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Everett Aloni


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~Wrestling Name~
"Rock Hard" Everett Aloni

~Real Name~
Everett Loto Aloni



Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. Via The Samoan Islands

~Theme Song~
”Warrior‘s Song {Hardcore} by Warrior Project

~Picture Base~
Roman Reigns

1} Ti’Ele Tau: Big Spear
2} Momin Aye Fa‘Anna: High Angel Press Spine Buster

~Signature Moves~
1} Rock Hard: Superman Punch
2} Stone Pile: Bull Dozer

~30 Basic Moves~
1} Jumping Samoan Drop
2} Snap Drop Kick
3} Running Bulldog
4} European Uppercut
5} Leaping Clothesline
6} Axe Kick To The Head
7} Double Arm Chickenwing Lift
8} Rings Of Saturn
9} Code Red Armbar
10} Step-Over Texas Cloverleaf
11} Left-Right Combo
12} Head Lock into Back Breaker
13} Scoop Slam
14} Flatliner
15} Clothesline From Hell
16} Tilt-A-While Back Breaker
17} Snake Eyes Drop
18} Jack Hammer
19} Side Walk Slam
20} Military Press Slam
21} Guillotine Choke
22} Choke Slam
23} Jumping Back Kick
24} Leg Sweep
25} Spine Buster
26} Cross Arm Breaker
27} Jumping Knee Drop
28} Running Elbow Drop
29} Leaping Clothesline
30} Big Boot

Poppy Heel

~Favorite Weapon~
Marine K-Bar

~Favorite Quote~
"Semper Fi, Do Or Die Marine" or "You Want Some?? Ohhrah, Come Get Some!!"

Aloni is a former Captain in the United States Marines, once stationed at Kaneoche Bay, Hawaii. He grew up on the Island of Samoa, and idolized such wrestlers as Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka, and The Headshrinkers. But he went on to play High School Football, and after a failed attempted at the Collage Ranks. He joined the Marines. After five years, and being stationed all over the world. He came home and fallowed his childhood dream of becoming a Professional Wrestler!

*The Warrior Project's “Warrior’s Song{Hard Core}” blast of out the PA System, as Everett comes rushing out onto the stage. He makes his way to the middle of the ramp, and throws his fists into the air. Then he stalks his way down to ringside, where he hops up onto the apron. He looks side to side with his cold eyes, and then climbs into the ring. He dashes around the squared circle, then comes to rest in the far corner*

Last AHW World Heavyweight Championship
Former EHWF Tag-Team Champion {W/Chris Matthews}
Last XWA Tag-Team Champion {W/ Chris Matthews}
Last UXWA United States Champion
Last UXWA Tag-Team Champion {W/ Chris Matthews}
Former ECW: Reboot World Heavyweight Champion
Former BCW Tag-Team Champion {W/ Chris Matthews}

AWH Rookie Year: Dec. ‘13

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