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"Feel the Burn!"

Jeremy Davis

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[In the vast expanse of the barren wasteland of the Arizona desert, beneath a sky ablaze with stars, a coyote howls at the full moon as a fire blazes fiercely inside of a rustic metal barrel amidst the rugged landscape, its sides red-hot from the intense flames within.]

[The crackling flames leap and dance, casting a warm glow upon the sand and rocks that surround it. As the fire roars with intensity, a figure emerges from the darkness, his silhouette illuminated by the fiery light.]

Napalm Steele: "I was once hailed as a hero, a protector of the innocent. But one mistake... one moment of weakness... and it all went up in smoke."

[He flips through the pages of the scrap book that shows newspaper clippings with a younger Nathan Palmer in his firefighter uniform, battling towering flames as he courageously saves lives.]

Napalm Steele: “I was a fifth generation hotshot ladder laddie smoke eater. This was before my once-promising career as a firefighter began to unravel. I had been accused of reckless behavior and disregard for protocol which led to a series of disastrous incidents, culminating in a tragic blaze that claimed the lives of several innocent civilians. Blamed for the catastrophe, I was unceremoniously stripped of my badge and cast out of the firefighting community in disgrace. Disowned by my own family. Publicly shunned by people that I considered to be close friends. The community itself turned into a pitchfork mob, wanting my head on a pike.’”

[He approaches the bonfire, a bundle of memories clutched tightly in his hand. Among the flickering flames, he unfurls a photo album and scrapbook, containing snapshots of his past life – moments of joy, pain, and everything in between.]

Napalm Steele: “With my life in ruins and reputation tarnished, I found myself adrift in a world that seemingly no longer had a place for me. I lost everything, yet I found something else. Something that ignites my passion like nothing else ever could. I found professional wrestling. A place where I can find a new purpose and seize an opportunity for Redemption."

[As he stares into the flames, Napalm Steele's eyes reflect a tumultuous mix of emotions. Longing, regret, and a burning desire for redemption. With a steady hand, he tosses the photo album and scrapbook into the heart of the fire, watching as the memories are consumed by the flames.]

Napalm Steele: "You see, in this world, we're all born with a spark. Some use it to light the way, while others... well, others let it consume them.”

[The pages melt away turning to ash as the embers glow brightly in the night, Napalm Steele stands before the fire, his heart heavy yet liberated. In the flickering light, he sees the promise of a new beginning, a chance to forge his own path and rise from the ashes of his past.]

Napalm Steele: One fatal mistake ended the lives of a devoted husband and Father. A caring Mother and wife. An honor roll student Teenage Daughter. A College starting quarterback son. Hell, even their Chihuahua dog was burnt to a crisp as a result of my actions.”

[The flames surrounding him grow more intense as Napalm Steele speaks, reflecting the turmoil in his soul.]

Napalm Steele: “I was called a national disgrace, a firefighting failure. Worse yet, a murderer. Everything was taken from me. My career, my reputation, my purpose. It brought out a lot of inner demons within me but no amount of betrayal could extinguish the fire that burns within me.”

[With a final glance at the now dwindling flames, Napalm Steele turns away from the fire, his resolve strengthened by the cleansing power of fire.]

Napalm Steele: “This is where one chapter ends and a new one begins under the AWS umbrella. I am ready to trailblaze my path to the mountain top of pro wrestling and once that dopamine hits? When the endorphins kick in? Once that adrenaline Rush begins pumping and coursing through my veins from performing in the ring in front of a live crowd of rabid, blood thirsty wrestling fanatics? There's no other feeling like it. Because in that ring, I am reborn into the man standing before you today. Napalm Steele, the Hardcore Wrestling Pyromaniac. I have burnt every bridge in my life and will set this place ablaze, not to get what I want but to EARN what I desperately crave and NEED in my life… It's one word, seven little letters that Aretha Franklin sang oh so beautifully back in the day. R.e.s. P-E-C-T. You all are going to find out what it means to me. Even if I have to beat the respect out of everyone and take it by force.”

[A large water bucket splashes on top of the fire, a thick plume of black smoke rising from the once smoldering embers before the shot slowly fades out to black.]

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