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Max Daemon

Max Daemon

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Picture Base : Dante from DmC

Ring Name: Max Daemon

Real Name: Maxwell Daemon Smith

Also Known As: N/A

Hometown/Billed: A version of San Mateo, CA

Height: 5' 8"

Weight: 180 lbs.

Blood Type: O

Birth Date: 3/22/1996

Debut Year: 2013

Alignment: Heel

Cheating Tendency: Often

Gimmick: A loner who is currently rebuilding himself from a rock bottom and suffering for it. He is a brash and arrogant asshole who doesn't care about what others think, or about pulling punches. He's a fighter and a survivor among all else.

Motivations: Financial Gain; they want to get rich and will do anything to achieve that.
Glory; they are obsessed with winning and will stop at nothing to avoid defeat.

Fighting Styles: Technical high-flyer

Similar To Wrestler: I dunno, Ospraey, maybe?

What does he/she do when seeing blood?: Smiles. That means his assault his working.

Entrance Description: "Dead Bite" by Hollywood Undead blasts out on the arena's speakers. Once the guitar riffs begin to form, Max comes out with his hooded jacket zipped up tight. He's also wearing the custom Reebok Ex-Oh-Fit Pure Platinum Hi-Daemons shoes! He holds his hands apart, making them into finger guns. As he points them towards the sky, fireworks go off on his left and right. Max gives off a faux "shot" with the finger guns, making a huge firework blast go off behind him. He stares towards the ring, nodding his head and focusing intently on what's ahead. He ignores any of the fans trying touch him, male or female. The look on his face is one more of apathy than annoyance or anger.

Ring Announcer: On his way to the ring. Currently residing in a version of San Mateo, CA. Weighing in at 180 lbs. He...is Max...DAEMON!

Once Max reaches ringside, he takes the steps up onto the apron. He falls in between the top and middle ropes, rolling through and landing on his feet. He throws a finger gun to the camera, "shooting" it off before walking back and jumping onto a nearby middle rope. He gives a quick finger gun "shot" off to the crowd before hopping into the ring, ready for the fight to come.

Wardrobe/Ring Gear: He wears a black belt, black skinny jeans and a pair of custom Reebok Ex-Oh-Fit Pure Platinum Hi-Daemons shoes, in addition to a pair of black knee pads and black elbow pads.

Standard Moves: 1. Suicide Dive

2. Suplex (Back, High Angle Back, Back Driver)

3. Dropkick (Missile, Front, Diving)

4. Knee Strike (To the face or back of the head while an opponent is on their knees or on their feet)

5. Enzuguri

6. Punches (man if all else just punch someone)

7. Harsh forearm

8. DDT (Standard, Tornado, Reverse, Moonsault)

9. Crossbody (Standing, Flying, Springboard)

10. Moonsault (Standing, Flying, Springboard, Asai)

11. Senton (Standing, over-the-top, Seated)

12. Superkick

13. Headscissors Takedown

14. Big Boot

15. Back Elbow 

Signature Moves:Ebony and Ivory - With his opponent on their knees, Max strikes them in the face with a harsh knee. He then sets them back up before hitting the ropes. On the rebound, he nails them in the back of the head with a running knee.

An Attack to the Groinal Region aka Ain't That Just a Kick to the Dick - It's a kick to the dick/vagina of an opponent. 

Primary Finishing Move: Devil Trigger - Leaping Dragon Sleeper Backstabber (Max holds his opponent in a standing Dragon Sleeper. He then leaps and hits them with a Backstabber while still in the Dragon Sleeper)

Secondary Finishing Move: Arbiter - Camel Clutch Positioned Dragon Sleeper

Title Belt Strap Design or Custom Color?: Red

All Championships & Accolades: #16 in Action Wresting Top 100 of 2021
#29 in Action Wrestling Top 100 of 2020
1x Action Wrestling Pure Champion
2021 Action Wrestling Tokyo Cup (got the pin to win the match)
2021 Action Wrestling Pure Cup (inaugural)
1x Southern Champion Wrestling World Champion (final)
1x Frontier Wrestling Federation Heavyweight Champion (inaugural, final)

Brief Biography: Max Daemon got his start in wrestling kind of out nowhere. He debuted for a company and won their Heavyweight Title in the first match. It then closed down after three matches. He began to freelance across the country for 7 or so years before finally deciding to return to the limelight by signing with Action Wrestling in 2020 where he's been ever since.

Since joining AW, he has seen some moderate success, earning Top 30 spot in their 100 after only being there for three months and earning Top 20 the following year. He's earned some achievements across the company and is currently poised for what he believes to be a potential rise to the top. He has also recently expanded his portfolio outside of AW, having previously participated in the first and third Roth Cups and getting to the semi-finals and quarter finals respectively and then signing with PWv. He also participated in PWE's Olla-Rumble. He has his professional MMA debut in an official capacity at UFC 272 against the return of Conor McGregor. He is trying to build on said fight by participating in the Apocalypse Chamber.

Additional information that commentators can mention?: None that'll be relevant come April (unless you want to mention him getting his ass kicked by Conor because hey, that's not really a spoiler). If any of that real world stuff isn't kosher, let me know and I'll nix any specific references.

Just to be clear this IS intended to be a one-time profile for the Apocalypse Chamber. If you have other ways to go about it, please let me know.

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