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Thantos Myssiah vs. Napalm Steele


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Thantos: Next week, we are in East Bethany and the World is at our feet. Suddenly, I have more Instagram followers than Paris and Kim Hilton combined! Reality TV comes at ME, all the time! I got Married on Married at First Site, she became Mrs. Lilith Malai-Myssiah …Stunned the World, and went viral countless times. Now we have all the money in the world, promotion after promotion throwing bags of money at us, and every TV Network in the Universe wants us on their shows. Kaleb called, and we are coming!!

*Lilith walks out beside him. Her silk satin purple shirt is unbuttoned, body oiled, and gleaming, what a specimen*

Lilith: That’s right AWS! I could have been whatever, I wanted! Not like the rest of you wretches!!

*The crowd boos loudly*

Thantos: What-ever!! What a waste of time giving them our life story, Lilith! They can’t comprehend, what happens to them day to day, let alone understand the life of the likes of us.

Lilith: They were great days, though the college days. Home runs! Strike Outs! Triple Doubles! Mad Orgies!!

Thantos: We have world at our feet!!

Lilith: Now, it’s in the palm of our hand! Just like this match!!

Thantos: Ring the bell, and raise my hand now!!

Lilith: First was the self-proclaimed “Ghost Rider” Darrick Kaine and his partner Byker Bytch …then the Apex Championship was the beginning of greater days. Now we have this Napalm Steele guy.

Thantos: A self-proclaimed hardcore wrestler, at that!!

Lilith: Once a junkie always a junkie. Once a loser … 

*Lilith ponders her thoughts, the crowd hanging on every word, soaking in Thantos’ and Lilith’s awesomeness*

Lilith: Always a loser!!

Thantos: Steele! It’s like this punk, in this game! There is a pecking order. There’s the back of the line, and then there is …the best of the best.

Lilith: And That’s Us!!

Thantos: Napalm Steele, The Pyromaniac! AWS Greats like Sammeal McBane, Summer Bliss, Scotty Paine, and Damion “Genocide” Steele!!

*Crowd pops with deafening roar*

Thantos: Even Eathan Murphy, for Giah’s Sake!!

*The crowd goes wild, as each name is mentioned*

Thantos: All of them are, standing just a rung below yours truly!!

*The crowd boos loudly again, as he continues*

Thantos: Then there is the next level, another rungs below, The Frostbites! The Harlow Micheals, and the Samoan Dynasty! Or The “Fired Right Away” Summer Boys, and yourself!!

Lilith: And The Reapers! Yeah, his Fake WIFE, and her Former Partner ….that psycho!!

Thantos: Even that Sara “Lil Girl” Frosts, is better than this guy!!

Lilith: Oh, Wow!!

*Thantos reflects for a few moments, before speaking*

Thanatos: There is quite the line up, in front of you. I’m right up there too in front. I could even be up in the top group, if it were not for who they want me to team with.

Lilith: Steele! You surround yourself with Mediocrity! You could say, you are Shrouded in it!

Thantos: Maybe you could be in the top echelon. Maybe, I mean …you did win a match or two, elsewhere …but then, what did you do after that?

*There is a long pause, as Thantos tries to remember*

Lilith: He said, don’t bring the family into it …unless you want them to become a target.

Thantos: Did he now? I guess, even a broken clock tells the right time …twice a day.

*Thantos pauses for a second, before continuing again*

Thantos: So you got past your first match …with the wife turning on her partner. A one trick pony, is what I think you are! So, unless your last name is an indication of who you’re related to …you got no chance!!

Lilith: Zero! Zip! Nada! Want me to tell you what you really are Steele? You are the Best …of Nothingness!!

*The crowd gasps, as he speaks again*

Thanatos: Best Of The Rest! You are the top of the bottom, and the Bottom of the top!!

*Thantos pauses for a few moments, and then continues again*

Thantos: If you are playing a sport, a game, and you are the best player on the team …your team loses. Every, damn time. If you are the worst player on the team, you guys will win most of the contests. That’s where you lie in life, and in wrestling. You get on the box, and rip a great like Brickhouse for being a nutcase. Then the next minute, you’re here on our screens having trances …pfft.

Lilith: We are The Book Of Shadows!!

Thantos: We take out the Trash, and collect all the Cash! We make Stacks, and break Backs! I am the Ultimate Male Supreme! Every breathing Woman’s Wet Dream! A God Damn, Wrestling Machine!!

