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KD Feigel Vs. Scotty Paine

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*Match Three*

~Non-Title Match~

KD Feigel Vs. Scotty Paine

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[The camera fades in to a dimly lit backstage area, with a single light illuminating a small interview set. KORE Interviewer Spanky Evens stands in front of the camera, microphone in hand, ready to conduct the interview. Suddenly, the sound of heavy footsteps can be heard, and "Kid Kaos" KD Feigel enters the frame, accompanied by his manager Abbie Kaos. KD is dressed in his wrestling gear, a black leather jacket with "Kid Kaos" emblazoned on the back, and Abbie is wearing a stylish outfit, exuding confidence.]

Spanky Evens: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, "Kid Kaos" KD Feigel and his manager, Abbie Kaos!

[The crowd cheers as KD and Abbie step into the light, both wearing determined expressions.]

Spanky Evens: KD, tonight you're facing the AWS Deathmatch Champion, "The Crow" Scotty Paine, in a non-title match. What are your thoughts going into this match?

KD Feigel: Spanky, tonight is the night where I show the world what "Kid Kaos" is all about. Scotty Paine may be the Deathmatch Champion, but he's never faced anyone like me. I thrive in chaos, and tonight, I'm going to bring the fight to him like never before.

Spanky Evens: Abbie, as KD's manager, what's your strategy going into this match?

Abbie Kaos: Spanky, tonight, KD is going to show everyone why he's the future of this industry. Scotty Paine may think he's untouchable, but with me in his corner, KD is unstoppable. We've been training hard, and tonight, we're going to leave it all in the ring.

Spanky Evens: Strong words from both of you. KD, do you have any final message for Scotty Paine before your match tonight?

KD Feigel: Scotty, tonight, you're stepping into the ring with "Kid Kaos", and I hope you're ready for the fight of your life. Because when the chaos settles, the only thing left standing will be me.

[The camera fades out as KD and Abbie Kaos stare confidently into the distance, ready for their match against "The Crow" Scotty Paine.]

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*The lights go black and red strobes circle the arena. The Xtreme Tron flashes “Feel The Paine”. The speakers blast Scotty yelling, “Quoth The Crow, Forevermore!” The opening guitar solo of "Feel The Pain” by Slayer blares through the speakers. The tron shows segments of Scotty hitting his various finishers on opponents. As the first verse starts, Scotty steps out onto the ramp in his usual grunge ring attire. He has on his favorite black leather jacket, and he’s carrying Moppy, his barbed wire wrapped mop. He has on his black and red striped t-shirt. He has on black boots, and grappling gloves. He gives the Feel The Paine sign, that triggers a huge pyrotechnic chain reaction as the chorus hits*

“I am the new hell on earth

The lord of agony divine

Domination, intimidation

Lives within these eyes

Reign of power

Remorseless anarchy

I am arrogance in the flesh

Unleashed intensity” …

*The tron shows in big bold crimson letters "Final Judgment will be passed!". The lights brighten. Scotty walks to the ring, and takes off the jacket, shirt, and shades, and drops the mop. He steps to the center of the ring, and his arms are in a cross-like pose. He then gives the Feel The Paine sign again, which sets off one final pyrotechnic eruption*


Well I'm sure you all heard the news. That's right, there will be a Horror-Core Rules Match, for my warm-up against the next contender at Synergistic!!

*The crowd boos loudly*


Wait, wait! There's good news, and better news. I just saved a bunch of money on car insurance by switching to Geico …now I know if my Hummer is damaged, I'll be able to get something out of it.

*The crowd laughs, and snickers at The Hardcore Legend*


Even better news …you all get to see your one and only Hardcore Legend, lead his Asylum Inmates into a match for the Championship . . . at Synergistic! That's right, live on Network TV…you get to see The Master of Mind Games, go into another Horror-Core Match for my Championship …against the guy, that doesn’t know when he’s been beaten!!

*The crowd cheers, and some shake their heads in disbelief*


It gets better, not only is this a House Show  match …but it is also a Deathmatch Championship Match! It has been so long, but I FINALLY get my well-earned and deserved match for my Title …the Title to own all Titles. I'm sure you remember November 2003, PWI. Myself versus Chris Mathews. First, the ref counts me out with a fast count. The match hadn't even been on that long, no finishers, no entertainment. Then the real Paine came. We battled back and forth, and when I was starting to take control . . . the lights go out. Robbing me of my greatest present. The day was ruined.

*The crowd boos loudly, once again*


That is where this Title comes in. You see, I knew I would never get a shot until I proved myself again. Well, both happened. I came into the promotion, lasted the second longest, and had the most wins. I may not have won, but for my first show coming in so early on …and being in such good shape on my exit …it was a true fighter's performance. So, I used that to springboard myself into a Title hunt. I got the invincible answer, that I wanted. I did so well against …Um yeah whoever it was. He was tough and did beat me up a bit, but I was the first person to TRULY push him to his limits …and come so close to losing. Then part two . . . Chris Matthews shows up, and wants to rekindle our feud. He comes out here and just like me, he beats …Um, no one. He survives my moves, but goes on to sign his death warrant. And now it comes down to Management, seeing I have the potential and the talent. Thus, giving me this match with the guy who won't stay down. Which is the reason I am here. To bring up KD Feigel.

