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AWS Anarchy 2024


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This live event contains strong coarse language (L), and intense violence (V) which may be unsuitable for younger viewers. Do NOT try to do reenact anything you see from this event at home.

Ovo Hydro in Glasgow

The screen flickers to life, revealing a chilling scene of the Ovo Hydro in Glasgow, Scotland. The air is thick with anticipation, the crowd's energy palpable. The camera pans across the arena, capturing the sea of eager faces, their eyes reflecting the electric atmosphere. The cameras then pan about the massive stage, a live band ready to play, the stage is insane.


VOICEOVER: "Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Asylum Wrestling Society's Anarchy 2024! We are coming to you live from the heart of Glasgow, where chaos will reign, and legends will be born."

The screen transitions to a haunting image of an abandoned lunatic asylum, its eerie silence belying the storm that's about to unfold within its walls.

VOICEOVER: "Tonight, we have eight colossal matches on the card, each promising a spectacle of strength, skill, and sheer willpower. This massive stage welcoming the envy of enthusiasts of professional wrestling."

The scene shifts to a montage of the wrestlers - The Mystery Man, Ethan Murphy, and Eddie Williams, their faces etched with determination and resolve.

VOICEOVER: "Indeed it is the most insane design I've seen in pro wrestling in quite some time. And in our Main Event, a Triple Threat Match like no other awaits us. In the chilling confines of an abandoned lunatic asylum, The Mystery Man, Ethan Murphy, and Eddie Williams will battle it out for the coveted AWS Apex Championship."

The screen splits to reveal our commentators for the night - Salma "Mia" Russo and Ginnifer "Gidget" Stephenson, their faces alight with excitement.

MIA: "This is Mia Russo, alongside Ginnifer Stephenson, and we can't wait to bring you every heart-stopping moment of tonight's action."

GIDGET: "That's right, Mia. The stakes have never been higher, the tension never thicker. Welcome, everyone, to Anarchy 2024. Let the madness begin!"

With that, the screen fades to black, leaving behind a lingering sense of anticipation and the echoing promise of an unforgettable night.

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Tag Team Tables Match Match
Viper Squad (Madd Morales & Monster Mammoth) • versus • The Kaos Twins (Adam & Jonathan Kaos) w/ Abbie Kaos

SONG: "The following contest is a tag team tables match!"

The referee gets into place inside the ring, Song Teng is ready to announce the first team.

SONG: "Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Abbie Kaos! Weighing 425 pounds, from Syracuse, New York. They are The Kaos Twins!!!!"

As the theme plays Morales takes the lead as he leaps onto the stage from the back and holds out his arms, taking in the boos and cheers from the crowd. As Mammoth comes out, He raises a single arm up as Morales raises his hands in his demon horn pose, but then reverses them slowly into fangs as moves back and forth from Mammoth’s left and right, playing peekaboo with the camera as he trash talks into the camera. Mammoth walks slowly and methodically to the ring, whereas Morales bounces to the beat, cheering with those that join in, jeering those who boo him. Every now and then he would jeer a fan who would be scared off by Mammoth standing behind him, but Morales would act like it was due him and not Mammoth. Finally as they reach the ring, Morales would enter his usual way, jumping horizontally to slide in the ring and then he would sit on the ropes to open them for Mammoth. He then runs and jumps on the turnbuckle and lifts his hands to throw up the devil horns as Mammoth stands next to him, one hand gripping the top rope and the other raised as if trying to choke the very air around the ring.

SONG: "And their opponents, at a combined weight of 547 pounds, they are Madd Moreles and Monster Mammoth, Viper Squad!!!!"

The referee calls for the bell.


