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Lia Rose


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Picture Base * Caylee Cowan

Ring Name * Lia Rose

Real Name * Amanda "Mandi" Davis

Also Known As

Hometown/Billed * Danbury, CT

Height * 5'1"

Weight * 130

Blood Type:

Birth Date * 5-11-1998

Debut Year * 2010

Alignment * Face

Cheating Tendency* Never

Fighting Styles * Technician
Similar To Wrestler * AJ Lee
Entrance Theme Song * "Brass Bonanza by Gil Imber
Entrance Description * As "Brass Bonanza" starts, the lights go green and blue and a large CGI whale begins flipping across the stage, with the ramp being covered in CGI waves. The lights continue to flash blue and green as Lia comes out, doing the WWE 2K22 Nikki ASH entrance. She then slides into the ring removing her Whalers or Whale jersey (depends which she has on in her promos) and waits her opponent
Wardrobe/Ring Gear * Blue shorts, blue top with green highlights. Blue boots. Glasses during entrances, braces.
Standard Moves (10-15) *
Ocotpus Stretch
Snap Suplex
Headscissor variations
Snap DDT
Miracle Cutter (Taken from Jensen, renamed the Whalercutter)
Reverse DDT
Rolling Elbow

Signature Moves (5-10) *

The Hat Trick (Rolling German Suplexes transitioned into a fisherman suplex)
Fisherman neckbreaker

Primary Finishing Moves *

Whalerdrive (Crossrhodes)

Secondary Finishing Moves *
Title Histories & Accolades *
AWS Tag Team Champions (With Jensen Lane)
Brief Biography *
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