*The crowd cheers for the name Feigel*


I will assure you KD. I will defeat you, just like your Daddy …I will come out on top, I will be a Psychopath AND will Still be the Horror-Core Legend. I will walk out with that name’s sake. I have one big advantage. I have fought you before. That makes my style, that much harder to pinpoint. It is one thing to be me, and have fought me 5 times and figured me out. You are coming in blind to this. And you are making one fatal error. No, it isn't the fact that you weren't here. No, it isn't the fact that you are stuck fighting me in a brutal match. It is the fact, that you look past me …like I am not even here, like I am dust in the wind, a blow away win for you. If you have that attitude going into it The Playground …I will beat, you. You won't be ready, and even you won't be able to take me down. You can't underestimate me, and hope to survive. I am beyond that. You need to stop focusing on things after this match …and worry about the here and now! You must get …

*Scotty grabs his stuff, and dresses up again. He raises his arms in a cross-like pose, as the chorus of “Feel The Pain” by Slayer hits. The tron flashes clips of Scotty winning matches in all his promotions and raising the Title for each match high. Pyros go off. He walks to the crowd, and totally ignores the fans. He gives the Feel The Paine sign once again, setting more pyros off. He leaps into the crowd. At the exit at the top row, he raises his arms into a cross-like pose again as he exits*

~Scotty’s Voice~

“True, nervous, very, very dreadfully nervous I had been and am, but why will say that I am mad?! The disease had sharpened my senses, not destroyed, not dulled them. Above all was the sense of hearing acute.”

So It Has Been Said, So Shall It Come To Pass

-Quoth The Crow, Forevermore!!

~Part Two~

*The scene opens inside a dimly lit hallway. Everything is seen, initially from the viewpoint of the floor. The floor is a grayish white. Tiles are half hanging from the ceiling. The walls appear like they used to be green and white. Several doorways can be seen on either side of the hall, with two steel doors at the end of the hall. A red fog begins to rise. The already dim lights begin to flicker. In between the lights flickering the silhouette of a man in a hooded sweatshirt can barely be seen. With each flicker the man gets closer, and just as it seems he will be upon the camera. The lights turn red, and the silhouette disappears. A voice emerges from behind the camera*


In today's society bedlam means anarchy. It signifies all out chaos. But, the term bedlam came into popular use in the thirteenth century. Bethlem Royal Hospital of London, acquired the alias of Bedlam as a play on Bethlem.

*Darkness envelops the screen. Light breaks through into a new scene, another hallway. Doors are half open throughout. An exit sign can be seen halfway down. Two foldable hospital wire frame beds can be seen across from each other on the sides of the hallway. Moaning can be heard faintly mixed with crying. The source of both seems ubiquitous. The overhead lights are nowhere to be found but a red luminescence floods the hall. A man in a hooded sweatshirt appears, again. This time he is no silhouette. His figure is clear and his stride purposeful*


Apparently I am to face KD Feigel at Assault in the Mennen Sports Arena …in my home state of New Jersey, on May Twenty-Fifth in a Hardcore Rulez match.

*The man chuckles, and deeply snickers to himself*


I know KD has obtained some accolades, through similar matches. His heart touching reunion with his dear old Dad …and the history of his beloved Dad in hardcore wrestling.

*The crying and moaning increase intensity momentarily. Encompassing the hallway, the sound drowns out all else. They die down as he speaks again*


You have faced many men. KD, you have beaten and bloodied some of them. Many men have told you, they were not just a man. I will not. I am a man, biologically. I am no monster. I am a vile, despicable excuse of a human being.

*The man throws back his hood, revealing who he is*


The Hardcore Legend is  Here …

*Scotty motions to those around him*


...because this is to me, as your mother's cooking is to you. I spent my preteen into adulthood, knowing only pain and suffering …real Paine. Paine is to me, what pleasure is to most. I learned it and experienced it daily, usually several times a day.

*Faces appear in the green luminescence. Reaching behind his head Scotty unclasps his Title belt, and sets it down before lifting his head up to face the camera*


My wrestling career has itself, been extensive. There have been the titles, the accolades, the Hall of Fame ceremonies …but that is not what I seek now. I'm not going to win because, I need to or because I have to prove I am better. I am going to win, because my blood lust is unquenchable and animalistic. I WANT TO SEE YOU BLEED!!

*Pulling back momentarily, the camera refocuses first on the face of Scotty. Then his eyes, and then pulls back to a slightly wider view once more*


I don't care, if you cry out for mercy, tap out, or get knocked out. All of that is irrelevant to me. I want to behold the Paine and agony in your face. Seeing that …

*A smile slithers across Scotty’s face, as he continues*


...is to me, what the taste of Paine must be to others. I want your blood, KD.

*Scotty’s eyes seem to darken to leave no white in them. His voice deepens. The red luminescence becomes a darker shade, as he speaks again*


So many in AWS seem to claim wickedness, darkness or some supernatural. None that I have seen yet, truly know the darkness. I will bring that darkness, and you will be the first to experience a darkness beyond anything you have ever known. The darkness, that gave birth to the light. The darkness, that existed before existence, again. You will know Paine, KD. Embrace the darkness or be engulfed by it, for while some nightmares have no faces some are All …Too …REAL!! 

*The face of Scotty are suddenly nose to lens with the camera, before he vanishes from sight*


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