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Bayou Blaze


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Tag Team Name: Bayou Blaze

Team members: Antoine & Gabriel LeClair

Faceclaims: Ricochet & Wes Lee

Alignment: Babyface.

Gimmick: Imagine a young Hardy Boyz from 2000-2002 but with swagger and presentation that’s closer to rap than rock.

Birthdates: Antoine LeClair (August 2, 1999). Gabriel LeClair (October 22, 2001)

Combined weight 405lbs

Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana

Entrance theme: “What’s Up Danger?” by Blackway & Black Caviar.

Finishers: Cajun Crossing: (Running Knee Smash by Antoine)/(Superkick by Gabriel). Wildfire (Rolling fireman's carry slam by Antoine followed by a 450 splash by Gabriel followed by a Moonsault by Antoine)

Entrance description: The opening chords of “What’s Up Danger?” play through the venue PA but the twins don’t come out right away, until about around 10 seconds into the song and when they do, with black, gold, and white lights illuminating the arena, pryo goes off once they hit the stage while they swagger and dance to their own theme just for a couple of seconds before they go down to the ring. They touch the hands of the fans for babyface appeal before they pose for the ringside camera, side by side with the "LC" hand signs before sliding into the ring. Smiling for the hard camera and giving a quick, elaborate dap to themselves prior to facing their opponents for the night.

Wrestling Style: High flyer/striker mix.

Personal Information: They were wrestling fans ever since they were kids. But their big moment where they wanted to be wrestlers happened after they saw WrestleMania 30 live in person with their dad. Their mother is a master chef in one of the biggest Cajun restaurants in all of Louisiana and she taught her sons how to cook.

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