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Vin Halsted •versus• Malosi Aloni

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#1 Contenders Eliminator for a shot at the AWS Asylum Heavyweight Championship
Singles Match

Vin Halsted •versus• Malosi Aloni

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*Part One*

~A Few Months Back~

*The scene opens in the undisclosed location, which is just a random spot in the backstage area they have chosen to do their talking from. Malosi, Everett, and Makilisi could be seen standing there, with grins on their faces. Malosi adjusts the camcorder slightly, before he begins speaking*

Malosi: World War III could of went better for the Samoan Tao. Losing to the UnKnown Fear. Coming up short in the War-Time Rumble. While none of us won the War-Time Rumble, we still can make the winner of the War-Time Rumble's life a living Hades. So, Cross …congratulations on winning the War-Time Rumble! Good for you! Give yourself a pat on the back for a job well done! Surviving 29 other men including us, what a feat! Along with securing a World Heavyweight Championship match, at the biggest event of the year. You also won another prize! A long, drawn-out torture courtesy of the Samoan Tao! I hope it was worth it. It's going to be a long road to the next Event, and the Samoan Tao plans on making every waking second, a living nightmare. Will Cross withstand what we’ll be dishes out, and somehow make it to the next major event, even if he's not at a hundred percent? Or will he succumb to our will, tuck his tail in between his legs, and walk off into the sunset like a wounded dog …never to be seen again? Guess we'll have to find out, huh??

Aloni: Besides Cross, the Samoan Tao also has a few other things in their sights. Those wannabes, the UnKnown Fear. The Trios Championships, currently held by a team called DarkFireStarr. A team consisting of Marco Rossi, Dark Tiger, and Lynn Starr. I got to say, the name of your little team is quite ...interesting, to say the least. Unique, even. Not that it matters, because I have no doubt that these two and myself will end your reign as Trios Champions …before it gets off the ground, and in the process, fulfilling the prophecy for all of the Samoan Tao holding gold. They also have their eyes on the Gold Rush briefcase. You know, to prevent anyone else from winning the briefcase and cashing in on Danny Boy while he's the World Heavyweight Champion. We will do whatever it takes to get a chance at the World Heavyweight Champion. Including winning the Gold Rush briefcase. While the other two are preoccupied with the Tag Team Championships at the moment, there is one other member of Samoan Tao who would be more than happy to enter the match for Gold Rush briefcase.

Makilisi: Me, Malosi, and the co-creator of the current incarnation of the Samoan Tao that stands before you. That's right, I helped the boys created this version of the Samoan Tao. Our goal is to give aspiring talent a platform to showcase their skills, and make a name for themselves. I have to say, they have done a damn good job of doing just that. While the Samoan Tao didn't win the War-Time Rumble, there's still the Gold Rush briefcase. That we can get our hands on. As Everett said, the mission is to keep the briefcase out of everyone else's hands …so they can't cash in on Danny Boy during his reign as World Heavyweight Champion. Once the Gold Rush briefcase is in our hands, we will use it to go after Danny Boy and the World Heavyweight Championship. We'll hand the briefcase to Danny, and take the Title from him. One way or another, the World Heavyweight Championship is going to come to the Samoan Tao for a long, long time!!

Malosi: With the Gold Rush briefcase covered, we still have unfinished business with the UnKnown Fear. They may have won the battle at World War III, but they have not won the war. Not by a long shot! The war will not end, until we have purged the UnKnown Fear out of existence …regardless of if the Samoan Tao does it themselves, or with the help of everyone in that locker room. Your demise is inevitable, UnKnown Fear. It's only a matter of time ...

Aloni: The Trios Championships was the first Championship that the Samoan Tao won, winning them in our Big Event debut. At *Bleep*, no less. I remember how myself, Malosi and Makilisi dominated the competition …taking down any challengers that was placed in front of us, whether it was established teams or thrown together teams. During our time as Trios Champions, we picked up another Championship, becoming dual Champions. Mysel and Malosi won the World Tag Team Championships …while Makilisi won the Women’s Championship. We were on quite the roll, until we had the Trios Championships taken away from us. From a Clan, who used a clutch to beat us because in the back on their minds, they knew they couldn't beat us fairly. Since then, we watched the Trios Championships slowly become irrelevant, meaningless. Now, it's time for us to reclaim the Trios Championships. This time, will be different. We are the ones, who can make the Trios Championships relevant again. We are the ones, who can make the Trios Championships mean something again. Unfortunately for DarkFireStarr, your reign must come to an end at the hands of the Samoan Tao. Think of it, as a sacrifice for the greater good. Enjoy your time as Trios Champions, while you can …because when the dust settles, we will be ones holding up the Trios Championships high above our heads. Believe that!!

*All of them smirk, as Aloni lays the camcorder on the ground, the screen tilted at an angle. Boots and shoes could be seen leaving the place, silence filling the air. A few seconds later, static appears on the screen before fading to black*

**Part Two**

~Modern Day~

*Malosi smirks, as him and the rest of the Samoan Tao watched what Vin had to say in response to what he had said earlier in the week. Malosi then starts laughing, shaking his head in disbelief*

MalosiAlright, get the camcorder ready and let's record my response to what this fool said.

