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Everett Aloni Vs. Cage Eames

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*Match One*

~Xtremist Match~

Everett Aloni Vs. Cage Eames

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The camera fades in to show KORE Interviewer Spanky Evens standing backstage, microphone in hand, a look of excitement and anticipation on his face.

Spanky Evens: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here backstage at KORE Assault with the one and only Irishman Cage Eames, the Beast of the Bayou! Cage, it's great to have you here. How are you feeling tonight?

Irishman Cage Eames: Thank you, Spanky. I'm feeling ready, focused, and hungry for victory. Tonight, Everette Aloni steps into the ring with me, but he's not just facing any opponent. He's facing the alligator of the ring, and let me tell you, the stories you've heard about alligators in the bayou, they ain't nothing compared to what I bring to the squared circle.

Spanky Evens: Speaking of the bayou, Cage, you call it home. What's it like living in such a unique and dangerous environment?

Irishman Cage Eames: Living in the swamp of New Orleans, it's like being in another world. The sounds, the sights, the smells, they all blend together to create this wild, untamed place. And yeah, there are stories about people getting eaten by alligators, but that's just the reality of living in the bayou. You learn to respect the land, the creatures, and most importantly, yourself.

Spanky Evens: Absolutely fascinating. Now, Cage, you've had quite the career, but you've mentioned before that you're out to prove yourself all over again. What drives you to keep pushing forward?

Irishman Cage Eames: It's simple, Spanky. I've tasted success before, I've reached the top of the mountain, and I know what it takes to get there. But life, it has a funny way of throwing you off course. I've had my setbacks, my challenges, but I refuse to stay down. I'm here to rebuild, to show the world that the Beast of the Bayou is back and hungrier than ever. Everette Aloni may think he's ready for me, but tonight, he's just another obstacle in my path to greatness.

Spanky Evens: Strong words from a determined competitor. Cage, thank you for your time, and best of luck in your match tonight.

Irishman Cage Eames: Thank you, Spanky. Tonight, the ring is my swamp, and Everette Aloni is in for a rude awakening.

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*Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. The home of “The Rock Hard Samoan” Everett Aloni and Makalisi Loto. The scene opens inside the living room of their house, the couple sitting on their velvet red fabric couch. Makalisi is more casual in her attire, wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt, grey sweats, fuzzy slippers, and her black hair with purple highlights up in a messy ponytail. Aloni is a bit more formal in his attire, a red collared shirt, black formal jacket, Nike's white and black shoes, and his black hair up in a ponytail with the sweatshirt draped over his shoulder. The two waved at the camera. They smile, and then Aloni begins to speak*


That was quite the thrilling main event, huh? The fearless leader of The Unknown, and or The Purge, or whatever the Hades, they call themselves now …taking on former World Heavyweight Champion, Johnny Vegas with his trusty piece of Candy at ringside. I was on the edge of my seat, throughout the whole match! I sat there in bated breath, wondering if my match against the Leader would remain a one-on-one encounter …or will Johnny boy be thrown into the mix, making it a Triple Threat. In the end, the Leader prevailed, defeating Johnny boy and denying him entry into our match. Good for you, guy. Keeping Johnny out of the match. This is between me and you. We don't need Johnny boy mucking things up with his presence. I can settle things with Johnny another time. Since Johnny isn't going to be involved in this clash, you can't make any excuses when I beat you and finally kill this rivalry. No blaming Johnny. The only person you can blame is yourself. Maybe even your group, if they mess things up for you. I'm sure you all were wondering where I was during the main event. I was advertised to be this Special Guest: Enforcer …yet I was nowhere to be seen. Guess you could say that I ...no showed. Hehe. I figured why waste the time, and energy to come all the way here …I can stay home with my girlfriend, the most beautiful woman in the world …and spend the day watching Disney Plus, I didn't want Johnny boy or the fearless Leader complaining about how I played a factor in their match. So, think of it as me invoking a rare day off. I'm The Rock Hard Samoan. I'll do what I want!!

