. Some of them are cheering, remembering the glory days of the said Wrestling Legends. And some are booing, at the idea of Scotty trashing their current favorite wrestlers of the past years*


What do you need, to get your money’s worth? What you need, to get More than Your Money’s Worth ...is me! You need that aggression, that passion, that commitment, that ruthless, sadistic personality ...and in-ring presence to thrive! The others in the back, are about to get a lesson in “The Truth” about wrestling history ...because The Crow, and the best damn thing ...that ever happened to this Industry Is Back!!

*The majority of the crowd cheers, as a Legend from Steele Industries' past has returned to the ring. Scotty quickly silences, from the cheers mixed with a ton of boos*


But you didn’t think, I would be coming back to “save you” ...did you? That kind of bullshyte, is saved for some of the “other” promotions ...or “larger” companies. You know full well, that I don’t give a Hades’ Damnation about anyone. I don’t give two Shytes, about the people in the back, and I don’t give a “Beltane Night” ...about the Legal Clowns, that supposedly run this show. Come to think about it, I don’t give a Flying Witch On A Broomstick ...about this company’s owner, either!!

-:-Spanky’s Voice Rings Out-:-

Yup, just like that …


Everybody knows, that I run this place ...I’m bigger than this company, and I am bigger than life itself! The only single Damnation thing I care about, in this world ...is the Deathmatch Championship. It’s the very thing, that wakes me in the morning, that keeps me awake through the day, and that holds my attention through the darkest of times. I thrive, off that very Title, and what it stands for. It makes my mind tick. And much the same, can be said for that Title’s relationship with me. I make it, what it is today ...And I make it mean, what it means today! Not Damon “F*ckin” Steele ...My legacy, and its history are one in the same ...I Am to take back, what is rightfully mine ...To Begin With!!

*The fans' derogatory chants, cause Scotty to silence them once more. Before picking up, where he left off*


But it would seem to me, as though the Platinum Act, Inc. itself ...has been retired, that my Employer and Business Partner are real pieces of work. They’ll do whatever it takes, to keep my name off ...any of their Titles, and it would appear. As though this time, they’ve done the only thing humanly possible ...there, is to do so. When that company closed, I initially felt as though ...there was no reason for me to return. That they would have successfully, kept me away from the ring. But what I slowly began to realize, is that thirst and that drive ...was still present. It wasn’t there to hold, that precious Championship Title in my arms once again! Oh no, it was there ...to begin building a new relationship with the company’s new, and biggest prize ...the Ikon Triple Crown Championship!!

*The crowd begins to grow restless, as Scotty’s eyes are now wide open. They know the type of words, and or actions that are soon to follow. They brace themselves, for what comes next*


The AWS Promotion, is about to take notice of The Crow ...because plain and simple, I’m back! I’m back with motivation, with vengeance in my sights ...on the very people, who held me back in years gone by. And the very people, who plan to stand in my way again! Nobody, and I mean nobody ...in this industry is safe! Nobody in these seats, nobody plucking their nose hairs in the back, and nobody up in the promotion’s main office ...I Mean, Nobody! The Asylum Wrestling Society is reborn, and is supposedly better than everything else. But I, myself am also reborn with new goals, new ideas, and a new purpose. I guarantee, I’m better than ever! The most ruthless, methodical, and sadistic piece of shyte ...this “company” has ever seen! I’m about to turn, things up a few notches! A lot of people say, it but can never back it up. You know full, well that I don’t have anything to say ...that I won’t back up, and I guarantee you. AWS will never, be the same again! It’s time for a new breed, a new era ...a New Legacy! I will leave my mark, once again and I will take what is rightfully mine ...I will do so, by Any Means Necessary and I will do so ...Just, because I can!!

*Scotty lowers the microphone, to a crowd whispering amongst themselves. A crowd, feeling the chills left behind by The Crow. “Feel The Paine” by Slayer is heard once more, as Scotty stares out into the crowd coldly without a blink as the scene fades away to blackness*


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Jamal Payne was on a roll lately. Racking up wins and building up his reputation as a rising star in pro wrestling again. He was working his way from trash to treasure, leaving the outhouse and heading to the penthouse with every win. Jamal wasn’t in the title mix yet but he was doing the right thing and that was winning matches and putting bodies down on the mat.


He was proving that you were never too old to kick ass. He was one of the oldest men in AWS. Been wrestling since most of the roster were kids or in some cases weren’t even born yet! And here he was throwing down with the younger stars. 


You could question what Jamal had left to prove in this business if you knew his resume. He performed in venues of 40 people to 40,000 people, a cabinet full of titles and trophies and plaques and awards in his mansion that was in the nicest part of Virginia, where he lived with his family of five. “Freight Train” Jamal Payne was living the life that wrestlers half his age or younger worked towards.