The bell rings, and chaos ensues as Adam and Morales collide in the center of the ring, exchanging heavy blows and quick reversals! Adam goes for a haymaker but Morales drops into a low sweep that Adam jumps to avoid, right into a low angle Enziguri from Morales! Meanwhile, Mammoth and Jonathan spill out of the ring, their brawl intensifying as they trade punches and grapples on the unforgiving floor on the outside. Mammoth takes the early advantage due to his strength, lifting up Jonathan to slam into the barricade but Jonathan slips out and instead pushes Mammoth into the steel steps! He then tries to lift him for a suplex but fails, as Mammoth reverses it into his own suplex that Jonathan quickly floats over out of and they are back to trading heavy strikes! Amidst the back and forth outside, the action in the ring resumes as Adam seizes an opportunity, hurling Morales towards the ropes. But instead of rebounding, Morales leaps over lightning speed, executing a breathtaking somersault plancha that takes out Jonathan and leaves Mammoth stunned. The crowd erupts in cheers as Morales and Mammoth circle the ring, stalking it like predators to the lone Kaos Twin. Abby is shown going to help Jonathan up, while Mammoth and Morales stand on the ring apron. Adam decides to make the first move and charges Mammoth, giving overhand shots to reign in the Peak of Freak. Morales enters from behind and goes to roll backwards into a chaos theory suplex. Adam fights out after the roll and elbows Morales away, but this has bought time for Monster Mammoth to enter the ring. Hitting a big boot into leg drop combination, Freak Facts, he and Morales lay a beat down on Adam while he is alone. Mammoth, indulging in the violence, grabs Adam and hoists him onto his shoulders, ready to powerbomb him through a nearby table on the outside of the ring. Before he can execute Adam, Jonathan emerges with a steel chair, his eyes filled with malice. Mammoth hesitates for a moment, his grip loosening on Adam, dropping him to the floor just short of the table.  Sensing an opening, Jonathan swings the chair with brutal force, slamming it into Mammoth’s back. A sure hit that echoes through the arena but  Mammoth instead turns slowly, anger in his eyes at the audacity as he snatches Jonathan by the throat, lifting him effortlessly into the air. With a deafening roar, he chokeslams Jonathan onto the unforgiving apron, the impact echoing throughout the arena. Jonathan falls onto the floor as Adam runs up on Mammoth with the steel chair his brother left in the ring. The second shot staggers the Peak of Freak and gives him pause. As he turns around, Morales jumps into the air and gives a Van-Terminator style kick into the chair, sending it right into Adam's face. Morales grabs the chair and batters Adam over the back with it while Mammoth gets up and sets a table in the center of the ring. Mammoth, now in control, sets Adam up on the table, his massive hand wrapped around his opponent's throat. The crowd holds its breath as Morales ascends the turnbuckle, his eyes fixed on his target. Madd Morales points his fingers into his usual devil horns taunt before he leaps and executes a breathtaking corkscrew moonsault, the Eighth Deadly Sin!, crashing through the table and eliminating Adam from the match! As the chaos continues to escalate in the ring, Mammoth and Morales seem poised to secure their dominance by putting Jonathan through a table next. Mammoth grabs Jonathan, hoisting him up with ease into the electric chair position as Morales calls for the end, looks like it's time to Unleash the Freaks! However, just as Morales climbs to the top turnbuckle and is about to execute the devastating finisher, Abbie rushes to the scene. With a desperate lunge, she pulls Jonathan down, narrowly saving him from the impending destruction. The crowd gasps in surprise at her unexpected intervention and bravery as she stands face to face with the Peak of Freak, who looks angry that she has denied him his victim. Unfortunately for her, the Freak looks undeterred, and  Mammoth's eyes narrow with rage. He grabs the manager by the throat, holding her in place effortlessly despite her struggles. Then he lifts her up, seating her in the electric chair position on his massive shoulders. Abbie struggles futilely, realizing the perilous position she's in. The change in target makes Morales hesitate for a moment, unsure of how to proceed. With a shrug, he decides to seize the moment launching himself off the top rope, executing a cutter from the top rope driving Abbie through the table with the Freaks Unleashed! With Abbie writhing on the ground, Mammoth kicks her from the ring. Looking around for Jonathan to finish the match. Morales sets up another table and while Mammoth is looking one way, Jonathan comes in from the other. Jonathan bashes a table into Mammoth's back, staggering the Peak of Freak and sending him to one knee. Jonathan throws the table into a nearby turnbuckle and is met with a super kick from Madd Morales. Jonathan and Morales become locked in a fierce exchange of strikes and counterattacks. Morales hits Jonathan with one more low angle enzuigiri before lifting and laying him prone on top of his table. With lightning speed, Morales ascends the turnbuckle, preparing to deliver another moonsault, but just as Morales launches himself into the air, Jonathan anticipates the move, rolling off and sending Morales crashing through the table instead! The crowd erupts in astonishment as the tables turn in Jonathan's favor, no pun intended! Jonathan rolls over and rests on a table that he had previously set up in the corner, unknowingly putting himself in more danger as Mammoth, fueled by rage, charges towards Jonathan with the force of a freight train. However once again Jonathan, with cat-like reflexes, dodges at the last second, causing Mammoth to crash into a table! Sensing an opportunity to capitalize on the chaos, Adam rushes back into the fray, determined to assist Jonathan in securing victory. Together, they set their sights on Mammoth, who they view as the bigger threat! Knowing that as an eliminated competitor, Adam cannot legally eliminate anyone himself,  Adam and Jonathan position Mammoth on the table, setting the stage for Jonathan to deliver the decisive blow. Climbing to the turnbuckle, Jonathan then leaps into the air and  hits a splash that sends Mammoth crashing through the table. The crowd roars with excitement as Jonathan and Adam seize control of the match. As they move on to set up Morales for the same punishment, Mammoth, reeling as victory slipping from his grasp, unleashes his full fury. Yelling in rage, the Peak of Freak jumps back to his feet and delivers devastating blow after blow, knocking out both Adam and Jonathan, leaving them sprawled on the mat. Mammoth then maneuvers Jonathan into position, setting up for a move that will secure their victory. With a roar that shakes the arena, Mammoth hoists Morales into the air for a power bomb and then climbs the turnbuckle. He yells out "UNLEASH THE FREAKS!" before executing a super Powerbomb from hell that sends Morales crashing through Jonathan and the table, which signals the end of the match as Morales puts Jonathan through the table, technically.