*Aloni shrugs his shoulders, a slight grin on his face. Since he is a Three-Time World Heavyweight Champion. He thinks, he can do whatever he wants. Though this mindset, might rub people the wrong way, including the bossman. To him, he's living the Champion's life, and wants to enjoy every second of it while he can*


I bet it sucks to be you right now, Cage . On top of the world, friends hanging on your arm, and all that Championship draped over your shoulder. It must have felt nice, to feel important. To feel ...relevant. You were living quite the dream ...until the walls came crashing down around you, and your dreams turned into a nightmare. You got too comfortable. You let the Combat Championship get to your head. Someone had to knock you off your pedestal, and bring you back to reality. The light that was shining down on you dimmed out …and you're left in a sea of darkness. The spotlight gone. Your fifteen minutes of fame is over. Your dreams have been crushed. Now, you’re left with a feeling of nothingness. A void in your chest. I want you to feel, what I felt when I was chasing the World Heavyweight Championship for so long. Despair, Anger, and Frustration. Seeing all these people becoming World Heavyweight Champion before you …thinking that, it should be you in that position. When you, and your piece of candy started throwing tantrums following the loss …and lashed out at everyone. I knew that, you needed a reality check. That's exactly what the Leader did, when he beat you in another promotion. You are not owed anything. You are not entitled to a "rematch clause". You and practically everyone else use this supposed "rematch clause" as a tool to jump in front of the line. When I lost the what was named the Assault Championship, back then. I didn't use the rematch clause …cause it was trash! When Matthews and I lost the World Tag Team Championships, we didn't use the rematch clause. When Scotty lost the Horror-Core Championship, he didn't use the rematch clause. When Matthews, Nikita, and I lost the Trios Championships …we didn't the rematch clause. We were willing to scratch, and claw our way up the mountain again. That's what makes us stand out from the rest. While everyone else takes the easy way out, we will fight our way back into the title picture …taking down anyone, who stands in our way. The way you've been acting after losing a match to someone you dubbed a "Choke Artist" …only cemented, what I've been saying. You were not worthy of being the Kore Heavyweight Championship. You were not deserving of representing this company as the top Champion. You call yourself "The Last Real Man" but you're not acting like a man. You're acting like a damn child! All because, you're not getting what you think is owed to you almost immediately. I'm more of a man than you are, boys. Unlike you, I can handle a loss. I don't whine or complain about losing to someone or losing a Championship. I get back up, dust myself over, and keep moving forward …motivated to do better. Maybe I should start calling myself "The Man Without Fear." *He chuckles* Like I said Cage, I'm going to make you play a long, drawn out waiting game. Until you either crack, and walk off into the sunset or you straightened up your act and show me why you should receive a shot at THE Kore Heavyweight Championship. While the image of me holding the Championship eats away at you, and drives you mad …I'll be taking down all challengers, who step up to me and proving why I'll be a better Champion than you. Have fun waiting in the back of the line, former Champion. Cage, I'll see you at Assault. Goodbye, and Good Riddance!!

* ”Warrior‘s Song" {Hardcore} by Warrior Project begins playing in the background, then Aloni and Loto start pointing finger guns at the camera. The two pretend to shoot their finger guns. Aloni mouthing the word, "Bang". The two have sly smiles on their faces, as they start waving bye at the camera. The scene slowly fading to black*

**Part Two**

~The End is Near~

*It was evening time, the sun not quite setting yet. The scene opens in a random forest in Hawaii. The rest of The Iron Fist met up with Aloni and Makilisi here, so they can shoot Aloni's promo for his upcoming match against Cage Eames. An opened wooden casket, that's on a stand could be seen behind Aloni. Inside the casket, were pictures of his opponent. The pictures being in a frame, with a stand. The camera quickly zooms in on the pictures, showing each member briefly then pans back with The Iron Fist. Aloni is within a few feet in front of the casket. Makilisi standing beside him. The other members of The Iron Fist standing on both sides of the casket. Aloni runs a hand over the casket, before he begins speaking*


