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TJ Alexander

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- Picbase - 

Will Ospreay 

- Character Name - 

TJ Alexander 

- Nicknames -

"The Game Changer" "The Aerial Assassin" "KIDD KRAZY" "The Kid without Fear" 

- Height - 


- Weight - 


- Hometown - 

London, England 

- Alignment - 


- Theme Music - 

"The Touch" By Stan Bush 

- Entrance Description - 

Entrance: As "The Touch" By Stan Bush blares out of the PA speakers, TJ Alexander walks onto stages and raises his hands out to the side, he walks down the ramp with a cocky arrogance and chip on his shoulder, and TJ runs into the ring and climbs the nearest turnbuckle and looks into the crowd with a smile on his face.

- Wrestling Styles - 

Technician/High Flyer 

- Strengths -




British Catch- wrestling 




- Weakness - 



doesn't know when to quit 

- Favourite Moves - 

- Favourite Moves - 
1) Suplex Variations
- Snap
- Snap Dragon
- Vertical 
- Overhead
- Brainbuster
- Exploder
- Stalling
- German
- Half and Half
- Capture
- Fisherman
- Northern Lights
- Sambo
- Straight-Jacket
2) Jumping Arm-Breaker
3) Fireman's Carry Neckbreaker
4) DDT Variations (Snap, Tornado, Satellite, Head-scissor, Double-Arm)
5) Inverted Atomic Drop
6) Russian Leg-sweep
7) Dragon screw
 8 ) Dropkick Variations (Standing, Missile, Springboard)
9) Handspring Cutter
10) Hurricanrana (Standing, Reverse, Frankensteiner, Poison Rana, Dragonrana)
11) Corkscrew Neckbreaker
12) Swinging Neckbreaker
13) Strike (punches, Jabs, European Uppercut, Elbow Strikes, Forearm Smash)
14) Kick strikes (Overhead Pele, Muay Thai, Roundhouse, Hook, Spinning Wheel, Leg Lariat, Superkick, Thrust)
15) Knee Strikes (Bicycle Knee, V-Trigger, Body Shots)
16) Step-Up Enziguri
17) Shinning Wizard
18) 450 Splash
19) Shooting Star press (Top rope, Standing, Springboard)
20) Phoenix Splash
21) Asai Moonsault
22) Sky Twister Press
23) Corkscrew Plancha
24) Suicide Dive
25) Tope Con Hilo
26) Figure Four Leg Lock
27) Sharpshooter
28) Ankle Lock
29) Fujiwara Armbar
30) Crossface
31) Heel lock

- Signature Moves - 

1. Crash Landing - The Standing shiranui
2. Perfection 10 - Fireman's Carry Cutter (TKO)
3. KKD - Kid Krazed Driver - One-Winged Angel
4. The Game Changer - Superkick/Falcon Arrow

- Finisher(s) - 

Game Over - Angel Wings 

- Accolades - 
ECWF - Horror-Core Champion (x1)
ECWF - 2021 Gold Rush Briefcase Winner
ECWF - Next-Gen Champion (1x)
ECWF - Chamber Of Horrors winner (2024)
IIW - Television Champion (2x)
ECE - United States Champion (1x)
ICW - World Heavyweight Champion (1x)
ICW - Intercontinental Champion (1x - Current)
PCW - Tag Team Champion W/ Nobi (1x)
XHW - The Breakout Challenge Winner (2024)

New Edge Wrestling - Trans-Atlantic Champion (1x) - Current)

- Biography - 

A young kid from London living out his dream, making his way through the wrestling scene and making a name for himself.




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