The arena erupts with a mixture of shock and awe as Mammoth's desperate move pays off, securing the victory for his team. Mammoth lifts the groggy Morales up to celebrate the win and Viper's Squad first victory of many to come!

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Singles Match
Trelisa Perrault • versus • Denise Dev'il

SONG: "The following contest is scheduled for one fall!"

Trelisa poses on stage as the music starts playing. Always coming out in some flashy over the top designer coat as if she's just leaving a Hollywood party, and designer sunglasses. Around her party lights flash all around the arena in all different colors.

"Turn it up"

With that Trelisa casts aside her sunglasses and begins her walk down to the ring. Moving as if on a catwalk while keeping her right arm raised, and her chin up as if she's above the moment she'll occasionally stoping to interact with fans. Jeering or high fiving depending on if she's playing the heel or face role in the moment. Then moving to the northside of the ring she climbs onto the apron. Swaying her hips in a small dancelike motion as she rises to her full height. She pauses and brings her index and middle finger to her lips before blowing a kiss to the audience and winking. Then slipping under the bottom rope she moves to the opposite side of the ring and poses one final time. Taking off her jacket and preparing for the match as the music stops.

SONG: "Introducing first, weighing 135 pounds, from Paris, France! She is Trelisa Perrault!!!!"

The house lights go down, as red lights go over the crowd. The sounds of bells tolling echoes over the arena. Two balls of white light streak through the sky, and hit the stage, as fog starts to rise from the back of the stage."Ain't No Grave (Hold my Body Down)" By Johnny Cash begins to play over the loudspeaker as the sound of a whining horse is heard from within the fog. The tron comes to life with the scene of an open desert. It soon changes to scenes from Denise's previous matches and fights outside the ring. As the fog begins to clear we see Denise dressed in black and silver, on top of her horse. She taps the horse lightly and it goes into a light canter and starts to make her way down the ramp way with the wide brimmed hat down over her face as she does. When she reaches the ring she pulls back in the reigns, and dismounts, handing the reigns off to a stagehand to take the horse backstage. She climbs the stairs and enters the ring and removes the long black cloak that is over her shoulders, along with the wide brimmed hat and tosses it in the corner.

