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KD Feigel Vs. Mike Dimter


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*Match Two*

~Xtremist Match~

KD Feigel  Vs. Mike Dimter

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Scene: The Kaos Manor, a grand but slightly dilapidated mansion on the outskirts of town. Inside, the living room is adorned with wrestling memorabilia, trophies, and posters. "Kid Kaos" KD Feigel, dressed in his signature chaotic attire, sits on a plush sofa, flanked by The Kaos Twins, Jonathan, and Adam Kaos, who look equally menacing in their gear. They are deep in conversation about the upcoming KORE Assault match.

KD Feigel: (excitedly) Gentlemen, this is it! The moment we've been waiting for. "Bad Ass" Mike Dimter thinks he's got what it takes to take down the Feigel legacy. But he's in for a rude awakening.

Mike you’ve got people fooled if you think you can beat me, you’re facing the progeny of Charlie Feigel for fucks sakes. This match is about me putting your ass through the proverbial table come Assault. I’ve been in every hardcore match booker can put me through and I’m still kicking it.

KD takes a deep breath and laughs a bit.

KD Feigel: To me, Mike you’re just a roadblock to bigger and better things. That wrestling ring is my playground and unfortunately Mike you’re the one stepping on the grass. The big dog on that playground is me and I’m ready to tear you to shreds.

Mike, this isn’t the beginning of our journey, we’ve been here before, haven’t we? Not once have you beaten me in all the years, we’ve known one another. This extreme match has no rules, has no holds barred, it is essentially a one-sided affair considering you can’t wrestle yourself out of a paper bag (laughs). There will be no excuses Mike when my hand is raised in victory and your ass will be laid out looking at the lights. (clenching his fists) KORE Assault will be the beginning of the end for you "Bad Ass" Mike Dimter.

Adam Kaos: (grinning) Raise hell and takes names like your father did before you, brother.

KD Feigel: (standing up, pumping his fist) This is our moment, gentlemen. The moment we show the world what it means to embrace chaos. Dimter, you better be ready, because chaos is coming for you. And when I'm done with you, there won't be a single shred of doubt left.

Jonathan Kaos: (pumping his fist in the air) to Kid Kaos!

Abbie Kaos: No, no, no. TO KAOS!

Everyone (in unison, everyone raising their fists in the air): TO KAOS!

Fade to Black.

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