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Ryūjin Ōkami vs. Madd Morales

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(Opening shot of a roaring fire, the camera pans out to reveal Ryūjin Ōkami standing in front of it, his eyes blazing with determination.)

Ryūjin Ōkami: "Madd Morales, tonight, our paths cross in the ring, where my spirit burns with excitement! The flames of anticipation lick at my soul as I await our clash, for I know that in this battle, I will emerge victorious!"

(He steps forward, his muscles tensed and ready for action.)

Ryūjin Ōkami: "Madd Morales, you are a formidable opponent, but I am confident in my abilities to defeat you soundly and swiftly. My training has honed my skills to a razor's edge, and tonight, I will show the world the true power of the Ōkami!"

(He cracks his knuckles, a fierce glint in his eyes.)

Ryūjin Ōkami: "I will not be stopped, I will not be hindered. I will unleash a storm of strikes upon you, each one fueled by my burning desire to win. Your resistance will crumble before me, for I am the Ōkami, the apex predator of this ring!"

(He raises his fist to the sky, a primal roar escaping his lips.)

Ryūjin Ōkami: "Tonight, Madd Morales, you will feel the full force of my fury! Prepare yourself, for the Ōkami hunts tonight, and your defeat is inevitable!"

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