SONG: "And her opponent, weighing 138 pounds, from Sleepy Hollow, New York; she is the reigning KORE Combat Champion! The Death Bringer, Denise Dev'il!!!!"

As the two women circle around the ring like sharks surround chum in the water, the referee then calls for the bell.


MIA: "These two women don't know each other; they are about to though."

"Denise grabs onto Trelisa and whips her into the ropes smashing her in the chest with sledgehammer like force. Denise picks up Trelisa, lifts her onto her shoulders and drops her down but Trelisa manages to get away."

MIA: "Close but to no avail there."

GIDGET: "Probably going for a GTS there, that would've ended this match early."

MIA: "The Combat champion nearly stole one there."

GIDGET: "Denise grabs onto Trelisa, Trelisa wiggles free and pops Denise with a hard right hand. Denise ducks a second attempt and hits a picture-perfect dropkick."

MIA: "Trelisa pops up, goes for a dropkick of her own."

GIDGET: "Denise hits Trelisa with a hard right hand of her own, Trelisa twists and smashes Denise with a backhand right to the nose."

MIA: "Denise is rocked but does not go down."

GIDGET: "Trelisa goes for a clothesline, Denise counters and hits her with a neck breaker."

MIA: "Denise pulls Trelisa off the canvas, locks both arms and drives her face first into the canvas with a DDT."



GIDGET: "Count of two there!"

MIA: "Denise immediately up onto her feet, Trelisa slowly up to her knees, Denise flies in with a beautiful disaster kick and covers her."


GIDGET: "Trelisa kicks out two!"

MIA: "Denise reaches into her boot; the referee sees what's in her hand."

GIDGET: "Denise got caught, she has a pair of brass knuckles in her hand."

MIA: "The referee admonishes Denise who drops the brass knuckles and hits another beautiful disaster kick on Trelisa."

Denise jaw jacks with the referee and the fans.

GIDGET: "Denise better not be trying to cheat to win here."

MIA: "She got caught, what more can we say."

Denise turns around, the referee doesn't see that Trelisa has the brass knuckles, she hits Denise with a hard right hand and tosses them.

GIDGET: "Did you see that? Cover!"


The referee calls for the bell.


SONG: "Here is your winner, Trelisa Perrault!!!!"

GIDGET: "Doh! She cheated with those brass knuckles. I'm going to tell the referee."

MIA: "You'll do no such thing, sit your ass down Gidget!"

GIDGET: "The fans are chanting 'you cheated', the referee's decision is final however."

MIA: "This isn't the end of these two, I suspect. Let's go backstage for a moment."

As Trelisa celebrates the scene cuts to the backstage area where Denise Dev'il is absolutely livid right now.

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AWS Tag Team Championships
Tag Team Tables, Ladders & Chairs Match
Centre of Attention © • versus • The Twins

SONG: “The following contest is a Tables, Ladders & Chairs match for the AWS Tag Team Championships! The only ways to win are via pin, submission, or retrieval of the belts.”

The lights flicker off, the fans go silent as eerie smoke and red light fills the arena. The lights flicker again, and The Undying Twins are standing inside the ring.

SONG:  “Introducing first, the challengers, The Undying Twins!”

Their entrance video consists of a red, silver, and black eyeball taking up the Extreme-Tron with red lightning bolts on the ramp design. As for the music, the team gets onto the stage in a single file line. Some members are smiling and smirking, others looking stoic and stone-faced. But all of them are ready to march down to the ring to handle business. Once they get to ringside, they each go to a separate side of the ring and stand on the apron. Making sure that everyone in the arena can see a member of the Centre Of Attention before they enter the ring.

SONG: “And their opponents, weighing in at 287 pounds, they are the reigning, defending AWS Tag Team Champions; Olympia Waybright & Desiree Forte, Center of Attention!!!!”