And he wasn’t ready to hang up the boots. Wrestling was not only still fun for him but he could still do it! His body wasn’t breaking down and he was still in shape to compete. No injuries thank god since signing to Ik0n Wrestling Entertainment and being a part of Asylum Wrestling Society shows. Plus it was his passion. He went from moving furniture when he graduated high school to wrestling professionally and he loved it. But what he didn’t love were some of the opponents he faced.


Like Scotty Paine for instance. Scotty could creep a wrestler out if they weren’t careful. Winning the psychological game before the bell rang. And he could captivate the fans with his promo style, his way of speaking, his tones, his cadence. Much less the cast of characters he brought to help him pull the promos off. In terms of style he couldn’t be anymore different than Jamal if he tried. Not to mention any visual differences between the two.


And this wasn’t just a regular match, this was for the AWS Deathmatch Championship. Both men were not just expected to bleed but were going to do it in the confines of barbed wire ropes! To the point where no matter who won they were going to feel like they went through an absolute WAR. 


And they were doing battle at the Glasgow, Scotland edition of AWS Anarchy. Scotty Paine beat him once months ago but this was a different, stronger, Jamal Payne. And he couldn’t wait to let him know how in the ring! But he had priorities first before the match at Anarchy. He spent time with his family, put in work training and preparing for battle against “The Crow”, and of course worked that promo before their Deathmatch Championship match.



The scene opened up with people getting a picture of Jamal Payne standing with his shirt on but in his ring gear. Simple as it was since all he had were trunks and boots. in an interview area with full focus on the camera with slow, dramatic music behind and intimate lighting to support this scene while this promo got underway. Camera focused on him and his every word.


Time to begin!


Jamal Payne: I’m here in Scotland y’all and it’s a hell of a country. Scotland was founded by brave people, warriors, people who didn’t back down from any fight. People who had courage in their veins y’all. I respect that. But you know who I don’t respect? People who talk too much shit for their own good. Who try to win the battle with their words because they got no heart, no muscle, and no balls. So they try to screw with your mind before the fight even starts. Throw you off before you even throw a punch. I ain’t been in Scotland that long but I know enough about this country to know that those types of people are HATED here. Which means that these people don’t like you Scotty Payne and want me to see you lose tonight right here at Anarchy. 


Jamal did a full scale introduction about himself, how he felt about Scotland, and how he felt about his opponent Scotty tonight. The music set the mood and it went with pictures of legendary Scottish warriors and the scene of the lush green hills of the country. It really was a beautiful land with a history of war and action that Jamal would be foolish to ignore. But he wasn’t looking for a babyface pop from the fans though in all honesty and he was going to make it clear.


Jamal Payne: Now don’t get me wrong. I ain’t doing this for them nah. I mean I thank y’all for tuning in, showin’ up, gettin’ Anarchy trending in this nice-ass country. Hell OVO Hydro is sold out thanks to me. But I ain’t doing it for y’all. See Scotty and I got a little bit of history. He beat me last time we went toe to toe. I thought I was ready for him and I got cocky. Little did I know that by the time the bell rang I was already behind his weird ass…I gave him and his weird-ass fans somethin’ to brag about while I was working on a losing streak.


Now the fans were reminded of Jamal’s past losing effort with the music lowering in tone and tempo. How he lost every major match he had after signing to Ik0n last year while Scotty found reasonable success. Jamal wasn’t afraid to admit that Scotty was better than him that night. And his words matched what people saw on screen with a brief clip reel of their last match. Complete with lowkey praise to Spanky, Jigsaw, and the rest of Scotty’s ensemble of friends with their pictures appearing at the end of it. Jamal didn’t have any buddies in the AWS locker room. At least none he’d use to make a promo with. He was his own man with his own drive because that’s what he believed he needed to succeed and he’d always been that way. 


In fact, he was getting fired up thinking about how he lost to Scotty. He wanted to change that to let people know that this time, Scotty wasn’t messing with his mind. He was ready to fight tonight for the Deathmatch Championship. Then the music stopped to focus solely on Jamal and his words.


Jamal Payne: So Scotty Paine and I know you’re watching this. Just know that I’m “Freight Train” Jamal Payne and I will run your ass over tonight. This is for the Deathmatch Championship? Shit you really might die (BEEP) with me here in Scotland cuz’ I ain’t losin’ to your ass again. I’m leavin’ here with the Deathmatch championship and you can take that to the grave or the bank bitch. I want my first championship and nobody, ESPECIALLY you, are gonna stop me.


And above all else Jamal had put in work. He went from being irrelevant in the title scene to being in it. And there wasn’t anything Scotty could say or do to throw him off of his game here tonight! Would Scotty continue his dominance and get another win over Jamal? Or would Jamal get his first championship to complete his resurgence? Tune into AWS Anarchy and watch Scotty Paine vs. Jamal Payne in the AWS Deathmatch title fight with barbed wire ropes to find out!

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