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AWS Ward XXXIII - Night 2


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This live event contains strong coarse language (L), and intense violence (V) which may be unsuitable for younger viewers. Do NOT try to do reenact anything you see from this event at home.

Oak Grove Lunatic Asylum in London

The cameras pan over the raucous crowd, attempting to capture the energy of the crowd while the AWS and Ward logos flash on the video screens. Then the cameras end up zooming in on the announce team of Salmia "Mia" Russo and Ginnifer "Gidget" Stephenson.


spacer.png MIA: "Good evening and welcome to Asylum Wrestling Society's thirty-third edition of Ward! Tonight, we've got a great lineup of matches that will set the professional wrestling world abuzz."

spacer.png GIDGET: "Four more matches in the lineup including the Television Title on the line in a fatal four-way."

spacer.png MIA: "Vin Halsted will take on Rex Chapman."

spacer.png GIDGET: "That'll be insane to say the least, to see Vin and Rex tear down the house."

spacer.png MIA: "Tt's time to get Ward started. Let's go to the ring, Song take it away!"

The cameras pan over the raucous crowd one more time before zooming in on Song Teng standing inside the ring ready to make the first introductions of the evening.

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Tag Team Match
House of Paine (DKM & Jigsaw) • versus • Viper Squad (Madd Morales & Monster Mammoth)

The arena buzzes with excitement as the teams make their way to the ring. House of Paine, known for their ruthless tactics and cunning strategies, enter first, followed by the monstrous duo of Viper Squad, Madd Morales and Monster Mammoth.

The match kicks off with DKM and Madd Morales starting for their respective teams. DKM uses his technical prowess to gain the upper hand, frustrating Madd Morales with his speed and agility. Madd manages to tag in Monster Mammoth, who unleashes a barrage of power moves, overwhelming DKM with his sheer strength.

Just as it seems like Viper Squad is gaining momentum, Jigsaw gets the hot tag. Jigsaw enters the ring like a whirlwind, taking down Monster Mammoth with a series of quick strikes. The tide turns in favor of House of Paine as they isolate Monster Mammoth, cutting off the ring and preventing Madd Morales from tagging in.

As the match reaches its climax, Madd Morales finally gets the tag and enters the ring to save his partner. But in a surprising turn of events, Jigsaw quickly rolls him up with a small package pin, catching Madd off guard. The referee counts to three, and the bell rings, declaring House of Paine the winners by pinfall.

The crowd erupts in cheers as House of Paine celebrates their victory, proving once again why they are a force to be reckoned with in the tag team division.

SONG: Here are your winners, House of Paine!!!!

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Singles Match
TJ Alexander • versus • Declan McGinnis

The two competitors circle each other, sizing up their opponent. TJ strikes first, going for a quick takedown, but Declan counters with a swift elbow to the jaw. Declan takes control, using his strength and technical prowess to dominate the early exchanges. However, TJ is quick and agile, managing to evade several of Declan's attacks.

As the match progresses, TJ starts to gain momentum, using his speed to outmaneuver Declan. He delivers a series of high-flying moves, wearing down his opponent. Declan fights back, showcasing his resilience and power, but TJ stays one step ahead.

In a decisive moment, TJ manages to hoist Declan onto his shoulders, executing the Game Over (Angel Wings) with precision. The impact shakes the ring as Declan crashes down. TJ seizes the opportunity and goes for the pin, the referee counting: "One! Two! Three!"

The crowd erupts in cheers as TJ celebrates his hard-fought victory. Both competitors show respect for each other, acknowledging the intensity of their battle. As TJ exits the ring, he raises his hands in triumph, his confidence shining brighter than ever.

SONG: Here is your winner, TJ Alexander!!!!

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AWS Television Championship
Fatal Four-Way Match

Trelisa Perrault • versus • Ace Sky • versus • Titus Manu • versus • AJ Flare

The crowd buzzed with excitement as the four competitors stood in the ring, eyeing the vacant AWS Television Championship hanging above them. Trelisa Perrault, the high-flying sensation, exuded confidence. Ace Sky, known for his technical prowess, looked focused. Titus Manu, the powerhouse, cracked his knuckles, ready for a fight. AJ Flare, the underdog with a heart of gold, soaked in the energy of the crowd.

As the bell rang, the match exploded into action. Trelisa Perrault wasted no time, using her speed and agility to take down both Ace Sky and Titus Manu with a flurry of kicks and flips. AJ Flare, however, had different plans and caught Trelisa mid-air, slamming her down with a spinebuster.

Ace Sky recovered quickly, locking Titus Manu in a tight submission hold. Titus roared in pain but refused to tap out, using his strength to power out of the hold and send Ace flying across the ring with a massive clothesline.

Meanwhile, AJ Flare and Trelisa Perrault exchanged quick pin attempts, each getting a two-count. The two then traded strikes in the center of the ring, neither willing to back down. As they battled, Titus Manu recovered and joined the fray, delivering devastating blows to both AJ and Trelisa.

In a surprising turn, Ace Sky climbed to the top rope and executed a breathtaking moonsault, taking out all three opponents at once. The crowd erupted in cheers as Ace stood tall, but his celebration was short-lived as Titus Manu grabbed him from behind and delivered a brutal powerbomb.

With the match reaching its climax, AJ Flare seized the opportunity. He dodged a charging Titus Manu and hit him with a superkick, followed by his finishing move, the Flare Up (a modified stunner). AJ then quickly covered Titus for the pinfall victory.

SONG: Here is your winner, AND NEW! AWS Television Champion! AJ Flare!!!!

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Main Event
Singles Match
Vin Halsted • versus • Rex Chapman

The arena is packed with enthusiastic fans, eagerly awaiting the clash between two titans of the ring. The lights flash, the music blares, and the atmosphere is electric as Vin Halsted makes his way to the ring, exuding confidence and charisma. Across from him, the rugged and determined Rex Chapman stands ready, focused on victory.

The bell rings, and the match is underway. Vin and Rex circle each other, looking for an opening. Rex strikes first with a powerful punch, but Vin counters with a swift kick to the midsection. The two grapplers trade blows, each showcasing their skill and determination.

As the match progresses, Vin gains the upper hand, wearing down Rex with a series of devastating moves. Finally, seizing an opportunity, Vin locks in his signature move, the CTFO (Rear Naked Choke), applying pressure with precision and skill.

Rex struggles to break free, but Vin's grip is too tight. With no other option, Rex is forced to tap out, signaling the end of the match. The crowd erupts in cheers as Vin is declared the victor, proving once again why he is a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional wrestling.

SONG: Here is your winner by submission, Vin Halsted!!!!

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