The bell rings.

MIA: “Hehehe and Hahaha exit the ring, grabbing a table from ringside and pushing it into the ring, Desiree grabs the table and sets it up as the twins throw chairs into the ring nearly hitting Olympia.”

GIDGET: “We got a strange start here; the COA are sitting ducks in the ring if they refuse to leave the ring.”

MIA: “Desiree grabs a chair and leaps onto the top turnbuckle barreling into Hahaha with a splash smashing into him/her in the process. Olympia pushes the table to the side, slides from the ring and grabs onto a ladder underneath the ring.”

GIDGET: “Oh boy, time for the hardware to get an upgrade here in a moment.”

MIA: “Olympia slides into the ring, goes to grab onto the ladder and Hehehe grabs onto the other side and pushes it up into Olympia’s face, causing blood to trickle from her nose.”

GIDGET: “That’s bad.”

MIA: “Hehehe slides into the ring, lays onto Olympia, and goes for a lackadaisical cover. The referee pops into the ring.”


Kick out at the count of two.

GIDGET: “Hahaha pops up, a little worse for wear, Olympia smashes Hahaha with the chair to the gut and smashes Hahaha with it across the back.”

MIA: “Olympia enters the ring, smashes Hehehe with the chair and then drops Hahaha with a headshot with that same chair.”

GIDGET: “Olympia drops the chair onto the canvas, her and Desiree finish dragging the ladder over and setting it up. Desiree picks up a chair, Olympia starts to climb to the top of the ladder.”

MIA: “Hehehe is worse for wear but manages to get up, SPEAR! Hehehe with a spear on Desiree right into the ladder!”

GIDGET: “Olympia falls to the outside as the ladder hits the ropes crashing through a table setup on the outside.”

MIA: “The fans are on their feet.”

GIDGET: “HOLY SHIT! Fans are into this match now.”

MIA: “Hahaha and Hehehe both get up, Hehehe directs traffic and Hahaha sets up the ladder while Hahaha picks up Desiree and dumps her over the top rope.”

GIDGET: “Hahaha climbs the ladder while Hehehe stands guard, no not this way.”

MIA: “Olympia is barely moving; Desiree is moving but stumbles to get to her feet.”

GIDGET: “Hahaha is almost there; they’re going to win this match!”

MIA: “Desiree finally gets her footing, grabs onto the ankle of Hehehe and pulls Hehehe out of the ring. Planting Hehehe with a Double Arm DDT into the floor.”

GIDGET: “Hahaha reaches the top of the ladder, Desiree and now Olympia are in the ring and Hahaha is in a bad way. They start to push and pull the ladder back and forth with Hahaha holding on for dear life.”

MIA: “Desiree lets go and Olympia allows the ladder to topple over sending Hahaha over the top rope and into the front row of fans.”

GIDGET: “With both clowns down, COA centers the ladder, and both start to climb up, Desiree grabs one belt and Olympia grabs the other unhooking the belts, pulling them down just as Hehehe climbs into the ring in an attempt to knock the ladder down.”

The bell rings as the ladder teeters and sends the champions flying into the fans.


SONG: “Here are your winners, and still the reigning AWS Tag Team Champions; Center of Attention!!!!”

MIA: “They certainly don't look like winners right now, in a heap at the feet of the fans."

GIDGET: “No definitely not."

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AWS C4 Division Championship
Ultimate X Match
Xander Croft © • versus • Tetsuo Oni IV • versus • Drake Nygma • versus • Summer Bliss • versus • TJ Alexander • versus • Ace Sky

The tension is palpable as six of the C4 Division's top competitors stand in the ring, eyeing the X-shaped structure hanging high above the ring. Xander Croft, Tetsuo Oni IV, Drake Nygma, Summer Bliss, TJ Alexander, and Ace Sky are all vying for the chance to become the new C4 Division Champion in this Ultimate X Match.

As the bell rings, chaos ensues. Wrestlers pair off, trading blows and trying to gain the upper hand. Xander Croft, the high-flying daredevil, takes to the ropes early, attempting to make his way to the center of the X structure. But Tetsuo Oni IV, the powerhouse of the group, has other plans, cutting him off with a thunderous clothesline.

