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{Byker Bytch is dressed in a black leather jacket, over her black long-sleeve “Reapers” t-shirt, with the a hoodie over her face. A pair of blue jeans, ads she stands in the middle of The Slaughterhouse Gym’s ring. To the side of Byker Bytch is a tanned man with long black hair, wearing black pants that was rechristened as The Ghost Rider. Byker Bytch is wearing the newly renamed Goddess Championship over the right shoulder of her open jacket revealing a “reaper’s Skull” t-shirt. Darrick’s wearing a matching shirt. He stares into the camera from behind Byker Bytch, with his arms folded over his massive chest}

Darrick: Summer Bliss, she was in my dream last night …cutting a promo after winning her Championship match. Man, it f*cking hit me when I woke up.

CC: Really? Even when you first wake up??

Darrick: Yes. Even, when I first wake up. 

{Cage Eames walks into the seen, from the right side. He looks at Byker Bytch, and then over to Darrick before speaking} 

Cage: Am I in the Matrix, or something? Could someone slap me, and wake me back up? Am I beefing with anyone, right now? And they’re so obsessed with Byker, that they won't EVER let the beef go. Summer, you're not a wrestler …you're a street worker. You're a pussycat, suffering-succotash!!

{Darrick winks at the camera, before Byker Bytch speaks again} 

CC: You couldn’t hack it! You had to get someone else to do your dirty work. Pathetic, really. I’m so f*cking sick of trying to do the right thing …and getting called selfish for it. Unbelievable, it doesn't f*cking work. What did, I do? I'm going to try it one more time, one last time. If I spent my entire career waiting for things to happen, nothing would ever be accomplished. It’s high time, I take what I want. F*ck your feelings, I will do what I want!! 

Darrick: On the hunt ...We’re going to separate the weak from the strong, The Wolf from the prey. We will, and Byker will win …because she need to work her way back up the ladder. She’ll do whatever it takes, and I’m sorry …that means, this time you lose, Summer. 

CC: You poor dumb animal ...you’re so blind to what’s in front of you. When you outlast your usefulness, The Bytch is going to throw you away ...don’t say I didn’t warn you. Because, I am The Most Dominate Bytch in professional wrestling. What?? I’m beyond anything else is a Warrior! A warrior, is putting it lightly ...A blood hungry pit bull, and when the leash gets loose? I’m coming for your throat. You don't have the guts to be vicious. So, move along puppy ‘cause this is the big dog's yard …and no one is taking it, from me!! 

Darrick: We get cheated out of our Tag Team Championship opportunity, and now we have to face lesser talent …to earn the right, to compete for the Same Tag Team Championships? HOW DOES THIS MAKE ANY KIND OF SENSE?? Nothing makes sense anymore, not even close!! 

CC: Throw me a bone. Give me ...something. 

Byker & Darrick: Wrestlers want to battle us, NO F*CKING WAY!! 

Darrick: You have the jaw dropping skill of Byker, the hulk-ish brawn of myself, and the feral unpredictability of The Hooligans all packaged. Before long, we were putting on stellar matches, winning Championships, and being effectively pushed going toe to toe with the likes of The House of Paine, and The Daughters Of Darkness. And we did it all, without a designated leader… or established star in their ranks. The lasting impact of The Reapers, MC is still felt to this day …mainly, because of the way it launched the main event careers of this group. 

CC: I mean, I sort of already was. Your leader has a mean grip. Here’s the thing about me, I don’t back down. So, take me out in numbers …because it’s the only way, you MAY succeed. Full of the toughest, and greatest bastards …that'll ever walk the Earth, but just know …that I'm in this, and there's a good f*cking reason, I'm here. Doesn't matter if you're tip top, results end the same. 

Darrick: There isn’t ever been a question, about that …isn’t a damn one of them, better than MY Champion. I don't have any family, but I'm more of a Brother to you. I have “family” that aren’t blood related with one of them being a former Tag Team Champion in another company. 

{Darrick looks over to Byker, and then speaks again} 

Darrick: You have one? I didn't know your son was a demon?? 

Byker: My son is a perfect angel …who never does anything wrong. Except, hang around his Father too much. 

Darrick: I know. Being a better person, and making up for past shyte is hard as f*ck …there are definitely going to be times, like tonight …when you f*ck up. The important thing is, that you recognize that you f*cked up, and you work to make sure you don't do it again. 

CC: Summer, and the rest of these bimbos are going to get theirs. We're going to find out, just who ...the best woman is!! 

Cage: We're not perfect, far from it. But what we are doing is trying to do the right thing. 

Darrick: Groups that must cheat, to make themselves be relevant and try to be Champions. Tonight, Byker will show the world …that we are the best group in this company. 

{Darrick looks over to Byker, and speaks again} 

Darrick: Not to be the that guy …but you have been pretty miserable, and depressed lately. Doesn't attract much positivity. However, it's understandable. 

{Byker looks over to Darrick, as she speaks} 

CC: Understandable …I thought, I had a nemesis. I thought, I had somebody who understood me. I thought, I'd finally found somebody who cared about what they did. I believed in you, Summer, and here you are just like all the scum …that I've ever worked with. You’re just another bitch, who thinks they’re better than me. No, seriously. What? What is everyone's problem with me recently?? 

Cage: Hey, as long as you are reasonable ….and don't make a public spectacle of yourself, then there shouldn't be a problem!! 

