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Center of Attention © vs. House of Paine

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Center of Attention © vs. House of Paine

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*Both the Kore, and the AWS Tag Team Championships sat side-by-side on a desk, the cameras would soon zoom out to find the members of The House of Paine standing behind the desk, with a smile on their faces as they admired their set of set of Titles. DKM shifts his smile over towards the AWS Tag Team Championship, before turning his glance towards the camera*

DKM: I told the entire world, that we would keep the tag Team Championships of the World, and we did just that! I told you all, that the Tag Titles belongs in our collection of Championships …and here they lie before all of you, next to the AWS Tag team Championships …and now we hear, come Maddess, we get a chance against two of AWS’s best in Centre of Attention in a Tag Title match. See boys and girls, in one night at Madness ...we’re going to move you both famous, by being in the same ring with us. We've done everything legendary thing in AWS …we’ve competed in the second ever Tag Team Chambers match, two of our Tag Team Championships came here in AWS, we unified the Assault and Kore Tag Team Championships, we become Ikons in AWS ... and now this year, we again make history in AWS by walking out of this match as the AWS Undisputed Tag Team Champions …and stay that way, for a long time! You see, these titles mean more right now, sitting right here ...than they have ever meant, in the past and we mean no disrespect to most of the Champions that came before us. We really don’t ...but look at what we’ve made, all the titles we’ve held around here. Anything from the Tag Team Championships, all the way to the Deathmatch Championship, and now a chance at the prestigious AWS Tag Team Championship We’ve turned them into the greatest, they have EVER been ...for example, this year at Snow Moon in the ONLY true Match of the Year ….there was a draw. Now, we’re going after BOTH of these championships in a boring, basic match. Now, we know some of you people without any brains in your heads …don’t know what that means. So, let me tell you what that means ...when that bell rings, first the AWS Tag Team Championship will be up for grabs and when we’re finished beating both your asses in the middle of that ring …and successfully taking the AWS Tag Team Championships. The bell will ring again, unlike all those other matches ...that bell won't signify the end of the match, instead when that bell rings a second time. The ass kicking will continue, only this time …it'll be until you’re lying in a pool of your own blood! Now, we’re sure …the two of you, believe you're going to walk out of Madness as Champions …that your dream, of becoming the Unified Tag Team Champions will come true. But, the truth is gentlemen ...we're coming to Madness, not only to take the AWS Championships …but, also to make sure that we walk out of that arena, with both sets of Tag Titles!

*A devious smile formed on DKM’s face, as he picked up both of Tag Titles, placing both titles over each of his shoulders. He slowly rising out of his chair, as Jigsaw speaks*

Jigsaw: We've also heard all the talk from the fans, and even some of the guys in the back. All asking us “Why didn’t we agree to put both sets of Titles on the line, in a two-falls triple match against one of the biggest AWS tag team?” …well, let me tell you why ladies and gentlemen. These two have been a driving force in AWS, off and on. They have been quite a history making team ...but, not in Kore. Then you've got Centre Of Attention, the men that survived the first encounter to get here, but not just that ...every time we’ve watched them compete in the middle of a wrestling ring, with that AWS logo on it …they have bleed and sweat for this company. Something we can respect, something the fans can respect! Those two have earned a right to compete for both of these Tag Team Championships ...see boys and girls, we want to make these Championships what they use to be. As great, as they once have been in the hands of myself, and DKM …and even our Father was a great Tag Team Champion, at one time. I remember when he was a World Champion, that was until he took his ball and went home …forcing ECWF to vacate the title, but we won’t do that. We will be at Madness to take both set of titles in what will go down in history …as one of the greatest matches in AWS history! Just like, we did before …when we walked out of Snow Moon, not only better team …but as rightful number on contenders, but the only To Contenders at that!!

*DKM was closer to the camera now, glancing down at the collection of Championship gold over his shoulders before turning back to the camera*

DKM: See gentlemen, we want this year's Mega Event to be one of the biggest one in the history of this great promotion. You know what, I take that back ...we want this year's Mega Event to be the GREATEST EEVVVVEEERRRRRR!! That's why we tossed the thought of having both Tag Titles, not just on the line ...but on the line in the same exact match. That way, not only will the AWS Championships be defended at whatever event may be, but we get to show the world …including the two of you, that we’re still the Alpha King of Professional Wrestling. We want the two of you, to be at your very f*cking best …because WHEN we beat you in a two falls match and leave the way we walked into that goddamn ring …to become the Undisputed Tag Team Champions, the team with both belts. Becoming the most dominating mother*ckers to be the true MAIN EVENT of this company!!