Meanwhile, Drake Nygma and Summer Bliss are locked in a fierce battle of their own. Nygma, known for his technical prowess, tries to outmaneuver the agile Bliss, but she surprises him with a series of quick strikes, sending him reeling.

On the other side of the ring, TJ Alexander and Ace Sky are brawling on the apron, each trying to knock the other to the floor below. Sky gains the advantage with a well-placed kick, but before he can capitalize, Alexander catches him with a jaw-dropping suplex, sending them both crashing to the mat.

Back in the center of the ring, Croft and Oni are climbing the structure, each inching closer to the championship belt suspended above. They trade blows on the narrow beam, but it's Croft who gains the upper hand, knocking Oni to the mat below.

With the path clear, Croft reaches out for the belt, but before he can grab it, Summer Bliss comes flying out of nowhere, launching herself from the top rope and grabbing the belt herself. The crowd erupts as the referee rings the bell, declaring Summer Bliss the new C4 Division Champion.

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AWS Deathmatch Championship
No Ropes Barbed Wire Death Match
Scotty Paine © • versus • Jamal Payne

SONG: “The following contest is a No Ropes Barbed Wire Death for the AWS Deathmatch Championship!”

“Break Ya Neck” by Busta Rhymes blasts out of the PA system, Jamal Payne nods his head to the beat of his music, fleshes his muscles a bit while his steam entrance goes off behind him. Jamal makes a direct path to the ring and looks at his opponent. Getting straight to business.

SONG: “Introducing first, the challenger, weighing 303 pounds, from Smithfield, Virginia. “Freight Train” Jamal Payne!!!!”

”Here Comes The Pain” by Slayer blasts out of the PA System, as Scotty pushes a shopping cart full of hardcore goodies out onto the stage. He pauses at the top of the ramp and strikes a cross-like pose before continuing down the long steel ramp. He shoves his cart up alongside the ring apron, and then climbs into the squared circle. Scotty takes a seat in the corner, with his back resting against the bottom turnbuckle. He whips his nose with a heavily taped fist, as a wicked snicker escapes his lips.

SONG: “And his opponent, weighing 245 pounds, from The Asylum. The reigning, defending, AWS Deathmatch Champion; “The Crow” Scotty Paine!!!!”

The referee calls for the bell.


MIA: “This match is now underway!”

GIDGET: “The ropes are gone; this match will not be for the weak at heart.”

MIA: “Scotty makes the first move and smashes Jamal upside the head with a hard right hand. Jamal responds with a sledgehammer like blow to the gut and whips Scotty into the barbed wire.”

GIDGET: “Scotty is writhing in pain as Jamal revels in the agony that his opponent is in.”

MIA: “Jamal grabs onto Scotty, smashing him with several right hands and trying to extricate him from the barbed wire. Jamal manages to get Scotty out, grabbing onto him and driving him into the canvas with a running powerslam.”

GIDGET: “Scotty in agony as the barbed wire did a number to his back, scratching the flesh.”

MIA: “Jamal goes for a cover.”


Kickout at two.

MIA: “Jamal gets up, walks over and grabs onto a kendo stick sitting in a trash can inside the ring, whacking Scotty with the stick over and over again.”

GIDGET: “This is a methodical dismantling of a legendary superstar.”

MIA“Scotty may just be down and out at this point, Jamal grabs onto a light tube and smashes it across the forehead and then takes the broken piece digging it into the skin of the forehead on Scotty.”

GIDGET: “Scotty screams in agony as the blood flows from his brow, Jamal wants that title at any cost.”

MIA: “Scotty desperately hits Jamal with a low blow that separates him from Jamal, Scotty writhes in pain as he wipes the blood from his forehead with the t-shirt he’s wearing.”

GIDGET: “Scotty grabs onto Jamal, pulling him up.”

MIA: “Scotty pulls Jamal over to the trashcan and pulls out a stapler and staples his forehead several times. What the hell is this guy thinking?”

