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Preferred Schedule: Bi-weekly works, monthly too.

Picture Base: Evil Starlight Kid if no other pic available. 

Picture Base Image:

AI Generated Adaptation: TetsuoOniIV.jpg

Pic Base : Starlight Kid (Stardom)

Ring Name: Tetsuo Oni IV

Real Name: **It’s a secret! She wears a mask for a reason**

Also Known As: Iron Demon, Metal Demon, Princess Demon. Metal Princess, Iron Princess, Chibi Oni

Disposition/Alignment: Honor code having face.

Hometown: Hailing from Okinawa Prefecture, Japan (Just like all the rest of the Tetsuo Oni’s while in the mask. So this isn’t an indication on where she’s actually from)

Gender: CIS Female

Height: 5’ 5”

Weight: 133 lbs

Age: Early 20’s

Birthdate: Nope, not telling.

Favorite Match: Traditional pure wrestling, although she’s looking forward to ladder matches or things where she can show off a bit of her spot making skills. She's not that big on the hardcore stuff... yet.

Least Favorite Match: deathmatch or too extreme to where the gimmick is all there is. It doesn’t highlight skill or ability. She thinks they're used to cover up for the lack of talent in the individual fighters.

Favorite Weapon(s): If she had to use one, she’s quite proficient with Kendo Sticks, or tonfas (which are like police nightsticks)

Fighting Styles: Technical Striker with some flashy high flying. She’s trained in a few martial arts. 

Similar to Wrestler: A handful of Joshi wrestlers for inspiration: Starlight Kid, Guilia, AZM, Fabi Apache, Unagi Sayuka,  KANA (Asuka), Iyo Shirai (Iyo Sky), KAIRI ( Kairi Sane) to name a few.

Gimmick Description: She’s now the 4th person to wear the Tetsuo Oni mask, this one only a couple of months after Testuo Oni III removed his mask in the CWF. However, there are rumors that she’s NOT supposed to be in the mask, and that a 4th Tetsuo Oni has not been picked yet. She’s the first female Tetsuo Oni.

Tetsuo Oni timeline:
2003-2006: Tetsuo Oni I (G. Ian Childress)
2008-2009: Tetsuo Oni II (Blaise McClancy)
2019-2023: Tetsuo Oni III (Gregory M. Salazar)
2024: Tetsuo Oni IV (????)

Entrance Theme Song : “Ready for Combat” by Icon for Hire

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVQuAdhKmy8


Entrance Description: (this can of course be edited for unique situations with the match, this is written as her coming out first as the rookies should be doing)

The  Opening bars to Icon for Hire's "Ready for Combat" starts to play through the Arena's PA system. The fourth Tetsuo Oni, steps out wearing her motley outfit of blues, purples and gray patches. She's wearing a matching robe. She stars to walk down to the ring, dancing a bit to the song, and the camera picks her up lip synching a bit to the song as well. 

She adds a bit of a flourish to her step and raises her arms to the soft part of the vocals:

"You can try to minimize me, but here's the truth I've been saving all my savage up just for you"

When she gets to the ring, she climbs up to the outside of the turnbuckle, then using the rops launches herself to sit on the top, where she can watch her opponent's entrance. She lets the robe fall over the top turnbuckle, so she's ready to get started.



Basic Moves:

Martial Arts Moves: Various punches, kicks, and strikes. Noted for using ridge hands (opposite edge of the hand from knife edge chops) instead of chops. She is able to jump and leap to get in jumping sidekicks and spinning back kicks. This includes moves like enziguris, bicycle kicks, ‘big boots’, and more. If it’s a kick, knee strike, ridgehand, elbow or punch she knows some way to use them.

Martial Arts Throws: She’s trained in a martial art that uses throws a lot (possibly judo or jiu jitsu, or maybe Aikido). She is quite happy to use an opponent's weight and/or momentum against them to toss them “ass over bandbox” to the mat. 

Joint Locks/armbars/legbars: being a judoka, she is apt at locking joints till they cause pain and trying to hold them. Her favorites are fingers (pinky especially. even a big man can be taken down with a pinky lock and over extension), but locking the wrist or elbow and gaining even some moment of control can turn the tide in a match.

Knee Strikes: She really likes using her knees for impact moves

  • Running knee strike to the head on a prone opponent
  • Kitchen sink running knee lift
  • Pull opponents head into a lifted knee.
  • Knees to the midsection in the corner. 
  • Meteora running double knees

Suplexes: getting to the wrestling side she’s quite fond of the following suplexes:

  • saito/back suplex
  • Tiger suplex ‘85 (double chicken wing suplex, including bridging style)
  • Release and Bridging German suplex
  • Dragon Suplex (including the snapdragon variant)
  • Exploder suplex (including wrist clutch and leg capture variants)
  • Butterfly suplex (double underhook)


  • Off top turnbuckle or springboard from 2nd or 3rd rope as needed
  • Standing moonsault


  • To the corner
  • Rolling senton
  • Off top turnbuckle

Topes & suicide dives

  • Over top rope
  • Between ropes
  • Off turnbuckles
  • Twisting or not on all the above. 


