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Bram Connan vs. Dorian Black


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*Darkness shrouds the road, as only the lights bounce of the dirty bumpy road. Tall trees are on both sides, that cast a series of mystery of what lies beyond. It was almost time. Soon the blue moon would begin, and the time was close at hand. It would mark the final hour of destiny. A collaboration of both beauty, and pain. The destruction of the will of the fates*

“Destiny chained, there’s no place safe.”

“Destiny arrives, you can’t change your fate.”

“Fate. What a joke”

*Bram thought, as he rolled his eyes. Keeping his hands on the wheel. Driving helped his mind to focus on the task at hand. The music calmed him, as a twisted smiled formed on his lips*

“No where to run, nowhere to crawl, nowhere to fly.”

“No sanctuary to hide to keep you safe.”

*These were fitting lyrics for what was coming. Tonight, will be a night of remembrance. One to mark, that today would be the start of the “End of Days”. The scene fades in, as a hand stretches out and turns the volume up*

“In the Beginning, The Gods created the Heaven and the Earth. And the earth was without form, and void, and darkness was upon the face of the deep”.

”The Gods said, let there be light and there was light.”

”The Gods saw there was light, that it was good. And The Gods divided the light from the darkness.”

*Bram accidentally switched off the radio, and began to laugh to himself. That's his mistake, for hitting the search button. Another religious thumper preaching about the world going to end. Maybe they forgot they had a Cheeto for president, a robot running against him, and Hilary still hasn't told Bill. That Monica was her girl first. Politics, the root of all evil or so you thought. Let people make their own damn decisions. It wouldn’t be Madness, without a joke to start to it off right. Opening the truck of his 1970 Dodge Charger RT, he takes out a couple of bags. This car was his first gift to himself, when he got to the top. Now, just like this beast he was going to go into the ring tonight and set an example more souls. That were bound to Hades. He walked towards the entrance of the Rolling Hills Asylum, and upon opening them, a figure bumped into him*

Woman: Oh, watch it!!

*Bram was about to deck the lady on for disrespect, when he looked up and saw who it was in his way*

Bram: Well, Rayne …maybe you should have moved out of my way. Stupid Bytch. 

*Rayne looked at Bram, and tried to keep her face straight. Without missing a beat, Rayne comes back with a smartass remark*

Rayne: Maybe,  you should get off the wrong end of the bar stool.

*Both Rayne and Bram stood there for a moment, then laughed. Grabbing a bag from him, Rayne spoke*

Rayne: You ready for tonight??

*Bram’s face turns serious, as he speaks*

Bram: Oh, I’m more than ready. It’s more a question on, which way to make him suffer …the method I should choose.

*Rayne looked at her friend, and knew exactly what he meant. It made her remember, her former wrestling days*

Rayne: Tell me, what’s going on in that diabolical head of yours!

Bram: Everyone has a weakness, you’ll see.

*As they talk, a man walks by them with a camera. Bram grabs him, and turns him back around* 

Bram: You, turn the camera on, point it at me, and record. Do you get that? Or do I need to speak slower, for you?

*The man goes pail, and quickly does what he is told to do. Bram clears his throat, as he looks into the camera*

Bram: This goes out to, my next opponent. Yep, I’m talking about Dorian Black. It seems like you, got a something coming for me. Don’t worry, it’s 2024 …it’s okay to have a man crush on me. Shyte, if I were you …I would too. But Hades, if you have a death wish …and enjoy pain, as pleasure. You’ve come to the right place. I’m very good at it, and I must admit it will give me pleasure of all sorts …to watch myself, crush your soul. I’m also a man of few words, so remember …my actions speak, louder than words.

*Bram stops for a moment, before speaking again towards the camera*

Bram: For me, I really don’t give a rat’s ass about you. You’re just a body, being served up for slaughter. I don’t get into the ring just for games. I get into the ring, because it’s a war …your soul, is mine to take for the winning price. The Undead may have been around your time, but you’re forgetting as a new era began …and will stay that way. Wars are fought, some lose and some win. I won’t back down, as we fight for what belongs to me. Titles, belts, or shiny trophies don’t mean a damn thing to me. It’s about respect, dedication, and the sheer joy of kicking your ass all across that mat.

*Bram flips off the camera, and blows a kiss as they walk away. The last thing you see, is the face of some unknown camera guy as he turns the camera around to turn it off*

~Part Two~

*The scene opens to Bram Connan and Kaleb Steele in what appears to be a dark room. Or perhaps, a room with a black background. Bram runs a hand through his hair, as he's about to speak. He pops his neck, with a sneer on his face*

Bram: Well, Assault couldn’t have went any better for me. I now stand here, a top contender once again. Beating up another Champion to get be avoided again. Am I mad? Hades yes, I’m mad. Mad at myself for not having a good grip of the politics, and letting it go by me so easily. Mad at myself for letting take the biggest prize in Ikon Wrestling, and not saying something earlier. Mad at myself, for not being able to back up everything I’ve said up to this point. I'm sure Management, are having themselves a good ol' laugh. Mocking me, for being a pushover. Mocking me, for talking the talk but being unable to walk the walk ...

*Bram's temper began to rise, evident by the expression on his face and his body movements. But he calmed himself, taking a deep breath before he continues speaking*

Bram: However, while I may not be a Champion anymore, only two good things come out of me being removed as a Triple-Crow Championship. One, I am now every Champions’ problem. All of you, get can deal with The Celtic Beast and all of my brutal threats. You have to figured, that I will of make an impact …or created some chaos during the fallowing weeks. Maybe I will remain silent. Following my win over  Dorian Black, lame name by the way …I just might disappear. Never to be seen for the rest of the night. Surely after all that talk about winning and what not …he would attack a Champion, to send a message. Even if it was just one Champion, like Summer. Of course, he didn't. All talk, and no bite. Especially for some guy, who proclaim himself as "The Greatest Freaking Wrestler in this industry" … You think, you have the most perfect way …to show that you mean business. By talking about attacking the newly crowned Champion, and ruining her homecoming slash big moment. You didn't capitalize on that. Such a missed opportunity. Perhaps, you fear her more than anything. A fear, that she would chew you up and spit you out …like the insects, you are. How ironic would it be, that she actually fears something like some Indy Wrestler ….brought in for a night. Nah, that can't be it. Surely, the man of Black doesn’t fear anything and you're just biding your time …just waiting to strike. Whatever the case may be, I’m looking forward to seeing if that this supposed "Greatest Freakin' Wrestler" from the Indies emerge from the shadows …to do battle with me, over the Top Contendership. Since you know, you're NOT "The Greatest Freakin' Wrestling in this industry" …and want to claim the Top Spot. Unless he’s scared of The Celtic Beast.

*A smirk appears on Bram's face, hoping his little tactic worked. For all he knows, it could have failed miserably. After a brief pause, Bram continues to speak*

Bram: The second point, when I eventually take another Championships …I will be the only team to have won, the Underground and 5150 Championships. I can take solace on thought of me, etching my name in the history books …by being the Championships. That's something, I can hang over everyone else’s heads, and brag about for years to come. Let everyone else worry about the "big, bad" Fear Factor. Let all these other supposed wrestlers in this Division, step up to the plate …and try their hand at becoming a more feared Champion. When the other Championships, are at the point …where they are almost meaningless once again …I will swoop in to slay everyone, while saving both the AWS, and the Top Championship Division. For now, I’m going to stand by and watch the 5150 Division slowly crumble under the reign of AJ Flare!!

*While, Bram waves bye to the screen, with Steele mouthing "We'll be watching you fail." The scene slowly faded away, as the scene transitioning to a similar environment*


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