GIDGET: “He’s thinking survival at any cost.”

MIA: “Scotty picks Jamal off the canvas, release German suplex into the trashcan which the contents spill out all over the ring.”

GIDGET: “Scotty is desperate to hold onto the Deathmatch Title and he’s not afraid to do whatever it takes.”

MIA: “Scotty walks over, finds a pair of wire cutters on the canvas and walks over to the barbed wire ropes, snipping a portion of the ropes and goes over to Jamal wrapping the barbed wire around Jamal’s forehead, Jamal trying to block it, but his hands are getting shredded.”

GIDGET: “Scotty punches Jamal repeatedly in the face.”

MIA: “Gidget this story between these two must end tonight as it’s been going on for a while. Both men have victories over the other.”

GIDGET: “No question they are trying maim one another, this stipulation can end or shorten careers.”

MIA“Scotty signals for the end, pulls Jamal up and places his head between the crux of his arm, driving Jamal face first into the canvas with FEEL THE PAINE!”



The referee calls for the bell.


SONG: “Here is your winner, AND STILL AWS Deathmatch Champion! Scotty Paine!!!!”

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AWS United Kingdom Championship + AWS Legacy Championship
2-Out of 3-Falls Match
Necra Octavian Kane © • versus • Abbigail Dresden ©

**First Fall:**  
The match kicks off with both competitors showing great technical prowess, countering each other's moves with precision. Necra, known for her dark and methodical style, gains the upper hand with her power moves. However, Abbigail's agility and quickness keep her in the game. After a series of near falls, Necra hits her finisher, "Dark Requiem," to secure the first fall, putting Abbigail at a disadvantage.

**Second Fall:**  
Abbigail, determined to even the score, comes back aggressively in the second fall. She utilizes her high-flying moves and submission holds to wear down Necra. Despite Necra's resilience, Abbigail manages to lock in her signature submission hold, "Dresden's Lock," forcing Necra to tap out, tying the score.

**Third Fall:**  
With the score tied, both competitors are exhausted but refuse to give up. They exchange brutal strikes and impactful moves, each trying to secure the decisive fall. As the match reaches its climax, chaos ensues when both wrestlers get into a heated argument with the referee over a close count.

As the referee tries to maintain order, Necra and Abbigail, frustrated and fueled by their intense rivalry, ignore the referee's warnings and continue to brawl outside the ring. The referee is forced to call for the bell, declaring the match a double disqualification. Despite the lack of a clear winner, both Necra Octavian Kane and Abbigail Dresden prove their resilience and determination, setting the stage for a future rematch to settle the score once and for all.

**Result:** Double Disqualification, each wrestler winning one fall.

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AWS Apex Championship

Triple Threat Abandoned Asylum Match
Mystery Man © • versus • Ethan Murphy • versus • Eddie Williams ©
If the Masked Man loses the match he must unmask immediately.

An Abandoned Asylum
Somewhere Outside of London

A triple box shows all three men arriving at the abandoned lunatic asylum clad in their street clothes ready for battle. Each carrying weapons with them. The Mystery Man enters the front entrance, the place with chipping paint, water dripping on weathered dirt covered floors, wheelchairs, and hospital beds eerily still where they were left when the place closed its doors.

MIA: That place is very creepy. Lots of debris littering the setting for this match.”

GIDGET: Mystery Man searches around carrying an aluminum baseball bat, the very tool he may use on one or both of his opponents tonight.”

MIA: I certainly want the Mystery Man lurking around the corner, that man is a crazy son of bitch.”

GIDGET: I’ve noticed Ethan Murphy is just around the bend from MM, we’re getting some action momentarily.”

MIA: Ethan catches the eye of camera following MM as he comes around the corner, here we go. Ethan takes a swing with his golf club; Mystery Man blocks and you can hear the ding of the aluminum as the too men lock in a sword battle.”

Their weapons fall to the floor, MM and Ethan lock up in and push each other all over the first floor smashing each other into everything they see.