*DKM shakes his head back and forth in disappointment. Then puts the AWS Championship over the shoulder of Jigsaw, and the Kore Championship over his shoulder. They both are standing behind the mask-shift desk, as Jigsaw speaks*

Jigsaw: You two might have "Main Evented" at some other show ...but we all know, the real main event of any show is the two of us! But I want you both to ponder through those thick brains of yours, before you step into that ring with The House of Paine. You think about what we've done in The Wrestling World, from holding two sets of Tag Team Championships, simultaneously ...unifying the AHW Tag Team Championships with the XWA Tag Titles. We have done more in the wrestling world than either of you two combined! They call us Ikons, because we've earned that right ...They call us future Hall of Famers, because that is what we’ve earned! The question is, are you prepared to go against The House of Paine?? Can you say the same things, we can and mean it? Can you say, you really helped AWS rise to dominance, it's been for years! This match on Wednesday to us, is the most important match of our entire f*cking careers! Hades we'll admit, this is the most important match in our entire LIVES! More important than Revenge in 2017 ... and yeah, a whole lot more important than when we returned in 2021 at XWA …when we won an 8-Team Ladder match to win the Tag Team Championships ...this Wednesday is much bigger than BOTH of them combined. That night will solidify, not only our reign. Not just as 4-Time Tag Team Champions …but also as the new AWS Tag Team Champions! We get that you want to be like your other stablemate, Xander ...we get that you want to keep the Tag Titles, but Madness isn't your time. And as far as the rest of you goes, you can be the future of this business …at any point in time, but just like Xander? It won't be Wednesday night in Bethany, not when we’re trying to build our Legacy of Greatness!!

*The two men towered over The Resident Psycho, as he paced back and forth. Scotty made his way into the frame, He locked eyes with the Kore Tag Team Champions, then nods at DKM with a devious smirk*

DKM: See boys, and girls … something big is dawning in this company, but it just doesn't involve the two of you! It involves us leaving Madness with the Kore and AWS Tag Team Championships ...it involves the upcoming Mega Event and so much more. Consider Wednesday night, as the beginning of the phoenix rising …from the ashes, of a dead Ikon. The moment the AWS turns to the fire it once was. Let me ask you, can you really take these Championships to the levels they need to be? Can you really, become the Champions you dream of ...cause the truth is, neither one of you mother*ckers have what it takes to lead this company! I know we do, we’ve done it more times than anyone in this damn company ...we know, you want to keep the AWS Championships ...or capture the Kore Championships, but this is not the time to make that attempt gentlemen. You see, with guys like …you know who, running that shyte brand. The only thing saving that shyte show, is us becoming the New Tag Team Champions!

*DKM pats the AWS Tag Team Title, that’s now on his shoulder*

DKM: We’re the ones saving that brand from total destruction …so we understand, that you both want to hold one of these titles, but at Madness …it isn't your time. So, here is what is going to happen at Madness this Wednesday. Centre of Attention, you are no doubt the future of AWS …but you will meet the Insanity you've been dreaming of. And you want to live a dream, that your stablemate lived for a moment. And you will, some day. But at Madness, you get Unhinged in the middle of that ring, and in the end? Your time is not now ...you'll both be laying at our feet, as we hold BOTH the AWS Championships and the Kore Championships high above our heads as it is announced AND AWS Tag Team Champions ...and STILL Kore Tag Team Champions, The House of Paine!!

*With a smile on Scotty's face, he turned to the camera. He cracked his neck to the side, as the other members of HoP made their way into the camera frame*

Scotty: Madness is upon us, and due to these men here …AWS is on fire again! Now suddenly, the Centre of Attention wants a piece of that? They want a piece of the rightful Undisputed Tag Team Champions ...our Undisputed Tag Team Championships. They think, they can bring the fight to the House of Paine and leave with one or both Tag Titles? Gentlemen, let me ask you something …have you just recently, sold your souls to Hades? ‘Cause that is the ONLY way …you'll be taking any of these Titles, from these men …and I don't think you have the will power, to achieve that. So, attempt your dying fate to claim the Undisputed Championships …but be prepared, for complete and utter devastation and disappointment. ‘Cause gentlemen, that is what you will get at Madness inside Bethany's Most Famous Asylum! It's about time, that we bring AWS into levels …it's NEVER been on before. Centre of Attention, with all due respect to you ...we apologize, for what is about to happen to you on Wednesday.