*The camera man nodded his head, grabbing the camcorder out of his bag. Then stands a few feet of Malosi. He sits up straight, adjusting his jacket slightly and nods at the camera, signaling for him to start recording*

Malosi: Does me getting a chance in this tournament, bothers you that much? If so, then perhaps I should start throwing all matches and get handed even more chances, just to drive you mad. Drive you insane, to the point where you just give up the chance at a Championship …or lay down on the mat so I pin you …One-Two-Three! This is what being the Champion means. Dealing with challengers, even if it the same one over and over. If you can't handle it, or get mad about one person constantly challenging for a Championship …then I was right about you all along. You are not deserving of being a Championship. You are not worthy, of representing this company as a Champion. No matter how many times you shake me off, I will continue to come back and attempt to take a Championship from your grasp. You will never get rid of me. I will be your constant nightmare, to your Championship dreams. This will not end, until I become a Champion. As I said before, accept your fate. Accept your impending demise at the hands of The Samoan Wrecking Ball! There's no stopping destiny, no matter how hard you try. Defy fate all you want, but sooner or later …the prophecy will come to fruition.

*The smirk on Malosi's face widens slightly, pausing for a few seconds before he starts speaking again*

Malosi: Referencing my old tweet, you piece of shyte? Lei Gaspi. Someone acknowledges the past, instead of pretending it didn't happen. Like how Vin, tries to forget that he was beaten once already …when he tried to retain the Championship from the “boogie man”. Yes, I had doubts. Yes, I was questioning his next move. He’s human, not a machine. It's funny how he's getting mad at me, and trying to attack me for this and that. I had a momentary lapse of judgment, and tweeted that while feeling a lot of emotions in my mind. Should I have tweeted that? Probably not. Probably should have kept it to myself. What's more surprising, is that you actually saw that tweet …considering how inactive he has been on Twitter, since making his account. I'm in the same boat, as well …but I digress. I don't expect pity from anybody. Not you, not the masses, and not management. No one. It seemed like, what I said when over you two's faces. Not surprising, since you hardly have any brain cells in that hollow noggin of yours. I will repeat what I said, and you can try to comprehend what I say this time. If I want a Championship match, I want to do it the right way …not the easy way. I want to earn my Championship matches. I want to pick apart, whoever stands in my way of a potential Championship match. I want to embarrass, and humiliate my opponents in front of the whole world. I want my opponents to think, that they are lesser than me. I want them, to think that they aren't on my level. I want them, to think that they will never be good enough to challenge for a Championship. All those things, plus many more should be circulating through their minds …as they stare up at the lights, while I have my hand raised in victory. I think, that might be too much for your brains to handle …because I said a lot of big words there.

*Everyone starts laughing at what Malosi said. He stops laughing, his expression turning serious as he resumes speaking*

Malosi: Say whatever you want, it doesn't matter to me. I don’t give a shyte about your or anyone's perception of me. If they don't like me, then so be it. I'm not here to gain the approval of everyone. I'm here to be the best I can be. I'm here to accomplish, as many things as I can …before I decide to hang my boots up. Continue to doubt me. Continue to say, or think whatever you want about me. It's going to be, no laughing matter …when you meet your downfall at my hands. It's not to feel so good, when you lose to me. The time for talking is over. It's time for our actions to speak for them ourselves. It’s just, that I'm going to enjoy every second of kicking your ass …all while your piece of candy, helpless watches from the sidelines. I'm going to punch and kick your teeth down your throat. I'm going to gouge out your eyeballs. I'm going to break every bone in your body. I'm going to leave you laying in puddle of your own blood. Once I'm done with you, I’ll leave you for my crew to finish you off …and they will put you out of your misery, so the wrestling world will never have to see Vin Halsted again. One less cretin, to worry about. What happens to you during this encounter is on you, Vin. You brought this dark side, that I kept locked up inside of me for so long out …and you're going to regret ever doing so. Your judgment awaits you. Tick tock, Vin …Tick tock!!

*Malosi begins to laugh manically, as if he has already slipped into his darker emotions. After a few seconds, the expression on his face changes into a more serious one and he mouths the word. "Run." He motions for Makilisi to stop recording, and she does so. Then sets the camcorder to the side*

Malosi: Whew! Hopefully, he gets that through his thick skull of his. I'm going to relish every ounce of punishment, I inflict on him ...

*Makilisi places her hand on top of Malosi's, and looks up at him*

Makilisi: I think, we are all looking forward to that.

*Everyone nods their heads in agreement, as Makilisi speaks again*

Makilisi: Now, go out there and beat him within an inch of his life. Take the Asylum Championship opportunity from him, and make him wish he never opened his mouth a second time.

Aloni: Just remember, that we all will be supporting you. Regardless of where we are, we're going to guarantee …that you will be the one walking out of this arena, as the winner and moving on towards the Asylum Championship.

*Malosi is all fired up, anxiously waiting for his upcoming tournament match, where he's looking forward to shutting The Enforcer up and putting him in his place. All while, he inflicts as much pain as humanly possible. The scene slowly fades to black, as the group starts talking amongst themselves*


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