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TJ Alexander vs. Declan McGinnis


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[The camera zooms in on Declan McGinnis, a burly Irish wrestler with fiery red hair and a beard to match, standing in the locker room, his eyes burning with intensity. He cracks his knuckles and starts pacing back and forth, occasionally throwing punches at an unseen opponent.]

Ah, TJ Alexander... the name's been rollin' off the tongues of everyone at AWS like it's some kind of chant. But let me tell ya, come Tuesday Night Madness, the only name they'll be chantin' will be Declan McGinnis. You see, TJ, you might've danced around the ring, dodgin' and weavin' like some kind of slippery eel, but you've never faced a storm like me.

[He stops pacing, staring directly into the camera, his voice a mix of grit and a thick Irish accent.]

I'm not just any wrestler, lad. I'm the tempest from the Emerald Isle, the gale that sweeps across the moors and hills, unbridled and untamed. You might think you're ready, sittin' pretty with your tactics and your strategies, but let me tell ya, there's no strategy in the world that can prepare you for the fury of an Irishman scorned.

[Declan leans in closer, his voice lowering to a menacing growl.]

TJ, I hope you're listenin', because I want you to know exactly what's comin' for you. I'm gonna hit you like a pint of the strongest Irish stout - hard and fast, and leave ya head spinnin'. I'll throw ya from pillar to post, make ya wish ya never stepped into the ring with me. This match, it's more than just a fight, it's a statement. A declaration that Declan McGinnis is not a man to be underestimated.

[He starts pacing again, the fire in his eyes now a blazing inferno.]

You might be fast, TJ, but can ya outrun a hurricane? You might be strong, but can ya stand against a raging bull? We'll see come Tuesday Night Madness. Because when that bell rings, it's not just a match that's startin', it's a war. And I've never been one to back down from a fight.

[Declan stops, his chest heaving from the intensity of his words, then smirks, a hint of confidence breaking through.]

So, TJ Alexander, enjoy your last moments of peace, because when we step into that ring, it's gonna be chaos. And when the dust settles, it'll be me standin' victorious. Mark my words, lad, you're in for the fight of your life.

[With one last piercing look into the camera, Declan punches his palm, ready for battle, before the scene fades to black.]

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(The scene opens with the AWS backdrop, a few seconds later a familiar person steps in front of the camera, it is TJ Alexander, who is dressed in a black and green tracksuit with a gold chain around his neck)

“The minute I thought of coming back to the asylum it was a no-brainer, my first little stint here didn’t go as according to my plan as I would have liked, I thought I would come in and shake things up on the roster and get myself title matches, but in the end, I ended up lost in the shuffle, which is unusual for me because everywhere I’ve been, I’ve stuck my two feet firmly planted into conversation, conversations that led to championship matches and those championships matches, I’ve won, I’ve grown since I’ve been here and now I can showcase what I’ve learned.”

(TJ smirks)

“My first match back is already coming up quick right here on Tuesday night Madness, I guess when a star like me is coming back to a place like this, then the first thing you do is get me in that ring, and AWS management is right to do so, I will be bringing eyes and dropping jaws with what I can do in the ring. It won’t be long until I have a championship title around my waist, but first I have to go through my first opponent and it’s the so-called “Irish King” Declan McGinnis, around these parts Declan McGinnis is a hard-hitting bastard who likes to a fight, but around these parts there aren’t many real fighters like me and you are they McGinnis? No there isn’t and as much as you like to use those bear like fists at your opponents, there are many types of fighters. Some I bet you do even know about, you see I am a fighter, just not in the way you are, I use my heart, I use my never say die attitude and I use my in-ring talents to overcome whatever is placed in front of me.”

(TJ smiles)

“Guess what McGinnis you’re in front of me now bruv, and from what I understand is that you’re the hardest in the yard only because the yard is full of pups, and I’m not saying I’m the hardest in the yard now, but damn it McGinnis I’m ready to find out, there isn’t anything impressive about you, from what I understand your a one-trick pony and that’s throwing fists, not using your brain.”

(TJ laughs)

“Which is why when we meet in the ring, I am gonna use my brain, use my speed and use my agility to slice you down to size and watch as I pick up my first win back, you McGinnis are in my way and right now I have in my future a very important match at Anarchy to ready myself. So while you think this is gonna be a one-sided affair that favours you, no sunshine, it isn’t, but it does gonna be a one-sided affair on my side, because I know already how to beat you.”

(TJ winks into the camera)

“Firstly I am gonna stand toe-to-toe with you and go blow for blow, and see how I do, then I am gonna use my technical ability to shock you, and then the aerial assassin comes out, he comes out to play and while I am making the fans jaws drop through my aerial ability, your confusion will lead me to win.”

(TJ pauses)

“And while that dumbfounded loom of confusion is on your stupid mug face that is why I am gonna hit you with the game-over and plant your face into the mat, and get the win. But McGinnis don’t be too mad to yourself though, I have already told you how I am gonna beat you, now it’s just the waiting game.”

(TJ smiles)

“You probably won’t believe it at first and you probably deny it, but it will happen, I am getting my first win against you Declan McGinnis because I made a promise to myself, that when I return to AWS that I am gonna be champion, and I cannot start my second go-around off with a loss, it’s just isn’t happening bruv, it’s too bad for you really too, because everywhere I go I make things happen, while since you have started in the business, I’ve heard nothing about you.”

(TJ pauses)

“Not a single word, maybe it was so damn quite in Ireland that you wasn’t getting that much exposure, but now right here in AWS, you will get the exposure you needed, and that’s taking a loss to TJ Alexander.”

(TJ smiles)

“The only piece that I am gonna get is when I stand tall with AWS gold, and it doesn’t matter who I have to go through to get it, unlucky for you McGinnis you’re the first, and you’d probably seat back and wonder how did this kid beat me, through heart and determination, something you lack.”

(TJ smiles)

“For someone who has been around since 2011 you haven’t done much, yet I have been around since 2018 and my list of accolades is ever growing, it must burn your stomach knowing that a kid is overtaking you, well I am, tenfold. While you can sit and drink as much beer in a bar as you like, you can watch me win championship gold as I take your spot, but blame yourself old-man because you lack something that has kept you away from championship gold, while I chase for it, I sniff it out and I go after no matter how hard, no matter who is in front of me, I go after what I want.”

(TJ pauses)

“So Declan McGinnis we are gonna fight but the outcome isn’t gonna go the way you planned, it’s gonna go the way I said, with my standing tall.”

(Scene ends)

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