The Kore Heavyweight Championship …the prize, I've been chasing after for so long …is finally within my grasp. Even though it took a while, for this reality to come to fruition. But I will accomplish, what I said I was going to do. Becoming the Kore Heavyweight Champion. My destiny will be achieved. The prophecy will be fulfilled. I stand before you, as the next reigning and defending Champion, and it will feel so damn good. With the Kore Heavyweight Championship in my hands, it will be saved from becoming meaningless. You're welcome …Next. As your Champion, I shall defend you to the best of my abilities, and against all challengers. As your Champion, I promise to make you the most prestigious Championship in The Wrestling Industry! Which it should of been along. The icing on the cake of this momentous occasion, is when at the next Assault …Nakita, Chris, and “Ironhead” Jackson will accompany me, and watch me beat this guy down. Thus, heading towards the very Championship that started my rise in AXW. The very Championship, that put me on the map as a force to be reckoned with. The very Championships, I made meaningful …and relevant during my reign. All that's left is for Ghost, who just recently signed a contract to become a full-time member of the roster …to win a Championship, and every member will be holding Championship gold. When that happens, the prophecy will be fulfilled once again, and The Iron Fist will rule over AWS, as the most dominant faction of all time. Once that reality comes to fruition, there will be no denying that WE are the best stable of all time. Reapers, MC, and Book Of Shadows. Cherish your time, while you can …because after Assault. You will go after us, and that’s just not smart. Or maybe, we can keep teaming up and chase after the World Tag Team Championships? The choice is up to him. In the meantime, I have people I need to address ….so, let's get started. Cage, you're up first.

*Aloni pauses for a few seconds, adjusting his black BDUs, before he resumes speaking*


How unfortunate, that you lost the Championship. I was really looking forward to taking, that Title from you and adding it to my collection …making one step closer to winning every Championship possible in the Wrestling World. Congratulations are for the future Champion, whatever his name is. Bravo, Stranger, Bravo. You deserve a round of applause. *The Iron Fist clap for a few seconds* Good for you. Knocking Abrom off his pedestal, and taking the one thing he values most. Just like Bram, and his Triple Crown Championship …you got too comfortable with the Championship, Dode. You let the Championship get to your head. Something that seems to happen to everyone that holds a Championship. The Championship made you have delusions of grandeur. It made you believe, that you could become a dual Champion. It's laughable, to think you could beat anyone for Any Championship. You may not be the Champion now, but I still want a match against you. There only can be one "Best in the World" around these parts, and it's going to be me. I view you as a phony. An impostor. A pretender. A wannabe. You can go ahead, and keep calling yourself the "Champion" …while you can. When the time comes for us to meet in the middle of the ring, and I will beat you …I want you to recognize me as the one, and only "Rock Hard Samoan". Until then, continue your desperate attempts at staying relevant, and trying to reclaim the Championship. Your downfall at my hands is inevitable, the Champ. It's only a matter of time. Cage, enjoy your time as whatever do, and you can scrape up. Cherish every moment of it. Make the most of your reign. You will never know, when The Rock Hard Samoan will come for that Championship, and bring it back to our side.

*A slight smirk appears on Aloni's face, who couldn't wait to get his hands on Cage. For now, he must focus on what lies ahead of him and that's getting pass the member of The Hooligans. So, he can make it towards the Kore Heavyweight Champion*


Next is, well Cage. The winner of the 2021 Jobber Of The Year Award. I haven't forgotten about you. If I capture the Kore Heavyweight Championship against …whoever they throw in the match? Then, I'll be looking forward to addressing, you once again. And one of the people, who trained you used to be quite the big deal around here. A certain someone, that was here as recently as ...last year. Towards the end of 2023 to be more specific. The Iron Fist may not do anything to you ...yet. But there's still plenty of time between now, and the next big event. It would be a shame, if something happened to you and you were less than one hundred percent heading into that event. The Rock Hard Samoan doesn't make idle threats. I deliver on everything, I say. You better have eyes in the back of your head, Cage. You will never know, when we will strike!!

