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Bluegrass Mafia is comin' and Hell is comin' with us

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[Scene fades in as we find "the Prodigy" Dominic Kurtis and "Kentucky Strong" Matt Kurtis standing behind an autograph table at a local wrestling show. Suddenly they are approached by the Manitoba Maniac...]

Maniac: So your hometown fans here in Paducah K - Y want to know if the rumors are true that "the Mafia" has resigned with the revamped "Asylum Wresting Society"

Matt: There has been a lot of rumors floating around of lately about where BGM was going to end up after our successful tour in Japan. Hell there was even rumors that me and Dominic were going to go our separate ways.

Dominic: I call bull-shit on that!

Matt: I guess there is no better place than right here in Atomic City in front of several hundred members of "the Big Blue Nation" to announce where we will reaping havoc and collecting championships at next. 

Dominic: AWS...  "Guess who's back... Back again! [BGM is] Back ... Tell a friend! Guess who's back, guess who's back!

Maniac: You said that you are returning to Asylum to reap havoc and collect championships. With that being said Asylum is the one place where you haven't been able to win championships. What do you think has kept you from reaching that level.

Dominic: Politics

Matt: [chuckles]

Maniac: I mean we go back a long way back before training to middle school. Is there something the other teams have 

Dominic: Titty-Titty, strutty-strutty

Matt: [chuckles] Damn

Maniac: C'mon guys! Inquiring minds want to know

Matt: You know I am not a man who makes excuses and I ain't going to start now. All I am going to say is that every time we got things rolling during our last ran in Asylum something seemed to happen. 

Dominic: My theory is we had a curse put on us by that Dannhäusen guy or maybe Papa Shango  

Matt: [chuckles] But my point is we ain't looking to the past we are looking to the present and the future!  

Maniac: Ok so with you making the statement that you are focusing on the here and now and creating havoc and winning championships. Do you have anything else you would like to say to roster of Asylum 

Matt: I want to warn the roster that we are bringing the pain

Dominic: Fifty Shades of  Pain

Matt: I want them to understand that their suffering will be legendary even in hell

Dominic: You tell 'em We're comin' and Hell is comin' with us, you hear?  Hell comin' with us




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