GIDGET: MM picks up a bed pan and smashes it over Ethan’s forehead, that’ll give you a concussion if not careful.”

MIA: MM lays Ethan on a bed and proceeds to smash him in the forehead with punches, one after another. MM suddenly hears footsteps behind the nearest wall, he picks up the baseball bat and gets in a stance. Eddie Williams rounds the corner, MM smashes him in the gut with the baseball bat and drives the end of the bat into his neck.”

GIDGET: MM not wasting any movements here.”

MIA: Eddie writhing in pain gets up off the floor, Ethan grabs onto MM from behind and Eddie proceeds to slam his fists into MM’s gut.”

GIDGET: Alliances form, but one of these men are looking to become champion here tonight.”

MIA: MM fights back and hip tosses Ethan into Eddie and proceeds to hit Ethan with a curb stomp into the floor.”

GIDGET: Eddie gets up and charges, kicking MM in the face and proceeds to bash him with a high knee for good measure. Eddie proceeds to grab onto MM and smashes him headfirst into the nearby wall.”

MIA: None of these men are coming out of this match the same way they came into it.”

GIDGET: Eddie now searching around and grabs onto a bed pan sitting on an old wheelchair, bashes MM in the face as he turns around and then proceeds to smash him over and over again with it.”

MIA: Eddie getting violent right now, this fight is far from over and he knows it, but he kicks MM in the face and then covers him.”

A referee comes out of an old closet, gets on the dirty floor, and starts to make the count.


GIDGET: No! Kick out at two for MM.”

MIA: That was close but to no avail, MM is still alive in this fight. Where the hell did the referee come from?”

GIDGET: Maybe he was planted there before the show.”

MIA: Obviously smart ass! Ethan comes into the frame, he grabs onto Eddie and hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex into the hallway of the Asylum, landing wasn’t so soft.”


MIA: Ethan grabs onto MM, hits him with a modified fame asser and goes for the cover!”


GIDGET: No! Kick out at two for MM.”

MIA: MM is doing the best that he can but how long can he survive this onslaught?”

GIDGET: Eddie out of nowhere with a spear on Ethan!”

MIA: Cover!”


GIDGET: Two and a half, so damn close but MM manages to break up the cover.”

MIA: MM grabs Eddie, he drives Eddie with a DDT into the floor.”

GIDGET: Cover!”


MIA: Ethan breaks up the pin attempt at two and a half.”

GIDGET: Swinging back and forth and back again!”

MIA: For sure. MM gets up, Ethan gets up, Eddie laid out on the dirty floor.”

GIDGET: The third wheel is sleeping his night away.”

MIA: Hahaha! Very funny. MM and Ethan start to punch one another, they go punch for punch. These two guys really despise one another.”

GIDGET: They do indeed despise each other.”

MIA: Ethan kicks MM in the gut, Ethan then locks up MM and smashes his head through a window. MM's mask torn slightly in the exchange.”

GIDGET: Eddie comes in, slowly stumbling and Ethan kicks him in the gut and hits him with Murphy's Law, oh my gawd!”

MIA: Cover!”


The bell rings inside the arena after the match ends.

SONG: Here is your winner, AND NEW! AWS Apex Champion! 'The Red Rocket' Ethan Murphy!!!!”

GIDGET: "No time for celebration, it's unfortunately time for Mystery Man to unmask."

MIA: “The new champion stares at Mystery Man, Ethan has been fighting this man for a bit."

The Mystery Man gets to his feet, his tattered mask covered in blood as he reaches up reluctantly and pulls it off, just like that.

GIDGET: "Oh my GOD!"

MIA: "Hades that is Thantos Myssiah!"

GIDGET: "Unbelievable!"

MIA: "The Death Stalker is here! What a night, we have a new Apex Champion, Thantos Messiah turned out to be the Mystery Man. Oh my hades! What more could we ask for?"

GIDGET: "Incredible action and exciting conclusions. This is what we're about here in Asylum!"

MIA: "Good night from Glasgow everyone, from all of us here in Asylum, see you all next time."

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