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Kuro Honō vs. Monster Mammoth

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**[The scene opens to the backstage area of AWS Monday Night Ward. Kuro Honō, clad in his signature black and red attire, stands in front of the camera, a determined look in his eyes. The crowd's cheers echo in the background as he begins to speak.]**

Kuro Honō: "Tonight, Monster Mammoth, you step into the ring with the Black Flame, Kuro Honō! You may think your size and strength give you an advantage, but let me tell you, tonight, you face a fire that burns brighter than any beastly fury you can muster!"

**[Kuro Honō paces back and forth, the intensity in his voice growing with each word.]**

Kuro Honō: "I am the embodiment of passion and power! I am the flame that consumes all in its path! Monster Mammoth, you may be big, but I am relentless! I will not be stopped! Tonight, you will feel the heat of my fury!"

**[He pauses, locking eyes with the camera, his gaze unwavering.]**

Kuro Honō: "You see, Monster Mammoth, I thrive on challenges! I seek out the biggest, the strongest, because defeating you will only make my fire burn brighter! Tonight, the ring will be my inferno, and you will be consumed by the flames of my determination!"

**[He raises a fist in the air, the crowd's cheers growing louder in the background.]**

Kuro Honō: "So, Monster Mammoth, prepare yourself! Prepare to face the Black Flame, Kuro Honō! Tonight, in this ring, you will fall, and I will rise victorious, for nothing can extinguish the fire that burns within me! Tonight, I will show the world why I am the true monster of the ring!"

**[The camera fades to black as the crowd's cheers reach a crescendo, eagerly awaiting the showdown between Kuro Honō and Monster Mammoth.]**

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