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Ace Sky Vs. Sky Scott

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*Match Five*

~Mixed Match~

Ace Sky Vs. Sky Scott

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“The ring has always been the place for Ace.”


     Ace Sky: That’s accurate to say of myself.


 Most of my  life was constantly getting reprimanded by adults for being too loud, too energetic, drawing attention to myself.  Apparently even if you finish your school work first, doing a backflip for your classmates was not acceptable. As I was reprimanded each time for an infraction my voice would get higher and higher with each apology, simple “ sorry” or in Los siento spanish class. Ride home on my skateboard doing all types of new tricks, still showing off.  I would be able to unwind at home working on his model rockets than needing that social interaction soon and hanging out with his friends playing sports until dark. Despite being undersized in Texas where the love for everything big is not just a stereotype but truly ubiquitous I was able to mostly get along with my peers, had a good sense of humor and quick wit for the most part with it. 


If I was ever bullied about it I could deflect it with that, but if it was a big bully picking on someone else weaker or even wanting to get in my face too much, I was able to dish out some good ole Texan justice with a rana/headscissors takedown and mounted punches until I was pulled off or just evading attempts at grabbing and attacks able to hit and run.


      Ace Sky:

 I’ve always been overly fascinated with subjects. My father likened me to “ the energizer bunny with the brain of Newton”.  


I never liked the whole” gifted” spiel from adults. I was interested in these subjects- aviation, astrophysics and astronomy due to witnessing the Challenger space shuttle disaster around 2 years old, plus martial arts media and pro wrestling. The latter too influenced by my older brother Arlo( named after folk singer Arlo Guthrie, despite being a staunch pacifist and musical genius he is also a huge fan of Bruce Lee and pro wrestling so he pretty much indoctrinated me when I came home from the hospital after birth and he was 12 years old at the time. 2 years later my twin younger brothers Ivan and Davey were born and joined in loving that stuff too. 


I’ve always been the only athletic one, as my family are intellectuals and studious. 


          My opponent Sky, she used to sweet and loveable now she’s embraced an obnoxious side which I think works, she’s a great grappler. I want the spotlight, I want to keep progressing.

I don’t wanna stay in the lower of the card, lets keep moving and grooving man.


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