*"I Don’t Speak Human” by Omina hits and the scene fades, as Thantos and Lilith pose on the ramp-way*

**Part Two**

~A Few Days Later~

*Suddenly, the arena is plunged into total darkness and the crowd looks on intently with anticipation. At this point, an ominous "Black Pentacle" symbol appears across the Xtreme-Tron, and accompanied by it is the loud, roaring sound of guitar riffs beginning to kick in across the building's sound system. Mere seconds later, the Xtreme Tron screen abruptly shifts to pure static, and the tension builds as after a flurry of drums kick in, the following words begin to echo throughout the building*

”Deep within the shadows, I'm the hungry wolf you fear

But I can see that you're the only evil creature here

Before you came we lived in peace but you have brought us death

I sing my pain up to the moon, but it's a waste of breath" …

*At these very words, BOOM! An overwhelming explosion rocks the arena to its core and in turn, the entire crowd is on its feet with fists raised and deafening screams of approval, as the hell-raising chorus of "I Don’t Speak Human" by Omina cuts onto the PA in full force! At this, the curtain flips back and without any further ado, the sadistically smirking figure of Thantos Myssiah himself steps out and onto the top of the stage! Thereafter, Thantos struts fiercely down the ramp to a chorus of boos from this entire capacity crowd of AWS fans joining us here tonight. Moments later he finally reaches the ring area whereupon climbing inside, the self-proclaimed "Death Stalker" sets off to do his signature salute taunt from every corner of the ring, defiantly raising both his fists and a set of familiar middle fingers to the crowd. Once concluding with these routine taunts of his, he ventures over to the back corner of the ring, and at receiving a mic from the ring announcer below he goes to stand squarely in the middle of the ring, perfectly over the AWS logo imprinted there on the canvas. The "Death Stalker" continues awaiting all the crowd noise over his appearance to subside, and as it does, he steps forward somewhat further toward the nearest set of ropes. A brief instant later, with one arm resting comfortably on the ring ropes Thantos fully raises his microphone with the other then clears his throat in preparation to once again address the entire AWS world, an address in the most major of ways*

Thantos: *AHEM* And so it begins ...the final stretch, the final few days' worth of hype and buildup heading into the Asylum Wrestling Society’s first return to Bethany, and hey …by all means, I think it's simple enough to understand now as to why the man you're all looking at right now …is on his way there!!

*Thantos glances up to sadistically smirk at the entire crowd, and in response he's greeted with yet another round of decidedly negative boos*

Thantos: Hahaha, well first off …I'll continue to be the bigger man here, and turn the other cheek to ignore those boos …to push aside my noticing of your other nonsense. In general, being displayed folks. You see, I'll be doing so since I know all you rotten, good-for-nothing @$$holes are victims of two blatantly unfortunate things as of late. In fact, they're the same two things apparently plaguing my opponent for this Wednesday …if I'm not mistaken. That'd be flat-out jealousy of The Pyromaniac, and foremost just plain ignorance all things considered …

*Thantos again briefly stops short to shake his head in obvious disgust at those surrounding him here tonight*

Thantos: Yeah every last one of you in the building tonight heard me correctly, a moment ago. I said you're all victims of your own f*cking STUPIDITY these days, as is the moron of a man known as Napalm Steele to be frank about it! And what makes things even worse is, that this baby boy …is an egomaniac, that continues to spread the vile disease known as stupidity. He goes right on verbally filling the AWS world full of crap …when in reality, what he needs to be doing is preparing not mentally or verbally, but physically for what's to come for him on Wednesday at the Madness Show. However, even in the midst of what otherwise was an absolutely dreadful backstage speech to have to sit through, I managed to overhear at least a few select things from Mr. Steele that I'd like to address in more detail at this time …if I may. So, if you aren’t already doing so Steele …then listen up, and listen good since unlike you and so many others sadly employed for this company …I won't repeat what I'm about to say for a billion times …in order to get my basic enough point made.

*Just then, Thantos motions for the nearest cameraman to get completely in the ring, and after this request is fulfilled. “The Death Stalker" gets right up into the lens of the camera, for the full effect of what's he about to say*

Thantos: Now Steele, I don't know where in Giah's name you get off thinking you're every bit as big and bad as you repeatedly make yourself out to be lately. Not a bit, in reality, Steele …all you're coming across as to me is a bitter, spiteful bastard …who's taken one too many chair shots to the ole' cranium, and doesn't know when to quit running the proverbial "yapper" while still the least bit ahead in any way. Really Steele, I thought last month's hideously one-sided beat-down of your @$$ would have been sufficient evidence …as to why everyone’s STILL smarter, STILL stronger …and STILL more capable all around for an AWS competitor, than you'll ever be. But alas, instead all it seems to have proven, is that you know how to run your mouth like a pompous prick. When in the safety of your little backstage locker room from yours truly, just not when you must face me head-on inside THIS AWS ring like a mature adult …

*Thanots pauses, to let his words sink in. He smirks, as he looks dead into the camera, before speaking again*