Darrick: It's just business, right? Another day in the office, we deserve the best. The only reason, we aren't on top …is because they cheated us!! 

Cage: I don't really think, that's anyone's business. 

CC: What Summer does, is her business. And until it affects us …no one ever stops, and simply asks why I'm so miserable. Funny, how that works. I'm hurting myself, aren't I ...??

Darrick: Watching, and waiting. Hades, I'm even tempted to be at ringside to see you beat Summer …after they cheated us, probably because they know we can beat the other team.

{Darrick looks over at Cage, as he speaks} 

Cage: Instead of excuses, why don’t you see where you fell short. Examine where you went wrong, and improve on it? 

CC: What excuse?? It's what happened …I take it. Good to know I have fair, objective teammates and representation. Much less, cold. We may not be on the best of terms, but only say the word …and it'll be time to gear up. 

{Darrick gestures to Byker with his thumb} 

Darrick: Obviously yes! I would take a bullet for that woman. And she’s my best friend. I have like four of them, none of them ever say they’re my best friend back …but that’s ok, not that it kills me softly inside. 

CC: Summer, you got two challengers lined up, and possibly a third …depending on what     managment does. And Kaleb will confuse them, and give someone other than me a headache for once. We got cheated out of the Tag Team Championship shot, it was a bullshyte decision, we’ll take it. Summer ...you’ve been waiting for a chance to kick my ass again, since they allowed you to go over with a HUGE Bullshyte Win. I’ll get some payback for that, but the chance of you beating me a second time …is lower than the chance of The Frenzy family coming back. Now, they are bullying and bossing The Truth to stay silent …so he can do all the work. 

Darrick: Yeah, you aren't going to be loud and obnoxious like a certain someone to get shyte done. You just got to keep the pace. 

CC: For all the dumbasses in the back, and under Summer’s desk …that wanted to put the "mouthy" label on me, because I'm confident. Me mouthing off with little to no discrimination. 

{Byker gestures to Cage, and Darrick as she speaks again} 

CC: There is a reason, they don't get their hands dirty. I'm that very reason …they don't need to. Let's do this, Payback is a Bytch!! 

Darrick: Well, good luck to this three dollar hooker. She has her own strengths, and weaknesses …and a few crotch diseases. I personally, can’t wait to see how this plays out. There would be no excuses!! 

~Part Two~ 

CC: Let’s start off, by saying …F*CK SUMMER BLISS!! Everyone else does …big whoop-dee-doo, some are talentless, but you’re worse than that. Honestly to Gods, I think I’m in the best shape of my life right. May the best woman win at Ward, I'm still the Champion that the wrestling world barely noticed. How did you get a match without having no type of talent? You're getting your mic impounded, because I live in a dump of a trailer …while you live in a palace? Kaleb is going to get blamed for this too, isn't he? Never been more disappointed. There’s depth to everything, I say. You spoke less than fifty words in your last interview …so me losing to you, is like you dropping a good porno scene. But of course not, ‘cause I don’t like your bimbo type. You must be too busy spending time with “royalty” to cut a actual promo. You’re a f*cking hussy, and a complete loser. If you have a problem with me, the equation is The Reapers equals great …you do not compute, and your promos are better on mute. The next generation of wrestlers, who level up don't need to be better …in order to last in this space, you're the reason part timers like Bram have it so hard. I'm not superstitious, I'm spiritual …I'm not religious, I pray to The Gods every time I murder a chick like you. I get on my knees, and I pray for forgiveness. This is my time, I'm the Goddess Champion …because I can think of many better ways to rip off your head, and shyte down your skinny neck!! Stop it, all you do is cut short, and pointless promos. That nobody wants to hear, while looking tall in a group of women. Oh my Gods …Shut The F*ck Up!! 

Cage: Yes! Please, shut him up for me!! 

CC: I'll do me, and you do you …but tell the world how you've been using the "System" just to get you through. If you want to use your actual lack of talent, and fight me. You fucker, can bow down. Not another young blowhard, who still thinks she has all the answers. You really suck …for $9, I hear. Everyone around you, sucks, but I'm not being weighed down by management …because I do, what I want to. I’m free of the dead weight, free of the egotism, and ambiguity that were clouding our way. I’m free of senseless stable wars, we never asked for …nor cared about. I can now focus on my goals. The change we promised. is about to come. Justice, Integrity, Respect. It’s a new dawn for AWS. We are more alike, than you want to admit. Our main difference is, that I am honest about who and what I am. You can belittle, and mock me all you want. I'll just nod and agree. Because, why should I deny facts. Facts are Facts. 

Cage: You want to be us so much, it’s pathetic. 

Darrick: If you believe, you can beat Byker …you must be some kind of strung out …if you really believe that. You couldn’t get a move on her, if sh was standing still. You can't deny it, promise me …that you'll admit, she's the better woman, I’m going to hold you to that. I’ve been promised, that before. But, your pimp hasn’t paid you yet. We’ll see if you can measure up. F*ck Summer Bliss, and everyone that supports her!! 

{The Reapers, MC members; Byker Bytch, Darrick Kaine, and Cage Eames leave the ring apron of The Slaughterhouse Gym as the opening lyrics of "This Life” by Curtis Stigers & The Forest Rangers plays over The Slaughterhouse Gym PA system, as the scene fades to black} 


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