*The smirk on Aloni's face widens, wondering if the mind games are even working. If so, then he hopes that Cage would be on his toes leading up to Assault, constantly looking over their shoulders*


Lastly, we have  …Cage, slash The Beast of The Bayou …whatever you calling yourselves for the week. He has been the one constant thorn in everyone's side since his arrival. He goes around, spouting the same nonsense week in and week out. Talking about how he's going to save the Championships in this company. Talking about curing this place of a disease, that you made up in your head. We were doing just fine, without you here. There's no disease here, that you speak of. Well, there was no disease until the “saviors” slash whatever got here. So ...you're the disease, a wrestling wannabe. The Rock Hard Samoan along with whoever else wants to help, will cure AWS of you. We are the vaccine. We are the cure for this disease. We will rid this place of the unwanted slash the puke bucket, by exterminating you. You will then fade away, until you're nothing but a faint memory. I see right through you. You have no intention of saving this place. You want to plunge, this place into the darkness …and turn it into a Hades Damnation of a landscape. You want to inject your poison, into the veins of AWS to the point …where nobody can stop you, then pick us off one by one. It seems your plan isn't working so far, is it? Sure, your little group allowed you to become the Tag Team Champions …somewhere else, by defeating a very disappointing unknown team. I expected better from a “legendary team”. All bullshyte hype, and no real substance. However, your team's reign as Champions got cut short by …um, who knows? Bravo, Team Unknown. For taking those Tag Team Championships from those two. Which means, the current Champions …currently have no skills in their possession. The last Champion couldn't keep the Championship. I commend them for holding onto the Championship, for a while. Though, I hear …they're looking for competition. If that's the case, then I got someone right here. *He points to Himself* I'll be more than happy to step up, and challenge anyone for the Championship ...after I win this next match. *He smirks* This Twisted Liberty had numerous opportunities at becoming the Kore Champion, but failed each time. Kudos to former Champions for keeping the old Assault Championship out of others grubby hands. It seems to me, that they’re the weak link of the group, much like how Cage was the weak link of The Hooligans. How does it feel, to let your group down …time and time again? Not so good, huh? I bet it drives the leader mad, knowing how much of a failure you are. You couldn't get the job done, when it counted. Perhaps you're a …"Choke Artist", cracking underneath the pressure. Cracking underneath the monumental task of becoming a Champion, again. Don't worry, you’ll be feeling the same thing after our encounter. Just like how you denied me the chance of taking part in a Championship match. I will deny you the chance of becoming the Kore Heavyweight Champion. Just like your subordinates, you will fail at your task of becoming a Champion. This is a clash between the light, and the dark. Me being the light, and you being the dark. I shall purge the darkness, and usher in the light. I shall be the Guiding Light, that will lead this place to a brighter future. A future without The Hooligans. Nobody will take your group seriously, after I beat you. Nobody will see your group, as a threat after seeing the mainstream failing at becoming the Kore Heavyweight Champion. The tides are slowly turning in our favor, ol' friend. Try all you want to stop the inevitable, but your fate has already been foreseen. Your demise begins at Assault. I will be the catalyst of your downfall. When it's all said and done, everyone will hail me as the New Coming, who saved this place from the likes of you. You're welcome, by the way. Now watch as your dreams of becoming the Kore Heavyweight Champion again, goes up in flames!!

*Aloni and Matthew close the lid of the casket. Sgt. Jackson grabs the gas can, pouring gasoline over the top of the casket. Nekita lights up a match and tosses it onto the casket, the casket going up in flames. The Iron Fist circle around the casket, while keeping their distance, smirks on their faces as they watch the flames. The sounds of crackling could be heard, the camera mostly focusing on Aloni*


The end is near, ol' friend. Believe that!!

*The smirk on Aloni's face widens, as The Iron Fist turn away from the burning casket, and take their leave. Aloni and Makilisi holding hands, their fingers intertwined. Once they are out of sight, the scene slowly fades to black, the only thing that could be heard is the crackling of the fire*


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