  • All types
  • She actually likes to target a single leg at the thigh or knee on running opponents. 
  • Otherwise, it’s a drop kick
  • Off springboard or missile dropkick off turnbuckle is fine as well.

Crossbody dives

  • Standard
  • a signature favorite is the “triple jump cross body” (see signature rope run & jump. One rope, to second rope, to cross body)

Hurricanrana of all types - She is wary of doing this against people too much bigger than her. It tends to get turned into a power bomb or buckle bomb if she can't get them over. So it is a rare move. 

Dragon Screw Leg Whip

Leg Drops - Springboard, standing or off ropes


  • Swinging and leghook swinging
  • Dropping
  • The dropping neckbreaker is a choice move when on the apron outside the ropes.
  • She also likes to do a diving off the top turnbuckle into a flipping neckbreaker.

Power Moves - She’s not a big girl, so the use of these tend to be against opponents closer to her size or smaller. But if they are, she'll have no problems trying to slow them down by adding impact moves to change things up. If they're too much bigger than her, then these are a no-go.

  • Body slams
  • Alabama slams
  • Vertical suplex or brainbuster
  • Fisherman’s suplex or fisherman’s buster.

Signature Moves:  

Yes, they're a lot... but she's a joshi puroresu. They tend to have a lot of signatures. 

Ring Toss Suplex - in honor of the most recent Tetsuo Oni (III), this is a half nelson leg hooked release suplex. As he did, she tries to toss them into the turnbuckles if she can. 

Iron Fist - A signature move of all 4 Tetsuo Oni’s so far, ripcord or short arm pull spinning backfist.

Matrix Dodge into reverse Crabwalk - usually leading to a Crabwalk/reverse crabwalk taunt, looking a bit creepy like the girl from japanese horror movies... except cute in a mask girl doing it. 

Oni Plex - Cross legged bridging leg wrap German suplex (like AZM’s C4 Bakuda, she likes to get this on people trying to kick her.

Oni Drop - Shinurai/sliced bread II. usually using her feet to climb the ropes or turnbuckles, but can do it as a counter or from a standing position with some effort.

Penalty Kick - soccer style kick to a seated opponent’s chest (or head)

Double Jeopardy - Double Knee off the top rope (usually to the back of an opponent that is getting up, but can target prone or standing opponents with it as well.)

Super-Duper Kick - Almost normal side thrust kick (super kick) to the chin/face/chest. But, she bends back more with this kick than most, to where at least one forearm is laying on the mat/ground. This allows a bit more extension to hit taller opponents and impact when she does it (making up for her smaller size a bit).She sometimes even comes out of it doing a side cartwheel to get out of the way of any possible follow up attacks if they 'mongo' and no sell.

No-Sell Walk Off, Duck or Roll - think Samoa Joe and his just dodging by casually moving out of the way, but with a bit more penache. Being smaller and faster than others, she will just duck, dodge, side step, roll, to get out of the way of big moves. They can’t hit that big impact move, if you’re just not there to take it. She is capable of dropping down into splits on a moment's notice as well.

Rope run & jump - when doing springboard moves, she likes to do it in an unconventional manner. She likes to head to the corner, and jump to the 2nd rope on one side, then go to the top rope on the other side of the corner. This switches focus on the move to come from a different side, running opponents will have to adjust things on the fly for anything coming off after that.

Finishing Moves: 

Iron Lock (submission) - Stretch muffler with a neck scissors added (Starlight Kid’s Black Tiger Leg Killer)

Iron Shadow (highflying, both on turnbuckle) - Moonsault Side Slam (aka Spanish Fly)

Iron Storm (highflying + submission) - off the turnbuckle or top rope springboard tornado ddt transitioned into a fujiwara armbar (aka tornado armbar or Amethyst Storm)

Metal Meteor Strike (highflying impact)  - Phoenix splash (twisting 450 splash off top rope). This is a big show/feud blow off type finisher.

Iron Lancer - Triangle Lancer Arm Bar. Best with video to describe: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=905165526570826

Brief Biography: 

Just about no one knows who is wearing the Tetsuo Oni mask now. But one thing is known. The mask was stolen from the Old 4 Winds Academy in Dallas, Texas. Now someone has shown up as Tetsuo Oni IV, but she’s changed the mask to fit her (much smaller) and is trying to get a name for herself. Of note is that it wasn’t the mask and gear of the most recent Tetsuo Oni III (Greg Salazar) but the gear of Tetsuo Oni II (Blaise McClancy) that was stolen.

While she appears to not be associated with the old 4 Winds Training program that spawned the previous 3 Tetsuo Onis, she still follows their rules and honor code. 

One thing is clear - she looks Japanese in what can be seen, but speaks perfect American English with a slight accent (non-texas American South-West).

Extra information that you want the commentators to mention?

While not a lot is known about her, it’s obvious from her mannerisms and moves in the ring that she’s had training in martial arts (soft forms like judo and aikido), dance, ballet and possibly gymnastics or cheerleading as well. 

Edited: 2/4/24 - added her basic entrance.

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