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Dini Sorkin Vs. Vera Eames 

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*Match Two*

~Vixens Match~

Dini Sorkin Vs. Vera Eames 

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The camera fades in to a dimly lit backstage area, where KORE Assault's cameras catch up with "The Ruthless Rose" Vera Eames, standing tall and proud, her eyes focused and determined.

Vera Eames: "Dini Sorkin, lass, you're stepping into the ring with a rose that's thornier than any you've faced before. Growing up on the streets of Dublin, I learned early on that if you want something, you have to fight for it. And right now, what I want is more than just being a former Tag Team Champion. I want the KORE Vixens Championship, and I'll do whatever it takes to get there."

She pauses, a sly smile crossing her face as she adjusts her wrist wraps.

Vera Eames: "You see, Dini, I've watched you, studied you. You're good, no doubt about it. But I'm better. I'm faster. I'm smarter. And I'm more ruthless. Tonight, I'm going to show the world that the rose from Dublin is not to be underestimated. So lace up your boots, Dini, because I'm coming for you, and I'm ready to whip some lass' ass all the way to the top of the Vixens division!"

With a confident nod, Vera Eames turns and walks away, leaving no doubt that tonight's match will be one for the ages.

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*The scene opens to an all-white room, with a wooden floor sprawled. All over the floor, were dozens of broken dolls and doll parts, from single arm pieces to limbless torsos to twisted-off heads, each caved in from a squeezing pinch courtesy of some black nail polished fingers. Among the sea of plastic severed limbs, we hear the incoherent ramblings of a woman, and the camera leads us up to The Jesteress, the returning Dini Sorkin. She lays sideways on a throne-like chair, grinning and clutching a blonde Wolfie in a black dress in her hand. She brings its face to eye-level, while marveling at the Plastic AWS Women's Championship around her waist*

Sori: Ho-Hum, I suppose I see the pros to carrying around daddy's credit card in the wrestling world ...Reminds me of someone, I know actually, he-he …

*Dini stares at the doll for a few seconds, before suddenly sticking the doll’s head in her mouth without warning, pulls the head off and spits it out like a sunflower seed shell. With an oddly calm smile on her face*

Sori: *Sigh* ...Do you know, I absolutely Love about your kind? No matter, how much I get through Playing with you ...

* Dini then snaps the doll's left arm off, as she says this. She then produces a plastic bag filled with a bunch more dolls, all still in their packaging, and dumps them on the floor*

Sori: They just keep churning you out a dime a dozen, he-he-he-he! Oh, I literally cannot begin to tell you …just how boring, and mundane life would be …without you lovelies around, to remind me that a life full of pain can be a good thing.

* Dini then harshly bends the doll backwards, so much that the plastic AWS Women's Championship snaps right off its waist*

Sori: When you're the one administering it of course He-he-he ladies! What better way for us to get acquainted, than the greatest stage of them all …Assault! Have you been practicing your Synergistic - sign point, my lovelies? Well, I hope your imagination matches your enthusiasm …because this Assault episode, is as far as the lot of you will be going!!

*Dini begins to giggle, a look of confusion slowly grows on her face, as if someone had objected to her*

Sori: Hmmm? Does this surprise you? Well, it shouldn’t! You see, while you all were busy marveling at the events at the “cool kids clubs '' Monday Night Ward …Lil' Ol' Dini was in The Asylum, administering the first bite in this division's neck and letting the toxin spread out in seclusion ...I'm afraid this division is now infected, he-he-he ...

*Dini leans back in her throne-like chair with a satisfied smile, and grabs handfuls of dolls from her bag. These specific dolls all resembled some of the contestants scheduled to compete*

Sori: My, my …we've got ourselves quite the line-up, eh? I see a couple of familiar faces lurking around but I'm more interested in the future of our industry, of course! Vera Eames for example ...Hey, girl I've slugged it out with your big bro a few times in the past. How's the MC treating him, by the way? Oooh, then you have the likes of Summer Bliss and Addison Hepburn …oh my gosh, look at them. So youthful, so nubile. So, I hear the first one plays with her own dick??

*Dini puts on a fake shocked look, and flips off the camera*

*It's here, that Dini starts getting lost in the beauty of the brand-new doll in her hands before suddenly twisting its head clean off with a manic grin*

Sori: Ripe for the picking! And then ...you have somebody like Vera Eames …oh …oh my, this is embarrassing ... my biggest fear, I'm afraid they don't make dolls like you, my dear!!

*Dini cackles maniacally, as she takes all the broken doll parts she had accumulated around her lap and throws them all up in the air. Thus, making it rain plastic severed limbs around her*

Sori: Fear not, my robust tart let. This is something to be celebrated, to break free from that mold and be the spore …and bacteria you know you are deep down inside. I really hope, you look all those years of ridicule in your adolescence as a sign …that you were destined to be different for the greater good, as I have. Vera, dear …you and I? We’re born, very different.

*Dini picks up some of the doll parts, and flings them into the air once again*

Sori: Whereas the majority of these tantalizing, trollops rely on their superficiality for acceptance. We simply thrive on just how much Agony we can spill inside the ring. Don't cower in fear, when you see me decapitate these hollow husks of mascara …and expensive weaves in my grip, oh no …I want you to study and take notes. Understand just what we are capable of when we decide to take what we want ...Then use that knowledge, and Pray it's enough to stop me from making you my final victim!!

*Dini had been speaking with a serious tone, but her final message ends with yet another crazed cackle as she grabs the remnants of the mess she made and tosses them all up in the air one last time*


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