Thantos: I mean, come on Steele …you may be able to fool the idiots here tonight, into buying into your mindless drivel about me. But, on the day you fool me into doing so …is the same day, your future home come Wednesday freezes over …Hades, that is if you're still competent enough to be following my "drift" at this point. Honestly Steele, you can say whatever you'd like about how you think my past few years in wrestling have been a "failure" or a "fraud" …or whatever else may pop into your thick skull in the heat of the moment, but in truth …in Reality Steele, you know that even after you pulled out that disgraceful victory over whoever they gave you in your “contract” match …to advance to this point? I WILL go on to achieve many more things on my way to add to my collective legacy over the years. Steele, you say I only use the term "legend" for gimmick purposes but as far as I'm concerned …it's YOU the glorified stuntman, who may be using the term for such purposes …when it comes right down to it. Particularly, Steele …we differ, because while I went on to achieve my greatest dream and finally got a decent contract offer …you choked up your chance to that chump *Bleep* less than a month after you won a match, and from there after …you lost to THAT same person …in the first place. You went straight back downhill, you returned to your natural habitat of the lowly life. Until eventually, you managed to pull the same bullshyte over in the “other company” as you did to me, the first time around by using dirty tactics learned from that putrid hardcore division to get your grubby little paws back on top-notch gold …didn’t work, did it??

*Thantos pauses again, as he keeps his eyes locked on the camera*

Thantos: And now, after making such a pitiful joke of yourself over the years …you expect to be taken seriously by me, you expect your words and accusations about ME to actually intimidate me the slightest bit …after all you've done to YOURSELF to show you're nothing, but a crazed daredevil from the worthless despicable Deathmatch ranks of AWS? Steele, day by day now you're doing nothing but making me sicker, and sicker to my stomach over the hypocritical bullshyte you're hellbent on spewing out. You're making me so sick in fact, that come this Wednesday …I've decided it's in the best interest of professional wrestling, to exterminate what's left of your dignity. Forevermore, and no matter what the cost of that is …I'm certainly willing to pay it. You see Steele, the reason I excepted your challenged last week …was to be clean, strictly one on one affair for Madness is that I felt ….dare I say it, a slight bit of sympathy for you after how badly you'd already been embarrassed and disfigured at my hands as it is on the 12th of June. But Hades, even after I try to show some f*cking remorse to you by giving you the easier challenge for the broken-down body you carry around …you do nothing, but toss it straight back in my face. Pfft, you actually think you're impressing these fans, and you with your over-sized ego seem pleased to be "showing off" with this latest “No Disqualification” stipulation that's been put on the table. Yet, in something called REALITY all you're doing is digging an even deeper grave to be buried in, soon enough …when I get my hands on that scrawny little neck of yours, a neck I'll soon have a firm grip on with nothing less in mind than strangling it non-stop until you cease to breathe any longer, until those gums of yours, are no longer able to flap the way they have thus far …

*Just then, a maniacal grin crosses the face of Thantos in the midst of what he's saying. His expression shift from that of a serious nature, to one of sadistic satisfaction towards what he's saying here tonight*

Thantos: But nonetheless, I said that no matter the cost …I'm willing to sacrifice it all, in order to rid this business of you for good. So, that's exactly the motto I intend to stick to all the way, when it comes to taking it to the "Xtreme" as you've so brashly chosen to call me out on. Steele, all these fans all around me may not cheer me much anymore for my actions …but you can bet your @$$, they'll be cheering even if only for a moment …when they hear the two words coming out of my mouth, in regards to making our match for Madness being under No DQ rules ...and those would be, “Any Time”!!

*And sure enough, the entire audience temporarily goes nuts for Thantos' acceptance of the likely final stipulation to be added on to an already epic clash between himself and the new kid on the block for this Wednesday on the next Madness*

Thantos: Just remember though, that after I show you up and make a fool of your @$$ for the second time in a year …after I've obliterated you in your own more Xtreme environment, that it was not me but YOU who brought this on yourself. I was always the one, who wanted to do things the more professional way by settling our differences in the squared circle. But you were the one, who's chosen to kick things up a notch …by bringing this "anything goes" set of conditions, into the overall equation for Madness. So, in closing for the time being …I leave you with this parting message, that even if nothing else will sink into your head to a certain degree ...Steele, the truth that I always have been and always will be the better man among us …no matter what the circumstances are. It's out there, and Wednesday at AWS's latest celebration of its new show …there indeed won't be much to celebrate, once I've introduced you to the truth up close, and personal for the final time. Furthermore, after I've extinguished what's left of your tragically useless career …even if it's the last thing I do, I'll make sure you learn firsthand JUST how much that same truth can hurt for an overconfident ass-wipe like you …who's in WAY over their head.

*Thereafter Thantos tosses aside the mic, as "I Don’t Speak Human" by Omina starts back up on the PA. He rolls out of the ring with a determined, fiercely focused, and intense look like never before smeared directly across his face. As Thantos finishes exiting up the ramp, and finally disappears through the curtain. We experience a black out*


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