*Scotty seems visibly upset, about what he knows his boys will do to them. Since they are threatening their reign as Kore Tag Team Champions. He looks at both Tag Team Championships, over the shoulders of his sons. He nods, and looking into the camera as Jigsaw speaks*

Jigsaw: When we came back, and won the 8-Team tournament to become number one contenders to the Tag Team Championship …I thought, we only had to cleanse those Championships. That's all, but when we won tournament to become Assault Champions …we knew, there was still more that we had to do. With this run in AWS possibly being our last …we have to go out with a BANG and what better road to that, than successfully defending both of the biggest Tag Titles in AWS on the biggest event! Unfortunately, that means …we have to shatter both of your dreams of being the Undisputed Tag Team Champions on Madness …and do you want to know why boys and girls?

*Jigsaw smirked deviously, as he lets his words hang I the air*

Jigsaw: We’re going to enjoy, shattering your dreams into pieces! You think walking out on television, and sending us a challenge for the Undisputed Tag Team Championships was something special …it wasn't, it made you into something …I didn't think your team, every was. And that is, some greedy mother*ckers. Instead of letting one of the other workhorse wrestlers, in a Main attraction at the next Mega Events …you wanted to do it yourselves, and then there's you two, you won the AWS Titles to earn this match. We can respect that ... we had to do the same, on the other brand upon our return. But, there's a difference between your win and our win last year ...we succeeded in our Championship match …you, well …just like you've done in the past, you are GOING TO FAIL! We will not stop fighting this war, until we’re handed our Championship's …and leave with both Titles intact! AWS is indeed, entering a brand-new era. The Era of The House of Paine is here, and it isn’t going NOWHERE! No matter if it is Centre of Attention’s greed, or The Daughters of Darkness’ ignorance ...The House of Paine will strike, and leave FOREVER UNDISPUTED!!

*The rest of Hop walks into the room, including Thomas, Aiden and Jaycen. A smile crept across Scotty's face, as he speaks again*

Scotty: I can understand, that the two of you believe in your warped little minds …that your time has come to be a Undisputed Tag Team Champions ...or even become an AWS Champion, but gentlemen that cannot be more wrong! But when that bell rings, and the first fall ...for the AWS Championships begins, my boys will not be held responsible for the Paine and suffering that the two of you go through …all to withhold your Tag Team Championships! I assure you gentlemen, second fall …Kore Championships, the Paine will begin to kick in, the suffering will only begin ..as the bones within your bodies, will begin to feel as if they're going to break ...your entire body is going to feel like it's going to shatter with every hit. There will only be one way to save yourself from the morgue, and that's by saying “I QUIT” ...or being buried in that ring, like it or not gentlemen …that night will go down in the history, as the greatest AWS Tag Team Championship match in the history of this entire industry! Center of Attention ...the Paine will be agonizing, until you do what you can only truly do …and that is, become the next victims of The House of Paine’s reign as Undisputed Tag Team Champions! We've heard all the talk from the two of you, how our time is coming to an end …that our time is over, and your time is now …but, what none of you seem to understand is. We’re just getting started, there are bigger things coming …and the boys are at the helm of that leadership. The AWS Championships, the Kore Championships, two fall match ...The House of Paine will claim their birth right, as the Greatest Family in AWS history …I promise you ALL that!!

*With a smile on his face, Scotty leaned back in his seat. DKM took the Championship off of Jigsaw. He holds it up to the camera, as he speaks*

DKM: But as it stands, the first fall is for the AWS Championships, which has been held by only a few ...however still more prestigious than any singles titles to come through AWS. We are the final XAW Champions …we were able to make those Titles, as great as they once were ...but we’re looking at making these Title great, that's why we’ve decided to make have this Two Fall Match. We want these Titles, to be made what they deserve to be. The prestigious, and fan-f*cking-glorious! We want them to be what they once were, and at the next Madness …we begin with the AWS Tag Team Championships. You threaten our reign, but it doesn't matter! ‘Cause you both, will leave the way you came in ...empty handed, and we'll leave the way, we came in. The Best Tag Team in The Wrestling World Today! And we'll be leaving, with something much more than just these Championship Titles, we'll be leaving …with your f*cking souls too!!

*DKM looks at the Tag Championships, before putting it back to over the shoulder of Jigsaw. He turned his attention over towards the other Championship, a smile on his face. He makes his way over to Scotty, then reaching out to grab his mask as the scene faded*

Scotty: We Dare You, Come Feel The Paine!!


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